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Nothing RIT you do it, too what’s happening wolf pack and cool kids. It’s ya boy Cj so cool and i’m back again with another video. This time guys, we’re gonna be doing a whole bunch of stuff. You already know what time it is man Thank you so much for showing us the love if you haven’t already guys hit that subscribe button And if you haven’t already drop a like on the video because you already know we gonna get lit. Let’s get it man They bout to ride you know it’s cold outside, right? You ready for this Trill is about to drive for the first time. She’s got the helmet on putting this seat belt on now Royalty was a savage. We saw her she didn’t care about none of that Trill looks like she’s ready for this I ain’t gonna lie all you missing is your headlights turn your headlights on All right Trill’s ready got her headlights on Jaaliyah. Don’t got no headlights. All right. no crashing. On you mark. get set. go! Thank you, and it’s lit oh a car is coming Wow Trill must have let her win I realized that that truck keeps circling around They might know who we are they trying to end up in the video here. Yeah, she dusted Jaaliyah this time ain’t no comparison Boy Jaaliyah still coming They tried This is fun, but Leonidas is scared Leon are you scared to go fast in the go-karts? Ha ha trills swervin. She must don’t know That’s reckless them brakes sound like they need some wd-40 Karnation wanna get out you want to get out no she wasn’t saying stop Bruh I accidentally crashed I almost said actually and accidentally at the same time, but yeah guys, I accidentally crash into a tree No, because the tree grew a little bit since the last time I drove that route, and I accidentally injured Trill so prayers for Trill Ok that was true. I okay, but I got caught on a tree branch ain’t that the truth? The tree branch caught the tire and then the tire No fam that bush That grass bush was sticking out. You know it. It’s still some grass stuck on the tire So what happened was I crashed into the cable box or whatever, but yeah, I should’ve been on that Sidewalk anyway I was headed to the kids school. I shouldn’t have been doing that now She’s over here bleeding this stuff get her another napkin in some you want some alcohol. Oh Cleaning I got you, I got you don’t trip What I’m glad nation didn’t get in no car accident Nation you happy? Jaaliyah you do drive good cause ya’ll didn’t crash. good job. high five Yeah

Rylann The next day good morning guys. Thank you for my beautiful nation. What are you doing over there on the counter? Oh? manga, really chilly Breakfast is served my supreme waffles with my supreme bacon and strawberry Mmm. Oh My god nation. What is going on here? Why do you have? three things for breakfast oh My god. Are you okay right now? I’m in a tank right now as you can see obviously and I just left the casino And I did some sports betting today guys not as soon as I get home gonna show you exactly who I bet on and who? I bet for or whatever and no these are my favourite teams is just my um my homie I have guys, and I’m gonna give him a shout-out only if these Tickets go through so if I am able to win guys you’re gonna see if I win or lose if I lose I’m never gonna say his name if I win I will give him a shout-out I would tell you guys to go follow him if you’re trying to win this money if you up age if you’re 21 years old You can use this app that he has you can bet on it You can win real cash money, and you can buy pics from this guy, and if he’s right Then I will assume that he is Like he’s brilliant as he says. He is all right when it comes to sports picking stuff This guy is the man, but I will not say his name until I prove whether he is the man or not So let’s just stay tuned so we get home We intake right now like I said, just stay tuned had to make a quick pit stop get some gas when I’m saying Guys when you on the runway to success make sure to fill up with gas come on man All right guys here are the tickets that I was trying to explain to you guys So for instance for those of you that don’t know anything about betting I bet on the Spurs that They would win and all they can actually lose by two And I was still win so I bet that the Spurs Whitten lose by more than two and I bet 400 to receive 840 on that ticket, then I went over over here and bet on a little college And I’m saying I bet four hundred and forty dollars that Florida State vs Miami will go over a hundred and forty four points now all I need to do is get 145 combined and I want next moving right along to another college team, Michigan State vs Ohio State I put another 440 now that they would go under 146 so all I need to do is go 145 or less and I want another eight hundred and forty dollars guys But it’s not the last ticket But this is the last ticket advice um by the guy that I told you I won’t say his name unless I win And this is for the Spurs versus the Blazers that they will go over a hundred and ninety-nine points So I just need them both to score 100 That’s 200 obviously I went 840 now guys that is a lot of 840 so I mean I’m just saying I just hope that I win every last one of these tickets because if I do then that means that I just won, my ticket that I put together on my phone now the reason why I’m not gonna give this guy’s name is because like I said if I lose that would be highly embarrassing and then his app will be Uncredible, so I’m not gonna say his name given the fact that I did my own little betting he advised me never to do this this kind of that is called a parlay I bet a Thousand dollars on more than one team at the same time so we got 14 parlay and all four these teams need to do exactly What I bet they will do or I’ll lose so say for instance if this team they go over 150 I just lost all of these no matter what the other teams Do hopefully you get it and understand if you don’t a my fault I tried to explain to you now I need all y’all to wish me luck Wow Leon get an embrace to come out so you buddy get your hair done again You got Figgy crown Yeah, you don’t hurt when you get a break you know This hair grow rule tease. Ya boy. I’m glad think I know dandruff in there until boogers a night Wow Julian’s over here sitting indian-style eating my sandwich that are left I Go Jack me me You can’t even talk if you moments later Is all laid out, that’s funny, yeah, optically ossuaries hair like this or no no turn around

Let me see the butt yeah. I think you should you should rock this man. This could be causally around dude You’ll be the only one wearing it, man. You’re like a fighter or something right Sam’s getting your hair done I know you guys remember, Britney She asked you did are here we were going to be calm and sneaker con One hour later Brittany has ingrowing hands. She got Leon over here tearing up you okay, Leon. Yeah, it looks good Hey, she’s trying to comfort her brother. It’s okay Leon she’s almost done Oh Just one more Braley huh those look crispy dough man, that’s probably why they hurt Great man that brain going long Nations still over here trying to comfort her little brother coming well this how big brother buddy act like a little brother These are nice though Leonidas you got the Jews bruh You still hurt? Let’s see you Leon if it is here in the bond, nope that’ll make it hurt worse. It’s lady Trait Thank You granny, thank you so much dang Rosie begin to wimps ooh, okay, I see Oh do do it The first game is over and as you can see if you don’t know how to count man The total is 82 64 and I needed them to go under 146 and that is exactly what they did man So we won our first eight hundred and forty dollars on four hundred and forty dollar bet and we still have more tickets to go Three more for the shoutout, and then this one is just for me and my personal self So hopefully these tickets come through Mads We are on ticket number two it’s getting dark outside, but guess what they can’t affect that score man now Let me show you right here It says, Florida State in Miami over one hundred and forty four and a half Which means I needed them to score 145, and if you’re good at math 70 plus 75 is 145 so they got a half over exactly with 40 seconds left So I don’t even do anything else. I’ve already won two of my tickets He’s getting really close to getting that shoutout man as you guys can see this is very fun as exciting and this guy knows exactly What he’s talking about based off of the first two tickets – I was late tell guys right now We are hungry, which is why the family’s downstairs waiting on me to come down there But the Spurs are actually still playing guys, and if you can see this ferns are my last two tickets I got the Spurs winning or at least losing by no more than two and then I got the Spurs Going against the Blazers scoring at least 200 points this game combined And this is the last game like I said and all of these that are best Singly or on this ticket So as long as all four these wind that means I’m a double winner or should I say a five-time winner anyway Let’s go get some dinner real quick honest. We missed the house already We ain’t even left make sure you lock it up and on Shane cutting that alarm. Oh make sure the cameras watching it It’s about how mile breeze this is exactly what we ate on New Year’s right Rosie Yep, so we started our year off here, and now we’re back We came here we first met true Wow I remember the flame, it’s my song I’m getting jerk chicken again And my spongebob pineapple how strange no it is oh, thank you, Leonidas I didn’t realize someone else was holding the door this time. We have a dark seat. I used to sitting over here in the dark by the equipment I’m always being His ministry had to achieve one to I’m not Oh Jesse Stover Annapolis grass is here as

Well she got that invitation Chill got nothing a few moments later I say it true got nothing and she ended up ordering a whole bunch of drinks look at this When somebody I was paying this is how it always goes right? Breath looks like somebody parked in front of our house. I can see their lights to their car Don’t make you can see the lights move in bro. I Think somebody in front of my house taking pictures right now gee this time. I have no mushrooms, and thank you there. They are look Somebody walking in front of my house we out to dinner if I was at home You know what I’ll be doing right now walking outside with my gun. I’m just keeping in 1,000 stars in my house, man I’ve got a book bag on like they trying to rob 4-month true. Literally got more to drink Didn’t eat She got nothing to eat look all this between Take that money Oh His did he like oh Wait you hold on. Oh the poor debt in there to make the whole drink alcoholic not even got number the food dream They do is double alcohol plus was like a double shot? Chaney finish down one or that one Ruth you helping it from Maine Gosh just got home and to my surprise This birds are winning by two, okay. Take two down in it’s a tie game. Yeah. I shouldn’t say man anyway this is the last game on waiting on guys this game will determine if I win seven thousand dollars in total or Not come on mine or Ginobli you my dog, but I love you always loves your game. Man you two go Ginobili with the rock boy Let’s go, I need every last one of those come on Spurs Let’s go on this ticket already won this ticket This ticket is playing right now, but guess what I already won this ticket This ticket is still in play and hang all eyes looking like I won this ticket and guess what if I want all four of These tickets then that means this indefinite. I won this ticket too guys That’s a total of seven thousand dollars, but the game ain’t over so I ain’t gonna jump the gun and continue watching I’m gonna get nobody excited for nothing Bro we in the crunch time 15 seconds left don’t blow it Don’t blow. What’s that? That’s a foul. That’s a foul. That’s a foul And we get the shoe do we get to shoot All I’m saying is do we get to shoot breath Hey, that’s me CJ me We shoot know what bet Quit stallin No damian lillard, I’m gonna need you to sit down right now. It’s not Damian time It’s not little time hate that bum you know right now hit that Oh Go We is not going to overtime you better hit this next shot breath Hey dad shut all these do is hit that shot breath. I really don’t need to do, but I want you to let’s go 13 seconds left, there’s no more shot clock I don’t care What happens after this point the Portland Trailblazers can literally hit a three and win and I would still be excited you know why because? I got dispersed and plus two and a half Which means they can literally lose my two and I still got the half back to me up and on this ticket I got this first plus six and a half and they know where that’s going six and a half points in just 13 seconds guys because I’m so confident in this right now, and I already know that I’m about to win all this money $7,000 in a few games is crazy, bro I didn’t have to do not work all I had to do was do nothing But do exactly what they told me to do days not meeting sports betting expert guys I follow them on Instagram and I have been doing so since I saw them get shouted out on WorldStarHipHop They have not failed me tonight guys some nights. They’re not so good but some nights They are perfect, and if you ask me tonight is the perfect night. I didn’t lose anything not a penny guys I cannot wait to go and collect this. I will show you guys cash money alright better I went over there just to look at my tickets and that faster blazer score But guess what I got the men plus two and a half, and they only help buy one that ain’t enough to win Baby, and the Spurs got the ball which I believe they are going to convert with this ball So it ain’t my soul just leave right now go to the casino breath What look how long it took to go in it’s over guys, and I want every last bet I made today I got a man. I still could not believe this man. I really won well It’s crazy And he told me the owner of the sports betting expert Instagram page told me not to parlay

Parlayed means when you put multiple teams on the same ticket He said do not do that dude only bad singly like this, and I said okay, whatever you say and look What happened guys I put four teams on there and gave them all four points each? Which basically means I gave myself better odds? I didn’t go with the regular point system I added four points to every pick I did That’s why it says 14 four point BK teaser all right now what that means is originally? Florida State and Miami was supposed to score over 140 But I gave them four points so now all he has to score was over 140 you get it Same thing with the Spurs in the Blazers. They only needed to score 199. I gave them four points. They only needed to score 195 Etc now long story short these guys. I won every ticket, so I’m going up to the casino right now to collect over 7,000 dollars and only like less than $2,000 worth of best that’s crazy leaving the tank in VIP So I can collect and by the way he told me good luck early right didn’t you tell me good luck? You were the reason I won, man. Thank you man Currently see know to pick up my duckies as though man Maggie fucking know Doesn’t double use in the conversation right now And if you old enough to gamble you might want to follow sports betting expert or histogram, huh? But I’m not even lying, bro Hardly follow them making it easy for you to find them, but they know what they talking about man, and nothing is perfect I’ve seen them have bad days. I’ve seen them have good days I’ve seen have great days today was a great day guys, and you might want to be a part of this I’m just saying so if you got Instagram and you up age to gamble just follow them man He can help you through the process if you don’t have a casino and your city and state There’s apps that you can download and gamble with That is that’s really good. Thank you With the cash you know saying you know it’s a bit flex but guys when I was at the casino I was just holding in my composure cuz there’s nothing like seeing a ghetto person that looks like he never won Nothing wins something for the first time now me personally I win stuff all the time not this much, but I do win all the time So I’m kind of used to winning. You know me they call me CJ’s or who the walking W. You know? I’m saying but right now what I do need you to go Do is if you have Instagram go to sports betting expert and comment? Thank you so much for helping CJ If you can’t write that much just say CJ sent me just say CJ anything, and I will be excited I guys The next day good morning guys. I woke up. Just now how it’s tired. Yeah, finally. What’s Gouda? Okay Okay, okay pull your braids no for your brain. No you play me no No, okay, I got you hand up hand up See you guys later mine Remember don’t bring home. No homework. Okay? I’m just playing Well it looks gloomy closed-off run hey Whoa Whoa? What’s going on? Man? I let y’all in not to fight, man. Thought. I was hungry Y’all could be dead out cyber Tired Pink into the hands that simple being chicken and killing the instrumentals got five cars I don’t do rentals get it back and then kick it like Jitsu Leon said that Karnation screamed, “Stop it!” It’s fun Trill? Trill said she having fun Ya’ll haven’t went nowhere fun. I’m gonna have to get in