Babar: Land of the Treasure Hunt – Ep.77

(All giggling) ♪ ♪ (Children giggling) ♪ Oh, it’s so hot I’m so thirsty Dad, is the next land of adventure far away? Hm, according to the map, if we keep following these markers, we should be there soon Babar The marker has fallen down It’s pointing at that mound I wonder what’s in there Everyone, stand back (Inhaling deeply) (Blowing) CHILDREN: Wow! ALEXANDER: It’s a treasure chest Maybe some pirates forgot it There must be a lot of treasure in there Let’s try opening it All right (Grunting) Oh, there’s no treasure It’s empty That’s no fun Hm There’s something strange about this box I think it’s time for our adventure All right, children Step back and hold on to each other Are we ready? CHILDREN: Yes, Daddy Okay Here we go! CHILDREN: Yahoo! Whoa! Whee! (Children laughing) Oh, my FLORA: Whee! CHILDREN: Whoa! (All thudding) (Children groaning) BABAR: Huh? FLORA: I wonder where we are BABAR: It’s a jungle We were just in the middle of a desert What’s going on? (All gasping) Everyone, welcome ALL: The TV talked To get to the next land of adventure, you must pass two tests Huh? What? Tests? The first is a test of your intelligence There are 36 apples here If you take away 20, there will be 16 left But you can also take away 20 and have 12 left Now, how would you do that? Hm 36 take away 20 is 16 Right? It’s impossible You can’t take away 20 and have 12 left FLORA: Ah-ha! I’ve got it. It’s easy Here, you take this one and this one and this one away, 20 in all and look BOTH: It makes a 12 TELEVISION: Good. You’ve done well Now everyone, there’s test number 2 FEMALE VOICE: Everyone The next test is a test of your physical ability You have 5 minutes Get ready to climb Ready Climb these stairs? Set That’s impossible Go We only have 5 minutes Let’s go Everyone, run (Panting) (Gasping) The stairs are disappearing Hurry! (All panting) It’s going to close (All breathing heavily) We did it We made it MACHINE: Congratulations You need both intellect and physical ability for a treasure hunt Here are your passports to the Land of the Treasure Hunt ALL: Hooray! (All laughing) Huh? What’s that? FLORA: It’s a city ALL: The Land of the Treasure Hunt? MAN: Over here, ladies and gentlemen Let’s go

MAN: Be ready for adventure The best treasure hunt in the land MAN 1: Hey, you there Try a fun treasure hunt MAN 2: That’s right. After all, the treasure hunt is the king of all games So this is the Land of the Treasure Hunt ALEXANDER: It’s pretty lively here FLORA: It looks like fun Yeah. Hey, look The long-awaited yearly championship race is about to begin ALL: Hooray! A championship race I want to be in it Me too Let’s all go in it together MAN: Remember, this is the championship race for the two best teams from all the races last year (Crowd cheering) Well, it seems the teams are picked already Oh That’s no fun We came all the way to the Land of the Treasure Hunt for nothing? Oh, no I want to be in the race What’ll we do? Hm Huh? Hi. My name is Jennifer FLORA: What? ALEXANDER: You want us to Enter the race? Yes The championship race is so hard That’s why you have to enter in teams Oh As a team I was supposed to be in the race with my mom and dad, but they got an emergency letter about business and had to go away So that’s why you came to us JENNIFER: Yes I really, really want to win the championship this year The grand prize is a new car Dad We could help Jennifer win the hunt Let’s do it. Let’s do it Well, why not? Let’s do it ALL: Yahoo! I will now introduce the teams in the championship race First, the defending champions who have won two years in a row: the Fox team (All laughing) We’re number one And the other team who just lost the race last year by a hair: the Rabbit team Huh? Rabbit team? Are you here? Well, the Rabbit team’s not here If they don’t come by starting time, they’re disqualified (All cackling) Disqualified They won’t be able to race and we’ll win again Yeah Yeah (All laughing) JENNIFER: Wait! (All gasping) JENNIFER: I’m sorry I’m late (All growling) This is my team An elephant family and a monkey as teammates (Laughing) Well, this looks like it’s going to be an interesting race ALL: Hooray! What? Why are they here? We sent the emergency letter to her parents just like you told us to We never thought she’d bring elephants and a monkey This is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Land of the Treasure Hunt To mark the occasion, we have special prizes for the winner this year Please do your best FOX: Wait! I’ve never seen these guys before in my life They’re not allowed to be in the race If you’re talking about a passport to the Land of the Treasure Hunt, then here it is Look I have no problem with their qualifications Rats! Why are they complaining? I don’t trust those foxes We are not going to lose to that Fox team No way We are going to win Yeah, we’re going to be the new champions There are three checkpoints where each team must stop and find clues to the treasure Which team will find the wonderful treasure at the finish: the Rabbit team– ALL: Hooray! –or the Fox team? (All booing) MAN: Now, everyone ready? Set Go (Tires screeching) (Sputtering) (Engine backfiring) Dad, can’t you go any faster? They’re getting farther and farther ahead ALEXANDER: Hurry, Dad I’m doing my best, but (Backfiring) This is quite a ride I’m sorry But now you know why I really want to win the new car Uh, Jennifer, where’s the first checkpoint? It should be on the map we got at the start Yes Hm

The first checkpoint is the banana grove Yippee! Mm-hm FLORA: Zephir We’re not going to eat (Laughing) Jennifer, which way is the banana grove? Straight ahead BABAR: Then straight ahead it is (Engine backfiring) (Chomping) The first checkpoint is here for sure Hm With all these bananas, I haven’t got a clue where to start looking We have a long road ahead, so we better fill up (Munching) (Gasping) Hey, you guys (Car sputtering) It’s the Rabbit team They’ve caught up already Rats. Hide (Gasping) ALL: Whoa, whoa! (All groaning) Hey, who threw these banana peels around? Oh! ZEPHIR: Wow Bananas everywhere Do they ever look good Jennifer, what are we supposed to find here? Hm, according to this map Oh There’s one red banana That’s it That’s what we have to find But with all these bananas ALEXANDER: Oh, we’ll never be able to find one red banana ZEPHIR: Leave it to me If anyone can find a banana, I can (Squealing) Whee! (Giggling) I found it! Uh-oh Nah, nah I’m too quick to be caught by a trick like that (Laughing) Here you go JENNIFER: A key That key will probably come in handy at checkpoint number 2 (Gasping) The Fox team! Thank you very much Hey, that’s not fair! We found it! Give it back! See you (All laughing) All right, everyone Back in the car (Engine starting) (Backfiring) ALL: Whoa! ALEXANDER: Give back that key! (Laughing) If you want it, come and get it Hey, let’s give them that present Okay. Here you go (All gasping) Chestnuts. Watch out (Tires screeching) (All screaming) (Crashing) ALL: Oof (All coughing) We did it! (Laughing) Yeow! Hey, who put this here? (Both chuckling) (Growling) Come on, let’s go We got to win this race (All panting) I can’t run anymore Me neither (All breathing heavily) Remember, you need both intellect and physical ability in a treasure hunt We’ve got to keep on going Everyone. Look FLORA: Oh! POM: Wow! That field of sunflowers is the second checkpoint ZEPHIR: Babar It’s the Fox team’s car BABAR: Where did they go? Hm This sunflower field, it’s like a wall You’re right Look. There’s a path Maybe we’re supposed to go through it All right, let’s go JENNIFER: Which way? ALEXANDER: Hm Let’s go right POM: Um, straight FLORA: No, let’s go left this time Where in the world is the exit? I think we’re in a sunflower maze ALL: A maze? You’re right, Babar There’s a drawing of a maze in the sunflower on the map There’s an X here That’s probably the exit That way (All snickering) Let’s go (All gasping) Thank you kindly for telling us where the exit is

(Blowing raspberries, snickering) Them again Wait FLORA: Cheaters Uh-oh Which way do we go? I thought they showed you the way Rats. I lost my way running around Ah! This way (Foxes huffing and grunting) FOX: Ooh! Ah! Ah! POM: That way (All panting) Rats (Grunting) Ouch (Gasping) We’re taking the key back JENNIFER: It’s this way Huh? (Panting) (Gasping) It’s their car Look. Over there It’s here The silver key Thank you again (All snickering) Bye-bye Oh, we’ll never catch them now JENNIFER: I’m not giving up yet Let’s go ♪ FOX: Hm This is the third checkpoint There must be something around here (Gasping) It’s here! Ah-ha! We did it! It’s the gold key (Both laughing) Okay. To the goal Let’s go (Flora gasping) FLORA: The bridge is down It’s another one of the fox’s tricks I’ve never seen such cheaters It’s not just this year They did the same thing last year and the year before You mean the Fox team won two years in a row because–? They always cheat Well, they’re not going to win this year Yeah. They’re not going to get away with this Babar, how are we going to get across this valley? Hm BABAR: I have an idea Zephir, can you tie this onto the suspension bridge and pull it up the other side? No problem Yippee! (Grunting) ♪ Now, everyone pull (All grunting) BABAR: Okay Cross slowly– (Celeste screaming) Thank you, Babar ZEPHIR: Come on, come on We did it! CHILDREN: Yahoo! FLORA: It’s a river If I remember correctly, the goal was– Yes In the middle of the river Look. A boat FLORA: With a picture of a rabbit Then I’m sure it’s for us All right, we’re off (Grunting) (Foxes cackling) The championship is ours Now all we have to do is find the goal Hm, the goal Hm I can’t figure it out CHILDREN: One, two One, two. One, two One, two The Rabbit team is really working hard They’re going to pass us There’s nothing to worry about I got a trap all set up (Laughing) One, two (All gasping) JENNIFER: There’s a hole Bye-bye (Cackling) Alexander, Flora, Pom Blow with your trunks (All inhaling deeply) (All grunting) You again? Rats! (Gasping) A rock in the middle of the river? I can’t figure it out at all Hm, yes It’s over there Thanks (Laughing)

The championship three years in a row We found it first Cheaters Yeah POM: They’re gaining on us ZEPHIR: Row faster, Babar (Laughing) Jennifer, hop on Oh! (Both gasping) Congratulations (All cheering) The Rabbit team has won the championship, and this new car is your prize Really? CHILDREN: Hooray! Th…that’s Thank you Mom and Dad will be so happy to have a new car And you get another prize Yay! Oh, boy I wonder what’s inside ALL: Wow! POM: Treats! Now this is what I call a prize (All crying) Here. You can have some too For us? But we lost That’s because you cheated Next year we’re going to compete fair and square Deal? Deal Deal How about you, Fox? Yeah I guess hard work pays off Next year, no cheating (Crowd cheering) It feels great being champions (Snickering) What are the things you need for a treasure hunt? ALL: Intellect and physical ability Don’t forget teamwork It took all of us to beat the Fox team And now the foxes know how to work together too, don’t they? (Indistinct grumbling) (All laughing) ♪