Malus Code (Part 16) – First Distiney Land, Then…What?

then i awaken my throat got so dry when i was asleep i feel like i’m choking i get out of bed while heaving dry coughs and dash towards the sink for some water i down a cup of water and my breathing stabilizes i feel like i had a really bad dream what was it again yeah somebody told me i was a mutant or something i remember seeing some sci-fi movie with a plot like that a few years ago so why am i dreaming about it now i don’t get it i turn on my computer and check my email this there’s one from yay senpai good morning you looked like you were feeling pretty bad when we parted ways are you okay i’m worried so i’m gonna be a little pushy about this take the medicine i gave you every single day no skipping that’s all whoa that wasn’t a dream that whole conversation actually occurred in reality weird i feel like i’m going crazy what’s crazy reality this world or in my head in order to calm down my disturbed heart i cover up with a blanket and close my eyes but i’m too worked up to sleep [ __ ] i shout and get up again if i can’t sleep i should head to the lab i make my way towards the university i didn’t sleep so well last night so i don’t feel very rested yuri flashes her carefree smile oh no because of yai senpai’s shocking speech i totally forgot about my date with suzukage sensei how do you know about that i didn’t think that suzuka sensei would bring that up on her own of course he did of course i knew it yeah senpai is usually annoying enough to give me a headache but today’s even worse my head is throbbing with so much pain i can’t stand it this is bad this isn’t just some metaphor my head is literally killing me i got tickets for miyai senpai and asked suzukage sensei to come with me but maybe i should give my ticket to you yuri i’m starting to think she should go to distinguish land with you not me i realize that would probably be more worthwhile and fun don’t you think so um i’m not sure i’ll live up to your expectations though oh my head yuri didn’t even consider my suggestion her innocent mannerisms usually bring a smile to my face but for the first time they’re strangely irritating oh [ __ ] please take that yuri takes a pill from her bag as she speaks hey hey can i see that closely for a second i reflexively reach out and try to pluck it from her hand but regain my senses and draw back before i do here he doesn’t seem to notice i’m acting unusual and hands the pill right over i take it and study it closely oh it’s nothing it’s not related to my current research but eventually i thought it might give me a clue to figuring something out i’m flustered as i respond what am i even saying anymore really you don’t have to go that far but since you offered i’ll take it thanks yuri oh dear god the music during lunch break yai senpai invites me to eat with them so i leave the lab after we finish our meals i show them the capsule i took from suzukake sensei’s desk a few days ago the capsule might dissolve when wet so i’ve been keeping it in a small plastic bag could you hold on to this medicine i don’t know if you’ll believe me but i tell them about the nightmares i’ve been seeing in particular the one where suzuka sensei made me take some suspicious medicine

after that i picked this capsule up off her desk i can’t pick up on how he feels about what i said based on his tone of voice could you look into what this is but come on you’re rich yeah senpai takes the plastic bag with the pill in it and stares at it a while before storing it hold up how could i not get upset by that i grabbed the chest of the i senpai’s shirt without thinking what a hassle i hold my head inside that is a fairly strange thing to study i know many examples of evolution caused by a gene containing genetic information about another living thing and i’ve heard a theory that the water bears the erie studies contain genetic material from multiple sources but of all things genetics from outer we humans introduced a virus from space that’s ridiculous why do i feel like this is all just some [ __ ] joke it’s an interesting theory but what does okay so does that mean the polar lab is a secret organization to study this malice i say this trying to lighten the mood but yay senpai replies seriously i sigh with my head and my hands the ice senpai doesn’t want to let this drop what should i believe oh no i forgot i need to talk to suzuka sensei about our meeting time and place for our trip to disneyland what do you mean last chance i start to thank him but i wonder if he’s actually done anything to earn my thanks i think for a while but i can’t really come up with an answer yeah i just nod weakly no no not the slow fade to black that always happens don’t leave me oh here we are oh thank god when you have a lot on your mind sometimes it makes it feel like time is passing by rather slowly however time passes the same as always regardless of people’s feelings the weekend of my date with suzukage sensei arrives we decide on a simple meeting place the front gate of destiny land there’s a bus from the neighboring station to the theme park it takes less than 15 minutes that way but walking doesn’t take too long either i look at the time there’s 10 minutes before i’m meeting time looking around it doesn’t seem like suzukage sensei’s shown up yet

since this is a popular spot there’s a lot of other people speeding up maybe i just don’t see her i search once more just in case but i can’t find her strange well girls need extra time for makeup and stuff so i guess i’ve just gotta be patient i really doubt she’d stand me up or something but it’s possible she has some urgent business to attend to i’m outside of the front gate but it’s still part of the park there’s costume performers entertaining the customers at the entrance at first i thought everyone in costume was an employee but it turns out there’s also plenty of customers who dress up on their own a performer in a k.o mouse [ __ ] costume comes to my side and gives me a big thumbs up i return the gesture and he gets a little too familiar with me by patting my shoulder i know he’s trying to be welcoming but it’s kind of off-putting i wait a bit and now a performer in a witch costume approach me what kind of character is this my voice sounds hysteric in surprise i got thrown off because of the costume she’s wearing is totally out of the ordinary but that voice is definitely suzuka sensei out of a fantasy world is that a witch or a cute devil or something that’s what’s more like it actually the way the costume emphasizes her sexiness it might be more fitting to call her a succubus sensei are you a special member of the performing cast today or something i what now what are you saying uh i don’t remember thinking anything along those lines let alone making an order i guess that means yuri’s playing a joke on her or maybe she’s just trying to help me out oh i’m sorry then where did that costume come from did yuri make it for you or something um thank you yuri you were getting on my nerves a bit lately but this makes up for everything keep up the good work you don’t have to wait until the future it’s a good experience right now it suits you very well as i converse with suzuka sensei and her risque outfit i can sense people staring at us as they pass by everyone is charmed by suzuka sensei’s looks even suzuka sensei can’t help but feel somewhat timid when she’s being stared at so openly and i can tell she’s concerned with all her the all the look she’s getting with everyone staring at you it kind of makes me feel jealous well more importantly let’s go inside the park so more people can stare at you we go through the entrance procedures and are guided inside the park all right there’s crowds of people in cosplay but even so suzuka sensei’s costume still grabs the attention of many people and i can feel their gaze as they pass by suzuka sensei what do you want to ride first there’s roller coasters if you like thrill rides there’s also an adventure attraction where you save a princess mouse who is captured by a demon mouse or a 3d theater where the seats move that utilize all five senses sensei points to the merry-go-round complete with white horses and pumpkin carriages this is probably a little more targeted

towards kids no it’s totally for kids i only see children riding it suzuka sensei you have surprisingly girlish tastes at first i thought maybe she chose it because of the fantasy theme but it doesn’t seem like it sooner hey you could see that lady’s boobies i already stopped that a kid in line for the merry-go-round points that suzuka sensei and yells out his mom hastily covers his mouth kids are so blunt he perfume perfectly articulated the charm of suzukaki sensei’s costume the parents in line with her their kids look uncomfortable with suzukaki’s sensei tsuzukaki sensei turns to me as she’s pelted with judgmental glares she points to the neighboring ferris wheel and tugs my arm as she heads off when we enter the cabin we’re hidden from the stairs of the people around us so the kakisentei looks a little relieved our carriage slowly rises hey suzuka sensei look down you could see the whole park at once the ride that drops in the waterfall looks cool let’s go on that one next that must be where they do the light-up parade what’s going on suzuka sensei keeps giving me the same absent-minded answer sensei she looks nervous and tense does this mean um sensei could it be the that you’re afraid of heights our cabin just happens to approach the very top of the ferris wheel listen i’m afraid of heights too so suzuka sensei gets worked up and stands as she makes her proclamation whoa sorry i promise not to hit on yuri anymore what i instinctively freak out and apologize because of the sudden movement our carriage shakes from side to side sensei shrieks and grabs onto me i knew she was really afraid of heights now the cabin squeaks noisily as it gently sways she continues to cling to me of course her ample chest is also squeezed up against my arm thanks to her skimpy costume i can see the exposed skin of her breasts at point-blank range hmm i feel like my self-control is being tested here suzuka sensei it’s okay if you quiet down it’ll stop swaying whispers as she curls up tightly she seems so helpless compared to her usual self it’s okay i won’t move so just relax i give up and just stay still look we’re halfway down see for yourself sensei you’re pretty stubborn you know that okay just have to endure a little more and that’s it we’re back at ground level she’s afraid of heights like a little princess yet she tries to put up a tough front what a pain i’ll leave the carriage first and extend my hand to suzuka sensei take my hand she staggers to her feet as she speaks i can’t bear to watch ignoring what she says i reach out and grasp her hand she hesitates for a second but then grips back firmly after descending from the ride we continue to hold hands for a bit but eventually we let go after that i try to entertain suzuka sensei by touring the various attractions at the park it seems that she really enjoys the thrill rides i try my best to help suzukagi sensei have as much fun as possible we continue to do we continue delight in all the attractions aimed at grown-ups until the sun goes

down suzuka sensei leans against a pillar she must be tired after all this what do you mean that you were scared of the shaking cabin or that you were clinging to me for dear life she’s so disagreeable sensei usually comes off as perfect talented woman but today she’s constantly reacting in ways that are unlike her usual self right now i’m the only one who could see her acting like this up close i feel satisfied knowing that i bet not even yuri has seen her like this i want suzuka sensei all for myself my heart throbs with that desire oh the parade’s starting over there huh how come this is when things really get started at disneyland forget about boring stuff like that for now sensei softly grips my hand huh sensei as the parade draws close or draws to a close i notice that tsuzukaki sensei isn’t by my side anymore we were just holding hands a second ago though even if it’s dark out in a fat flashy outfit i shouldn’t be able to lose sight of her at a short distance sensei suzukage sensei i feel bad for the people trying to enjoy the parade but as i sh but i shout for her as i search my surroundings like a parent looking for a lost child when i finally find her the parade is long over and the park is nearing closing time oh oh thank goodness i searched all over for you sensei she sits in the dark corner of the main plaza i don’t know what she means it doesn’t seem like she’s apologizing for getting separated if she is she’s really overdoing it what’s the matter sensei whispers are like delirious rantings words steadily flow from her soulless face i don’t know how to describe it sensei come on sensei are you sleep talking get a hold of yourself hi shake suzuka sensei’s shoulders as she squats on the ground what sensei finally notices me but when she looks at my face she acts like she’s seeing a ghost when i look closely i can see tears streaming down her face i’m bewildered this is kaka sensei continues sitting in place until they announce that the park is closing soon she says that but she’s staggering somewhat i offer my hand to help her stand man today sure was tiring i definitely underestimated disneyland you know i can’t stand suzuka sensei’s gloomy mood anymore so i force a fake laughs no no no no don’t worry about it i’ll walk you home my sensei what’s the matter all of a sudden you’ve been acting weird did something happen during the parade she doesn’t speak as if she’s replying to me but as if she’s trying to convince herself of something sensei are you really going to go home dressed like that at this hour people are going to think you’re crazy plus more importantly it’s not safe suzuka sensei tries to drive me away but i resist and follow her once she gets outside the park she calls

a taxi i try to force my way in but the driver glares at me so i give up as i watch her taxi i consider taking one to chase her down but i decide against it i just don’t get it we had such a great mood going on what what happened i asked myself these questions again and again as i head home but of course i can’t come up with an answer what the f [ __ ] just happened uh oh and then there’s more sad music