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good morning my friends the incidence of lifestyle diseases is rapidly rising in the United States thousands and thousands of deaths occur each year as a result of cardiovascular disease diabetes hypertension cancer and obesity the healthcare industry and researchers now realize that these diseases can be significantly improved prevented reversed with lifestyle choices stand by as get healthy starts now hello I’m dr. Cooper dockery and welcome to get healthy did you know that the United States is ranked 26th among the 34 top nations in the world in good health and years of healthy life expectancy why is this the case when we are a nation with excellent scientists researchers doctors large hospitals finest technology and large pharmaceutical companies it’s time to find the answer stay tuned as get healthy returned we’ll be right back many diseases and poor health conditions that we suffer come as a result of not taking good care of our body dr. Donna Cooper dockery is a certified internist that will take care of your health are you suffering from diabetes obesity high blood pressure sleep apnea chronic pain or any other disease trust your health in the hands of dr. Donna Cooper dockery she and her great medical team will take care of you call today for an appointment she is waiting for you welcome back cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States in 2011 they were 787 thousand deaths as a result of heart disease and stroke cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States it is estimated that in 2015 1 million six hundred and fifty 8320 people will be diagnosed with cancer and there will be an estimated five hundred and eight and nine thousand deaths the incidence of diabetes is at its all-time high one in every ten people in the United States have a diagnosis of diabetes however in some parts of the country like in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas one in every three persons have diabetes and many more have diabetes but are not yet diagnosed the incidence of obesity is at an astounding high with more than two third of United States adults are overweight or obese and childhood obesity is at an all-time high if this trend continues our children’s life span will be much shorter than that of the parents in 2015 the United States healthcare spending was three point eight trillion dollars but yet people remains sick and are dying the same could poor lifestyle habit be the leading cause for health care problem in the United States is there any hope for this health care crisis the solution is not another pill researchers are now confirming that reducing the intake of animal products and moving more towards a more plaque base whole grain diet would greatly improve prevent or reverse some of these chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes coronary artery disease obesity hypertension and even some cancers can you believe that the food we eat could be killing us yes poor nutrition is the leading cause of early death in the United States researchers have placed these risk factors into two groups one a diet high in refined foods such as white bread white rice white pasta and snack foods next a diet hind red or processed meats sugar sugary drinks and beverages

and sweets sodium and salt number two a diet low in the following fruits vegetables whole grains whole grain bread and cereal nuts and seeds a diet low in dietary fibers found in legumes beans and peas or a died low in healthy essential fats or fatty acid such as polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fats now you may ask if the food I eat can cause some of my diseases then if I change my diet will these diseases be improved or reverse stay with us we’ll be right back with the answers when get health with dr. Cooper returns some risks are obviously not worth taking some aren’t as obvious but could be just as deadly like the risk for type 2 diabetes take the diabetes risk test and stop diabetes before it stops you welcome back to get healthy with dr Cooper before or a short break we were discussing that the food you eat kid called your disease and yes if you change your diet then you can improve or reverse your diseases many years ago one of the great fathers of medicine Hippocrates wrote let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food many health care providers are now following his instructions some physician are now prescribing healthy diet for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes hypertension coronary disease and cancer in the headlines today just a minute from now healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of chronic diseases and death and may promote living longer trading animal products for plant-based and becoming more physically active may reduce your risk of death by twelve percent the risk of cardiovascular disease by thirteen percent and cancer by eight percent in the book the blue zone published recently it was revealed that there are about nine regions in the world in which people are living way beyond 100 years the secret to this longevity is healthy lifestyle fortunately one of these blue zone sizes is right here in the United States of America it is found in California in a place called Loma Linda where the population is almost one hundred percent seventh-day Adventists these 70 advantage of certain lifestyle factors in common they have faith they have a day of rest from physical work which they call the Sabbath they drink plenty Roy milk eat lots of fruits and vegetables legumes and nuts they do not consume alcohol they do not smoke seventh-day Adventists vegetarians live 12 to 15 years longer than the average American in the journal archives of internal medicine published in 2009 researchers studied 23,000 153 people ages 35 to 60 years old for a period of eight years this study looked at lifestyle practices and the risk of serious diseases for lifestyle factors were looked at number one not smoking number two maintaining a healthy weight with a body mass index less than 30 number three physical activity such as exercising three and a half hours a week for about 30 minutes a day and number for healthy eating habits which include a high intake of whole grains high intake of fruits and vegetables and a low consumption of red meat the researchers concluded that people who did not comply with any of the four lifestyle factors had a very high risk of diabetes heart disease stroke and cancer those who complied with only one of those lifestyle factors decreased the risk by forty-nine percent those people that complied with two of these lifestyle factors decrease their risk by

sixty-three percent and those that complied with three of those lifestyle factors decrease their risk by seventy two percent the participants that followed all four lifestyle factors decrease the risk even further by seventy-eight percent i am dr. Cooper decree and that today’s Health News what are your options if your doctor prescribes an x-ray and ultrasound or a vascular exam do you want to go there to find parking in that just to deal with this well you don’t have to Rio Grande Valley mobile x rays comes to you just call one eight eight eight seven eight 397 79 it’s that easy so if you need an x-ray ultrasound EKG or 2d echo with no waiting no parking and without leaving your home call Rio Grande Valley mobile x rays welcome back to get healthy with dr. Cooper our topic today is is your lifestyle killing you or Bobby Tex for the day is found in Exodus 23 verse 25 and he shall serve the Lord your God and he shall bless thy bread and thy water and i will take sickness away from the midst of thee you may ask how can fruits and vegetables and exercise improve my health stay with me allow explain fruits and vegetables are high in fiber vitamins and oxidants minerals and other nutrients that are important for good health while whole grains have a higher content of protein minerals irons and vitamins than processed grains seeds and nuts contain micronutrients which assist in lowering the LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol and increase in our good cholesterol which is the HDL cholesterol and also stabilizing the endothelial layer of the arteries including the coronary arteries this prevent or impedes Kerner of vascular disease look at some of the benefits of unprocessed foods they are nutrient rich calorie poor so you may eat lots without ingesting lots of calorie on the other hand processed foods are fiber poor nutrient poor and contain lots of calories the potato for example this is on process it is best eaten as grown it can be baked it can be boiled the coloring in a medium-sized potato is about 110 let’s look at the potato chip this is process fried in oil this a tote bag of potato chip contains about 1217 cameras comparing this bag this bowl how long will it take someone to consume a bag of chips versus this bowl of potato let’s look at fruits I suggested that we eat much fruits every day these fruits are healthy and when you consume the fruit you must consume for example the Apple the entire Apple the exterior part of the abbey contains the fiber and I mentioned that fiber is essential in lowering the risk of chronic diseases now if we were to look at the breakfast here this is a standard American breakfast we have 2x we have the bacon strips we have hash brown and white bread the white bread is process and therefore it is calorie-rich protein pore and fiber pour the orange juice is best to consumer fruits as whole fruits rather than juice this simple American breakfast contains about over nine hundred calorie if you are someone who is trying to maintain a healthy weight and you need to consume 1500 calorie a day then consuming this standard American diet means that you’d have already consumed sixty percent of your calorie for the day there are many reasons to change

from diet high in animal products or processed food to one of a plant-based whole grain diet the high fiber content of the fruits and vegetable in a plant-based diet will slow the absorption of carbohydrates thus prevent in sugar search there for promoting better glucose control hi fabric also lowers cholesterol it keeps the patient feeling fuller longer and decrease the need to snack this therefore promotes weight loss fiber also keep the bowel regulated and therefore prevent constipation and diverticulosis don’t go away we are going to be right back with our healthy vegan breakfast some risks are obviously not worth taking some aren’t as obvious but could be just as deadly like the risk for type 2 diabetes take the diabetes risk test and stop diabetes before it stops you for marbel burn the kitchen what do you have to prepare today today we will have a scrambled tofu it is one of my patients favorite recipes oh and at home to my kids love scrambled tofu actually yes it’s one of our favorites because you can tweak it or you can change any of the ingredients that your family or the patients do not like fantastic total what is tofu no Topher is a protein that we commonly use is made from soy bean and it is rich and very nutritious so Marble let’s talk with our scrambled tofu the first ingredient that we are going to need is we’re going to put two tablespoons of olive oil 2 tbsp tables very good not too much oil that’s not good for your health so this we will proceed to add our tofu remember tofu needs to be drained well drained and all you’re going to be doing is crumbling it into the pan cut very good and you can use your fingers or you can use a fork correct yes that is correct before we add our tofu we are going to start with the first ingredient and it is our onion very good one rule of thumb is to remember that your onion is sauteed or ready for the next ingredient when you see it translucent okay it’s a little trick good and what is the next ingredient marivel we will proceed to add our bell peppers bell pepper off a cup of bell peppers rich in vitamin A vitamin B correct very good in the next we will add our niche which is our minced 2 cloves of minced garlic garlic garlic sauce over important for the immune system soul very nice the next ingredient is two tablespoons of green onions or tights excellent we will saute that very well and add the last ingredient which is half a cup of tomatoes chopped tomatoes all right it smells very nice already very very delicious while we’re waiting for our vegetables to get sauteed we will start adding our spices very good proceed with a half a teaspoon of thyme and just sprinkle it over your vegetables or I can they add whatever they like at home and he spices very correct actually time was one of the ingredients that I was very hesitant to try but once I tried it I really enjoyed it very so you might want to play around with it and see if you enjoyed yourself then we’re going to add half a teaspoon of your onion powder to have a teaspoon of your garlic powder very nice mmm smells good right real good excellent we’re going to enjoy this ass of the show that is correct stay around and we will add our last ingredient which is or turmeric turmeric to Murray this has been on the news recently turmeric is very good its uses medicine in India and in China for many years it’s believed that turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and it also has omega-3 fatty acid if you continue with us we’re going to talk more about turmeric later on that is correct now

optional we have two teaspoons of mrs dash mrs. dash is a can be bought with or without salt depending on your prayer rinse and that is two teaspoons of mrs dash why should we avoid assault Marvel one of the main reasons we want to avoid salt is for the content of sodium rotations that have high blood pressure all right right and you know we have a lot of high blood pressure so we have to be very careful of assault little or no salt okay what is next money man we’re going to go ahead and scramble our tofu you can either use a fork or just to break it down or you can it’s so soft you can just break it down it comes in a block for whoever hasn’t seen it before and all you want to do is break it good so you’re going to brown balliye finger that is correct excellent now you have to remember tofu like I tell my patients does not have any taste and what we’re going to do is sauté it for 10 minutes to make sure we get all this wonderful vegetable taste and spices very good very good and Tulsa can be used in many different ways even in dessert so stay tuned and we’re going to show you how to use tofu all right Maribel how are we doing there it’s going great saute it for at least 10 minutes and if you can never overcook one of the wonderful things that one of my patients said how do I know when it’s ready to eat and I said well actually tofu can be even without cooking that’s right and we have a nice recipe on eggless tofu one of the other favorite well that is correct so stay tuned for that recipe as well so I think we’re almost ready Maryville that is correct and and with the magic of television we have it already prepared for you let’s bring it right over so we have it in the form of tackles you could use tofu and you instead of using eggs we can make tofu taco or we can use sandwiches and I like both so if you want more recipes stay tuned you can visit our website Cooper internal medicine dot-com for more recipes fantastic breakfast Mirabelle now we’re going to go to our exercise segment with Rebecca stay tuned thank you dr. Cooper my name is Rebecca website this is chris we’re going to go ahead and demonstrate some workouts that you can do at home to start your morning off you don’t need a gym all you need is an expensive ankle weights there five pounds you can find them anywhere and you can have a full body workout with these okay we’re going to go ahead and start off with some squat kickbacks you’re going to go ahead and squat and kick back squat and kick back and when you kick back make sure that you really squeeze up here so you can tighten up those bloops so the squat and kick back a good amount of these will be to do about four sets either from 15 or 20 you know your body best so if you feel a little bit fatigued make sure you take 5 to 10 seconds in between each set and just keep on going and go ahead and push through the through that bird after these another glute exercise that is really well you’re going to go ahead and squat down get on all fours and what you’re going to do is you’re going to go ahead and kick back and squeeze up here as well kick back and squeeze and go ahead and alternate you want to do about 15 to 20 with each leg okay and after these what we’re going to do is we’re going to take off the ankle weights and we’re going to go into some jumping lunges you’re going to go ahead and lodge down and jump up then down jump up and you want to make sure that your knee does not pass your toe because you can go ahead and get hurt that way so just go ahead and jump these are gonna burn your whole quad area you’re going to want to stop but don’t and next we’re going to go ahead and go into some air squats so just squat down the faster you do it the more burn you’ll go ahead and get you want to tighten up those legs tighten up your glutes so you can go ahead and head to the beach on your

weekends okay next we’re going to go ahead and demonstrate another upper body exercise this will work out your shoulders and your triceps you’re going to go ahead and bend down you’re going to go to the 90 degree angle and press back to the now you do your angle down and press and make sure you maintain your form throughout the whole time you do not want to sacrifice your form and get hurt if the weights too heavy then go ahead and go down to a lower weight to where you’re not sacrificing your form and we’re going to go ahead and take it back with dr. Cooper in the studio welcome back to get healthy we dr Cooper I think you have learned a lot today on healthy lifestyle factors that will help you begin a journey of healthier happier and longer life but where do you begin start simple first replace all your carbonated drinks like sodas with water water has no calories no cholesterol or sugar water is good for you most people are chronically dehydrated learn to drink about eight glasses of water daily learn to carry a bottle of water with you be a conscious eater plan your meals think about what you put in your mouth would you put orange juice instead of gasoline in your car then why put on healthy foods in your body do not snack do not skip your meals this would lead to overeating each your largest meal at breakfast and there will be more time during the day to consume or burn those calories then eat a large meal at lunch and a very small meal in the evening someone said that you should eat like a king or a queen in the morning like a prince or princess at noon and like a pauper at supper walk briskly for at least 30 minutes daily physical exercise is good medicine get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night sleep is important for restoration of the body cells and for hormone regulation be grateful be optimistic and trust in God this is good for longevity remember you can live a happier longer and healthy life if you have a life style makeover so if your lifestyle is killing you then change and live a happier healthier and longer life until next time this is dr. Cooper would get healthy now you can reach me at Cooper internal medicine calm you can also find us on Facebook Cooper internal medicine or Cooper wellness center you can send me a message and I will answer those questions at our next time next week same place you