LIVE STREAM: RUSD Board Meeting 11-10-2020

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I think the food here is an upgrade ≫ It’s real food. They cook it fresh ≫ We come in every morning and bake the cookies fresh ≫ The food here is a huge step up ≫ It’s pretty good ≫ My favorite thing to eat is a cheese burger ≫ I had a burger and it was really good ≫ I had pizza (Event will resume shortly) ≫ (Silence)

≫( Event will resume short ly ) ≫ly ) ≫ ≫ All right You just tell me when All right. You just tell me when Welcome back to the board meeting for November 10, 2020

If you would like to view this meeting on Spanish livestream, follow the link on the web page We are broadcasting closed captions today so those watching livestream can follow the live transcription through the link in YouTube This meeting will be held online and there will be no physical meeting location open to the public The board encourages members of the public to join the meeting electronically, and you can find information on the board meeting agenda regarding how to submit public comments I would like to introduce assistant superintendent to provide this message in Spanish (Speaking Spanish) ≫ ≫ Thank you very much It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge that this is the last board meeting for our friend Patricia We will miss her but we are excited as she’s moving to the new position of Mayor We wish her nothing but the best I would also like to acknowledge that this is the last meeting for student board member, Vanessa from the Riverside STEM academy She has fulfilled term one as student board member at a time of great uncertainty and has done it with grace We thank her very much and await all her exciting news about where she will be going to college next year Our second term board member from Poly high school will begin her term on December 15th The board would like to extend congratulations to Mr Tom hunt for winning elections to fulfill the next 4-year term Also in honor of Veteran’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to take a moment to thank veterans of all military branches While there’s no way to thank them for everything they have sacrificed, on Veteran’s Day we must try Thank you to all, both past and present At this time I would like to report that, um, the following action was taken during closed session portion of the meeting This is relative to property negotiations With respect to one, the board by unanimous roll call, with all members present, approved purchase agreements for 4342 Park Avenue, Riverside California, in $430,000 4302 park avenue in an amount of $220,000 and 285813 street arrive side California in an amount disclose on request Copies are available on request once signed and final The board took no other reportable action These properties are all related to a future east side school Our pledge is going to be provided by video and lead by Elise, a 6th grade student from Monro elementary school And after this, Vanessa will share information about Elise ≫ I attend Monroe Elementary School I’m in 6th grade

This is my dad Mark Lee My mom Janet and my younger brother Jake and younger sister (Pledge of Allegiance) ≫ Thank you so much. Are you there? ≫ Yes, I am She is also extremely kind, thoughtful and goes out of her ray her way to help others ≫ Thank you very much The student performance will be provided by video and feature students of Ramona high school, under the direction of Mr Brian Galigar (Music) (Upbeat) ≫ (Music) (Music) ≫ I’m clapping on behalf of everybody≫ I’m clapping on behalf of everybody. That was just wonderful. Thank you so much, that was wonderful I really appreciate that And now we are going to move on to our reports by our high school student representatives And we are going to start with Lexi Blare from John W North High School Lexi ≫ Hello Good afternoon My name is Lexi Blare and I’m happying to be reporting on the behalf of of north hall today I would like to congratulate Kisa brown, 2021 California teacher of the year She has touched the lives of current students and alumni And we would like to thank her for all the hard work In September I spoke about the various back to school activities that were taking place One of those north 6th annual leadership retreat

Over 100 students representing various clubs and organizations came together to create 5 main focus areas to guide us through our unit journey this year The focuses are acceptance and understanding, communication, connection, inclusivity and support I am happy to report since we last met, North has been active in providing resources for students to reach goals We had our historically black colleges and university week During the week information was provided by have a e-mail on the history of the universities as well as how they help to produce the most African American professionals in the world today Our national Hispanic Heritage Month with posts and brought — sponsored cancer awareness week from October 12th to 16 and each day a specific type of cancer was highlighted minority for students and staff to be aware of incidents, rates, symptoms and the comfort that we are in this together Through mental health Monday we provide informations for students that are struggling with illnesses during distance learning The united student league sponsored with a primary goal to engage students via online activities. The month of October ended with the recognition of red ribbon week, sponsored by multicultural council Focused on the importance of healthy choices and the behaviors Now November has been declared staff-Vember Celebrating all members of the staff family through shout outs and thank yous This weekend the Harliquin will sponsor the production of the Lar Me project Tickets to this event are free and can be reserved on our website We are sponsored by clay counciling solutions and invited 150 students to represent the campus in this 5-hour discussion regarding the needs of our campus. Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a good night Thank you solutions and invited 150 students to represent the campus in this 5-hour discussion regarding the needs of our campus. Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a good night. Thank you ≫ Thank you. That was wonderful. That was great information. I appreciate that Now we will hear from Ethan from Riverside polly tech high school Polytech high school ≫ We have been preparing for upcoming — association of schools and colleges accreditation campus visit The visit scheduled for last March, 2 days after closure, will take place November 15th to 18 in an all virtual platform A Poli staff has been preparing for 2 years and everyone is ready for the final process In order to express our experiences, in order to show our identity as a school The project continues and is now now 4 months 4 months ahead of schedule The south end of our campus is near completion. Stairs, seating areas are done We expect the main entrance off central avenue in the upper portion of the campus to be completed in January, and completion of the interior campus should come this April Construction on the new multipurpose room will begin in February and under construction for 14 months. We have a long way to go but we are making progress As we are hopeful to return the school, we do — when we do return, several measures have been put in place to protect staff and students The two main school school entrances have — sign signs have been installs and the hallways will be one way travel They will have safety guides around them To ensure our students understand the measures, as well as to inform them, our

principal will be providing a video Along with this, for any faculty or questions for any measures, a COVID gland a COVID guideline book will be able Recognizing this, our school is working to help those that struggle in the learning environment School staff has been driving around checking on stuns and seeing what we can do to help them And our attendance office makes call daily A principals council is now being formed where two students meet with school administration Students will get updates and be able to ask questions Students will then report back to the second period class on everything that was discussed Finally, Pol Poly has hosted multiple events to engage the student population To show cancer awareness, students were encouraged to show awareness around multiple different forms of cancer and obviously Halloween was different. This includes my report We are hopeful to see you in the future. Ask any questions you may have ≫ Thank you I guess the one silver lining is that we are able to have fast forwarded the progress, on the renovation at Poli. So that’s good news. Thank you very much And now we hear from Savannah ≫ Hello Um, good evening My name is savannahSavannah I would like to start by sharing all the accomplishments and advancements that have occurred over the past 2 months Our AVID program has been awarded with the outstanding award. I’m also pleased to announce October 23, two of our October 23, two of our seniors were selected out of 18 thousand applicants to be finalists for a scholarship They will have the opportunity to be matched with one of the nations best university with a full ride scholarship We are proud of these FWO these two young lady It is college application season, meaning it’s a hectic time for seniors I have felt overwhelmed during this time, especially the added weight of virtual instruction, but this has come to an easy thanks to our counselors During these sessions, we go over various topics, sup , such as graduation credits During the sessions counselors refer students to scholarship opportunities and potential schools Our counselors have provided students with countless opportunities to attend various college workshops, whether it’s focused on how to apply for financial aid or specific parts of the application I have attended several of the person statement webinars which I felt helpful Because of this support, I’ve been able to submit 7 university applications, 3 of which I’ve been accepted to, submitted my FAFSA and outside scholarship applications I would not have been able to accomplish this without the support of my counselors I would also like to give a special recognition to one of our outstanding staff for being selected as a finalist for the California league of high school, region 10 educator of the year award We are proud to have him of as a counselor This pandemic has sparked a unique type time for all of us Is to share with our students, they have worked and do everything possible to remain safe and healthy while showcaseing talents The marching band has gone virtual,as seen in the beginning of the session, until the upcoming season A new performance will be uploaded tonight to the band’s YouTube channel All you have to do is search the marching band This will be a unique performance as traditional instruments

will not be used but students will be using random objects to create a beautiful masterpiece. Thank you and that’s all I have ≫ Thank you. I cannot wait to hear that concert That’s going to be something special Now we have Alexander from Riverside Riverside STEM Academy ≫ Good evening I’m glad to be here today representing Riverside STEM Academy Over the past couple of months the club have continued to execute creative means to engage students STEM mentality has has remained strong The leadership at Riverside put on the biggest event, homecoming We were able to get approximately 70 people to attend our virtual homecoming on google meets and used Zoom break out rooms to host games and watch alongs Since then we have made strides to connect with each grade in their own ways Through our sinner our — there’s something for everyone A couple of highlights would be the senior movie nights leading up to Halloween Our senior class held a movie night every Friday, we would hold these over google meets as well Our juniors did did a podcast and received high views We have had a couple of fundraisers, where students and families could safely order food for take out These events were well received and lucrative A good number of our leadership have been involved with the synergy program The students have been in regular in regular attendance STEM has seen high attendance for both of them Our science team has been well organized by their captains and hard at work, studying and preparing for the events Speech and debate has been hard at work, and the virtual environment has helped them make it to more tournaments than they have in the past Aside from these, we have seen a few of our newer clubs , trying to the make meaningful contributions While the debates were going on, our young Democratic socialist of America club held viewings where anyone of the student body could join and watch along This was done in an effort to keep them up to date Another of our clubs has been working on antibullying videos, which I believe are still? still in progress Our final club has been snail mail , founded by one of our juniors, and she seeks to support the USPS by using hard copy pen palling All together, though we live in an uncertain world, our leadership and student body have been putting their best foot forehead foot forward. Thank you for listening ≫ Thank you. That was a great report. I appreciate all 4 of you tonight. Giving us that update about your schools. I’m always impressed Despite our situation with COVID, you’re doing wonderful things. Thank you very much At this time we will open up the queue for items G1, public input This is for members of the public to comment on topics that are not already op already on the agenda We will now provide instructions for entering the cue ≫ Thank you If you are a member of the public who has joined the Zoom call to provide public input, for topics that are not already on the agenda, you may now enter the cue until the item begins by using the raise hand function, if you’re logged in using the computer Or star 9 if you’re using your phone to call in Once again, the cue is open for public input, item G1 at this time All other members of the public wishing to speak on an item on the agenda, will be invited to enter the cue, prior to the item beginning Thank you ≫ Thank you And now, not um, not to Dr

Hanson but our chief operating officer, Ms Renee hillHill ≫ Thank you. Glad to stand in for Dr Hanson who could not be here tonight First I would like to give TP give the opportunity to respond to a remark ≫ Thank you And this is regarding a question about the left over meals I um, I had the discussion with Ms Arosco our student board member, and we believe it benefits everybody to know what we are doing, since it came up in public, so we are answering the question public Nutrition services puts efforts to put — to distribute left over food items that cannot be used on the following days the meal service is served With the circumstances, they have reduced the amount of food waste by only repairing estimated meals for the day But currently if there’s any additional meals, there’s a partnership for the, um, providing the meals available for RCC or Riverside community Community College students, to access through pantries that are available for them in the community So that was, um, just for the benefit of everybody. I want to thank Ms Arosco for the question question ≫ Extending that voice, that question, asked by board member Arosco our 3 stunted 3 student board members are coordinating the first of the student voice series. They call it more Than a Number This project is focused on hearing from students about their RUSD experience and giving us the opportunity to learn about all of our students as they are I would like to extend our congratulations to 3 educators who were already mentioned These 3 are finalists in statewide recognition programs One is Ms Brown from university heights HeightsUniversity Heights Middle School In addition, California league of high schools cap League of High Schools. We have two of the five finalists for that organization One has been mentioned, mark Mark Limb counselor at Ramona The other is a teacher from project T This week, is national school psychologists week I would lake to thank — to take the opportunity on behalf of the district to express appreciation to all of our school psychologists for making a positive and powerful difference in the lives of our students and community Thank you very much ≫ And now we are going to move to board comments I’m going the start with out going board member, Vanessa ≫ Thank you. As Ms Renee mentioned, my board members , we have finished organizing in which the submissions will be used to hear stories of each student and their input that will be used for the betterment of the district as a whole All students should have received an e-mail with all the information and details We are excited to have received submissions and we can’t wait to see the ones that are coming This is my last board meeting as my term comes to an independent an end It has been a true honor to sit among all of you and represent the student voice What I have learned is beyond measurement and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity I’m excited for Ria to have this experience next Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone’s reports ≫ It’s been a pleasure having you on the board. I’m sure other people will have to give their thanks as well. Mr Hunt ≫ Yes, ma’am, thanks. Ms Arozco thank you for your service You have done exactly what we asked you to do, which is a big job to speak for 40 thousand of your peers. But you did do it

You gave us great insight about what a student thinks and when you shared that, it was so well put and understandable to folks out there And I guess I’ll ask you, what are your plans next area year? ≫ Um, my plans are going to a 4 year university, I’m planning on applying to a lot of places, I don’t know where, but I know I’ll be going to hopefully a 4 year university ≫ I have no doubt you will I know this board would be very honored to write a letter of recommendation to all the schools ≫ Thank you ≫ Thank you for mentioning Veteran’s Day I know your father-in-law served for many years, as did my father , who served in World War II, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam So we are seeing that the freedoms we have are build on a few pillars but one is national security. Thank you for that Um, I also want to bring up, a concern that um, City Hall — I want to be sure our colleague over there, maybe not soon enough, will be aware Counsel woman Pasensia has decided to bring the matter of the — years ago, the city bought a pad as part of land, which , to put a pump station if there would be the funds to do this sewer The council The county and city were able to work that out Now, council woman Bestens ia along with director Torres are opposed to that for reasons that are theirs And concerns as to somehow this is the the camels nose under the tent Some of the individuals that live up there for annexation Nevertheless, we must be strong on this issue, as much as we can Because um, wad, Wood Crest is the last school in our district that is still on septic It’s a high water table up there and discussions with teachers and administrators I’ve had over the years, that field is more often than not, unuseful for our children, because it is unhealthy because any of our parents would know , who are parents, the pathogens are very unhealthy and we need to take a strong stance Where the city is putting the pump station, it would cost Wood Crest, us, about $50,000 to hook into that sewer system and get rid of get of the cost If it were negated, if it doesn’t kill the line all together, would be to put the pump station on wood crestWood Crest at about 3 million. And um, annual maintenance So, I hope we take a strong position on that, and I certainly intend to, but we need to do it as a board And I want to thank the student board members who gave their reports tonight. Excellent Lexi, I was very interested to hear how y’all are working with JW north hig High School with the historical black colleges. I believe Ms Hill, that seminar they put on every year, where young people can get almost instant scholarships and at the very least, you’re in, is coming What a wonderful relationship we have there And lastly, um, I’m going to miss my colleague and my dear friend Patricia, but she’s only a few blocks away We went from a college professor that loved us , we went to one of our teachers who certainly loved us And now we have a school board member that will be sitting in that particular seat, very important position in this city at this time, that understands better than anyone, respectfully , our challenges and we so look forward I know this district has a strong relationship with Mayor Thank you Mrs. Allavie ≫ Thank you very much. Mr. Lee

≫ I’ll keep it quick. I want to congratulate my colleges, Mr Hunt and Dr Faruk on their being reelected and getting another term Also want to um, congratulate Mr. Canir on his victory I look forward to him being on the board and serving I spoke with him this morning and he seems um, excited to be able to serve Even though he’s hesitant to declare victory But it looks like he will be joining us at our next meeting and I want to congratulate our colleague Patricia as Mayor elect It’s a tough loss for the board but she’s not going to be to be too far away and a great ally for us in City Hall Her passion is education and the environment, so I think those two things are going to be key to leading the city for the next 4 yearsI want to congratulate our colleague Patricia as Mayor elect. It’s a tough loss for the board but she’s not going to be too far away and a great ally for us in City Hall. Her passion is education and the environment, so I think those two things are going to be key to leading the city for the next 4 years. So, I know she’s just a phone call away. So congratulation And then last, Ms Arozco thank you for your service to this board I know your term is not technically over until the end of the year, so I’m glad you’ll still be here, but we won’t be able to see you at these meetings So, thank you for taking the lead and being the first one this year to serve in these interesting times You have done a wonderful job and I look forward to your con transcribe yeggs your con trine using contribution through the school year And please come back and share your plans ≫ Thank you very much ≫ I really have a lot to echo of my colleagues Um, especially, just the outline that um , presidentPresident Allavie you outlined I want to start by recognizing our student board member , Vanessa, for her outstanding service during this term It’s very challenging to be dedicated to education , while being the voice of 40 thousand classmates And I think it’s really interest ing about getting student voices I’m looking forward to following that success Also hoping that that’s something that is a legacy that could continue beyond all 3 of our student board members I know that there’s a number of recognitions happening of our employees in different capacities I just wanted to spotlight, as mentioned earlier, Kisa brownBrown, it’s extraordinary to be teacher of the year Not just a great testament to the dedication that she’s representing, but for all of our employees, teachers and classified employees over all of how much our district is shining, giving all the challengeing circumstances Veteran’s Day, as um, as President mentioned, it’s a tremendous and sobering reminder of the incredible sacrifice and service that all of our veterans have provided our country And um, we are grateful for that Regarding the elections, I want to congratulation — I’ll speak more about him when he , um, you know, joins us at the next meeting But I want to congratulate Tom Hunt on his reelection I know that his leadership is going to be particularly important during this critical time as we rotate into his presidency. So looking forward to working with both of them As well as Kathy and Brent for the benefit of our students I also want to echo that it’s a pleasure to recognize our departing colleague, Patricia for her service on is the school board, over the last 9 years And her election election as the Mayor elect You know, how we accent Rusty , she’s a teacher on special assignment to the Mayor’s office So, I hope that maybe we can frame it that way as a board member on special assignment for Patricia, during this time I think as mentioned before, lots of opportunities for

constructive collaboration between the city and school district as we serve the same Riverside community I wish you success in this new leadership capacity , Patricia, during these challenges circumstances and I’m happy to support your vision Since this is the last meeting until December, wishing everyone at home happy Thanksgiving and be safe with their families. Thank you ≫ Thank you very much I want to say a few words before I turn it over to Patricia Um, my sole comment for tonight , centers around thanking her for her years of servicement as every board member has left I’ve tried to take a moment and figure out what that person has taught me And then I try to assimilate the good qualifies for my position And I’ve learned to rely on data and question the means by which the data is derived And I have learned to rely on the science involved in making decisions Her scientific background has helped the board arrive to logical conclusions and I appreciated that through the years She is a true professional who stays calm in the face of hostility and exhibits wonderful communication skills whale not being afraid of cooperation I will miss her thoughtful analysis of the issues but I look forward to seeing her and working with her on city issues as she dedicates herself to our hometown. Congratulations Many, many thanks for all your efforts. We really appreciate it Now, if you have any comments, it’s now your turn ≫ Thank you. Thanks everybody, for those kind words I cannot believe I have been on the board 9 years Just seems like only yesterday I got elected And time flies when you are having fun, I guess, with the greatest board ever I too have learned, not just from my colleagues, but from, the people I work with, in the district, staff, our faculty, who have taught me way more than I think we have ever been able to impart knowledge on them And our families, and our students, I’m very grateful for, um, the patience you have shown over the past 9 years, as we have learned and figured things out together And um, also, the um, the support and encouragement I’ve gotten from so many of you in this last year of running for office So, I just — I just want to say thank you Really heart felt and sincere that it’s been a really just wonderful time on the board and, I’m looking forward and continuing some of the great work we started at the district. Because, Riverside is Riverside It’s just — it’s one city and while we divide into our different agencies and jurisdictions, we are all one community, you may swop indictment swop titles but we are all working for the betterment of the student So that’s what I want to do and I hope everybody will come along with me I’m looking forward to make new friends on the council and in the city. So, thank you again, and thank you Ms Roszco best of luck. And welcome Mr. Canir I will miss all of you. All of the staff, and faculty. I can’t name everybody. But very, very much. All right. Thanks ≫ Thank you. We certainly mean every word And now we have reached the point of public input Have there been any public comment requests submitted for items not already on the agenda for this meeting? ≫ Yes We have one comment from f from Tracy Shalay ≫ Good evening First I would like to thank you and the district for giving me the opportunity to address the board I currently teach at K1 combo in the in-person modal This is my 17th year of teaching, I have always loved working in RUSD I believe the district has taken care to have teachers but most importantly the students Myself along with my of my colleagues would like to urge you to apply for the waiver, so that we can go back to teaching in person as soon as possible I firmly believe distance learning is not to prepare our future generations

Our children are losing important instructional times, social skills, development and in many cases their spirit has been broken For example, many of my husband’s 4th grade students worry they have been forgotten my their administrators They ask if there will be a place for them They’re worried they don’t have a place in school anymore It’s my opinion the district has made it come FRBL comfortable for teachers to teach from home I’m going to assume some teachers want reasons for wanting to remain, but there are a large percentage that want to go back to teaching in person We believe real personal connection grows a desire for learning that cannot be replicated In many cases, it’s the most vulnerable students that suffer the most Students and families are suffering One example from my classroom, I have a student this year who I also had last year. He has missed 51 days of school. Last year he only missed 3 days Another example, I assigned a journal entry last week, they were asked to describe their likes and dislikes I like playing at recess, I miss my friends , I want to go back to the class ram to the classroom. I don’t like that I can’t play with my classmates I like to color and draw, I wish I could play with my friends and school What I enjoy most is learning, I don’t enjoy doing school school home. It’s I feel this told this toll from them every day It seems we have forgotten about our kids They are supposed to be why we choose this career Classroom interaction is a large part Teaching someone how to read through distance learning doesn’t work. He was right, it doesn’t work I’m asking for you to vote to apply for the waiver for students to go back to school There are teacher was were forced to transfer to the virtual modal who would love to be in the in person modal There are families that want their kids to return. Both should be okay For families who would rather continue distance learning, let them stay in the virtual modal. I know this is a difficult situation Let’s keep the children’s academic, emotional and social needs at the forefront of that decision, along with allowing parents to be the deciding factor as to where their children’s education is to be had. Thank you for your time It is truly appreciated ≫ Thank you ≫ Thank you ≫ That’s all the comments ≫ Oh, that’s it. Okay Then before we move to the group reports, we will open the cue to provide public comment for consent items I1 through I29. Do you want to provide instructions? ≫ Yes, if P you’re a member of the public who has joined the Zoom call to comment on items I1 through I29 you may now enter the cue until the item begins By using the raised hand function, if you are logged in using the computer. OrI29. Do you want to provide instructions? ≫ Yes, if P you’re a member of the public who has joined the Zoom call to comment on items I1 through I29 you may now enter the cue until the item begins By using the raised hand function, if you are logged in using the computer. Or star 9 if you’re using the phone to call in One against the the cue is open for I1 through I29 Thank you ≫ We, we will start with the district board report ≫ Gad afternoon ≫ Good afternoon. I hope you and your families are healthy COVID-19 continues to to ravage our country As president to more than 1993 members of Riverside teachers association, I feel the weight and responsibility of health and safety I share the same concern for the nearly 40 thousand RUSD students We recognize that distance learning is a chance for students and families. It is a challenge for educators also In a recent survey of RCTA members 73% said workload increased over the year The majority of the members wanted to remain in the in person headache person hybrid modal Yet a lot were transferred to vernal to virtual modal Teachers were given days notice to plan and prepare

Too much has been placed on educators and they are struggling Too much placed on students as well, and we see their struggles As we move fifer ward we ask move forward we ask that the voices be sought out We make it happen every day for our students and are the experts on what our students need I also want to take time to talk about what schools will look like when we return to an in person instruction I’ve heard that the parents asking for return to normal schooling Returning to in-person instruction during a pandemic cannot and will not be normal Playgrounds cannot be used, so recesses will be replaced by walks around campus Students must wear mask, other than when eating Students must stay at their desk and socially distance from classmates There can be no small group pulled to the back table for extra help or educational learning centers Read Reading corners have been removed Despite these changes and challenges, our our teachers want to return to in-person instruction We have negotiated the conditions for return and that MOU has been approved We are ready to go back and teach in person, when it is safe to do so While Riverside county is in the widespread tier , our our position is that we have surveyed our members and 74 percent appose the district for applying to a waiver while we are still in the wide spread tier I want to recognize the 26% who feel comfortable returning now I’m listening to those members as well, but we are a democratic organization and need to support what the viewpoint of the majority of our members believe We also want you to know that 70% of special education teachers appose to return for small cohorts of special education students While we are in the wide spread tier Our special Ed teachers in the medically — keeping their students safe Please listen to the educators These are challengeing times and difficult decisions made to be made We under you to make those decisions with health and safety of staff and students I want to take a minute and thank each veteran employed by RUSD and know that I appreciate your service to this country Also like to wish all a healthy happy and thankful Thanksgiving holiday ≫ You’re on mute ≫ Thank you very much We will listen to now Mr Michael Gull ≫ Thank you Members of the board, members of cabinets Thank you for your service in the recent months Thank you for the opportunity to share some of the recent activities and events of the Riverside association of school managers Since my last report in September — on Wednesday October 14. On the topic of remote leadership Educational consultant who is a former deputy deputy — focused on communication strategies that can agist in bringing positive result through more positive and collaborative culture The event was well attended And highlights were shared with all of our leaders On Monday, October 26, members of the RASM board attended the virtual award ceremony — region normal technology manager of the year. Former high school student Ramona who is now attending UCLA was honored as the award recipient Due to COVID-19, this award celebration was postponed on two occasions — both Following this, the region hosted a virtual professional development, who is the author of the book,

the rules of Lew presented for 60 minutes where participants were asked to assess for personal accountability and self-awareness As courageous fire, this years theme for our local region , for some real wide trades wide traits Highlights from this development will be share d in December Our executive members have been participating in various committees in the asisment, assessment In collaboration with other groups including unions , RCTA, a collective order has been heard And decisions have been made — I would like to commend all all the leaders in these efforts , around academics, equity, safety and motional support, have been pivotal in supporting families In the coming weeks, we will be gearing up towards work in the membership, to begin to identify our 2021 manager of the year, as well as our every student succeeding award award no, ma’am anies nominees We will also be getting our voting on manager of the year for electronic distribution. We had a great area of recognition, so many deserving people Lastly, as we approach the holiday season , the members know how difficult the months have been Working again with all the maintenance and operations, as well as our unions , we will be crab be collaborating — gift cards will be collected and distributed through the local chairties chairties And besides the holiday drive, we will be working with big brothers and big sisters , and the proceeds also going to support Riverside More information on these events will be forthcoming In closing, this is my last report for 2020 on behalf of our executive board, I we shall to extend a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy this holiday season And across 2020 — continued help Happiness, and the prospect for the challenges of COVID-19 Have a great rest of your evening ≫ Thank you very much And now we will have a report given by Ms Jessika shields Shields , from DAAPAC Jessika, we can’t hear you ≫ Good evening Thank you for the opportunity to report out on behalf of the district African American parent advisory council, known as DAAPAC For Wednesday November 12 meeting we are hosting our first virtual mini conference ever, the agenda includes special guest speakers from California Baptist University to discuss opportunities for youth offered by the national organization of minority minority architects and special guest speakers from Riverside City College to discuss opportunities for high school students to take advantage of coconcurrent enrollment and cost graduate programs So we will we will offer a number of workshops where parents and guardians will be able to select from a variety of topics that meet their and their students academic social and motional needs We also encourage students in grades 8 through 12 to participate in some of the workshops as well Now, in an effort to improve outlet to improve outcomes for black students , DAAPAC has done

the October and December meetings to looking at critical data to advise in what we believe will impact at risk groups We want to up haute to uphold our our mission — and to equipped and empower parents in the process Our vision statement says we believe that black children should receive the educational and extended opportunities that promote learning, growth and success We believe that schools should plow should provide these opportunities in a positive and nurturing environment where black children feel empowered and included As a parent group we are very concerned with the historical and current data trends and with the state of the African American subgroup, as a wholement So in addition, parents are very concerned about retention discussion, due to the fact that, our subgroup population is extremely vulnerable to these practicalities And time and tame again, research shows that retention is not best practice and has more of a negative impact on educational outcomes and social emotional outcomes as well So for these reasons, this year, we are devoted more time to being intentional, with our efforts, to affect change We look forward to sl to collaborating more with the district to ensure that efforts are strategic, evidence-based and in alignment with systemic strategies and methodologies that work best for improving educational outcomes, for black students We are very committed to this work Thank you so much for your time And thank you for your genuine concern for our community ≫ Thank you to Jessika shielShields for that nice report And now going back, have there been requests submitted for public comments for any of the consent agenda items? ≫ No there have not ≫ Okay. That’s great Um, before we vote on our consent calendar items we will open the cue to provide public comment for action item J1 Regarding CFD. 35 Will now now provide instructions ≫ If you have joined to comment on J1, adoption of resolutions, you may enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function, if you’re logged in using the computer. Or starwe will open the cue to provide public comment for action item J1 Regarding CFD. 35. Will now provide instructions ≫ If you have joined to comment on J1, adoption of resolutions, you may enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function, if you’re logged in using the computer. Or star 9 if you’re using your phone to call in Once again, the cue is only open for action item J1, adoption of resolution 202021-44 and 45 regarding the CFD35 ≫ Also a note, we are going to be taking a break before the action calendar So, let’s handle the consent agenda and then we will take a short break Um, would you like to make a motion regarding the consent agenda? ≫ Yes, I would I would like to make a mocks make a motion to approve all action items I1 through 28 with exception I29 which are related to personal matters ≫ Thank you very much. Do I have a second? Sect from Dr Farukk. Any discussion? Okay We will now take a roll roll call vote ≫ Ms Arozco? ≫ Yes ≫ Dr. Farukk ≫ Yes ≫ And I say yes So that does all of those consent items do pass And now I will ask for another board member to handle that last item Do I have a motion? ≫ Motion to Nuwave to move the last item ≫ Thank you And that’s motion by Dr. Faruko I will now do a roll cal roll call ≫ And I say yes So that does make the consent agenda has passed as it was Um, and now um, let’s see,

I’m going to — before we start action, I’m going to take a 5 minute break Let’s get back here at a quarter until 7:00 Thank you very much ≫ All right

I’m calling the meeting back to order Have there been requests for public comment on J 1 Regarding CFD37? ≫ No request for public comment ≫ Thank you very much If no comment, I’ll call our chief business officer to take us through this step ≫ Thank you. Members of the board This item is before you because we are proposing an amendment to the community facilities district agreement And we would like to propose amendments to that agreement With us tonight, Mr Adam from our financial advisor, and I would like to refer to him to take us through the presentation and then open it up for questions after that ≫ Um, I think maybe I need to, before we hear from Adam, I think I do need to ask that we open the cue. Am I wrong in that? ≫ Yes, that’s fine ≫ Okay Do we made to open a cue for J2? ≫ We can So if you are a member of the public who joined the Zoom call to comment on item J2 adopting resolution 202021-47 47 borrowing of funds for 2020/21 fiscal year, you may enter the accuse by enter the cue Is The cue would be open for item J2 only, resolution 2020-21-47 ≫ Thank you You can now call on Mr. Power ≫ Oh, okay. I can see it now Thank you So as we mentioned, we are are looking to amend that the disticket has formed hast week form last year A builder had a slightly different idea for what they wanted to build Also had additional improvements that cost more than expected If we could turn to the next slide So the original CFD was expected to fund school facilities, city facilities , almost all the school district CFD, the developer agreed to give the district an ex an excess To get closer to full mitigation This is a relatively small CFD but not too small We have 90 single family residential units 17 hundred and about 2 thousand 9 hundred square featment about 442 thousand to et. About 442 thousand to 510 thousand You can see the high school to the north there

and 37, that’s split by woodWood Road That’s the road that runs between the CFD Also Mark Twain elementaryElementary Next slide Um, you know, why are we looking at doing this? There’s higher cost And coastal commercial properties is a bit of a smaller unit So there’s several tax rates they are seeking to adjust and allow for a 2% annual increase in special taxes And that would help generate additional money and adjust to not to exceed amount We are maintaining the tax rate , next slide There’s a few steps What you’ll notice is that the terminology is different , but the steps are similar You go to a developer, and in the sequencing is like what it is for CFD Rather than go through those, we want to make sure that if you had questions you can be familiar with the terminology, it’s like approval of resolution over change, you have other similar resolutions as you go through Next slide Here are some of the changes that they are looking at You can see the column, before amendment, after amendment, and that tries to highlight the changes They are building less square footage and doing the effective tax rate of 1.9 To the far right, we show the facilities looking to font to fund You can see there’s there’s one thing, before any gets filled, Riverside bit Goth Riverside gets its full mitigation I wanted to highlight the dates You have a resolution of the change for consideration before you And then, not less than 30, but not more than 60. December 15th meeting That’s like your resolution formation that you’re familiar with And you have the last meeting that, for the ordinance to be considered, you have that January 19th So, the real one where you’re going to spend time is December 15th January 19th is pretty, um, not a lot to spend on that Those are the remaining step Available for any questions ≫ Thank you Do any board members have questions at this time? Then I would entertain a motion from someone regarding the changes made to CFD number 37 ≫ I would recommend approval of the changes as present ed for resolution 2020/21 resolution consideration and resolution number 2020/21-45 ≫ So auf So I have a second? ≫ I’ll second ≫ Okay. Thank you. Any further discussion? Oak I will I will do a roll call Ms. Arozca Mr. Hunt Mr. Lee Dr. Farooq ≫ Yes ≫ Ms. Dawson ≫ Yes ≫ And I say yes. So that does pass. Thank you for that. And we will move on to item J2 I will ask if there have been any comments for J2? ≫ No comments for J2 If you’re a member of the public who has joined to comment on action item J3 adopting residence Laotian resolution 2020/ 21 — you may now enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function if you are logged in using the computer, or start ≫ No comments for J2 If you’re a member of the public who has joined to comment on action item J3 adopting resolution 2020/21 — you may now enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function if you are logged in using the computer, or start 9 if you’re using your phone to call in The cue is only open for item J3, adoption of resolution to amend the the conflict of interest code Political Reform Act

≫ Now I’ll turn it back to talk about our borrowing of funds for the fiscal year 2021 ≫ Thank you And this item is before you, as a result of some of the decisions that were made at the state level as they were adopting the budget at the state level Part of their solutions for some of the budget issues that they faced as of the result of COVID, um, was deferring some of the revenue for school districts Um, as much as 5 months worth of revenue So that would result in a cash flow problem, throughout State of California With that we brought a solution to make sure we meet our obligations for those months and I would like to refer to Mr Bauer to take was through that process and how that was formed and what the solution looked like And leapt And let us know the timelines it takes to conduct this this borrowing ≫ The only reason we are here is because the state took an action to balance their budget and in order to do that is they deferred the revenue So didn’t work great for school districts What districts now need to do is look for a borrowing mechanism to bridge the gap The amount that the state has differed is such a large amount that there’s few school districts that can weather that You know, and wait for the extenses. They are still happening this year. To wait for next year is challenging So the method that a lot of of entities look for is a tax revenue anticipation note I’m going to call that TRAN Borrowing against future revenue Generally, TRANs are short They can be issued on a example exempt bases We have every indication that it will be 100% tax exempt TRARANs can be done on a stand alone bases like when you do GEO,sOs But off times we try to pool them with other districts What I mean is grouping them with other districts. That’s what we call pooling here What has happened in this case is in the summer the Riverside county office recognized this need and worked to have a county wide TRAN pool that it organization knights it organized And we have 20 districts that are interested in doing it Um, so that, hopefully that will result in significant savings over trying to do this on your own or other types of organizations A TRAN must be repaid from revenues in the year it’s borrowed So must be repaid with a deferrals So we line up the maturity date with the deferrals As those deferrals come in, we set money aside and that helps give investors comfort that there’s the revenue is being set aside Next slide We have mentioned the deferrals, we give some of the dollar amounts here February, November, March, October, Districts are used to dealing with June to July But all those others, last time we saw that was the great recession We estimate 1.2 billion for all the districts Anyway, focused on that cross fiscal year piece Next slide please So these require voter approval, but for a TRAN it just requires the board approval So that makes things easier, shorter timeline But also, it means you don’t have a new revenue source So you’re using a portion of your deferrals to pay this back So no um, no revenue stream created. Generally for working capital. Simple and inexpensive. Compared to other

types of financing Many consultants work to get their feys as low as possible and that’s the case here, through our es as low as possible and that’s the case here, through our process If we are able to earn interest, some of that can go to offset interest costs We will look to do as much of that as possible Shown how those calculations work. So that really puts limits on the amounts you can do But in this case, it worked out fine You have plenty Next slide Low cost of of issuing They allowed us to do an RFP and we were able to get an under writing in And also, the office isn’t charging a sponsor fee So many of the larger TRAN pools have a fee for being a lead entity on it The office is not doing that here And all the consultants worked to get the fees low. So feeling positive about that The office provided documentation to save district time and worked to continue to share information While each district is unique, there are similarities throughout the county. So we were looking at doing these in January And Riverside, looking at closing in February Most districts had shortfalls in March Any time you group or do a pool, there’s less flexibility So far, with Riverside county there are similar enough needs Next slide Generally, TRANS are done from from Jan to June. I mentioned the limitation with the state and feds There’s timelines there, and them low cost of borrow. Next slide Tried to highlight dates here Looking at, or having calls in beginning to middle of January Actually, I made to correct that, as of today, told us with all the Riverside districts we can do a questionnaire, instead of having them on the phone. So we will have that completed And then we can print the statement, price the TRANS and have funds available, first week or so in March ≫ Thank you. I do want to highlight the office of vindication for helping the district in a way that can save dollars. So that’s one And two, I do want to thank the board for making sure that our policy for the VEFSH requirement when we put in place, that is helping us not have to borrow until March Because we do have that level of funding that would be available for us to mitigate January and February shortfalls So with that in mind, I would like to open up for any questions from the board ≫ Thank you. Dr. Farooq ≫ Thank you. I just wanted to make two comments One, I think it’s very unfortunate that basically, like um, an accounting gimmick, to balance the budget, during a very difficult time for school districts, we are all even having to have to, you know, resort to these measures From a cash flow standpoint But I do — but my other comment, I want to commend our staff staff and um , — our COE , their treasure office had conversations on fanes on financing these mechanisms And the savings we are able to have through the county pool is extraordinary And again, it speaks to the efforts from Mr. Bauer and the whole team. I wanted to commend and recognize that. Thank you ≫ Thank you Are there any other questions or comments? Dr. Farooq would you

like to make a motion? ≫ Shofar Yes, I would like to make a motion to Yes, I would like to make a motion to approve ≫ I’ll second that with the equal thanks to thanks ≫ I’m going to do roll call Ms. Arozco ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Hunt ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Lee ≫ Yes ≫ Dr. Freak Dr. Farooq ≫ Yes ≫ Ms Dawson ≫ And I say yes, so that makes it unanimous And um, unfortunately, we are going to have to go ahead and fulfill that gap So, thank you for that Now we will ask if there have been comments for items J3? ≫ No commentses for item J3 ≫ All right Then I will call to talk about the adoption of the conflict of interest code, pursue independent to the , pursue independent to the reform act ant to the reform act I will ask to open comments for items J4 ≫ If you are a member of the public who joined the call to comment on action item J4, approval of the revised board policy number 1260 regarding the use of the districts name or logos, which is being presented for a second reading, you may now enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function if you’re logged in with the computer or star 9 if you’re using the phone to call it The cue is only open for action item J4 regarding the districts name or logo, second reading. Thank you ≫ Thank you and thanks for keeping me on track. I appreciate that All right ≫ Thank you I do want to let you know that I will be doing the next item too, on behalf of Dr. Dr Hanson So for the Don flicked the conflict of interest this is an item that we adhere to, which is a policy Recently, the county supervisors reached out for us to update this policy with new regulations that came down, regarding conflict of interest code So the code section is before you as far as the — relates to this policy And um, the county board of supervisors directed each district to review the conflict of interest code, file a biannual knows regarding the result, and amend the district code as necessary Next slide plays So we are in ease So we are in this, we are amending what is necessary Some are new positions in the code, revised titles of existing positions Deleted titles of positions and clarifying requirements for disclosing real property That’s the amendments to this policy. I’ll refer to you for any questions ≫ Thank you. Any board members have questions? ≫ I do Under part B, this is now state mandate that any beneficial ownership interest within two miles, not less than two miles? Or not more than two miles, is — that came from the state ? ≫ Yes, that’s a new amendment It’s for disclosure purposes It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, just that you have to disclose ≫ In interest of all the important items and I thank the staff for compiling this , um, I would move for approval of resolution 2020/21-48 adopting conflict of interest code, of 1974 ≫ Thank you Do I have a second? ≫ Second ≫ Thank you very much. Okay Um, any further comments? All right Ms. Arozco ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Hunt ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Lee ≫ Yes ≫ Dr. Farooq ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Dawson ≫ Yes ≫ And I say yes. So that does pass

Thank you so much And now I will ask if there have been any comments listed for item J4? ≫ No comments so we will open the cue for item J5 Approval of the revised board policy number 6145 which is being presented for a first reading You may now enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function if you’re logged in using the computer or star 9 if you are using your phone to call in Once again the cue is only open for action item J5 approval of the revised board policy regarding extracurricular and cocurricular activities. Thank you ≫ Thank you very much Did I understand you are doing this as well? ≫ Yes This item is before you also, to update that policy, and make it, more clear During any elections for elected officials, whether it’s board members or student board members that are, um — running for any office, even at the fiscal site It gives an opportunity for us to modify the roles they have with regards to the use of logos and the use of our school district So, if I can have the presentation please It’s outlining the changes we have proposed Purchase so this is our policy number, community relations The bullets that are changing are, should be a prior consent of superintendent of designee ,. For that school or the district A board member or employee may refer to his or her indictment when endorsing a candidate, for identification purposes only And students may use school logos for limited purpose of campaign activities related to the student officer elections So hopefully this will clarify the intend at board for this policy and I would like to open it up for questions or approval ≫ On the topic of J 4, I hope the board will indulge me and let me make my comments first. I do have a suggested change of language And I would like to board to consider this when considering this topic Um, I do not understand any one using our school or districts logo without permission, especially in an election The use of a logo on a mailer or flier signifies two things Endorsement, and/or permission When a member of the public receives such an item in the mail or what have you, they naturally assume that the person has had permission And see it as an implicit endorsement When with When running for office you would never use the teachers association logo unless you secured their endorsement Even if many teachers in the association supported you, it would not equate to endorsement and would not allow you to use their logo The same goes for our official symbols, our district symbols When it comes to elections, schools and district endorsements for individuals should not be possible and should not be be implied The district has to stay apart from the politics and they have to remain neutral And that brings me to the change that was made from the first reading to allow students to use the official logos in their elections. In my mind, this is not a good idea The use of official symbols still shows endorsements and permission And we are not talking about hand painting posters of bears and lions and putting them on the wall or the name like vote for sue We are talking about using the official symbol on some of the student generated material If they were allow Dodd today do this, it would suggest that they are the permission and support of administration or

support of teachers which they would not be able to And when it comes to elections, I say elections , be they city, school board of student government, I don’t think our symbols , our logos, those symbols we have chosen and designs, should be used I would like to talk about not allowing I would open it up to anyone else who has a comment ≫ Can you hear me? I think my mic went out ≫ I can hear you ≫ Okay. Thank you. I don’t disagree with you But there’s a bigger problem here that jumps out at me Bullet point 2, 556, a board member or employee — now a board member is an elected person. It’s a citizen that qualified and is elected. So that’s different But I I can’t think — much worse of using the logo of the district, but assistant superintendent Jeff Brown using the title to endorse a candidate is not in the best interest at all Jeff Brown may endorse any candidate But to use their title would be detrimental to our district. I don’t know how that got in there Or if I missed that the last 13 years. But I’m very much against that And equally, we need to be careful, and this district is very collaborative with the community We have oversight committees, we have all that If someone on one of offer one of our committees files papers to run for an elective office, we need to ask them to step down, because — and not use that Particularly if it’s someone, well recognized But if they were to use, yeah, I’m the president — you know, that’s not in our best interest When we start getting into these races, that is wrong A board member is an elected official, he or she has the ability to endorse or not and they can use the name But an employee of the district would be very detrimental I would like that relooked at or I offer to strike that as well ≫ Thank you S. Dr. Farooq ≫ So I I agree , I don’t think employees should be using their titles for identification purposes for political campaigns As trustee huntTrustee Hunt pointed out, that’s meant for a political identity standpoint I would agree with that Regarding the comment about the student officer elections , I’m find with your suggestion The only reason I was the one who encouraged that distinction, only in the sense that I didn’t want students to feel like from a school spirit standpoint, because that’s a big part of student you know , standee, student government and elections As long as they don’t get the impression that, the you know, whether they are drawing like a Poly bare a Poly bear, that that’s seen as a use of a logo You know, in an artistic sense That’s the stuff where I didn’t want like — we get the spirit of what you’re talking about But in future boards they might not know the intent and people might take an overtly strict interpretation of that As long as that whole expression of school spirit is not unintended consequence That’s my only issue If we want to be specific about the use of logos, obviously I have no issue Maybe it would be better to clarify by using the word official. I don’t know if that would help everybody ≫ And I think, if I may I believe this should be part of the districts, orientation for candidates

All 5 of under the circumstances 5 of us are going to know it Employees have every right to exercise their um — you know, their um constitutional rating constitution rights to endorse anyone, etc. But they should not be using their title And this would extend in amended motion for me, to members of the public who serve on appointed committee s of the district, whether that’s the superintendent add vase rah advisory, anything But they should not be using the district. The district is apolitical The only people that can make the mistake otherwise are with eh are we the elected and that’s questionable, sometimes So if there’s an agreement, I will help you write something out But, um, I’m very concerned that — I know that with respect to president of CTA, she’s not allowed to you to use that without the permission of the group, I would assume We don’t want any of offer employees with their title endorse ing propositions or ballot measures or candidates Or our kind volunteers to do that either If you recall the PTA nationally does not allow that. I think we need to make this stronger ≫ I think I can help you with the language Are there further comments, though ? ≫ I would make a motion to approve, with my changes ≫ Would you also be able to — ≫ Yes, ma’am ≫ You just want to maybe remove the word “official” or add the word? Is that the distinction? ≫ If I can summarize what I’m hearing, we remove employees, using the title So it’s just the board members that can actually use title as elected officials So that’s one We also need to add language to prevent committee — members of the public that serve on committees appointed by the board from using the titles on the committee without permission And we are not going to exempt students from doing so, they will just abide to the same thing, they would need permission So if you would like, we can approve with these amendments, if you agree with them Or we can bring it back for you with the amendments for a future meeting ≫ Let me clarify the student aspect of that We are saying that students can use depictions of logos but cannot use the official logos of their fiscals their schools. In an election ≫ Yes, student officer elections Not necessarily — ≫ Let’s put a footnote that we want each one of the principals to keep a portfolio, these are the official logos of north high schoolNorth High School, let’s just be sure that a young person doesn’t doesn’t inadvertently make that mistake ≫ I don’t see that happening because they would have to take that logo off of something, and um, replicate it, so if they say you cannot use an official logo, they should not be able to replicate that in any kind of election ≫ I bet you a milk shake in and out, that Henry Link tonight could cut and waste our logo and put it on something And that’s because I am mire I admire ≫ Is the board comfortable making those changes and going ahead with the item? Do I hear any objection? Then I will ask for a motion ≫ I made the motion with the changes referred to And Ms Kakish will be working on with you and also the official logo added to bullet point number 3 ≫ Thank you. Second? ≫ Second ≫ Thank you Any further discussion?

All right Then I will ask for the vote Ms. Arozco ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Hunt ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Lee ≫ Yes ≫ Dr. Farooq ≫ Yes ≫ Ms. Dawson ≫ Yes ≫ And I say yes. Thank you very much for that. I appreciate it And now at item J4 No, J5? Um, have there been any comments for J5 ≫ No comments So we will open up the queue for first report and discussion item. Which would be K1 If you’re a member of the public who has joined the Zoom call to comment on reports discussion item K1, an update on return to in-person plan for 2020/21 fiscal year, school year, you may enter the cue,. Star ≫ No comments. So we will open up the queue for first report and discussion item. Which would be K1. If you’re a member of the public who has joined the Zoom call to comment on reports discussion item K1, an update on return to in-person plan for 2020/21 school year, you may enter the cue. Star 9 if you are using your phone to call in The cue is only open for K1 an update on return to in-person Thank you ≫ Thank you And now we are going to be considering the revised board position. 6145 Extracurricular and cocurricular activities for first reading Dr. Lewis ≫ Thank you During this COVID time we have had a few opportunities to change or develop new policy, that would support our students during this unknown time So tonight I would like to give you an update for your consideration ≫ Hello. Good evening So, tonight we are presenting to the board for the first read, for board policy 6145 It’s the first read, however the board may choose to take action We are asking to adopt the amendment for the 2020/21 school year Authorizes the governing board to adopt a policy to exceed one semester in length, throughout the completion of #20 of 2020/21 school year due to impact of Corvette of COVID- 19 So the following is an example of how the pro base the probation would be applied So Andrew — if he receives less than a 2 0 but passes, Andrew can remain on the pro base the probation for the remainder of the year. This is 908 So I’m happy to answer questions that you may have regarding the meant ≫ Thank you. Are there any questions? ≫ If you could answer, when you go to Page 5 64 under number 2, minimum progress 64 under number 2, minimum progress What is the process. You know, I’m on the baseball team and this comes up ? I advocate to the coach? The AD? How does this work ? ≫ All of our athletes are monitored , at each period, that determines eligibility, each student is looked at to see if they have a 2 0 or better to determine if they are eligible If they do not, then they are looked at as if they qualify for a probationary period. Do they have less than a 2 0 and pass, but they must have passed 4 classes And if they do, they go into a probationary period You can’t have two back-to-back probations So they have until the end of the probationary period ≫ And these classes include electives I assume? ≫ Yes. It’s 2 0 and you have to pass 4 classes to — 4 of those classes You have to pass 4 of those to be on prox

probation ≫ And this is objective not subjective? They have to follow this correct? ≫ That is correct. It is not subjective ≫ All right Thank you ≫ Thank you. Any other comments? Then I will entertain a motion for approval ≫ So moved ≫ And a second ≫ Second ≫ Thank you. Any further discussion? Okay. I’ll be doing a roll call Ms. Arozco ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Hunt ≫ Yes ≫ Mr. Lee ≫ Yes ≫ Dr. Farooq ≫ Yes ≫ Ms Dawson ≫ Yes ≫ And I say yes. So, thank you everyone We are now moving on to reports and discussions I will ask have there been any um, public comments regarding item K1? ≫ Yes, we have 3 comments We will begin with Dorisment ≫ Thank you As you consider a request for waiver and return to in person instruction, I ask you to consider the stewpot the statistics The first 4 granted schools were private schools allowed to bring back preK through second second grade No more than 30 schools will be grant ed waivers with priorities going to low-income fiscals schools Maned not even then, according to two school board leaders They said raising cases make it unsafe for students to return A school district changed criteria after 6 students tested positive for coronavirus, the first week after re-opening One school in Fresno was fined $15,000 for violating a public health order by continuing in person instruction Riverside county has passed 70 thousand cases Cal California recorded new cases and ten death just last Sunday Over the past week our state has averaged 5351 new cases and 43 depth43 deaths per day Hospitalization has snowballed so quickly. In one week, cases rose 34.9% Warns that the US could reach one hundred thousand cases in a single day if the coronavirus is not driven down before winter Dr Gali indicated that the one consistent source is home gathering, Halloween and and upcoming holidays are a huge concern Reiterated this concern saying, this is now a surge in our cases , and if it continues it will be alarming going into our coldest months, seeing this increase Even San Francisco is asking for self isolation for 14 days after holiday get togethers In a Calabasas schools # 1/4 remain in distant learning Please make an educated decision and consider the risk, coronavirus is like a one bullet in a gun How many times are you going to rotate the barrel the barrel by taking unnecessary chances. Thank you ≫ Thank you Our next speaker is Ms. Lopez You have 3mens 3 minutes ≫ As the parent of a middle schooler and a mental health professional, I have seen firsthand how the school shut down and isolation of kids has contributed to decrease in mental and physical health The lack of motivation, over eating, weight gain, decrease in physical activity and too much screen time This pandemic has had dire consequences for our kids, especially those a at the secondary level, where basic developmental need is building and maintaining meaningful relationships with with peers Children are suffering, their motivation to attend class is fading, every day Continuing distance learning is doing the students is disservice both socially and academically

I keep hearing distance learning is a rig louse modal a rigorous modal. This has not been my experience School has become a battle and this not el may work for some but for the vast girts for the vast majority it does not Daily I hear teachers pleading with students to turn their cameras on. This dominates the beginning of every period One teacher attempt toes s to get the attention of multiple standees multiple students It worries me how little discussion there is about the learning loss or mental health concerns I haven’t heard the board address the rate of suicide attempts in our youth It is up 3 times higher than last year at this time The mental health admissions has every psychiatric facility full to capacitity This is unprecedented and rates of depression among children have skyrocketed This is a bigger problem than contracted COVID-19. Identify seen COVID-19 I’ve seen many kids COVID positive COVID is found incidentally, to the reason they are there It mains me that the leader news the district, politicians and media are not discussing what is unfolding with our youth Kids are struggling, they are withdrawing and lonely I will continue to ask the board to prepare a plea that ensures a prompt return to school Moving back to the purple tier and raising COVID numbers will continue to delay the return, but please, the kids need to be in the classroom Thank you ≫ Thank you Our next speaker is Christina And I’m sorry, your name? Zienbuets ≫ Thank you I would like to echo the statements to have previous caller I am disappointed in the board and the level of discussion that has gone on, around our kids, the gap in the distance learning, at the last board meeting, it was talked about testing and holding students back So as a parent, that mains me, and the fact that, um , they are not getting the education and your solution is to hold them back Our kids are competing against students, not only in our district, but in the nation, when they are ready to go to college, we talked about the young lady that is on the board, trying to go for a 4-year, um, college admission And you know, other states, other um, districts, other, um private school institutions have been in school and the longer that we are not in school, the bigger disservice we are doing to our children I would also like the address what the breves the previous caller said, where the teachers are fighting with the students to put on video I have a third grader and I try to do the same thing and it’s heart breaking, because they sit FLONTS sit in in front of a screen and maybe says 2 words. She doesn’t have motivation to turn on the screen So the damage that is being done not only for the educational gap , but also, from the mental health is just, um, devastating And I wish that the board would, um, you know , — the teachers and the staff have had choices If they don’t feel comfortable, they have the choice to, um, you know, taking the virtual path We want choices and we want to be the ones that decide the educational path for our children We request that you um, apply for the waivers and then we get our children in school, as soon as possible Um, you know, in the last meeting they talked about Norco it’s the largest district in the county and they applied for the waiver

We talk about how we are leading and innovating And yet, here we are I implore the board to apply for the waivers and get our children back in fiscal for those in school for those parents that want it ≫ That concludes the public speakers that had indicated prior to the aisle to the item beginning We will open the cue for item K2 Sorry. Item K2 A report on the financial stability plan. You may now enter the cue. Let me start over If you are a member of the public that joined to comment on reports or discussion items K2, on the financial stability plan, you may now enter the cue, by using the raised hand function. Or startenter the cue. Let me start over If you are a member of the public that joined to comment on reports or discussion items K2, on the financial stability plan, you may now enter the cue, by using the raised hand function Or start 9 if you’re using your phone to call in Once again, the cue is open K2, report on the financial stability plan. Thank you ≫ Thank you And now we will return to the in-person plan for the 20/21 fiscal year. Dr Lewis? ≫ Yes, so tonight we are going to share this presentation between Mr. Walker and myself We will focus on both the current state data released this weak and later on student supports and community supports So I would like to start with Mr. Walker ≫ Thank you And good evening I hope today find you in good health and spirits This evening I have on the screen, the the governors guidelines With um, the numbers currently for the Riverside county as you can sea, it’s in the purple, widespread , this is our 4th week in a row of being in widespread. Our current number of 13 1 represents new COVID-19 cases And 13 9 is adjusted that provides us with the number for tier representation 6.7 is positive rate and 8 5 is health equity matrix. Or metric Next slide It indicates where we are If you look at the widespread, you see that we have to have, um, greater than, less than 7 in regard todayly new cases and we are at a rate of 13.9 So we want to obviously get to a better position in regard to this And going up from last weak In regard to the positivity raid, 6 rate, 6.7 So we would have to adjusted rate down to um , less than the 7. That’s where we are Rewith just a little bit more up on the positivity rate. More up on adjusted case rate We are moving away from that number we need to get to at the moment I’ll turn it back over to Dr LewisLewis You’re muted ≫ I am We are going to continue the presentation and talk about academic supports For some students it continues to be a challenge and struggle , and they need a place to push Our teachers have done an outstanding job. We have resources So, the few that we give explanation is PAPER , which is the tutoring company we brought Hearts and pram and prime time Wells Amecicorps That has given one-on-one and small group support, both academic and SOERNL As well as dual language eh

medication tutors Especially K2 students learning in a new environment , Englishened Spanish and Spanish Hand Mudd college, that is a free service So trying to provide different resources On the next slide we break into in-depth information So, we have approximately 11 hundred stuns11 hundred students enrolled. It’s almost at 14 thousand students What we realize, thankful the our staff and stuns taking advantage of the service We have 200 tutors, 26 26 sites working with in person and virtual students And Spanish-speaking tutors available for students that would would like that assistance This will continue and we look forward to those members A quick story Just before Halloween, we got together and they had um, a contest, they called it a Book best And they had students come together and there was one particular standee who did not engage with cameras Did not engage with other peers So, the staff noticed that and got her to come on camera Their Their her story That success, now has kept heifer coming back daily So this is one example of how those supports will build those relationships and help students navigate this difficult time So, thank you We have 6 — focused in grades K through 2 And this is at Poli tool We have 4 lead teachers and what is happening is they are working through one-on-one one-on-one tutoring teachers So again, thankful for that work and support Americorps is another important program Part of the university east side community collaborative Where we have K through 6 that are attending school that are not involved with with the hearts program And those are working with 70 tutors They work with a little over 7 hundred students and providing the one-to-one small group support based on student needs They are building those relationships And the last is the paper contract. Just to bring you an update and a reminder Grades 5 through 12 They can log on, engage with a paper tutor and receive whatever content they can upload pictures, upload assignments, essays And then they have trained staff that that are providing report We have 13 hundred students part us patesing in about two weeks icipating in about two weeks time So, the next slide just lays out, if anybody would like to refer this to a later tame time , we have contact names, phone number, we have Internet resartian resources where the community can get all types of support If you’re not sure who to reach out to , feel free to reach out to me The next slide, from a community support, we are proud of our partnership with the city of Riverside We have 275 students that are now at our 4 learning centers All of them are now open The last one opened as of yesterday Joe Nieto and his team have done a great job working with the city. We are up and running If you can recall, we are providing that support to students that are relatively in need or in a situation in made So, we have first priority, where students experiencing homelessness, that can be

reached out by child and welfare employees, attendance program or elementary principals. They refer those programs When seats are available, we provide that opportunity Knowing there’s a greater need, we are exploring to open 4 more centers In 2 to 4 weeks to continues providing that service to continue providing those services That concludes our presentation ≫ Thank you I’m going to open it up to to the board now ≫ I’ll say something I want to insure the second and third caller, and thank to the first caller, that it would be disingeneral would you say to say that this board is not concerned about the mental health uous to say that this board is not concerned about the mental health We are algorithms and we know our teachers and staff are all having problems The University of Connecticut just issued a study that said a second wave , which many think are coming, will, in June , 45% of Americans were depressed over what was happening It’s going to be worse and greater But to say that we are not concerned about mental health, , district would be misinformed And the third caller, should be informed I would like to know — I don’t just wants anecdotal My church is harvest Christian, they have an elementary school My understanding from the parents, they are doing virtual I know that, um — I believe wood crest Wood Crest Christian high school is doing the same And I want to answer this from Mr Hill, this is a tough and important time for us not to realized we are in a global pandemic Who exactly has, as the third caller said, are our children falling behind? Because I think across the nation, we are all running in 6 feet of mud. So who are they falling behind? And it is terrible what is going on, but since Socrates taught Plato, it’s a teacher in front of the room with people learning. Until February, it was the same thing Like a giant glass wall that has been shattered and all we have to offer is the best we have to offer So thinking we are going to go back to normal campuses is a misnomer and that’s why I was speaking to you, we have to be more Frank to explain to our community, our parents, guardians, students frank to explain to our community, our parents, guardians, students, what is going on But to say that we are not concerned about the mental health is disengeneral would you say disingenuous If — it is very doubtful that things are going to get better A lot of us need to get tested We have to place offense. Get tested. Now there’s a free one Get negative, help bring down the average. But right now, we are over the top I talked to county supervisor about the idea of, um, such a huge county, why is let’s say Riverside, itself , is not as bad It would be in red by itself, but it’s the others that raise it Well, they can’t fraction the county apart But southern California board or association of supervisors, are petitions to have contact rah men toe Sacramento looked at different And it’s bad on the kids. It’s tough Because one of my colleagues, Brent Lee is involved, we get to hear it from firsthand But it is not as bad bad as returning young people to a campus that isn’t purple ≫ Thank you Mr. Hunt

≫ Thank you. So this is a very complicated issue Every fiscal Every school district and the country is dealing with this Everybody is doing different things Some districts have decided to open only to have to close again Because of large outbreaks. Some of our private schools have opened and managed to stay open safely. Suffer Riverside Unified is trying to balance the needs of students Some of our teachers, want to come back and there are others who don’t Because of having trouble with at risk categories So to say that we haven’t against this given this thought — we have done nothing but talk about this since last March And we have tried many of the things that many districts across the country have tried And, the fact of the matter is, our country is losing this battle against coronavirus It’s just, that’s what is going on My understanding of obtaining the waiver, which is probably the only way we can open at this point, the only way we can open, and I will just say this, that , not only are the county supervisors, but the the Mayors of many cities. We are in the purple. We cannot open schools while we are in the purple. We can request a waiver for that. That’s what the governor’s response has been A waiver requires not only buy off and a letter of consent from our teachers union, but also, letters of consent from parent groups It’s not just PTA Many of the other groups we have If we — and this is the question for staff Do we have the buy off from all those groups? And I’ll let you call on somebody And if not, are there remedies to get that buy off? And then, thirdly , is there a way we can survey the parents who have chosen the back to school option and determine whether that could help us get a waiver And I’ll stop talking and listen to the answer Thank you ≫ Like Ms Dawson said, the only way to come back would be to have a waiver granted and that would only apply through grades K6 Not that we would — and then we could choose among the grades, if we wanted to Um, at the moment, all the paperwork, which is considerable, has been come plate been completed Screening, testing, many, many things. So all of that has been prepared However, the collaborations that are required for the waiver are not guilty are not complete The need to collaboration with our bargaining unit, parent groups and with the board One — are there remedies? There are none that I know of at the moment We do have a near by district that, um applied, um , with their MOU But that still would not address the the clash the collaboration One way would be to have a survey, among parents, in order to continue the collaboration with parent groups

That would give them more concrete information Y’all hear later on, we did a survey, of a different type, that had a high response rate, which was still only at 33% So there’s a lot of complicated matters to be considered A survey, I can ask about other remedies for submitting the waiver, but there’s none that I know of, at this time ≫ Thank you You know ≫ I don’t think there’s been a board meeting where we haven’t we haven’t spoken to the issue I’ve been really upset about it, and it’s been — to think that we don’t know anything about it or care about it, is difficult to hear, because we all care deeply and we are trying to get to some solution And in many ways our districts hands are tied and we are trying to get them untied in creative and resourceful ways and we keep running into brick walls But I’m looking forward to hearing more about some of the other things ≫ Other time I turn on the television I hear with the latest COVID numbers are and my heart sinks Because I know that’s putting us steps behind getting kids in the class where they need to be And we all recognize that kids need to be in the classroom It’s not working with on line learning I have been visiting online classes for the last months, and popping in and watching and trying to evaluate these things Teachers are working hard That’s not the problem It’s not um — it does not allow the kind of interaction, the candid of engagement and learning that the kids need We are very involved in this and we want to make the changes that are necessary I’m going to call on people with their hands raised. Dr. Freak Dr. Farooq ≫ Thank you And I want to echo the sentiments about the frustrations I think one thing, again, regarding the mental health All of us prioritize If that could be a standing part of these updates that we get Again, for the sake of public information, if staff could just give a quick overview of the existing mental health resources and everything that is out there and what is being planned I know some of the things that were eluted to have mental health components, like the neighborhood learning centers, there are , they are addressing the issues with the interaction and support systems I just wanted to start with that before I get into the other comments I was asking for staff to respond ≫ Yes, we can include a mental health update in each presentation We went back-and-forth but didn’t want to be repetitive But knowing that you want to hear it, we can do it We do have, I think Mr. Hunt alluded to it We have go guardian that let’s us know if students are, um , searching for things, self harm and that tape of thing But more importantly, we have student assistance counselor , they are doing sessions every day , that support is extended to students and parents Also, within our school schedule, we have a social motional check in time , and have been visiting class rams class classrooms They are supported by our social emotional playbook that our staff has, um — aggregated resources for teachers to be able to use So it is of importance Not just for students, but for families and staff

Because you know, this is — this is a difficult time But we will be sure to put it as a regular item ≫ Yeah, even if it’s an overview of the existing things , just as a slate as a slide Also, I think I know what the district, um, in its intention has tried to be as communicative as possible with the sessions that Dr Hanson has been doing But I think part of the challenge that parents are struggling with, is that as developments occur, um, with another school district or weekly numbers , and just ramped speculation and rumors even, the situation needs to be constantly reiterated , I think Even regarding about what the waiver situation is even if it seams it seems repetitive, I think that, like, again, literally, on a week to week bases , people sometimes need to know that that target is not just a moving situation. So, I would want to put that out there I also want to make a broader comment too Right now, is a very critical time in terms of the pandemic We saw the numbers that were in the purple, which is the most severe outbreak But if you look at that number, you know, 7 is like I think the thresh the thresh hold. And we are at 13 The out look and the trends for holidays ahead is more troubling than even where we are now I think what gets lost, and this is one, you know , everybody, teachers, the PARNS the parents, we want students to have access to high quality education And students, from almost — that means being in person. The key is safety And people having confidence in safety measures happening Nothing is inevidenceable We can have agency table We can have agency Being tested, because that reduces the risk factors and the metrics I think we should be taking every opportunity, when we messaging to the community, to emphasize these things, there’s some role that the community itself can play in fostering a safe environment, which inherently will take care of all other issues, whether it’s employee concerns of risk exposure. The whole situation The safe is the most sustainable aspect. We all have a role to play in that. Thank you ≫ Thank you, Dr Farooq ≫ It’s always hard to follow Dr Farooq, because he’s so articulate. I do think it’s important And part of it is, if I may ask I believe that corona corona Nolcost granting submission had less to do with purple and pupil and more to do with perception and election time But they too, they would have to have the support, back up They have an MOU Both of them go back in the phase under red Is that correct? When they submitted waiver, did they have to have their bargaining units submit letters and support support? Or are we different? ≫ Yes, they had to submit letters as well ≫ My reading of a letter from their teachers bargaining unit, what are they saying other that happen

a nice headline ? Will they return to campus soon? ≫ I’m not sure. I don’t know if maybe Mr Ibarra does know They have chosen a later date ≫ At this point in time, it was reported that Mr — the current new superintendent, will work with the board as to the date of return. But it’s not determined yet ≫ All right. And um — all right And we have — okay I think it’s important for, you know, we are all one big county and there’s 22 or 23 districts And they are the first, I believe, to submit and have a waiver granted? As far as the public schools? ≫ They are the first public school in our area, yes ≫ Yes, ma’am So, I would lake to understand what their plan is, because um, I don’t blame them When I saw the headline I thought, holy God, how is this moving forward ? I think it would be important for us to understand that and even as Dr Farooq alludes, fact checking We made to continue to do that with the public that we serve , so there isn’t misunderstand ings. Which as Dr Farooq points out , it was se it causes perception that is are not correct Causes input that needs to be listened to But I would appreciate this board and then perhaps our community, understanding what coronaCorona Norco is doing They are a fine district. Very good board But I would like to understand, um, their thought process on this I was going to say, Caroline Wilson called me the other day and I said, there’s no reason anymore that we shouldn’t be collaborating Separated by tailer avenue It’s a time for us to work together and um, our new county office of education. But to have facts out there Instead of brief headlines Thank you ≫ Mr Lee ≫ Thank you And I mean, I know how frustrating this is for everybody And I’ve talked about this the last several board meetings I sea how hard our teachers are working As um, president mentioned during the comments Teachers are not only working hard but harder than they have before Both in time and effort and in every sense of the word Parents are frustrated, obviously Trying to get their kids to stay engaged, trying to stay on top of schedules Tray to make sure INTERNTS is working Management, administration is frustrated Trying to figure out what other districts are doingbefore. Both in time and effort and in every sense of the word. Parents are frustrated, obviously. Trying to get their kids to stay engaged, trying to stay on top of schedules. Tray to make sure INTERNTS is working Management, administration is frustrated. Trying to figure out what other districts are doing Trying to answer phone calls from bargain bargaining units It’s it’s just all frustrating You hearnternet is working Management, administration is frustrated. Trying to figure out what other districts are doing. Trying to answer phone calls from bargaining units It’s it’s just all frustrating You hear it from the dozens of e-mails we receive over the last couple of weeks or months I just want to say that Riverside yawn if Ied is an innovative district Unified is an innovative district I think prayer to us think think prior to moving to purple, we had a plan That in the right environment, we will keep the students as safe as possible while they are with us So I think I really — I really like Ms Dawson’s comments regarding getting feedback from parents Because we hear it from those that are enDWAJ engaged But there’s parents that don’t don’t know how to

get in contact or don’t know the right avenues are cannot, for whatever reason So trying to put another survey out there to our in person parents. Maybe our in-person teachers. And just find out, where they are And what their comfortable with We are going to be in this for a while Our numbers have gotten worse at every single meeting So, I would lake to find out what our parents think And see what their comfortable doing And based on that, then talk about whether or not next steps and using that waiver, if we are able to get it And engaging with parent groups That was be my my first comment I’m hopeful that with the the first trimester over, we have an idea of the learning loss that our students have I think this is a big concern for everybody on this call and everybody that is listening How — we know we are doing our best with online learning, but how far are we falling short? And what are we going to do to make it up? I know that was an item I requested for future agenda But I wanted to make that reminder That’s important information to know, where we are on our learning and what are we going to do to make up that gap. So, I appreciate again, everybody’s efforts I know how hard everybody is working as a parent I’m just I’m frustrated too Sometimes they have days where they don’t want to be on screen And it just breaks my heart to see that. So you know With that, just thanks again, everybody, for listening Hope we can get that sir that survey out 33%, I think you can get a good, depending on who are participating, you get a good idea of the overall temperature of the district If we can find more innovative ways to engage parents so we get more than 33% participation, um , maybe not just e-mail With 3 kids, I know every one of the kids teachers and principal and district is doing their best to keep us engaged. But it’s a lot of information So it’s easy for information to get buried So any other ways that we have Thank you ≫ Ms. Arozco ≫ I had a quick question and I’m going to apologize if this question was already answered But this is just from the students perspective If a waiver is ever considered, what is , I know it’s probably hard to estimate, but what is the timeline ? So like let’s say if we areview approve right now, and all the paper gets papers get approve, when should students consider going back? So what’s the timeline ≫ Thank you Right now, um, it is impossible to tell, because it depends on how many other applications there are And how large those applications are So some have been approved but you know, a single school with a few hundred students. Vs us with tens of thousands of students So I think right now, they have been running about a month behind And here, we committed to our families that they would have two weeks notice So on a guess, I don’t want to say that’s for sure But on a guess, 6 weeks time ≫ Okay Thank you ≫ Thank you I think everyone is expressing what we all feel, which is frustration at the situation Are there any further comments anyone would like to make ? Okay Thank you to callers for calling in. PRIESH. I appreciate that Good information

We will be trying our best to get back to you with more information And now we will move on to our financial stability plan Any public comments made for item K2? ≫ Yes, we have one comment. Mr Artiaga. You have 3 minutes You may unmute ≫ Yeah Um, just lake um, my students, trying to listen to this board meet ing through the television the telephone is just ridiculous But my reason for calling is, what point can I just take my kids out of this whole circus, um? What are the laws against parents who feel like the safe of my child child’s future, all of the stuff that this is causing them , how do I take them out ? All of this stuff is just not adding up and it’s affecting my children, that’s where I have to draw the line ≫ Does that conclude your comments? ≫ Also, I don’t think that a lot of parents or teachers are taking into the fact that, we have been forcing our children into this global reset that is taking place right now Under the guides of the COVID-19 pandemic We should be looking into these AI algorithms, how we are possibly selling our children’s future into a big tech corporation who is you know, been abscess been accused of skewing results ≫ Thank you ≫ Thank you ≫ That concluded the comments I’ll open the next cue for us ≫ Thank you The cue is now open If you’re a member of the public that joined to comment on item K3, update on distance learning community surveys you may enter the cue until the item begins by using the raise hand function, if you are logged in using the computer, or star 9 if you’re using your phone to call in Once again the cue is open for K3, update on distance learning community surveys ≫ Now a committee that’s been involved in coming up with guide lands guidelines ≫ Thank you And, we are here before you, based on a request to keep you updated with regards to the process of the financial stability plan that we had engaged in, ever since the revise budget came out back in may that affected our budget at our school district And at that time, if you remember, the state has threatened a 10% reduction to our revenue With that we needed to start planning So benefit So we have convened a committee as adjustments to our budget The committee is not not new It’s a repeat process To actually, continue to keep our district and fiscal — in a great fiscal status and continue to provide budgets to the county and state as positive budgets So, I would like to let you know about that process and the committee members that served on it With that, I have invited members from that DME that committee. So they are with us in this meeting

Mrs. Garzia She’s And we have with us, also, Ms Laura, president for Riverside teachersTeachers Association for our district And Michael Gal l and we have a principal representative , and so with them, I would be able the share this presentation And we um, are ready to go to the next slide please The process started back in June 23 Ever since then we have conducted 5 meetings ≫ The process being used is the interest based problem solving With that process, it has multiple steps We start with the step about the story and problem we have to solve Then we go into developing interests and then start developing options After we do um, get the a point where we have exhausted all options, we start evaluating options And start to get consensus to commit to some of those options to bring back recommendations That committee is only to help the board make the best decisions possible for our board So next slide And thank you Michael for joining our team ≫ Thank you. And good evening As a school district We lack looked at 3 year — as those projections are compiled we look at a variety of elements , student enrollments, revenues, expenditures and the impact of cost of living adjustments We are experiencing a decline in enrollment We have deferred, and of course begin the annual impact of COLA Accounting for all elements, is compiled, our committee has been working to identify our district needs by bringing together members of various groups, our short term and long-term goals , identifying positions to examine as remedies Lime looking at the financial assumptions So you’ll be hearing on these topics in the next few minutes I’ll turn it back as she’s going to share with you some FIERNL some financial assumption data ≫ And so we thought as part of the story step, um, we would update the board, also, in what we shared with regards to how the financial picture has changed since the last time you saw the budget Back in August, we brought to you what we called the 45 day budget update Because the revenue changed drastically So in the top part of this slide, is the assumptions that we use at the 45 day budget Since then, what we describe as now, is the new assumptions So, if you were to look at 20, 25 20, 21 school year It went down to 39547 Luckily for us, other things changed positively Which is one of those — the unduplicated count, that’s the number of students that fall into 3 different criteria, which is the low socioeconomic standees socioeconomic students and English language learner students Those combined together without county county countying each one, provide the district with additional supplemental concentration grant funding So that percentage increased since the last time you saw it Students again rate funding for schools and district. They were ableing each one, provide the district with additional supplemental concentration grant funding

So that percentage increased since the last time you saw it Students again rate funding for schools and district They were able to help us provide — to 69 prongs in % but now it’s at the 70% So that creates millions of dollars to offset decline that we are experiencing from decomplain in enrollment The other line in enrollment The other factor is ADA that we have received So, the state is going to be sending us the dollar amount targeted for that funding It’s 700-0000 to our district million dollars to our district So the next slide gets associated I see a question from Dr Farooq ≫ I wanted to make sure that the 7 million is a one time payment from the state. Right? ≫ Yes There is a possibility that it could go for no years So our business director is reaching out to the state But that would be the maximum ≫ But it’s not on going ≫ It’s not on going Only if the students were to enroll permanently to our district I do want to say that the picture changed drastically We have the highlighted in yellow, columns, that’s the multiyear projections that we are required to adopt when we update the budget in December, for the first INTRMENT report And I’m happy to report that we are meeting the 4% requirement by our board policy If you look at 2022, you see at the bottom, interim report. And I’m happy to report that we are meeting the 4% requirement by our board policy. If you look at 2022, you see at the bottom, 23.3 million We only would need — we are solid We have a fiscal, um, health for our district But this district has been good about planning for the future and making sure we address changes If we saw things 3 years in advance, we end us reduceing less services than if we wait for the last minute So that’s the main reason why we are starting this process I hadded the 23, 24 in order for you to see if we don’t do anything, we could be a position where we had a negative funded a negative fund balance of $6.6 million Now again, all of these are assumptions added the 23, 24 in order for you to see if we don’t do anything, we could be a position where we had a negative fund balance of $6.6 million. Now again, all of these are assumptions At this point, with what we know now , this is the picture So we have, 3 years of planning This is the area 202 # 2021 is the year that we make recommendations and we make decisions that will that will impact the future years With that I would like to go to Mr. Garza to go to Mr Garcia about the stakeholders group and the interest we have compiled. So Mrs Garcia and the next slide Thank you I’m not hearing Sandy I know I saw her, but maybe it dropped off ? I can jump in and do the slides In this slide we are letting you know who are the committee members, that served on that process There was cabinet members, there was district, um , management, that means, you know the director, any key director that would impact the process

Or a representative from that department There was site principals at the el map at the elementary, middle school and high school Representatives from our teachers association, and our CSCA There was also stakeholders not at the committee, but we needed to take interest in consideration That is our board of trustees, the rest of the staff, parents, students and community So the next slide talks about the interest that we actually decided on And taking in consideration everybody’s interest, this is the summary We will be taking into consideration our classroom services and direct instruction, staying away from recommendation that is could negative tiffly impact negatively impact that We will also ensure equity and inclusive environment as we make those decisions That we take such pride? We will also consider all of the safety for student and staff We will try to protect all the jobs or mitigate anything that could Ifect those positions and we will do our best to preserve class ices class sizes affect those positions and we will do our best to preserve class sizes ≫ I appreciate it Options is the next step in the process. There are no bad options Some of the options require negotiations between the district and our union countier counter parts We are a collaborative relationship with the district to seek out the best options for all In the process of evaluating our esteemed principal will take us through that ≫ Thank you. Good evening When we identified our options, we then went on to gather data to help us objectively evaluate each of the options that were identified In some cases, there will be surveys that are necessary to gather more input Once we get feedback from all of offer all of our stakeholders we will come back together and review the data Further refine our options and come to consensus This way, we will be prepare second-degree to present a list of option that is have been evaluated to the board, for their consideration Now back to you ≫ Thank you Next slide The time we have prepared for this update to come to you for a public meeting, we actually, um, we are at a position where we were thinking we would come up with all the decisions and we would agree and provide for you today We are hearing there’s a drastic change at the January budget proposal by State of California We believe that change could make an impact There could be additional revenue as we don’t need to do severe cuts We could be at a position where we are having to do additional options And so with that in mind, we would like to get direction from the board to allow us to continue the process, and — after we hear from the January budget and analyze how that would impact us district budget and the gaffe the gap and the budget process for the next 3 years So with that I would like to hear from the board ≫ Thank you very much Um, does the board have any input. Dr. Farooq ≫ I just want to commend our staff and the leadership of

offer to work through this interest based negotiations, as we go through this difficult time I wanted to make a kidnapal to make a couple of comments It’s imperative that — we know from a tax point veh, from what is happening with budget shortfalls, which it’s a primary source of funding the combination of the stimulus, whether that ever happens, negotiations at the federal level which could include state funding, which could help address the shortfall which would end up impacting us I think it’s very important that the government affairs committee, that trustee Lee and I serve on, convene at the appropriate time I don’t know if this needs ton needs to be in January But I hope that we can provide important leadership during this time, to interface with both of those counterparts at the state and federal level, to ensure that our school district has the support it needs I also want to point out that very prudent actions that the board took before the crisis Have put Nuss a position where we have us in a position where we have — as other — many distracts districts are going to have to do drastic measures to be able to balance their budget ≫ Thank you. You’re absolutely right And you were instrumental in increasing that reserve I really applaud your foresight in that I think that, um, can I just ask for a show of hands, is um, everybody okay, with continuing on the financial stability committee? Oh, I see that Mr. Hunt wants to speak? I’m sorry ≫ No Madam ≫ I was going to ask, is everyone comfortable with continuing the committee until through January? Do I — get a sense — okay So you have your marching orders there ≫ Thank you Thank you for trusting the process and I assure you it’s collaborative and continues to concentrate on keeping the relationship within all of our employee units and keeping our students interest as number one priority ≫ Thank you. Now we are going to, um, unless Mr. Hunt, you have something to add now? ≫ Thank you. And I talked to Dr Lewis about this and the caller and I’m going to pronounce the name wrong. Mr Aguilera? ≫ I think it’s Ariaga ≫ This gentleman called in a few meetings ago and made an interesting comment, he was talking that grocery workers are considered essential, why aren’t teachers But it struck me, his call, and it touched me too, that, you know, we are around and we have learn ed and the understanding of the structure that is California education And he deserves an answer And I’m glad that Dr. Lewis called it You do have to have your child in school. You can’t just take them out And you know, what are his choices? I can just feel feel him at home very so frustrated We made to help our parents understand this process And I said that before, so — thank you But, it’s some of the basics, even That’s a genuine breaking heart question he had of, my children are being hurt , I want to get them away from this, what can I do? And we need to help him understand that, and under California law, it’s limited But I think communication — he just proved our point about more communication and I want him to know, if he’s still listening that we do care and Dr

LFSHGS Dr LFSHGS ewis is going to give him a call ewis is going to give him a call ≫ Item K3 Have there been comments that have been put for item K3 ≫ Yes, we have one comment Sandy You may unmute and you have 3 minutes ≫ Okay. Thank you I understand that this is regarding the parents survey and I thought you should hear how some of our parents are feeling about distance learning I want to touch on, um, Tom hunt Hunt’s comment I will be honest, I did not vote for you because I feel that you do not understand the situation that parents are dealing with, because you do not have kids in this situation And when you said who are our kids falling behind? Well, we are not just comparing our kids to kids in our district or kids in their neighboring district When our kids go to apply to college, they will be competeing with other states, come peat competing with other district that is have been back Yeah, we are not just looking at our immediate local area So, I do feel that in that respect with not having kids in school and going through this now, you are out of touch with what us parents are dealing with I’m looking at this situation and everyone is affected differently That’s why I was happy when you said you were going to give us choices , because I understood that some parents needed to keep kids at home But, I feel like we have been robbed of any choices and the fact what the district choose not to request the waiver when they had the opportunity to, was wrong I felt that the board made decisions that went along with what the teachers unions wanted And I understand they contributed to your campaign, but we don’t agree with that decision The choice to go back should have been, um, the waiver should have been requested to give us to give us parents that opportunity So I hope that you listen to the results of this survey and understand that there is no one size fits all for all parents Thank you ≫ Okay We will go ahead an open the cue for our last item If If you have joined today to comment on reports discussion item K4, update on 2021 learning continuity and attendance plan, you may enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function If you’re logged in with the computer, or star ≫ Okay. We will go ahead an open the cue for our last item If you have joined today to comment on reports discussion item K4, update on 2021 learning continuity and attendance plan, you may enter the cue until the item begins by using the raised hand function. If you’re logged in with the computer, or star nine if you’re using the phone to call in Only open for K 4, 2021 learning continuity learning plan ≫ Thank you very much. I’ll call on Dr Lewis ≫ Yes, thank you As you can recall, we talked about surveying families, and roughly 6 to 8 weeks. We have given that survey We have received the total And to give you an overview of the results ≫ Thank you And good evening, um, president, Ms Hill, board members, cabinet, community Between September 20 — September 18 and 25, 2020, RUSD asked 3 important groups , parents and disregard a guardians, students and staff with feedback The focus was to gather information on each group’s experiences with the many changes that have resulted from the fiscal closures The surveys themselves were brief, between about 12 and 16 items each Next slide For these surveys, the district used many different communication methods to get the information out about the surveys and to make them accessible to stakeholders. I would like to thank the departments This was a cross divisional inDEFR that we took With the time and expertise, with our school leadsers our school leaders and teachers

, in regards to their google classrooms , to help spread the information about the surveys, out to each of the groups The icons that you see are merely to depict the multiple communication pathways used to share this information Not only in a digital sense, but also, in a paper based form for those folks in the community, with limited access to our digital resources Next slide All of these efforts has lead to the best response rate Taken as a whole, there were over 2 # over 21 thousand total responses I’m happy with this response rates because it points that all the intentionality and time and effort used to make them inclusive, really did pay off We feel these results are a good cross section, when we look at it demographically and from the grade span, and will give us valuable fade feedback So let’s begin by briefly reviewing the demographics of parents and students who completed the surveys Overall there was an even balance at which parents have their students enrolled in the district and when we survey students we survey between grades 4 and 12 So, when we looked at our student responses, we feel that is a very good sample size, for all of our students across the grade levels They were evenly distributed We also look at the total responses and look for, um, whether the respondents, those folks who give us time and fade and feedback, if it’s representative And when we did that, we feel strongly that this is a representative sample of the districts overall composition, when we look from a socioeconomic status and when we look from a group status across district Next slide please So next we asked the stakeholders DWEs about their access For all the stakeholders almost all of them revert them reported having a reliable device for school work We had 8 out of 10 students and families report they have consistent and reliable Internet access We asked staff their satisfaction level with the technical assistance that their are provided as they shift between remote work and in place work More than 8 out of ten of our staff said that they were actively satisfy ied with the assistance provided. Next slide Next we asked our stakeholders questions regarding teaching and learning We had almost 9 out of ten families say that the instructional materials that the district provided them, they did receive both school materials and device or technical materials We had over two-thirds of our students and parents tell us, that students spend on average, between 2 and 4 hours live on line with the teacher each day About 15 to 17% of the students actually spend 4 or more hours with the teacher each day So that’s a considerable amount of time with our certificated staff members. Next slide And continuing with teacher teaching and learning, when question asked student if they could get help in teachers, we had more than 8 out of ten students tell us they feel they can get help from their teachers We had a follow up question that asked students about that support, did it help them in their learning And more than 3 quarters of the students, said that in fact the support that they received from their teachers, support their on going learning We asked students also how they feel, about their learning, if they are learning as much now now as they were before COVID and we had 6 out of ten tell us they feel they are learning as much now as they were before the crisis Next slide

We went op to ask went on to ask act about productivity We asked parents students and staff a variation of following question Are you able to keep us with your work as much now as before the crisis? We had over three quarters of offer parents parents tell us that they feel strongly that their students are completing most of the work We had almost 3 out of 4 of the students themselves just under 75% tell us they feel they are keeping up We also had more than 6 out of ten employees tell us they are completing as much work now as they did before the crisis But that feeling of productivity is different than feeling that you are effective Because of the COVID-19 crisis the stakeholders told us almost half of parents felt that their students are not quite learning as much as they were before COVID When we asked the same questions, one out of 4 students or 25% told us they feel they are not learning as much as before COVID And 4 out of ten staff shared with us they are not feeling as effective as they were Now there’s a research based out there, regarding the formation of informal social networks. In times of crisis And so, the results from our survey support those findings and 3 quarters of our staff shared that they are supporting each other as much or more now than before the crisis Next slide Full-time Final we asked to share insights about how the district is communicating We had 8 out of 0 parents tell us they were activity satisfied 10 parents tell us they were activity satisfied We had 7 out of 10 staff saying they were satisfied with the communication When we asked, does the district provide opportunities or forums to ask questions we had well over half the staff that agreed the district is working hard at providing those opportunities to get information and provide feedback to the district So there are a few bright spots What I was mentioning the parent and student responses show us that our feedback is a representative sample of offer of our overall district, the 16 largest district in the state, having 42 thousand students and double or triple that in family units is difficult to get everybody But when you lack at sampling you look at representation So we look in terms of demographic composition and we need that this is a strong point of findings Standees Students also share they have the guyses they need the devices they need and spending time each day with teacher live They They also share that they feel teachers are there to support them and that that support provides positive benefit to op going to on going learning 3 areas of improvement that were identified The student responses suggested that even though a significant number of students felt productive, one in 4 students believed they are learning less than they were before Just a little earlier in the meeting, Dr Lewis shared all of the tutoring resources and supports that are available Those are critical to giving students those options and those multiple pathways to get support The responses from staff also suggest that even though they have remote tools to do the work, that a significant number don’t feel eh

if he can tiff as they did before But that data then also suggests they are going to each other with those informal networks to feel supported Now Dr Lewis is going to share thoughts about student academic achievement pieces ≫ So the academic sign that we have been talking about the areas of growth We thought we would start with what we have done and sum raise with future challenges and opportunities where we can continue to grow We know that students struggle with different things, and several of them are work completion, engaging in a virtual setting We know we talked a lot about students and cameras We talked about the emotional connection with mentors, with teachers, with friends We talked about mastering standard and how students are doing making sure we monitor So we did a few things that I would like to remind us of Number of one, smaller group of dedicated time Where teachers and their schedules across the system commute a small group of students Where we have break out rooms where students are able to meet with teachers or additional staff, where they get that individual attention and building up support Teacher one-on-one supports, continuing as well as with colleagues We have talked about tutoring at length, as well as additional resources that are available at schools Another is the social motional side We know they know their students, work with their students, they know when students are not completeing and they have built and continued to build that relationship, as well as our staff councils The play backs, the virtual content that’s there Just spend spend in that relational side Students that aren’t engaged, we have staff doing site visits Where they are going to homes, knocking on doors, asking students and families what they need for support We know that happens with campus supervisors, with teachers, principals Finding those students that are connected an doing everything we can, whether it’s getting them a new hot spot, computer or helping with family structures We have learning centers When it comes down to staff, we have office hours that our teachers can report to, and they have open dialogue about the difficulties or successes and how they continue to support one another And last the virtual professional development that we have offered for all members of our community, as well as all the collaborations We have the PGS team That support is more important now than ever. So some of the things we have done to date Things we need to continue to address that we took out of the survey, and I’m sure there are more to come to light Number one, missing at the same times Teacher and parent communication You can’t drop out of the scrawl the school Finding ways to continue to build that intersection We have done trainings for teachers and parents We heard about tracking grades. You don’t have the flow of paper Going back-and-forth between teachers and students and families where parents, that’s how they monitor their work We know there’s a gap T want to be able to monitor how their students are doing, how they are doing missing assignments, that’s another area we continue to explore And the outreach, outreach to parents and students who are not engaged Outreach to parents that are not there regularly or not turning in work And continuing to, while we are in this virtual environment, do the best we can to engage That is an area we continue to work on and grow and knocking on doors reasoned having students attend. That does conclude our presentation. We appreciate the time Thank you

≫ First I want to commend staff because, the more data and feedback we can get from parents and everybody involved, the better we can make informed policy. I really appreciate Dr Lewis, a comprehensive nature of how you responded about whether it’s the learning loss mitigation efforts and how we are using this survey, um, you know, dynamically, to start addressing issues and shortfalls where they arise. I appreciate your thoughts on all that A couple of questions and one comment I would like to get a copy of the raw data that is under lining the highlights and fade backment and feedback. I appreciate for the purposes of time But I appreciate if we can get the raw data as well I’m glad we got a representative sample But I hope that the fact that we reached out to families students and, um, employees , that where there were areas of disagreement, were we able to use that opportunity if they input it in the survey, to follow up with them and try to address some of those things ? Or was it a passive exchange of information ? ≫ There were no open-ended questions 23 thousand open-ended questions is a task So I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to get that feedback But we did that staff interacting and assisting Whether it was helping them through a paper copy of the survey Talking to them through the questions. We did provide the feedback at ≫ Not necessarily that responses But if I’m a parent and said, reporting dissatisfaction over an issue, just in terms of the emotion the options presented, is that something flagged for someone to follow up? It sounds like it’s not. Which I understand But I hope that, that even if it takes time to get to those things, we take these opportunities for outreach to parents and others, to have the potential to do that in the future Lastly, and I know this is an inherent challenge, but when the evaluation is so subjective and it’s like, you know, pa TEVENLGly an either either or or it’s difficult to gauge the degree of success that’s being put by a parent or students I don’t know how we would get around that But that probably makes it a little bit harder ≫ Mr. Hunt ≫ Thank you Thank you for that very well stated questions I do appreciate your roll as we talked about informed policy I want to ask you, the making the different letters that we get, I have noticed a um , when we talk ≫ Mr. Hunt ≫ Thank you. Thank you for that very well stated questions. I do appreciate your roll as we talked about informed policy I want to ask you, the making the different letters that we get, I have noticed a um, when we talk about students and my phone died, or I would tell you her name I think it was McCoy She was talking does she offer grace or correction

Being a former — I would like, if you could, even though they called in a minute ago, had harsh words , she had something for me, one size doesn’t fit all If we could start to see how high schoolers, and middle schoolers , teachers, parents, students, el elementary are responding Because they are at different ages If there’s a way that we can look into some of those things, whereas we might be able to look at resources or time to different ones. Great work And how did you, reach out to students ? All students, a and the teachers were instrumental and really it was the principals that drove work and asking them to talk about it during class and give students opportunities to be able to do the survey Put the survey link link on the google classroomon the google classroom. We are always looking at improving So, I really appreciate all of that feedback and those ideas ≫ Thank you for the answer Did, are we utilizing our community, the PTA, the PTO, the um, the different parents groups we have to help 33% is a commendable But, is there a way, are we working with them to help get the word out more, and they are all parents themselves Are we using those folks? -and-a-half is an untapped resource that we can leverage, the help from our groups Absolutely ≫ RUSD engees, one of the oldest , but PTAs in around very well organized So please do that joys, one of the oldest, but PTAs in around very well organized So please do that Please use those folks, they want to be involved I don’t know if it’s a bad idea, to even, um, to social distancing, but even to have listening touring for board members To bring on , why we didn’t fail a purple waiver We just need to, all we can to to start the communication Thank you ≫ Mr Lee ≫ A couple of question, and a couple of comments Um, so I’m glad to hear that the survey was representative of our district I’m trying to recall, because it’s been a while, back in September, when the survey was sent out, some of the questions how do we know that it was representative? Because parents dints didn’t self identify ≫ We did have self identifying questions at the end of the survey for parents to self identify a couple of key demographic areas ≫ What were those? ≫ We asked parents if their students receive support VNIEP We asked PARNS if their students received English language development support, if they are currently experiencing homelessness or receive support in the foster youth system ≫ The percentages of parents, it was representative of the over all district? Proportional to the overall district? ≫ Yes, sir ≫ Ankh, if we could get that raw data I know we got a summary of the data, you know, several weeks ago, which was helpful And the reason why I’m asking some of these questions is, um, you know, I’m hopeful that we are going to do another one of these surveys, same linear to one, we are reporting out on What was the process to dis

disaggregate the data? Just those two? ≫ The T K-12 was in response to the parents identifying which grade levels their students were in So we asked parents a couple of questions, related to how many students they have in the district So we got a sense of the grade span there And for the students themselves, which was 4 through 16 we asked them what grade level they are currently in ≫ Okay For another survey, it would be nice to know to dig aggregate the Daig into to dig aggregate the data. I know people are concerned abTD3 I would like to know who those parents are feeling We know that kids need to learn to read by third grade That would besaggregate the data. I know people are concerned abTD3. I would like to know who those parents are feeling We know that kids need to learn to read by third grade That would be important As we think about creating smaller cohort , that would be one, TK3, making sure kids are at the very least learning to read by the third grade Um, the — I like the approach, that kind of that full approach of, um, trying to get responses from parents, via text, via e-mail, going to a website We need to approach the same tactic since we seem to get a good response Um, and that if, if kits if parents are taking the survey and identify what school they go to and then on the inside, we are learning that low percentages of parents responding at one particular school or cohort of schools that we make a deliberate push to get more survey responses And then last I think, um, again, I’m appreciative of this information Um, but if it’s going to be a data driven survey , with numbers, I think there should be numbers on the presentation That is being presented So that parents don’t have to listen to the presentation , to get the information Because otherwise we are taking the information and making assumptions on what we think is important from the data, rather than what a parent might think I know I saw one I wrote down 6 out of ten, um — parents or students, I can’t remember, felt that they were learning as much as they did as when they were in the classroom? Is that correct? ≫ Yes, that was for students ≫ So I moon, they had learned more since they got out of school? Or they at this point in time they learned as much as they did the previous grade? At this point? ≫ I think that is difficult to infer We could probably, if we were putting this out again , ask the question in a much more targeted way We are trying to get THAFR get their perception and sense of how they feel now So, the question was phased, do you feel that you’re learning as much now as before the Caesars From a more perception based tape of a question ≫ Yeah, I think it’s a good question and a lot of the questions, were helpful But main, I hope that it wasn’t a perception thing Because if only 6 out of t ten students feel they learn ed as much as before, we have a problem And regarding some kind of responsiveness to the survey, there are some questions in there Like; do you have a device that works, an Internet connection If anybody marks no, that should signal a call. Like, what do you mean your device doesn’t work? We have devices What to you mean you don’t have Internet connections So there are questions that should send off an alarm And the principal can respond So those major issues can be woveed in a short amount of be resolved in a short amount of tame I would be interested to see, this was 2 months in, and now we

are almost 4 months in So we have learned a lot Parents have learned a lot. But has it made a difference in these questions? Even though we have gotten better, this is become more normal, even though it’s not good, is it still working? You snow Thank you very much ≫ Thank you Mr. Lee Is there anyone who has any further comment? Okay I’m sure staff took all comments into heart And we are moving to item K4 Learning continuity and attendance plan ≫ There are no speakers for this item ≫ Then I will ask for Dr Perez to come and give this presentation ≫ Good evening This is just a brief information, um, update for you, on the learning continuity and attendance plan review So going to the next slide, so to provide you some context and background for the public, we had the public hearing in — on September 1st The board approved the plan on September 15th, from there it was then submitted to Riverside county office for approvalment They provided two recommendations and I’m going to go over those on the next slide So those two um, recommendations were around 2 places Distance learning, the explanation that we provided an the explanation of how the kneads the needs were considered first In more detail, um, the components that we added more information and actual moved them, so they were clearer for the folk was read for the folk who read it was to declare if I the efforts that we made , so students with lower SES have access to deices and to devices and connectivity They wanted the specific actions for low-income students to also be pulled out So we reorganized the cop at the present time the content We highlighted the areas we have been employing, as well as clarifying the work that is being done with foster youth Additionally, on the component of how the needs of unduplicated students were considered a first, we pulled those out so it was a clear that the actions for our English learner, lower SES students and our foster Auth foster youth So an update has been made, and they just provided those recommendations. So we made adjustments. And with that, that concludes the presentation I would love to open up for questions ≫ Thank you Any board members want to delve into this ? That satisfies everybody. Thank you for that Um, we have reached the meeting conclusion and I’ll open up for any board member who wants to suggest an agenda item for future meeting Some of things we brought up at the last meeting about student learning and how we are going to make up for the difference um, we maybe need to be thinking about bringing that back up sooner than later Especially with the parent response that we were getting tonight. From public comment So, I think that might be important Anything anybody else would like to add before I adjourn? ≫ I think it would be good to hear from our SAF council SAF counsellors I know lots of friends who daughters and sons are using them ors. I know lots of friends who daughters and sons are using them ≫ Thank you. Anybody else? Okay Well thank you and thank you Mr Dawson for everything you have done Signing off as they say Continue we will adjourn

in memory, who worked in RUSD for 25 years. So, thank you everyone Thank you Vanessa. Have a good night. We will see more of you later on Good night ≫ Good night everyone Bye