Pete Anderson – Establishing A Backyard Vineyard

I do research mainly into Italian the riots and I have about 50 different varietals employment rootstocks on their own roots on a comparable to see how they’ll grow I do a lot grafting so a lot of my blinds down they don’t know who their daddy is anymore 56 that so many times but it’s it’s it’s really growing the interest in viticulture now in winemaking and say a valley the Board of Supervisors past the Avanti coordinates for a winery so if you have a 70 to 80 70 71 properties and they have a vineyard on there they can have a tasting room on their property so they can make the wine and actually have people the public about their property and taste their lives so this is mushroom a lot of people are getting involved and it’s a lot of us that probably you also into growing we say that the misery loves company because a lot of them don’t realize although the grape is that relatively easy my name is apart to grow but it requires a lot of work and it’s a it’s it’s something that requires attention at different seasons the physiological seasons of the grapevine and a lot of people don’t realize that they said well I’ll take I’ll get care take care of it next week we can’t do that because what next week too may be too late especially now with the powdery mildew is one of the largest problems that the most all growers in California have and if you don’t take care of it properly based upon what your incidence of disease is on your property you’re not going to have it that but this I I have nothing to do with Vetta culture my career I was with the government and for all my my career and then I came out he did nothing but bike and run golf and tennis and I lost both hips hadn’t happened replaced so I said well I gotta find something else that I had a piece of land next to my house in carlsbad so let’s put in grapes and it’s been a wonderful passion and endeavor because the knowledge the plane is never level it’s always fun there’s always something new coming out etc it’s it’s an interesting how many are growing grapes oh my gracious quite a beautiful are you doing the wine grapes or table both combination nomination for you are you making wine I did in Northern California haven’t done it down here down here yeah it’s there’s a group called the san diego amateur winemaking society to run a large group here in san diego county and of young people are making wine that’s where I I learned to make wine was in LA I submittals taught most of us how to make wine is one of the senior people I’m the great mentor for that organization love is did is the wine mentor for us what I get there we took one of the things i do on just too much but that this was a vineyard up in up in their capital and I was asked to go up there give me a grafting lecture two years ago and I went up and looked at this venue and I said oh my god you know what do you know what do you want to do with it and because if you notice on this this is why I have knowledge it to do this we get into viticulture you really need to do some research you learn a little bit about the vine I will take care of it how to plant them how to manage it this here I wasn’t quite sure what they were trying to do this is a single line coming up but you notice they’ve got arms coming off here here here here in Australia they use a system called the the six-armed caniff in which they experiment with the try and reduce a vigorous cetera divine to get better production the quality of the very and I said what are you doing the sixth you know are infinite and it didn’t even know I was talking about it and so they had just it just they just let it go and I said well you know what you have basically i said here’s here’s their initial court on wire this is the court on wire where your fruit is actually going to be and then they have catch wires going up here and i said for most vitamin if we’re type grapes therefore wine grapes that you’re dealing with you’re going to have arms out on these wires they’re the ones they’re going to produce the new shoots every year and have the clusters and the flowers etc for that next season and i said which this one here i mean if you look at this this arm would be all ready to lay on the wire to look at this one you know it’s very small obvious you’re going to have an indictable growth and divine it’s not going to work I said my recommendation to you should come in with lockers and just lots of salt right below the cordon and people said oh my god do that but those of you that have grapes of Europe if you have done this with them in all in in the trunk there

are dormant buds and it’s amazing I should have brought a slide with all info poor guy got this year he had a problem with the growth I haven’t lockable off of my breast now it looks like we have a jump of the new growth that just came from dormant buds latent buds that were on the trunk and so you can do that with their very avoid just wanted on and it really wants to continue and they’re very they’re very forgiving in many ways like that but this person here they finally realized that you know they have to do something but if you look at this here’s that it what’s called an inline Pope’s for our vineyard and their trouble system if you look at what’s what’s the direction of this post you see these little notches right here that’s where your text wires should be but look how the post is in the ground they’re not even it should be a 90-degree the opposite way so the catch boys I mean they said it was just a total lack of knowledge that they’ve corrected it and the portal for people I felt sorry for him because when I asked him what line it was what kind of arrival they didn’t even know that and I still wanted to get in front so I traced it back to the guy and he said well here’s what I’m thinking and I said well you think it’s cabernet sauvignon and what I found out that’s nothing to a cabernet sauvignon its protein so they thought they were growing Cabernet you know I have three acres of it and now they’ve got three acres of privity but that’s and that’s why a lot of people when they get ready to do a better you know I said you’ve got to really take your time do a little research get a little education before you go on try to do it and I don’t have to explain to you with growers in san diego county we have the most diverse microclimate visual climate and topographical areas in the united states and this one count it is just amazing for viticulture to trying to develop a berry that’s going to be worth something it’s a matter of just finding out in your they’ll say what can I plant as you collect anything you know whether or not it will produce a very worth of you that’s a totally different thing is that you’re going to have to experiment and it’s it’s it’s what you have to do you can see all the difference of the tinny from a 72 a 24 on the coast in san diego county now they’re starting a lot of people are starting to experiment I just helped those of you are familiar that with the Yankee family over intensity is David Myers is wife is Liz a key if you go up leucadia Boulevard but the golf course is you log off to the right is where their property is like that I just helped them put in a thousand vines and you said well what can I put in I said I’ll tell you David if you want to find out here’s a list and I put in 25 different your vitals and I said you know I can’t tell you I said but these vines will grow here which ones are going to produce something that’s going to be worthwhile you’re going to have to experiment and we did so it said this is the first year so to leave well the second year I’ll be able to gauge and see what kind of the product that we’re going to be getting able to get out of some of the varieties but it takes some time climate there’s mark you know Mark Twain’s is what we expect weather is what we got which is very true but if you know I see it’s the greatest influence on everything the region phenology the growth of fruit set the very developed ripening you know right now it’s up in temecula this morning a friend of mine Rick Buffington is like Jennifer own cougar vendors I don’t know if any of you been up to the they’re on d portola I’ve helped break over the years with Italian for idols and when I went up there listen this morning I was up there to go up to pick up some sparkling wine class that I can do at home and he was crushing his pinot grigio already and I spoke with another dr. enrique federal who was living up in Temecula and his father was there his father was one of the early winemakers for the dayquil santo tomas winery downey well who could barely involved a very interesting long history a great growing but it’s the the weather of those grapes are already there about 15 days ahead of schedule some breaks I mean that’s fine Pinot Grigio you can pick it twenty two bricks of sugar and that will be okay there are other other greats you know you need to go 25 26 bricks I sugar but you shouldn’t use bricks as the sole gauge of whether or not you should pick the very it’s whether or not the Buried has developed maturity and write it properly and it has flavor than its supposed to have a lot of people say well I got 25 bricks and I guess i have to pick draw them you got 25 Brett so you’ve got a heat wave you turn the water on and your water and your water but you get the berries get some water and the berries reduce the sugar level so we can start all over again to develop the sugar and it’ll dissipate them it will don’t get the sugars down and it’ll catch up because of that type normally what happens when you get too much rapid sugar development the assets you know they do if you have to go for a long period of time the assets will respire out of the barracks oh you’re going to wind up with a very

flabby great you know so it’s it’s a balance that for a grower with grace so I don’t very very important you know and if those of you that already grow you know in san diego county we’ve got all kinds of sorry and some good some bad DJ and play rome and sand etc the grapes are growing just about everything some will do better than some types of soil than others and it’s just a matter you’re going to have to you’re going to have to match that Barry up you know that vine with a particular soil that you have that will also dictate to the type of violent you want to put in whether or not something that needs a lot of water or does the divine that has a lot of bigger you don’t want to blurt it a lot to reduce the figure because too much bigger and a great find you’re going to wind up with a very green tasting wine because all of the energy all the carbohydrates that we developed during photosynthesis have gone into the new production with the leaflet and not to the very problem and that’s why it with it with the vines you’ve got to be very careful and have that balance of just the right canopy and to pairing a very development analysis i always recommend there there’s a laboratory up near fresno it’s called the California growers lab they’re very very good it’s the only lab in California that I’m familiar with and I’ve done a lot of research on all the labs that actually has a better culturist on staff somebody that has years and he’s got I think Roger could do has 35 36 years of experience he’s coming down on august the 25th but on a fall off but the full grown story of grand generals on soils and nutrients etcetera and everything else he’s very good but it’s well worth your while to do your soil analysis so you know what you’re working with right up front if you have a do you have a an excessive one nutrient or a deficiency of something you should make that correction before you start to put the vines in the ground there’s this is their decide if they’re very very good the nutrient availability it depends on the soil fiercer others 10 most soils that I’ve come in contact with other ph is usually that maybe the low as 59 58 up to about 7 or 75 it’s in that it’s in that range which of mine can do well in there’s no problem with it I had I did to help to folks in Rancho Santa Fe here this past year the the pH on one of them was 4.2 I had never seen him soil like that you know so we had to come in with the agricultural line I mean we had basically when I told what you have to ice to figure out where you going to put the barns and dig a hole and get that you know get that native soil out of there and go get some good topsoil and get some good compost and everything else then come back and disability lawyers to have for a new poll new planting hole so that boeing has a little bit of it you know a head start and do something but as if you put that vine the ground with that kind of a pH of the soil something sorry bro it’s very important to know they were about your soil etc the end is the ph as you can see it’s both those of you are going to have to probably realize this already but what the pH level is if the the nutrient uptake is dependent upon what your ph s so that’s why it’s so important to know what your soil is going to be right up front this year we’ve had is interesting is what doesn’t I don’t have to sink on here zinc is about missing of the car they see you know they gather Yeah right here this year we had I had a few clients I have a friend of mine it said in encinitas off of the Santa Fe and he’s up the hill from the freeway right to the top of the hills got beautiful area of the ocean and everything nice breeze from the ocean he had what’s called nearly run dodge it’s also known as the hens and chicks and what that is you’ll have it’s caused by a lack of successful pollination and it can be caused by a weather factor where you get extreme fluctuation weather during the early spring bling when they when the berries are in bloom and you’re starting to go into pollination when it disrupts it what happens not all of the flock will pollinate so you’ll get some that are actually the full-size berries and you got a little little little green little things in there I mean they know they have no hair bro you know so I mean his whole vineyard this year he has the raw and I said basically i’ll give it another week or 10 days or something like that you don’t see any any growth at all a little bit in a little the chips are the berries I said you want to go in and cut off and this year and just keep the vines healthy for next year because a lot of things and probably a lot of other in career fruits and things

like that what you do to that plant this year is what’s going to happen to it next year a simple with a great point that’s very very true so whatever you do to that volume this year you’re going to pay for it the following year you look good or bad it’s very important soil analysis this is what they’ll come back and see I did I put in reference i’ve told one person’s here earlier on my way here tonight I dropped off over there horticulture building I put in the vineyard here on a campus I tore out the old and put in nearly years ago and that pierces that everything is ease and everything else I pour it all out and with my industry contacts and everything else I was able to get all of the equipment of all the materials and the plans free for the college and put in I put in an Italian block and a French block and I’ll over there tonight with ornaments that I was turned around the hall it is a disaster the one whole area is gone completely gone and the other one is totally overgrown and just glide I’m going to get a hold of the Horticulture Department I said you know this is just totally upset and it was supposed to be used as a student’s tool that they could learn from and things like that but this is a complete disaster but this is what the soil analysis report i’ll come back and we’ll give you basically the breakdown your ph etc and everything else then you’re looking you know you’re looking at the sodium you’re looking at the chlorides and things like that in particular a lot of the one area of the yuckies on that property over there very high saw him very very high so what we did is we went out and got up to grab how many tons of gypsum and we went in and we spread gypsum all over everything and then we just went up set sprinklers up before we started any any of your trellis installation or anything else and just but the sprinklers on for days did wash that gypsum down through the soil to get it down into the soil and wash that salt down and hopefully you know when we’re putting the great points in we usually put it in at about a 16 inch depth is where the root zone will be for the first step here then after that they’ll spread out go so in that particular case we wanted to remove the salt from that root zone area so that those ones with ever a fairly good success in growing like that but very important to get these samples all and analyzed etc this is the mechanical one tell this one here in the same clay loam is just fine I mean this is nice that’s that’s very good it’s an eyesore and especially as you already know i mean its way we have nothing call to water better the clay you know what the price of one of these things you really want something that’s you don’t want saying where you’re going to be out there watering every other day there are rootstocks not go into that a little later that you can get that really aren’t part almost dormant proof in the sense that you don’t have to water them as often they’ll survive in a dormant condition site preparation varied as i mentioned we had to do that the thing we headed to the gypsum or the agricultural lime to get that one to get the soil back up where we need to do planning purposes to get the design of the vineyard the layout the density how close you want with the role is to be are you going to use a are you going to have some equipment that you’re going to be going down through the rows that will dictate to you how far apart the roles are going to be actually different yet there’s a hidden member and md vines the vines it also is dependent on nowadays they’re going into very high density if you go up 101a past past all you know up in that area of their some of those lines aren’t more than two feet apart I mean it’s incredible the theory is is that they’re going to strong you know and struggling blind is going to produce a higher quality berry well I think that’s a bunch of fish you know you know it’s what that’s they’re there they’re doing it now almost the vineyards yeah usually except I like to put I like to put in a video that’s seven feet between the rows and at least four to five feet between the lines and that gives it enough open space ventilation is very very important because powdery mildew will kill them they can with every type of system you using the trellis system is very important on the coast here most of the vineyards that are being installed now we’re using what’s called the bsp a vertical shoot position and it all it is basically it’s a I think I’ve got a few later this is its you’re coming up oh you’re coming up your top wires probably of about here and I’d like to use double cash wires so i’ll have two wires and i’ll have the lines growing up so they’ll come up in there and actually be boxed in between those right before the simple reason is on the coast here in particularly very high incidence of folks thought or noticed it didn’t it allows you to go in

and especially spank my little benny of the carlsbad i have to spray about 18 times a year to control and i still can’t control I had a little powder but now I’ve got those of you know petraitis Fidelia but try this is another fungus and it’s it’s a nasty fungus powdery mildew and we’ll try this work in tandem that the tritus fungus actually comes into the vineyard at bloom early in the early in the growth of the line and the flowering area like that but unless you’re looking on the sympathy for little indicators of it you’re not going to know it’s there powdery mildew you’re going to see it you’ll see that grayish white all over the place on your roses and everything else oh by the way planting roses in a finger that’s that’s a myth because by the time you see the fungus on the roses there it’s already been in the video over a week I mean so it’s it’s just nice to look at the but the the botrytis then will it what it does it basically hibernates in the cluster and it will stay there the powdery mildew will lose its effectiveness to destroy the berry at about 12 or 13 bricks of sugar it’ll still get on it on the leaves and it will still affect photosynthesis if you don’t control it and try to kill it but it won’t hurt the berries at much once it reaches that amount of sugar botrytis comes back to life at 12 to 13 of bricks and what it does it sinks its roots into the peel of the variant feeds on the shirt and you won’t know you really got a big problem like now every year I at it and I have experimented with every pestis in every fungicide there is in the world and I can’t control that specifically in one area which is close to let a cedar fence that I have and I think it’s trapping the heat there it’s just it’s just the climate is just very conducive to allowing the petridis the growth but it’s you’ll go out two weeks before harvest and you walk there and you look on the ground you see a little wet suit that you know for red grapes you see little red wet spots on the ground and you look up and there’s the berries just stuffing just driven there right and you’ve lost you know the whole year is long is it so so when it before you start putting a lot of grapes I’ve been there a lot of downside however if you’re fortunate to be on the East County where temperatures reach 96 degrees Fahrenheit and for at least a six year six hour period that will kill the sports and you have a lot of those folks only have to spray once they will maybe after maybe they’ll do a dormant sprang up strong they’ll come in and use a lime sulfur and an oil combination spray when the vines of thorn and that’ll kill any overwintering spores that are on the plants but the the other dentist you just have to control it then they may do a sulfur at bud break with it and you got to leave it to maybe two inches of leakage they’ll come in and hit it with sulfur and that’s all I need to do they have to do I FBO my use I mean I use every substance in the world to try to do it it doesn’t go I can’t control the irrigation very important nowadays because of the price of water you want it you want to try to control the amount of water a lot of avocados anybody growing out of Gaza yeah I’ve got a lot of growth people coming and asking for help because of the market and the water issue they require a lot of water lines don’t they don’t require a lot of water and in particular if you use root stocks and things of that nature they require very little more so it’s it’s it’s a lot it’s I think if it was me I’d rather have a citrus grove in the have a cottage world is to then video because the venue does require attention you have to have the time to be able to go out there and take care of them that’s telling you I need some help you know you have to come out and do something for you see a cult will practice type of it and effect grow orientation the slope of the aspect of the finding it very very important we’re experimenting over on the UH keep rocking I told David Meyer I said you know I from my experience on the coast here’s the way you should orient the rose and its really it’s just it’s almost a it’s almost a magnetic north orientation of that because what that allows with the azimuth of the Sun during the the height of the maturation period for the grape growing like that you’re going to get equal amount of sunlight and heat on the on the vine on both sides of the barn where is your foot that you know their fertility or something like that one so i can guarantee you go out to a video that’s north side and that east side although it’s in the morning and things like that i guarantee you the berries on the east side are going to be 10 degrees higher and fatness fahrenheit

eat then the berries and they’ll mature and ripen quicker so if you’re looking if you’ve got a vineyard for a commercial purposes like that you want something that’s going to have some consistency I mean you don’t want if there’s some places up and a pond how about the things like that there’s some vineyards up there they have to pick five times because those berries are not ripening at the same time so it’s one of those are other things you have to keep in mind when you’re starting to consider putting in the row lengths it’s it’s just it’s just that’s really nothing you can deal with that there’s no problem is facing the vines facing the headlands these are all things you should have it lay out before you even start there’s a there’s a dr. Bart Greenspan I’m going to have him come down I’m helping Cal State San Marcos developed a viticulture and enology program I’m bringing in faculty members from Fresno State and we’ve got we’ve had three already we have the forth coming up November the 17 with dr. sandy ombu and dr. Tunde been zeal from South Africa she’s going to do rootstocks and clones and things of that nature he said he’s like he’s a canopy irrigation specialist in the world he’s very good they’re coming down to do and will be i’m going to have dr. Moore greenspan he used to be with davis now he has his own company but he is an expert on developing a big and his and this is where i talked about the aspect of the Sun etc this was his concept and not only that but if you know those of you have heard of dr. Winkler from Davis is the lease basically the father of California like that thing came up with the growing degree days and to figure out what your heat zone is for your particular site where you’re going to plant things like that and that mark his concept is what are you looking at growing degree days and usually what it is you figure out what these total averages between may above 50 degrees Fahrenheit between may and I poor and that will tell you what kind of make each soldier in what kind of a variety of great to be able to plant in your particular site that i may do well he said why do that i mean because the very doesn’t look at throwing degree days the very looks like growing degree hours now I mean because it’s got an instant it’s developing the carbohydrates the starches and everything where the nutrient of the plant only a certain hours of the day you know at night I mean there’s no photosynthesis or anything else I mean so it’s very very good and I’ll have him come down here probably next year to do talk to specifically on vineyard instead of development and like that trellis decision depends on the vine I mentioned the vertical shoot position it’s good for you got a disease issue like that but if you have a very high and bigger vine it’s not really good I have to hedge I have not turned my water on in my opinion for three years I have it first of all if I knew then what I know now there wouldn’t be any grape vines in that video i have my boy back that i didn’t know enough and i have to i had to go buy a header I’m out there I have to give them a haircut five times during the growing season just to keep some growth that because it’s so much growth that if you don’t keep the growth downloaded all the energy is going into the new growth and not into the barrier and not to develop the proper so it’s so there are other types of for several types of canap├ęs you can use Geneva double curtain which was developed by dr. Shaw’s from Cornell New York because they they’re growing season was different they needed to have a system where it’s going to sure a lot of the sunlight and things like that so that but they basically have is they have a they have a trunk coming up and pull coming up and then they have the points coming out on either side and then the court on arms going up and then coming down they have the curtain growing down it will be bigger the blind but it’ll also open the bun and a lot more sunshine into the canopy area there so there are a lot of different a lot of catechism as you can use and also economic splendid people a lot of people want to do this commercially and I’ll say what kind of a very you know what kind of a great Buy can play on the ground I said you’re looking I said you’re looking for the wrong thing and this is what do you mean I said it begins with a wet rat it’s called marketing it’s what consent and I said you’re not going to go cabernet sauvignon it and expect to get the price on that but guess what they’re cabernet sauvignon berries now fifty five hundred dollars in time or something like that down to San Diego it’s not going to work you have to find something that’s going to work on your property that you’re going to have an ish in the marketplace that’s what I allow you to be successful for elastic going it for your own personal enjoyment and winemaking you etc this as I mentioned a lot of them you know the old in California head train was and you’ll still see Henry look around and in the olden days I mean

these migrations these guys were watched 10 15 feet apart for me so they they used to have trackers we go every which way or not you know throw that it and then plus it was all dry farmed you know nowadays almost all the babies are all dry very it’s it’s a totally different but a lot of people still have this and they said you can’t if you’re in the East County where you’ve got that heat you can control the fungus no problem don’t ever put this on a closed they’re just it’s a it’s a fungus pattern because you’ve got the you’ll have these all these of this is not so bad at this one but you’ll have these the shoes coming down making an umbrella and in there and one of the air the ventilation can’t get in there and air it out and then not only that if you have to spray if your spray is not going to get in there I mean it’s just a nightmare to work with it’s a it’s a very popular way to do it but I’m not used very much anymore I recommended the people they want they want landscape it makes very nice landscaping on their property think I always slow behind their house or something like that don’t put in the blind with a bunch of lawyers and stuff like that you know put has a history had trained Klein it looks very very nice you can see the different training systems a whole ton of them Scott Henry’s at GDC that’s any of a dozen I’ve heard all different types and you’ll see you’ll still see these most places everybody will try to use them the vertical this is the another one of the old it went from head thrown or an entry mind to think what we’ve referred to the California scroll very simple had two wires yeah the lines give up and have roll it over this again is very good for the East County where you go out of heat perfect now don’t change him leave it but I’m not on the coast it’s not going to work that we had to one of the guys come down he was a bit of culture ride from Fresno dr. Conte cooter al and he was talking about they have some of their vines are I think he said they’re 12 feet tall and they said I mean they just don’t grow up but what we think in Fresno I mean I just spoke with Roger from about the growers lab this morning he said well people are in a full-scale 202 today no way I mean it’s been up and done it all up in hundred and tags on it so they have to have something with a big canopy that’s going to protect we’ll be burned up the single curtain this is the vertical shoot position this is a very very popular most people are using it now you can either use this is got three catch this record on wire right here this is where your and another fact now this is showing what’s called a bilateral cordon you got one arm coming up this leg one arm coming out this way port on Frenchmen systems are and you’ve got the new shoots with that info office every year what you would do this if it was called a spur room you would then you cut you account up two nodes two bucks and cut it off at the next January and crony season and in front of those two those two buds that you left that next year you’ll have to do shoots produce the new fruit and it has to be 0 to 1 year old wood is the only one is going to produce the fruit but nowadays what they’re doing if you look at a lot of the new vineyards of being installed they’re not doing the bilateral because this requires a little work it goes in the growing season but you have to do you’ll have broke tunes on these just to protect them from the rodents and they’re in the radisson cetera everything else but what they’ll have to what you do here if you get this one shoot coming all the way up the strongest shoot off the off the either a graph down here or if it’s just in its own route you want to select a stronger shoot take a look p lawful arrest of just leave that one shoot it to be the new drunk then you’re going to pinch it off and you’re going to hope that you’re going to get two of those bugs that are on that shoot that develop properly that’ll be your arms coming out nowadays what they’re doing they’re not pinching that that she would off early they’re letting it grow all the way up to a height which is going to be equal to the distance between the crown of the trunk and the next fine so all you have to do that first year all you do is make sure that you’ve got it in those tendrils you know those lines the little guys are going to having their their own little system itself they’re going to latch onto something to save themselves but if not they just tie that that should all the way up here the first year down here a lot of literature that Dave right they’ll say they’ll say all right after the first year what you’re going to do is you’re going to take and you’re going to cut the divine you all the way down to two bucks down here that’s wrong I mean that made me throw up north or something like that I can show you that vines down here this is even the equity once now I think that’s some they’re already up to the top line this is the first year they were just planted this time so you just let the vine tell you but this is this one here then and the next what you do is look that one should go up then pinch it off at the top up here bite by pinching it or tip crooning it what you’re doing is is you’re forcing the laterals to grow on that

shoot the laterals will be some of them will be the scores for the following year reduce the new shoots and fruit very easy and then a throne anytime all you have to do is take it off the top wire remove the tendrils and then weigh it down tie it down on the water you’re done it’s very simple very easy so most of them i doing it this way now I’ll accept it but you can see everything that’s needed your end pulse very important and post like by little bit if you want to look at my little bit I read a book from binds to the wine by Jeff Cox many years ago and said it’s a still in my house but it’s got about an inch of dust on it and I followed his advice on the book like that and so I use all I can do this myself I want the home depot and I got fence States you know I’ve got all types of different things I don’t have anything they’ve got to see here for equipment and put in the video and while I little bit different nowadays these in line poles marriage I showed the one this is where the catch wires would go and who shoots would come right up through of these are really really very useful and then he gets a post driver out of it and we learned from my heart from experiences just make sure that the inner diameter it’s larger than what the outer diameter ever found out about these are anchors if you have to your roles are relatively long and you want to anchor the impulse down drill these things will screw right down the ground and they’ve got different cross arms you can use depending I like to you know I’m really on the coast of your joining the vertical shoot the six-inch of nine inches really great but if you’re out if you’re out farther where you know you’re going to need an umbrella effect because you’re getting a lot of heat intense sunlight and heat you want to protect the berries then use of use it because the now the shoots going to open our own umbrella over a little bit and the wires of course I have 12.5 day depending on the length of the upper row it will dictate what size gauge wire you want to use with the tensile strength is always if you got a rose make sure you get one of these payouts are and where they come jenny’s I guess also I like that because once you on what you untie this this is roll a wire if wants to go all over the place and it makes it a lot easier when you’re putting it in and these a little wired license they like the end of the road what you can do you can drill holes through you wouldn’t and post like that and then take the wire these it they’re not they’re not reversible ani they’ll come through one way and then hold they will go back so the very very it makes it a lot easier doing your installation this is not so important this is that unless they’ve got a very very long road you need to tighten the wires up this is a it’s a water polar helps you straighten out the waters these little ripples are nice they can use them to connect their two wires and they’re great if you for instance that droning time you got some guys out there you don’t know what they’re doing and they cut your wires these little guys you could mend that very very quickly with these they’re very good to have I know this is a tensioner on the wires I don’t I don’t use these anymore on this device to use it it’s okay you can’t do it I’ve had a lot of people complain because these tend to rust very easily I don’t use them anymore and these are your training rods most of the time you can you can use the little iron rods if you want to get but most of people are using now the bamboo bamboo stakes and you put those in around you when you’re planting your vine and put that in and have the fine right next to it then all you do is you get your grow to clip it to the wire here’s your throat Oh to set that right over to stick because it will be dormant most of the vines are going to be planking be dormant and then they’ll come up through this grow to like that in decals are right around and stick so that holds the vine nice and straight it makes it quite easy this is very used to make sure your irrigation wire I wouldn’t got those one of those little electrical ties and those they have not won throw every one of my things and five month i realize they had something like this but are a little curlicues that you just curl right around the wire take them off so easily irrigation 120 making things different emitters neta fan which is an Israeli company is probably top of the line for emitters are great fine they’ve got different types they’ve got some that are pressure compensating the little guys still very very good back flows this is a this ball this is a little it’s a mixture if you have to do some fertigation or something like that you can hook this up to your irrigation system feet I don’t like I have in my video I hardly use it anymore one of the things for Pierce’s disease that will kill the Sharpshooter which is the vector for the fears of disease is a chemical called imidacloprid and is a substance called admirer that’s applied through the irrigation goes into the soil the only problem with that is you have to know what the soil uptake is in your video and I didn’t actually done

you don’t not all the areas are the part consistent so now they have that it’s a notice grateful merit to left which is the same thing with the middle overdid it but it’s a foliar spray so now you can spray it directly onto the plant and you know it’s getting into a point what’s safe this is here your irritation your mid replacements I’m very important usually the first year you’re going to have your emitter reasonably close for the new planet so it will keep a nice moist soil around the root zone but then it’s very important that down here usually have office after the second year you need you need to do that when you’re putting this irrigation wire or tubing in leaves three or four feet at the end of the road with what you’re going to do after the second year you’re going to unconnect it and you’re going to pull it and you’re going to pull these inventors in between all the vines because if you don’t do that like what you’re doing by having the emitter right next to apply to creating a you’re creating a root ball those roots don’t have to go anywhere to find voice antioch and they will deplete the nutrients in the soil like that so you’re going to move those emitters in between the bodies so it makes it forces them to go out a lot of people don’t they overlook that and they wonder what happen why grace is an excellent block California wine grapes it’s got a very good description of different line breaks it’s very very very useful then roots the route data city in two different types of roots and things like that you know once there’s you can see there’s different ones you can see riparian repair dear customers and more customers this is where like some of the mines like the must gas you know like escondido I got to be in many years ago muscat was a big Greek escondido you well they can send roots down 40 feet get other old Roy farm you know I mean they can go down so it was that that most of the research nowadays unfortunately is into the rootstock the rootstock is the kids that he hits the vine that you’re putting into the ground that you’re grafting the Vitis vinifera Scion content because that route stocky that has some kick in capability or it said it’s good for you know for water we’ll just see the rut that advice or barrier that’s those roots are on the surface so you’re going to have you’re going to have to water this line a lot more than this part and so you need to know that you have to have that knowledge before you start to do anything like that I’m begging to close I do a lot of clonal research and it’s well worthwhile to do i do then mostly Italians under clonal research as a matter of fact I just discovered I had identified a new vine and what I did is I had mine in my vineyard for years we thought it was never you old and I do I have different w old clothes growing and two of the minds that are in the parenting line at the viola was viognier and free ISA and I’m looking at this one point that i had a grown there and i said no they’ve also got a lead apathy the juice of that particular great is being a nebbiolo it’s much bigger dark Oh black so I said it so I sent off specimens to a tarried angle of the foundation plank service and UC Davis to have a DNA why not it sure enough it came back as long boo discourteous on there it’s a great from Piedmont with nebbiolo comes from a totally different so it’s just written up now I just got the ttp to approve it as a varietal so now we those that want to produce it put a label on it as one moves to dl salvia they can not very interesting to work with clothes the rootstock as i mentioned a lot of people use them you know the original reason for woodstock was this philosopher we gave it to the Europeans destroyed their vineyards now it was on some Native American plant tissue that had this route blouse on it we said they wanted to experiment with them over there so we sent that over to them and then it worked out most of all the vidiians up until that time the 18 on 1860s 1870s most of all the fingers were all on their own roof they were not they weren’t grafted onto route snug but after that because now in order just to protect yourself and that you can see you know what what is the resistance on this the most of all vines will have you got any macaques I’ve ever been even told in the world wide open you know I don’t even bother with any more I mean I am I’ve had them in there for 15 years I haven’t seen a problem but there again if you look at this not all the line not all these different rootstocks have something you know that something in them that’s going to be resistant to the quality macomb it may be one or two but not all drought wet soil salinity lines so a lot of these are these are this is big business and that’s why for nurseries and things like that there’s a lot of research and into the into root stocks because that’s ready they don’t make any money sitting

so and you look line assault group their money is made drafting it onto our root stuff I’ve done research the Austin the aussies the Australians put us to shame on research in vitis vinifera my brace just it’s just at this just incredible they’ve done research on doing these things and they have found out that the berries on the own room now if you’re a foreigner and you want production and you’re getting paid by the number of tons per acre done in a darker cougar all I came down from present you know how many times they get from so those acres out there grace honey 20 times of great we want we can / lucky we get two or three tons of grades like that but it’s just a different growing area and everything else we those farmers have to do because those grapes out there you know what are they getting four ton 300 bucks 400 lots of time so it’s but the only old route it will produce a better tasting a better flavor better but it won’t have the production as an anomaly on a particular route stop the rootstock will be a higher producing think so you have to take that into consideration when you’re doing this is the planting there’s the state this is ugly you’re putting them in is the little business is a little graph the Union right here here’s the Scion this is the rootstock most of them I i I’m on people either in all groups now people say what can I put it next to put it will just fly some kites and put in makati and we’ll do it I said because I’ve done I’ve never seen anybody but somebody here has ever seen any any literature or anything referring to enforcement in san diego county I haven’t ever seen and I’ve asked most what everybody that’s been involved with agriculture here for many many years this is this is how you’d planned it and down in the school i’ll use the state you put those you put a little a little sperm that’s coming off this is this is two years old this is one year old so this will be grafted on when this is all right because have already been to feel grown you know they’ll take it out everything else and then they’ll graft on the one-year-old scion to it and that’s what then help then you’ll get these in march and april as adornment great lines and they’re dormant and this is what they love exactly what they look like i’m a big fan of like horizon did anybody use it oh my gracious listener oh she’s in la jolla she’s written books on gardening Oh keep forgetting your name huh oh my god i attended one of her lectures that she gave to a drovers down the del mar fairgrounds a couple ago and she mentioned mycorrhizae and I said now when I started research and I looked it up as one and I’ve compared I’ve done it myself with plantings it is incredible the difference that you’re blind will turn out the date grape jello size it not sure what when they have right now the great that we’re using a great point microwaves will film anything like that but look at the difference that is an actual it’s just incredible the difference in growth that you’re going to get with having that Mike Rosalynn they’re all it is it’s just it’s it’s it’s just basically bridging the area between the root of the plant and the surrounding soil and allowing all the nutrients and everything else to come into the plank allowed mr. well worth while using new line training is I mentioned before this is how you were doing not going all the way up the state you selected the stronger to bring it up pijl heard anything else maturation climate very important sunlight temperature and water the canopy extremely important you got to be able to control that vegetative growth and you get the berries have to have a little Sun flaking on them and that what that does it helps develop the color the anthocyanins in the in the berries themselves but it also will reduce a lot of the tyrosine you know capcom and kisame don’t bake their honey tasting bell peppers and things like that but you can get if your berries are in the shade from going to growing seeds and things like that they’re going to be very greenish tasting really almost bell pepper area that made a little bit of sunlight on the parrots is what’s required in addition to the sunlight on the berries for this year’s product next year’s but is already on the plant that mask then that blood is in the axle and it all depends what you’re doing if you’re doing spur chrome or if you’re doing was full coolio or came from vines there’s two different ways of doing some great points w ould for instance has to be gained room because what it happens if like when you did the sperm and i showed

you count up to butts turn it off that’s another and for w ould the first two or three or four maybe infirm they will not be overdue shoes you’ll have been to take growth what haven’t fruit and it has to be came from every year Thompson sequence is another one that most of the time requires also because the cane Aragon you can do the tissue analysis with a growers lab will come back you know and you can see you got an excess in something or depletion or deficiency and something else you can do your correction try to get that then certain times of the year which is important for doing these are the fungal diseases got everyone I can put a flag in front of my house of all these different colored black gray green I’ve got everyone that’s all part of thing there’s bird protection there wasn’t there was a bigger differential Santa Fe I came to me asked me to help him make his wine and he brought me some grapes and asked them and said janati what is he great Brady’s come from so the baby there and I said that’s what they’re not wrong he said what women each way to look at this I said how are they in the vineyard I mean what’s it look like what’s the vineyard one that they didn’t go out by netting which most people by burden any to put over in it they back every cluster every cluster obviously if you don’t have any sunlight radios that Barry’s not going to write them well good run water stress you know you can get tense geometers and everything else to do measure the soil moisture you know to determine how much water you should putting out I let the fine tell me is the best way and you’re going to do that is is that you basically look you can see up here here’s the numerical the growth of vegetative growth like that if you’ve got this tendril right here is if it’s higher than that applicable vegetative growth if on time don’t worry once you see this title shrink down low and it goes you’ll start to see these guys prickle a little bit then then you know you better turn the water on give it a shot more and hit us and Bucky no doubt these two big fingers they’ll use all these country on they got all hooked up computers you know they can tell which one quits places that I this is said in Italian I spent a little over seven years ago I made wine over there did turn out very good turnout would be vinegar most of it it was probably a white grape that grows between Naples and God data interesting clinic harvesting it because they grow up poplar trees without a 40 or 50 feet height and you have little ladders not only about this why you have the wrongs that are about this far apart you stick your your instep on the lower when you hook your knee up into the upper one like that you can actually great mobility you’ll be decide picking the grapes but I have raccoons like crazy I’ve already caught five fish and they are they love the grapes and they know exactly when the same thing with the birds if you have if you have grapevines always make sure to figure out when the sugars are starting to develop in the ferry and get the nets on before they really have a lot of sugar in the Mary because if the birds don’t realize there’s a food source there they’re not going to get in the know what you have on there they’re going to find a way in now who the response oh I got in trouble I was relocated until that I was teaching here delivered what I was doing at that I was teaching here and one of the gals is an IPM person integrated pest management and I said well I gave you guys a gift today you know here on campus that’s why I want to write Google’s and she said you can’t do that it’s against the law because they’re very family-oriented and not only that would it end up if they go into another family’s area oh I mean I get killed they’ll kill and it said the other thing is they transmit they have it i guess diseases transit so you say you can’t do that you have to call pest management guys to come to come up or whatever keep traveling with like a hard crap not have a heart yeah duh yeah yeah I know you put some nice to you know I didn’t give them a peanut butter sandwiches he’s our need badly stuff yeah negative track to n dale dale they’ll come in i’m going to usually do is I try to put the trap or something where they’ve already maybe an attempted to get to it and they’ll go right back to kind of know they’ve got a pheromone or something that go back to the areas when they were the 94 I have a big problem and ground squirrels to ground squirrels love the greats these that’s the Sharpshooter here this is the this is the this is the guidance that all the damage and state of California with Pierce’s disease and this would have gone this is the long before this guy

came around we had this one the blue green we’ve had the blue green Northern California all over California for a long time they’re effective but the difference between this this little guy here I mean he’s a b-29 they can fly like two miles a day so where this one here usually it’s a living the riparian areas own and it will come and feed on the vines on the periphery of your vineyard and then going to go back to us out of that and where’s this guy just keeps on going he doesn’t go back to a hepatitis keeps on truckin law very I got dr. Nick toscano is a retired you see professor he’s one of California’s experts on Pearson disease is going to be giving a talk at Cal State also next year this is what fears the disease don’t hear it said it’s nasty any basically only need to do drawings out get them out of there because you get the factors go back in they can feed on this planned and they put the factory in your jowls and they just go to next week that’s why with the imidacloprid with the chimeric UF with the entire things of that nature there it’s bitter taste it’s the Mini Cooper is made from the back of mine to where it comes from and it’s bitter so they abducted toscano has figured out it requires 20 seconds before the vector will feed on the finest feed on for about 20 seconds before to inject the bacterium into the plan and so they did experiments and they found that it only lasts on here for about five seconds if you’ve got the imidacloprid in the plane and it will fly away but it’s also insecticidal code eventually it’ll Kelvin burden and I always get it was a knowledge and I put this on and they said what cousin what damage because these guys do very interesting this is the agent ladybug and I have and I don’t mean like in my vision but what it is is that they get on to the grapes the clusters of the grade and when they bring them into into wherever you’re making your wine you putting them into your fermenter and things like that they get agitated they secrete a chemical which is very nasty tasting not nice but I don’t care let them go and they said my little videos all you sinners is I’m in Pompeii Italy have anyways been there back by the amphitheater there’s a little old wine shop and dr. mess with a Latino is now restoring three of those old the wine shops with their little bit by little vineyard and cars head is about the same size as the one full useless at Pompeii so this is that what I’ve done with grass so if you see if you’ve got the wrong point and if it’s not doing well that’s you know that’s you just drop over you can see how how it’s done this is a progression of the graph it you can be back in full production one year be vacuuming I brought a team down from SQL from temecula to do with a larger vineyard wrapping and I mean it was it was entertainment to watch these guys there are something else how fast they could do this and graph it is just amazing this is called ship button so all that is it’s in it just today the up some guy out there in and waffle off and I’m going to go out come in and they think of what you do with it you guys cut you said what sticks and you’re going to cut out underneath the bud you’re going to slice underneath the button a little chip and you’re going to make an incision on the trunk of the line that you’re in rafting on through the same size as the chip and slip it into that little area on there and then tape it up and it’s free money that’s uh it’s amazing how successful this is this finger is in fallbrook and this is the payment that you’ve never been planted it was a winemaker she’s no longer here who put in Pinot Noir many years ago the troubles was wrong irrigation was wrong the vine was wrong area so I had the owner this is only one slope he’s got to go so he got almost three acres of grapes I hadn’t fair out everyone and replanted this is all of our bed and on the other slope the south-facing slope is all that halleyanna Cohen that’s a tenant grade and the entry of the whole video is going back line and reference materials and things these are a wealth of but dr. smart and I brought in the air I was used to make took care of the vineyards plated why the Vengeance of the bridges in Rancho Santa Fe and made their wine for years for them I had him come down and do a lecture down there once I adhesive he’s very very good I can imagine one of the world’s we people the Nazis cold dry they’re very very dr. Winkler who is a California California technologies very very good these folks along with Tom powers excellent reviews this is as a text on some of the classes and things

but it’s a lot of fun and some of the other publication websites of goodness this is very good to be lucky if they have daily also online to going all news articles etc things like very informative my recent identification of la busca the owl sound UNICEF close to them and viral you got newspapers all over the country now on reproducing that article on that the discovery of the language and I’ve got a government school break up Antioch week that I discovered that the Department of Agriculture their repository of Davis and brought in to Geneva New York way way back kept there for a few years that it was transported back to davis to the repository l here i discovered what is they have different numbers for the DB ID number and i discovered what it was they told that dept macros its own i mean i seduce this number go look well we’ve got three blinds so about 48 years now I’ve been they send me moment I should spoil and if you’re strong every year will send me three or four cuttings I mean that’s and is there free but that’s how they do it it’ll send it to you free so I’ll not get them to grow I mean that all over all I’m trying to get me grow for eight years I’ve been doing this body gun and my friend and the Buffington’s and temecula I got enough cuttings where I went over there they grafted over a large portion of one of their blocks of the vines with his fur cap toe and I was getting ready to send the petition letter into TDP to haven’t picked a better acknowledged as a varietal by itself because it’s not enlisted in the United States and I sent a sample up an injury diagonally Davis came back as Socrates not perk up a little and I said oh my god so now then they got back piece of love you we only had three bonds to her dead we’ve got one left so then I gotta talk to Ben was interested in viticulture one of the world’s made example operatives that’s a person that can identify great lines just moving at the lead but she’s also a DNA expert well doctor a nurse tiger and she’s in it was the devil and I communicated with her and I sent her pictures of a couple of the vines and she came back as if he those are those undercut them and so I said to me when Davis and they said okay it looks like it but we’re going to do with DNA actually against the DNA profile in fact confirming I’ve got to start all over again now I’m going to have to propagate all over to get enough fun with but that’s the business you have to have a passion for and I do all understand Gregg shadows they’re very very good I’ve got them now they are now they keep all the materials so anybody needs anything for videos and things like that they have everything they’re very good yeah and that’s anybody any questions oh yeah lots