PHX Transportation, Infrastructure and Innovation Subcommittee Meeting, November 4, 2020

thank you everyone welcome to the november 4th transportation infrastructure and innovation subcommittee i’m calling the meeting to order do we have call from the public now well we can take it now or at the end of the meeting chairwoman let’s do it at the end of the meeting on the agenda is the minutes of the meeting of october 7th you have impressions amendments or emotion i have a motion to move the minutes out second okay all in favor please say hi bye hi hi viewers motion carries unanimously we have consent items two through eight does anyone have any questions we have um one member of the public chairwoman on item number three and that would be vivian lovely ms lovely are you on the line hello ms lavaly we can hear you if you’d like to make your comment is she still on the line we can’t hear her i’m sorry she’s no longer on the line okay councilwoman pastor do you have a merchant yes i like to move all the consent items second okay only favor please say hi unanimously the next items um are for discussion does anyone have any questions i’m just happy that we got 12 oh i know and we have i’d like to hear the pedestrian safety program item 14 we’ll have staff do a presentation madam chair um we we do have staff here that can speak to item 14 we don’t have a presentation planned for for this item this morning on pedestrian safety akini knutson is here and and can give an overview of the program okay hello um morning madam chair members of the subcommittee let me flip through uh the report here and uh get to the right section here um the the reason why we wanted to be able to provide uh this update on pedestrian safety is really twofold one is to talk about some of the data points that we had seen with the pedestrian safety program council has been very supportive in setting up the office of pedestrian safety and funding that for the street transportation department and so we wanted to be able to provide some data that we had seen even though we see a large trend nationwide but also in arizona and phoenix and pedestrian safety incidents and fatalities seizures injuries and fatalities but we have seen actually the good news is that over the last couple years 2018 was our high data point for injuries and fatalities but we have seen reductions in uh 2019 and uh so far this year in 2020 and those are informal numbers the only we have um 2019 data is not quite made official yet that takes a while to go through and truth all the data um as part of that so

2018 is an official number that we have for there but 2020 uh we have um seen a decrease year over year from january through current between 2019 and 2020 so we’re hopeful that um that trend whether it’s the investment we’ve made in pedestrian safety or behavioral trends we have a lot of different things we’re doing both on engineering education and evaluation of pedestrian incidents and we work in partnership with the police department on enforcement as well we hope that those are are having an impact for the positive we also had included in the report information about how we have spent on projects and programs that uh the funding we had for last fiscal year fiscal year 2020 the two million dollars it was the first year we had allocated by a council for um dedicated for pedestrian safety so the report does contain information in there we did we didn’t manage to do a lot of work in design and construction of hawk signals we have some projects where we’re adding in the street lighting on this opposite side of the roadway as we’ve talked about with the subcommittee before the previous way we had a design of our street streets going back in decades we only had street lighting on one side so one thing we’ve seen is to be able to help out with pedestrian safety is to be able to have a second sided lighting for the other side of the roadway we also have upgraded sidewa crosswalks that we’ve been able to do through that we also funded the spanish translation of our pedestrian safety activity book and also curriculum to be able to work with the schools on teaching that that activity safety book as well so there’s a lot of things we did last fiscal year and this coming fiscal year is is more of the same in our plan for using the two million dollars more work on crossing signals and also pedestrian median refuge islands um in the middle of roadway to be able to help provide a respite when people are crossing the street but we also have more street light projects to be able to add lighting on second side of the second side of the roadway and then upgraded crosswalks and then we also have some public serv public service amount announcement and videos that we plan to do as well to be able to include on the education side of the equation so that kind of gives a rundown of what the report was and what we were planning to provide and as information but be happy to more than happy to answer any questions that um you madam chair or the members of the subcommittee have about the pedestrian safety program keaney this is mario um would you councilwoman pastor pointed out uh the build grant item 12 and and she’s pleased to see that on there and we are too can you just give an update on how that ties into the pedestrian safety because that being a real hot spot area for the city absolutely thanks mario and councilwoman pastor and uh vice mayor guardado this runs right through the heart of your district 35th avenue the build grant we were able to receive from the department of transportation 17.4 million dollars from the federal government and that project is has many facets to it but the main reason we chose that corridor because it is smack dab in the middle of a pedestrian hot spot for serious injuries and fatalities for pedestrians and so that is one impetus for us to be able to put that build grant application in but in addition to pedestrian safety improvements which are going to be upgraded signals median islands adding in street lighting on the second side of the street on 35th avenue we also have technology improvements that are going to be able to allow our signals to talk to each other better as well as other connectivity things that are going to help spur some economic development and along the corridor so we know that corridor is heavy with young the young population including a lot of schools and so we know that there’s there’s reasons why this is a pedestrian safety hot spot area and so we want to this this project combined with our local match was about seven or eight million dollars we have 25 million dollars that’s going to be invested in this corridor we’re anticipating design in 2021 and construction starting i think in 22 or 20 23 madam chair is it possible is it possible for the next transportation um infrastructure to do a presentation as to we have like a an actual presentation on the pedestrian safety program and where we’re all putting in the safety pieces um madame chair councilman pastor yes we can uh sorry we have that information and we can definitely uh provide a map and showing where those i mean we’ve done that before when we’ve done pedestrian safety updates and so we could definitely come back and provide that similar update showing mapping where our improvements are going um in relation to the hotspot areas uh

that’s that’s we’re more than happy to come and do that yeah i think that’s very important madame sorry step forward i think it’s very important to demonstrate that because uh that is one of our hottest pieces of pedestrian safety and um i have the several advocates asking me what we’re doing and so i think it’s very important the same with the bike lane i don’t know if you can cut overlay it like showing how we’re we’re slowing down traffic not slowing down traffic but you know how what we’re doing to uh provide safety all the way around absolutely uh madam chair councilman pastor we can provide that information as well um and add that element to it too because that is part of our accelerated pavement maintenance program and some of the maintenance projects we’re doing when we’re restriping roadways we’re narrowing travel lanes where we have bike lanes we’re using buffers to be able to provide that narrowing and we hope our intention is that provides that traffic calming that traffic mitigation which will bring down the speeds of the roadway but we can definitely include that as well you thank you are there any other questions if not we will go to item 15. thank you when we leave the course thank you thank you madam chair remember go ahead sorry about that uh thank you uh chairman williams and members of the subcommittee really appreciate the opportunity to be here for this item it’s a nice item that staff is very excited to present we have been working with the businesses along the light rail corridors for an extensive amount of time and particularly when it comes to business assistance we have been exploring to see if there is a way to provide financial assistance which is something that has not happened before with the city of phoenix light rail project or any of the light rail projects throughout our region there has not been any type of business financial assistance like what we’re presenting today we’ve worked extensively with the business communities along those light rail corridors an individual by the name of salvador resa you a lot of you know who he is a community activist who is assisting many of the small businesses on the south central corridor has been very involved and we’ve been working with him for some time as well and we we took this item to our citizens transportation commission a couple of weeks ago and uh got a full unanimous support there salvador resa and other members of of the business community uh were able to attend that meeting we don’t have them uh on the call this morning but in that meeting they they expressed support to move forward one thing i do want to acknowledge is that uh the the level of financial assistance um ultimately it’s it’s not a lot of money for the businesses and and we acknowledge that we realize that but with the resources that are available we do want to make those available to the community to those businesses as soon as we can while we are still working to identify additional funding i want to thank councilwoman pasteur for assisting with this effort to garner additional financial support we very much appreciate her passion and her work for the for the businesses along uh those along along those lines and so i i’m going to turn it over to marcus coleman for presentation on exactly what the the pilot program is that we’re presenting it is for action today um and i’ll turn it over to marcus thank you thank you mario madam chair members of the subcommittee um as mario stated we have several different businesses that we’ve worked with through through the process of doing our business assistance throughout the south central and northwest extension phase ii project one thing that i would like to also mention is i’ve been contacted by a few of those businesses directly that just weren’t able to get registered in time to be on the call today one of them being central tires i’m just really in the heart of some of our construction south of lincoln right now at central and southern and another one being butas juarez hilda called and she was able to attend the ctc meeting was unable to attend today but really wanted to show her support and express her support for for the item and she’s located at her business is located at central and broadway with that i’ll jump into the

presentation as mario’s uh brought to you we’re really at a unique opportunity here to do something that we’ve never been able to do on any of our other light rail extensions to date with this pilot the goal of this pilot is really to assist businesses and assist in the retention of current businesses that are existing along our south central and northwest extension light rail and kind of offset well not kind of but offset some of the financial impacts and help mitigate the construction impacts to those businesses that are directly along those alignments the small business pilot program is a pilot program for one year after one year period we will reevaluate the project on the pilot and if it is successful then we would like to extend it for the entire construction period for the northwest and south central extension project and provide financial assistance to locally owned small and micro businesses so we’re really trying to really focus on the mom-and-pop businesses along those corridors making sure that the money is getting to the individuals and those businesses that are most at most that need along those corridors as well the project was conceived through several different processes we’ve met with local businesses and local owners they requested financial assistance i think that’s been our number one request that we receive from businesses along with technical support city of phoenix along with our partners at valley metro we’ve looked at other light rail projects in major cities such as los angeles and minneapolis and able to look at some of the things that they’ve been able to do there in success of some of their business assistance programs that they have we’ve also reached out for business assistance coordinators that we’ve done throughout the the process with other projects feedback during other light rail projects within the city of phoenix such as our cpev and also for our northwest extension phase one we talked to business owners and got input and recommendation from them directly a lot of that information came through our tod process as you recall about a year and a half ago to two years ago we started a process with through our tod grant that we were able to receive from the fta that allowed us to really go out and do some early action business assistance along our south central corridor and we’re able to work with valley metro to do some of those same strategies along our northwest extension phase too and this is one of the things that came out of that is the need for this type of program and so when we looked at a pilot program of this nature we really wanted to make sure that the money is getting to those like i said most vulnerable businesses those smaller businesses that are on the fringe and so some of the requirements that the business must be located directly or accessed directly from the alignment it must be locally owned have 15 or fewer employees to make sure that we’re really serving those small and those micro businesses and then must perform 500 000 in annual revenue or less we felt that this would really make sure that the money is being funneled to those businesses that are most in need and not really focus so much on the larger businesses businesses that have multiple locations and things of that nature and then another thing as we look at the the continued uh eligibility of the businesses is the businesses must conduct their business directly with customers and have those transactions happen directly on the corridor we know that there are some businesses that are located along both corridors that maybe there are just a warehouse location or maybe they do not sell to the public the general public they distribute to a they distribute to a retailer and so we want to make sure that those the dollars that we do have because they’re very limited dollars that those are going to businesses that really depend on that traffic that’s being impacted by construction along those corridors the businesses will be eligible to use these funds if approved for operational costs utilities written mortgage insurance other types of operational calls that are associated with the business being located in the corridor and being able to stay open and keep those doors open through this construction period fortunately for the city of phoenix we’ve been able to receive a grant from pcdic in the amount of 500 thousand dollars the reason why this is really critical to this program to this pilot program is because this amount of funding while not a huge amount of funding it does allow us to have a little bit more flexibility opposed to the funding that we have through our t2050 funding because of the being a grant fund so the way that we’ve looked at this is we have two tiers so businesses must apply tier one is a thousand dollars the thousand dollars here

would allow for any business that’s located along the corridor um that is located along the south central alignment or has access direct assets from the south central alignment or northwest extension phase two alignment to apply for the thousand dollars we really wanted to make sure that we have a program that would allow for individuals that didn’t have sophisticated accounting systems or have robust record keeping to still be able to participate in the pilot and be able to receive some financial relief and so with the tier one we’re able to use those pcdic pcd ic fund for tier one um because there is no requirement for our financial records of um at that tier for tier two which is up to five thousand dollars with that one the business would not only have to meet the tier one requirements of being located along the alignment or have access directly from alignment but the business would also need to show that they have a financial impact that’s taking place due to construction of the light rail project and so that that would be 500 up to 5 000 that would be offered on an annual basis when they apply and so with that staff is requesting that the ti and i subcommittee recommend to city council approval to work with valley metro on a proposed small business financial assistance program pilot and to accept the 500 000 grant funding from pcdic does anyone have questions um and chairman for woman i yeah i am not thank you um i want to applaud this program i think this will be very um useful and helpful for most businesses along the light rail um just a quick question um have you started talking to all the businesses i didn’t catch that it sounds been kind of bad i’m sorry but have you been reaching out already and also how’s it looking madam chair members of the subcommittee um we have talked to the businesses um as far as the need for a pilot program such as this um we have not spoken to all the individual businesses about this program or this pilot being approved we wanted to make sure that we went through the formal process before getting individuals hopes up we have talked to some individuals such as the pcdic who are willing to participate in the program we’ve also have conversations through valley metro with southwest i’m sorry southwest with srp and aps to get their kind of their participation in the program as well and we’re really trying our best to make sure that we have a pilot program that has you know kind of been vetted out and ready to go before we start to communicate it out to the community because we know that this will be something that they’re definitely going to want to take take advantage of and participate in and if i can just add councilwoman start there have been businesses that we’ve been working with kind of all along and so those those are the ones that are a little bit more active and involved they know um what’s being presented today uh and that this is working working its way up through to the council and so so not all the businesses have been reached out to but a good number of them are aware of what of the work we’re doing on this council uh congratulations on getting this up and off the ground we still have a lot of work to do to raise uh actually i’d like to see to raise tier tier one higher and possibly tier two in the future and so uh i probably will need all my colleagues sitting on on the council or on this chair on the committee uh so that we could start calling possibly srp and aps and the businesses is that the companies that they have called already to work with them and seeing if we can get some additional dollars i also would like uh staff and i’m not sure how it works but to reach out to the americopa ida and work with those uh that supervisor supervisor gallardo is the representative of that area and work with his office on trying to get additional dollars from the maricopa ida those are just some suggestions uh excited about this my sec

really i don’t know fourth or fifth question is that uh did some of these companies or small business qualify for covid relief madam chair members of the subcommittee yes some of these businesses did qualify for covet relief through a member of our team winston benjamin she is our tod grant manager and business assistance coordinator for the city of phoenix she’s worked very closely with our partners at valley metro and our partners in ced to make sure that some of these opportunities were sent throughout the corridors not only south central but northwest extension phase two as well actually there were a few applications that were produced only in english and we were able to work with valley metro and others to produce those applications in spanish as well and really try to funnel that information out making sure that those businesses are helped from a holistic approach okay that’s what i was saying thank you for that work any other questions do i have a motion councilwoman pastor i’m sure you have a motion i’d like to move item 15 light rail small business financial assistance program pilot and i will second great i am very glad staff got this together i’m looking forward for to get through council and get out and get relief to some of those businesses um all in favor please say aye hi who’s opposed anyone passes unanimously thank you so much thank you get back to work on this all right item 16. i’m sorry madam chair you go ahead no let’s go to the item 16. the resurrected scooter program do you want to give us a quick briefing on this yes uh keaney knutson uh street transportation director is here along with brianna vales assistant street transportation director to talk about that resurrection good morning madam chair members of the subcommittee uh here to talk about the six-month pilot um program give you an update on the east scooter pilot program in downtown phoenix um and madam chair and members of the subcommittee we’re very happy to provide you that update we probably we would have liked to have provided this update a few months ago but um but the scooter program much like that update um and a lot of other things have been impacted by kovid but today i have uh briana velez with our assistant director street transportation director and acting city engineer who will take you through most of the presentation but just as a reminder that we were last last time we were in front of the subcommittee talking about this program we were in january of 2020 providing an update on the three-month into the first three months of the six-month pilot program and then we returned back in february of this year and requested your recommendation to get council approval on extending the pilot program for another six months as well as some other changes to city code so just a quick overview of the program just to get every mindset there is it was initially a six-month pilot program and you can see on the right-hand side we have the downtown area where it’s bounded by on the east and west on base mainly on 7th avenue and 7th street buckeye road on the south end and then on the north end we have roosevelt portland and mcdowell being the boundaries um within that boundary area we also have some no ride zones around parks and asu downtown campus the convention center um so and so there was definitely some areas in there that founded where people could use the scooters at the beginning we issued three permits to uh spin bird and lime initially and that all started back in september of last year and that six month pilot expired on march 16th of 2020 you see the map that shows those boundary limits and we do have no ride zones as well and we also have those parking locations that were unique to what we did and making sure that people were checking beginning their rides and ending their rides within the designated parking location areas we also mentioned sidewalk riding being prohibited and i know we’ll talk a little more about sidewalk writing when we talk about some of the results of the six month pilot i know that’s near and dear to councilman pastor’s heart as well um and then i also want to mention that we had a six-month pilot extension and that was impacted by kovid that six-month pilot extension was supposed to start in march and wrap up in september but we’re going to let you know where we stand with the extension of that program and how it’s working now so i’m going to turn it over to brianna to take you through the rest of the

presentation thank you keaney good morning madam chair members of the subcommittee at the launch of the pilot program each vendor was authorized to deploy a maximum of 300 scooters each per day for a total of 900 scooters bird launched 50 lime launched 150 and spin the full 300 after the first week bird removed their scooters and decided not to continue with the pilot program after concerns from the community about availability of scooters in certain areas in late november the city did authorize the two remaining vendors to increase their fleet up to 450 each in january 2020 lime decided to not continue operations in the phoenix area and remove their scooters so in february the remaining vendor was authorized to deploy the full 900 scooters as part of the program requirements vendors were required to provide monthly data on the number of daily trips average ride time and distance number of scooter trips and number of scooters deployed based on the six-month data the program has averaged approximately four thousand trips per week with an average of 1.4 trips per scooter per day the average scooter trip duration is 7 minutes and an average distance of 1.5 mile per trip under the permits vendors were charged the fee for violating requirements associated with the nightly pickup and scooter relocations vendors were required to pick up the scooters nightly by midnight and any scooters not picked up were impounded and assessed a fee however in january 2020 the city rescinded the nightly removal requirement and allowed the scooters to remain parked in the designated parking locations as long as they were deactivated from midnight to 5am vendors were also required to relocate improperly parked or discarded scooters within two hours of being notified if the scooter was not relocated within two hours the scooter was collected and a fee was assessed the city contracted with the scooter retrieval company suite to monitor report and correct any vendor violations and was available 24 hours seven days a week sweep has recorded a total of 308 violations during the six-month pilot program with two for bird 244 for lyme and 62 for spin the proposed program fees were intended to recover the cost of administering the program the fees include a 500 application fee and a 5 000 permit fee which totaled 16 500 for the three vendors vendors were also required to pay a 10 cent surcharge fee for every trip and the vendors have paid a little over ten thousand dollars for the initial six-month pilot program the violation fee was 80 and the 308 violations resulted in 24 640 as part of the permit requirements the vendors were required to reimburse the city for installing the 400 designated parking locations the amount was approximately 61 thousand dollars for material and labor and the two vendors each paid one-third of the cost the remaining one-third was collected by the new vendor in phase two of the pilot program the city staff associated with administering the program for the sixth month has been about thirty eight thousand dollars and the contract with sweep was approximately forty five thousand dollars so the total revenue uh collected was fifty one thousand two hundred and eighty eight dollars and the total cost to administer the program for the six months was a little close to eighty three thousand dollars staff establish a dedicated email account phone number and web page to collect comments and address any concerns we only receive 30 emails or phone calls during the initial six months with the top three issues being improper scooter parking abandoned scooters and riding on the sidewalk some of the observations noted from the six-month pilot were that the usage of the scooters was evidence of a shared micro mobility demand and that riders quickly adapted to the unique designated parking locations some of the challenges were the tolerance of the commercial grade gps and issues with detecting no ride zones ending runs the designated parking locations and program boundaries as noted in the previous slide the pilot program freeze did not recover the cost of administering the program the other challenge was unexpected pauses and vendors leaving the pilot program prior to the six-month completion there have been five reported scooter-related incidents none of them involved a motor vehicle and there have been no serious injuries with all of the incidents staff has been very effective some of the six-month conclusions where staff has been very effective in administering the pilot program overall the feedback has been favorable from the public the vendors are reporting encouraging ridership numbers with the pilot program extension there is a potential for program refinements

and further evaluation such as challenges with sidewalk writing and how to get users to comply and how to enforce it evaluation of the fees to be cost recovery and possible contract modifications associated with the scooter retrieval services the additional six-month pilot will help form recommendations on a permanent program in february 2020 city council approved the extension of the pilot program for an additional six months with the extension the city opened up the application for new vendors razer and spin expressed interest in applying for the new program and submitted applications the extension of the pilot was scheduled to seamlessly begin on march 16th but due to the covet 19 pandemic the extension of the pilot was paused and all scooters were removed and we worked closely with the vendors on a more feasible start date staff issued a six-month permits to razor and spin in october and officially started the program on october 1st both vendors have deployed approximately 100 scooters thus far and will increase their fleet based on ridership demand so what are the next steps the next steps include request city council to extend the city code to allow shared electric scooters to operate on public streets until december 2021 continue to administer the program including further evaluation and community input publish the survey and summary report for the initial six-month pilot program draft final recommendations for a permanent shared micro mobility program and the second phase of the pilot is currently scheduled to expire on march 31st 2021 and with that kenny and i are happy to address any questions do we have questions uh madam chair i have questions councilwoman absolutely brianna can you move one slide back when you say extend the city code to allow electric scooters to operate until december 2021 what does explain that to me so when we initially started this program there was an ordinance that didn’t allow electric scooters to operate on city streets and so as part of the pilot program we had to modify the ordinance and there was a clause that it would expire within one year we came back and we were able to extend it an additional six months that allowed the shared electric scooters to operate on city streets and so we would be coming back the thought of december 2021 versus maybe the summer is that with covet 19 we don’t know if there are going to be other unexpected pauses and so we just want to make sure we have enough time for staff to effectively evaluate the second phase of the program and bring forward recommendations to city council in addition to be able to adjust to any unplanned uh pauses that may occur understood that makes sense because i was like what does that mean that makes sense now um i would also say it’s probably one of those uh one of those that have complained uh about the scooters and it’s not because they’re scooters but i almost got hit twice uh the scooter on the sidewalk just putting it on the record and then i take pictures where there’s a cluster of pic of scooters and reports so i might be one of those reporters and we appreciate it today today is just for information only does this go straight to council madam chair members of the subcommittee for the city code the request to extend the city code expiration for operating the scooters that’ll go straight to council so we’re working on that report right now so we expect that to probably go in early december okay anyone else have questions hearing none thank you very much for the chair information if i could step in here i believe we do have one member of the public wishing to comment oh can you call on please yes uh fwang we are you on the line yes yes i am good morning good morning um thank you thank you so much for the opportunity to provide uh public comment this morning on item 16 my name is swan guy and i’m representing spin one of the vendors participating in the city’s e-scooter pilot program i want to first start by thanking the street transportation department for the great work that they’ve done in putting together the pilot and extending it and making sure that all companies operating in phoenix are held accountable on issues such as responsible riding and parking

access and equity and we’re committed to doing our part at spin to expand mobility options while maximizing safety and minimizing clutter and during the pilots been invested in city infrastructure by funding bollards and the striping of designated parking corrals we were the first company to accurately and consistently geofence designated parking areas as well as no no ride zones we’re also committed to providing quality jobs with benefits in phoenix all of our employees here are in-house w-2 employees with living wages and by rejecting a franchise and contractor workforce model we’re really able to provide our employees with benefits training and protections that ensure quality of service and our team has been in regular communications with staff as well as other stakeholders like the phoenix community alliance to continuously refine our operation and meet the needs of the community and with new expectations during the closed 19 pandemics to socially distance and expand outdoor dining micro mobility offers a sustainable and compact mode of transportation to aid in the economic recovery of local businesses in the city and regarding the future spin supports a permanent twitter program that limits the number of operators and puts a history of compliance and partnership with the city of phoenix at its core and with the proven track record of responsible operations in the city and employing employees not independent contractors that should be a prerequisite for participation anyways thank you so much for your time today and we look forward to an innovative future in phoenix thank you very much we appreciate your support your help look forward to going forward on this thank you do we have any other callers we do not chairwoman okay this is not posted for action today so we can go on to the next item which is the airport and safety relief this is the status report when we did the rent relief we asked them to come back and give us a report on how the airport is doing this time of year it’s not posted for action today yes thank you madam chair for that introduction uh and here today to talk about this item and give the update is charlene reynolds our interim aviation director uh who just started in that role this week we’re appreciative of her stepping up into that role now wearing multiple hats and i’ll turn it over to charlene for the presentation thank you mario madam chair and members of the subcommittee i’m here today to provide a update on our concessions program i like to start off my presentation by providing a review of previous council actions relative to our terminal concessions program on june 3rd of this year relief was granted in the form of waiving the minimum annual guarantee for the period of april 1st through june 30th of this year council took a secondary action on july 1st providing an extension of the percentage rent relief through december 31st and then lastly on two separate actions on may 5th and august 26th council also approved the disbursement of 1 million dollars of the city’s cares act relief fund monies to small businesses at the airport this program is administered by our community and economic development department employments drive every major decision that we make at the airport and they are the key to the success of our concessions program we started off very well in january we saw an increase over the previous year again in february we saw that same increase however in april of this year we saw a 93 percent decrease in employment as only essential travel was taking place over the last two weeks we have averaged around 50 percent as compared to last year and taking a look at the numbers for yesterday we are actually down 60 percent over the previous year currently two half of our checkpoints are closed checkpoints b and d that closure has an impact on our pre-security concessions program and most of those concessions remain closed what we are also noticing at the

airport we have a change in in passenger type pre-pandemic we had a 75 to 25 split between leisure traveler to business traveler and the reason why that is noteworthy because typically our business class passengers have higher tickets per person they also like to frequent our restaurants such as chelsea the tavern driving more concession sales while our leisure travelers tend to look for grab-and-go items and or national brands such as mcdonald’s panda express and wendy’s etc relative to employment some believe that there is a one-to-one correlation between employment and our commercial spending habits within the terminals however of the 50 passengers that we are seeing only 36 of those passengers actually visit our food and beverage restaurants and only 25 of those passengers actually visit our retail locations since the pandemic we have seen a drop in our average passenger spending we had a pre-pandemic level or spending level of approximately 11.38 that has dropped two dollars per passenger to 9.36 as of today currently in our food and beverage program and retails we have 65 percent of our concepts are closed in terminal 3 59 of our concepts and terminal i’m sorry 65 of our concepts are closed in terminal 3 and 59 of our concepts in terminal 4 are closed we do require that our concessionaires have at least two concepts open per concourse and one news and gift store open per concourse in order to serve our passengers our gross sales on the food and beverage side as we can see here a major dip of about 75 pre pandemic our average monthly sales were approximately 20 million dollars our current monthly 4 million services such as shoeshine banking spa services and others have seen a drop from nine hundred thousand dollars monthly to a current sale of 280 000 terminal advertising has also been impacted average monthly was 400 thousand pre-pandemic and today we see a post average monthly of a hundred and five thousand dollars other impacts of the pandemic we’ve seen 50 of our terminal advertising contracts canceled travelex which is our international currency provider file for bankruptcy within the u.s market our duty-free store is closed until we see a significant increase in international travel we have also seen major retailers such as brook brooks brothers and others close all of their airport locations until further notice i want to spend a moment talking about our airport concessions disadvantaged enterprise program because our local small business partners are the heart and soul of our concessions program and so i want to illustrate some of the impacts to some of our local business partners in terminal four panera panera which is operated by navisingham his pre-pandemic average monthly total was 387 thousand currently his sales are 125 000 per month refuge coffee operated by curt magnum pre-pandemic saw sales of approximately a hundred thousand dollars currently half that amount at 59 000. cervezas operated by gonzalo de la menia pre-pandemic he enjoyed sales of 300 000 per month post pandemic he’s averaging approximately eighty one thousand t4 pete’s coffee

operated by bruce mosby pre-pandemic 460 thousand dollars and post pandemic 99 000 which is a drop of about 75 percent just wanted to provide the subcommittee an update on employment activity host has furloughed seven 756 employees so far they have caught recall 172 as of this report when it was written i understand that they have recalled more employees ssp has committed to recall all employees based upon seniority stellar furloughed 72 so far they have recalled 25 23 full-time and two part-time and refuge coffee has recalled all of their employees we have also been monitoring what’s happening within our industry relative to concession relief at dallas fort worth airport rent relief has been provided until march of 2021 at tampa international airport they have provided rent relief through september of 2021 atlanta airport has provided rent relief until june of 2021 also a term extension from 30 to 36 months depending on the concept and then george bush international airport also known as houston airport is providing rent relief through december of 2021 and they have also agreed to defer midterm investments for all concessionaires madam chair and members of the subcommittee that concludes my update on our concessions program at phoenix sky harbor international airport and i will be happy to answer any questions you may have do we have questions counseling i have a customer yeah sure let’s go back to the two slides i believe it’s two slides over right there no right there um so when i read this it looks like ssp hasn’t recalled anybody madam chair to councilwoman pass door they have recalled some employees i believe we have a representative from ssp on the line and basically this slide is based upon the information that staff received as we were building this report so i believe their representative would be best to respond to that question thank you vice mayor did you have a question yeah i did i did um well actually i had some comments first um you know and i also looking at this slide um that we’re on right now i mean i think one of the reasons why i posted before was because i thought it was an unbalanced deal a city it is our job to make sure all the primes flavor the same rule i and i don’t understand why it said that ssp america can commit to recall their employees back and hms home hasn’t done that the employees that have given 20 to 30 to 40 years of service the airport deserves the ability to return to work when business returns this is a question of consensus entity they will they did not cause this pandemic and they should not be punished for this it’s important to remember that before quoted or for construction companies had their best recorded business performance in the history of our airport of course we still want to ensure the economy viability of concessions at our airport like i love the airport i’m proud um to be part of the subcommittee and being able to make sure that our airport thrives but we also got to make sure that our workplaces are thriving at the same time how long are we going to continue to financially subsidize multinational corporations especially when these international companies refuse to support phoenix residents asking for a commitment to return to work when business returns if the locally owned small businesses need assistance i believe that we can provide provide that to them but i don’t want to play this game again where these multinational corporation hms hosts

hide behind our local businesses to keep keep shaking us down the city of phoenix for more taxpayers funded bailouts so one of my questions from chair is what is and i don’t know who this question goes to what is the current status of the coins capital investment in the airport and have they recouped those costs that’s my first question and then also why is it that hms host is not recalling workers back bottom chair and members of the subcommittee and um vice mayor please um correct me if i did not fully understand your your question because there was a lot of feedback but i believe one of your questions was relative to capital investment within the terminal and as i understand that in terminal 4 there was approximately 40 million dollars in capital investment at the start of the program all our concessionaires have to commit to a midterm refurbishment on the food and beverage side that did happen they have to expend a hundred dollars per square foot in those midterm refurbishments also in terminal 3 terminal 3 is a brand new program the capital investment was in excess of 20 million dollars and so once i get back to the office i can present to you heart numbers exact numbers but those capital investments have been made as required for the contract okay and then my second question is the rent relief of council passed included a class to recall employees returned what is the current status of that requirement madam chair and members of the subcommittee you are correct vice mayor that the relief package did include a requirement that they work with their employees and so we have staff basically verifying when they sign that contract they committed for the relief that was granted and we do have staff auditing to ensure that one they have to notify us of any federal relief that they receive and so those elements of of the previous council actions staff is monitoring to ensure that they adhere to it they have also been notified if they do not adhere to those requirements then we do have the right to rescind um that percentage rent option and then my my last one is is hms host on i mean i do want to ask them why is it that they have not committed to recalling workers back by seniority as business comes back i know that ssp did it and i know that they have recalled some some folks back but they’re not committed to doing it in the long run and i know that ssp has so madeline like do we have on the line representatives from host or ssp um let me check councilwoman i am not sure um by the names who they might be madam chair yes yeah i would like to hear from ssp and hosts both um due to the fact that i would like my uh question answered as to uh ssp put up their uh recall back by seniority but it doesn’t show that they recalled anybody right madame chair yes i we definitely need them on the line because the report back that we’re getting um from workers is that they’re not recalling them back so i would like for them to get on the line and and give us a list of how many people they’ve actually recalled back and charlene your second slide if you could put that back up right there there we go no there you go okay can staff call contact

the hr person at sssp and host and see if we can get those answers yes for their lobbyists or their lobbyists on the phone yeah lobbyists will work madam chair members of the subcommittee taking a look at speakers for this meeting we have several of the local business partners at this time i do not see a corporate representative of host and or ssp on the line what i can do is reach out to them and text them i’ll i’ll grab my phone but i’ll be happy to text um ssp and host to see if i can get them on the line okay if you could do that yes madam chair yeah because i’m i was very surprised i had through the rumor mill heard that hosts had agreed to call back based on seniority and obviously that’s not true so i’m very disappointed in them i think it’s very important that they follow that i agree with the vice mayor madam chair i know that there are workers ready to speak on public comments if you wanted to hear from them now i know that there are some workers immediately or you get on the line i’m sorry yeah excuse me matt madam chair i have a response from ssp ssp has has recalled 98 employees and hopefully i will receive a text back from host as as well they do have employees in the terminal however from a staff perspective we are not always made aware of the counts and so the the last report that we did received that they recalled 172 but looking for whether or not they will confirm their commitment to recalling based upon seniority and so i will await their their text thank you madam chair while we’re reading this thank you and we’re waiting for that how about we go to the phone calls okay matt go ahead laura um charlene uh last time you went through this i don’t know i want to say it six months ago i don’t i can’t remember even i think july um at that time host ha came out with saying that they were going to recall on sorority and they had several pieces and so uh i am shocked right now as to uh not seeing that on there uh that’s when the vote went through all the way to december right madam chair to councilwoman um past door in preparation for this presentation staff did reach out to all of our prime concessionaires and specifically ask the question relative to how many employees had they furloughed how many employees have they retained and this is the information that we were provided at that time matt can you call on on the people on the phone we’ll take their testimony while we hope yes they send some information surely certainly the first individual that we have for item 17 is gonzalo de la millennium yes good morning can you all hear me we can hear you good morning good morning good morning madam chair and members of the subcommittee i’m gonzalo de la mullen i’m a small business owner of cervezas it’s a taco shop in terminal for sky harbor i want to thank each of you and the aviation staff for your support of the previous rent relief it kept many of us from filing bankruptcy this past summer but i wanted to share with you uh an evident by the numbers that charlene presented we are not out of the woods yet we are in an all hands on deck mode and survival mode let me explain that to you further by touching on three key points you can clearly see there’s still a significant supply and demand issue that’s not going away anytime soon as you saw in the report

only 39 of the 136 concessions are currently open for business and those of us that have reopened sales are still down greater than 50 percent i personally had to close my taco shop for five months and i just recently reopened and i’m happy to report that i’ve been able to bring back about 40 percent of my team members and as traffic continues to grow i’ll keep bringing back you know more of my team back as quickly as possible the second piece is during this time there’s been a significant increase in our operating expenses us as concessionaires has focused on making our businesses safer for our workers and the traveling public by making investments in personal protective equipment new sanitization protocols and new contactless payment equipment all of these are critical for our employees and our guests to feel comfortable and the third piece i want to highlight is what i’ll call the looming acdbe debt crisis and why we are tied at the hip on this in order for us to finance these build-outs banks require collateral however the airport leases do not allow for us to collateralize the real estate or the equipment because an airport is considered a public domain this has two major implications to the borrower a the cost of our loans have a much higher interest rate and b we have to personally guarantee the loans that means we are personally liable and on the hook the reason we’re tied together at the hip on this is u.s airports receive over a billion dollars in grant funding from the faa in the form of aip airport improvement program this funding is subject to grant assurances that airports maintain an ongoing acb program so a collapse of the acdb program may put sky harbor in a difficult situation and ultimately our airport’s ability to access the tens of millions of dollars of free aip dollars that sky harper gets on an annual basis finally i want to just the solution the way to help mitigate this with the term extension allow us for a longer payback to refinance our loans banking partners thank you for your time thank you matt you yes we have i think about five on this item still our next speaker is lachely mangum good morning my name is lachelle mangum and i am president of lamb holdings residing in district 8 and the south mountain area and lamb holdings is it operates retail and specialty stores and a joint venture partnership with stellar partners let me first start by thanking each of you um as well as the rest of the city council mayor gallego in the city of phoenix along with our aviation director charlene reynolds and her staff for all the support that we’ve received as we navigate our way through some very difficult challenges in our industry every one of us is learning how to pivot in order to survive this tough position that we’re all facing and so we come before you today to thank you but also to ask you for your continued support that we can continue to operate as the number one airport in the country specifically that is what we’re asking for is your support to in order to survive this pandemic and the reduction in travel we need our rent to be set as a standard percent of rent for all sales for the next year where center rent will give us all a chance to bring our cost of doing business to a manageable place where we can pay our debts to the bank and start to rise above this very difficult place we all find ourselves in as you know many locations remain closed at sky harbor and we know that you know if we open some of these businesses our ability to survive becomes very difficult and we may not be able to survive with the sheer expense of just doing business with such a huge reduction in amount of travel we cannot compete with our 2019 numbers and therefore this fact makes our survival a small business is very difficult our view and our goal is long term but we need your help in the short term with percent of rent in order for us to get through 2021 as viable businesses thank you all for listening thank you for your consideration and i’d also be remiss without congratulating councilwoman stark and garnettal for your reelection congrats thank you for your time thank you very much next caller our next speaker is bruce mosby good morning can you hear me we can hear you well thank you uh madam chair williams and uh subcommittee members thank you for this opportunity to speak with you for a moment i’m gonna kind of shorten my talk because uh gonzalo and lechelle did a great job outlining everything but i too would like to add my thanks and appreciation to the city council for the decision they made a few months ago

to set our rent at a percentage of sales that was most helpful also we look very much the acdbes appreciate the grant that we received these two things together in the short term has helped our survival and also to avoid the unthinkable alternative over the past three to six months information that we receive from tsa just as carlene has mentioned no passenger processing with gradual increases and decrease that’s measured against 2019 numbers and these were the fluctuations that the tsa is seeing also reflect the cells in our sales and the numbers again that charlie had here for my two peach coffees my sales fluctuate between 35 and 45 percent of 2019 numbers uh and also without the business traveler average check our customer has declined about 20 and we all report ourselves to the airport every sunday for the previous week so the airport can stay close to our sales program for me and others at the airport this level of 35 to 45 percent of 2019 numbers does not spell recovery for us yet we are still very much in survival mode as we work to just break even and try to not lose money during this pandemic time because of the uneven and uncertain nature of air travel we have been significantly helped by the relief relief that city council has granted us and for my businesses and others um we have worked with the banks to help reduce uh the onerous nature of our debt so i like the others would ask that the council please consider continuing the percent rent and also extensions of our contracts would help us with refinancing to get through this time thank you for answering the questions thank you chairwoman this this is matt it looks as though some of the folks who signed on for public comment actually meant to comment on this item so i was going to call on those folks as well if that’s okay with you well let me check very quickly with charlie have we heard from host or ssp madam chair members of the subcommittee i have heard from one of host local business partners who would understand the operations and the employee counts of hosts being a jv partner host has recalled approximately 400 employees out of the 800 based upon seniority and will continue to do so as sales come back that’s the response that i have also employees are being recalled based upon the collective bargaining agreement so i continue to try to get a corporate representative from host on a line to to verify that but that is the information i have been provided by one of their local partners charlene madden chair yes go ahead charlene can you identify who that person is because we don’t we’re putting that on record i just got a message that they’re on the phone okay yeah is that person on the phone let me check with it but charlene would you put on the record you need to read who who it is on the record absolutely madam chair councilwoman pastor that would be from gregory torres thank you just a moment uh madam chair members of the subcommittee in order to identify the the caller we actually need a phone number because that’s all that’s all the system shows is a phone number um once we know that we can figure out which which caller it is and if you like i could proceed with the

public comment in the meantime okay our next speaker is tracy gunderson tracy are you on the line okay i just got a message that ssp’s hr director is also on the line i think it’s florian they have a name i thought we were doing it by numbers madam chair matthew yeah i don’t is it possible that we could just keep going with public comment and whenever hssp or where we get to that number they could speak yes okay it’s just nobody’s responding at this point in time i believe there’s still other workers hello hello can you hear me yes could you tell us who you are oh this is tracy gunderson okay you can hear me you you um thank you for allowing me you’ve heard from me before uh i’ve been server for uh xms house for over nine years now and um i’m just uh hoping that um in order to give them this um relief to please put in a stipulation that we will have about two years to be called back right now it stands that we’re gonna be the cut-off date is in march for us i don’t think that’s going to be enough time for all of my co-workers with less seniority to hold their jobs doesn’t cost hosts anything or the city of phoenix but it’s priceless as workers if you could just have hosts ex extend the the deadline would be so much appreciated and and um a lot of bringing a lot of peace to uh a lot of the families out there that are struggling right now that are employees of hms host did you have a question councilwoman yeah i just wanted to know which deadline what deadline be very specific so so we i’m i’m sorry i didn’t uh was it not more detailed so we’ve been further up since march then october 15th they sent out a letter um back in august and they they uh they laid they laid all of us off that were furloughed so in order to be recalled back um for them to stay in the fertile pool they’re only given it till march and then they can start hiring off the street and we’re hoping that they will we’re hoping that they will continue to hire from the furlough or you know the people that have been furloughed for about um two more years after that like ssp did that ssc has agreed to do that we’re wanting hosts to do it as well thank you thank you yes um can you hear me yes um so we just got a report back um from your employer um that they just recalled um 400 of you guys back to work is that true i don’t know if that’s true or not all i know is i’ve been there almost 10 years and i still haven’t been recalled okay great okay thank you thank you and our next speaker is teresa dominguez yes good morning madam chair williams and members of the subcommittee my name is theresa good morning my name is teresa dominguez and our business address is 4346 east elwood street in phoenix the name of my company is maja 3 art inc and we are an acdb partner with parodies phoenix first i want to say thank you so much for to the city council members who have given us support since the beginning of

this pandemic we have really appreciated that help that we have uh received from you when my husband frank and i moved into phoenix in 1995 never did we think that we could play a part in one of the best airports in the united states we are blessed and fortunate to have had the faith to invest in frank’s retirement savings to be a local acdbe business partner at parities we’ve seen the airport grow since 1997 beginning in terminal 3 where we originally owned an art gallery before becoming an acdb partner with parodies since then paris since then sky harbor has seen a tremendous transformation where it’s been recognized multiple times as an award-winning airport most recently they were selected we’ve been selected by wall street general as the top airport in the nation when i speak to people or friends about their travel experience they all have referred to the best shopping best food and best customer service they’ve received while using phoenix sky harbor international airport it is america’s friendliest airport as a matter of fact travelers give high yelp ratings to the restaurants and shops of phoenix all provided by some of the most talented and innovative local business partners the services that we provide have been recognized over and over again on a national basis people love coming through phoenix sky harbor we want to keep that high level of service moreover keep the unique phoenix feel that passengers have experienced before departing and arriving at america’s friendliest airport all of this is not possible without your help we look at this as a continuation of our partnership with you and we thank you in advance for considering our request for assistance and helping during this serious downturn in our local airport businesses i want to thank you for listening and thank you for your time and we ask for your help thank you teresa chairwoman this is matt i am told by rit folks that we have stephen douglas from host on the line if you would like to call on him next okay his name is stephen you seem to have a little problem can can you hear me yes we can hear you now thank you thank you madam chair and members of the council my name is stephen douglas i am vice president of business development for hms host my understanding is there was a question about how many people we’ve recalled at phoenix sky harbor to date we’ve recalled 389 employees uh and we’re doing so in compliance with our collective bargaining agreement which does require uh uh to be the associates to be called back based on seniority do you plan on continuing that practice yes ma’am okay councilwoman our vice mayor yeah stephen um so my question is one one of the letters that i saw and that the workers got said that if workers had been recalled of next year um then they would be let go and they wouldn’t be recalled back once business got back and that you guys would be hiring um from the streets then is that true yes ma’am the letter was sent out in accordance with the um the warren act and um my understanding is that we are calling back based on seniority um and will continue to do so i know but my question is um are you gonna retract that from saying that if by march you if a nature famous host worker has not been recalled by march of 2021 then does that mean they what their understanding is and my understanding from seeing that letter is that they’ll be terminated at that point is that true is that what you’re planning to do um you know um i know that we are planning to call back based on seniority um as far as what happens at that date you know um my understanding is look our our associates are are the lifeblood of our business and um you know the associates that are trained are of significant value to us um so there’s you know we obviously would want to bring back our trained associates um you know to the best of our ability as business comes back right so having them a letter saying that if they’re not recalled by march then they’re terminated i agree with you i think they are yeah i think they are the backbone of that airport right especially workers have been there for 30 to 40 years um i cannot imagine

one of them and receiving that letter and thinking that in march they’re going to have to go get a new job yes mate again i believe the letter was sent in accordance with the warren act um and you know to be in compliance with the horn act um and again it’s the intention to to bring back as many uh associates as we can as the business supports it okay but just to be clear as of march whoever is not recalled back then they should consider fire uh again my understanding is that you know the warrant act it went from uh a furlough status to a layoff status is my understanding um and that i guess under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement yeah the march date is uh there’s a is a i guess a date was part of the collective bargaining agreement um we’re going to continue to to comply with the collective bargaining agreement we’re going to continue to hire our associate staff as quickly as we can based on business and we’re going to continue to do it based on this okay thank you councilwoman hi uh i understand that it is required under the warn act but what i think what we’re trying to look at is that ssp uh is recall letter or the letter that was sent by ssp is uh to 2020 and host is march 2021 so um i think the question that vice mayor is asking is uh the march letter is 2021 is it possible to extend it to 2022 like ssp pads right and and um what i can tell you right now is we we we do intend to hire people back to the best of our ability based on seniority you know as far as the specific dates i can tell you we will comply with our collective bargaining agreement and if the collective bargaining agreement is um is uh modified or adjusted to reflect that absolutely we would do that okay um i’m not sure how ssp did it with their collective bargaining agreement but um i’m just i i think you need to look at it yes ma’am i think it would be helpful if you could get something in writing to the council stating that you can make that change this will be the topic of discussion next month probably setting the rate for f as of january 1st so i think it’s very important that we have a very clear picture of your enchantment understood madam chair and members of the council mr woman i have another question or just a comment for steve okay go ahead so steve i i know i know that you guys could do better as as hms host i’ve um you know as you as you might remember like i was the organizer at the airport for a very long time and it was always you know like there were moments where we had a good relationship moments were it was a little challenging and right now like i’m hoping you know that hmm will step up to the plate the same way that ssp did and sign that letter i i know that it’s something that’s possible that can be done i know that you guys can make that commitment um to not fire folks in in march i and you know i know that you and and together with other folks can make that happen and you know i want to be able to support you guys but for me you know my heart is always gonna be with the workers especially with this pandemic and and the covet and covet right scene i’m here in arizona those workers we need you guys to do the best that you guys can do and i know that you guys can do better and i’m pretty sure that you guys will but i really need you guys um to do that and you guys have the same bargaining agreement as ssp um and and i’m sure and i’m sure there’s a way you can make that happen thank you thank you for the common advice man okay thank you for calling in stephen if you could follow through yes madam chair okay thank you matt i think we have ssp still waiting um just a moment heroin let me check with it

it’s 480-772-60107 yes i believe they are on the line okay could we have them come on they could give us the numbers that we’re missing um who was it that we were going to hear from from ssp are you sir it’s a human resource director loren can you hear me yes thank you and i’m sorry i’ve proved your name that’s okay madam chair um members of the council my name is leron jacobs i’m the hr business partner for ssp america i’m here to clarify the total health head count of recalled employees as well as answer any other questions you may have i can say that as of today we are at 134 recalled associates operating in the airport i’m available for any questions and you’re recalling by seniority yes madam chair we’ve been recalling by strictly seniority since the beginning of the recall process thank you councilwoman pastor yes my question is um i know that you also have to uh give letters uh to the warren act but uh my understanding is the furlough date is to 2022 council amendment pastor we sent the warn letters before a reduction of force was executed now that that’s been done we have extended recall rights for two years okay meaning to ill you recall extension to 2022. am i correct 20 24 months from november of 2020 okay yeah so november 2022 i think i’m yeah correct okay thank you and uh i have one more question um you just worked with the groups through the collective bargaining or how did you you just presented it that way members of the subcommittee we engaged in negotiation process with unite here local 11 and through the negotiation process we agreed upon a memorandum of understanding to outline how we would proceed through the pandemic and the recall process as well as reopening our operations inside the airport thank you i appreciate that any more questions for her i just want to thank you for calling in so quickly and responding i know you hadn’t planned on calling this morning but we really appreciate it thank you absolutely thank you all for your time vice mayor has a question i think no i just come in so lauren thank you for for calling in and and um and hoping as one of the primes that you guys are helping uh lead the way a little bit here hopefully um you can get your counter partner hms schools to do the same thing but thank you thank you so much for what you guys are doing thank you goodbye matt do we have another caller yes and i was also informed that we have daryl benton who’s a with host as well if you wish to call on him let’s call on him next i think his response is very important mr benton can you hear me yes we can daryl we can hear you you can hear me yes we can all right look i just want to call i’ve been on the call this is daryl benton executive vice president business development for host and um as the council as councilwoman betty has indicated yes we do have a collective bargaining agreement and yes we are calling back our associates in seniority and i do understand that our collective bargaining agreement is not identical to ssp these are all

separate negotiated agreements and regarding the extended callback for another year i will get with our collective bargaining team i did not want to leave steve douglas our vice president out there by himself but i did not want to you know try uh councilwoman gardato to to go outside of the uh ounce of the collective bargaining agreement on this call but i will get back to you all with that exception that i think my colleagues at ssp indicate that they have extended their callback and i will get with um my team to try to get you all back that answer but um i know this is an important issue betty when i’ve talked with you the councilwoman betty i’m sorry and i know it’s important to you uh it is very important to us as as i think indicated we’ve called back 389 of our 800 associates um as you can imagine we have associates i think one spoke with 10 plus years of service it is in our best interest to get them back to work i’m not an expert on war notices but yes they had to go out so you didn’t keep the associate um and i would consider um um hanging on that that their job was there in case they needed to go and seek other employment but as you can imagine we want and need experienced associates coming back to work but nor do we want to keep associates out of the job market when emplainments remain you know 40 60 percent down but i will get you back a formal notice let me answer back on the extended callback but i did not want to leave a false impression that we would you know could get outside the boundaries of the collective bargaining agreement in this public forum but i understand your question and request i will tell you i think it is extremely important that you get a letter and have it to us before december 1st stating that you are agreeing to extend the callback by seniority the same as ssp it is very important to not only this subcommittee but i believe the entire council and to our community and this is a very top priority before we can consider even renegotiated grant so thank you and you’re so welcome and i will do my best counselor and pastor um i i had a meeting uh with host and i just wasn’t aware that uh i thought everything was set into play uh i wasn’t aware that uh that uh from the locals uh there wasn’t an agreement and so uh i would uh behoove you to take the advice of chairwoman williams uh to be able to uh match ssps a agreement because this will be a hot topic in december castle pastor i understand thank you you’re welcome and thank you very much for calling in and explaining what’s going on we appreciate it thank you you’re so welcome thank you thank you i have a comment well thank you thank you so much for for calling in and cleaning it up with us i know that you and i have had a conversation um i can’t remember anymore maybe a month two months ago um and yes and and thank you for hoping you know that you can produce that letter i you know it’s gonna it is like councilwoman pastor and our chair um also said um this is gonna be a hot topic in in december and i know that we all wanna make sure that we put our employees first and then we make sure that our that our airport continues to thrive like we all we all love our airport and we want to make sure that it continues to thrive and that we want to continue to support our small businesses and our primes um but we but we were really gonna need that from you guys thank you so thank you vice mayor thank you bye matt do we have another caller yes ma’am we we do actually uh we have several our next speaker is julia kaiser clark okay hello good morning we can hear you’re fine go ahead thank you the ac dbe program was created to bring

small gender or ethnic minority owned businesses into the airport my family’s company casa unlimited enterprises is proud to have been part of this nationally recognized program here in phoenix from the start i’m joya kaiser a second generation woman and minority owned airport concessionaire my request today is for continued percentage rent only so that my fellow small businesses and i can remain viable without your critical support in this matter we are in a hopeless situation attributable to your previous vote on mag abatement we were able to reopen some of our units after being closed for six months it is only because of the release of the minimum guaranteed rent that we are surviving right now thank you for that in the in the six weeks since we have been reopened we are finding that the business which we have excelled at for 30 years is a completely new world to us flight schedules are inconsistent we’re having month over month loss and perishable inventory due to the reduction of passengers and specifically the loss of the business traveler we are operating with about half of our pre-covered team members we watch our sales daily desperately searching for signs that we have enough stability to bring more team members back so i’m really here to ask for help on behalf of the people who make my business function my employees some of which have been with me for decades all of which are dependent on me for jobs only with your help can we be sustainable minimum guaranteed rent continues to be the literal make or break point for us i thank you so much for your continued assistance and your attention to this matter thank you thank you thank you for heading in there our next caller is our next speaker is christine miller christine are you there yes can you hear me i can hear you go ahead great good morning everyone my name is christine miller i’m a lead organizer for unite here local 11 we are here today because you have heard a report about concessions at the airport which has included a lengthy discussion about hms host i also want to start by just saying thank you so much to all the council members for your support so far in this meeting hms host is the largest concessionaire in phoenix’s award-winning airport and is the largest operator of airport concessions in north america its parent company auto grill is owned by a family of italian multi-billionaires whose holding corporation had assets valued at 13.8 billion last year and increased its cash balance by an estimated 60 in the first six months of this year hms host as you all know and have been talking about has also received relief from the city of phoenix worth millions of dollars and yet as of october 15 of 2020 hms has declared that it is carrying out what it has called a permanent layoff of hundreds of airport workers imagine that a billionaire company hms host gets bailed out by the city of phoenix and other government bodies and you know with stipulations that you all wanted recall and mere months later carries out what it calls a permanent layoff of hundreds of workers now because we have a union contract most host workers in phoenix are protected by recall rights up until march of 2021 but our question is what happens after that um as of now hms host is refusing to extend recall rights beyond that even after getting the first round from the city of phoenix as many of you have already said in this meeting your time is up okay i don’t know if you’ve been listening to the conversation but we have had posts on the phone and they are promising that they’re going to extend those recall rights so yes i have been talking to you soon before yes thank you so much for your support so far zelda in this meeting and councilwoman betty guardaro and councilwoman laura pastor we appreciate it so incredibly much so i look forward to hearing back of that there’s been a change thank you our next speaker is douglas marmol

there goes are you there douglas yes one second okay we can hear you yes okay good morning my name is douglas marmal i have worked as a cook for hms in los angeles in los angeles for 24 years and i believe the world needs to know how hms health is treating us i am 54 years old and i’m diabetic and i was extremely disappointed to learn that this company that i have worked for 24 years terminated health insurance for laid off workers in phoenix over the summer this is changeful on top of that as you have heard several of weeks ago workers at lax filed a class action lawsuit in california superior core against the chemicals alleging that the company failed to pay us everything we are all when we got laid off early as this year we are we are in a global panel business it’s down no one know when business will speak up but i still am laid off through no fall on my own none of us caused this pandemic we have given years to this company we have worked hard for this company and this is how they they have treated days during this pandemic while hms host has received relief from the city of phoenix and other government entities laid off workers has been struggled to survive in the company that owns hm host is just sitting on hundreds of millions and billions dollars and holding hands out for more help it is shameful i ask you the same thing that we asked the city of los angeles please do not give hme host any more relief money thank you very much thank you very much for calling in matt do we have more yes our next speaker is lotus perez silva thank you hello my name is prince can you hear me hi good morning my name is louis perez silver and i’ve been a server for hms colts for over 30 years i’m also a proud leader at her and i’m hope and i’m united here atre and i’m enjoying my brothers and sisters here in phoenix to say do not give host any more relief money host workers have been treated very poorly by this company and we’re all in this together several weeks ago i another hms host worker at lax filed an action lawsuit in california superior court against hms host alleging that the company failed to pay us everything we’re owed after lax living wages went up in 2018 my co-workers workers and i noticed that we’re getting paid the airport’s minimum wage of 13.75 it looks like it looked like hosts are showing us about 50 cents for each hour that we worked we brought this to the attention of the company and in july of last year we testified at laowa and in fall we still hadn’t received the money the payback money so we filed a formal complaint with the city 50 cents an off cents an hour may not seem like a lot to you but it’s unused vacation pace it’s money that we could use for food it’s money that we can use for gas it’s money that we can use for shelter the money can means the difference between hope and hopelessness hms host has received relief in the city and from government entitlements laid off workers have been struggling to survive we need corporate leaders that don’t take advantage of the workers and the crisis i urge you not to give hope another penny for bailout thank you thank you very much for calling in matt our next speaker is ebato mahmoud hello are you on the line the line um i need to hear you uh my name i worked for is associate for 20 years and um they called me back on may when i was had an accident and very else and i tell them that i’m very sick and then i get the letter that they say october 15th we not gonna have no more job if we don’t come back

and i’m not sure if i have nobody called me after that and i have not sure if i have a job or not have a job i’m living in really am i gonna have a producer to go back or i might not have a job um well i can’t even go to the doctor because they cut the miracle then obeying the medical and i have no clue when city paying all this money why the employee doesn’t have a on the medical cover hello yes we can hear you we can only listen at this point and i want to know um what city can do with that departing hms policy on multi-billion dead uh company who even doesn’t take care of his own employees to their needs and have respect the employee that worked 30 years so 35 years so 25 years and not cared for their life the boarding is still an intimate house thank you for calling our next oh pardon me chairwoman our next speaker is carmen quintana okay thank you carbon carlos do we have someone i do not believe that we have a spanish interpreter if not i can i can translate as well okay so carmen said hello my name is carmen i’ve worked for hms host for 33 years and i was laid off and i received a letter in the mail saying that i was going to be permanently laid off and i want to know what is going to happen to us and thank you so much for your support you’re very welcome world matt do you have another i think we have one more speaker on this item uh vivian lavley okay hello are you on the line good morning good morning i am so sorry for earlier today uh thank you so much for listening to me and thank you so much again for your support thus far i did listen very clearly i see we did have some developments in regards to host extending the recall right so i’ll put that part of my speech aside i did want to point out and ask what we can do to discuss the seniority part of the recall i know that hosts is stating that they’ve recalled 400 plus people at this point which is amazing and i’m glad to hear that a lot of those people so far that i know of is salary management and as carmen said as far as i know she is our highest seniority person at 33 years i myself have been working there for seven years and we haven’t been recalled but people that i personally trained when they first started are already recalled we have people who have barely been working there comparatively to our sandwich ladies that have not been recalled yet the seniority its host is broken up into different categories of title and their seniority berries in that area but it seems like they’re picking and choosing which titles they recall our bakery ranges from one to ten years experience

and they haven’t even begun to open our bakery so we are missing a lot of clarification on what exactly they mean when they are calling by seniority and in addition to the lack of extension as of today and we will see where that further goes but again i appreciate you guys listening to us and hearing everything we had to say and i really look forward to seeing what changes we can make so that everyone can get their job back that wants to go back thank you very much for calling in that’s the end of our speakers for this item yes chairwoman thank you okay thank you very much i i will tell you from my perspective this is not a council or a subcommittee that you want to play games with i think it’s very important that people have listened and follow through on what they have said they will do in a very timely fashion vice mayor did you have a comment yes i did uh well thank you so much um chairwoman and elder williams um for all for all of your support of this and councilwoman pastor yes this is something that’s very important to all of us on the console i think that as i said as much as we want to make sure that our airport continues to thrive we want to make sure that we are also um taking our workers that have helped this let’s remember that our airport was the tape was rated the tastiest airport um in in the country and and that’s because of all of these workers and we cannot forget that as we’re moving forward and we wanted to and we want to make sure that our small there’s no businesses that are primes that everyone um is able to get back on their feet and i want to make sure that i can be in a place where i can where i can support this um come december i hope that hms host does the right thing and that we get that letter and that we’re able to move forward and that everyone can have some peace of mind um by the end of the year of where their jobs are going to be at and that these businesses are also going to thrive so thank you so much to everyone um on on this subcommittee um and looking forward um to our meeting in december thank you so much um chair you’re very welcome i think we will now go on to ohio my apologies i.t let me know that it looks like there are two people um signed up who may have been for this item as well that are on the line they’re on the line i believe so i’m sure this this is deborah i’m having a hard time hearing anything so i’m gonna sign off and then sign back on i apologize i don’t know what’s wrong with my sound okay okay so i will be back on hopefully in a couple seconds thank you thank you thank you matt when she gets back on we will go ahead with the calls yes can you tell me when she’s back on yes chairwoman oh i believe she just signed back on okay our next caller please our next speaker is hewitt kadani okay my name is kirani i work in hms hosting 14 years until march now they lay off the last in april which they send it for me email the paper i said i followed up before was my position still now no for no partnership i am you don’t enough money they have open monthly 200 to 40 you can’t enough you have job i’m ready for the job

you don’t have job i need more money i’m about this one i’m wait it’s not enough 200 thank you it was something and our last speaker is makedes tamere hello are you on hello are you on but it’s still on the line let me check one second i believe that they were also signed up on the same number as hewitt so oh i’m sorry they did just drop okay into the conversation on this item we will go to item 18 which is the climate action planning update yes madam chair deputy city manager karen thank you charlie karen peters is here along with nancy allen from the environment environmental programs and mark hartman chief sustainability officer to present on the climate action plan right good morning madam chairman members of the subcommittee karen peters here with me as mario indicated our nancy allen our environmental programs administrator and our chief sustainability officer mark hartman we will be as brief as we can but we we do want to give you some some really interesting and good news about where we are with climate action planning i want to acknowledge the hard work of many many city staff to put this framework together but most notably in the environmental programs office matthew potsler roseanne albright and katrina gerster so this framework is the most recent milestone in our climate action journey we’ve made significant progress but have big challenges ahead to achieve our goals there’s no action on this item today we’re we’re here for information and discussion as we initiate community input and do the analysis that we need to present a plan next spring so in preparation for the framework staff did an online survey to gauge community interest this summer as you can see we received 865 responses when we asked them how concerned they are about climate-related hazards they 75 responded that they are extremely concerned about extreme heat prolonged drought and poor air quality so what this tells us is that while it is vital to do our part to reduce carbon emissions and be part of the solution to climate change it is perhaps even more important to act now to adapt and become more resilient to the impacts we are experiencing today and be prepared to thrive in a hotter and drier future as we’ll discuss phoenix has been working on climate action for over a decade if you had a chance to look at attachment 1 to the framework you’ll see that we’ve been doing quite a lot that that summarizes actions taken already in recognition of this work the city was invited to join the c40 cities climate action leadership group or climate leadership group which is a global network 96 major cities committed to bold climate action and achieving the goals of the paris climate accord membership in c40 comes at no cost to the city but brings significant benefits including technical support for the climate action planning that we’re describing today we’re the city to procure this kind of support on its own it would require tens of thousands of dollars not currently budgeted so just a snapshot of where we’ve been beginning in 2009 to the present we’ve done numerous greenhouse gas inventories the first one was for our city operations only conducted in 2009 with the for the baseline year of 2005 and then we continued to do them in for the years 2012 2014 2016 and most recently 2018. during that time as

as i said we’ve taken a lot of actions we’ve made significant progress the council set some ambitious goals for us along the way and we’re happy to say that we did meet our goal that the council established of reducing city operations emissions by 15 percent from the 2005 uh baseline so so good work on be on the part of all the city departments involved at this time i’m going to ask nancy allen to take it from here and talk through the framework good morning madam chairwoman and members of the subcommittee so karen has set me up quite well for this so she was talking about the work that the city had done for city inventories our framework document that you have now is looking at our community inventories and our community is is broken up into three sections stationary energy transportation and waste and so the stationary energy section is dealing with electricity that we get off the grid and we expect that emissions with associated with electricity generation will be going down in the future as our electricity providers are decarbonizing their grids the next one is transportation that one is going to be a challenge for us here in the valley because we are a wide open city and everyone’s got a car so transportation emissions will need to be uh dealt with at some point in the future it is not only a greenhouse gas but it is also contributing to our air quality we have been talking with a number of regional uh partners in this including the county and mag and some of our sister cities as well and there are a great number of solutions that we could enact to deal with some of our transportation emissions waste is the third section and that has to do with mostly methane and other greenhouse gas releasing from landfills and composition of waste so this graph here is one that is quite remarkable because what this is showing from our community greenhouse gas inventories from 2012 to 2018 is that the city of phoenix for the community has had a per capita decrease in greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time having a 12 percent population increase and a 26 percent expansion of our economy and so that is quite remarkable that we can have that type of growth and at the same time be reducing our greenhouse gas emissions so karen also alluded to the way that we were planning and going about looking at our climate actions so our departments all were generous enough to appoint a climate liaison and these folks with other folks within their departments worked with my office and with mark’s office we also have been working with the community we have had two community workshops to date and we have additional ones planned in the future all of this is going into a hopper and with that we’re going to end up with some climate actions that are related to mitigation and others that are related to adaptation and so with the uh mitigation actions those are going to be really focused on emission reductions associated with those three sectors that we talked about energy transportation and waste adaptation is really our resiliency goals so those are things improving air quality strengthening our local food systems working on living with extreme heat and getting our urban heat island decreased so it’s not quite as hot here and then also dealing with drought and our water supply so i’ll turn it over to mark now and let him talk about the actual framework that you guys have thank you and good morning madam chair members of the subcommittee uh yes i get the pleasure of announcing that we’ve officially unveiled this framework online and allowing for public input it actually represents uh goals for each of the sectors our long-term 2050 goals it’s called the framework because they’re it’s really articulating what are the past present and potential future actions we might take bus way to 2050 and probably uh you can hear me much better now uh so hopefully you caught that little bit of introduction as

being online but uh for um for us i want to say about you know the one thing that assembled as we brought these together from the 28 departments probably the most uh most astonishing observation is that uh how how all the departments and actions work together and having them all in one place in a single plan that shows us the pathway to the to 2050. and so the quickstart actions are things that we’re doing between now and 2025 and then as well as highlighting the key things that we’ve done that already put us on this pathway to 2050. and the other thing i want to highlight is that you know as we do this outreach to the community and climate change action plan one of the things that the mayor actually asked the environmental quality and sustainability commission the eqsc to actually approach businesses and do some outreach to the business community and really ask for their input uh on the plan as it the framework as it had been so far and as well as what they would like to see in the plan and we have some uh you know from you know they’ve done a great job at outreaching not just a large sector but small businesses non-profits and other organizations uh throughout the city and and engaging them and asking them for their input of really what they’d like to see in this plan and we hope to continue to engage them and there’s quotes here from you know a few of the organizations but we will have a whole collection of those by the time this clement action plan is released uh next spring and so about the agenda i’ll hand it back to uh nancy to talk about the next steps so with the next steps um i don’t want you to think that that word final at the bottom final plan uh this plan will be once developed will be continually updated review reviewed and revised getting there we do want to hear from the public so like mark said the framework is posted out on our website right now there is a survey type comment tool that folks can comment on the plan or they can use the email address climate to comment on the plan as mentioned earlier we have had a couple of workshops we are planning another uh climate act uh framework workshop that will be held on december 3rd and then in january we expect to have additional more in-depth uh longer workshops dealing with the actual plan itself these may be very topic focused we may have one specific to water specific to transportation and those will probably be several hours long and right now they will be virtual uh when we get those scheduled we will be communicating that out uh via social media and our website and we will be sending notices to your offices as well speaking of notices sent out we are quite pleased that the communications office was able to get this out on their next door uh app and as of yesterday we had had over 52 000 impressions for our climate action framework we expect to get the plan together and put it out for a public comment next summer and bring that back before you in the fall for recommendation for full council approval later next year and so with that if you have any questions for us we would be happy to answer do we have any questions i i will have to make the comment that is the heaviest report i’ve had in a long time it must have weighed 10 pounds in the packet so i know you’ve been working hard thank you okay i hear no questions i look forward to the final document i won’t be around but i’m going to pay attention chairwoman thank you this is matt it looks as though we have a few members of the public wishing to comment on this item oh okay did you go ahead and start the calls yes so our first speaker is alana langdon thank you thank you matt yes thank you madam chair good morning my name is alana langdon good morning madam chair and members of the subcommittee my name is alana langdon i’m the senior manager of external affairs and public policy at nikola corporation my custom my comments today will be in reference to our letter of support that we submitted on october 23rd nikola is incredibly proud to be here in arizona and phoenix and very pleased to see and support the city’s efforts to decarbonize our community nikolai corporation is headquartered in phoenix arizona at 4141 east

broadway road uh we are a technology disruptor and integrator working to develop innovative energy and transportation solutions specifically zero emission high heavy duty trucks and hydrogen infrastructure since locating to arizona we have created just over 500 jobs to date when we were located to arizona in 2018 the company had 40 jobs and so therefore we’ve increased those net new jobs by approximately 90 percent since 2018. the median salary range of these professional careers uh inclusive of engineer software and hardware developers modelers and designers etc range between 75 to 150 000 we are also in the middle of developing a manufacturing facility in coolidge and as that moves forward we will be creating an additional a thousand jobs um with priority recruiting for material handlers assemblers technicians and the skilled trades specifically to this report you know we wanted to provide some additional uh comments uh for um consideration as this moves forward through the process specific to the city considering the uh and recognizing the impact of medium and heavy duty vehicles on the carbon emissions footprint in addition to the light duty vehicles especially on the disproportionate effect on disadvantaged communities in our city so in addition to the reduction of the carbon footprint of medium and heavy duty vehicles we encourage the deployment and adoption of zero emission medium and heavy duty vehicles and infrastructure and also the consideration of hydrogen for power generation and energy storage and microgrid applications for the city’s future operations thank you very much for joining thank you very much for calling in and your cooperation matt the next caller please our next speaker is michael denby michael i am here can you hear me we can hear you go ahead very good madam chair vice mayor and members of the city council my name is michael demby and i’m a senior policy advisor for the newly minted sustainability group at arizona public service let me begin by thanking you all for this opportunity to speak aps is very pleased to support the city of phoenix climate action plan on october 23rd ann becker the vice president of sustainability at aps submitted a letter to mayor gallego outlining in detail our support for the city’s climate action plan i’ll use my limited time here today to briefly touch upon a few of the highlights from that letter and in the meantime encourage the council members and everyone else to read that letter the first thing i like to highlight is how proud aps is that phoenix was selected for membership to the c40 city’s climate leadership group the challenges we face are global but our actions must start at the local level phoenix’s place in the c40 will provide extremely valuable footing for the city and our customers and community next i would like to highlight the memorandum of understanding between the city and aps that the city council approved at the end of last month this mou is incredibly important for both of us as we collaborate in areas of clean energy improving air quality reducing harmful emissions sustainability and climate action as an energy provider aps will play a major role in helping the city meet its stationary energy sector targets the city has set a goal to obtain electricity from electrical grid that is net zero by 2050 this goal aligns very well with aps’s clean energy commitment that we announced at the beginning of this year pursuant to our clean energy commitment aps is committed to end all coal-fired generation by 2031 to seven years sooner than previously projected and by 2050 aps will provide 100 clean carbon-free electricity to all its customers including the city of phoenix so the city can be certain that the eps power that the city relies upon and their residents use for home and businesses will not be just net zero but rather 100 percent carbon-free helping the people eat its cap commitments as i mentioned before our support and partnership doesn’t end with the city’s stationary energy targets there are a lot other initiatives that align with our goals and they are set forth in that letter and i appreciate your opportunity appreciate the opportunity to provide some comments to you thank you and our next speaker is elisa lyons good morning members of the subcommittee can you hear me yes we can greet you very much madam chair my name is elisa lyons i represent

valley partnership bali partnership is proud to have been a close partner with the city for uh many many years on issues that affect the well-being of citizens and business throughout the city and i just want to thank you very much for the opportunity to have reviewed the city’s climate action plan framework i sent an email yesterday to the subcommittee and cc’d staff so everyone was in the loop there are some elements that we are very interested in and others that we’re looking to gain clarity on i’m delighted that yesterday the email that i sent prompted a call from your fearless nancy allen who called me to help me to begin to understand some of the terms that are in the plan that perhaps aren’t widely known and to help me better understand how valley partnership and other development partners can continue to be a part of the stakeholder process as you move forward to bring this framework into policy creation thank you very much for the opportunity to speak thank you very much we have another caller math yes our next speaker is colin petrol madam chair good morning can you hear me we can hear you thank you thank you good morning madam chair vice chair and members of the subcommittee my name is colin tatro and i’m honored to serve you and the residents of phoenix as the chair of the city’s environmental quality and sustainability commission i’d like to thank each of you for your consideration and review of the draft framework of the climate action plan i am proud that the city of phoenix is advancing this a robust climate action plan is not just a document but a dynamic and living strategy that will guide the city forward embracing sustainability will protect our environment advance the well-being of all phoenicians and accelerate our economy climate change has and will continue to impact phoenix increasing urban heat island decreasing air quality lack of shade increasing water scarcity and growing food deserts are but a few of the serious issues that phoenix faces now and will continue to face in particular climate change disproportionately impacts our lower income minority and aging communities making this not just an environmental quality issue but a social justice and equity concern a climate action plan will help empower and advance these communities we have an opportunity to build a current and future city that values all persons and when we build a sustainable city we empower happier navy neighborhoods and healthier residents additionally as the city looks to further its economic competitiveness proactively addressing climate change is the bar for a 21st century region the cap will help attract develop and retain businesses ranging from top-line fortune 500s to innovation-driven startups and small businesses every one of our top regional employers embeds sustainability is a key strategy already in their organization by the study studying the conditions of success with the climate action plan things like renewable energy sustainable transportation furthering the circular economy is just a few we can actually create a significant opportunity for everyone a robust cap is an integral piece to ensuring phoenix remains economically competitive has socially just and healthy communities and remains as beautiful as i know we all believe it to be i want to thank each of you for your consideration and consideration and review of this framework i’m excited to partner with you and our community to make this even more considerate visionary and impactful and i believe that this will not only propel phoenix but the entire region and state and personally madame madame chair thank you for your years of leadership and partnership on this as well i yield a balance of my time thank you thank you colin and thank you for your service to the city of phoenix you’ve done a lot over the years to help us have continued to do so and we have another call yes chairwoman a genie where do we have anybody on the line is i t tells me they’re not receiving audio from her unfortunately um okay our next speaker is linda brady hello are you there hello hi good morning good morning good morning i’m linda brady i work in local government relations and i’m here representing srp i’ll start out by saying that srp thanks mayor diego

the phoenix city council and city staff for wanting to work with its many partners on an issue that they recognize is much larger than the city itself for many of us including the city we often get asked what are we each doing to respond to climate change and it’s nothing that each city organization or individual can do alone it’s a team effort like the city srp continues to implement new approaches that now and in the future effectively reduce our environmental impact and also benefit our customers and the people of arizona in response to climate change many of srp’s goals and the city’s goals are aligned for example we both want to reduce emissions and ensure that we have a reliable and resilient water supply we both want to lead in innovation and technology research that addresses climate change we want to help our customers and constituents achieve their clean energy goals and lastly we want to both improve existing infrastructure to provide greater flexibility for managing water supplies and improving the reliability of the energy grid srp does appreciate having a seat at the table because it’s critical for us to address all the risks including climate change that impact our ability to provide a safe reliable and affordable supply of water and power srp and city have always been great partners and we envisioned that partnership growing even stronger over time as both of our organizations pursue our complementary goals to climate change that can leverage our successes srp is pleased to support the efforts of the 2020 climate action plan and i thank you very much for your time and thank you srp for being in partner with the city for many many years matt do we have any more uh that was the final speaker on that item we do have one member of the public for public comment when we get there okay i think we are there okay chairwoman uh dan weeks is our speaker thank you staff good morning madam chair and subcommittee members and uh congratulations madam vice mayor on your re-election as well my name is dan weeks and i’m the public information officer for a non-profit agency in the valley called canyon pets in crisis or cpic for short when a life altering event like a house fire happens most people are not prepared and it can be devastating both emotionally and financially uh feeling overwhelmed in such a crisis can cause pet owners to feel like they have no other option but to surrender their their pets to overcrowded kill shelter or take other devastating action so companion pets in crisis was founded on the principle that nobody should ever be faced with that decision so imagine returning home to find that your house surrounded by fire engines and your house is on fire because an electrical fire broke out but your dog and your cat are still inside a few years ago you would be on your own to take care of your animals find the cat and then deal with the aftermath but fortunately lisa martin was a crisis responder for the city of phoenix fire department and decided to bridge the gap and fill the critical void between human care from the fire department and pet care which was non-existent at the time so police found companion pets in crisis which is a first response agency for pets similar to a fire department’s crisis response unit when cpic gets activated by a partner agency like a local fire department or the american red cross when there’s a 911 crisis call involving pets a response team is immediately deployed to the scene and our trained responders provide unseen emotional support search and rescue services loss of life care and services pet food pet supplies and even emergency temporary shelter in certain cases so all of this is volunteer based and expensive uh but entirely donation driven so today during the summer meeting about critical infrastructure and innovation i want to introduce this topic to the council and make you aware of this fairly new emergency response to charisma valley it helps to brainstorm with your offices for new methods in which to fund operations as well as to further educate the public about fire pet safety so this is just the initial comment session with no discourse i thank you for your time and i’ll reach out to your offices individually thank you very much uh it sounds like a very needed service i really appreciate it thank you matt is that the end yes ma’am that is okay um subcommittee members do you have any future agenda items you want to be heard okay hearing none we are adjourned thank

you all for participating you