Sleepwalkers – Phase 1+2: Something is Buried in Bethlehem / Night Terrors (TV Series 1997-1998)

We have discovered a deeper stage of sleep it allows us to travel into your dreams as you descend focus on my voice We will be with you in your dreams Ben? I know Come on It’s just up ahead We should head back I don’t want to go any further – I mean it! – You just think you do Deep down you’re quivering with curiosity Come on – Nathan wants us back. – Nathan is not in the driver’s seat You brought us down here And you know why It’s locked, anyway – Come on – No – Just one look – I can’t. – Sure you can Come out of the dream any faster, you’ll be looking at permanent cortical damage. Is a little caution out of the question? Caution’s for amateurs

Guess you were serious about gettin’ out of there, huh? Kate, that sound. That wasn’t like anything that I ever What was that? Water was a nice touch, though? It’s micro-seizure. It’ll pass But the cumulative effects of Forget about that Let’s just focus on what happened – You okay? – Yeah, I’m just a little cold Your body temp’s two degrees below normal Take it easy on the underwater schemas, will ya? Every time I travelled into your dream, you blocked the way into that mineshaft You’ve never been able to face what happened down there – When you opened the door – Which I couldn’t have done alone A part of you let me do that The point is You don’t know what the point is – We had a break-through. – The door was put there for a reason – You tried to force her through it – His instincts were right You got caught up in his sense of adventure We got caught up in discovery You’re pissed because we deviated from your damn protocol Before extending boundaries, think it over Don’t lecture me about boundaries I helped you created them You should try respecting them for a change He’s thinking about McCaig He doesn’t want a repeat of Stanford Why don’t you say it in English, Kate? He’s scared Jason! Dr. Bradford, thank you You achieved the rank of major at thirty-one? I always thought I’d make the Air Force my life Distinguished Service Cross for your tour in Kuwait And I plowed an eighteen million dollar F-16 into the desert They’re touchy about stuff like that Before the accident, I started having hallucinations. Nightmares Afterwards, things got worse I came down with fevers Respiratory problem I thought it was Gulf War Syndrome The Air Force doctors say your symptoms aren’t consistent with GWS You’re anemic Elevated white cell count Think this guy’s stressed? The machine just asked for a Prozac Scleroderma has been ruled out They think you’ve an auto-immune disease You tried steroids and immuno-suppressive regimens I’ve tried everything They told me I only have a few weeks left My own body’s trying to kill me Nobody can tell me why! Michael Engleberg from the V.A Called me about you, a month ago I don’t have a clue as to what any of this has to do with my dreams Dreams can manifest themselves in the waking world, as tangible, physiological signs and symptoms We’ve seen cases where they’ve caused blindness, even paralysis – You’re saying my dreams are killing me? – It’s possible Take us back to the accident Tell us exactly what happened There was something in the cockpit with me It’s almost human But it has no face It’s… just a shadow there – A shadow? – No, it’s… it’s solid. It’s real But this shadow is still following you, isn’t it? Even when I’m awake, now And how does it appear? Usually in reflections Did you suffer any kind of trauma growing up? Any abuse? No

– But your childhood wasn’t completely happy? – Whose was? Your parents still alive, Ben? Dad died when I was about four My mother about six months ago Look, I’ve got nowhere else to turn I could care less about my career, flying. I know that’s over I got a wife and son I know what it’s like growing up without a father And I don’t want my son to have to go through that Well, maybe you won’t have to We’ll start in an hour So, you’re sort of a dream interpreter? My background’s in psychology, cross cultural mythology You see, dreams are filled with symbols, and archetypes – And my job’s to make sense of them. – Hope you’re good at it My father used to tell me stories about the Dreamtime How the Aborigines believed that our dream lives were more real than our waking world By the time I got to Stanford I was hooked We all met there, and studied under Nathan – When he was let go, we jumped at the chance. – Why was he let go? He frightened them So… what happened to her? She was in a car accident Coma – Did you ever wonder what her dreams are about? – All the time Steve Turner, Ben Costigan He helps Nathan develop most of what you see here – But don’t expect him to admit that. How you doing? – Hi Hey, Vince Konefke, polysomnograph technician – This all looks complicated – To a pilot? We all have our arenas of expertise I don’t know how a stapler works Let me boil it down The technology’s based on electromagnetic fields See, dreaming is a neuromagnetic process Every image or action in your dreams produces an electrical dipole An impulse in your brain, just like in the waking world Now, we can monitor those signals with the MEG Magnetoencephalogram That’s this doo-hickey here It works on the same principle as an EEG, in that it measures brain wave activity But it’s a hell of a lot more sensitive. So, hop on in Go ahead The trick is synching up the other dreamers’ cerebral magnetic fields with yours And once that’s accomplished, they’re affectively dreaming the same things you are The key to this is recreating your nightmare by inducing hyper-REM It’s a deeper, more stable sleep stage than REM That allows us to communicate with you, without waking you up But there are also risks – Psychogenitive side effects – No pain, no gain As you descend through the sleep stages, I’ll use hypnotic induction to guide you But once you do arrive in the nightmare, you will have to direct the course of events, through lucid dreaming That’s being aware of the fact you are dreaming, while you’re dreaming How do I become aware? There are cues that you can observe on your own Words and writing tend to appear garbled – Clocks might run-backwards. – That happens to me after a few beers If you don’t control the dream, you can put Kate and Steve at risk Because whatever threatens you, threatens them – But it’s my dream – Not anymore

Now, up to a certain depth threshold, you need to communicate something back. You can do that through Kate, who will use a form of sign language The data-glove translates my hand movements into written words What happens if we go beyond the threshold? We have fail-safes for pulling you out Yeah, but don’t worry about that We respect our boundaries You get off on this, don’t you? Ben, you’re descending through the sleep stages. Entering Stage Four – Ladies and gentlemen, we have hyper-REM. – Okay Ben, you’re on the train On the count of three we’re gonna be synching you up with Kate and Steve One, two, three Synchronizing forty-Hertz binding rhythms Where’s Ben? Kate. Stop. Stop Next week, I start cutting out fats Ben’s heartbeat He’s in here, somewhere I’m worried Coherence is deteriorating Ben’s MEG profile is falling out of synch with theirs Kate, can you hear me? Are you in touch with Costigan? If it’s Costigan’s dream, why would he disappear? Well, he wouldn’t Unless he’s not in control Janus. The Roman god of past and future Okay, now I’m panicked Costigan’s MEG profile is diverging Something’s trying to lure them apart Where are you now, Kate?

I don’t like it. Turn back Kate, this is triage we’re talking about If Nathan was to play it safe, fine. Let him do it on his time Ben doesn’t have that much left Besides, I want to check out that Shadow up close and personal Don’t you? Kate, your messages are breaking up I want you out of there, now – They’re too far out of range – Idiot – Steve’ll make sure they’re all right. – Not Steve. Me If you’d told them to come back, he might’ve listened Some are born to sweet delight Some are born to endless night Nevur? Do you think Ben’s down here somewhere? What the hell are you doing? When I was a kid we used to play this game If you looked in the mirror too long by candlelight, you’d see the boogeyman staring back over your shoulder – So? – So, the Shadow travels through reflections, right? If we can’t go to it, we should just make it come to us We’ll use the Shadow to lead us to Ben Just keep looking Good idea, bad execution – Cyanotic – Vital signs are stable Lisa! Crash cart! Two ccs! Get the 02 and mask! He’s suffocating! Sixty over palp… dropping! – He’s in v-tach! – What? Forget it Charging. Come on Come on He once told me there were two words he never wanted in his obituary: “Natural causes” He tried to save me He’s gonna be surfin’ by the end of the week He’s critical. Heart failure Rhythm and wedge pressure have normalized, but he’s hypotensive Whatever happened scared him to death – The biggest concern right now is ARDS. – Is he gonna make it? Haven’t we learned anything?

This is Stanford all over again This has nothing to do with McCaig We were responsible then and we’re responsible now! Steve knew the risks involved He helped create the technology And now he’s a victim of it! I’m going back into Costigan’s dream myself. Alone I won’t endanger anyone else, but I won’t allow this to derail us I used to do this for hours I appreciate everything you’ve done Just trying to think of a way to tell my wife it’s over – Don’t tell her yet. – Even after what happened to Steve? – Because of what happened to Steve – Was it my fault? Was it because I couldn’t maintain contact No. No, it wasn’t You’re getting weaker I ran a new blood count We haven’t got a lot of time Why are you willing to risk yourselves for me? It’s not for you Diving into your nightmare was a mistake. The Shadow manipulated you So, I want to try something different I want you to think of a place where you were happy. Where you felt safe Where you felt in control of the environment, okay? – Set – All right – Are you sure you want to do this? – Yeah, I’m sure You got a destination in mind? Well, be sure you don’t lose sight of it – Where are we? – Bethlehem, North Carolina I used to hang out in these woods when I was a kid I asked Jill to marry me right over there – It was the happiest day of my – Nevur That’s me Nevur Nevur. I saw that word in the first dream. What does it mean to you? I… I had this wooden soldier My Dad carved it for me I was an only child. I used to make believe he was alive – His name was Nevur – Why Nevur? I don’t know The raven. It was on the train It flew right at me! There’s no place like home

Your mother? Dad? Nevur He was in the first dream – When was the last time you saw Nevur? – I buried him I was about eight or nine My mother said I was too old for make-believe friends She was gonna throw him away Over here Go ahead Look out! Nathan! How could the Shadow be me? I don’t have a death wish! I want to live! Nathan! His platelet count’s droppin’ off the scale There’s evidence of hemolysis – Internal haemorrhaging? – No sign, yet – We talking days? – I called the airport Your tickets will be waiting at the counter Why are we going to North Carolina? We’ve been there in my dream We have to link what happened in your dream to what exists in the waking world Something’s buried in Bethlehem Something a part of you doesn’t want us to dig up You said the words could be garbled in the dream But we’re not dreaming The Shadow travelled through reflections. Through mirrors We’re dealing with analogues and hidden meanings Your parents were moving backwards, that’s another reverse image Another reflection Turn the letters around

“Ruven”. That clears everything up – Who named the soldier? – My dad Did he tell you why? Yeah I don’t understand him I know bedside manner went out with leaded gas, but He used to be different You two together? – No – Wish you were? I have this annoying habit. I never get involved with married men That woman you saw at the Institute, the one in the coma, she’s Nathan’s wife Yeah. Okay. Thank you Dr. Ellis. Do you remember him? He’s known my family for fifty years. He delivered me Well, I think we should go see him Dr. Ellis, you delivered Ben About thirty years ago Well, you turned out all right – You delivered lots of children, didn’t you? – Oh, lots of ’em Did you ever deliver another Costigan child? – There was no other child! I told you that! – Just give me a second A boy, Dr. Ellis. Named Ruven Ruven Costigan Mary’s other son You delivered him, didn’t ya? Do you remember Ruven, the oldest? You and I are both doctors And with all our training, as much as we try to pretend we’re perfect, we make mistakes Tragic mistakes And we hurt So, we try to forget But we can’t Dr. Ellis, was what happened to Ruven a mistake? I had to keep the secret – You can let it go now – Mary’s secret Yes. That’s right. Mary’s secret And you kept it for all these years That’s why the County Clerk has no record of Ruven’s birth She loved both of them Of course she did Sometimes love isn’t enough What happened to Ruven? I had to tell Mary Tell her what? That she didn’t have enough to give There couldn’t be two That’s right There couldn’t be two October second, sixty-seven “Ruven, thou art my first-born, my might and the beginning of my strength” Genesis 49 Ruven was the first son of Jacob Benjamin was Ruven’s younger brother That was the day I was born My twin Your father said something to us in the dream “Some are born to sweet delight Some are born to end this night.” He was trying to tell us that you lived. That your twin died An identical twin, or we wouldn’t be dealing with reflections Now, he most likely died in utero. Placental insufficiency Your mother didn’t have enough nourishment for you both to survive And you were the stronger one We have to go back into your dream Isn’t it enough just knowing what the Shadow is? It was created in your subconscious, that’s where it has to end It’s survivor’s guilt, Ben In the dream it manifested itself as the Shadow. In the waking world,

– it attacked your immune system – But it’s my brother No. It’s your guilt That’s why fighting it won’t work You have to recognize it for what it is You can’t hurt me anymore! I know what you are now! So, what’s new? Feels like… one of those phantom limbs, you know? You can’t see him, but he’s still there He’s gone now, Ben Well, think of all the money we’ll be saving, huh? Breaking mirrors gets expensive – Not to mention all the bad luck – Yeah Why did all this happen now? My brother’s been dead thirty years You said the nightmares started six months ago. When your mother died On some unconscious level, you’ve always known you had a twin But it took your mother’s death for you to acknowledge that Your Sed-rate has normalized Your ANA is negative Your condition’s gone into spontaneous remission Thank you – What’s next for you, man? – I’ve always wanted to make a difference That’s not possible now At least not with the Air Force Well, it could be… with us We should talk Generous falls, sharp signal crests – You have lovely irises – Thanks It’s been rough this year, with the mustard seed fungus and all – Do you have any Spurias? – No, I’m sorry I’ve got nice Siberians, as well as the miniature tall beardeds The MTBs are six for a dollar Their blooms are smaller than BBs They make good table arrangements They also work well in wedding bouquets I might be willing to make a deal on the Siberians – Is something wrong? – No, no – There he goes – Get down! Get out of our way!

– Move, move, move! – Get back! Get back! Police, freeze! Phibes, freeze! Phibes! Phibes! No! – Get back! – Put the knife down, and let the woman go Phibes, look at me – You could have hit her – Well, I didn’t, did I? Have you ever had a dream where you’re falling? Everyone knows that you wake up before you hit the ground That you can’t actually die in your dreams Well, they’re wrong In a dream, anything is possible, even death The laws of physics don’t apply Black is white, left is right You can walk through a door and wind up on the other side of the world You can breathe underwater You could even fly – How? – By learning the rules Rule number one: The host always controls the landscape My dream, my world And you, you’re just a visitor here – Do you trust me, Ben? – Sure Then come over here – You mean onto the ledge? – Yeah, onto the ledge Now what? – Let yourself fall – You gotta be kidding me Come on. You said you trusted me Prove it You’re pretty sure of yourself, having a fall like that The odds were good – Where are we? – Australia This used to be a holy site far the Aboriginal people And these are the gods who dreamed the world into creation My parents were anthropologists They used to come down here and study the drawings And one night they brought my brother and me down here, and I was the only one who walked out – What happened? – I don’t remember I never saw them again. So, I come here all the time now in my dreams At first I was only able to make it to the mouth of the cave, but then, I managed to make it further and further in – And why make yourself do it at all? – Because I need to remember I need to face my fears That’s what this work’s all about That’s why people come to us You did that And I still need to So, I’m gonna leave now, and I’m passing this dream on to you. You’re in the driver’s seat You are the host now So this place and everything in it is yours – I want you to find your way out – How am I supposed to do that? Kate? Great Here goes nothing Congratulations. You just made it through your first lesson

– Yeah. Not bad for a rookie – That was pretty impressive Steve – Hi – Hey – How are you? – I’m well. Long time, no see – This is my partner, Detective Burke. – Hello – I take it you two know each other? – Yes I’m sorry, I’m Detective Fusco, Homicide – Bradford helped me with a case – That was a long time ago Well, we’ve got another one for you A real nightmare this time He is Conrad Phibes. He’s killed 5 people. There may be others He preys on women. He kills them, and then he buries their bodies in a shallow grave All the victims had signs of hypothermia He might be suffocating them in some kind of walk in freezer – But you don’t know for sure? – No We haven’t been able to find the place where he kills them – How did you catch him then? – All the victims had traces of pollen Phibes is a driver for a flower shop He’d encountered the victims while making a delivery Come back in a few days, kidnap them and throw them in the delivery van That’s where the traces of pollen came from – You’re positive it was him? – It’s him When we tracked the queer ball down at the flower mart, he ran, tried to grab another woman hostage, and we found one of his victim’s purses in his van He have reason to believe his sixth victim, Rochelle Davis, is alive Phibes is dying Thanks to Burke here, he’s got a bullet lodged in his head Looks like a subarachnoid hemorrhage The bullet must have nicked an artery I give him a day, at most That’s more than the other doctors are giving him They say he’ll never regain consciousness And even if he did, I doubt he’d tell us where Rochelle Davis is – Where do we fit in? – We need you to get inside his head We need you to find her before he dies Vicky Bolton, twenty-seven, a single mother Sandra James, twenty, a waitress Becca Levine, thirty-two, a legal temp Jennifer Dodds, thirty-five, married, four children Faith Straszynski, twenty-five, a graphic artiste And Rochelle Davis, twenty-two All redheads, blue eyed, all relatively young Davis was kidnapped yesterday If Phibes stays true to form, he won’t have killed her yet You said he buried them in shallow graves. Were they disfigured? – He blinds them. – Scopophobia Fear of being watched I’d say he’s been killing to reverse some scene of humiliation, maybe going back to his childhood Now, he doesn’t like looking at himself. He’s ashamed And it’s possible that he transfers that shame onto others His mother may have been a prostitute, or someone working in the sex industry Do we really need to be giving the guy a shrink session now? We should be out pounding the pavement, not sitting here listening to this crap This business of dream sharing, is just a little tough to swallow Okay, so back to the crap at hand, Phibes won’t be lucid – Lucid? – That means being aware of the fact that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming When you’re lucid, you’re in control of the dream, and Phibes won’t be lucid. He won’t know he’s dreaming, but we will And we may be able to use that to our advantage – How? – We can direct the course of events in his dreamscape We can nudge him in certain directions using hypnotic induction But we need to start where he lost consciousness – The flower mart? – Yes, we’ll try to engage him in some role playing – You want to play bait? – I’ve read the files I know what he looks for in a victim If I can be that person for him, I might be able to get him to take us to the place where he kills them – Is that safe? – Ben’ll go into the dream with her, and as soon as Phibes picks her up, if Phibes picks her up, he’ll follow them, and we’ll retrace their steps in the waking world How do we know where we’re going? We can talk to Kate while she’s under She can send messages back via the data glove If she send you some information, directions, for instance, you’ll be able to read them on this wireless PDA It’s a personal digital assistant that I’ve modified to have a direct uplink to the lab here Looks like a Game Boy to me – Nathan? – Yeah? – You really think I’m ready for this? – Yes, I do Phibes is a killer, and Kate needs somebody in there with her who can think on their feet Somebody with combat experience And your Air Force background makes you the perfect candidate

Don’t sweat it. You’ll be all right With all due respect, look, there’s a big difference between his military training and dropping into somebody else’s dream He’s just gonna be following her Kate’ll be in there with him. She’ll make sure he gets out in one piece Besides, somebody’s gotta chaperon Cagney and Lacey back there And given your injuries, you’re certainly in no condition to do it – What am I gonna do? That leaves me. – If you weren’t so sensible, – I’d have to smack you around a little bit. – Yeah, right Just hook ’em up. Let’s go – I really hope you know what you’re getting into. – You and me both You just remember this: You’re diving into somebody else’s dream this time, not your own And you’re just a visitor there That means every other person that you encounter in that dreamscape, every other object, is just another part of our homicidal vegetable’s subconscious Okay Here comes the needle If you promise not to cry, I’ll give you a graham cracker afterwards – Are you all set? – Uh-huh Okay. Let’s do a test run Sign something – Can you read me, Vince? – Loud and clear, Nathan Okay. Let’s do it, then – Steve, we’re at the flower mart Phibes stabilized? – Yes, sir He’s just dropping into hyper-REM now Okay. Send ’em in Okay. Locking alpha rhythm coherence on three, two, one Nothing like a little brain turbulence to shake you up Kate, you two all right? – They’re in – In his dream? Son of a gun This is weird This is how he sees the world, and people are just objects in it How come you’re a redhead? This is how Phibes would want to see me. Seductive, aloof – How do I look? – Like you should be standing on a street corner Let’s get outta here So… why are we in Technicolor? Because it’s the only place that feels real to him Don’t you worry, I’ll be right behind you Okay

She’s got him She’s got him Generous falls, sharp signal crests – You have lovely irises – Thanks It’s been rough this year with the mustard seed fungus and all – Do you have any Spurias? – No. I’m sorry I’ve got nice Siberians, as well as the miniature tall beardeds The MTBs are six for a dollar. Their blooms are smaller than the BBs It’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? – I’m sorry? – The flowers Now I’m here, I don’t even know where to begin You seem to know exactly what you’re talking about – Well, that’s how I make my living – Really? Well, maybe you could help me then – My name’s Kate – I’m Conrad Phibes – When is your wedding? – June. We’re having it outside June is a hot month, lots of sun You’ll want an arrangement with a lot of perennials Something that holds its bloom Kate must be doing something right Monkey Boy’s testosterone level just spiked Why don’t we go back to your shop, you could design something for me I’d love it. I’m parked nearby You could follow me Actually, I caught a taxi here. Do you think you could give me a lift? Perfect Let’s go – Flowers are your world, aren’t they? – I love them Their history, their meanings Take the iris, for example The Greeks used to place them on the graves of their loved ones That’s because the goddess Iris used to escort souls across her rainbow bridge to the after-life That’s beautiful How’s it going, Kate? How can she be talking to him? This isn’t even real – It’s real. – No, real is some jacked-up kid waving a knife at you This is… I don’t know what this is. It’s just voodoo You wouldn’t be saying that if you were in there with them Thank God I’m not I prefer my reality rock solid – You’re sounding just a little bit defensive there. – Not at all It’s a matter of common sense Say someone breaks into your house What are you gonna rely on, that little computer or your gun? – I don’t own a gun – My point, exactly Damn it! Is something wrong? No It’s just a headache, that’s all

Daffodils are also associated with the dead They grow in the underworld, you know, lining the path to Hades That’s how Persephone was abducted She followed the path and got separated from her friends You’re not listening to me! Something’s wrong. Her blood pressure and pulse just shot way up Kate? Kate, can you hear me? What’s happening? Kate, can you hear me? What’s happening? Kate? What is going on? What’s happening? We lost contact with Kate She’s not responding – What about Ben? – Looks like they’ve been separated I’m tracking him now Why’d you pull me out? We didn’t. Something’s wrong – Where are we? – I used to work here But they closed it Stop looking at me – I said stop looking at me – I’m not Then why do I still feel your eyes on me? Guys, we’ve got a major problem Phibes is lucid He knows he’s dreaming Stop looking at me! We have to get her out of there Can’t you just tear these off? No, no. If you pull her out like this, you fry her brain Then send me back in there It stands to reason I’ll drop off somewhere near them I can catch him off guard. Maybe You just don’t get it, do you? He is lucid now. Lucid. And that means, in this dream, he is God She’s not getting out of there unless he lets her out Who are you? And what are you doing in my dream? – Is this where you kill them? – Some kind of a detective? You know about me? Who are you? – Who are you? – It this where you kill them? What’s going on, Vince? Talk to me Phibes is lucid. Somehow he’s thrown Costigan out of the dream – What’s the big deal? It’s just a dream. – No. She could die in there Take us back to the institute Nathan? Costigan wants to go back in Well, do it It’s her only chance Patch me through to Kate. There’s a chance that she could still hear us You got it And I am synching Costigan hack in now Kate, if you can hear me, don’t panic

Phibes is lucid We’re sending Costigan back in I am dreaming, aren’t I? That’s how I was able to do this Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to tell I was dreaming, Kate? Did you really think I wouldn’t feel you inside me? I kicked your friend out, you know I wished him away But you… you I think I’ll keep Okay, come on, Costigan, don’t panic I know why you took their eyes, Conrad. And you were right to do it They deserved to go blind, and they deserved to die You don’t believe that You’re trying to confuse me No. I understand. I know you I know everything about you They led you on. They pretended to like you, all those women They were whores! Looking at me with their eyes, making me look inside myself Just like she did, right? Your mother She made you feel shame. She made you feel dirty, didn’t she? It wasn’t your fault, Conrad Anyone would have done what you did Anyone would have punished them Did you punish Rochelle Davis? – Haven’t yet. Was going to – Is she here? – I’ll show you – You took my eyes away, Conrad How can you show me if I’m blind? Come on, Kate. You can do better than that, can’t you? You think you’re talking circles around me, and all you’re really doing is pissing me off! You want your eyes back? Fine It isn’t gonna help you, anyway You’re in a maze How do I get out of a maze? All right In the real world, keep your hand on the left side of the wall, you follow wherever it goes, eventually it’ll lead you out Wait a minute, you’re not in the real world, you’re in a dream Black is white here Left is right. Yes There’s someone else. Someone who makes you do these things – How do you know that? – Because the killings don’t feel like you You want beauty You don’t want ugliness You want someone to appreciate you, as you appreciate your flowers Now, this friend of yours, I don’t think he really understands you. Not like I do If he did, he wouldn’t make you do these things Show me Rochelle, Conrad Show me how he makes you kill them You come with me Did you really think you could fool me? Trying to make me think you understand It’s not your fault, Conrad. Anyone would have done what you did I’ll kill you! You small piece of scum! You got me all excited! I’ll kill you! Wait a minute. Vince, she’s back! Yeah, I’m getting a reading Hang on. Something is coming through. Here we go Nathan, she’s back online Here we go. We’re back – Greenhouse? – There’s no greenhouse around here We’re in a dream, remember? Greenhouse is a symbol – A symbol for what? – Wish fulfilment, growth, a place where something fragile can live Or maybe we’d want the opposite Umm… a place where dreams die A mortuary, for instance – You are just guessing here – Yeah, I am

– There used to be a funeral home around here. – Where? – A few miles back – Turn around This is Detective Fusco. I’m heading west on l-90. I need back-up and an ambulance to meet me at the old Heathcliffe Funeral Home This is my dream! Don’t look so surprised You’re the one who figured out Phibes had an accomplice Too bad you couldn’t figure out who You were right about the mother, being a prostitute and all Only trouble is, she was my mother, not Phibes’ Careful. What do you say we make you a little bet? I’ll bet you a dream bullet can kill you just as well as a real one It’s one of those mind over matter things, Kate, isn’t it? I think, therefore I’m dead Nathan, check your PDA – But how? – We grew up together We were best friends. Like brothers We’re two sides of the same coin, see? Burke isn’t really here. He’s just a figment of your unconscious I know that. The only thing real here is me. And you, of course Burke is just a puppet Isn’t that right, Burke? Monkey see, monkey do I can do anything I want here, can’t I? Anything What happens if you die in my dream, Kate? Do you know? There’s only so many places to hide in here, Bradford Sooner or later, I’m gonna find you Phibes used to work here. He made flower arrangements for the dead You gonna use that gun, Bradford? You gonna shoot me? This isn’t one of your dreams. This is real. Real gun, real bullets You’re a doctor. You know what a gunshot does to someone Kind of damage it really causes So, what do you think, huh? Think you got the guts to do that to me? Gonna bet you don’t I’m gonna bet you’re all talk – Can you breathe? – Yes Can you breathe? Yes! Yes! I’m okay – Find Davis, okay? I’m okay – Stay on your side There’s no way out, Kate My nightmare, my rules No matter where you go There’s no way out, Kate

My nightmare, my rules, no matter where you go, Kate. Right? There you are I got a burst suppression pattern on Phibes here, Steve Steve, he’s dying He’s slipping away Kate? Kate, Phibes is dying You have to get out of there now Conrad, listen to me. You’re dying You’ve been shot in the head – No more games, Kate – It’s not a game. Burke shot you, and the bullet penetrated your right hemisphere – You’re lying – No, I’m not Your middle cerebral artery’s been severed – Shut up. – You know I’m telling the truth. You can feel it – Shut up. – The bleeding is putting pressure on your brain stem That’s why you’re having headaches, you’re seeing things No! No! You’re doing this to me Who are you? Who are you? You want to know who I am? I am all the women you killed No No Rochelle? Rochelle? It’s okay. Nobody’s gonna hurt you It’s okay It’s over. I’m gonna take the tape off your mouth, okay? It’s okay. It’s okay. Here we go Here we go It’s over – What happened? – He couldn’t face his fear – What about Burke? – He collapsed when the glass fell Kinda like a puppet with its strings cut off Come on, we’d better get out of here Kate, I want to give you something to remember me by in your dreams You all right? – How’s Nathan? – He’s fine They got the girl out, too – What about Phibes? – He’s dead Yeah, it happened just a second ago, just as you were waking up – So they were tandem killers? – It’s rare, but it does happen Two people sharing the same delusions simultaneously There’s a mental disorder called “folie a deux”, which literally means “madness between two” How did you know there were two? The killings didn’t make sense The pattern was all wrong Parts of the killings were very organized The way the victims were chosen, for instance But then other aspects were very disorganized, like the mutilations You think you know someone and then they Is Burke gonna live? Fortunately for him, you’re not the best shot

You missed his heart by about an inch or so Thought I’d find you out here I’m just getting some air What’s wrong? I keep seeing his face every time I close my eyes I can’t help thinking about what he said to me giving me something to remember him – You’ve gotta keep that out of your head, Kate – How? Go home, take a bath, have a glass of wine, do whatever you need to do to relax If you can’t sleep, give me a call I’ll count sheep for you – I’m sure your wife would love that. – I am serious I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for you A call in the middle of the night is the least I can do Hey, I trusted you How come you can’t do the same? – ‘Cause I’m a hypocrite. – Even hypocrites need to sleep sometimes Let yourself fall, Kate – I’ll try – Promise?