Sykkuno plays EXTREME HARDCORE Minecraft

we’re gonna play extreme hardcore survival on minecraft that’s my plan let’s make a new world it’s just gonna be called new world I actually don’t know what I’m doing we’re probably gonna die in like 15 minutes but you know that’s life guys that’s life what is up guys it’s I Kuno here what on earth is a zombie in the daytime well at least it’s not very powerful all right we killed a zombie so guys my current plan is to leave the jungle and go somewhere else what hey look some what is this stuff called like a copper I don’t know it’s don’t so it starts with a c coal this is coal right oh my god guys we’re gonna soon we’re not gonna survive we’re not gonna survive guys there’s no way I barely know much about Minecraft like I did used to play back in the day oh geez how are we getting out of here guys we are not going to survive this like make a house guys I don’t want to make a house right now cuz I want to get out of this place first so we are getting out of this weird bamboo jungle first and then we’re gonna make a house melons alright these melons will feed us for weeks guys maybe the jungle is not a bad start melons are easy to grow they’ll feed us for weeks right like melons are a good start and the thing oh god guys it’s getting dark maybe a village oh I don’t see any villages make a torch so it’s easier to see Oh reads these are good right we need those perhaps look guys who’s afraid of the dark you know these monsters huh these monsters can’t be that deadly well first hardcore attempt unfortunately went horribly wrong guys maybe I’m just not good enough to do this you know maybe it’s just not meant for me all right let’s try one more time guys we just had a bad start the jungle you know that’s where we went wrong is the jungles fault it definitely wasn’t my fault we did everything right we did everything right guys I was definitely just starting in a jungle was the wrong move you know just me does this look good or not you put on survival wait really oh man yeah this start sucks anyway or whatever this yeah it’s on survival okay yeah this this start sucks I was a prank all right guys please don’t put me if this puts me in the jungle again so help me I’m gonna eat some of these old Pringles as an expert and minecraft I know for a fact that sheep can spawn on these wide-open fields out here which means this is an absolutely great starting spot first things first we’re gonna make a pickaxe get the stone down there by the riverbank and then I hadn’t thought of it past that but let’s do that first alright so first things first let’s make our little pickaxe pickaxe look guys last run was a warm-up run that one didn’t count all right I’m just saying that one didn’t count there’s a chance that we’re gonna need some food I’m just saying you know maybe not maybe not uh let’s just go get some let’s just go get some more wood first and we’ll work on building that house kill the chickens you guys are crazy you guys want to kill the chickens let’s at least get their eggs first and then kill them huh well that’s ooh brutal I don’t know look guys we’re just getting some wood first all right definitely want this colt that is a shovel that’s another shovel right did I mention I’m kind of new to Minecraft guys are like I’m not like completely new I used to play way back but definitely not an expert all right guys look I didn’t want to have to do this to this sheep guys it just ate right in front of me guys can we really kill it I don’t know if we can I don’t know if we can guys it just ate last meal what’s wrong with you guys that’s that’s sick that’s sick but I need to sleep so what can I do guys did I have a choice I I didn’t have a choice I don’t have a choice they’re all right I need one more sheep I need one more sheep so we can make the bed and we can skip the night time we got to find that sheep guys this will give us food too so that’s good

find the sheep all right guys this is only gonna take a sec all right we got all that okay where’s the Sheep where’s the Sheep of reorganizing it to get look guys you got to have a clean inventory all right guys I don’t see the sheep I don’t know what we’re gonna do I don’t know what we’re gonna do I’m panicking I’m scared for my life we’re gonna die again guys we’re gonna die again we all know exactly what’s happening dig a hole guys we could dig a hole live in the ground all right we could live like cowards but are we really gonna be beating the game if we dig a hole and sit there all night that’s that’s no way to win we got a we got a win with our heads held high all right we got to believe in ourselves we could just sit in this cave it’s technically not a hole right I can’t we just go on this cable we’re going into cave oh my foot we’re okay we’re okay ow my foot again Wow guys this looks insane what look at that Jesus okay um zombie we can handle this guys hey I know I’ll learn it in the lava I’m too smart for this zombie it walked around the lava they can do that we got it alright guys those zombies can’t take us we’re just gonna go hide somewhere perhaps in here seems like a safe place to hide man this song is like too intense for this guys I’ll be honest well this is it this is our first cave looks like we’ve found our home for the first day lots of dirt here alright guys I’m a little worried but at the same time like I don’t see how this could possibly go wrong not a good idea don’t mine at night guys what happens if I mine at night like what what kind of danger am I in right now am I actually in danger right now I can’t possibly be in danger guys I’m in a little cave there’s no way this go hey what’s that um you know guys we’re in literally no danger here look we found a nice little thingy I hate these caves I hate these caves I hate iron I’m really skipped oh no I don’t like to look at this I don’t like this I don’t like this guys I I’m I’m gonna get this iron and I’m gonna leave alright we’re gonna get the iron I hate mining guys mining is my least favorite it just scares me I I feel trapped alright I don’t like this I don’t like the feeling of being trapped in this noise are we’re leaving we’re leaving we are getting out of here so fast I’m gonna put this torch down and we are leaving I don’t know where do we come from up here are we leaving guys we’re leaving it was a bat you know what they say mr. bat I hope you go splat don’t hurt me I have a family does that rhyme probably not let’s just get out of here let’s see it’s raining yeah okay okay that’s new um did say I haven’t played minecraft in a while so it’s as bit a minute guys it’s been a minute that is new to me shaders look nice yeah everything looks so slick because the rain probably all right guys where are we building our house we probably should build it out of wood but I don’t have any I don’t have my axe anymore I threw it in the law what was that noise was it this cow this cow just tried to knit yeah that’s what you get for making scary noises mr. cow ah we should have saved some iron for the shears well now that we don’t have shears we don’t have a choice right I mean I should have used some of that iron for some shears but well you know too late now all right we got a fight for our homeland USA USA I’m just kidding um um let’s see we’re worth wait what’s even hitting me oh no this was a bad I’m guess he’ll doesn’t work this shield doesn’t work why isn’t the shield doing anything guys can somebody tell me why this shield is not working I’m scammed I’m being scammed right now oh right click why are there so many I think we’re leaving guys we’re leaving I’m leaving there’s way too many monsters deal we got away for day time okay there’s just too many monsters to deal with we can’t like this cave is nice all right this is a nice little

cave in here I yeah this is a great little cave guys all right it’s a nice cave it’s it’s not perfect but it’s not that bad all right right here alright that actually worked I’m glad I trusted you guys you guys are great look guys if we kill this we can get a bow and arrow I’m just saying and besides it’s gonna lunge at us at the night time right it alright we got it guys this wide open prairie is a great place for our house isn’t it this is probably ah and there’s a little thing here we can go straight down in there to start mining it’s perfect what is that huh a horse guys we’ve got everything we need here we’ve got a horse we’ve got things all right I think we’ve got everything we need in this nice wide open prairie right let me dig a little hole for you little horse yep you stay there you stay there I’m gonna push you right in this hole yep excuse me horse get right in there thank you thank you mr. horse for getting right in that little PETA well guys we got to capture it later but for now we’re gonna leave it down there let’s build a little barrier so the monsters don’t get to it it doesn’t need sunlight right does it what we’re gonna come back for it yo guys does it actually need sunlight he’ll suffocate all right all right we’ll give it this little hole right there there you go yeah you’re fine you okay don’t say anything if you’re okay yeah he’s fine guys he’s fine yep it’s like ooh no jr. what why would I name a horse myself calling me a horse huh all right guys building the foundation of the house you know just the ground flooring as they say just want to make sure it’s nice and set up we’re gonna make it a nice square looking house oops oh that didn’t go quite right okay all right and I’m thinking this is gonna go straight down into the mine shaft you know what I mean like really nice little mineshaft kind of area here knows what I’m thinking we can spruce that up later but for now let’s just build the walls all right this is looking great looking great or what guys name um neighbor okay kind of like that actually all right okay guys this is you know it’s a little ambitious of the house a little large size but you know that’s okay we’re gonna have everything we need in here it’s a little bit of a big house but that’s okay that’s nice looking guys let’s get all distanced view of it right long distance view Oh clear out some of these weeds here all right got all that and um you know doesn’t look too bad sokku no do you think you’ll make it to the end um honestly no but I sure hope I do but if you want the honest answer I’d I don’t really think I will we’re gonna die before that guys like I don’t really know what I’m doing so pretty high chance I’m gonna die but if I could that’d be kind of cool Wow am i how am i hearing noises it’s not nighttime yet it’s not it’s uh I’m gonna I’m gonna just that’s uh I’m gonna just do this guys look I didn’t really want to have to do this we should not be hearing these noises we really should not be hearing these I’m gonna close that off right there yep I don’t like the sounds already second layer before a nope you know third layers fine – that’s fine – all right I think we’re gonna get it up so we should be okay hopefully you know put it in this corner over here all right we should be fine whoo another day of safety guys another day of safety oh that is not what I meant to do you know let’s just dig it out anyway why not all right well this

is looking pretty good fill that part with the dirt again so it matches oh wait we’re missing two pieces of dirt huh well you know we can just dig this out we’re gonna place it with wood anyway right well what what is it that you just liked about our house just just wondering it looks pretty dirty okay okay maybe the howlin was not bad guys our house is not that bad for a first day house all right it’s not too bad you should host a server sigh Kuno if this blows up no no it’s right by the horse Oh how is it tanky so many shots all right we got it horse okay he’s fine guys this roof looks beautiful doesn’t it does this roof look beautiful or what I mean it’s not done yet but you know it’s kind of nice I do like it you can see the sky alright guys this is what how’s the zombie they’re already it just barely turned night time alright guys run back to the house please don’t kill me right now as if we died right now I’m never playing a hardcore yeah ok I mean maybe I will but I own Oh oh no guys this is I can I can see the death I know no we’re fine we just got a run back where’d that spider Cooper oh Jesus Oh run to the house run to the house okay this is actually scary is that the lighting it’s the lighting isn’t it run back to the house back to there couldn’t boo what on earth guys well how did so many things spawn so fast Oh God oh oh Jesus how did so many monsters what there’s three creepers uh all right guys oh oh oh god oh god it’s over how did so many things spawn we just gotta get in the house we just got to get in the house get in the house Oh what how did how did so many things spawn and that’s short amount of time that they’re cheating their I guys I spent like two hours on this house we just got enough sand to fix it you