Why This Bike Costs £60,000 ?! | GCN Tech Show Ep.107

(whooshes) – Welcome the 107th episode of the GCN Tech show – This week we’ve got more new tech coming out at the world tour We’ve got the world’s most expensive bike, again We’ve got snacks, we’ve got upgrades, we’ve got the bike vault – It’s going to be great I love snacks to eat It’s going to be a good episode, this Let’s do it – Let’s crack on (whooshes) – This week, our main talking point is looking at the most expensive bike in the world Now, you may remember in episode 36 of the GCN tech show, myself and John endeavored to create the most expensive bike in the world, and we did so by hypothetically selecting some of the most luxurious and decadent components available to humanity, and the result was a very light bike that cost $36, 573.49 – Well remember that Ollie Crumbs – Yeah well, that has just been outdone, because there’s a new bike being launched, and we’re going to tot up the actual prices, but it’s from a company called Vortec, and it’s this The WX-R Not to be confused, of course, with the WRX of the Subaru, – [Ollie] Yeah, Subaru Impreza – [John] But this bike is going to be used by Malaysian track sprinters at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Vortec, you may remember is a company based at the Silverstone wind tunnel in Northamptonshire, England, and myself and John actually visited the company, and saw some of the things Did some aero testing and got a 3D printed model of my visage made – [John] Trying to forget about that one, aren’t we? – Oh my god! – Yes, but anyway Before we go any further and talk about why the WX-R is, well, the most expensive bike in the world, let’s have a poll, okay, and decide which Olympic Tokyo 2020 track bike is the best – The best? – Yeah, the best – What do you mean by the best? – Whatever people vote for is clearly the best one – Like when we were seven years old? – In the playground – This is the best Why? ‘Cause it’s the best – Yeah, ’cause it’s the best one We’re going to have the Vortec WX-R, the Hope Lotus GV track bike, the Pinarello Mart, the Italians will be using, and the Look T20, that the French Federation are going to be using – They took that name because they love the cricket – They did, French cricket If you go down below, there’s a link that’ll take you through the app, where can vote in the poll, and whatever you decide, that’s clearly the best one – I love the thought behind this, Ollie (laughing) – [John] So without further ado, let’s have a look then, and see why this bike is the most expensive we’ve ever seen There was little story, about halfway through last year, about a ceramic speed bike that was said to be the most expensive bike, ever, but we never got a price on that – Don’t count – Exactly We write the rules – Firstly, it’s a track specific frame, the WX-R, and it means you can only use it on the track, or you could use it on the red Hook crit, if you wanted – I’d advise if you are going to use it in the Redhook crit, to probably ride at the front – Yeah (ambient music) (screams) – Information on Vortec’s website is fairly sparse about the new high-tech design, but we can glean that it’s available in both a small and medium, not a large though So sorry if— – No, medium’s cool – Yeah, me too What you can see is it’s a very, very smooth design Very integrated and it appears to have seat stays that kind of jut out slightly, similar to the Hope Lotus design, but they don’t look to be quite as pronounced – Certainly not as over-emphasized as the Hope Lotus one This one, Ollie, it is just a frame on its own So you are going to need a fork You are going to need a stem You are going to need a seat post and everything else The price, tell ’em – 25,000 pounds, just for the frame Pretty expensive That’s a starting point, but it is important to point out that this bike has been designed in this incredible facility, with what was, arguably, an unprecedented amount of computational fluid dynamics studies, wind tunnel studies, and they’ve used that 3D printing technology to do rapid prototyping, and test a variety of aerodynamic shapes, incredibly useful for that It’s not just useful for making faces – Yeah It’s useful for things which are actually useful – So, fork, right? Check out that bad boy It’s going to set you back an additional five grand – They say that when this is being used in combination with the rest of the componentry, which we are going to come onto, don’t worry, it’s said to have the lowest frontal area possible, whilst still retaining excellent strength and rigidity

when under the power, I guess you could say, of those top-level world class Olympic athletes – Yeah, not like me – Yeah, or me It’s very deep and bladed too – We’re also going to need a handlebar Fortunately Vortec make the Tokyo edition Olympic handlebar Check this out It’s got a really interesting shape and design to it, and it’s quite similar to the recent designs we’ve seen on the Pinarello Mart track bike, and also Aero Coach has just brought out a new handlebar for the Olympics as well, and what these designs are doing are having a specially shaped area around the drops that shapes the air around your your hand, your fist, when you’re holding the bar, to make it more aerodynamic, and this is, we’re told, giving a significant aerodynamic gain, and that’s because it’s on the leading edge of the bike, and also, at the speeds that Olympic track athletes go, it becomes hugely significant, especially when races are run by a hundredth of a second, or whatever, and this particular bar, on this bike, is just 30 centimeters wide It’s incredibly narrow and it costs 10,000 pounds – I’m sure we’ll see it banned anyway If it makes you go faster, the UCL like to ban these things Okay, so we’re up to 40,000 pounds so far, and we still don’t have any wheels The good news is that Vortec has actually made some special wheels for this bike Lets tackle the front one It’s a four spoke – Okay – [John] And it takes a different approach to a normal one So it’s not a, I dunno Normally it’s just a cross, right? This one has taken taken a The pictures on the screen explain it all I dunno sort of shape that is Either way, it’s got a really interesting axle because it uses a through axle, so there is no axle It just rotates on the actual axle inside the forks, which is 12 millimeters in diameter, but the width of it is ultra-narrow 32 millimeters, so it’s seven centimeters narrower than a normal front wheel – That is incredible – Yeah – How narrow that bike’s going to look front-on, is mega It’s a shame they don’t have a picture on their website, how narrow it is front-on – It would be amazing to compare it to another one It reminds me when Overi was going for his air record, and he had a really narrow bottom bracket, like 70 mil instead of 110 – That frontal areas are so much smaller That is seriously, seriously, seriously cool, and it’s interesting they’ve gone for through axle design on the wheels to increase the stiffness at the axle That’s something that I probably wouldn’t be able to feel, but for a sprinter like Chris Hoy, or Jason Kenny, they’re going to – Or Wang from Malaysia He’s going to be able to use it It’s super cool And I can’t believe that no one has done it so far on track bike; made it a through axle Anyway, enough of all that – How much is the wheel? – Yeah, exactly – That’s all that they’re waiting for 6,000 pounds A drop in the ocean Rear wheel Let’s go for a disc wheel here, Ollie, but there isn’t a disc wheel on their site, well there is, but it’s for the front wheel – Yeah – 6,000 pounds, again We’re going to have to have a guesstimate, really, it’s 6,000 It should be more, rear wheels are was always more expensive than the front, but we’ll give them benefit of the doubt, 6,000 – To finish off the bike we’ve selected parts that would be typical of an Olympic track bike We’re going to need a chain ring, we’ve gone for a Pyramid Cycle Design custom chain ring – [John] Nice choice – [Ollie] A lot of pro’s like those 120 pounds for one of those bad boys – [John] Seems quite cheap, really – We’re also going to need a power meter for our Olympian and his bike, so we’ve gone for an SRM Origin with Look carbon cranks, a popular choice – Yeah – [Ollie] And very, very bling as well We saw them being made in Tunisia, Tunisia’s very nice, and they, it’s a drop in the ocean as well, Two grand, two grand for that – [John] I just hope it fits that frame, because we don’t what type of bottom bracket standard it is – We don’t, but we’re going to assume it does – Exactly, and that’s a nice crankset, actually – We’re also going to need chain – Oh yeah – I mean, there’s only one – Azumi, DIDs – I think we go for a ceramic speed UFO chain 120 quid – [John] Fair enough – Tires then Some think, again, top of the range So, Vittoria Pistas? – [Ollie] Yeah, popular choice in track – [John] Very fast, lightweight tires 134 pounds each They’ve got silk sidewalls on them – [Ollie] Last a long time, though, on the track – Yeah, although there was actually a tire, years ago Going to quickly digress That was said to only last 50 km There we are I think they were Clements or Dugass, something like that, they were pink ones Lastly, of course, we are going to need a sprocket So a Dura-Ace sprocket That, the cheapest thing of all: 20 pounds – [Ollie] Bargain Quick maths Adding all that up together comes to 60,528 pounds I should replace Carol Gordon on Countdown, shouldn’t I? – Yeah, you should

(upbeat music) (gong clangs) – That, John, is utterly bonkers – Bonkers, for those of you who aren’t aware, is another word for silly (laughing) The reason for this price being so high; obviously there is economy to scale, you have to say There’s probably about five people who’re going to have this equipment made for them, but the UCI actually stipulates a rule, that’s right the UCI, our friends, get a shout out, that all equipment being used in competition must be commercially available, which means that yes, these manufacturers have to list them on a website somewhere so that a potential customer could potentially buy it However, having tried to buy equipment in the past when it’s been listed on websites, you often get very lengthy lead times, such as four or five years, by which point that model’s been superseded, and it goes on like that Obviously they’re just ticking a box, really aren’t they? But yeah 60,500 pounds – And also, with the investment that comes from the particular Olympic Federation, they believe they’re getting a technological advantage from this equipment, and they don’t necessarily want anyone else to have this equipment and get that technological advantage as well So it’s in their interests for no one else to have the equipment and, I guess, make it prohibitively expensive – Yeah, crazy isn’t it? – Yes, but what else could you buy for 60,500 pounds? Well, you could buy a brand-new Jaguar F type for 54,000 pounds and still have 6 1/2 grand left over for a bike – [John] Probably a quite nice bike as well – Or you could roughly buy 20 round-the-world plane tickets – Or you could have 10,100 GCN elite water bottles, available at shop.bonuscyclingnetwork.com – Quick maths, John Also, that wins the award for plug of the week – Oh, thanks man (upbeat music) I’ll have that as a prize – Nice Well, let us know in the comments, down below, what you would buy for 60,500 pounds – I’ve got a list as long as my arm (whooshes) Hot tech now and the squad of Movistar have made some equipment choices for 2020 They’re going to be using SRAM group sets and zip wheels, which is something of a change because the team which started its life, if you like, as Reynolds, way back when – And then Banesto – [John] Yeah, and then Banesto They’ve had a long, a long life span that’s seen the pelaton 37 years they’ve been using Campagnolo Now they’ve changed This has absolutely blown my mind, to be honest, because this is one of the few really traditional teams still – [Ollie] They are very traditionalist, that team – You look in the back of the mechanics truck, and that mechanic, well, he’s been there the last 37 years, obviously in a different truck, but they’ve got Alejandro Valverde I can’t see him using one bike I can’t see him using disk brakes, but watch this space, because I guess he’s going to – Yes, now also, you may remember at more hot tech You may remember the Look T20 track bike We showed it in the poll earlier in this video, and also it’s in the GCN Tech show last week Look also released some brand-new pedals Check these out These are the Look Blade carbon ceramic track edition pedals, and although they look quite similar to Look’s road blade pedals, they feature a control roller, and this is said to give a more secure feel in the pedal, which is essential for big track sprinters, but if you were unfortunate enough to come off, apparently your foot is released as normal – [John] All the benefits, really, of the old toe clips and straps, but well the safety, if you’re going to come off – [Ollie] Yeah, nice – I like the idea of that Not willing to try it out, though, to see how it works, but great idea Last year the folks at Bike Rumor, they reckon there’s a new power meter on the way, and this time from Campagnolo, because while they unearth some patents recently, we can’t actually tell if they have been using, when I say they, I mean the Lotto Soudal squad, if they’ve been using this yet, because it’s all hidden away inside of the actual chain stay itself, but the kind of giveaway thing has to be the chain catch which has a magnet mounted to the bottom of it, which of course detects the cadence as someone rides along That’s my thoughts, that’s Bike Rumor’s thoughts, but who knows? But one thing for certain, Ollie, I’m off to the Tour Down Under next week, so I’m going to be able to have a look around and try and find one, but if it’s totally hidden away, don’t know how I’m going to be able to find one I’ll ask the UCI to borrow that scanner thing – Take your detective outfit, – Yeah And a magnifying glass – I’ll lend you my Sherlock Holmes pipe – Thanks mate (suspenseful music) More Hot Tech next week Can I really borrow it? Thanks mate (ambient music) (snacks crunching) – Snacks of the week now, and this week we’ve been sent snacks all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska

– Where’s that? – Not Lincoln in Lincolnshire, home of the Lincoln Grand Prix – Lincoln, Nebraska – No, this is Lincoln in Nebraska – Show us on-screen where it is (propeller whirring) – [John] Ah, that’s where it is – These have been sent to us, very kindly, by Chris Bowm, who tells us that he’s a big fan of GCN, and that GCN inspired and helped him get back into cycling after a 30 year absence, and helped him train to climb Alpe d’Huez as well I think that’s absolutely fantastic – Good stuff, Chris – Great to hear that he’s been coaxed away from riding his tractor and back onto a bike – Huh? Is he a farmer? – Ah no, it’s this thing In Nebraska, everyone just rides tractors – How do you know these things? – It’s what ii read on the internet – All right, anyway, what’s he sent us? – He sent us, check this out In a box all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska – Unboxing – These are chocolate melt-aways – You’re dropping everything – I’m dropping them Yes I’ve already opened them and eaten some – I don’t really like chocolate, but I’ll give it a go – Can’t say that – Chris, I’m not a big fan, but I’ll give it a go – I love chocolate It’s my favorite thing in the world These are Baker’s chocolate melt-aways, which are made in Lincoln, Nebraska That’s good isn’t it? And he’s also sent us The Mill Coffee and Tea, Nebraska blend coffee, which, I’m informed, is the best local coffee shop in Nebraska – Probably the only place I’m just saying I’ve never even heard of it – It’s great to get a taste of Nebraska Thanks very much, very kind, and awesome We’ll enjoy that later Brilliant – That was really nice, Chris – Yes – Cheers – Thanks mate Hopefully more snacks next week – I won’t be here, but I’ll bring you some back (beeps) – That was nice That one’s orange Orange, dark chocolate orange What’s that one? – Milk chocolate peanut butter, ugh – You don’t like peanut butter and chocolate? – No Two things which, definitely I don’t really like anyway, but that’s not bad Is there anything in there that’s really bad we can give Hank? – Hank – Choccie – I dunno, I’d eat them all – Could you? – Yeah – Go on then (electrical screwdriver whirring) – It’s time now for screw riding upgrades, buy upgrades Where you submit evidence of the upgrades that you’ve made to your bikes or equipment, or cycling life for the chance to win the ultimate prize A GCN cap, or casquette if you’re French – Cycling life I love that right, brilliant Right, okay, let’s roll that – Just expanding it – I love that A couple of weeks ago we had Dobbler against Robert, and winning with 60% of the votes with that Chinelly upgrade, with, I think, the widest bars in the world we ever seen; the Dobbler – [Ollie] Yeah, it’s cool Very nice upgrade – It’s like the monster truck of bicycles, or something like that – I digged it – Digged it? Anyway, Dobbler, get in touch with us, mate On Facebook to arrange delivery of GCN cap – Yes, who’ve we got this week? – All right then, this week, mate First up is Paul O’Brien In 2019 Paul’s dad retired, so Paul thought it was the perfect time to carry out a project as a retirement present for him He used to ride this bike to work in the 90s in Dublin, – You know Dublin so big? – No – ‘Cause it keeps on Dublin and Dublin – I knew this was going to be, but this is OP level jokes OP loves puns Paul smuggled he bike back to London, and went about stripping it down, and giving everything a deep clean He found some nice replacement gold decors online, and had the frame powder coated at Armourtex He then purchased some gold cable housings at Brick Lane bikes and a Brooks saddle at the local bike shop, who helped Paul put it back together Paul managed to surprise his dad with it just before Christmas, and he loves it There it is before – Look at that paint job That’s mega buck – This gold decor – Look amazing – I like the blue Blue and gold is always a good combo, isn’t it? That Brookes saddle, very nice – Gum levers – Yeah, and they match the saddle well, which is nice color ordination – Michelin tires – Gold chain – Yeah Ah, look at that I just like that Carlton Criterium My dad had a Carlton – It’s classy, isn’t it? – Absolutely brilliant bike There’s his dad – Lovin’ it – Happy as Larry, don’t know if that’s his name – Like a pig in a really happy place – A head-on Bang, center pole, Machaffle one brakes, don’t know – Its got that nice VW Beetle in the background as well – I’ve not seen any like that That’s the first one, isn’t it? Of the remakes Nice one, Paul Dad looks very happy – He does

Happy retirement – It’s not going to be plain sailing – Never is – For Paul He’s facing Mr. 746977, if that’s your real name – Sounds like a spy – He also lives in an unknown location – Definitely a spy – Anyway – What with the new Bond film being released very shortly as well Who knows? – Anyhow, Mr. 746977 It’s just what they submit to us – is the owner, he’s the owner of this Bridgestone MB two frame and fork, which he got from Craigslist in great condition If that is to be believed – Sounds like a dubious character to me, John – Mr. 74697, sir – The owner wanted to have it with great affordable components to still capture the look and feel of the original configuration So he used eBay to get loads of amazing components, apparently Ultegra derailleurs, 105 levers, Velo orange bars, TRP mini V brakes, nice custom-built wheels onto Ultegra hubs – Nice – Nice come bearings on those And Sun Rhyno Lite rims Apparently, it rides beautifully – He even sent a video as well of the cranks, spinning away It’s in good nick, isn’t it? – That’s very (mumbling) – So Mr. 746977, let’s just go up Got to to be in America, those vehicles? – I’d say that’s in America – Is that, what’s that? Is that an RX eight, that car? – What with the rotary engine? – Yeah Those doors open funny in the back – It appears so Also. Is that a big Ford pickup thing, SUV thing? Also, that cladding, that wooden cladding on the side of the house, that’s typical of North America – We’re tracking you down – I’m going to say Eastern side of America as well – If they win, then we’ll get their address (chuckling) Get involved in the app You know who to vote for – You know who to vote for We’re going to unmask mister – Mr 74697 – We’re going to unmask you – You can’t fool us – I think we know who’s going to win this week (laughing) – Look at the pogo stick in the background – Yes – Scott tribars— – You also own a pogo stick – as used by Greg LeMond in the, no, actually I think he used the Mavick ones – Also, keen modeler There’s a few empty sprees there He’s also got a book on the side ‘Cycling for Dummies’ – Yeah – I can see that there – And that cast iron radiator – Yes He’s stolen that from a hospital – If only we had a plug, then we could, an actual plug socket We could then probably identify exactly where he’s from Park tools, where’s that? There it is, in it’s state, and there’s also a video of the crank being spun Another picture of the bike Who’s it going to be? Mr 746977 or Paul O’Brien? – Let’s unmask him, you know who to vote for – Yeah, use that link down below in the description – Sorry, Paul and your dad – We can only hope that we unmask this unscrupulous character, Ollie Battling crime (whooshes) – It’s time now for the bike vault, where you submit pictures of your bikes, and myself and John rate them Either nice or super nice, and if they’re super nice, then the bell gets rung and they go into the bike vault Without further ado, it’s time for the first entry, which this week comes from Robert Thornhill There he is, with his giant TCR What do you think of that, John? – Busy – Yes – [John] It’s a busy looking bike, that It’s very accessorized – [Ollie] He’s got some Garmin Vector power meter pedals I spotted there I don’t understand why he’s got the cadence sensor, when the pedals automatically work out cadence – [John] I also don’t understand the bottle cage on the rear of the saddle, for a very, very large water bottle, but there isn’t one on the down tube of the bike, but there is one on the seat tube Possibly the rivets have become worn No, he does— – [Ollie] I do like that you’ve got a GCN sticker, a GCN water bottle and you’ve matched that with the red on the tires and the red of you bar tape That’s nice color coordination,

but I have to agree does look quite, quite busy – [John] One of the cooler stickers on that bike, other than of course the GCN one, that goes without saying, is the Michelin and Bibendum one there, just on the down tube to head tube joint Do you see that? – Yeah – [John] One of my favorite stickers or even characters Fictional, there’s a book all about him – [Ollie] Nice Also, You got a little Tipeak CO2 thing, on the CO2 canister on his down tube That’s quite neat and functional, but I agree, it’s still a little too busy – [John] But I’m baffled, why are you— – [Ollie] The barbed wire fence, I fear is going to scratch the bike – [John] That close, as well, to the animals, they’d run-off – Yeah. I think it’s a nice – I think it’s a nice too Robert, nice Next up is Patpal with Wilier Cento Uno It’s the Bayern world championship edition – [Ollie] Lampre team long post – [John] Campagnolo Super Record 80th anniversary – [Ollie] Bora Ultras – [John] Yeah, some of the shallower ones 35 mills, aren’t they? – [Ollie] I love that lacing on the rear wheel – The 3G pattern – Yeah – [John] Not just a phone signal Super Kas bar tape – [Ollie] I like how he has matched the bar tape, the gold on the gold on the bike as well That’s really cool – [John] You can’t often carry off gold bar tape, on a bike, can you? – [Ollie] Not many bikes have gold on them – [John] No This one does Slight problem Small, small – [Ollie] Yes Small, small, small – [John] Gold chain though Could Patpal be forgiven? – [Ollie] He’s done everything else right – His nice, clear background against his garage door – [John] Looks to be electronically operated as well Doesn’t look to be a handle anywhere – [Ollie] Do you know what? I think that’s a super nice, that one – [John] I think it is too – We’re letting you off this time Next time make sure it’s in the big ring (bell rings) – Nice one, Patpal Beautiful looking wheels are those – Yes, yes – Next up we’ve Piet_82 – [John] Whoo, look at this – [Ollie] I wonder if it’s Piet Mondrian – [John] Pete, that’s how you say it – [Ollie] Anyway He’s got his Concord – [John] And I’m pretty sure it’s not Piet Mondrian (laughing) – [Ollie] He’s got his Concord Shimano triple base, with Shimano 600 triple STIs, and Campanolo Shamal wheels One of our favorites – [John] Beautiful – [Ollie] I’m a little bit put off here I’m distracted by the fact that he’s taken off his shoes, and sunglasses to take the photo – [John] That’s really weird Why take your shoes off? Actually, why aren’t you wearing any trousers, Ollie? – That’s one of these Mich Supertype seat posts, as well, but why has he taken their shoes off? – [Ollie] Yes – [John] Big person as well is he, Piet? Crank’s aren’t lined up – [Ollie] He’s done that so can get it against the step, ’cause the pedal’s resting against the step – [John] Which is good use of Step That’s must be a Jorex rear mech, actually, not a 600 – [Ollie] Hmm What are you saying to that one? – [John] It looks to be in good condition still, but the rear light If you’ve taken off your shoes and your glasses, you could have taken off the rear light – [Ollie] He could’ve done I think that’s a nice – [John] Yeah, it’s a nice bike Next up is Phildistin Christmas day tide before lunch as the weather was stunning to take a blast on the seafront Anyway, this is the Giant Defy Advanced Where’s that going to be? Southampton, post must be Livington, the Isle of Wight – [Ollie] On the Wight Link ferry service – [John] Powered by hybrid energy these days, actually, Ollie My friend, Ben Drudge, used to work on the Wight link ferry True story, Georgie – Great, story bro – [John] He loves it Right, okay, Giant Defy Advanced Again, busy looking – [Ollie] I like his visions, they’re like mine Those Trimax Sport, I’ve got a pair of those on my bike – [John] Saddle dangerously pointing down – [Ollie] I don’t know, I think that’s within UCI rules – [John] Well, I don’t know – It is – Is it? Are you sure? – 100% – Okay – [Ollie] I like that, I think he’s got biggie smalls, He’s lined up is tires, he’s lined up the valves – No bottles – [Ollie] He’s de-accessorized it, as many has failed to do this week He’s just about got three o’clock, it’s not quite, but he’s tried The effort’s been put there, no excess He’s ticking the box as a super nice – [Jon] And the silver bar tape actually works all right, because the silver bit on the tube – [Ollie] I think that’s a good one – [John] The only thing that’s letting it down is that ferry The rusty center line through it – [Ollie] He could’ve waited for that to move, probably would’ve had a nice background – [John] But you know he’s trying to get us to talk about the boat and all that – [Ollie] You reckon? – Not going to happen, not going to happen

Not this week Super nice (bell rings) Skin of your teeth Right – Right Finally, this week we have got Joshting Near the sea with this Colnago C50 – [John] Near the sea It’s kind of narrowed it down, a little bit, where her could be from – [Ollie] Again, that looks I think that’s America, but anyway, it’s a size 55 that 2005 bike Campi Super Record, 11 speeds, so he’s put some more modern bits on it, and assorted Campion and Fulcrum bits Massive three teeth stem on there – [John] Dead flat as well Those C50s with the B-stays look so nice And again, that 3G spoke pattern Or was it G3? I think it might be G3 I’ve got a pair – [Ollie] I have to say, I’ve got a lot of time for that classic Colnago C50 Carbon look frame – I totally agree – Very nice – [John] There are blazingly obvious problems here Of course the crank That’s partly due to the plastic bollard in the background, – [Ollie] Yes – [John] Also, the valves, they’re not lined up – [Ollie] No, the whole bike looks put precarious It looks like it’s is going to fall off the curb – [John] The photo’s not that sharp – No – Is it? It’s bizarre choice of location for a photo He looks like he’s put a bit of effort into taking the photo, but at the same time is picked a horrendous background – [John] Trucks in a lay-bye – [Ollie] It’s a bunch of lorries – I think it’s a nice I think it’s a nice I would love to give it a Super Nice, ’cause I really like the bike – One water bottle thing going on, and that one water bottle looks like it’s about to fall out – [John] If that bike was rotated with its rear wheel in a clockwise direction, and put against the Armco barrier, I think it would be a Super Nice – [Ollie] I think the Armco would’ve been a superior choice of photographic location I think it’s a nice Nice for me – Nice bike Right, you know the drill by now, and if you don’t, get involved, get the GCN app, and you can upload pictures of your pride and joy, and while we, being photography masters that we are, Jedi master in fact, Ollie is, we rate them Nice or Super Nice, so get involved You know it makes sense I just wish they’d move that bike, mate – Yeah – There we go mate, another tech show in the bag Another one done and dusted – Hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, then please give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends, subscribe if you haven’t already You know the drill All helps the channel What are you doing now? – Well mate, I’m going to go down under Off to the tour down under See you later – Okay Anyway, if you’d like to watch another video, just click here See you next time