2004 World Series Game 4 (Red Sox vs Cardinals)

Yesterday’s game 4 in St. Louis But in Boston it is all about the Red Sox from the state house building in Boston where even Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing Go Sox at Faneuil Hall Red Sox fans are gathering in the hopes that 86 years of frustration are washed away in a single evening All that needs to happen is a Red Sox victory And as we look at Fenway Park the stadium is closed with the taverns are filling up in anticipation of a night many Red Sox fans have never experienced a Boston Red Sox world championship But the New England faithful call themselves Red Sox nation and if you don’t believe it’s true here’s proof beginning with former Red Sox Steve Lyons Of course you know the Red Sox Nation extends far beyond Boston Red Sox all the way across the nation I’m a sunny Maclean’s right here in the heart of Los Angeles California And these fans have been packing this park for three straight weeks now hoping to taste a little piece of history for six years Now we’re going to send a winner back east where Kenny Roberts standing in a place a Red Sox president Larry Lucchino once called the Evil Empire heading Well Steve it may be hard to believe but the Riviera camp is the official Red Sox woman of all places New York City There was just a week ago that the fans got to see their beloved Red Sox eighty six years of frustration for these fans that way here in the heart of the Old City of boy and cause this frustration causes more than state lines It spans the globe Good morning Baghdad you are sweet Members of the national borders Iraq and units around the international zone We thank you An international body ever served as we said a sea of red light for for instance October Of course history as you could bases their history tonight 86 years in search of a championship We say it could be a week sleeping It could be over but not a total truce and his fans have something to say about it Nobody wants to get more energy than these fans tonight because it’s going to take a page out of the Red Sox book where they been back up and being down three games to none they won four straight and it’s never been done in the history of the game losing ballclub would like to repeat that tonight go back to the Red Sox got to the luck of the Irish you know look it’s a walking game for the LFC yes steals a best go My tie is it Okay let’s get some other game to go on to game five Tony Clark it looks like it’s

done here they’re over in game at the front the pesky pulling Fenway How about Bill Right in New York A three run home run he hadn’t done much until this point Well they rule in a ground rule double The umpires got it right It turned out to be a home run Yankees normally get these kind of calls don’t they Not the Red Sox How about this call era slapping the ball out of the hand of Arroyo They call it safe at second base No they reverse it That call was called right by the umpires once again and how about the cut off man Bill Miller reaching for the double Manny Ramirez which is a kind man who to fill out and double up Larry Walker this is a turning point I’m talking about right here Justin Bond Go or no go No It goes back to third base second and third Nobody had ground ball the right side that would have time to score It didn’t happen four All right You are not done because we got to break down tonight’s pitcher Derek Lowe got it done against gay guys with sinkers and sliders and got the Yankees to expand the zone chase bad pitchers out of the zone That’s not what the cardinals have to do tonight They have to make him come to him Jason Mark he has to do this throw strikes Strike one strike two He’s got a good fastball Matty for ninety five pretty good teams forget him minimize those walks so that’s what he’s done too much in the postseason Look at the pitchers in this series the starters the Red Sox 16 plus innings All right to seven the cardinals 11 plus innings Yeah right Push him Well that’s been the biggest difference for me to starting pitching the Cardinals has not gone deeper as an average than three plus in his mark He has to go deeper tonight to set up that Cardinal bullpen They only have one lefty in that bullpen and that’s Ray That’s a guy you got to pick the face David Ortiz So that leaves him too early if they do it’s all over so the starters have to get deeper so it helps they bring him breaking to face David Ortiz We talked about Jason Markey being on the big stage this is not the first time he’s been on the big stage He didn’t play in the Little League World Series just like another man out here tonight Jason back up shortstop That’s not a good thing they moved him get picked on a little fence his right hand and right there he may think he’s a tough play right here Well no he couldn’t go the glove I’ll tell you what the heart and saw this ball coming in that face right there Hey Jason very to put that guy behind the plate he’s tough as nails behind there He’s been really for me the MVP all season long because of what he does not offensively we know he can swing about it’s his defense it’s the way he works the pitchers in and out blocks of plate as well as anybody in the game and blocks balls as well as anybody in the game This guy to me is the heart and soul of free agent He can’t let this guy get away He’s nails behind the plate absolutely history of course seems lost on all of these Red Sox they just seem to worry about whether or not they’re having a good hair night Well I don’t know that you can call them that would so my ignorance remains bliss around the water coolers Hey man what’s up What’s up man What do at night Same old same old thing Pagers one point on the road again Wow That’s pretty amazing How about us barrier GETTING INTO THE FOR THE FOOT OF THE GAME OH MAN IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE WHAT WHAT DO YOU KNOW RIGHT YOU KNOW SOMETHING OH YOU HOW ABOUT YOU SAME OLD THING Once you give me a call my man I can do that Yeah Obviously they found something to do tonight I think what’s interesting Mr Damon here said when he joined this club he went into the clubhouse Nobody was playing cards Nobody was playing video games Everybody was doing their own thing Somehow this club has come together real loose and it’s working for We talked about the luck of the Irish in the Boston Red Sox really I believe you got to have talent You make your own break tonight with this Red Sox club has done There’s no gimmes on his ballclub Of course he is you They have put it to the test the New York Yankees they forced him to make those guys walking along in the ninth inning when they going to finish it off Why Because the architecture did hurt They could take it a game it could take a beat Forget about Manny Ramirez and you guys to worry about as well How about Bill winning the series He’s all right We need to get your going out to the ballgame It’s gonna be a good one until this October it was considered almost impossible for any team to recover from an 0 3 deficit That is until the Red Sox came along Now the cardinals want to draw from their rivals for inspiration Unbelievable One week ago there were three hours away from getting swept Now they are on the brink of 80 Fixing the curse and claiming baseball’s ultimate prize What a century it has been Just count is never better than

when you Oh God Oh a hundred years too late Time goes by so Sixty 67 The Stones get chose the count Welcome back to the Dodge pregame show on Fox history may or may not be in your immediate future but we know this that you man is to introduce tonight’s National Anthem here’s public address announcer John Goulet please stand and remove your caps for our national anthem following the anthem please direct your attention to the sky where two Navy F A 18 is from fighter composite squadron twelve we’ll be performing a flyover performing tonight’s anthem She’s been a St. Louis Cardinals fan her entire life and now one of country music’s Gretchen Wilson c can you see but early light What so proudly we And that’s why it’s asking me mean Whose broad stripes and bright star is Oh we watched Were so gallantly streaming That off black lose steam OH SAY DOES THAT STAR SPANGLED BANNER Oh on October 17th this self-proclaimed team of idiots were facing elimination in the ALCS for the second year in a row to their biggest nemesis the New York Yankees but in the span of four days they overcame a three games to nothing deficit to win something no other team had done in the history of Major League Baseball And now one win away they rest on the cusp of winning something that has eluded this franchise since 1918 Well what’s it going to be Tonight we welcome you to Busch Stadium where Cardinal fans are failing and wondering if this season will continue for at least one more day Chlorophyll watch the Boston Red Sox celebrate here tonight Sox

one win away I’m trying to do something that the franchise hasn’t accomplished in 86 years and that is win a World Series end to this point for the first three games of this World Series They have out hit They have pitched and they have run the bases better than the St. Louis Cardinals and Tim McCarver I welcome you in and I’ll say this The Red Sox have been given nothing in this series They have taken the first three games They have been relentless They just have not let the cardinals get started They’ve scored in the first inning of every game The St. Louis Cardinals haven’t even been ahead in any of the three games in the best way for them to get ahead is to get any production not more production but any production out of the middle three spots the four five and six hitters have one hit in the three games That was a bunt base hit by Jim Edmonds in Game 1 the Boston Red Sox have won seven consecutive postseason games The fans here in St. Louis hope that tonight is not the night The World Series comes to a close Don’t write yourself we are in St. Louis is 61 degrees in about 10 times better weatherwise than we had here last night for Game 3 Still with us Chris Myers Joe down on the field you can feel the vibe of the fan from Middle America all the way back to New England for the cardinal routers they’re hoping for a reversal of fortune for the Red Sox fans many of whom have traveled here to St LEWIS Well they’re still kind of numb there they’re not sure how to act their team this close to finally winning it all to finally winning a World Series The fans like the Red Sox team they’re confident but they’re also cautious given their history and this tonight a total lunar eclipse for the first time during a World Series game so it would appear Joe for the Red Sox The planets are aligned All right Chris thank you very much and Jason Markey is the man in the middle of all this action He has not been good this season Here’s tonight’s starting lineup for the Red Sox brought to you by Citibank If you were paying attention last night you’ll know it is the same Johnny Damon leads off and Cabrera batting second Manny Ramirez How hot is he hitting third David Ortiz at first put on a show and BP bear attack Miller Nixon Bell Horn and Derek Lowe tonight won the clincher game seven of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium taking on Jason Markey tonight And if both pitchers had this stuff tonight they’ll throw a lot of ground balls Two of the top five round ball pitchers in major league baseball are opposing one another this evening Johnny Damon first up for Boston Damon Cabrera and Manny Ramirez you see the 94 miles per hour and Tim one of the things that Markey has to guard against is getting too charged up He’s a sinker ball pitcher he’s got a very good fastball but trying to throw the ball through the wall is something that works against him After the first fastball I was down in the strike zone two fastballs up You don’t get ground balls on high fastballs two balls in a strike on Johnny Damon The Red Sox scored first again What a start One to nothing Boston here in game Damon gets his first home run of this World Series The one thing about ground balls They don’t go out of the ballpark high fastball jumped on by Damon to forget the Red Sox the lead Cabrera swinging bond Third base side What a play by Scott Rawlings

My gosh this is the 2 1 fastball as you could see right around the letters followed by a 45 footer down the third base line So the homerun then the ground out and now Manny Ramirez digs in Ramirez at his 18th career postseason homerun last night He has hit in 16 straight postseason game and Mark he misses inside with ball 1 the numbers in this world series for Ramirez And overall this postseason he has 20 of 56 Manny was out there to receive the Hank Aaron Award prior to tonight’s game four He won it from the American League and Barry Bonds the winner from the National League Henry Aaron is with us at the ballpark tonight Too far inside two balls and a strike the last seven starts for marquee coming in one in three with a five point seven five All right Twenty one strikeouts twenty walks so far he has failed to go five innings in each of his two postseason starts that was here against Los Angeles and at Houston that’s a bad ratio too whenever you see about the same number of walks as strikeouts for a pitcher during any duration falls behind Ramirez three in one with David Ortiz on deck great start for the Red Sox tonight Manny Ramirez takes a walk while we play here in the first inning baseball fans grab a cold fresh Budweiser it’s game time and game time tonight started with a home run by Damon and then the ground out by Cabrera is terrific play by Scott rolling the difficulty on that play is that not only do you have to bare handed but you have to have the ball and throwing position when you bare handed Rawlins one of the best at that play David Ortiz down one on one out Ortiz three four 10 in this World Series everything is up for marquee Yeah I think Tony La Russa is one hitter away from getting Dan Herron up in the bullpen so the walk to Ramirez the crowd was taken right out of it after the home run by Damon and now it’s 2:00 a.m. on Ortiz Mark he had a very good regular season fifteen and seven and the R.A. of three point seven one one at one point he was fourteen and four heading into the month of September the team went one in four down the stretch and as the R.A. was well over five there the numbers for the regular season but there’s no doubt Martinez struggled the crowd trying to get themselves back into it strike one on the outside one on one out two balls and a strike pitch was up but by the back of all Ts ts his one guy in the Red Sox lineup where you can get away with the high fastball because he loves the ball down Bear attack on deck Derek Lowe will be on the mound tonight for the Red Sox on three

and 2 on our goals and our team flies it into Mayberry is there for St. Lewis to take a look at the defense just said in a Mayberry He is making his first start This is how St. Lewis covers the field brought to you by State Farm Mayberry and left as Reggie Sanders takes his seat Jim Edmonds in center and Larry Walker and right Womack is not only still at second but tonight when we show you the cardinal lineup he’s back in the leadoff spot Here’s Barrett Jason only one hit in this world series but it counted back in game two a two hour two run triple against Matt Morris that got the red sox off and running strike one coming into this game The Red Sox had scored first and nine of 13 postseason games and they won all of them and they’ve scored first here tonight I know and one bear attack takes a breaking ball first breaking ball and Markey has grown and it was a good one Molina blocks ball one in the dirt and Ramirez has made a couple of blocks off first did so during the Ortiz at bat and did on that last delivered a very tough that fake break from first base moves the middle infielders and Rio over to cover when Manny Ramirez head that fake break Good play by Molina keeping that ball in front of him He started to walk away It’s called Inside 2 and 2 tailing fastball just misses inside We’ve seen Johnny Damon struggle in the postseason We have seen Johnny Damon clip his toenails during the postseason And we have seen Johnny Damon hit a homerun in this world series first leadoff home run in a world series game since Game 4 2000 very tech has gone But from New England to Baghdad Red Sox fans love this start for Boston tonight MLB at home is presented by MLB the Show 20 It’s what your baseball dreams are made of Welcome to the show Ready to Eat for everyone Derek Lowe on the mound for the Red Sox tonight in Game 4 and he misses the Tony Womack Lo has had a very good postseason after initially being left out of the rotation He was a huge factor in the Red Sox beating the Yankees strength to Wal-Mart one ball one strike He started game for the ALCS left in the sixth inning with the lead that evaporated quickly after he left with Tim Lin on the mound as Wal-Mart in the left center field Ramirez is over to play it nice play by Manny Ramirez it’s a lead off single and Womack back in the leadoff spot for the Cardinals for the first time since Game 6 of the end Elsie started with a hit That’s a tough play to time I think Cabrera may have jumped just a tad too soon Now it’s Larry Walker Sometimes when you jump too soon

on a ball like that you’re coming down when the ball’s Larry Walker one of the few guys in the cardinal lineup can say they’re hitting in this world series Walker and Pujols thirty six base stealers tried to steal off Derek Lowe this year Thirty four made it tries to keep Derek Lowe thinking about really the entire game Brad Mills is the bench coach for Terry Francona He’s the one in charge of trying to keep low Quick to the plate The the sacrifice 1 3 down to second is Womack for pools We give you the starting lineup for the Cardinals brought to you by Citibank Womack is at the top Walker is gone Fools Roland Edmonds Renteria Mayberry Molina and Markey a very good hitting pitcher did that but surprise you Yes it did He was gunning for a base hit Obviously was his sacrifice because Womack moved to second base but Walker one of the few guys as you said one of the few guys swinging the bat well for the Cardinals two home runs a double four hits in Game 1 he tried to push you down the third baseline but low makes a nice play Had he gotten it down the third baseline there’s a chance he would have been on first Good play by low Walsh checks Texas Swing and a foul ball strike one Paul’s has not driven in Iran in this world series He has 14 RBI eyes and six home runs in the postseason And that’s what he’s done at home a 5 19 average here at Busch Stadium The one thing that the coaches the Red Sox and Terry Francona want to do is make Lowe aware of the runners but not so aware that he’s confused when he comes home You see that already Yeah that’s the dicey thing about dealing with the psyche of a guy like Derek Lowe and we look at how Boston covers the field which have done very well the last couple of nights after four errors in the first two games each brought to you by State Farm Ramirez Damon and Nixon in the outfield Miller Cabrera Bell Horne and Ortiz made a nice throw in last night’s game Barrett Jack catching Lowe and here’s Scott rolling headless in the world series the one RBI on a sack squad In our opening we talked about the four five and six hitters of the Cardinals They have got to get on track If the cardinals are going to win the night golden pops and foul that we’ll get out of play TONY LA RUSSA toyed with the idea of putting Renteria in the number two spot moving everybody back to space but he thought that that might look like a desperate move In charge of a club down three games to none Yeah Also toying with the idea of putting Larry Walker in the four hole runner at third Two out one ball one strike from Derek Lowe La Russa saying before this game I love this team too much This team is too special to have it end tonight four games in the World Series and goodbye the Red Sox trying to do that Here on October 27 game four of this World Series Roland during the regular season Govan one hundred twenty four runs second best in the national tag for the out meeting is over a scoreless inning from Derek Lowe gets

around the leadoff hit from Tony Womack after 1 in game 4 one did nothing lost How are you enjoying the new gameplay engine in a updates in MLB the Show 20 Yeah man you know I invented a forrest robot coach come in it What can I do for you Jason Mark he gave up a lead off home run to Johnny Damon in the first got around to one out walk and here is Bill Miller had a nice night last night for Boston In his return two out of four in RBI a big two out RBI hit in the fifth inning which made it four to nothing It ended 4 to 1 Here’s a 1 0 pitch to Joe predictably Phil Miller is having a good series against Cardinal pitchers I thought he would before the series began because the cardinals don’t have a pitcher that can go up the ladder on Miller That’s how American League pitchers try to get him out But the cardinals have pitchers that keep the ball down in the strike zone hits to his strength two balls and a strike here last 13 games here at home from Miller and this is his childhood all sitting 357 here’s a 2 1 for marquee two hops to Wal-Mart and with the bases empty trot Nixon will step to the point Nixon in this post seasons only four out of his last twenty seven but does he go back twenty seven games he’s still hitting three twenty three a guy who last night chipped in with a two out RBI hit he got a hit in the fourth inning After the base running blunder by Sufjan he takes the pitch low that really hurt the Cardinals The Cardinals had their chance at the bottom of the third second and third nobody out supine didn’t come home on the ground ball by Walker ball seen it a thousand times by now But then the next half fitting the Red Sox doubled their lead on a two out hit by Nixon I think the Red Sox have shown how important it is with the immediacy of your strike that they’ve scored in the first inning They scored after the base running blunder in last night’s ballgame and they scored with the two run home run that Bell Horn hit when the Cardinals tied it to this ball is right over the head of Womack a fine play by Larry Walker to cut the ball off and prevent a triple Well that’s a big league play right there by Larry Pedro Martinez runner at second one out Bell Horn on deck is the pitcher Derek Lowe the Red Sox want to get it done with Bill Horne at the plate the big homerun in game 1 followed that up with a two hour two run double in game two runner at second one out one and I think Boston here in the second two and one This is not a situation where you want to pitch around Mark Bell Horn Terry Francona telling Derek Galo that if Bell Horn gets on we’re gonna give you the bunt you will be Bunning I would imagine up to two strikes a two one pitch three

balls and a strike for Marcie and I think you’re right Tim about Marcie even in the first inning and here again in the second any sign of a prolonged struggle will trigger action in the cardinal bullpen where Danny Herron who’s been so good in the postseason would likely be the first one Paul Yeah the bread problem about tonight being down 3 0 You can’t wait too long Bell Horn hits it in the right field Get out in front of it and looked at the Cardinals pitch man Morris in Game 2 on short rest a because of Morris and his postseason experience and b because Mark he has struggled so and now here down three games to none the cardinals have to turn to Marty that’ll put two on with one out to walk so far to go with one strikeouts or Jason Markey and here’s Derek Lowe Scott rolling the captain of the infield gives these signs and he just wants Markey to throw a strike And the reason for that is they may have the will play on where Roland charges Poole’s charges and rent to read goes to third base It’s an easy play to put on right now because you can have a guy at the plate who doesn’t handle the bat well or often tough based running play for Nixon Yes He’s now running all that well anyway down at second base for Boston ball one up and away They had run a riot going over to third to cover Roland coming in and pool halls charging from first but you said the key part of it as you began and that was Markey has to throw strikes right I think that’s a one thing role until Markey makes sure you throw a strike and the runners advanced to second and third so Lowe gets the sacrifice Derek Lowe found the seam between the third baseman and the pitcher right there Scott Roland forced to go to his these sliding pivots and just gets Derek glowing here’s Johnny Damon whose home run put Boston on top in the first bank of America The official bank of major league baseball donates ten thousand dollars to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund for every home run in the world series Thus far sixty thousand dollars has been raised for the families of military personnel given their lives The current operations in defense of our country second and third two out ball one blow it away and tonight Bank of America is proud to announce that it will make a total contribution of two hundred fifty thousand dollars to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund big chance for the Red Sox The second and third two out and Johnny Damon up to the Cardinals you can say Well be careful with Damon try to make that perfect pitch you’ve got Cabrera on deck two things Cabrera is hot and you’ll load the bases marquees control problems are an even bigger factor that hits the outside corner too and long control really becomes a problem when you have no place to put the hitter in that would occur if the bases became bloated backdoor breaking ball catches the corner it’s the rookie guarding air Molina doing the catching tonight taking the spot of Mike Matheny here’s a 2 1 Molina is the youngest of the catching Molina nice ring to it does it not Not exactly flying Wallendas but

catching Molina’s there are three of them in the big league Benji and hos Zay both catchers for the Anaheim Angels the second trio of brothers to all play the World Series this crowd comes from the Red Sox have left three bottom of the second rolls in Edmonds will try and get it started for St. Lewis down by 1 8:00 straight up here in St Lewis it’s game for Boston up three games to none and they lead tonight one to nothing Bottom of the second and Jim Edmonds is first up Renteria Mayberry will follow then out here Molina Derek Lowe a free agent to be finds the strike zone with his first pitch to Edmonds who spins out of there lowest thirty one years old you can make the case that he is in his pitching prime as Edmond sticks the Bat Out pops it into Edmonds one for twelve in this series before tonight’s game Manny Ramirez and Barry Bonds each received the two thousand four Hank Aaron Award for their respective League sponsored by Century 21 Hank Aaron Award originated nineteen ninety nine to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of Hank blitzing Babe Ruth’s all time home run record as the best overall hitter in each league Well finalists were voted on by the fans at MLB dot com There’s a very bond we all know where Manny Ramirez is He just got that last fly ball first pitch a strike to rent to Rio wanted one Hammering Hank with seven hundred and fifty five home runs to lead everybody and would have had seven hundred and fifty six But he stepped out of the batter’s box hitting a homerun at old Busch Stadium here in St Lewis against Curt Simmons to and one on Renteria Chris pellet Kouddous was the home plate umpire and he called him out for being out of the batter’s box Where were you situated for that up three feet from two balls in a strike one out Nobody on a foul ball you weren’t the one that brought it to public duties as attendance if you would call the man a homerun Have I crossed the man a homerun Yes So Turner Field really could be situated in 756 Hank Aaron Drive That’s correct Not 755 two outs two strikes on Renteria three hits in this series and that’s the third Miller on a and the batter will be John Mayberry maybe he gets his first start pension in this world series and for the regular season and two ninety six with 13 home runs and 40 RBI batting with two out nobody on and facing Derek Lowe including the postseason the numbers for Mayberry as a starter Sixty three of them twelve homers in the thirty nine RBI Bender and therefore a strike One ball one strike Derek Lowe has had an MRI over six on the road the last two years Right And Nixon is there throughout number three cardinals have only a single so far tonight and it will be Cabrera Ramirez and our team big match coming up for the Red Sox third one and I think Boston talked about ready to go this

grab And he’ll celebrate that He’s going to give it up Yeah YOUNG FAN Very classy He’s got a pretty good story to tell to check it out Oh yeah On the home run by Johnny Damon in the first leading off the Red Sox lead one to nothing third inning now Cabrera Ramirez and Ortiz have terrific as Orlando Cabrera been in the postseason in the World Series in particular for Terry Francona takes a strike Red Sox traded for Orlando back on July 30 first and there was a period of adjustment in Boston But since the middle of August that is close to 330 in the last two months and his post season has been sparkling He’s one of those guys that you always wondered how good they would be when they got out of Montreal The world is seeing it and this is a free agent at the end of this World Series a long list of free agents for the Red Sox No one wanted Cabrera to win one it’s not just the walks for a marquee but it’s falling behind And putting himself in a spot where he has to throw a strike against the lineup like the Boston Red Sox they will punish you for that That’s often the worst in the walk here’s a to want to Cabrera in the year to left field didn’t get it all and he has to come get it this is the first World Series featuring alumni from the Little League World Series facing one another We go back and look at Jason Markey as a kid third place in nineteen ninety one pitching for Staten Island’s South Shore backs on elbow up ready to fire as you saw in our pregame show or if you didn’t Jason Barrett tech played in the Little League World Series and his team was a runner up Ramirez fouls it straight back bear attack did it back in nineteen eighty four in his team lost to South Korea in the final see the numbers for Markey this time with Atlanta and with St. Lewis and interleague play a five and two record in nine starts Cabrera flight out to laughter Ramirez has another hit he’s on base for the second time tonight and Manny Ramirez is now 17 straight postseason game thing about Ramirez fouling back the first two seam fastball coming in on his hands and then the next one in there he turned on it here’s David Ortiz Flat out to left his first time up Ortiz made jaws drop during batting practice About an hour before the game I mean he was pounding the ball put on a show didn’t in the right field and even the Cardinal fans were applauding by the end of it Pretty good set during that session of batting practice with Ortiz M.R. and Ramirez fans ended up with some souvenirs Here’s a 1 0 rib dinner right You can see Molina setting up inside and we’ve talked about it throughout the postseason that Ortiz rarely misses that pitch down in Dave Duncan the Cardinal pitching coach after this double line drive So as Albert Pujols yet two guys

ducking at first base sets how hard that ball was hit I think Pedro’s having some fun tonight after retiring the last 14 hitters he faced last night in the 4 to 1 win in Game 3 That’s the longest streak of retired guys since Curt Schilling retired 16 in the 2000 one World Series Jason Barrett Jack is coming up short He got a play third base and he played some short and he ended up making the final out of that Little League World Series and the loss in the final to South Korea And evidently his switch hitting days were ahead of him What a chance for bear attack on the Red Sox Ball one inside second and third one out already leading one to nothing trying to sweep the Cardinals out of the World Series tonight I’m surprised that the cardinals do not have anybody up in the bullpen right now second and third one out of 1 0 2 and 0 with Miller on deck I would agree with that the long reliever Danny Herron who fits well in game 1 has had plenty of rust Marty is in trouble and he’s fallen behind bear attack too at all Breaking ball in strike one and bear attack didn’t like the ball Atlanta sets up outside Barrett tech thought it was low very close Ramirez the runner at third or tees at second single in a double with this 3 4 combination And bear attack with the RBI chance green one I think of the six umpires out there tonight Chuck Meriweather has the broadest and deepest strike zone There’s a lot of pitches that are that are low in the lower part of the strike zone A lot of them are high and he’ll get pitchers that pitch off the corner away bear attack hits in the first throw to the plate Molina with a tag Ramirez is out Good play by Albert Pujols The reason it was a good play is he was playing back and not pinched it First base he’s playing deep How many first baseman would come home on a play like this Even though the ball was hit well fine play long throw by pools to get rid Maris Lane sticking that leg out there forcing Ramirez to the outside and applies the tag so the fielder’s choice 3 2 were put out at the plate and now it’s first and third two out Bill Miller on Miller grounded after second his first time up but five out of eleven in this world series Or he’s now the runner at third Attack at first and Molina is gonna go talk you wonder if we will look back on that play at the plate and the aggressive throw by Albert Pujols instead of taking the easy out at first Later on tonight Thing about Pujols playing that deep He has an outfielders arm He played left field for the Cardinals before settling in at first base Perfect throw to get Manny Ramirez but again not every first baseman would make that play Two whole thing is on that play

is you’re playing deeply You’re conceding the run So be all right if Albert went over and touch first base but no sir He came home with it to nail Manny Ramirez runners at the corners two out three you know on Bill Miller with Trot Nixon who doubled his first time winning on Dex good play Molina so Miller waits for a 3 0 pitch battle all the bases Honda Pilot recognizes the work of St. Lewis hitting coach Mitchell page and two thousand four page pilot at St. Louis hitters through a two seventy eight regular season average that was best in the National League The Cardinals hit two hundred fourteen home runs so the walk to Miller brings Nixon up Mitchell page bases loaded two out Nixon with a line drive Devil into right center field as first time this is an accident waiting to happen you wonder how long Markie can continue to dance through the raindrops gave up a double and a walk last inning got around it giving up a single double and a walk in this center still nobody up for say Lewis in their bullpen marquee has fallen behind Thirteen of the 16 hitters he’s face tonight and the cardinals have fallen behind Boston again tonight The Red Sox with a chance for more three balls no strikes three walks one strikeout tonight one run allowed on four hits and it’s three nothing Boston swinging on three and 0 and Nixon delivers for the Red Sox Nixon missing a grand slam home run by about eight feet when major league hitters know what’s coming they hit balls hard as Nixon proved again Red Sox fans celebrating in a bar in New York City of all places as the intentional pass will come to Bill Horn to load him up for Derek Lowe you just have to love the way the Red Sox have played this series not only have they out pitched out hit and run the bases better than the Cardinals in this world series but they’ve been aggressive from time to time you think back yesterday the chance with Cabrera up everybody expecting a bun after a lead off double they let Cabrera swing away and he got a base hit right here it’s 3 and 0 with Bell Horn on deck Nixon knew what was coming and he did not miss it as the Red Sox turned Trot Nixon loose

Terry Francona telling us before the game that he’s still getting mail from the first three games of the Yankees series for the mail over the last eight days for the Red Sox Turns out pretty well Now brand one ball one to Derek Lowe and this crowd has seen about enough and amazing that nobody is up for St. Lewis in their bullpen It really is it’s just mind boggling that Tony La Russa doesn’t have anybody up at talk about aggressive swinging to even the count at one ball one strike and Al Reyes will get loose Yeah that pitcher was out of the strike zone too That pitch was up and in for Derek Lowe bases loaded two out two runs her home for Boston here in the third inning Markey trying to hang in the cardinals are trying to hang in one ball two strikes on a low key questions the home plate umpire Chuck Meriweather after not getting this call two balls two strikes is over but the Red Sox get two knocked on by Trot Nixon reacting everywhere are Red Sox fans Derek blow heads back to work and now he has a three to nothing lead Boston up three zip Bottom of the third inning game for trying to sweep the Cardinals here tonight the Cardinals trying to force a game five tomorrow night time is called while they reposition the right fielder Trot Nixon a little bit to his left Closer to the line and here is the rookie got to hear Molina breaking ball from low is strike one Molina so far this postseason 1 4 5 is in the hole 0 and 2 and No strikeouts or walks for Derek Lowe so far tonight here in the third inning and Marty will be the header I think you allow marquee to hit right here because he’s such a good hitter he led the National League pitchers in hits with twenty one he batted to ninety two he can hack but sending him back out there I think is a considerable risk for the St Louis Cardinals marquee grounds to short Cabrera picks it up and throws him out during the break we had a chance to visit with Terry Francona the manager of the Red Sox One question for Terry Terry you’re up 3 to nothing in this game 3 to nothing in this series and you have stayed aggressive this entire world series you had Cabrera swing yesterday you have Nixon swinging on three you know and it’s paying off Well you know what we’re a real good fastball hidden team and we have faith in each other that they’re gonna get a fastball they know what to do with it and I think you’ve got to stay with what got you here Terry thanks for your time Okay guys I wonder if people outside of watching the day to day pitch the pitch of this series across baseball are realizing the kind of job that Terry Francona has done with his Red Sox to get them to this point literally now innings and outs away from a World Series championship We’ve talked about the job he has done with the bullpen but another example of his overall managerial skill giving Trot Nixon the 3 0 hits on trusting he would get a strike

He did and delivered on his second chance as a manager in the big leagues from 97 to 2000 was the manager in Philadelphia was a young club Schilling was part of it Scott Roland was a part of it as a rookie in 97 Terry the bench coach for the Oakland Athletics last year when Derek Barlow struck out the final athletic well then Terry drove across country after the season was over CABRERA The Cardinals still with only one hit tonight fourth inning game Red Sox fighting back smiles in their dugout as they lead three to nothing about it The Cardinals 5 to 1 Damon has hammered and grounded out strike one Markey has walked for 1 intentionally struck out two one of them Derek Lowe the pitcher he’s allowed three runs on five hits one ball one strike These two teams have played 30 innings in this World Series The Red Sox have been ahead in twenty eight of the only two innings and the two teams been tied to balls and a strike Damon with a count in his favour waits for a 2 1 for marquee 2 and 2 Cabrera next then Ramirez during the break Tony La Russa went out and argued with Jeff Meriwether about his strike zone The two to pitch his name and reach for it WOMACK also had to go grab it as well Now the reason that infielders don’t do this the ball gets hung up in the glove And Womack smoothly shuffling off to Poole that is a very difficult play for Tony Womack And he made it handily Here’s Cabrera 0 for 2 tonight with the ground out of fly out he’s hit in 10 straight easy to overlook the contributions of Cabrera with one out Nobody on Orlando takes the ball up in S. Lewis in the bottom of the fourth inning will have Walker to Halston in rolling and the only noise coming out of the crowd here at Busch Stadium is a Let’s go Red Sox chant make a reason why the Cardinal fans are drowning out that cheer as they’re stunned with the way the St. Louis Cardinals have played the first three plus games of this World Series This is a team that was one win shy of their franchise record They had one hundred five victories on the season they had the best road record in all of baseball Best overall record in baseball they had a pitching staff that was filled with guys with 13 14 15 wins They lost Chris Carpenter Markie the man on the mound 115 during the regular season He’s behind Cabrera 2 and 1 now 3 and 1 with Manny Ramirez on deck Since ninety five only one team has finished the regular season with the best record and won the World Series that was that 98 Yankees team Full counting CABRERA The last time the Boston Red Sox won the World Series back in 1918 they won 86 games this year 98 games and they were the wildcard in the American League trying to get back in it

on a full count Cabrera hits it into left center field for Edmond in case you were wondering talked about the cardinals not having a lead this series yet World Series history these are the teams that never trailed the Dodgers sweeping the Yankees in 63 the Orioles of sixty six sweeping the Dodgers and Tony La Russa is nineteen eighty nine Oakland A’s sweeping the Giants in that earthquake interrupted World Series World Series interrupted by ten days he’s a rookie out of here Molina is getting into a argument with Manny Ramirez and Terry Francona is gonna come out find out what just happened Well that’s the one thing the Boston Red Sox do not want whether it’s by Ramirez by a pitcher throwing tied to a cardinal I mean you have them down and now Manny apologizing It appeared or whatever ever disagreement there was between the two still talking behind that mask To our bases empty Ramirez has walked in single ball one two out bases empty marquee looking for his first one two three and a two at all How about that fastball Jason Marky spinning around after he threw that fastball to Manny Ramirez here comes a two hour pitch to Ramirez three at A.M. and none have been close with David Ortiz on deck and nobody up for Saint Lewis in their bullpen Ramirez is the only active player with six straight seasons three hundred average 30 or more home runs one hundred and more RBI is in his postseason hitting streak is alive at 17 straight He’s swinging on three now and flies it into center field hitting his shoulder bottom of the fourth inning Walker first stop for St. Lewis The two three and four hitters to bat Cardinal fans trying to will the heart of this St. Lewis lineup into some hits one to Walker after a lead off it in the first inning Walker dropped down a bunt was an odd message for the Cardinals to send already trailing at the time one to nothing 2 and 0 4 Walker it was his first sacrifice one since nineteen ninety one trying to get on in front of false two and one good curve ball from Derek low fastball situation now you can go back to the fastball as the curve ball catches the outside corner you can get the new MLB authentic collection from your jacket and wear what the players wear the MLB authentic collection is available on MLB dot com or at 8 8 8 MLB shop clothes make the fan and there are plenty of red clothes on display with these fans here tonight as Poole stands in 0 4 1 one ball one

strike strike two Chris Joe Tony La Russa came on talked to the home plate umpire after he ate his hitting coach Mitchell page go back and look on videotape he thought that his pitcher Jason Barkley wasn’t getting the low strikes for Derek Lowe was getting he thought two of the first three pitches were strikes Tony went back checked it himself that’s what put Mark in a hole when Nixon picked to run double La Russa arguing that his pitcher is not getting below strikes that the low was getting all right Chris meanwhile on a breaking ball down in a who else goes after it and misses it by a mile To out second strikeout for Derek Lowe he is now retired Eleven cardinals in a row That’s after last night Pedro Martinez retiring the last 14 Cardinals he face role in his jam Vinny and the cardinals go quietly again fifth inning now Game 4 Red Sox MLB at home is presented by MLB the Show 20 It’s what your baseball dreams are made of Welcome to the show Ready to Eat for everyone None seven David Ortiz leads it off and takes a strike And we are about a half hour away from a lunar eclipse no balls one strike on our TS with Barrett tech and Miller to follow that’s wide one ball one strike Since the beginning of Game Two the cardinals are hitting 137 as a group 10 hits seventy three at bats they’ve scored three runs in the last twenty three innings that’s why two and one or tees has doubled and scored and fly to left the Red Sox bursting with confidence as Ortiz takes a rip two and two full count so that dugout it is taken almost literally every active player that Terry Francona has had to use in the postseason to get the Red Sox into the World Series even David Roberts with the stolen base in Game 4 of the ALCS coming off the bench making his contribution scoring the tying run with Mariano Rivera on the mound and Pedro has been all smiles ever since Three balls two strikes on our team That is five blocks tonight handed out by Mark You can play hit the pros presented by the all new GMC and face real pitches from today’s best curlers Log on to Fox Forbes.com on MSM keyword games GMC we are professional grade Danny Heron just got up and Dave Duncan is going to buy him some more time by walking out to talk to market if you look at the starters for the first four

games it includes tonight with Jason marquee starting pitching with Woody Williams getting into the third inning Morris and soup on into the fifth marquee is pitching here in the fifth inning He has not gone five and each of his two previous starts this postseason On the other hand Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez Schilling working six innings Martinez working seven innings and Derek Low has pitched for scoreless tonight Here is very attack ball one outside bear attack struck out in the first and bounced into a fielder’s choice at the plate With pools cutting down Ramirez back in the third Dan Heron for St. Luis can’t get ready fast enough Marking the spot where he asked to throw his strength He does two in one with a way mark He went through the first three innings could make the argument that the cardinals should have had somebody ready to come in at the first sign of trouble rather than start to get loose Yeah you’re in the fifth inning as very tech fouls are the way to even count two and two Yeah that’s that’s a valid point Not only have the Red Sox scored three runs through the first three innings but threatening threatening threatening key continuing to fall behind hitters and he has even the count fighting back against Bear attack a walk to Artie’s and a 2 2 pitch coming to bear attack third strikeout for marquee one out in the fifth good fastball freezes Barrett tech so very tech will have a seat and Bill Miller will step up Miller drew a walk with two on and two on the third inning that loaded the bases then it was three you know on Nixon Trot Nixon hit a ball off the wall for a two run double strike one to Miller Yeah that slope of the mound is supposed to be downhill not uphill Tonight it’s been uphill for marquee Miller slices and foul its own two one hundred pitches already from marquee meanwhile Derek Lowe is thrown thirty eight and Miller fouls It’s a bad habit for a pitcher to get into when he says yes I want the pitch No I don’t want it there Yes I want it there because the hitter can obviously see those three handshakes Yes no yes The only pitch he locates a fastball Miller all over it Another 02 here Molina on the right Jason Maki on the left trying to fight their way through a five minute reading nothing Red Sox Two balls two strikes on Miller

Jason Maki from the end of May through September 4th one 11 straight decisions on his way to his 15 and seven record so there have been times this season where Markey has been as good as anybody The cardinals have had left handed hitter on deck Danny Herron a guy who throws a fourth ball in the bullpen ready to go This could be it for Marty one on one out or at first starting the runner they avoid the inning ending double play And now they have Ortiz at second with two out David Ortiz is not a fast runner but the speed of the runner is not the determining factor whether you send him or not It’s up to the hitter to make contact Bill Miller does that WOMACK had an idea about going to second but properly threw the ball to first base red sox are doing everything right And the Cardinals are doing nothing Working our way toward a total lunar eclipse runner at second to out Harvey Are you enjoying the new gameplay engine in A.I. updates in MLB the Show 20 Yeah I mean you know I invented a forrest robot Coach got it What can I do for you Kirsten’s bottom on the fifth inning and Derek Lowe has picked up where he left off in Game 7 of the ALCS pitching on two days rest low in six innings a lot of one run on one hit First up is Jim Edmonds the flight out to left back in the second bottom of the fifth inning three nothing Red Sox Nine o’clock here in the Central Time Zone Busch Stadium game for the Red Sox up three games to none in the first inning Just like that it was Damon getting his first to this World Series and then the third bases loaded two out Nixon games to run double and its three nothing Ball wonder Renteria Derek Lowe has made himself a lot of money this postseason pitching the way he has for the Boston Red Sox a free agent to be one scribe writing for a Boston paper said that Derek Gallo that last start against the Yankees made himself at least eight million dollars might be right One thing that might be interested is the team he beat two balls two strikes The Yankees will be looking for pitching over the off season and where it is they have money to spend two and 2 the count on Renteria Renteria playing in his

second World Series Cardinals have not had a base runner since the leadoff hit by Womack in the first 13 straight retired by Lowe the 3 2 pitch to and the left center field that ball’s gonna get down a terrific piece of hitting by rent to Rio hits this ball one handed slaps in the left center field good play by Johnny Damon who after he made the catch on one hop slip but Renteria with a double that card fans hope can get the cardinals going here in the fifth their second hit Mayberry at the plate no whether from parents That was a close up that appeared over to third goes Renteria Better check your blog talk to Derek Lowe has only been one guy on second all night That was Tony Womack in the first inning and that’s when a catcher and a pitcher have problems You can see that move to his right He was looking for a breaking ball He got the fastball to say when you’re looking for the local and you get the Express you’re in trouble Well the cardinals with the break Renteria third one out one ball no strikes on maybe hit bottom of the fifth Mayberry so far out in front of that pitch one on one is what happens when a hitter gets a a breaking ball and a fastball goes down that strike to Derek Lowe is hoping for his third strike out of the night John Mayberry is trying to put the Cardinals on the board strikes out I believe he’s out Maybe he thought he tipped the pitch and stood at home plate Chuck Meriwether the home plate umpire said that the ball did not hit his bad and very Jack picked up the ball tagged him for the out to out in the inning and Tony La Russa is going to come out and argue Well the thing was it didn’t appear that Barrett tech thought the ball tipped the bat either because when he picked it up he rather incredulously went over in touch Mayberry thinking that John perhaps should have run pitches outside obviously if he misses the ball so you can tell by the reaction of bear attack that he didn’t think he tipped the ball Mayberry did however and he’s a strikeout victim That’s that’s a play where a home plate umpire can’t get help one Mayberry is still pleading his case and now they’re joined in the argument by Ed Montague the crew chief I mean Montague though the third base umpire is not going to hear what Chuck Meriwether who is three feet away from the foul tip heard And it’s so imperceptible you’re not going to see something like that too hard to tell visually

When we heard the audio replay could be just ticketed you couldn’t hear it Now the strikeout Let’s listen Very tough to tell but obviously you can hear the ball hit the mid bowling and now with the runner at third two outs as the cardinals ask the rookie for a two out RBI hit a huge third strikeout for Derek Lowe One ball one strike bear attack keeps it at the plate Good play by the Boston catcher it’s 2 and 1 Molina during the regular season knocked home 15 runs Molina here is either going to add to the frustration for the cardinals in this fifth or give them a huge lift trailing three to nothing runner at third two out to one pitch the cardinals get the double get the wild pitch then the strikeout and the ground down we go to the sixth inning of the game for Jason Maki is pitching here in the sixth inning and the Red Sox still lead three nothing Markey is set to lead off in the bottom of this frame he will pitch the Bell Horn low and Johnny Damon here in the sixth strike one to build on Mark has walked twice once unintentionally once intentionally One ball one strike Derek Lowe will follow fell hard hit 17 home runs season he takes his strike hits one and two To his credit Jason Maki pitching against the current has come back over the last couple of innings only one base runner for the Red Sox in the fourth and fifth innings pitched around a lead walk into fifth as the count goes to two and two and at the moment there is no action for St. Lewis in their bullpen Certainly no action for the Red Sox and their way Derek Lowe is pitch he stopped himself Joe not just a father and son going to the ballpark a Red Sox fan We have Ralph and Dave Taylor a teenager and his friend out of school You guys are missing school for this You know and I’m loving it You’re a Red Sox fan from Boston I’m from Boston I can’t wait to come back and brag about how I got to see the Red Sox win the World Series I hope your teachers are okay with that Pretty cool that Dad brought you here You know you’re setting himself up possibly for a lot of disappointment given the Red Sox history You know I realized that it’s a risk but we decided to take it I want to give it to Red Sox fan since his older brother was old enough to be a baseball player How will you react if the Red Sox finally do win I don’t know You know I think we’re not used to living without that shadow It’s something is going to just go by the way I’m not making this up Joe Ralph is a hit owns a waste management company in Boston he’s put up with a lot of garbage over the years I’m sure Oh to out nobody on after low

bounced back to Marty who made a nice play fine play by Markey Snow cones And under hands to get low one ball no strikes on Johnny Damon who got it started The way the Red Sox have started each of the three previous games of this World Series with first inning run homer and a triple tonight the Johnny Damon fastball on the outer part of the plate that finds the lane in the outfield and Damon makes it to third so now an RBI chance for Cabrera as Reyes gets loose big runs sitting over there for Boston ball one Cabrera tonight 0 4 3 Tyler Kempner of the New York Times is keeping this statistic and it is amazing against Cardinals starting pitching the Boston Red Sox have swung and missed a pitch 16 times in 366 bitches Man that’s with foul balls putting the ball in play only 16 times three hundred sixty six pitches Have the Red Sox swung and missed a pitch against the Cardinals starters 2 and 0 is the count here on Cabrera 17 times two balls in a strike Cabrera with his 10 game hitting streak on the line Back over the outside part two and two Well the point of that whole thing is that the cardinals just do not have the power took the bad The Red Sox They may be affected but it won’t be with power Markey just raring back and throwing it as hard as he can Ninety three miles per hour it’s still 2 and 2 Now Al Reyes has taken a seat and it’s only Ray King who needs literally a handful of pitches to get loose Up in the cardinal bullpen 2 2 to Cabrera popped up into right moved to the bottom of the sixth inning 9 1 and 2 coming up for St. Louis is trying to live on past tonight down 3 Welcome back Budweiser fantasy player Pedro Martinez from last night’s game 3 start his numbers outstanding log on to Fox Forbes.com on MSM keyword fantasy baseball tonight’s game brought to you by Budweiser grab a cold fresh Budweiser it’s game time Marlin Anderson will start the bottom of the sixth inning as a pinch hitter likes to go after the first pitch and that’s what Derek Lowe has done all night He has not walked a hitter he

struck out three and allowed no runs on just two hits It’s funny the St. Louis Cardinals who did not fun at all or attempt to run against Curt Schilling a guy with a bad ankle have funded twice tonight One is sacrifice by Larry Walker in the first inning And now Marlin Anderson tries to buck for basic unsuccessful Tony Womack has one of only two St Lewis hits the other by Renteria last inning with standing on third with only one out and didn’t move Womack takes a breaking ball alone Derek Lowe came to the Red Sox in nineteen ninety seven with the man catching him Jason Barrett tech or Heath Cliff Slocombe and you talk about getting mileage out of two guys Lowe was a 21 game winner in 0 2 17 wins in 0 3 this year down to 14 But Red Sox organization couldn’t care less with what he’s done in the postseason 2 and 1 now on Had trade made by then general manager Dan Duquette Theo Epstein of course the general manager now done a remarkable job WOMACK flies into left center for Damon two outs Here’s Derek Lowe talking about coming to the Red Sox and his life in the big leagues to this point Neither one of us had any idea what we got ourselves into when I came here You know the city of Seattle in the city of Boston are two different cities But you know we we both have really enjoyed it I know we’re both free agents at the end of the year and we really try to enjoy this and hope to stay here for a long time He’s a free agent at the end of the year as is very tech Larry Walker takes the ball up and away to out nobody on here in the 6 3 nothing Red Sox one ball one strike Again after a leadoff hit in the first inning by Womack Walker punted Womack down to second he took the bad out of his own hands and then footholds grounded out Roland did the same the Red Sox carried that one to nothing Now it’s three to nothing The count goes to two and one on Walker Commissioner Bud Selig is here enjoying game for that’s why three and one the Cardinals need for something dramatic to happen in a hurry they have only 10 more outs in regulation with which to work who else with these Cardinal fans one to come on needing something to happen in a one on two out who all struck out the last time up on a curve ball way out of the strike zone now would look for bear attack and low to try to do that again They do this time for horse lays off one and two and now wants to

talk about the strategy with full stop The cardinals could jump back into this game with one swing 2 and 2 not 1 RBI for Albert Pujols in this world series with that pitch It was called outsider low thinking he had who all struck out to end this threat in the six That was a tailing fastball that low tried to wrap so I know to count has become a three to in or tease comes over to join the meeting with bear attack and low net sorties with the last words before going over to presumably play behind the runner Larry Walker at first Derek Lowe has pitch six shutout innings and he just took care of Albert Pujols in a key spot after the two outs walk still three to nothing the Red Sox on top seventh inning now Back after this from your lover on station Brenda the seventh inning now three to nothing The Boston Red Sox are on top and I think it’s easy with all the drama around Curt Schilling and the start last night by Pedro Martinez to overlook with Derek Lowe is done and considering what he did against the Yankees really in two starts but predominantly in that game seven starting what he’s doing tonight he is as big a reason why the Red Sox are this close to a World Series title in three starts he’s worked 18 innings 17 and two thirds actually he’s given up two runs in two games against the Yankees shut out against the Cardinals tonight over six innings Dan Herron takes over here in the seventh inning and Manny Ramirez first up takes a strike from Harris three to nothing Boston Ramirez his walk single flied out one ball one strike Hard to believe Derek Lowe was in the bullpen the first two games of the American League Championship Series He was the pitcher of record and the clincher against the Anaheim Angels when Ortiz hit the 10th inning home run two balls and a strike now on Manny Ramirez He made the game for start kept his team in the game and then made the game seven start And now tonight the Red Sox try to sweep airs at 2 1 to Ramirez who talk about the power and the Cardinals rotation Danny Herron is the one guy coming out of the bullpen that has that power type stuff with a fastball and splitter that can get swings and misses Yeah Danny herring and Jason is in-house and they’re two power guys here’s a two to our bank of america higher standards a performance of Derek Lowe game seven against the Yankees getting hugged six innings one run on one hit and then tonight he has been nasty he’s made very

good hitters look off balance and out of whack with one out and nobody on here is David Ortiz Ball one lone or at double He got the two run rally kicked in after the single by Ramirez back in the third and the second and third with one out Bases loaded with two out and Nixon delivered one ball one strike cardinals in the seventh inning we’ll have Roland Edmonds and Renteria to on one there were some after the NLCS for the way Dan Heron pitched out of the bullpen the way some of the cardinals starters performed in that series they thought Danny Herron had earned a start and looking back on Jason Marcie’s night he really struggled through the first three innings persevered ended up going six innings allowing three runs on six hits but he didn’t walk 5 1 intentionally while he was pretty good so far Derek Lowe has been great ball one down and into their attack Barrett attack gets one into left center field well hit Edmonds on the run top of the seventh inning is history Red Sox trying to make history here tonight after doing so in the ALCS against the Yankees We will stay here at Busch Stadium or God Bless America go the founding member in voice of creed and now a solo artist who has sold over 30 million records He’s here tonight to honor our service men and women around the world by singing God Bless America Please welcome Grammy Award winning artist Scott Stapp Bless me We’re learning that stand beside her And guide her through the night with the light from from Mount and to the press release to the or she is wired with OH GOD BLESS AMERICA MY SWEET ho God Bless o or Rick my sweet the St. Louis Cardinals have nine outs left with which to work facing Derek Lowe Duckman cabbage takes over at first base for David Ortiz is Terry Francona improves the defense and Scott rolling his first up still hit listen this world series 0 4 2 tonight 3 nothing Boston Allan Embry the lefty getting loose Roland is grounded out to the pitcher one ball one strike

normally for a team that led the National League in runs scored overcoming a three run deficit in the last three innings Not that big a deal but it is now with the way Lowe has been working with the fresh arms that the Red Sox have in their bullpen John Henry who grew up a Cardinal fan principal owner of this Boston Red Sox team here is a 2 1 2 and 2 He almost went but not quite pops it into centerfield Easy play for Damon Here’s Jim Edmonds Edmonds 0 4 to hit the ball hard as last time up and lined out the third our game summary is brought to you by John Hancock and so far for Derek Lowe six and two thirds no runs two hits Johnny Damon a lead off home run trot Nixon with a two hour two run double the Red Sox starters games two through four no earned runs in 19 and two thirds innings at Schilling Pedro and Derek Lowe thirty one thousand four hundred fifty eight days since the Red Sox last won the World Series 1918 ball one strike on Renteria it has been 86 years since 1918 the last time the Red Sox won the World Series Vitamin C penicillin and polio vaccine not yet discovered U.S. population one hundred six million that’s two hundred eighty one now Average life expectancy fifty four years seventy seven now Women did not have the right to vote in the NFL and the NBA did not exist The Boston Globe and 1918 cost too since war milk was 14 since bread was eight cents a loaf No balls two strikes The Great Depression was eleven years away And for our younger viewers kids there was no reality TV back No TV of any kind That’s right But no reality TV one on two out no balls two strikes on neighboring Yeah The reality was there was no TV writer one ball two strikes on John Mayberry baseball was not

heard over the airwaves until nineteen twenty three Renteria stealing as Mayberry strikes out in the inning is over We go to the eighth inning the kid stand up in New England You bet Moms and dads now learning about school Monroe right now The Red Sox one win away from a World Series victory Bill Miller leads it often takes a strike on the outside corner from Dan Herron a fitting under way Miller Nixon and Bell Horne for the Red Sox who lead this series three games to nothing and this game three 10 out things since the third inning one ball one strike A run in the first in the home run by Damon two runs in the third inning on the two out two run double by Trot Nixon and that is it is wrong As the closer for the cardinals who has not appeared in this world series gets loose Bill is on to start the eighth inning on for the second time tonight Between innings after Derek Lowe got out of the bottom of the seventh Pedro Martinez with a big bear hug for Derek Lowe two guys who could potentially be elsewhere next year Here comes Dave Duncan out to talk to Dan Herron you look back at the heartache for the Boston Red Sox nineteen forty six World Series Game 7 and the mad dash Sheena slaughter scoring all the way from first with Johnny Pesky the relay man nineteen seventy eight the one game playoff in the funky dead home run over the Green Monster Mike Torres Jackson rips one down toward the right field corner Miller will dig for third Dale SWAIN Well Hall Miller at Third and its second and third no buddy out So Trot Nixon with his third double of the night If the cardinals to make a pitching change it would have to be a double switch Because the pitcher is hit batting second in the eighth inning So it will probably be Reggie Sanders in left field and Jason is wrong How’s it coming in the game with Sanders batting in the nine hole Trot Nixon is relieved for a pinch runner Gabe Kaplan comes in his ring housing is coming in Sanders coming in in the double switch eighth inning in the Red Sox looking to add some more one of the only things that’s gone wrong for the Red Sox since October 17th a misfire on the high five from Campbell’s coming in to run for Trot Nixon October 17th the night of that nineteen eight game 3 drubbing by the Yankees in the ALCS Since then the Red Sox have won seven straight and if they make it eight tonight they’ll win the World Series is ring house and take silver second and third nobody out Bell Horn up already 3 did nothing Boston here in the Horne struck out tonight he’s been walked twice infielders in one ball one strike How telling is it when it took the Cardinals 34 innings in the world series to get their closer in Bell Horn trying to put the

ball in play Miller the runner at third Kepler on its second bell horn takes high it’s 2 and 1 Bell Horn has had trouble putting the bat on the ball this season said a club record with one hundred seventy seven strikeouts A lot of strikeouts early in this postseason but he has changed that putting the ball in playing much more count in his favor and now achieve a two and 2 He’s elevated his game just like the rest of the Red Sox had over the last eight days would say eight games just about eight days Yeah it’s been almost nonstop His ring thousands to to pitch to Bell Horn wouldn’t go after it full count BELLOWING hitting three hundred in this world series with one home run for RB eyes battle load the bases and Kevin M.R. will come off the bench to pinch hit for Derek Lowe and Pokey Reese will come out of the dugout and run for Bell Horn stay in the game and play second base it is all falling right for the Red Sox even getting these guys on they improve their speed on the bases and then they’ll leave Keppler and Reese in the game to improve the defense when they take the field in the bottom of the eight What will the score be Right now that’s up to M.R. and his ring The Cardinals forced to play their infield in any ground ball on the infield They’re coming home Derek Lowe seven innings no runs three hits a walk and four strikeouts a 1 0 Derek Lowe gets a decision he will have won all three clinches for the Red Sox win over Anaheim Game 7 at Yankee Stadium trying to win tonight 2 0 pitch good fastball a cutter for measuring Housing Misery housing normally not a guy who throws a lot of ground balls he needs one at an infielder right here on Two and one Bases loaded nobody out Mylar Big Rip falls it back to and to his ring house and needs a strikeout Red Sox trying to pile on one out answering Allison gets a strike out now I think the infield will remain in because the probability of doubling up Johnny Damon remote is too fast is ring house in a career high forty seven saves that tied him for first in the national league right now trying to keep the cardinals in this game and in the world series What a throw it’s sensational

play by pool he’s the only guy who can get to the ball Womack could range that far to the left Watch this throw right on the money across his body from his view oh what a play that is twice tonight for Hall says thrown out a runner at the plate this time a forced out The key thing again about that play is if the ball gets through two holes then Womack might make the play but the time that elapsed would allow the runner to score His only play would have been to first base Now it’s Cabrera Bases loaded two out Cardinals looking for a lift in his ring housing trying to provide it smothered by Molina ball one St Lewis in the bottom of the a Ben Sanders then Womack the big bad for St. Lewis will come to the plate before the end of the night and Bronson Arroyo 2 and so on Cabrera who was trying to go behind Johnny Damon But in the process his ring house and falls way behind Cabrera he may take two fastballs on 3 and 0 3 one his ring house and took over with runners at second and third Nobody out and walk Mark Bell Horn that loaded the bases Then Miller struck out Damon bounced into the force out of the playoffs and now it’s a full count on Cabrera to get the feeling this could be a knockout blow on the part of the Red Sox The cardinals will charge up that field thinking they still have a he has had three solid swings after running the count to three and to MLB at home is

presented by MLB the Show 20 It’s what your baseball dreams are made of Welcome to the show Ready to Eat for everyone bottom of the eighth inning funky race is in the game at second game Kepler is in right field and the new pitcher is Bronson Arroyo second appearance in this World Series and he starts today with a strike So Daniel batting for Molina with Reggie Sanders on deck and then Womack one ball one strike Arroyo with the sweeping breaking ball very effective against right handed batters the left hander Embry the right hander Mike Tomlin Sydney on the whole wanted to three out of eleven this postseason as Roger said Danielle Terry Francona showed a lot of confidence and Bronson Arroyo in the ALCS pitched him in Game 1 of this World Series now back leading three nothing in the eighth inning of Game Four and back from the home plate umpire Chuck Merriweather looked like it hit the right shin guard up Chuck Umpires do wear the shin guards underneath their pants with the hard toed shoes Flexibility not a a problem for the umpires behind home plate not a necessity I should say Jason Berry check back to the play tried to buy some time for the pain to subside for Meriweather and games two through four from Schilling to Martinez to Derek Lowe The bottom line no earned runs in a combined 20 innings so the lead off man is gone for Saint Lewis and Reggie Sanders trots to the plate lot of energy over in that Red Sox dugout Lowe is probably sweating more and bouncing around now more than he did the first seven innings one Bono strikes on Sanders one on one you think about how the Red Sox got here having to get hot and stay hot down the stretch as the wild card representative from the American League go back two years ago Anaheim was a wild card they won the World Series last year Florida the wild card won one strike two from Arroyo Cardinals ran away and hid in the Central Division beat Houston by 13 game got a chance to rest players down the stretch The Red Sox had to stay hot for the most part remained hot They took care of Anaheim and three straight it fell down three games and under the Yankees but they’ve won seven

straight since then yeah everything’s been straight They won three straight lost three straight won seven straight the next spot in the Cardinals lineup is Womack the left handed leadoff hitter than the lefty Walker a left hander Embry is ready and the Red Sox bullpen if they want to go that way we’ll take a break Embry the lefty is coming out of the pen Womack and Walker coming up Alan Embry is the third pitcher of the night lo won seven Arroyo one third of an inning and now as he looks in Embry does to the home plate area he sees Hector Luna digging his way in instead of Toni Womack so Tony La Russa goes to the right handed hitting Luna a rule 5 draft pick up from the Indians organization and Womack the experienced postseason player is out Interesting move one on one out cardinals here in game for the World Series trying to do what the Red Sox did to the Yankees in game for the American League Championship Series what a jump by Sanders and Embry was watching him take second the entire time they accomplished two things there He sees you running a huge risk on Reggie Sanders Bart not only do you get second base but the pitches a ball the Luna Sanders walks and steals second now a 1 1 count on Hector Luna Orlando Cabrera out there to talk to him Bri and I think what he’s telling him is we’re going to be playing back we’re not gonna fool with Reggie Sanders you have a three run lead in the eighth inning he’s thinking about stealing third We’re not gonna be close You could see Pokey Reese backing away off at second base Same with Cabrera 2 and 2 Here’s a guy Hector Luna who’s 24 years old never played higher than double a baseball last year was at Akron hit to ninety seven this year with the Cardinals and part time duty hit to forty nine Started only 37 games all year and he’s up one of the most important at bats in 2004 for Tony La Russa And Larry Walker will be the hitter in Tony La Russa I’m sure will be asked about the decision to lift Womack With all of his postseason experience even with a left hander on the mound and Allen Embry Embry with five straight fastballs to get Hector Luna nothing fancy about Allen Embry I don’t think any of the cardinals will see any breaking balls from Embry all he Larry Walker now strike one So you know Womack and his career one for seven against a left hander Embry Larry Walker three out of six Tamblyn getting loose with two holes on deck and pool halls bats in this eighth inning They’ll represent the tying run Walker fights it off plops it

up Cabrera eight innings complete one more inning to go Are you enjoying the new gameplay engine in a updates in MLB the Show 20 Yeah I mean you know I invented a Forrest robot coach go in it What can I do for you guys Larry Walker popping this one up to end the eighth inning celebrating in Baghdad Iraq The Red Sox fan Manny Ramirez digs his way in to start the night Bases empty for Duckman cabbage who came in as a defensive replacement for TEs in the seven Metheny takes over behind the plate after Molina was lifted for a pinch hitter Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe wrote a piece Cambridge takes a ball from his ring house and talking about while these games are unfolding and while right now the Red Sox are three defensive outs away from winning the World Series How many people across New England are thinking about loved ones who spent their entire lives rooting for the Boston Red Sox Wishing one day they would see them win the World Series Larry Walker comes in to get it Two out the Red Sox have led from the first batter on our Polar Express in the game two more for Boston in the third inning and they lead three to nothing here in the top of the ninth Generations have passed in New England With Red Sox fans not seeing a World Series championship for their beloved Boston Red Sox here’s Dan two out here in the top of the night Bear attack at the plate when a leader bear attack has been all year one ball one strike And it’s the ways that the Red Sox have not won the World Series taking four National League opponents in forty six sixty seven seventy five and eighty six taking four to seven games and all the heartbreak bear attack takes a breaking ball for strike to the Red Sox fans are celebrating here in St Lewis in the top of the ninth bear their attack takes ball to already shown you the Bucky Dent home run in that one game playoff against the Yankees in seventy eight nineteen forty six World Series the mad dash in the eighth inning by a slaughter nineteen eighty six World Series Game 6 the Buckner blood would lose in Game 7 as they did last year in the ALCS the 11th hitting home run by Aaron Boone off Tim Wakefield who has been willing to do any and everything for the Red Sox in his 10 years with the organization a guy who was signed as a minor league

free agent and although he’s made only one short start in this World Series how valuable was he out of the bullpen in the ALCS with the Yankees this year particularly in Game 3 the game won by the Yankees nineteen to eight eight up innings their attack gets the base hit in the left he’s on with two out here in the ninth day it was December of 1919 after that 1918 World Series victory that Harry phrase he sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees but Ruth wasn’t the only one to go panic when Wade Hoy Carl Mays and then the next year at Beryl went from the Boston Red Sox organization to the Yankees and it was with Barrow running that organization that the Yankees built those great teams in the early 1920s the Red Sox have not won the World Series for 86 years elite three to nothing a three games to nothing here in game four and that will send game four to the bottom of the ninth inning last chance for the Cardinals trying to do something against the Red Sox pitching bottom of the ninth inning part of the order coming up for St. Lewis green up at Albert Hall says getting set to lead off the bottom of the ninth inning three nothing Boston here is the Gillette Mark three power a home run hitter Albert Pujols this post season six home runs for in the NLCS where he was the most valuable player but against Red Sox pitching in this World Series to this point he has four out of 14 without an RBI and Keith Pope comes in to try and close it holes rolling in Edmonds anybody gets on Renteria with flashbulbs popping around the park one ball one strike the combination of Walker pools golden and Edmonds hit list tonight that strike two and the three four and five hitters for St. Lewis who holds Bolden and Edmonds a combined 119 average with one RBI and three runs scored it has been a post season where ordinary folk has been extraordinary pope is one to pitch who all stays up there hammering at that high fastball he Giving up one run home run by Larry Walker last night in a four to one Red Sox victory is at the start The Cardinals need they need one more base runner to have a chance in the ninth with Edmonds on deck and Roland who is headless in the World Series at the plate right now strike one to Roland wasn’t it bad between Roland and fall in Game 1 Cardinals had tied the game 9 9 role and with the bases loaded one out one after the first pitch and popped up he’s in the hole here on to the cardinals would not score again in Game 1 Bell Horn hit the two run home run in the eighth inning and won it eleven tonight So a rematch for Roland against

the Boston closer roll and hits exit in the air to right center field Fourth will battle with Jim Edmonds we have struck out twice in this world series with poor holes taking second Edmonds fouls it away on two John Henry the principal owner Tom Warner the chairman seated next to each other in the stands here at St Lewis to down the Red Sox are one hour away Edgar Renteria two out of three tonight the last chance for St Lewis to extend this game warhorse takes second on ball one inside no stolen base it has been 86 years and for the first time since 1918 the Boston Red Sox are champions of baseball a clean sweep for the St. Louis Cardinals a dominating effort by the Red Sox in this World Series and the Red Sox celebrate in the middle of the diamond here at Busch Stadium John we welcome

you to the Bank of America postgame show let’s go down in the middle of that mess to Chris Myers All right Joe The historic march completed with Johnny Damon Congratulations the Red Sox and the idiots who are World Series champions Absolutely I mean we know where it We know we’re cowboys but we also know we’re world champions and we just overcame a lot You do not even realize So I know there’s a lot of heavy people back home in Boston Kevin Miller How important was it given the history Kevin to finish it off and not let it go to a fifth game I’ll tell you right now man this is a big time team we’re playing with them big time bunch of guys I’m so proud of this to be a part of the organization and take us back to 0 3 Yankees and how it all began and what you guys did to get through that Well we’re just so carefree huh We’re kind of we’re like Okay let’s go out and win game four and then we knew we had Pedro and Schilling going five and six so we knew we were going to push the game seven We had confidence We gave the due respect to the other teams the Yankees the cardinals what a great team And you know we did it for the Red Sox fans not only in Boston across there are watching in Baghdad Iraq across the country what are you saying come to thank you for being there man We are just we want to hear it so bad for the city of Boston to win a World Series with this I am Jazz and Bonanza night maintains a rip up those 1918 posted right now Congratulations Stephen King is smiling somewhere Joe with a happy ending Chris thank you very much Two guys so instrumental this entire roster one through twenty five off the bat of Renteria into the glove of Keith ball It had been 86 years And with that the Boston Red Sox led by Terry Francona win the World Series touching off a celebration here in St. Lewis throughout New England and for Red Sox fans around the world The Red Sox win the World Series win game for tonight three nothing more in a moment we welcome you back to the Bank of America post game show here in St. Louis where the Boston Red Sox and those fans who made the trip here celebrate let’s go down to Jeannie’s Alaska Well Joe Buck thank you very much Of course the championship trophy to be given away in mere moments But first thing’s first bigger we’re giving it away here The commissioner of baseball Bud Selig to hand out the MVP trophy Thank you Jeannie The most valuable player award in the historic 2004 World Series goes to Manny Ramirez Red Sox in an eight game winning streak Manny would a 17 game hitting streak through all this Manny was a tremendous performance I congratulate you The most valuable player in the 2004 World Series Gradually thanking adulation sir pick up the hardware So many Boston Red Sox as we sat up in the press box so many guys on this team that we could’ve been handing this hardware to but a phenomenal season for you Phenomenal postseason You said unfinished business this season and you accomplished it Exactly You know first you know it was a lot of negative stuff You know I was going to get traded but you know I kept my confidence on myself and I believe in me and I did You know I’m just blessed And you know I approve a lot of people wrong You know I know I could do this and things God I did it You believe in curses sir I don’t believe in curse I think you made your own destination We did You know we believe in it We went out there we played relax and we grind it out and we did it What do you say to the Boston Red Sox fans that have waited 86 years for a championship We won Alex but you know now I’m in Boston I love you guys You guys are the best All right It worked out pretty well We’ll let you go celebrate with the team and we will be coming back Joe with the championship trophy in just a few moments All right Jamie thank you So many Red Sox fans are here celebrating And moments ago Kevin Kennedy had a chance to visit with tonight’s starter and winner How good is Derek Logan Here’s Gavin Derek Lowe Can you believe his first time since 1918 and he’ll become the winning pitcher Perhaps the biggest game in your lifetime Yeah you It’s an unbelievable feeling You know this is a tremendous feat You know we were 10 days ago now might you know three run three

games and we were down by 4 3 against the ultimate close and Rivera really blown away And you know I think you know I think you saw in Anaheim you know when a team is on a roll and especially in postseason we feed off each other an unbelievable you know No more going to Yankee Stadium Have a listen 1918 finally I said perhaps the biggest game because you had a pitcher big win to get here first and beat the Yankees in that seventh game Yeah I think just you know the experience of being on the Red Sox Sorry about that It goes the owner You know pitching in so many big games this organization you know every game gives you more confidence and today was no different And I think the scouting department burned to the ground a great game plan I know it’s a little early but the pitch the two best games of this season in fine fashion what’s the future for you Know you know I’d love to stay in Boston so long but you know better did the same thing last night And so you know hoping I will stay All right Congratulations there Go celebrate All right let’s go back to you Kevin thank you very much The streets of Boston Massachusetts as they celebrate up in New England and we continue here in Saint Lewis and send it once again to Jeannie’s Alaska Yes an eight decade curse of Boston baseball tormented souls Generation after generation after generation that can rest easy tonight You’ve waited a long time for this so let’s not wait any longer Eighty six years in the making The words you wanted to hear from the commissioner of baseball Bud Selig Thank you Jeannie and congratulations to Larry Lucchino John Henry Tom Werner Theo Epstein Terry Francona This was a historic World Series and I congratulate Red Sox nation for their patience and for everything We’ve got a lot to be happy for Congratulations to the world champion Boston Red Sox Let’s get the hardware up here you wait a very long time for this Mr. Warriner Mr. Henry Mr Lucchino Mr. Epstein gentlemen congratulations Mr. Henry I will ask you first You were raised a Cardinal fan We obviously know where your allegiance lie now but how does it feel to be at the helm of the team that finally broke the curse last week We we all watched the greatest comeback in the history of sports And this week every every fan across the country across the world in New England especially all of our fans have waited all their lives for this night And it’s finally here These guys did it for you Tom Mr. worry yes what do you say to these fans that have waited a whole lifetime for this moment Well you know they’ve yearned for this and we know people who are 90 years old who have to send just one championship before I die And so this is for them this is for Little Leaguers and all across New England But I also want to thank Theo Epstein and Terry Francona This organization was remarkable And they were eleven in three in the postseason so it was just a remarkable run All right they’re making off with a trophy so let’s get down to Mr. Lucchino I get the feeling that this mission started the night Mr Boone sent one into the night sky You got rid of a manager you brought in a stopper you brought in a closer Can you talk about this mission and even the trade of maybe the most popular Red Sox since Ted Williams Well it started the mission started when we first acquired the team We knew that the major success would be winning a World Series championship Our fans made that clear to us And I’d like to take a moment just to congratulate the Cardinals They had a sensational season build the wedding the Cardinal here come sir Fabulous season Oh no I was trying to warn you I was trying to help you You know it We’ve waited 86 years for this 86 years Let’s a little bubbly feel before you are too drenched here could you imagine this when you were trailing the Yankees 0 3 No It was unbelievable You’ll come back with three nothing against the Yankees for yourself You do the other 24 guys These cards guys cared so much about each other I mean that’s what makes it so special so happy for All right The questions we all want to know You got a lot of free agents out here guys that made a big impact I know you don’t want to hear it Attack Pedro I mean I can keep going down the list What do you guys think That’s the question for another day Right now go through Curt Schilling making his way up here you know we’ll deal with that later and that’s why I say congratulations to all the Red Sox fans Thank you for everything Go celebrate we’ll do it again next year All right Congratulations All right Joe back to you All right Jeannie thank you The celebration continues in that clubhouse they earned every bit of it outplaying the Cardinals every facet of the game in this world series and in the end it was a shutout win Only a poor hitter Pedro last night Derek Lowe in the bullpen tonight had a four game sweep by the Red Sox on

back in St. Lewis We continue with the Bank of America postgame show Let’s go down to Kevin Kennedy with Tony La Russa Tony you’ve been through this before but that doesn’t make it any easier does it No You know we didn’t set out in spring training to get to this moment to lose is absolutely no consolation We thought we had a club that would give us a chance to play in October we want to series to get here and and get beat I don’t care if it was four in a row or four out of seven and we’re barely disappointed Congratulate the Red Sox they outplayed us won a great competition but now we were not happy to get here I know how well you and your coaching staff prepare your players for success Is there any way to prepare for the momentum the Red Sox carried into this series and what we knew They had that game We thought we did too and I mean I don’t know yet if the club and I’m not listening I see at the club wasn’t ready to play or wasn’t prepared then you know I take responsibility but you know we just everything that it had to be done as far as making a pitch and having at bat they did better and we did You know your offense was the number one in the National League scored more runs than anybody else it’s just a case as simple as good pitching staff good hitting or is there more to it than that tonight Yeah I think I think you almost have to really you know be where you are where you you know you see the tape You know I try to watch that tape after the games I think that a lot of key moments when they had to make a pitch they did and we didn’t have enough to swing it But I also think that you know there were times that you know we got frustrated we came off pitches and didn’t do as much as we could have So like I say overall I just I think we went about the right way I mean until a certain side I’m all year I’m Abner enjoy the club more innocent I’m hurt Jordan was like this it’s been a great group to be around but we didn’t get her to lose you know in a seven game series as Josie always a turning point or two was a turning point perhaps a mistake on a basis last night You know I think Kevin there’s probably two I think we had a chance to steal the first game and letting that we’ll get away was huge against us kept feeding them you know maybe she’s slowed him down some And then yesterday in that ballgame because we’re separating every game I’d like to have taken the lead and then you don’t know what happens But what have ended up happening by not doing it was ugly Tony you’ve done a great job here what’s the future for you and for this ballclub in the next year Well you know I know these guys I mean they need to recoup recuperate all winter long But I mean they’re so strong between years and in a tough division I think we’ll have a great chance again next year Thank you so much for your time Tony Good luck next year All right Let’s go back to you All right Kevin thank you very much A look a live shot of Boston as they celebrate in the streets down in Ipswich We go down to Jeannie Zlatko Well as always there are two sides to every story Terry Francona on the winning side of things Sara congratulations Thanks Jeannie Thanks so much You know we talk so much about your bench the hair you name it they’re idiots Cowboy Up go so many things that you think about this club What was the difference in this clubhouse You know what is unique is everybody was the war they came together as a ballclub Nobody did anything to be different They all did it as a ballclub And you can ask me a million questions but when you just saw that picture of those people going crazy that says it’s a lot better than I could You said nobody did anything to be different But there’s a guy over there on your left shoulder Hello The ankle looks good Getting up here Got you Here you go okay Congratulations you win a World Championship I guess the pain doesn’t hurt so bad Oh you do no matter how I’m doing great I’m so proud I’m so happy I’m happy for the fans in Boston I’m happy for Johnny Pesky for Bill Buckner for four Stanley and sure all the and all the great Red Sox players who can now be remembered for the great players that they were And I’m so proud of being on the greatest team has ever played in Boston Red Sox history What does it feel like to be you Because you came here saying this is what you wanted to do You love the history of this game You were on the team that helped break the curse Exact I was on the team I was part of this team I was part of the team that finally did it From from John Henry and Time Warner to Theo Epstein to Jose and Galen our advance scouts to the medical staff all the way through this organ This was an absolute organizational effort they put together a Championship club and we went out We want a championship How different is this from your first world championship I don’t know how many one night that’s too much for me to process right now All right fine I got to ask you Everyone wants to know if if this had to go to a game 6 would you been able to go and take the Fifth on that I’m going to go out and drink and enjoy take the Fifth take

two or three days you got surgery you get the surgery gel back to you All right Jamie thank you and our thanks to the guys for sticking around to talk amidst their celebration here in St Lewis Sweet Caroline They played at Fenway Park and we’ll play it for you here from Saint Lewis total joy Final thoughts in a moment from Busch Stadium as the Red Sox are world champs we welcome you back to the Bank of America postgame show It has been 86 years we’ve talked about that really from the beginning of the postseason we did it last year and we did it again this year and certainly from the beginning of this World Series I’m Joe Buck That’s Tim McCarver and one guy I want to talk about versus Terry Francona and the job that he did managing this group They like to call themselves idiots but they’re not idiots is a group that from one to twenty five on that roster Terry Francona used brilliantly to get to this point a first year manager that just like Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops He conducted that bullpen with aplomb He is to be congratulated graduated And when you think of a guy like Manny Ramirez What happened to him last winter He was waived by twenty nine teams twenty nine teams had a chance to sign him They didn’t they tried to trade him They didn’t and here he is the most valuable player in the world series I thought what Curt Schilling said was very poignant and that is for players like Ted Williams and Carl you stream skiing and Jim Rice and Bobby Dor Carlton Fisk I mean the list goes on and on great players for the Boston Red Sox players at the fans in New England loved and cherished never got the opportunity to taste this world championship and these guys were thinking about them right now Eighty six years covered and covers an awful lot of players So you think about this Boston Red Sox team and where they were 10 days ago they were down three games to none to the New York Yankees And I think it’s only fitting that this group this fun loving reckless group stared history right in the eye gave it a little wink and said you want to see us win four straight we’ll win four straight and then they won four more straight over the Cardinals in this world series eight in a row at the end of the postseason And while it’s been 86 years the fans in New England can celebrate the World Championship this Boston Red Sox team earned it We’re going to show you a list of all the names of the people who over the past couple of weeks three weeks have been lugging equipment back and forth a lot of late hours so many people to work so hard to bring you these games and we’re so proud of each and every one of them on behalf of Chris Myers and of course Tim McCarver Garlasco and Kevin Kennedy I’m Joe Buck this could be could very well be the beginning of a