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Cemal Yes Dad Go to Muğla today and buy 10-15 white pigeons, okay? Pigeons? For what? There will be reconciliation with Yusuf after all We will throw them, we will give each other an olive branch and stuff Not We will not break the olive branch, even for reconciliation Although we can’t do it Look Sultan Ana A seventy-year-old woman stopped being a grandmother and became a messenger We have become prisoners of a woman who has something on her mind You say he has something wrong with his head … but I think this deal is a smart move Which side do you think you care about reaching an agreement with Yusuf? It’s not about keeping someone’s side, dad. How much longer will this dispute last? Not so in town We will see if it falls or not Close the topic, Mrs. Gul is coming Cemal? Good morning uncle husnu good morning Can we talk if you don’t mind? Now? Yes Talk Talk. I’m going home and you, my dear, you know You have a good day They’re just talking all the time What happened, Gul? What face is this? I just saw Kamuran AND? Did it break your heart or something? Yes She said that Seval is your lover Than? She said you fell in love with her Sister! What are you doing girl Sister Now if I created a terrible intrigue Abu, what did you do? I first went with Kaan I stuck my tongue out at him. He liked it a lot, you know? AND? Then I went with Cemal He also liked me a lot Are they both crazy about you? Wait, it’s not over. Then i went with seval I went to thank him for preparing me Then I met Gul at the door She said to me: Who is that girl? And I told her that she was Cemal’s love I said I fell in third place, but she came in second and that I would finally accept it That she was no longer number 1 Did you tell him that? well You are stupid. Gul would believe it? Clear And you believed it No. I didn’t believe it Because i didn’t want to believe it Well, okay, then the matter is closed Closed or not, but can you finally explain to me what’s going on? Perhaps we should finish clarifying this issue? Seval lives in this town because he has to. It doesn’t matter who it is or what happened I promised that I would not tell anyone about this matter. I try to persevere in my promise. There is nothing to say And how does Kamuran know? Why don’t I know what she knows? Maybe you wouldn’t start over Won’t you tell me I am not going to say OK fine Then I will find out from the girl Please wait Why are you doing this? Because I want to That’s it … you insist, you’re like a girl I do not insist Cemal

Let me go, I won’t go with the girl. Do not worry But I won’t stay here either I go and think a bit You’re hiding something that Kamuran knows about me You say you go once, stay What will I do with you, Gul? What if he knows? The lie will come out anyway Didn’t you tell me to intrigue? I told you, but it’s not like you would do it that way Cemal is calling Answer, answer I’m listening, Cemal Is Kamuran with you? I need to talk to her She is here, I’ll hand her over to you soon Cemal wants to talk to you, have How are you, Cemal? ok i need to talk to you About what? On internal and external beauty Well, we have to talk about that yet Yes, we agreed Then say where you are. I’ll be there Come to the bazaar, I’m going there I’m going What did he say Oh sister We will talk about my beauty. He lost his mind because of me That is good See you for now Give me back my phone! Get it out You got it Gul? What happened You look very nervous. What happens I don’t know, stupid things are happening First, Kamuran said that the girl they hide with Niyazi is Cemal’s lover I was surprised and immediately went with Cemal AND? Of course you said it wasn’t true I ask him who this girl is, he doesn’t tell me. He says he promised not to speak But Kamuran knows Baby I also know who that girl is Than? I know How is that Sister I can not believe it. You know it and you don’t tell me anything But I also promised not to tell anyone So you won’t tell me now, will you? I promised I wouldn’t tell. But seeing you like this I can’t take it Please tell me that I will go crazy Ok okay … calm down Honey, that night when Kamuran ran away from home she ended up in the house you went to Cemal went to save her from there It was thanks to this girl that Kamuran was saved Are you serious? Yes Niyazi told me When this girl helped them, she too had to run away Cemal didn’t want to leave her there. They brought her to the field And here is a small town. If people find out who she is, they will be wrong Kamuran will be unnecessarily in a difficult situation So Cemal protected Kamuran, right? Yes The fact that Cemal has not told you that shows that he is a reliable man Cemal protected Kamuran from me, my sister You don’t understand well, Gul. Not just before you, before everyone So Kamuran wanted to make me jealous too? Yeah that’s what happened You were unnecessarily jealous And I spoke with Cemal, uff Nothing, calm down. ahead Cemal! Look i ran fast Nice to see you Why did you lie to Gul? Who? Me? Well you What kind of lie did I tell you? You told him that Seval is my love Who? me? well you I really didn’t say any of that Kamuran, tell the truth I didn’t really say any of that. I don’t know where Gul got it from So you didn’t say anything like that to Gul, did you, Kamuran? I didn’t say why would I do that? Okay Okay What are you going to do now? I do not know and you I will be here Ok, if you’re here, I’ll be too I’ll go this way, sometimes I’ll come to you Ok come on If you’re going to be here I’ll knit better Okay. Weave, weave Weave, weave The armor Wait a minute, sister. Cemal sent an SMS

Can you quickly come to the bazaar? Why? What did he write? He says I have to go to the bazaar Kamuran denies saying about Seval. Says she didn’t say any of that He is lying! When you come, we will deal with it immediately What happens I’m going to the bazaar, sister. I will explain everything Well, no Cemal, why does Gul accuse me so suddenly? I don’t understand.That’s a complete lie What is this lie, Kamuran? Gul .. Hi, nice to see you What did she tell you, Cemal? I told her what you told me and she said it was all a lie Aren’t you ashamed, girl? What are you trying to do? Don’t you know the lie will come out? Ok calm down Gul I will not calm down. Let me tell the truth then Ok, let me tell you. Kamuran, listen, tell the truth. Did you tell Gul that Seval is my love or not? Well this … huh Look me in the eyes. I beg you, tell the truth Okay, I told him that. I know You said well, but why? You better ask why he didn’t tell the truth, just slander Should I explain? Of course Relax, Gul. If kamuran I’ll tell you in a moment, you’ll understand why I said it This Gul was so itchy that I told her to teach her a lesson Don’t let it sting you, Kamuran Gul, alright, calm down … calm down and calm down She says that peak and taught me a lesson I was leaving Seval and Gul came and asked me so jealously “Who is that girl? Is she Cemal’s lover?” And I said, “Well … She is his love.” But to teach him a lesson I did No, what a lie. Cemal, she lies This is not a lie! Really I didn’t ask him that. Ok i was wondering who this girl is So I asked her who she was and she is your love No no You asked, and that’s why I answered What am I gonna do to you girl Come here For! Kamuran! Gul! Kamuran! Tall! She is lying I’m not really lying! I am not lying at all! Cemal, let yourself go! It’s okay, Gul. ahead Gul don’t know what it means to stop, take it easy Sit here What a lie OK wait I swear he’s lying, Cemal Ok Gul. I realized who was right. Calm down Thank you I knew from the start that you were right. That’s why i called you here I could not avoid it. Sorry Cemal that happened before your eyes, I’m sorry But I can’t take it, I’m going crazy with this Kamuran Ok you forgive me I called you here and got you into the confusion with Kamuran It doesn’t matter, at least I found out the truth. That good The truth … what truth? Who is Seval and why are you hiding her? That Kamuran landed in that house That you went to save her there that Seval helped you and you had to bring her here So I already know everything You know everything, but I wonder who you knew from My sister told me And who told your sister? Niyazi Niyazi, right? Who else … Look at it Oh, does not matter Like I said, it was good that I found out I mean I understood why you protected Kamuran from me when I thought about his situation All in all, I should be mad at you for it but I will not because you are a very good man Thank you

It’s thanks to you I was unfair to you It started again I am listening sister Gul, called grandma, will be home soon says you have to come and take us to Muğla To Muğla? Why suddenly there? He’s supposed to buy us some clothes clothes? What clothes She said that winter was here and that we would buy something suitable As if we had nothing for the winter … Where did this idea come from? Don’t you know grandma? Maybe she was bored. Don’t listen to anyone I won’t talk to you so much, come on Ok ok you’re right sister I will come and call you something Let’s go I have to go and take me and my grandmother to Muğla Oh ok ok Bye Bye What’s wrong, girl? We will go to Muğla and return. I’ll buy you a dress and that’s it I can’t, aunt. If Niyazi finds out, he will be angry He forbade me to leave the house I’ll tell you one thing. Don’t call me aunt Soon I will enter your family as a girlfriend, have you forgotten? So what should I call it? Call me sultan Sultan? Well call me Sultan Go get your bag, put on a sweater and we’ll go We will go together and come back together, my love I’ll tell Niyazi about this What happened, Seval? Your fiancee has come. She persisted, she wants to take me to Muğla to go shopping To Muğla? No way, damn it. When they see you, they will chase them. The boys are still looking for you I know, but I can’t get away from her. I can’t convince her Oh god give her the phone and I’ll talk to her OK wait Niyazi wants to talk Niyazi? Sultan, girl. What are you going to do What should I do? I want to go to Muğla and buy something with Seval I came home for her What is that supposed to be? Her family entrusted her to me. They said she wouldn’t leave if I wasn’t there What’s wrong with that? Together we will go together we will return I’m not your husband. It has to be like I say. No one will oppose me I said he won’t go, he won’t go Okay, husband. Don’t be nervous I’ll do what you tell me Got mad at me I have very little time left, Kaan I have to finish the article by tomorrow but I have so many deficiencies I still haven’t learned anything about the family of these cows and Yusuf What to do You know a fight broke out in the cafe fine but somehow I have to find out If I was you, I would go to Husnu I would try to get something out of them After all, you are a journalist, should I give you some advice? Yes Are they home now? Clear They angered Sultan Ana. Now they are afraid, they will not leave the house Then I go, I am finishing the article today and will send it tomorrow Call me if there is a problem You’ve seen? She came from the city and ruled She attacked me Can you leave us sister? I will speak to Kamuran for 2 minutes Thank you Cemal Did you leave Gul and come to me? You believe me right Not to Gul? Kamuran, please speak to me openly Why did you think this should be done? What should I do, Cemal? You leave me no choice I leave you with no way out? You do it yourself You can’t accept what you’re doing You make me sad, sad Gul Let’s skip it, you put a girl who risked her life saving you from the hands of these brutes in a tight spot Don’t you think about it at all? Ok Cemal I didn’t think about doing it. But i understood now kamuran For me, inner beauty is important Change everything you want. Be the most beautiful girl in the world

But nothing is more important to me than inner beauty What will i do now No Kamuran … Think about this inner beauty, then you will learn what to do Okay? I’m ready, brother Buynamina I’m ready too, my spark Why are you sad, brother-in-law? Look how well they did it I’m not sad I’m very happy with that … It turned out very well, son What has changed? Everything looks the same Don’t just look outside. You don’t know anything Please don’t say that with spark You got it look What is this door Now look Get up, they have the same. That’s why i’m so sensitive Came out wonderfully You see it? Golabek Come up, come in Just watch out for bruises Let’s go Has changed here It is no longer on the key, it now fires at the start point. press This is no longer a car, brother-in-law. It is a plane If the opportunity arises, we will make the plane Get out carefully. Don’t go anywhere What can I say? You really are wonderful. Worked very well Bull’s-eye That’s the remaining 2,000 Thank you You are such a calm guy Why? You don’t even ask about your car, where is it? What happened to my car? The car turned to paper I sold it, seven thousand. You’re good You are amazing If you have something else to sell, say so Emre, if you got unusual horns on the promo then let’s go Bekir, teacher. Can you give an unusual horn? I already bring it Don’t play with varnish, Kemal. Tap and tap. This is not a toy I look good painted Take your hand Not with the champions Please brother Thank you Oh even red Well well Let’s go then See I have a horn too Come in, close the door tight Abu, brother-in-law! What happens I am trapped here Idiot one You don’t need that door anyway Stupid person? no Don’t close it, I will Oh god god Let’s go I finally have a nice car Half is mine We shop together, Hikmet. Of course half of you So how do you share this car now, folks? Maybe you could tell us Will you cut them in half evenly? If someone has something to do, they will travel And don’t you have a job at the cafeteria? If you gon ‘be there I’ll drive No way stupid logic There is speech and how What happens What are you doing with him You gonna break this car Colleagues, take it easy. It can’t be done that way. I tell you they will argue about it all the time He really is right. You can’t shame Listen, you have to find a solution I’ve already found it Hikmet, you will drive on odd days of the month and you, Siddik on even days And beautiful. Well done, Niyazi You have a barrel of wisdom in your head Thank you logical Very good idea, but let Hikmet have even days and I have odd days No way! You go even and odd, because there are more of the latter in a month It can’t be, one has too many Ok that’s the solution too We flip a coin and it’s over Well ok ok I speak the eagle You speak eagle What about you As i create heads Just who left what? I quit then And where is this coin? What’s going on swallowed Swallowed? Than?! It chokes, turn it!

Shake it by the legs Coin! Dammit I think it came to mind Shake well Is it out yet? He’ll die in a moment, pick him up You finish it Oh, Hikmet Damn you, Hikmet You swallowed 50 mayors of the town! This is state money Are you not ashamed to eat state coffers? And how much did I eat? Millions of dollars I don’t know there. You owe a municipal administrator: 50 kurushas. You return it I have the justice of His Excellency Ömer I won’t let nobody swallow me with money from the country Well done Niyazi! If I have a minor, I will return you Do not forget Ok i won’t forget I launch it again Come on I speak eagle again Eagle Reszka And the eagle came out! I win! You have a coin I win! But there he had tails inside. I feel so Hikmet won And you go for a coffee These are pants, right? Yes Lovely Oh it’ll be warm That’s what I want, hug your baby well Will it be good for Gul? This is nice to us, Gul won’t like it But your brother told you to buy the one we like As well You chilled my enthusiasm, really Oh mother Than? ugly girl It will look good on me Well let’s buy I also buy it then And we will buy it for you We buy, we buy Oo, Sultan Ana. You gathered all the granddaughters And I met, my Dudu, I met The girls wanted to buy something for the winter, I immediately took them shopping You did well ok What are you doing We also came shopping, we will buy something for the winter Gul Dear How do you see it? You like it Nice. I mean The lady fits very well Thanks thanks We bought it Well we’ll go slow and have a good shopping Bye Bye See you For now, say hi to Husnu I’ll see these But it’s horrible, like a sack True sister I will not use such thing in my life Just that taste Listen now my love We will buy this dress, but it must be the size of the girl I just applied it to well Now ask us for a delicious coffee. So what size clothes will that girl buy, will you give us the same dress well Only when they leave, okay? Ok madam Oh girl Good morning. Welcome Hello my love Check it out Oh so pretty And how? Both pretty, I advise you to try it Ok i will try it Nurten! I cook, come help me a little Ok mom I’m coming You’re going When you go You come now I have 3 grown daughters and I have to do everything Help me with the food you eat Very good mother. I’ll come And what did you do there? I don’t know, sister A problem arose from my intrigue Tell me you did Cemal put Gul in front of me And my intrigue came to light I told you that is not how you intrigue You have to intrigue so that no one knows What should I do? I don’t understand anything about all these intrigues What did Cemal say? He told me to focus on my inner beauty or something. I didn’t understand much of it You, sister or maybe

Was Cemal referring to underwear when he referred to inner beauty? Maybe I will buy, like you, these panties with the strap Shut up and let it be Why didn’t you show me those red ones? You bought for your brother in law, you know What are you going to do with red thongs? Will you show them all You really have a bird brain Can inner beauty depend on panties? So how is it? Nurten! Does it move! Something is happening Sure … the woman wants help I’m going to help my mother now. It is best to go to the dentist and ask him about inner beauty Let me explain. Just don’t mix any pants, okay? Okay I am going Don’t mix up your pants, ask Kaan I’ve already come mother Niyazi, let’s go for a second. We will talk What happened Come on come on What happened that Well Niyazi Something very important has happened Cause he’ll tear me apart, finally speak Gul found out about the Seval case Oh God Who did she hear about? Oh who? Of his sister of course From Nihal? Well that’s his sister’s name. Nihal but the question is: who did Mrs. Nihal hear about? Yes yes I will not ask about that Logical. Logical that you don’t ask Why, as a politician, would you ask a question for which you know the answer? Niyazi right Don’t talk to me like that anymore Of course, what were we talking about that night? That no one else would know Bunyamin didn’t bleach, neither did Kamuran Even Siddik kept his mouth shut, but it was necessary to speak What was I supposed to do? We got closer to Nihal What did you do You got closer AND Don’t change the subject immediately Ok I do not change Yes, you came closer and? What if When we approached Nihal, he didn’t want to talk about it. I told him the truth not to ask me that all the time Oh, beautiful How many days do I stop so that Gul doesn’t speak? And why don’t you do that? Your relationship is more serious. Mine is still fresh Cool? So you accepted that it was a relationship Calmer calmer! It’s crowded around Sultan Ana will find out and then torment her Well done, Niyazi. Bravo Your relationship is on a razor’s edge As they say Look at grandmother and take her granddaughter Shut up I say! Someone will listen immediately What should I keep quiet? I will add something else Better lame donkey in his own stable than healthy but in the other’s Don’t forget about that, okay? You told me pretty well And sure you didn’t do that to me? I’ll probably keep doing this Ask me for some tea Go Go How are you kaan Well, and you, Kamuran? I want to ask something Then ask Something bothers me And you translate so well that I thought I would go with you. Will you fill my empty mind And i came well What is the void in your head? There is inner beauty, right? I want to know what that is A difficult question You know that the concept of “beauty” is very relative relative? Are you saying I looked really good at the wedding? No, it is not related to this Relative is not related to appearance This thing you’re talking about is temporary Well it went with the wind Yes, because actually the external beauty of man is not important Internal only So you mean about the beauty of the internal organs or something like that, right? Not where What organs Speaking of the inner beauty of man. We are talking about the beauty of the soul Kaan! Don’t talk to me about ghosts here I am very afraid of ghosts My sister called ghosts in childhood and then the cups started jumping on their own I’m not talking about those ghosts I mean what I’m talking about is Beauty of the soul or The separation of man from his inner evil

Stay away from bad intentions, bad thoughts They are only good intentions good morning Good morning, nice to see you Have a good job too Thank you Isn’t your wife here? My wife … They went out somewhere. I don’t even know where I wanted to have tea with you and have a little chat About what I’d like to know something about your family’s past if you don’t mind Apparently your family has distant roots Oh yes we have very distant roots Of course. To my knowledge, it dates back to the time before the liberation war I know that In that case, I’ll put a cup of tea and tell you how we drink it well Here you have You did not understand I’d be lying if I said I understood well So forget what I said I will start from the beginning I didn’t understand anything anyway. What should I forget? So you say there is nothing to forget. excellently Well I’ll start from the beginning When we talk about inner beauty man must be modest He must also have a clean heart, be useful. You must avoid wrongdoing I don’t do bad deeds anyway This is very good To start with, great Speaking of inner beauty, we are talking about the beauty of the heart I really understood So if I have a beautiful heart and a beautiful interior exactly As an Iranian sage said Beauty is not in our face, it is light in our heart But all it takes is love Well my love is there This is not about love Spiritual love What difference does it make? Love is love I have so much love Oh Kaan Thank you, I knew you could explain it to me Thanks to you I am already an expert in inner beauty Well i go It’s okay. For now, Kamuran Oh Kamuran … You will never get to be smart, you know? Welcome gentlemen Hello Kemal! Airplane mode What did you do with this car? It looks like a racing car Too much for you Bunyamin knows no limits on modification. Modification is my job We will too Give me five thousand and I’ll do it right away Come on. We gave 8,000 just for the car. And together, how can we give so much now? Each will give 2,500. We have a company I won’t give it, forgive me. If you want, give it to him And where will I get you 5,000 from? You are still a beginner I mean, you just bought a car I am a champion in this field Your teacher says to modify the car step by step Not at all You will start with small pieces I, your brother-in-law Bunyamin … Thinking of you, I brought you a small part to the car: the horn Just for you Kemal – the horn Not that horn! The disassembled. Idiot one Give me a part Let’s go Lamb This is the heart of the car, we’ll start with this Bnuyamin, how much will you sell it to us? You know Siddik, how much I like you Together with the assembly, 200 lire Well! Is not safe How is that 200 is a lot We still have a horn. Everyone can hear us blowing the trumpets. We do not need it Let’s ride it, we’ll blow the trumpet Don’t think of it as an expense. Any modification of the car will then earn you money. You understand? This 200 lira horn, when you sell a car, increases its value by 500. So think about it It gives me nothing, Bunyamin I will drive it, I won’t sell it Don’t deal with him, just this. I will give you money

Okay, give 200 lire and we’ll ride I don’t have it with me now then I’ll give it Okay if you give money I’ll ride it You have a modification wish, stop it I’ll break your wings, Bunyamin Yes of course Go back, come back And you fix the money, we’ll ride it Finish shopping with Siddik If you have a Fayx horn, it’s a good trumpet Did your brain drop, Hikmet? I was a little hungry, I brought something to eat Thank you So you’re curious about our family history, right? Yes, I wouldn’t like to flatter myself, but The history of our family is not boring Now I’m even more curious I will tell you everything Can I take notes if you don’t have …? Sure, no problem Then yes My grandfather’s father than? This is the third generation My great-grandfather was also called Husnu And after him I have this name Sergeant Husnu By the way, his service began when he dealt with army cattle during the liberation war Caring for livestock was very important then Why? All important ammunition. Then the weapons … they used everything, the cattle Listen, we can lift the door at the same time, okay? Wait with the door, wait. Don’t pick it up yet Please wait 1, 2, 3 … pick up Surprise! And how, Nurten? This door is fucking crooked How are these curves? You don’t know, they are not crooked That I’m stupid, I can see that it’s crooked It is such a special modification. Winged gate Look Dove no So much for that brother-in-law gave him How many thousands 3 thousand 3? And had to pay for everything I took the cash from the sponsor. I didn’t say anything for it, calm down And you can buy the goods in Konya for 3,000 and sell them here. Would it be wrong? Instead of giving money for modifications You have made upholstery, great Bunyamin Look at my sister The man would say “let me serve you” If I were a different woman, I would kiss my arms and legs. She would kiss the wheels No luck around Close carefully, carefully! Golabek It went right I’ll break your hands, Kemal There is a little difference between us day and night over Mugla … Nothing, ma’am And it was exactly as I told you. Maybe a little long Everything I learned from my grandfather, I showed my son, Cemal And if Cemal has a son, then my only dream is to pass him on to my grandson I’ll get him used to dealing with cattle, I’ll make him a good breeder You have more questions? I have not. You kindly said so … Thank you You’re welcome I like to count Maybe a little more tea? Ok, one last tea please You drink this tea well Very well prepared Here it is Our tea for you Ojeju Put in water I already this Easy work Thank you. How easy it is to do Cemal, they turned out very well Really? It’s good, it’s easy to sell Yes After all, everything organic is of interest Like you Okay Gul .. Don’t make fun of me

I’m not kidding. It really is that Good And what have you been in this Muğla for so long? Come on. Grandma insisted on buying something for the winter I bought it for myself. And how? Very cute.Everything you wear looks good on you. Impossible to adjust Is this a compliment? Is it really so? It is true And even … I’m not going to lie. This white dress suits you very well And when you suddenly change the subject And no I’m just kidding well Listens And I to you I bought you this as an apology for this white dress It is for me what is that Open and see I never received such a gift AND That’s it? Won’t you kiss me, Cemal? Kiss I think that’s how I apologized for the dress issue What does that mean? Because I bought it just for you. Not to Kaan It’s okay. I accept the apologies, but the dress is not closed yet Why? Because I also have a surprise for you What is that surprise I’m not saying what it’s about. I won’t tell you now I still have some work, it got cold. I’ll finish it and we’ll go Ok then i will help you well Then take a seat Okay What should I do What should you do? I’ll find you something. you have Save it Wait I’ll show you But we made it It worked, but you told me to go everywhere. This time the father will kill us What was I supposed to do? I don’t usually go to Muğla. When daddy gets mad I know how to calm him down, don’t worry But maybe we will call Cemal. Let me go home. Only he can save us from our father You’re right It’s okay? Yes but my phone rings mother I’m listening mom Cemal, son. Are you at home Not outside Hm, listen to me. We are now returning from Muğla. But we’ve stalled and it’s late Go home now, because if your father gets mad, you’ll be the only one who will save us Ok mom I’m coming What happens I have to go home now. Things can get complicated Maybe I will go too. You want? Overall it would be nice. Let’s go too Are we going to clean here? Okay Kamuran, what are you doing? I make a scarf for Cemal For what? And so that it has a better interior. I thought about giving him a gift Do you know where I got the wool from? I took and ripped my dad’s sweater real good And now I’m making Cemal a scarf That’s great Now come make food After all, mama told you to help You talk too much, Kamuran Oh my sister Maybe I’ll finish it halfway I’m sick of it, Kamuran. First we will eat, then we will finish Like everyone is against me What will happen if you help? She was talking here now, and she would probably be sitting there And he’s gossiping through her now I want to beautify my interior and they do what they do In general, I don’t think I’m gossiping. I’m just talking to myself That is good Here, we burn the burns with kajmak. Why? Because it renews the skin and cools the burned places This is very beneficial What’s going on here What is going to happen? Dudu, you … You … Where have you been going so long? We know where we were, but you explain why you are lubricating your hand The girl got burned Why? I made tea in a samovar and when I served him a glass, I accidentally spilled it on his hand And why do you make tea in a samovar when I’m not at home?

And did you leave part of your mind on Muğla? Why are you doing this? And I’ll do it! I will do it And what would you do if you came home and found me lubricating a boy’s hand? What happens Your face and lips are contorted. What happened What happened Please listen Please don’t misunderstand this. I was curious about your family history Yes I came to hear about it Yes I heard Yes And nothing more History, right? Have you already heard of the story? Yes, I do Well, bye, bye love. Bye bye come on Yeah I’ll go now Have a good night Let’s go now! Bye Bye What is this supposed to be? Turns out you were driving it. shame Oh Husnu It wasn’t even enough. Don’t make me mad, okay? My nerves have already jumped, my head is snapping. Don’t make me talk anymore Please girl. I am your husband for 30 years Why such behavior? Should I smell another rose after 30 years? I didn’t touch any women, just four-legged cows Shame, I beg you, really Dad mom What’s going on What are these screams? Mom does some weird things here after all these years The dentist’s friend, Oya We chat here for a moment. And your mother is nervous about it By the way, good to see you, my love. Now a shame, strange things are happening Never mind. It is human behavior. Happens There is no question of such human behavior It’s okay, mother. Take it easy Cemal, my nerves jumped terribly I’m very stressed, honey. Take me home and calm down, huh? Bad with me My legs and hands are shaking I got really nervous, I’m shaking Yes. Take mother home, son Give him garlic to eat or grease his head and massage. If only it would calm her What is this strange behavior after all these years? I’ll still be mad And you sit down, my love. Sit down dear Not because Oh my head is breaking Bad with me It’s okay, mother. Calm down I’m quiet I did it so she wouldn’t have a chance to get mad about shopping in Muğla Oh mother you can really be afraid of that What was I supposed to do? Oh look what i got here Cover the windows view What happens Nothing mother. Very pretty You chose exactly the way I wanted Gul also liked Gul also liked it? And when did she see it? When did you teach him? When we were in a shop in Muğla, it just came And I put it on and asked him if he liked it. And she is very cute And I think he said it just because he is. She didn’t like I don’t know who to believe now Trust me Trust me she really didn’t like it Taking Ok ok it doesn’t matter Mom, pack well for me. And I’ll give it to Gul in due time Ok son Okay? oh my son My only mother Oh my love Ayten, daughter Bring me my blue sweater, it’s in my closet Only in it I feel hot and cold I will bring you dad Oh God A jerk Good night You have a good night Let’s go Oh my mother What happens I was caught up in what is this? What is this supposed to be? You sat weaving, brother-in-law Easy, because I’ll put it in your mouth, fat I was waiting for the fat man to speak And where did it come from? These are Kamuran cables Oh kamuran Girl! come here kamuran What is that? An ambush? I wanted to go crazy here, I would die. Is this here? What are you yelling at him? What did I tell you, Nurten? What will be bad if you talk to me like that with my family again You yell at me, not me! And again he does the same Bunyamin alright So much wire was trapped in me, should I laugh? Ok don’t yell What’s up? Why are you going? Why am I going so that you never speak ugly here with your father? And you have the opportunity, go immediately Don’t talk behind my back We spread the food here Here dad

It is not this one! Another is Mom’s favorite, blue There is no that How is that? Well so There really isn’t kamuran Are you doing it with my wool sweater? Yes i broke it Listen, will you do something to annoy me every day? Okay I’ll make you a new one Just fast Let’s go Apply this food now You got it I’m cold inside What is this supposed to be? Eggs with tomato I also see that they are eggs with tomatoes There is so much food there, and can you give it to us? That meal is a gift of reconciliation, ordered by Sultan Ana Listen no We won’t go for this gift But Sultan Ana said so We won’t go, I said. so much But dad, Sultan Ana ! quiet Will you oppose me? I’m saying we won’t go there. And that’s it! Good night Good night welcome Enjoy your meal You’re welcome, we’ll sit together. Sit down Sit back love Esma! Bring some of that food, otherwise I’ll give you everything to ram and then you will see. Let’s go I’ll put you eggs with tomato And still with these eggs? Sit down In the morning I have breakfast For dinner – breakfast Please can’t you cook something in a pot? I’ll cook food at night for a make up tomorrow I’m not going to this meal And if I don’t go, no one from this family will take a step towards the square Don’t do that dad I say it immediately. Then don’t bother me I immediately tell you not to bother me with this matter Okay, but Grandma will be mad Forgive me but let me get mad Suppose I went there and made my peace with Yusuf. What will happen to you the next day? If you reconcile, let Cemal take Kamuran as his wife You want that Of course not I just thought about it. You don’t think anything Dudu, isn’t it Celal sometimes? Well, Celal And what is he doing wrong? Good afternoon Good afternoon child Than? Than?! Ayten! She told me not We separated And you keep saying that I have to reconcile with Yusuf. You got it Good dad. Celal! You feel good drunk And you still trust them And didn’t I tell you not to trust them? Be careful boy You carefully hacked us Give it two shots? Give him tea Let’s go Ok dad It’s time for a big surprise. I’m waiting for you outside sent Grandma We’re going to a reconciliation tomorrow, right? Of course you will. We will all go together well It’s time for a big surprise. I’m waiting for you outside Grandma, I ate too much. I’ll go for a walk, I’ll burn it down somehow Why do you want to burn it? You are all skin and bones No, I really ate too much. I feel sick. I’ll be right back Just don’t come back too late Good grandma Every afternoon he goes for a walk after dinner

Yes It became his habit What is this Hi dear Surprise! What is this Bunyamin, great exercise! Like an expensive sports car It’s even better, please What I told you that I’ll ride the wings, please You mounted the wings, and can it fly? If you want, come in, we’ll see if it will fly Let’s go then just a moment I’ll close the door, you can crush yourself. You are not used Wait wait Go a little further Don’t do it too much Friend Look at Nihal and then Nurten Nihal says the car is at 10, and Nurten what she told me Nurten without a soul, without a soul Who has no soul? I do not understand I didn’t say soulless, just that the spark is flawless. I think you misunderstood something But the mod really worked perfectly, check out this pattern Modification … How do you know these words? I’m going to eat you dear How not to know? Who does not know this? Nurten Nurten? I brought her a car to show, and she say the door is crooked But she was joking Yes she was joking … She is like a joke But you are a funny boy Maybe let’s say it’s cheerful. It’s better that way Alright, so be it Well start this modified car with no problems, let’s go now I’m starting now Oh i don’t have the keys Where are they? Maybe I fell somewhere there? no I’m kidding there are no more keys He’s already starting on this … at the starting point Actually, I installed a home button Come on press press Spin it for you Press the button And how? Cool what? Let’s go then Slow slow How slow is it, Dudu? I’m starving Get up and fry the eggs Beat three eggs, we’ll eat soon Three will be too many It won’t be there Well … your cholesterol will go up No my love I’m a village boy, if I don’t eat it, I’ll fall. And also, field eggs are easily digestible Let’s go You have five eggs to eat Then i will hit 6 Make some coffee He sits there like a grandfather, see I’ll make coffee for my brother Father I’ll take Gul home and then go with my friends. They are waiting for me Ok don’t freeze well You have a good night celal Open up, smiling brother. Don’t talk stupid if I go, okay? Can we talk for 2 minutes? Ok sure Ok talk at home No one will listen to you there. You can talk about private matters Go go celal celal Have a good work Thank you Thank you very much Cemal I am very happy, it was not necessary What is that And didn’t you tell me that I was supposed to buy you a dress that you wouldn’t wear? Then you have a dress Tomorrow you will be happy to dress it up as a reconciliation gift Will you come? You didn’t take your father’s words seriously, did you? I mean I will come because you will be there Gul. There is no other reason What happens Why are you laughing We buy gifts the same day, right? Than? Are we going to say ties?

Let Open up, aren’t you curious? The curtains are covered You told me to do it yourself Let’s open the window keep Put your hand I put Lay it down And that dress You don’t like what happened I like it How could I not like him, Cemal? I really like it. Who wouldn’t like it, for crying out loud? The truth? But it made a strange impression on you. You are surprised Why are you so surprised? I was surprised because I saw this dress in the store today Oh yes I asked my mother She chose for you I did not notice the store Thank you You’re welcome My mother likes it, right? Yes I love her I also love a woman of good taste What’s going on Cemaaaal What happened? Our fingers are cut off The fingers? Why? You know, Dad … I think Mom and Hilal were curious what I was talking about with Gul They opened the window And then their fingers were cut off Dudu, why don’t you give them a break? You got it Which one? everyone I should get nervous and he kisses all your fingers Maybe a kiss at your feet A little more? A bit And you too, my love, overwhelmed? No dad I have thin fingers and we have them twice as long as mine That is why the window stopped on them and did not stain my fingers Fortunately, it was baked You’ll get it once, you’ll see It’s okay Thank God my fingers hurt My fingers are twice as thick Hilal! Go where you have to go Than …? And this … dad! You have broken your house, your house Your room Sorry Gul And how is it here? Well, isn’t it? Very cute, look at the ducks Love It would be nice if we had tea here, right? Tea? We would have a hot drink Tea Maybe something can be done Really? Yes of course we are lucky But I’ll take you 5 minutes, you’ll wait so long Give me tea, I’ll wait not 5 but 15 minutes Don’t wait 15, I’ll take care of 5 Look at this door Look I’ll close it so you don’t freeze. I’ll be right back Five ok Is this life? Isn’t it my beloved coming? Three beauties of Sakıplar Isn’t one of them Eşref? Three beauties of Sakıplar Isn’t one of them Eşref? Oh my dear Eşref Oh my dear Eşref You woke me up You painted me blood Oh my dear Eşref

Oh my dear Eşref You woke me up You painted me blood You woke me up You painted me blood Thank you very much brother Here you have You have a good night Good night What did you gather here? Is it time for your meeting? That you are standing there sit I will not sit. I just came to have tea Why do you need so much tea? And I will bathe in tea. What am I supposed to do? We are sitting with a friend, I thought I would have some tea Pour a little Take it Pour? Pour it, pour it You keep asking pour some And can I have 2 glasses too? taking Thank you Is that enough? Take more, it is not enough for a thermos. Come on Siddik I will get I also finished the tea Funnel funnel Then I’ll have two more teaspoons, what Niyazi? Maybe you still want a donkey’s ear? Don’t you have anything there, Bunyamin? What’s going to happen? I take two teaspoons, I won’t steal it from you Ok take it take it Dear God … I’ll give you back later Still sugar … How many of you are here? Don’t drink too sweet, because sugar is harmful. I drink it because I like it Give me my tea I have to pay? I’d say it’s free, but now you’ve overdone it. You must pay 20 lire 20 lire Then take this one too … Save for your dad’s coffee bill So have a good night What kind of people are you? Oh friend I’ve never seen a guy like him in my entire life. What is this boy? What type does not have any type Don’t say that the guy made us car owners And also a horn. Don’t call it that And what do you care so much about the horn? If I knew, I would give it to you. Would you ride, play the trumpet and say “I feel this, I feel that” Good enough don’t start again Because I’ll give you a gift of reconciliation And you probably got used to making these sodas for your wife Pour tea, pour it gives I’ll write you the song “Reconciliation”, so lively The damn tea is over Very good with this tea. You are amazing Maybe it would be better if you say supersonic Ok i will say that My esophagus has been burned. Hot this tea Forgive me for such spartan conditions What’s up, I’m not mad It is more pleasant Thank you Nihal, because … how to say I’m saying it would be nice to meet for some time For longer you say I mean, who wouldn’t want to see you? But now I’m busy, you know. Family and Nurten and everything I can only see you in my spare time, that’s why I said that I get it Not that you take my time off or something Make no mistake I have not been saddened Than? Don’t have music? I beg you. No music in my car? I’m asking you My car is a disco I am the king of music Are you ready Turns off! Disable And how are the speakers? Reason has taken me far Well, man can take away his reason. One of those speakers is 25 kg Think of yourself, the speaker is 25kg! As much as a human child Does the kilo count? As far as I know, it is WAT You have already finished me with the word modification. And now you know music And who does not know about those things? Nurten Nothing Anyway, it’s 1500

The 1500 1500 weather? Does your head have 1500 ideas? We have the same sense of humor, really When it comes to ideas, I have 5,000. I am talking about the watts of these speakers. 1500 have Not bad really Sure dear So let’s tap into these watts between us applause You have a good night Hi Cemal Nice to see you Where are you I was walking to your sister-in-law’s house Moment? Who? Who is Niyazi’s sister-in-law? Niyazi’s sister-in-law is Gul Gul? How is that And yes that Niyazi finally opened up to Nihal Are you talking seriously? Well i mean it Didn’t I say it would be like this? I also felt You made a talk about me And thanks to you, Cemal. You messed it all up for them You can’t say anything. You speak right away What if you don’t tell us who? We are friends, they are told those things It’s correct. Did you want to hide it from us? The fault is yours, Niyazi. We are not friends You will not be able to solve the problem with Sultan yourself. You will come here and ask us for help again So why did you wait so long with that? Now it’s too late to unscrew it This is not such an easy matter with the Sultan As they say, Mr. Director. Every two heads are better than one true Well said Well, maybe yes. You’re right Oh friends We will sit down and we will all find a solution. I am in a very difficult situation Ok we will think We think. We will think for Niyazi Will we go now? I don’t feel like it, but They will care about me at home Okay, if you care Then press start-spot and we will activate airplane mode Rearrange, okay? Yes Now press Oh God I pressed What happens does not work Look.However, I don’t want to leave my spark either I press I’ll do it right away, it’s electronic stuff. Do not worry Can’t open? Wait a minute, it won’t work The door cannot be opened Neither Then after the car What will we do now? What will we do? Relax, we’ll sit in a warm car Someone will stop by soon How should I be calm? I have claustrophobia, I can’t stand it What is clostrophobia? Fear of being in closed places Please get me out of here, for God’s sake. Soon I’ll have heart palpitations Ok, just relax. Don’t hit the car like that, don’t panic I’ll call Kemal in a moment I can’t bear to be inside. Call, Than And that’s why they called us “corporals” Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa became a corporal and was given the task of dealing with plants I am listening brother in law Hi kemal I’m in the river, we’re stuck in the car The electronic system went out Take this … Come here and save us I’m with nihal I told my brother in law. Trust me I will deal with this matter in a moment Let’s go I called, don’t panic Does he come here? He drives, he drives father give me the keys My brother in law’s car crashed on the road I will help him Where is the brother-in-law trapped? By the river Ok, I’ll go too. Ventilate, I’m tired of sitting at home No sister you don’t have to sit Why? Isn’t my husband trapped there? The sister is right. At least you won’t go alone You don’t have to, dad. Let him sit Speak no more Wait I’ll throw something at myself Ok dad see you for now What do we stop at? Your great-grandfather grew vegetables in the liberation war And after the war, great-grandfather Take it easy I feel like in jail. I can’t stand it, it’s too hot I’ll calm you down in a moment I think there is no oxygen

I feel hot Calm down, Nihal How trapped Do you take off your sweater too? sad What about the earring? Help How i got it I can not calm down I’ll make some air So? When will he come? He’s on his way, he’ll be here soon Take a little faster OK brother What kind of driver are you? You write sms while driving. Is this supposed to be driving? That’s why i drive slow Who are you writing this text to? To Sude, to Sude Already sent We are going with my sister. What is this supposed to be? Did I send wrong? Who do you let me know about this? I was supposed to send Sude, but I have you right below her in contacts That’s why it went to you And why are you writing that we are going? Why am I writing to a girl we go to? Exactly Why? I was supposed to write that we ride like this But this is how I wrote how I drive a car And I wrote that we’re leaving … I’ll write the truth soon Leave it, will you trust her now? You have 5 minutes for your brother-in-law. You will write it from there Oh god brother in law will be screwed soon Oh my mother What did you do? Hit the right post Than? This is an accident No warning Suddenly it happens Oh my mother Broken flap We will not go for our brother-in-law. You can not do that Listen, damn it. You did it on purpose, huh? What’s up sister? Is this possible? You shoot something, but we’ll see I didn’t twist anything. The steering wheel got stuck, that’s why we got it Ok damn .. I’ll walk over to Bunyamin. Is not far No, my sister took the phone Brother in law is already dead Yes Yes And this is so I have a very good idea! I hope to guess … I hope so you? yes I’m afraid to ask but … what did you come up with? Now yes, Niyazi We will have a fake employee for the wedding And this fake employee won’t marry you or the sultans You will take Sultan Ana to your house as a bride Where is Nihal then? At Sultan Ana’s house You will have a royal wedding with Nihal Put your fake wife to sleep at night and go to Nihal’s bed. And you will sleep with Nihal, this is the plan And how? Overall, it is a very good idea. Maybe i will succeed What is this supposed to be? A good plan, but what if Sultan Ana can’t get to sleep? Our Niyazi will really be niyazi (begging) Oh, he’ll be begging a lot Leave everyone and let I recognized you as people. I thought you could do something about my problem. And you’re making fun of me again I’m going Sit where are you going? You take offense immediately No friend, I’m going this time! Niyazi! Sit down The ducks are even laughing, such an adult guy … he was offended again He went down the shit path Shut up, shame Is my idea really bad? It didn’t go a bit, but nothing I can not take it anymore. Open at least the windows The windows also cannot be opened. Some wires have snapped, nothing will move Then break those windows! Break them, Bunyamin! I really can’t stand it Than?! How can you break a window here? These are original, I won’t find them later Kemal will be here soon, some patience Please break the windows, let’s get out of here. Let’s go Not enough oxygen left here, I won’t take you anymore You breathe, I don’t Break those windows, I’ll go. I really can’t stand it I have palpitations, don’t you understand? Are you kidding me Bunyamin, do something immediately! Dammit What’s going on here Break it! Take it easy Niyazi! Save me niyazi Open the window, Mrs. Nihal It can not be done

The door neither They don’t open, we’re stuck here Do not do that! The door cannot be used either Smash smash Hey Dammit! Dammit What did you do Mrs nihal Niyazi! Come to me! God bless you hold it What are you doing I’ll help you You don’t go this way Get out now I’m going too, wait Moment Dammit Is everything okay with you? Mrs. Nihal? Yes Are you okay? Nothing happened anywhere? I can not leave Damn you! Why did this crazy person shut you up? Why would I close it? give me a break Electronic components … my leg remains. There was a problem with the electronics and nothing worked. We get caught Mrs. Nihal Are you telling the truth? He asks if I am telling the truth! You’re sick we got caught You are sick Look, the girl received a speech I ask and I can’t even answer She is sick She has some kind of christopher or something Than?! Hystrophobia has I am going God bless you Mrs. Nihal! I will accompany you! I had to get you to Nihal! Well, he won’t even look here! Nihal! Dammit What is this No, it’s Nurten! Really goes here Glasses The stone is still there Bünyamin Oh Nurten? What are you doing girl What are you doing here with this big stone in your hand? And don’t even ask Some children probably broke the glass with a stone. All electronics fell into the car And the car couldn’t be opened I was bored here, I released the ducks in the river. And you came I still have. step aside The last duck You will fall into the water tonight The duck did not jump too much And we had an accident with Kemal Really? Well we crashed my father’s car Oh god. We have some charm about our family And what are you doing here tonight? I am stressful here You yell at me so loud that you can’t do it And how could I know that you would react like this? I’m a cute boy, Nurten. Don’t be fooled by my temperament and my name – Belka I’m not that tough My soul is made of cotton. Nurten Well come on in we’ll get the car out of here How do we do it You’ll get behind the wheel, I’ll push and we’ll go home How am I going to get into this? You will enter through the window. Come on I left like this Therefore? She also came out this way Who came out this way? Air … I … I didn’t say anything! Nurten It’s cold, come in How do I come in? There is glass Please wait I will not sweat? Legs first Oh Nurten. Didn’t you go to the gym at school and stuff? slowly Attention to the head It’s okay You’re like a squirrel, girl There is a lot of glass everywhere The kids crashed, too bad the car didn’t I got into the damn thing Ok and now Will I push now and will we go okay? Nurten! Turn the steering wheel to the left This is the right girl! Listen, right-left-lime, okay? Turn linden Yes for linden I deny Just don’t break the steering wheel. Starts normally Okay, now this Drain manually Look, it’s next It’s not manual on this side, Nurten Next to the seat, to the right Time is next A woman after vegetables only understands He has a big button, push it I pressed And drains low OK great Now let the gear loosen There’s something big nigga Give it a break It should be easy to walk Is walking Well done well Oh God Now push the clutch That pedal at the beginning On the linden side, first I dialed God love Now give me a run for 2 Drag it to you, two Alright, I’ma push it now When you start driving, quickly remove your leg from the clutch, do not touch the gears anymore Okay Well, now Well Nurten, wait a sec Oh my mother Straighten the steering wheel!

Turn right Take your leg off the clutch Gas press Come on nurten I’m going to pass out No gas, no gas Ok ok Hit the brakes, girl! Nurten! Dammit Bünyamin! Take this pedal, woman! Nurten! Dammit Very good photos and everything Really finished. I think it will be a bomb text Really cool Thank you What will happen here? In one place there will be a photo of today’s snack Will be great And here In the middle And this is a surprise Surprise? Yes, for you What a surprise You also be a little curious Time for a make up deal, come on Okay, sister I will not go for this gift in my life It’s not like that Let it be what it’s supposed to be I will leave this house alone as a corpse For Sultan Ana, huh? woman And did Husnu do something for us? I will not listen to Sultan Ana anymore No way will they ever say we don’t cook food again If you want go And how do I carry the pots? Than? I’m talking about food pots. How will I get them there? Let bunyamin take it No no We will all help you here No way Only Bunyamin will go. No one else will leave this house, that’s all Than? Than? I will not go for this snack, I will not go! Husnu, don’t do that. I beg you, I’ll be ashamed Dudu, don’t push him. I’m not going Should I mark these pots myself? Son will help you. You will go with Cemal I will not leave this house. Unless they bring me dead to this stupid gift And you two, if you walk away from home, I’ll break your legs You always have to do that, always Why do you keep acting like this? Don’t speak for nothing. Go Go Don’t stand next to me like a jerk, sit down Niyazi, where are they going? They come now Cemal! they arrived Finally Dudu! Oh Esma … my friend Cemal welcome welcome Hello girls hello Sultan Ana Where are your husbands? Well … they won’t come We arrived, Sultan Ana Will not come They will not come And well, the food will stay for us. But we will be full The food is probably delicious It’s even delicious, it smells like that. We will eat everything Hears! Nobody touches the food! There will be some patience here Niyazi, take me to the office. I’ll run an ad Ok Sultan Ana Back off, Sultan Ana will make an announcement. Let’s go How are you well And how does it look? yes Hello good morning Have you started wearing clothes from Sultan Ana’s wardrobe, Gul?

No kaan It is a gift from Cemal A matter of taste, of course nice Attention attention. Guzel Koy Village Chief Announcement Now our Sultan Ana will issue an announcement I give him the microphone Hey, just listen with open ears You got it, Sultan Ana. Click here Push here? Yes, white button So good If you speak Am I supposed to say what? Speaks listens beautiful people from the beautiful countryside listen to me well So if the whole family Yusuf Yasabasmaz and the whole Husnu Alkan family won’t be in the town square in five minutes I will give the cows and the fields to another family in the village I am counting time from now on! Father? Father? And we sat on the rear Go Go! Get up! Run! Come on, I won’t go There is nothing to talk about But daddy can Run run damn Run Run Close the door Sultan Ana! I will kiss your hands I’m going to kiss her! Go ahead! Not me Let Tall! I won’t let you kiss my hands What is that Should I ask you or let you kiss? We still go somewhere after the deal Are you still talking? Sit down now, warm up Let everyone feel Here you have Let’s go Sultan Anne, sit down How are you, Cemal? Good, Kamuran. And you? well Look what i did to you Thank you, you bothered, but … wait Look I have the same He gave it? As this Gul bought it for me Yes Look, and Cemal bought it for me And how? nice Don’t be cold dad Look sister Bought her a dress I saw it No Siddik, put food on everyone Niyazi, because this. I have work to do And what do you have besides a coffee to work? Something Bye Oh god Hayati, Osman, Aladdin. Help me what? All right, director. Okay Welcome

How are you? I’m fine Your grandmother, you Will we go out for a while? Not now … someone else will see No one will see, we will drive Car? Did I mention it to you, didn’t I? Buy a car So We will not go to Mugla, we will go around town. A nice short walk, how’s it going? Well alright I’ll wear something and come back safe Seval this is my car Very pretty Let it serve you It will serve us both I told you I would buy a car. Just for you so we can ride please You’re welcome ma’am Seval, are you ready? list good morning Hikmet? How are you friends? Well? Okay, but what are you doing here, Hikmet? I’m going with you too There’s no such thing. I’m asking you There is speech, there is Of course it is I’ll go too, is half the car mine or not? Seval, because we bought a company car Yes seval The car belongs to both But Hikmetk, we were supposed to share. Me on even days and you on odd days … that’s why I drive now What is this Even and odd It’s … It doesn’t matter. Get out of the car, crazy I am not crazy! I’m not him, Seval This car is the two of us, you are the front and the rear. We divide them into two parts. I will not leave! I will divide you into two parts, crazy I’m not getting off. Seval, I’m not crazy. I will not get off! Come here come fool Pig, wait here Sharing something is very difficult. And also I have to do it with this crazy Let’s go now Why this The car is new, right? That is why such problems can happen Hikmet, can you come here for a moment? What happens? The car did not start? It didn’t start, Hikmet didn’t Listen, we’ll make a deal. You will come with us, okay? And how is this contract? You’ll come back and push the car. I will direct But where are we supposed to push the car, did we just buy it? Idiot, there’s something like moving on Oh ok Came back OK let’s go Ok i’m pressing now Let’s go Push Push, Hikmet I’m pushing Start, I’ll get in Let’s go Hey Hey Oh Siddik you will see it now So since everyone ate We can go to dessert Husnu Yusuf You’ll start first … Get up, reconcile, kiss, hug Let’s go then And if there is anyone in disagreement at this table, get up and make up I am saying something No one in this town will disagree Kiss me then Okay

Nihal Bünyamin? Hello, are we going to ride a bit? No I’m dating someone else Who is this Doesn’t matter why should I tell you? Nihal I don’t want to share you .. I mean Either you’ll be all mine or you won’t be mine at all Listen, Bunyamin You also need to know how it really is It is impossible for us to be together. Understand this finally You are a man from another world. Go and grow in your field Well, no You left me halfway right? I’m not leaving you halfway. This path is over. No exit What exit? Niyazi? Lady Nihal Niyazi Bünyamin Nihal? Bünyamin please Would you rather head the town than me? Nihal! Nihal! Oh Niyazi you stuck a knife in my back Nihal no! Don’t get on a donkey to make a horse jealous! You’re doing it wrong, Nihal … wrong You gave me a nice smile today at snack You too As for me, I think it’s time to name our relationship somehow Niyazi I can no longer continue this relationship Why? Because I have a boyfriend that nobody knows about Do you have a boyfriend? Where? Not here Is in istanbul but he will be here soon So forgive me. Okay? goodbye Did you steal my love I understood that friendship is a lie It couldn’t be you I’m suffering for. That stuck a knife in my back

Are you suffering so much because of me? Did I look at your girlfriend with the evil eye? I didn’t know they were together How did I do this to you? I loved her so crazy I said “heaven” to your eyes I’ll never believe in laughing eyes again I’m still devastated I loved her so generously This was the end of it? And you suffered for this love and for me. We didn’t deserve it Spring has turned into winter because of this cruelty Dude, it’s not your fault. I can see it in your eyes Instead of seeing you sad, I’ll burn my heart If I knew that I would die, I would leave you alone Spring has turned into winter because of this cruelty Dude, it’s not your fault. I can see it in your eyes Instead of seeing you sad, I’ll burn my heart If I knew that I would die, I would leave you alone Well you and I suffer too We take the devil for an angel We have learned a lesson from this life We are left alone, two friends We have learned a lesson from this life We are left alone, two friends We have learned a lesson from this life We are left alone, two friends We are left alone, two friends It doesn’t matter my friend. Let him be ashamed Oh my mother What happened Oh my mother It’s all good … drink water Nerd I had a terrible nightmare What did you dream of? Let’s talk Ok ok I embraced politics Like Niyazi? Well, Niyazi Why do you need politics? Lie down and sleep It’s okay Sleep well Oh god god. I go to sleep You lie my lie Close your eyes All right, Nurten. I only dreamed a nightmare, no Don’t scream at night Do not tell me that Well sleep now What is this supposed to be? What a nightmare? Really wonderful I made you coffee Thank you Already done? Okay, yes Put inside what you have to give and I’ll see There is no option dear. It’s a surprise. Anyway, you’ll see in the newspaper tomorrow But you’re weird, Oya If you give me a break now, I’ll put in the last photo and send the article to the printer, okay? well In that case I’m waiting downstairs How cool But did you see grandma? He immediately fixed everything We will see if from now on everything will be beautiful like a rose garden

I don’t know if it will be or not, but With us it must be beautiful as a rose garden Gul, it’s in our hands If we want it can be like a rose garden Cemal Do you remember … During Kemal and Hilal’s wedding When Niyazi asked the question I whispered something in your ear, remember? Yes Yes I also believe it Cemal Will you marry me? END OF CHAPTER