Dr Althea Myrie, N. D. Slimroast – Food Cravings and Appetite

the coffee is absolutely products I have to say are remarkable and their outstanding. And as a naturopath why I am particularly interested in I’m always looking for products that have the ability to reduce the cravings and the appetite and many of the things products in the marketplace fall short of being able to do this many of the other companies that will give you a just simply fat blocker go to an event and the donut system on the table and they say them anyway because you can eat that fat blocker when your finish and this is not a healthy way this is a very healthy way with this coffee because impact on cravings which is a beast when they’re ready and your appetite control and this means you’re not on the diet so mentally there is none of this game playing just automatically reduce your consumption what I want to cover briefly I know im on a time scale and see what I can fit in for you today is to understand how the weight comes about is what I’m gonna show you initially and then show you what the ingredients in the products addressing these issues weight issues and not simply people just stuffing down too much food one of the things I seen with anybody with weight, they always have a problem with allergies and they don’t know where they have allergies at all anybody I have with extra weight on any of my clients they always have a genetic allergy to mold and to gluten and when this is true and you continue you and often how do we know we have an allergy to something I hate you have a nickname for me I’m called Dr killjoy and I’m about to kill your joy and this is the problem you only love the foods that you are allergic to . So I ask people what’s your favorite and anyone who’s had knee surgery they love cheese. Cheese is destroying their knees and they don’t know it I always say that people that love pastas and all the carbs this is because they’re made with gluten and you have an allergy to gluten so that makes you love pasta and all the carbohydrates that we’re not supposed to consume and it’s literally caused by allergy and so when I want to know someone that logic to something I ask what their favorite food is and I listen to the word I love you are only supposed to love people not food. And so this is one of the keyes to identify if you have an allergy to something that you love a lot of you every day Now the point about raising this about the allergies is that when you eat gluten have an allergy to it which rye, oats, barley wheat. These are gluten foods, so all the breads. The brown breads are actually worse because the browner the bread is or the more grains, the higher the gluten So in this situation of allergy White is better than brown brown is more deadly in brown. Now it causes the body to attack the thyroid. Gluten when you read that bread it will shut down your thyroid. Now when anybody has weight their thyroid is not working You’ll to the hospital and get a test done on your thyroid, the thyroid test done in hospital is nine times out of ten totally inaccurate. So I state the people with weight, if your have been told informed that you have all this extra weight, but your thyroid perfect order it is impossible you cannot have a working thyroid and have weight on you it is impossible so the allergy the bread will attack the thyroid, now when your thyroid t is not working well it will cause you to have a very slow metabolism which means now I am unable to burn my food. You could eat a salad and still gain weight. you will go to the gym 24 7 not one pound will be removed because the thyroid is not working for your ability to burn your food is very limited to this is one of the key things that I wanted flag and I will show you which products are overriding this problem but this is one of the main underlying problem is the allergies. Now the allergies when you have allergies and you have weight eat foods that you are allergic to the next thing it creates inflammation. All people with weight are very inflamed you hear the word flame it means you’re on fire how do you put fire out you throw water on it, unless it’s in the kitchen but you would throw water on the fire that is what body doing. it is throwing water so you retain water so very many people with a lot of weight on them

and they don’t have to be huge we all get inflamed no matter what size you are. Your ring size, suddenlly your ring gets tight your fingers are swelling this is because you just taken something in that put you on fire and the only way the body can help you to put the fire out is to put water on that fire, so you get water retention so some of the weight people carrying is water weight . But it is only caused by inflammation so that’s how you put that particular fire out now one of the things we don’t realize that they don’t drink enough water the only thing the natural diuretic. The doctor will give you a water pill this is not the answer to dropping water weight the answer to dropping weight the water weight is drinking more water. So a natural diuretic is water . If you are bone dry and not drinking water then the body will retain fluid and dehydration causes you to hold on to fat Fat loss occurs with lots of water, fat retention will occur with not enough water and I define not enough water is less than three quarts a day and if it’s really hot when you are talking about a gallon a day makes the fat go away thats my moto so and so we’re not having enough water to allow the water to leave the body and stop retaining it so water is your natural diuretic and that’s what you need now the other thing about the thyroid and the metabolism is that you will continue to keep gaining weight now the thyroid I’ve already I want to cover briefly the thyroid again controls your metabolism your ability to burn weight what shuts your thyroid down again is apart from gluten is bromide bromide is a component that is put in bread. All bread and flour. Unless is says u non bromide that bread you are buying has bromide in it and bromide shuts thyroid down. And bromide is also tucked away in Gatorade and Mountain Dew and this shuts your thyroid down along with fluoride. Floride you see they both end with IDE bromide fluoride. they block iodine and iodine iodine makes your thyroid work but bromide, and Gatoaide and mountain view and fluoride in your tootpaste will inhibit your thyroid. so anybody can go in the browser and put in the hidden dangers of fluoride and it’s in your drinking. you need not be using tap water with high fluoride it shuts thyroid down and that you can find anywhere online without any trouble at all. In terms of inflammation aspect that we’ve just spoken about the Trim product has a berry in there called Maqui M a q u i , Maqui berry is extremely anti-inflammatory and this will help you to reduce the water weight that you’re carrying not just the fat weight so that is in the trim and I know some people you Coffee during the day and then the use the Trim before the half an hour before the evening meal so that’s one of the products you have to have to be very useful for you to reduce the inflammation because inflamation is the key that underpin most diseases have now been established very clearly that the root cause of heart disease diabetes all these illnesses rheumatoid arthritis is inflammation are you have a very good ingredient the Maqui berry in the trim formula that will help you to address what I’m talking about but also many other conditions that are caused by inflammation so I think we are clear on the thyroid shutting down know how you going to over ride the thyroid issue is using the the Slimroast has L-Carnitine in it. Now L-Carnitine not only detoxifies you but is excellent for ensuring that you burn fat and it also assured that your metabolism increases so L-Carnitine briefly increases energy there’s an appetite suppressant increase muscle strength so you can, the man can do heavyweights in in the gym improves your memory function and your brain it slows bone loss it also works on type 2 diabetes. And it insures that you the fats you

burn them for energy instead of storing them for fat and the L-Caritine also works on diabetic neuropathy they did medical studies showing reduce angina which the heart pain by 40% it reduces arrhythmia which in english is rapid heartbeat by 65% in medical studies. For the man helps with erectile dysfunction for both of you that have that issue L-Carnitine does a whole range of things we won’t go into that all of the things that it does the best enough for you can understand that that is overriding your slow metabolism and your slow thyroid the other one is the Garcinia Cambogia, is also increasing your metabolism it actually changes the way but your liver handles fat. Because it is the liver that breaks down fat is always done in the liver but when people have elevated cholesterol why does the Garcinia cambogia help you increase your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol is a form of fat and all fat that is broken down in the liver to the vigorous key when people have belly fat the liver is fatty and it’s not breaking down the fat of processing it well in the liver. So the Garcinia cambogia will do that through that pathway now these days they say the Garcinia cambogia thanks to Dr. Oz is the hottest weight loss ingredients in town and you have huge amounts in your Slimroast coffee because they Dave really gone all out and put really high levels in there that it’s a fat Buster. So it’s blocking fat production and changing how you store fat in the liver and burn instead of storing in the liver. The Garcinia Cambogia also slows down how you convert crabs to fat so if you are slowing down the conversion to fat you will produce less fat. it’s also an appetite suppressant and the other important thing that the Garcinia does it increases serotonin serotonin is the happy chemical that your brain produces well your produce it in your stomach it then goes to your brain and many people are emotional eaters and so this is a reduction and stress is when you increase serotonin Garcinia cambogia is helping you in many fronts with the weight loss but I people crave carbohydrates and sugar, the serotonin a chemical that is the happy chemical makes people happy is very low so this is why people feel mood elevation when they take the Slimroast because the Garcinia cambogia its increasing serotonin and then you have the ginseng on top which improves your mood and is anti stress and its anti-diabetic, it is anti inflammatory as well So the other one for your inflammation will be the ginseng as well as the Trim with the Maqui berry. So these are 2 good tools this is why these products are working so well for people having trouble with their with their weight and have had problems all their lives and sometimes it’s just a bio chemical imbalance is the problem being exposed the things that are not helping you as in bromide, Gluten and fluoride so this is how these products overriding the problem. The other thing about weight and belly fat is we produce a stress hormone called cortisol cor tisol is a beast many people very well working for people that their employer is absolute bully and they can get away with it because they know everybody needs a job and they should leave the job and you make too much noise they’ll say next so stressed that work is another big contributory factor because once you start producing that stress hormone cortisol it makes terrible belly fat and so again how do we address the belly fat tissue through the products well ginseng is a stress buster. It improves moods and is anti stress which means this will lower your cortisol levels through the ginseng that the the coffee the swim roast coffee and increase the improves the mood I’m looking at you my list here anti fatigue, anti

stress, anti aging, anti diabetic, anti inflammatory the ginseng and so again we have a override the stress from wherever is coming from the marriage the home money stress or those dresses we know the ginseng will address will address that issue so that’s how the stress hormones are working to help the products are lowering that aspect for you the other things to recognize about belly fat and a fatty liver that you can all do to help yourselves if all the juices and sodas you consume they all have fructose or high fructose corn syrup or fructose once you see that word and this is all the juices in the stores or anything you pick up to drink that is sweetened even the what they call vitamin water to you call vitamin water that water is not water it’s absolute nonsense to second ingredients on vitamin water its fructose now fructose is a sweetener made by man sugar is made by God grows in the ground now fructose made by mam cannot be broken down by the liver so what happens is you begin to get a fatty liver and the more fatty liver become the more belly fat you create and the other important thing about this is that the fructose is used by all these companies packaged food they try and put in everything because one of its main functions is that it insures you don’t know when you were full up there is a hormone we have called leptin in our fat cells and leptin tells you oh my goodness I’m full to the brim I can’t eat anymore but unfortunately some of the things in the soda and the juices ensure that that leptin does not work and so the key here is to avoid these drinks while you’re using the soda i mean using the Slimroast as much as possible because you will speed up your weight loss with the less exposure you have to these substances that tells you that you are not full but clearly this is what I love about the Slimroast it is overriding this this message which means it has to be increasing your leptin in some way or another imagine if you’re taking the soda and doing things with fructose you’re slowing the process down you could be speeding up this weight loss by not exposing yourself to the juices you know I’m from England when I watch over here you have these large gnunks of drink that you get free fill ups in these restaurants and I watch the little nine year olds going up to get this free cup of nastiness and I say anything that’s free is poison. So they go and get the free cups of drink all you can drink I see little eight-year-old nine year old that already getting the belly fat and they don’t realize that parents that it’s the fructose in these juices and sodas this unnatural sweetness that is causing the belly fat so that that is always huge if you can either stop or reduce considerably your consumption of these juices and these sweet drinks the only way that the juice has no fructose is you actually have to go into a health food but have you heard of and you have to look for the juice is a hundred now what we do is all the game I can get caught out when I go in this 100% juice and then it says it’s from concentrate, really? How is it 100% So I look for the one that says no concentrate and a 100% juice. But everything is a game you know I’ve had clients say to me when I told them they have to reduce the sugar they start grabbing everything they can think of that has sugar in it they could take. Soone lady said to me, on of my patients said, well what about that unsweetened orange juice . So I said to her, ok let’s use the grey cells that God gave us and let’s just look at that comment you say unsweetened you know it says on the back of the fruit of the oranges orange aid or any of those nasty things about 5% juice 5% orange so then you tell me what is the other 95% making it so sweet she goes how could I be so stupid I said no yes well conditioned to believe what’s written on the front of the books it’s not not possible for it to be on sweeping your common sense tells you that and so don’t get caught out with these things and some of the orange juice they bring into

England they threw right back out cuz they just had never been introduced to the orange and the British people were very happy with that and so that’s the weight we’ve covered the hormones now the other thing about weight is our emotional eaters and depression, the Garcinia and the ginseng is excellent here because it’s helping you overcome emotional eating by increasing serotonin levels of serotonin reverse of depression you go to the doctor for depression they will give you what they call an SSRI in english is the tablet the increases serotonin but has so many side effects and causes people to commit suicide which is on the packaging that is infinitely better to use the ginseng and the Garcinia cambogia in the Slimroast that is going to help you to overcome the emotional eating in that way now see what else I have to talk about the only thing about I want to really cover as well is 2 things one diet soda all the studies have now proven, in fact studies have just in England and they have said this is ridiculous that diet soda is just the word diets in fact they want to take a suit a lawsuit for false advertising actually saw this last week against these companies claiming that the diet sodas are healthy and help you to lose weight is an absolute lie. diet soda the ingredients they put in Aspartame, which is the artificial sweetener is very toxic and very dangerous it actually does not help you lose weight it makes you gain weight and i cant have tons to explain the mechanism involved in the body why makes you gain weight that’s true it does clearly they’re very addictive and it’s hard for people to get off of them I understand this because of the aspartame sweetener but the other problem is that they told diabetics it is safer for them to have aspartame than cane sugar that grows in the ground again we have something made in the laboratory made by man highly dangerous and actually established as a neurotoxin. What is neuro, the nerves is the neuro system, the central nervous system how we cope with life. so if the neuro toxin which means it poisons the nervous system so that means for a diabetic when they are eating plan during diet soda and these things instead of real sugar increases your risk of neuropathy which the terrible nerve pain that diabetics experience and the worst thing ensure that you will lose a toe or several toes to amputation because of that sweetener. So diet soda if I have young Americans telling me they have multiple sclerosis the very first question of them were you doing a load of diet soda diet sweetener diet everything and yes they were so it is established that this diet sweetener puts lesions in brains and it causes you to lose muscle coordination when they young people I find this is why so again aspartame can induse multiple sclerosis in those of us that are more susceptible to people that drink this stuff will have twitchy eye the leg moves I call people anything in your body that moves you did not instructed to do so that means the nerves are not functioning properly they’re under stress so people drink diet stuff will have twitching the leg shakes by itself by the eye twitching by it’s self because of the sweetener now destroying your nervous system. Again, you can go in the browser of everything I think I have said, the hidden dangers of fluoride hidden dangers of aspartame which is aspartame and for Aspartame is what I call a piece of evil and it did not help you in any shape or form it is very dangerous and it will impair your results again slow you down you don’t want to be exposed to any of those sweeteners it is far better to take cane sugar raw cane sugar and take that made naturally in nature as opposed to a sweetener that was made by man. There is a book on amazon called, anyway I’ll try to remember that it’s all about diet sweeteners the whole book and it’s not just one page its the whole book about the harm people. So again I only flag these up so that you know what your day-to-day life there is reducing

the efficacy of the extraordinary products that you could speed up your process if you can stop your exposure to these things can incorporate these products but I want to thank you Dave they are absolutely I’m very excited because I have been looking for something that really works to help people with the could I say weight, but really what I wanted to help them with the cravings the appetite control. and there is not much in the market that does this in the vehicle of the coffee is just ingenious