Elite Dangerous Discovery – The Freakiest Worlds

hi guys and girls I’m obsidian aunt and welcome back to elite dangerous discovery this is the series were are heading out into the galaxy to find the unusual the spectacular at the beautiful on today’s episode I take a look at some of the strangest and most unusual plenteous so far discovered every so often someone comes across a strange and unusual planet something that dramatically stands out against the backdrop of all the other worlds out there a world then that is extremely beautiful now this planet was recently featured in a video by uh minx and you can check that out in the video description there’s a link there his fairway artists in the sin wave sector but not too far you should be able to quite easily get here even in a ship with a reasonable jump distance say 25 to 39 years shouldn’t be too much of a problem of course it can’t without doubt immediately see what makes this world stand out the geology here he is simply amazing and the mist comes very close to making this filled or somewhat like an atmospheric world the deep canyons obviously make it extremely fun to fly around especially if you come here in a ship that’s got a very high speed the down scient is that you feel silly enough to fall into one of the canyons there’s a good chance you won’t be getting back help without destruction us our value now it’s unknown to me whether or not this is an unintended form of the procedural generation found in early dangerous and if you really do look around at some points especially towards the horizon you’ll notice that it does seem to be some issues with the hype maps but whether or not this world should truly exist is to me at least at largely irrelevant because it’s downright beautiful perhaps somewhat unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of places like this in elite not this type of world specifically but places that are unusual they’re very hard to come across but ultimately when you do find something it really makes a whole exploration experiences are very much worthwhile now it isn’t always a world geology that makes it stand out occasionally it’s this location and sometimes it’s his parent star this right here is Betelgeuse or one of the largest stars within their local areas of space now there are of course a whole bunch of arguments over how this name is pronounced truth is Betelgeuse is one of the correct versions there was a some translation issues from the original Arabic word which means that astronomers now use a variations of the word most of them are actually considered to be correct now you would have noticed just how large the star looks from here and when nearly two thousand light seconds away from it the nearest landfall planet mean world is not that much further out that makes a visiting Betelgeuse and it’s landable plan is quite an experience within the game now I visited here not too long ago but it was good opportunity to come back to see what the place looks like with the new planetary surfaces now one thing I immediately noticed that’s changed is when you come down to the planetary surface you’re no longer within fuel scoop range of the star not quite sure what’s happened there but it is a difference to compare to the last time I visited let’s say that do keep in mind that this planet here will somewhat increase the heat of your ship my ship normally runs at around 28 percent of heat so it’s slightly up now anyone who’s been watching my videos for quite a while will know then I’m no big fan of hunting down materials especially when it comes down to drive it around that said I do very much enjoy driving around on planets I just don’t particularly enjoy hunting down random materials but driving around on the surface of planets like this one really does add to the atmosphere and it makes the whole experience there much more interesting and of course are due to the proximity of their planet it makes it that much more interesting to check out solar flares and mass ejections now planets orbiting close to stars is one thing moons orbiting close to Planet C is quite another especially when it comes to one of the most famous examples of Mitterrand Hollow now believe it or not this is not a time-lapse this is the actual speed at which the moon orbits the planet now this is not scientifically accurate of course it simply came about by a mistake in the settings done by frontier at some point in the past and they decided to leave it this way due to its fame and due to the entertainment players give from coming out here now it does make landed on the moon very difficult and if you’re going to chase it you’re simply not going to catch up with it instead you have to come around in front of the moon and wait for it to come towards you perhaps unsurprisingly what the fast orbit of this moon means is that you give very rapid planet rise down here it’s so rapid in fact and that the day and night cycle can literally be counted in seconds rather than hours or even minutes the param planet here is of course inhabited and that makes the visuals if they’re more interesting has on the night side you about to see City Liars so this video then I’ll ask just three of the unusual planets within alley dangerous of the course of the years that the game has been out there have of course been many others some of them you can still visit just like the ones in this video others no longer exist unfortunately due to the various

changes that have taken place in the game over that time any rate I’ll leave you now to take a look at some of those planets some of the perhaps most beautiful planets I’ve ever visited [Applause] you