FreeBSD for High Density Servers

NHC micro modules over DX 1000 the codename is mercury well recent days previously the widely used for a variety of purposes for example straight servers ad servers feature-rich network appliances embedded devices home electric appliances game consoles etc however for high-performance computing for density high density servers you use Linux instead of with FreeBSD I gotta introduce about the X 1000 high density server it is a good choice as a previously based crustose system hi I’m Dutch living a Tokyo Japan monks is my first original IP startup company since 2002 at a small company in a BSD consulting as a next sort of company aiming to support free visa for enterprise companies I am a freebie CD committer since 2002 and I’d imagine article 2 writing since 1998 well this is my activity government activity of revista community years ago we began we have begun a study session of FreeBSD it’s called free bc bo CAI it mean the free/busy Semler open the roughly every month next next seminar gonna be 40s it is delightful I’ll keep doing this activity as possible first I gonna talk about my intention of the session let’s look at next page supercomputer top 500 statistical data 12500 is one of the statistical list of most powerful supercomputers top 5,000 wrists has been compared twice a year since 1903 with help of high-performance computing experts computational scientists manufacturers here in two internet communities the top 500 computers are rounded by their performance on the Linpack benchmark the main objective of top 500 list is to provide a rounded list of general-purpose system that I come and use for height and applications nowadays the top 500 is that de facto standard as a super computer performance ranking list so top 5 project was studying that industry yes as of November 2014 top 500 supercomputers are mostly based on x86 bit CPUs in listened listened to use heterogeneous computing mostly using an obedient graphic processing unit as coprocessor has become a popular way to reach other performers for what laser and higher absolute performances as you can see winners as a king of top 500 supercomputers as well November 2014 97% of the world Force’s computers that use the Linux kernel within those hmm with insults 97 are the most powerful supercomputers including those rankings our top 10 well how about the other operating system at the UNIX all soldiers never die but fade away the BSE better system mmm fighting concrete tree and Mac os10 yes it’s crazy well there is more to the story free beastie it had completely finished I think that there was some lizards for free bassists defeat of high-performance computing historically free BC has been running on consumers PC or loadspec and rowe Price Rahman servers for sofa or eight server systems the basis of high-performance computing has been expensive but a 2 cos 3 4 70 by recent days thanks to the free/busy foundation proofs the project has been acting with

some hardware vendors but an early stage of this project we have few connections with few Hardware banners on the other hand there were many Linux vendors that helps Linux land on high performance computing systems we have a few enterprise friends that was the biggest program to establish a healthy relationship between vendors and Freesat project editor isn’t an easy way with the work for salmon personally other anyways to improve these circumstances I believe we’ve have a key point for improving these circumstances is information sharing this is my lesson I’m here yeah listen listen tears I am working with an EC as a free BC developer obiously consulting a Tokyo for bellick fine freebsd works works well on an atheistic operations rightist Rahman servers the micro motor servo DX 1000 is the latest in is its high density Rotman server energy cooperation is Japanese multinational provider of information technology services and products energy provides information technology and the network solution to business enterprises communication services providers and to government agencies energy has begun the computer research and development in 99 54 and they produces the first crossbar switching system in Japan the back today MSE built the earth simulator computer there are forces supercomputer in the world from 2000 to 2004 NSE one of the famous computer burners in Japan a micro motor served ex1000 as one of the express 5 800 salida machines x + 5 800 sir family is the rahman service for enterprise customers micro motor server DX 1000 is high-end model among express 5 800 series it is too expensive for salmon to buy if you or your project team need free beastie high density servers Aaron’s up the X 1000 doesn’t much as a candidate because their land English information about 3 b c and d dates 1000 japanese an exception based consulting my company opened the verification label on on the website so foo-foo could read japanese can catch free BC and the DX 1000 easily so I hope who had any chance to use expensive hardware treats try to test freebie work or not how to install and setup what feature works or not and opens a lizard on the Internet to open the opener share the information of expensive hardware as a big step for previously existing I can introduce energy micro modules over the X 1000 this one the X 1000 incorporates arsenic performance performance about what flexibility and enterprise-class reliability in extremely dense design after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami performance / works is important criteria server hardware in Japan the detriments earn a 2-u encourages system with 46 Intel processor bases and micro motor servers designed for lightweight scattered computing structures web hosting and a big data analytics as well as a cloud service providers hi Dennis the company node with the latest Intel Atom series 8 the core processors Fordham’s rods and 1’s SD slot the d-ends 1000 support operation in 40 degree Celsius environment which minimize cooling cost share the fun and power surprised attended with 80-plus Platinum certified power supply maximized the power efficiency all modules and shared components including fans power supply units session management modules and switch modules

hot swappable and easy to replace the key point of using the DX 1 7 is to understand its structure and relationships between modules the DX 1000 is consisted by 5 modules 1 Vox which modules to CMM module three Sabha module four hardest modules and five for module in particular to understand our relationship a document switch mode switch modules share my modules and sub-modules is important if you don’t understand like its relationships then you will fail to install freebsd you can access to network switch modules through two serial consoles to see our consoles at micro USB or on the its front panel first you should access to networks each module and make its network structure and grabbing MAC address information of CMM modules and sub-modules network switch modules is a key point to use DX 1 7 oh oops next you access to saba modules using IBM a tool in a stage you must set up your own age DHCP server and access to the CM modules and sub-modules CMM another module differed configured for using DHCP to obtain the IP addresses next access to the Saba module using the IP Nam to set up bias and install frequency by pixi boot after installed you could access the server module using SSH yeah this is the photo of DX 1 7 the DX 1000 encouraged to use eyes it could include up to 46 CPU modules city modules must include the two CMM module however because of our imitation are the power units to bring it all the aunty ORS for CP modules a limitation of CPU modules power enclosure you could include 12 hold how this modules for enclosure there are 12 PCI Express slots for enclosure you could use after 2 networks with modular Perl enclosure the fifth fiscal module month operation is easy like Lego blocks easy push is cool by simple calculation for example you could take 60s and Crozier’s power rack so you can have 687 modules for Iraq it means you have four thousand eight hundred sixty four so let’s for Iraq if we make 10 beehive guests per or sub modules you you have six six thousand eight guests per Iraq if we make one hundred the jail environment for possible module you have sixty thousand eight hundred jail environment spa Iraq you can reduce the number of physical servers and their power consumption em easy says you can reduce 70% power consumption you have up to two networks which modules and each have 240 Giga qsf be up rings a one 1000 base TV for management and 4046 2.5 Giga downlinks two sub modules the net oxygen module or a backbone of the epsilon thousand the network switch modules manage the DX 1000 in the network structure users can access to each sub modules of Ashima modules through the network signature Cheryl console port on on the D x17 front panel at the connect to the networks is module you can login into networks it modules through the silicon Seoul yet CMM mojo CMM mature manage other modules you must are you Matthews tooth CMM majority power enclosure 1cm module act

as a active serum modules and the other after the standby module standby module does a few works so it is not completely how to stand by module you need the ball spore enclosure you can control scim-immodule using IP Mateusz power on power off soft reset to grab wrong information cell if mission or sensors information on the left one yes asaba module the cyber merger is very similar to CNN modules Saba module includes one processor into the atom processor C 275 Oh or C 2 7 3 3 o both have eight cores up to 4 D ds316l gel ECC lbs of DM struts maximum memory size is 32 gigabyte one micro serial ata SSS short they up to 120 gigabytes resize IPMI 2.0 beyond support and two point five gigabit rings to network switch modules saba module haven’t high performance the bus if you need a high performance note that the X 1000 isn’t affordable to Bano many fix the servers in to Iraq or computation using many servers right Hadoop is affordable use case for the DX 1000 have this modules 2.5 inch serial ata half disk you can choose 500 gigabyte or 1 terabyte if we want to use Hera modules you should use Intel Atom processor C 2 7 5 0 modules C 2 7 3 they can’t use how this module by module hmm you could have up to 10 fan motor support enclosure the biggest program of the DX 1000 is these farmers the farmer dudes are barely noisy the Sam is similar to death 100 Dyson Karina’s run in the same room at the same time the other noises working with the DX 1000 is in the same room in if in postponed you should rely it in a datacenter or at least you should align the DxO one thousand in another loom the power unit was under 60 what 80 per us certified at hot / power supply unit yet the front panel the DX 1000 has two serial consoles you can access to the network switch modules through these boats the data is a simple diagram that describes a relationship and then sabah modules GMO juice networks each module and a management terminal by different settings management ran that IP met happy mature access as only through rj45 interface accessing to cyber modules data lang is only through q SFP interface if we want to use rj45 as data line interface – you must change the settings using the IBM o2 and login and 2 networks each module and a change network structure using Sam Hammond’s I describe the detailer at appendix a this is a detailed specification seat the cyber merger itself is straightforward Intel Atom computer when you mentor the X 1000 to Iraq would you please leader user guide carefully and check operation the digital Saturn is writer writer than the other similar products but it is very heavy so when you take man work to lead do carry the cyber module is straightforward atom machine the freebies can hano hano very easily however installation is a little bit confusion umask can for the DX 1000 and a set up your own DHCP network that the x17 has two networks which module you must set at least the first network switch module first step you should obtain MAC address of the CML modules

you can obtain all the information from networks with modules soul or organ and to the network city modules through serial console an eraser on the front panel and type some commands Terrell consoles baud rate is 1 1 5 2 0 PPS differed to use the ID and a password that both are mean all in small capital ref port is connected to the first network switch module right Porter is connected to second network switch module the USB USB cable is included the x17 box you can log in from freebies its terminal using see you command right this change see you a user to your environment the option yes means both wait this switch space greater than he has a prompt of network switch module you can change network structure using a common through through that prompt next you obtain mark address of the network switch module and carry great MAC address all the CMM modules from there a little bit confusion point in abran type show system the show system come on show the information about network switch modules in this case the same for d43 5e 9262 as MAC address of network switch module itself you can calculate make errors of a CMM module from this MAC address and address subtracted one from MAC address of network module yes the MAC address of ons and and others subtracted 2 from MAC address of network signature as MAC address of a CMM module in scale bahahaha 6l as an address of the CMM module and you should obtain IP address assigned to the MAC address of the CMM module the scim-immodule different network setting at the DHCP so the scim-immodule have IP address already you if you use a free bc as a DC server robin into the 50 DB server and obtain IP address by our common why does in a case like aerosol CMO juries 1/9 192 168 1 to 9 next you should obtain management portals MAC address of Saba modules so unfortunately the manage in a bar Nicholas common that is included in DX 170 Utility disk years sent always six binary you must set up sent over 6 to obtain the information the hmm I think it’s send always on beehive is one of the way you give CMM modules at the address to option I you can obtain MAC address the list of server modules on the enclosure the same way in address subtracted one from the MAC address of the sub modules management port is a MAC address of cyber modules Nick number two and an address subtracted 2 from MAC address of the suburb module yes MAC address of the server module Nick number one very confusing point well so we grabbed their obtaining the MAC address list and IP address and MAC address right dhcp d come fire to assign IP address to CMM modules and sub-modules unit configuration for pixie boot and the us NFS to the borough Ryan’s the IP assignment to CMM modules and sub-modules the orange rinds are configuration for pixie butand NATO file system FreeBSD pixie boot x3 steps from step is DHCP free/busy hast tried to obtain the others and TFTP information from DHCP server the second step the whole try to roll the pixel to conformity of the observer and third the

house tried to Road installer foreman from an NFS server so you should set up a DGP server TFT stubborn and an anniversary each collector e3 visa based system has no DCP server so install IC DHCP server from packages a nasara’ to neighbor this server right DCPD enable yes into acid Atkin file and it is a DHCP server configuration file DHCP deduct count look at to see riders back yep fixable to Colonel at the Lord using TFTP the TFT server is launched at by iana d server so a try an ADIZ enable yes into our silicon file next edit a knighted cone file remove a comment of the FTP write the file name pixie boot is defined in the SCPD that conf the final must be the same in case takes about 5 passes through our FTP boots rush MD six post rush 10.1 slash picks put the productivity on fire and the DAT directory after pics with the controller pics with Colonel try to roles install using NFS add those lines are the lines in 2002 confer an editor export fire collector II in this case the home pixie free BC as a loot pass of a free BC installer contents this pass is defining a DCP that confer to the path name must be the same another home pixie free/busy dilatory you need installer contents most easiest way to deploy lynnster accomodative extract up based of the t accept included in installer images the my country common can make a device file form from the insula is image fire mount it and extract based on TX that file into home X free BC the electric next next step is important to enable serial on lamp by default added insula contents before installation first absol Civello console configuration into thrush homes or 63 beasties rush etc just loaded confirm and the boot thrush homes rust pixie boots Russ boot Oh this long my god boot Boudreau that compiling an exit at the home pixie boot etc empty twice so chain de lie TTY you to unsecured to unsecured network switch module running same module running and a pixie boot environment works well nexus inspiration the power power on the target sub modules using type image to write this and connect to the server module Suseela LAN LAN using IPMI to commons by z11 lon you can manage or sub modules like a common pc from your terminal applications like those when this startup screen type function to and into by setting screen this is by setting screen of Saba modules you can set a bias through IBM a tool select a boot menu and change Buddhist seekers seekers order the pixie booty the first price priority boot way save confirmation annually route this is a pixie boot sequence screen IP addresses assign it and try to roll pixie to Takano using TFTP a pixel to kernel all data on the boot sequence you should type terminal type bt100 or X term is an adequate choice after the screen install operation is the same as common PC well in Soren about 107 modules by Hannah

isn’t a reasonable idea cast on the Installer and the installation work automatically is a reasonable way conclusion so energy micro motor sir but the xmin suddenly affordable as hadoop crustose high computational works using many hosts or to banner many physical servers into iraq raw power consumption and high space efficiency ladies a lot of running cost the conclusion you can use free beastie on the micro modular server the excellent seven however the installation is a little bit confusion to understand the relation and structure of each modules helps you to death some modules are straightforward the Intel Atom machine after installation it works well I have to appendix first is about q SF p as date wrong yes Camry people don’t have Q s FP interface cyber module have three Nick boat the to observe data round and the other for management run a network switch module has three interfaces to to observe us FP interface and the other is rj45 by default data land of server module connected to Q SFP of network module and management plan of sub modules connected to rj45 port of network signature in some cases you want to use rj45 interface for posts data line and a management run in it’s possible but it’s a little confusion way after boot first change configuration by using IP me to write those there are benders specific commands to change network structure and next logon into networks each module solution console on the front of the DX 1 7 p.m type cannot write those that it so this change will destroy after reboot the the X 1 7 so if we want to rj45 for the both data line and a management round which considered to use code typing feature of any terminal applications oh it by hand is not a little herbal yes a trust if you want to buy the excellence a turn then no problem and I see has contact point at you low us and as your Pacific regions who want to buy this device and that whoa since North America NEC corporation about mega its counterpoint Europe NSE enterprise solutions is def in asia-pacific regions and its cooperation is access point yes my story is down any questions yeah yeah

yes yes yes you can construct any types of networks service network module yes bring the what I don’t know the graphic interface analysis person said the CLI only each modules has BMC port so you can control through the web browser and the web web GUI yeah Wow good question it depend on us sales yes big sale this product NSE developed the next high-performance version of this product but says singles okay how many cool one one CPU core each Saba modules yes single a core 8.88 core module but at 4646 modules its data its sales sales point that is not realistic also so anyone can to use a six four modules at the same time because of the limitation of the power unit so that yeah and for it for the legalistic limitations poori yeah and that includes a to see a memo just so sad 38 summer modules by enclosure as a limitation any net question yeah thank you very much