FROM LOVE TO HATE. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

STAR MEDIA DANA ABYZOVA, ALEKSANDR DAVYDOV SERGEY FROLOV, MAKSIM BORYAK DARYA LEGEYDA, ROMAN MATSYUTA ALEKSANDR ZADNEPROVSKIY, NATALKA DENISENKO OLE MASLENNIKOV, NIKOLAY BOKLAN, KSENIYA ZHDANOVA WRITTEN BY OLGA ZHABINA DIRECTED BY ROMAN BARABASH DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY DMITRIY OKSAMITNIY ART DIRECTION BY DIANA TOTORATYEVA SOUND BY ALEKSANDR YELCHEV, VALENTIN TIMOSHENKO SCORE BY VLADIMIR KRIPAK CASTING BY ANNA DEGUSAR FROM LOVE TO HATE EPISODE ONE And… battement tendu Jeté to the side, tendu and jeté backwards tendu and battement jeté To the side Change the leg Good job! Forward! Jeté Battement to the side, tendu, battement, jeté, battement, tendu and to the side… that’s it A bow Good job! See you Wednesday Yekaterina Sergeevna, how did you like my battement today? Very good. Higher amplitude and you draw your foot right Good job Have you been practicing at home? Yeah, I practice an hour every day Just like you showed us Good job! Well, run on home. Do your homework What do you do with them, hypnotize them? They run to you rain or shine And they’re disciplined like it’s the army I just like children and dancing Same as you like singing No, that’s different Hello! I wasted 8 years in a music school I’m obligated to like singing Katya! You forgot something You don’t have to do this, Maksim Semyonovich Just like you don’t have to ask me out to dinner Why not? You don’t like the flowers? Or is it that you’re not hungry? You’re just not my type Nothing’s ever going to happen between us Ever Silly You’re never going to find anyone better than me in this dump I’m not looking Katya? What more do you want? He’s rich. He knows everyone in town And look how romantic he is And you turn your nose up at him Alisa, your Ignatenko is a common thug I’m not interested in all that Well, sorry, there aren’t any princes in our town I bet you’ll go gray before you find one Girls! Excuse me -Would you mind telling me -Of course we wouldn’t Right… I haven’t been in town long Where are you from? I’m from the capital Wow! And I need to get to the Central business center -Alisa -Dima Nice to meet you And this is my friend Katya -Dima -Hello Let me walk you, it’s on my way Yeah, thanks Katya, you’re not coming? Sadly, I’m in a rush in the opposite direction. Bye Oh. Alisa Hello The usual, Katya? Evening News and crosswords? Yeah, you know Dad stays true to his habits -Tell him I said hi -I sure will, thanks! Face that needs to be punched The closest equivalent of “a very hittable face.” Wasn’t it always “punchable”? How many letters? Eighteen I don’t know any words that long I’ll get it Good evening Dmitriy How do you know where I live?

This is for you Aunt Klava told me I saw you buy papers from her Katya, can I ask you out to dinner? Maybe you should ask Alisa out I thought you hit it off No, I want you I really liked you Katya, who’s that? Food’s getting cold Dinner? Well, come on in, Mom already made some “Mom”? Are you inviting me into your home? Yeah. Why, you mind? You wanted to be friends with me alone? No, no, it’s not that, it’s just It’s so unexpected, getting invited in right away Thank you You’re very hospitable That’s from when she won an internship in Berlin -With, uh -Pina Bausch, Dad, that’s her style I love her work, I’ve seen Carnations three times And that’s her graduation from the university Magna cum laude It’s amazing that a girl this gifted grew up in such a small town You must have spent all your lives on Katya Well, you have to be strict with your children I tell that to everybody Okay, Dad, enough about me Dmitriy, are you planning on staying here long? I don’t know yet I wanted to start a business here How’s that going? Not too well so far, to be honest People here are conservative They don’t want to invest in a new thing Yeah, the people here They’re all blockheads Really want to slap them sometimes Like, backpfeifengesicht? One moment One moment That’s a German word I think it’s even untranslatable Delicious. Thank you You’re welcome Back Sergey Romanovich, Raisa Ivanovna Would you mind if I took Katya out to a restaurant? Why not? Sure, do it You’re a serious guy, educated -The oven, mother -Excuse me I’ve never seen a person with so many awards before Can I take a picture with you? -Well, I have to go, Alisa is waiting -One more minute Alisa can wait, you’re best friends Best friends… We saw each other like twice in two weeks Yeah, hi I didn’t disappear, I’m just building a business in Energodar I’ll pay you back, I swear I just put all my money into it All right, sorry. I can’t talk right now Hi Haven’t seen you in forever Yeah, I guess I’m not as fun Wow, you have a new dress? Did Tanya sew it? No. I ordered it on the internet, from France France! That’s where Dima and I are going this summer You know, for a couple months He told you some fairy tales about Europe and you just melted, didn’t you No I didn’t Why not? What, not even Dima is good enough for you? He loves me with or without it What kind of question is that?

Sorry. I’m just tired No, really, I I’m preparing the new program so I’m always on edge Sorry I won’t get in your way then Bye Bye Hello, Marina. Mind doing me a favor? Please tell me which room the guest from the capital is staying in Dad, I’ll give it all back Tomorrow I’m signing an agreement with the investors and that’s it, we’re off This is just for a little while Denis called me. Remember him? You borrowed 500 thousand from him for a month a year ago I was going to pay him back, but he’s a loony He’s demanding a vig, Dad I paid your debt to him I’m not giving you any more money or paying any more of your debts -You’re on your own -Dad, listen… Please What are you doing here? There’s no concert today I’ve been calling you and you wouldn’t pick up So I thought I’d check in on you Judging by your face, you’re not doing too well, are you? It’s been a long day. What do you care? Maybe I could lift your spirits somehow What are you, basorexic? That means “an uncontrollable desire for a kiss.” You don’t mind that I’m dating your friend, do you? In that case, she should be here, and she’s not But I am I’ll be here for as long as you want Hi Is it true what they say about your squeeze from the capital? None of your business So they’re telling the truth You’ll regret rejecting me Are you threatening me? I’ll call the police And your squeeze, he can’t handle it without the cops? Not hard enough? He’s a good man, unlike you And he loves you Right, loves you We’ll see if he does So you’re done with Katya Why are you starting this? It was good What do you need me for, then? Just because Katya won’t sleep with you? You’ve found a fix? You’re exactly what I need right now And Katya, she’s she’s different

People are better in her eyes than they really are Me included Dima, this is going to end very badly Very, very badly How about you choose one of us? Right, you have to go So this is how it is? All right Aren’t you afraid I’ll come see Katya on my way home? Tell her about what happened here? Do it But think about your friendship with Katya on your way home Do you think she’ll forgive you? And then, this is a small town Imagine what they’ll say about you You come to a man’s hotel room Jump him I knew you’d make the right decision Take some money for a taxi Dima, I’m not a whore Aren’t you? Hi. Are you waiting for me? I have class for another half hour There’s no rush, I’m meeting with some investors I’ll wait for you in the restaurant next to the hotel I’ll be sure to be there I’ll wait for you Go on Good job Are you out of your mind? I’ll never accept this deal BOGDAN 700 Suit yourself But it’ll be my way or no way No one will work with you here without my go-ahead Dima Hi What is he doing here? Do you know who he is? A potential investor Please don’t work with him, he’s a criminal Are you in trouble? Difficulties. The project is stalling, the investors are unhappy, demanding money… Doesn’t matter Poor baby You’re so beautiful I feel like I’ve known you all my life Listen, we’ve been dating for weeks now We have something to celebrate Let’s go to my place Don’t worry, I’ll call your parents and tell them I love you and want to be with you Are you sure you want this? Yeah, it’s just I’ve never done this with anyone before It’ll be all right I’ll be right back

I want you to remember this night forever Port de bras down, one, two Back, three… Four And to the side, and to the left Masha, Sonya, what’s the matter? Please concentrate, let’s try it again And forward, and back, and right, and left All right, let’s finish up A bow, please Thank you See you next time Please be more attentive Alisa, hi! Want to meet up, have some tea, chat? Why are you so happy? I have some news I know about your news I’ve seen it. I’ll send you the link I want you to remember this night forever What is this? I don’t know, Katya I guess someone filmed us with a spy cam I’ll figure it out Alisa sent this video to me I don’t even want to think about how many people have seen it already. In this town! Everybody’s going to point at me and laugh! Katya, listen… I’ll find some hackers, they’ll delete it from the internet I went to the police. I wrote a report Let them find whoever did this Katya, calm down, calm down Why do we need the police? We can handle it ourselves I can’t calm down! They put it out for everyone to see, the most intimate thing I have! -Hello -Yekaterina Sergeevna, good day One moment Please give me the keys to the hall Why? I have class with the girls in half an hour Yekaterina Sergeevna, you’re dismissed from the classes That’s a demand by the parents of your students They think your behavior is incompatible with a teacher’s job My conduct? The video, of you and a man It was filmed illegally I reported it to the police You’re not a child You know what this is What, no other girls in this town sleep with young men? Excuse me, but we don’t see that in every detail All right When the police sorts it out, we’ll hire you back But for now, give me the keys, please We have checked the footage from the security cameras in the hotel Canvassed the staff A spy cam couldn’t have been installed in that room What do you mean, it couldn’t have been? There were no guests in that deluxe suite for a month before Dmitriy Brykin The maid cleaned it all up before you came By the way, we checked the maid out, she’s beyond suspicion We didn’t find any sign of a spy cam Where did that recording come from, then? Our experts have analyzed the recording Checked the angle, the technical details Here, look The device that recorded that video was installed on the nightstand by the bed That can’t be true Only Dima’s phone was there No, he wouldn’t do this We have a record of Dmitriy Brykin’s interrogation

Here, take a look She just wanted to remember that night together forever Did you post the video online? No, of course not Why would I do it? I guess my phone was hacked And someone downloaded it through Bluetooth I have no idea who could have done it That’s not true I never asked for that All right We have a witness statement Here Here you go Boss, I met them at the joint by accident And I heard something in passing And when the video turned up, I got the full picture What exactly did you hear? Well… What was it Vavilova, she was telling Brykin she had big plans for that night And he asked her, like, are you sure you want it? And she nods and goes, “Yeah, I want to remember that night forever.” Yekaterina Sergeevna Are you going to drop the case? Why would I? You asked him to record it yourself In the presence of a witness In which case We have nothing on Mr Brykin I didn’t ask him to make that recording And I definitely didn’t ask him to upload it Find the one who stole the video from Dima That’s your job All right I’ll do my job And I’ll start with a criminal case On you, Yekaterina Sergeevna -Me? -Yeah I have grounds to believe that you knew about the video of you In which case, I can classify your report as attempted perjury And besides, distribution of pornography is still illegal Yekaterina Sergeevna As a human being, I feel for you But you have to realize this isn’t a movie No one’s going to find that hacker in three minutes The case is a dead end Do you understand? What do I have to sign? Here you go Come on Wait Have you decided? You have to go to the police right now and tell them the truth I never asked him to record me You couldn’t have heard it And if I don’t, then what? You lied Now everyone in town is laughing at me Katya Everything in life has a price Your beloved Dima wanted my money in his business so much that he had to Make that video Dima For money? But how? It’s very simple He didn’t know the video would end up online He came up to me, went ballistic, waved his hands at me But as soon as he got his dough, he calmed down Why would you do it? Well, you didn’t want to date me Shot me down Kept me at arm’s length, so to speak Did you think I’d forgive and forget? I don’t do that So now the whole town knows you Every pimply teenager imagines himself next to you

Disgusting Fell for an out-of-town slick? Now you’ll be more discerning in who you get with I don’t believe you Dima couldn’t have done this He loves me Yeah, I’ve seen him love you Want to come take a look for yourself? Katya Katya, everything’s going to be all right You’ll find a new job And the gossip will die down, and everything’s going to be okay You hear me? How? How could anyone do something like that, how? I can’t believe Dima would do this Maybe you should have gotten to know him better before jumping in bed with him Like how? Hire a detective? Why not? It’s that you You were blinded by your love, Katya The men who flocked about you, I can only dream about them Men? You mean Ignatenko? I told you, you shouldn’t have dumped him You were being all hoity-toity Happy now? Don’t come with me, I can show myself out Sit down Stop What? You embarrassed me and your mother How do we look people in the eye now? Did we bring you up like that? Did we? I was tricked I don’t want to hear anything You jumped in bed with him yourself No one made you Wanted to remember that night, you whore? Sit down! You brought up a whore Why won’t you believe me? I’m your daughter You’re not my daughter anymore Dad Katya! Where are you going to go? Stay, baby Mom, you heard him. I’m not welcome You father is mad, he’ll get over it I’ll talk to him You know what he’s like Yeah. I know Be safe, baby -Here -Mom To get you started I’m sorry, baby Hello, Dima I have to see you -Dima, hello? -Come to the hotel, then Okay Let’s leave town

I can’t take this anymore I can’t leave I just signed an agreement for my business, for at least six months It’s a lucrative partnership Partnership? With Ignatenko? Yeah, him So you Sold me out to him Katya So everything you said was a lie Every confession of love, all our dreams about our future, all a lie You’re so pathetic You -You never loved me -I did I loved you, Katya Try to understand My project was stalling, the investors were demanding money, making threats I didn’t think Ignatenko would upload that video Did you think he would just keep it? I didn’t have a choice There’s always a choice There is no future for our relationship I can’t live with a woman that everyone in town has seen from every angle Katya, please. Go. Go But it’s you You ruined my life And now you’re blaming me? Why am I the one who has to run? I’ll give you money for a ticket You know, I’m positive you knew from the start that you were going to give that video to Ignatenko I don’t even know which one of you is a bigger bastard Here’s your ticket to the capital It leaves at 5:30 AM Thank you 7 YEARS LATER Lady, I asked to make it hot And you didn’t even put it into the microwave I’m sorry. There must have been a mistake at the kitchen. I’ll take care of it Well, happy birthday! Hooray! What are you talking about? I demand my advance back on the apartment you suddenly decided not to rent Where am I supposed to spend the night? I’ll come to you with the police, I swear Hi Hi What are you doing here? I just came to the capital on business I rented an apartment, paid for it, and the landlady changed her mind at the last minute Where am I supposed to go at night? How did you let it happen? I called your mom, she gave me the address Will you take us? Us two Mom, I’m freezing Is this the lady we were waiting for for so long? Yes, baby My son, Grisha We came here the two of us And ended up on the street, the two of us Well, here we are

Not too ritzy, but it’ll do Where are Mom and I going to sleep? On this couch, it folds out And we’ll all fit on it? Grisha, don’t bother adults Come on, I’ll show you the bathroom, the kitchen, and we’ll have dinner -I like it here -Great How about you stay for good? I can’t Mom and I only came for a few days She has some important business here It’ll change our lives Hello, I called you today once When? Can you do it tomorrow? How much is it going to cost? Yeah, that works for me Do you like cutlets? Can’t stand them. Too much onion Mine don’t have any onion at all How about a competition? The first one to finish their dinner gets the desert You’re on! Grisha’s father dumped me, and I didn’t even know I was knocked up And we split up with Zhora six months ago, too Zhora? My fiancé We lived together for five years Didn’t work out Katya, I’m so sorry For what I said to you back then Like, how you should have been smarter I was stupid, I didn’t understand Forget it I forgave everybody a long time ago I’m thinking about moving to the capital Because there’s not that much work in our town And I want to find Grisha’s father He lives here, in the capital Make him pay child support I’ve carried the little guy alone for seven years now He’s going to go to school soon Yeah Who’s Grisha father? A bastard How are you? Do you have anyone? Work Home, work… That’s who I have Katya, are you serious? Such a beauty, you could take any oligarch and hitch him, get a life Katya! I hitched one once, had enough of that for the rest of my life now Now I just carry dishes to the kitchen, from the kitchen And I smile endlessly I rent this apartment, my wages are small but at least there are tips Ignatenko moved to the capital, too, by the way About two years ago, now But he still has power in our town I’m sorry I’m sorry, Katya, I don’t know what I’m saying Yeah Look, can you watch the boy for me tomorrow? I really have to do something We basically only came here because of him Don’t worry I’m off tomorrow, I’ll play with him Thanks Hello Yeah, we’re a the alley with the lights Come on Found you! Now it’s your turn to hide. I’m counting One, two, three, four, five Ready or not, here I come! -How are you doing here? -Hi. Great Thanks for taking my little dummy out How are you? Did you do everything you wanted? I went to a private detective He gave me Grisha’s dad’s address He lives in a townhouse somewhere

I want to go there, real quick, and get right back Don’t worry, I have the day off I can play with him till morning Shouldn’t you at least call first? Sadly, I couldn’t find a phone number But isn’t it more reliable, knowing where he lives? I guess Are you taking Grisha with you? Shall I call him? I don’t think that meeting would be very happy Hey, why aren’t you looking! Run over here! Look what I got for you Thanks for bailing me out, I’ll sort it out soon Baby, I need to go somewhere Can you stay with Aunt Katya? When will you be back? Soon. Very, very soon Well, let’s go grab a bite