How to Boost Your Immunity Using Ancient Medicines and Methods

hi everyone welcome to our Facebook live today as moms especially this time of year we know immunity is top priority of the list and it’s just an important for our moms as it is for our kids so if you’re looking for ways to boost your immunity and your immune system definitely stay tuned for this Facebook live and we’re also giving away some really great prizes so say hello let us know you’re here comment for your chance to win so before we get started just want to introduce ourselves my name is Chrissy and I’m joined by Maggie Frank she is the cv CV Sciences national educator and Maggie has dedicated her life to inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle which I love and in 2017 Maggie joined CV Sciences and she shares her love of PlusCBD as a national educator so welcome Maggie thanks for joining us thank you so much for having me I’m excited yeah and we love CV Sciences you know we’re very familiar with you guys and we’re always so happy to to you know talk with you guys about your products and things that you have and before we get into it we just want to share a little bit about mom’s me so for those of you who are not familiar with mom’s meat or you’re new today you can go to and you can become a mom ambassador so we focus on connecting moms with brands who are healthy better free brands and you know any anybody that wants to really raise a happy and healthy family so caregivers moms dads grandparents you have the opportunity to try these better free products by becoming a mom ambassador and it’s totally free so head on over to to sign up as a mom ambassador and as I mentioned this event is brought to you by CV Sciences so they offer high quality products they focus on plant-based and CBD products that will help positively impact your life and during this event representatives from CV Sciences will be answering your comments questions so definitely feel free to post some for them and let’s get started so one of the things that we love with our Facebook lives are our giveaways and CV Sciencesalways gives such great products as their giveaway so today four lucky winners will receive the new CV Sciences immunity line and again it can’t come more timely at a better time as the colder months kind of come in and it includes the cv acute and cv defense so Maggie’s going to tell a little bit about those quickly so cv defense is your daily immune fortification product I call it the world is full of ick and you don’t have time to get sick formula you take it every day to lessen the likelihood of getting sick and if you still get the unlucky card it’ll shorten duration and severity okay cv acute is crisis intervention it’s the oh no I’m sick and I need to get over this quick formula you wake up you have the raspy you feel the yuck we’re gonna hit it hard multiple times a day knock it out stop viral replication get better get back to mom yeah that’s awesome and obviously you know I just mentioned this time of year it always seems like it’s the never ending parade of colds and sicknesses especially with our kids and if you’re like me you know you want that extra immune support to help protect yourself and make sure you know make sure you enter today’s giveaway so that you have the chance to win those products and so you can enter by dropping a comment giving this video a share and definitely hit that like button and we as always will announce the winners on Monday so we’re so excited to talk with you today Maggie about the different products within CV Sciences but particularly more about the immunity so as a mom and I know you’re a mom too we were just talking about our our kids together we always want to make sure that we’re putting our kids first and basic you know making sure they’re protected from the cold and the flu and that means that sometimes you don’t get to take the time to make sure that as a mom we’re protected and I’m sure every single mom can relate when your kids go to school they always bring home things with them and ultimately the moms and the dads always end up getting sick so you know my kids are they’re just gonna start doing the split remote and in-person learning so I suspect that more sicknesses will start coming home even with precautions in place there’s always a chance that we’re gonna get sick it’s unfortunate unfortunately part of life and really in reality it’s a good part of life because it’s an opportunity as mothers to re-prime our immune systems so that we’ll be healthier in the next stage yeah but we want to make sure that we’re setting our bodies up for success

we’re stacking the odds in our favor so that when the inevitable happens we have the yeah that was unfortunate and I didn’t love it but a day a day and a half two days and I’m back in order we all know we don’t get to take days off right yeah right there’s no such thing as sick days for mom eight yeah and I know that I’ve caught oh sorry go ahead yeah no my kid I’m running I’m sorry yeah yeah and I you know I’ve definitely caught some things from them in the past but and we’re always making sure we’re washing our hands and wiping down surfaces getting vitamin c but sometimes it’s just not enough so yeah I mean can you share a little bit about how you would suggest like protecting your family from passing those germs around and all that extra support and supplements that CV Sciences offers so you touched on a good one there definitely washing your hands making sure you’re keeping yourself clean good nutrition is huge we are big fans of supplementing with omegas and making sure we’re getting vitamin c and enough zinc but when we’re really looking at ideal immune support I think some areas that really get overlooked number one stress support if you are chronically stressed your immune system is going to struggle so I know we’re here to talk about the new immune products but I definitely want to urge moms to make sure you’re still taking your PlusCBD it really is a superfood that supports the endocannabinoid system so that everything stays healthier including your immune system yeah we also see huge benefits not only the stress response but CBD also helps with gut health and if the gut isn’t healthy we are not going to be immune strong now in addition obviously there’s some really great products that help us support robust immune health the ingredients in the CV Science that world is full of ick you don’t have time to get sick formula are really really neat in the fact that they supply nutrients that are consistently under sourced in the American mom diet we’re not getting them we’re running deficient on them and if we don’t have enough of them we are not going to be resilient to pathogens we also have ingredients there that are really novel in the way that they support the body they actually help the endocannabinoid system do its job more effectively so no matter what state of health you currently find yourself you’re generally healthy but you just need added support this year because you’re extra stressed or you maybe aren’t somebody who struggles with autoimmune issues or other health concerns that immune defense gives your body all that it needs to support not only barrier defense to make you more resilient but it’s also fortifying your inflammatory response your mast cell response lessening allergy issues and help with your so if you’re like me and you tend towards some leaky gut it’s going to get that gut back in line so it really is working on them I think we might have a little frozen screen here so I think if you can still hear me we can kind of talk about one of the things that we’re really excited about talking to you today about is the traditional Chinese medicine are you are you still able to hear me are we a little frozen here are you still there all right well so one thing that you are okay so are you able to share a little bit more about the traditional oh I think we we may have lost Maggie here so just want to kind of talk to all of you moms about the traditional Chinese medicine that CV Sciences is you know bringing on into their product line and so when Maggie jumps back on we will talk through that but while we’re waiting here we do want to share the the discount code that you can get right now so if you go to you can get 20 off your order which is really awesome

especially this time of the year holidays are rolling around too up there she is hi it happens it totally happens I was just sharing the the discount promo code with our moms while we were waiting for you to join us so while we have you now if you want to kind of talk about the traditional Chinese medicine we can get into that and learn some more about that yeah so our crisis intervention formula the cv acute which is made of a product called SHL SHL is a traditional Chinese medicine formula that dates back thousands of years wow it shows safety and efficacy in issues that have a respiratory component now in the 1970s all of the old formulas that have been used historically were put under clinical studies to see if those anecdotal stories actually held weight in a clinical setting and they found that SHL was a game changer for people who are dealing with illnesses with a respiratory component virus but also infection so essentially if you’re not familiar with traditional Chinese medicine it’s the practice of treating the body to bring it back into balance so essentially these plants are supporting the body during an immune assault helping it helpfully do its job but then regain balance quickly so you can go back on in fighting fashion yeah that’s awesome it’s so crazy and interesting to think about the it’s the fact that these methods have been around for hundreds of years and and we’re still using them they’re still proving to be effective so that’s really cool I think it’s it’s ridiculously beautiful yeah these plants are here and that long before we had allopathic medicine or microscopes or the ability to really understand the world around us the way we do today that there was always this inherent intelligence in the way plants support humanity to heal yeah and I think it’s truly beautiful when we embrace those and we empower ourselves and our health I love allopathic medicine if your arms cut off don’t call me get to the ER yeah but when we learn how our bodies function and we learn how to feed them and support them so they’re able to do the very best for us not only are we healthier physically mentally and emotionally but we are so empowered in that knowledge yeah and I just I think it’s so cool when we connect to the world around us in that way yeah yeah and the three botanical extracts too that are used in that I think you touched on them it’s the fruit the flower and the root right correct so we have the fruit of forsythia we have the root of Baikal skullcap and we have the flower of honeysuckle and together their abilities are that honeysuckle inhibits the enzyme pathways the cox-1 and cox-2 enzyme pathways so it manages our inflammatory response and it stops that cytokine storm from going out of control that we’ve heard about so much with respiratory viruses the Baikalin stops viral entry into the cell and stops replication and then the forsythin further stops replication and helps our body heal wow that’s so cool when I hear the honeysuckle I just think when I was a kid I would always like eat the honeysuckle plants off of like around my neighborhood exactly the same one that grows all over the place that’s a beautiful perennial and smells so luscious yeah with honeysuckles I mean really like over 500 different medicinal compounds are found little did I know it was so good for me and I was it was wonderful for you yeah so and I know you guys also offer a lot of like daily supplement for immune support too can you tell us a little bit about that as well that was the cv defense that’s your fortification product okay so the ingredients in that are vitamin a vitamin d3 we get zinc and selenium okay organically mushroom extract and then the superstar superstar molecules p-e-a yeah and pea essentially helps our body’s endocannabinoid system function properly and in a perfect world we would make enough of it but we don’t live in a perfect world right so supplementing it especially during times of stress

really gives us an advantage of keeping our body healthy yeah and I think too what’s important for moms to remember is you think like immune support and you think okay in the winter season like when it’s colder out but really it’s something you should be taking year round right to help just your your body just continue to support itself so with something like the pea formula I think it would be very dependent on what the person’s other health issues are so in our home we’ll use it a little differently my father is 76 COPD smokes pack of cigarettes today has a horrible diet he’s not changing but he will take whatever vitamins I give him he will be taking this every day of his life ongoing because he needs the support overall he’s somebody who it doesn’t matter if it’s COVID if it’s the flu if it’s a bad cold my dad’s gonna have a hard time my husband and I we are extremely healthy people who do the work to stay that way so for us we’ll be taking this in the colder months when people move inside and my son’s bringing home icky stuff sure yeah but different people are going to have a different need that SHL formula the traditional Chinese medicine formula that we use when we’re sick we had a need to use that in our home I didn’t get sick but my husband and my son did and we my husband used the SHL right away so did my son it’s only labeled for 10 and above okay but historically SHL has been used safely in children infants and pregnant women oh wow so I very safely I felt very safe using it on my five-year-old son I would have felt safe using it on my one-year-old if I had a child not young both had great success with it the thing I would caution people about with SHL is that you tend to feel better within 12 to 24 hours just because you feel better does not mean that the virus has stopped replicating we ideally want you to complete at least three days worth of product it’s meant to be taken three times a day hit it hard but continue on for a few days after you feel better just to make sure you’ve got all those little guys yeah that’s actually a really good point I never really thought about that because I know like as soon as I start feeling better I’m like oh it’s done I’m good to go so it’s really important that yeah keep taking it okay it’s two to three day I tell people once you feel better at least two days you want to continue your protocols think of that I mean just think with kids like you think you got them past it and then they’re like that’s right again yeah yeah and using these two together is such a good option for moms you know who who need that extra line of defense and immune support so to our moms if it’s something you’re interested in trying you can head over to and again I mentioned that code so it’s mom’s fb20 and you can get 20 off your order and it’s good for both PlusCBD oil and CV Sciences so the PlusCBD oil to help eliminate the stress and anxiety in your life which as moms let’s face it it’s every day and these sciences will definitely be great to talk to look for that immune support so I want to jump into a couple of questions so you know people hear traditional Chinese medicine what would you say some of the common misconceptions are around that that it has to be complicated that the only way to do it is to go to a practitioner that is definitely true if you are trying to get a personalized plan for your own health journey but there’s hundreds of traditional Chinese medicine formulas that have you been used successfully in a wide variety of different populations that are available another misconception is that traditional Chinese medicine is dangerous because the herbs that are utilized could be contaminated or of low quality while that is true of all things you can have very high quality herbs and very low quality herbs it’s not inherently true of traditional Chinese medicine some of the most pure herbs on the planet come out of china so it’s just really important to know manufacturers know who’s raw material testing and and know where you’re buying from but it’s a type of healing that has been successful for thousands of years and it is still successfully used in hospitals to date as an integrative practice yeah so what would you say some of the best practices are when it comes to incorporating that into a daily routine you know I honestly it’s kind of

the same thing with traditional Chinese medicine we’re just trying to bring ourselves into balance and I would say that we all probably talk about that a lot as moms right we’re we’re trying to find that elusive magic spot where all of our balls are perfectly up in the air and we are somehow getting enough water and sleep and exercise and it’s an effort I don’t have the perfect answer because I’m still trying to figure it out myself yeah yeah but I do know that the best thing we can do is really make sure that we’re at least giving back to ourselves a percentage of what we give to everyone around us because our bodies will only treat us and last as well as we give back to them and it can be really hard for women to carve that time out but if we really love our families we love our children we need to find a way to do it yeah for sure so going back to for the cv acute how long would you say it it should be taken you had mentioned the two to three days is that about right for this for it to become effective and and how much would you take in one day so the bottle for an adult would be two teaspoons three times a day it’s three days worth of product ideally you would finish that bottle now another way that historically SHL has been utilized and is an option here is to head off a virus after a known exposure point so let’s say I’m in the car with you and we drive around for six hours together having just a great time and you call me four days later and say hey Maggie I tested positive and of course I’m sending you prayers and love and saying I really hope you have a mild case and feel better but I’m also thinking oh my gosh I don’t want to get sick I could take a half dose okay one teaspoon three times a day but we never want to exceed seven days with SHL okay okay so seven days is your maximum and that’s because it it’s it blocks the cox-1 enzyme pathway okay that’s great to stop the cytokine storm from going out of control but long-term will have disadvantages to overall health and well-being okay so short term usually SHL does not have to be continued past that third day though yeah okay that’s really good to know all right awesome and I know you mentioned the age is 10 but you said you’re comfortable giving it to your five-year-old son right so it’s safe for kids yeah the clinical literature on it like I said has been used safely in pregnant women and has been safely used in even infants yeah so in the US we usually don’t label things and supplement companies that have herbs for anybody younger than two if this is a successful product for us our plan is to create a children’s formula so as a mom I’d have no hesitation and if I was still in in the market to have more babies I would love to know about this because when I was pregnant there’s very few things when you get sick that you can take to make you feel better yeah yeah you just kind of have to suffer through it with this option you don’t have to suffer through it yeah that’s awesome great well we want to know let us know to our moms what you found was helpful from our interview today and definitely keep sharing your thoughts and questions and again you can learn more at and purchase any of their immune supporting or CBD products they’re all really great make sure again use that code moms fb20 and you’ll get 20 off your order and again it’s insightful conversation there’s so many things I didn’t know about traditional Chinese medicine so I think our moms really would you know enjoy learning more about about that as well and thank you to our viewers too for tuning in and and hearing from Maggie and again remember to keep sharing and liking this for a chance to win we’ll announce the winners on Monday so thanks again Maggie so much for joining us thank you really appreciate it y’all have good day take care bye