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roll this up it’s gonna be Moffatt toss how many times I have to [ __ ] tell you you dumbass if you’re so mad that you cannot see my bellybutton why don’t you go watch porn and see other actual poor stores bellybutton and coupe to that seriously if I rolled it up look it already goes up this much but then I don’t know like you guys say a lot of stuff and truly I don’t really feel a [ __ ] or I don’t care but then I don’t know this time I don’t know why but then I don’t know so many I tried to cosplay for a stream and then I felt like so many people were just like telling me to just take more clothes off I’m not your stripper dude it’s just like I’m standing from thousands of people till feels like telling me to take the clothes off I don’t know it feels is so bad anyway Oh guys already know that I don’t like showing myself too much on the street as well and then everything I do is just like forming cooming is the old joke but like when I was doing this and that you guys were like basically telling me it to like show more like take the clothes over at like why don’t you say that it’s just like so humiliating it’s actually what the crew then just go watch porn I’m not your stripper dude don’t say calculated response and [ __ ] she made a thousand dollars in [ __ ] ten minutes come on deep shits first of all it’s their own [ __ ] initiative to go in and like donate money but it doesn’t matter whether they donate money or not you shouldn’t drive a content creator to this [ __ ] point by abusing them and constantly being like oh my god it makes first of all you ruined the joke like like the cooming stuff is like funny haha but it’s no longer a joke if you’re like actually being abusive to the person and harassing them that’s not good listen it’s cosplay okay it’s art you do the art however you want to do it okay it don’t matter you know what you know what coomer’s you know I’m gonna do you know what you get coomer’s look you done it now copy image look up off coomer’s brick okay you know what this is what you get coomer’s this is what you get yeah yeah that’s right coomer’s ah suck it look at that hey [ __ ] exactly alright let’s see what this is oh she seems she’s grandmaster to foxy oh I remember the last time someone ordered a grandmaster that went real well [Laughter] cue the Cheesecake Factory in coming out of your ear you you liked it well yeah you like it yeah well I was stuck like a doctor helping a Kovac patient you know satisfying somewhere along you know well I wanted to help get [ __ ] carried now puppy Mane’s gonna give me a motorboat on-screen Gigi’s

poke and radar look at the radar yeah god I gotta gotta gotta you could be top a I think he’s top a hiding like here somewhere like somewhere here I think he’s I’m holding the I should tell you she’s gone Oh [Laughter] we as guys okay this one’s just for the bros so ladies leave but we as bros and guys in dudes we as the fellas need to figure out how to take better [ __ ] photos of our [ __ ] and our buttholes or but [ __ ] pee pees or wee wees we are not doing a good job seriously or does not love the spirit of Josh are you are you invisible and you’re gonna like fart on me flip the pickle over what I’m gonna touch it in a unit tell me it’s a nearly 8 degrees something come on flip the pickle Morni you’re not gonna regret it the payoff is huge I turned myself into a pickle Morni boom big reveal of a pickle what do you think about that oh man I hate my life all right next up scene I’m done oh I’m alive I’m a lot I got [ __ ] rest I forgot that was the plan very good I forgot the funnest winter cleaning are you going this way John yeah yeah John why are you going this way John John you eating you oh Jesus there’s no way up the hell you have to go around no this is an all-terrain vehicle just go straight up right here regular we don’t have to leave the vehicle we can claim it just like this all trade vehicle we took no just jump off it’s an all-terrain vehicle these trucks are literally immortal except