PROTECTION From Negative Energies: Ep 27 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome, Sister Om Shanti Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections Thank you You explained a beautiful topic About group meditation, group classes and Satsangs You mentioned that every morning at the Brahma Kumaris centres People who have been studying Gyan for the last 20 or even 50 years gather there Their belief systems, their thinking Their aura and their vibrations have an influence So if I watch the game shared on television while they are all gathered there Then it feels like one person trying to push a truck Instead of 10 to 20 people trying to push it When it is in a group I don’t even feel the effort Why is it so important to go to the centre? Several brothers and sisters who watch this program on TV They say the program is very good The topics discussed are good and right and we feel inspired to follow them But a common line which many of them say is As long as we’re hearing, we feel it is nice, right and easy But later when we are back into our situations and problems And when we are with people, we will not be able to implement the Gyan If this goes on for a very long time That we listen, we like it but we cannot implement it Then the soul gets demotivated And says I cannot do it Some people can say it just does not work That it cannot be implemented That is why it is so important that whatever we want to do We need to do it in a procedural way And we need to work on all the factors needed to implement it Is like Physical health If we eat healthy food but do not drink pure water If we do not exercise, if we are only sitting on a chair from morning to evening If we are not in healing fresh air We are sitting indoor and not even exposed to sunlight But we are consuming good food Despite having a good diet Even if our meal is accurate, we will not have good health So what do we say? Either we say that he that the meal is not ok Or we say something is wrong with me That no matter what food I take, my health is never fine This means we should not implement anything with just one factor considered We need to look at it as a collective package We need to first set a goal for life That I need to achieve this What should I achieve? I should change my sanskars I should change my belief systems I need to settle my Karmic accounts I need to make the soul powerful I need to always be peaceful, happy and contented This is my purpose This is my goal This is the aim of my life, to do all this Because I know their benefits To do all this what do I need? I need Gyan or wisdom I need power Because as Kalyug goes on As Kalyug starts getting stronger and darker Remaining in that Kalyug It will become difficult to implement things despite listening to Gyan Because of living in Kalyug, despite having the Gyan Suppose you are in an environment Where impurity level is at 70% So it is 70% black And 30% white. This is the energy level of the environment you live in 70% black So in 70% black you listen and read things But when you want to implement them You will find it a little difficult Because what environment are you living in? Where it is 70% black It means Heavy energy By next year Or 2 years from now, the same environment will not remain at 70% The 70 % would have risen to 75% or 80% So when it is at 70% And it seems tough to implement the Gyan

So when it becomes 80% Then implementing Gyan becomes more difficult That is why we need to go into an environment everyday for a few minutes Where the energy is 70% white That is very important So that we will have the influence of the 70% white energy So that I get its powerful dose like an injection And my immunity system or soul power increases This is very very important This has importance attached everywhere We go to Temples or Gurdwaras to listen to Holy lessons We go to Mosque, Church, Satsang and Ashrams Why do we go there when we can do everything at home? We can do the pooja and prayers at home too In a temple if they say Arathi will be performed at 7 A.M, everyone gathered at that time People just go at that time, offer the Arathi and leave When everyone does it together, with a single thought Everyone has one single thought, they don’t think of anything else They are all connected to God and performing the rituals in a peaceful way Everyone is there with the same goal and the same thought So it makes a difference? You mentioned one is about going to temples Even if there are only two more people there and we go at our time Yet we feel good there Why do we feel good there? Because vibrations of the temple That place has a vibration Since the same energy has been created there over a period of time So over a period of time the energy of that place is increased But if the same place is empty When there are very few people When there are 50 to 100 people gathered There will be a difference in the energy field Suppose those 100 people gathered at the temple speak about some other topic And when there’s 100 people gathered at the temple performing Arathi Performing Pooja are offering prayers Or listening to Murli at the centre It makes a difference At every moment, the energy here creates the energy here Even at the centres we find that, in the same place Where the vibration is very pure When 100 people gather for Murli class every morning Murli class goes on for 1 hour So during that one hour the pure vibration of the centre increases Because 100 people create the same thought I am a soul I am God’s child This is karma and this is Karmic account. There listening to all this So there thought process is going on similarly 100 minds creating those thoughts Vibration of the centre changes After Murli we sit in meditation for 10 minutes During those 10 minutes, even higher vibrations get created Because for 10 minutes all the 100 people connect to God Create a focused thought and radiate the power In the same centre there is a meditation room There is a classroom and there is a meditation room They are just separated by a common wall There is not much distance between the two rules So there is a classroom and a meditation room adjacent to it We go from the classroom into the meditation room The energy of the meditation room is different Because sitting in that meditation room There is never any other talk Few days ago I took my grandchildren to the centre’s meditation room They were not able to understand the difference but they said It is so silent here How old are they? 2 years and 3 years old. They said it is so silent. And felt good The other child said he wanted to be there for some more time I was surprised at what they said My grandchild who’s just 2 years old She was battling with the flowers kept there and praying to Baba She wanted to know why food was kept there and I explained that it is Prasad offered to God She wanted to see when he will eat it I have no words to describe that experience I was surprised to see their emotions and feelings because of the vibrations there

So I just made them sit there and pray for some more time They were conversing with Baba They were telling him their wish to travel by train They are just 3 or 4 year old children They don’t know it is a meditation room But when we know and go there We have some conditioning in the mind They had a nice experience though they were not aware it is a meditation room For them it is just another room It does not even look different like a Temple or Gurdwara It is just a place with the room just like how there are rooms in a house Their behaviour was different outside and it changed when they came in Their words were different Once they come out of that room They were back to their earlier self Because they’re back to the old environment This is a proof And when they said there is silence It is not a silence where there is no conversation going on It is not about people talking to each other The experience of silence was because of? The vibration of silence Because in that meditation room there is not much in a conversation that goes on And how long did the children take to experience it? A few seconds As soon as we entered They became quiet and their behaviour changed Can we now see the power of energy and vibrations? We need to hold on to such experiences If it can influence children to this extent Who do not know anything and cannot meditate If it has such an effect on them Then the whole day it is having an influence on us Even the way they were sharing their wishes with Baba I had never taught them to ask Hm anything They started doing it all by themselves Because people who sit in that room – whom do they talk to? They talk to God So when the children sat there, they had that influence These experiences which we need to remember. Few episodes ago we had shared You said when you do something I don’t go home and share that with my children But they will still have an influence of that And they start doing the same thing It means vibration got transferred from one mind to another Meditation room is a place where for several years Several souls Have meditated several times And what do they do in meditation? They connect to God and they have their personal conversations So what can children talk to God? They said they want to travel by train Nobody else is prompting them to say it They were comfortable talking that day Also they are familiar with Him Because everyone in that meditation room talks comfortably, as though their talking to their father It is about vibrations Meditation means we the souls talk to God who is the supreme soul, our father We talked about our life, our Sanskars Meditation means a personal relationship with God Meditation means a personal conversation Meditation means an energy exchange with God That we talked to Him and he talks to us. We create thoughts and He also creates thoughts So in our meditation, there is a vibration of our personal relationship with God It is very powerful So as soon as the children entered that room Although they do not know meditation and meditation room They don’t even know God whom we call as Baba They don’t even know that we can talk that way to God It happened very instantly because they are children Influence of vibrations on children Happens very quickly So they not only experienced the silent vibration They not only felt that there is a lot of silence there They also caught the vibration that they can sit there and talk to Baba, who is God They enjoyed that experience and their behaviour also changed When they were outside they were running around

Also they did not want to eat the food which was offered as Prasad When such food is available at home They will want it Effect of vibrations If these children come only once to the centre And they don’t come again, it will be a beautiful experience but forgotten with time It will be an experience which they will remember, but it will only be an experience But if these children come there everyday Daily Anything has to be done daily If they go there everyday and even for just 3 to 5 minutes they sit in that meditation room Even for 2 minutes if they sit there They are young children, so they cannot sit there for long So if they sit there only for 2 minutes Even in those 2 minutes the soul will start getting the power Daily When they keep getting the daily dose Short duration but everyday When the soul gets those vibrations everyday We will find the huge transformation in those children’s Sanskars When you go into a silent environment Silent means where the mind is silent Not just silence from conversations When we absorb the silent vibrations We silence our mind and come out When children sit there for 2 minutes And get so influenced What if we sit there for 10 minutes? There will be such a huge influence Many parents ask – how to work on children? How to change them? We tell them that if they cannot do anything They do not listen to Gyan and they do not understand it Just bring them to the centre And ask them to sit in the meditation room for 2 minutes. Nothing else is needed They don’t want to meditate, no problem They do not want to listen to Gyan, it is fine Let them just come and sit for 2 minutes. Take them back I observed another thing Ever since I started going to the centre Prior to going there, a lot of thoughts would go on Too many thoughts My body temperature and heartbeat rate would be high I could send a lot of changes But after I started to go to the centre regularly And meditate regularly Thoughts may not have reduced But the other effects Have completely stopped Thoughts cannot become zero But if the other effects have stopped It means there are changes to your thoughts When thoughts are going on here It will have an influence on the physiology here But it has become detached. Detach from the effect on the cells of the body No. It has not become attached Thoughts are become better, they are positive They slow down Yes they have slowed down and even my way of talking has slowed down. I too slowed down But my emotions There were so many changes to emotions We have all experienced stress during exams Stress of public speaking Stress of attending an interview The mouth starts to dry, there can be a stomach ache or fever It has a physiological effect I would anyway come first in competitions But I would still have fever before that Fever was because of the stress and anxiety created Despite the fever I could still dive and come first. The fever would no more be there Till when is the stress, anxiety and fear? Till it begins. After that we are in the flow of things This was your experience earlier In your school life, whenever there was stress or anxiety It would result in fever Fever was a consequence Cause was stress and anxiety Later when we came into career and family We faced problems and challenges You mentioned your thoughts used to go very fast

You said that was a lot of aggression in it It was not less Why did it not reduce? Because stress and anxiety were not only created on race days It started to come often When stress and anxiety was created often So was fever Stress and anxiety were there everyday So the symptom started to show up in your physiology You mentioned that after you started to go to the centre and meditated Thoughts do not end but the physiological effect has ended This is an experience of a majority of us 6 years ago (before I started coming to the centre), I used to take so many antibiotics I would not even consult a doctor sometimes because of continuous bouts of fever, cold, allergies and so on But now that you are sharing about sitting in the meditation room at the centre Now I don’t even remember when I last took an antibiotic There is no awareness itself I used to have cold everyday, would be irritated and thinking continuously earlier I would not talk properly two people because my mood was not ok Now it is not there. You mentioned that maybe the thoughts of got detached from the body Thoughts cannot detach from the body Thoughts have not reduced but the effect has reduced Their effect cannot reduce. Whatever is the thought, the effect will be according to it How can the effect reduce? Every thought is affecting our body If you are going for a competition, you will not want to fall ill When a child knows that tomorrow he has an exam, race or a competition He will want to remain healthy He will not want illness They all happen Because of thoughts of stress, anxiety and fear You mentioned that the effect of thoughts on the body has reduced. That is not possible The body is feeling better Only because your thoughts have changed When we see this change, we should appreciate ourselves We should be aware Earlier we were not aware of the stress and anxiety And now we are not aware of the change in us Yes. Earlier I would say I was worried about my bank balance Likewise here if I start saying why am I not changing quickly or more He has changed, why have I not changed? Why have I not become like God? Important is to look at the beautiful effect And tell yourself if so much has changed here It means here a lot has changed Physiology will not change only because of a few moments of peace Only because a long time change is created here, there is a result visible here Allergy, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid Are used to take medicines like it is a peanut Every other day I had fever so whom should I complain to? It used to be a regular affair of illnesses These physiological parameters do not change in one or two days It needs a long time change If we are peaceful today Tomorrow we might be in tension After that we may be fine for 2 days and then again tensed for 4 more days With this that will not be physiological change If the change has translated to the body When there is a long-term change here Change for a few months or years After being in this constant practice People get rid of allergies, reduce blood pressure Thyroid, cholesterol – a lot of things get corrected Only after bringing a long-term change That is why we need to look at the power Of the effect of our thoughts on body and other aspects Now we have seen the effect of going into collective vibrations So one is being in the centre and in the classroom Other is being in the centre’s meditation room If someone says they do not have time to go for the Murli class For that they do not have time to go there in the mornings Or that they cannot sit there for an hour Let the person experiment just one thing When they are either going or coming back from the office, school or market

You will find the nearby centre on the way Go to the meditation centre there Just ask the sisters for the meditation room Go there and sit for sometime Everyday sit therefore 2 to 5 minutes and come back There are few people who don’t come to the centre to listen to Murli at all But since years they have been coming only to sit in the meditation room everyday They get a lot of benefit from it Bring your family with you Bring your children with you Ask the children to just sit there A personal relationship with start getting created with God by itself They will experience those vibrations All of his experience with but what we do is Once or twice every year, we go to the headquarters at Mount Abu There are thousands of people meditate together everyday So the vibrations there are even higher So we go there and fill ourselves with those vibrations All these things prove the power of collective vibrations So latest not restrict ourselves to technology that we listen to it all while being at home That we finish pooja and study at home That is one part But to get a powerful result and progress in our journey To make it faster and powerful It is very important to go to the organisation and be a part of the collective vibrations Especially because we are living in Kalyug It is like – getting food parcelled and eating it after 2 hours And other way is to have a family member prepare it fresh and we eat it immediately. It makes a difference We know the difference it makes Now we need to go and do it Yes. Thank you so much, Sister Om Shanti Om Shanti Thank you