Shadow Infinite! Oculus Quest, Best Settings Using Virtual Desktop! (THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED)

right everyone this is just a real quick YouTube video regarding shadow and the oculus quest and best settings got a lot of people asking me what are the best settings for the oculus quest runnin on virtual desktop so first I’d advise to get everyone make sure you roll on 1.12 sorry start again 1.12 1 and follow these settings make sure you’ve got it on H point 264 and turn off automatically adjust bitrate turn off so if you copy them settings there you’ll be fine to go you’ll have no issues as you can see the shadow logo in the background there if I quickly just get up this photo here make sure when you start shadow have it on this setting here a lot of people have this on automatic and it will go to your strongest and maximum bandwidth lower that right down to 5 megabytes and for some strange reason my PC my internet and my soul Seto I should well no can handle more than that but for some strange reason I was getting major lag and latency issues so when I lowered this right down turned off automatically adjusted the bear the bitrate and change this to h.264 it really made a difference so I suggest if you copy your bitch’ll this is the streamer app if you make sure that you’ve got your bun with right down to 5 the lowest it can go and then your final sentence is to open this inside the quest now inside the quest as you can see at the bottom there 1.1 2.1 silos from one point 12.1 you can see your bitrate make that medium make sure you change that to medium everything else high high dam dynamic light and you can have enabled you can have your audio background music when disconnected vyasji the Archdemon slicing code and make sure that switched off and make sure all of them are all switched off if you copy these settings you should have a really good experience you should find latency issues go right down you should find your likely she’s coming down big big one before you even start is make sure that you’ve got a 5 gigahertz connection over Wi-Fi and make sure that you’re not on no guests internet settings on side your right if you’ve got a guest turn it off and make sure you’ve got and with me I have I haven’t got two separate channels I’ve got one channel which does two point four and five so I have to go into my router I to turn the two point four setting off and just make it a five gigahertz once that’s all done I have an absolute perfect experience so that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it brings some help let me know in the comments whether de terre it’s helped jobs honor and always go back in again and we can look into it and I can always update it from there but apart from that that’s it bye