Yellowstone and Aira. Disasters on the planet. The climate strikes new records!

Hello! This is the Breaking News on ALLATRA TV On August 7, 2018, a documentary “ATLANTIS. THE ELITE IN SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY” was released This movie was shown as part of the programme “From and Atheist to Holiness” The film is about true history of an ancient civilization and the cause of demise of the Atlantis, highly-developed technologies, fight for power, climatic weapons, an antiquity’s nuclear war, unique technologies of prolonging life beyond the species limit, and immortality in the body for the elect ones Facts and evidence How the ideology of the Atlanteans’ descendants reflected on modern outlook of the humanity The story of development of the world elite conspiracy SHARP AND RAPID CLIMATE CHANGE The end of the line Many scientists had no doubt about the existence and submerging of a big area of land that had once been located in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and America, which Plato had mentioned However, many were astonished by the very fact that in this legend, the land submerged in just one day However, the current rapid global climate change on Earth, which has been observed over the last two years, indicates that in the modern world any day may become the last for the consumer civilization And now, the AllatRa TV reporters from different countries of the world will tell us what is really happening on the planet today Greetings, this is AllatRa TV Japan On July 5, a typhoon Prapiroon descended upon Japan and China, which caused massive rainfall in Japan 263 mm of precipitation fell in just 3 hours which is a record for the entire 40-year history of observation As a result of flooding and landslides, the number of fatalities in Japan grew to 190 Another 60 people are listed as missing Just in the Okayama prefecture, rescuers removed over 1000 people from the roofs of flooded homes In China, 7 people became victims of the elements And another 260,000 have been affected Powerful rainfall caused flooding in many areas of South Korea Because of bad weather, vehicular traffic was disrupted, some domestic flights were cancelled, and a number of national parks were shut down Around 300 mm of precipitation fell in places in Seoul, the province of Gyeonggi-do as well as in western areas of the Kangwon province Additionally, in the beginning of July, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Romania, Spain, Italy, Ghana, Nigeria, and Houston suffered as a result of floods Lately, volcanic activity has awakened The Sakurajima volcano started erupting on the southern island of Kyushu in Japan On June 22, the Shinmoe volcano spewed a column of ash two and a half thousand meters high On July 7, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Chiba prefecture, Japan Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter from New York American scientists from the University of Miami and the Florida International University, in the course of their research, discovered a deep underground connection between the Aira and the Kirishima volcanoes in Japan Radical changes in one of them become the cause of the other one’s eruption The scientists have explored the two volcanoes, located in the southern region of the Japanese island of Kyushu – Kirishima and Sakurajima The distance between the volcanic cluster of Kirishima and the Sakurajima volcano, which is located in the center of the Aira volcanic caldera, is about 22 kilometers Data was analyzed at 32 GPS stations as well as around Aira volcanic caldera over a period of several years before and after the eruption of Kirishima volcano in 2011 After which, scientists discovered an existence of a common magma reservoir, connecting the two volcanoes The lead research author, Elodi Botland, announced that scientists observed tremendous changes in Aira’s behavior before and after the eruption of Kirishima The only explanation for such changes is the underground connection between them The results of the research confirmed that volcanoes can be a part of a magmatic system Scientists note that study of the correlation between magmatic systems is very important from the point of view of safety Prediction of eruptions is critical in densely populated volcanic regions During the research, it was also established that volcanic systems may react to minor eruptions of nearby volcanoes But that’s not all As we already know, Aira caldera is in its turn connected with the Yellowstone caldera like connecting vessels Additional details about this research can be found in the report by the International group of scientists of ALLATRA SCIENCE “ About problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth Effective ways of solving these problems.” My colleague from the state of Michigan, Olga,

will now tell us about new discoveries by the scientists related to the Yellowstone supervolcano Hello, This is Breaking news reporter Olga from the state of Michigan, USA In episode 10 of the Breaking news, the volunteers of ALLATRA TV got in touch with geologist, professor Lee Tziun from the University of Illinois In that conversation, he revealed to them the construction of Yellowstone caldera and the fact that it is not just dangerous but, in the literal sense of the word, highly explosive Today, our attention has been drawn by the information about a new statement of geologists, who discovered that magma in Yellowstone caldera has started to heat up twice as fast Geologists found out that the amount of heat emitted through the thermal springs and lakes has doubled when compared to 2016 The thing is that rhyolitic magma has a tendency to dissolve gases, that’s why it now looks like a closed can of carbonated water that has been put on a boiler What will happen if you try to open this can at your own risk? That’s the same thing that will happen to Yellowstone if an opening appears in the crust above the upper magma chamber Scientists have come up with a new method of evaluating how fast magma is moving under the Yellowstone supervolcano And based on this information, correspondingly, the amount of fresh hot magma coming annually from the mantle plume under the magma chamber has been calculated According to estimates, it is 3.2 to 6.3 cubic kilometers of magma Lakes and geysers give the derived heat to the atmosphere, although it looks like the magma chamber “recharges” twice as fast now, making the lakes boil and the geysers discharge more often Hello everyone! My name is Diana and I’m here in Lexington, Kentucky, in the United States of America I just want to give you a quick update of what happened yesterday over here It was kind of crazy, to be honest, and here’s our news Rounds of severe storms hammered in Southern Indiana and Central Kentucky on Friday July 20th, bringing very large hail, wind damage, heavy rain and, at least, one known tornado The largest hail reported was measured around four inches in diameter, a size of a baseball ball, in Tompkinsville, Kentucky The strongest measured wind gust was 70 miles per hour at the Lexington Blue Grass Airport Storms are dotted on a map A lot of locations reported trees down around the streets Besides, tree branches and links were down as well as street signs got twisted There were over 200 weather related calls 9-1-1 in five hours Multiple people got injured During a storm severe weather the road was controlled by the police every three miles apart Also I just want to say how chaotic it is on my background, as you can see This is all the effect after the thunderstorm and I just want to tell you that how much I appreciate extreme news from the ALLATRA TV as well as their main goals, that the unity of the people is a survival of the humanity As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov said: “It is people with their choice and whom they choose to serve: the devil or God they move closer or move away the end of the world A lot depends on people Some people doubt the end of the world But for today, only a fool or someone who does not see what is going on outside the window can doubt” In the special report of the Breaking News, we have told you about the tragedy in Guatemala where an eruption of Fuego volcano has taken place. Participants of the AllatRa International Public Movement got in touch with Faride Irene Coll Zaid – a psychologist volunteer who is now at the camp for refugees and victims of the Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala R: Hi, Faride! How are you F: Fine, and you? R: Very fine, thank you Can you hear me well? F: Yes R: So, and now How it is, the situation in Guatemala? F: Well, right now there are many houses for people to stay, that were victims of the volcano There are still many volunteers in the shelters There has been a big unity team And I was in one of the shelters And you could see how the people who are victims of the volcano help each other,

they were worried about the others They were giving support to each other They looked like family because they all went through the same thing They all lost their homes, they all were scared, the kids were helping each other, you know The eldest ones were helping the youngest It was really good It was amazing to see, you know, it just feels good I definitely believe that we can help each other, you know At the end, we are all humans, we all feel I believe that we all can unite It’s so great to be able to help others Even in your knowledge, in your capacities to help them: to go through this pain or just to be there to support them It makes me feel good about not only my profession but about being able to help other people Even if this is a small work or a psych help, does not matter the size but the fact that you are there for others It’s just, it makes you feel good R : Of course material things like house It’s very important and everything, but when we meet the catastrophe So what is the most important thing that remains to a person? F: I believe that there is love I mean, I know it sounds kind of cliche to say “the love” But, I think, love is one of the most important thing in this world Is one of the thing that is with you It’s a strong feeling that you can feel to yourself, to others, to family, to life So this is a powerful motion that can help you go through a lot of things and to move forward R: Thank you very much Hello. This is AllatRa TV, Czech Republic and we continue the observation for climate changes New research just published in the journal Nature shows that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation also known as (AMOC) has slowed down since the mid-20th century and that it may have reached a new record low A significant shift in the system of ocean currents that helps keep parts of Europe warm could send temperatures in the UK lower The Atlantic Ocean circulation system is weaker now than it has been for more than 1,000 years and has changed significantly in the past 150 The study, in the journal Nature, says it may be a response to increased melting ice and is likely to continue That could have an impact on Atlantic ecosystems Changes to the conveyor-belt-like system – also known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Amoc) – could cool the North Atlantic and north-west Europe and transform some deep-ocean ecosystems That could also affect temperature-sensitive species like coral, and even Atlantic cod Scientists believe the pattern is a response to fresh water from melting ice sheets being added to surface ocean water, meaning those surface waters “can’t get very dense and sink” The scientists want to continue to study patterns in this crucial temperature-regulating system, to understand whether as ice sheets continue to melt, this could drive further slowdown or even a shutdown of a system that regulates our climate Greetings, this is ALLATRA TV reporter Natalia, Sevastopol On July 10, a giant six-kilometer iceberg split off the Greenland glacier of Helheim It has approached the Inaarsuit village with population of 180 inhabitants There is danger of iceberg causing flooding as the water level has already risen in the rivers near the village The researcher from Rhode Island University Collegiate School of Oceanography along with 5 more scientists has discovered an active source of volcanic heat beyond the Pine-Island glacier in Antarctica Brice Loose, the author of the research said: “We tried to achieve better understanding of the ocean’s role in ice shelf melting It’s there that we’ve encountered Helium-3 – gas which clearly points to an existence of volcanic processes We’ve found huge amounts of helium isotope, which comes almost exclusively from the mantle” The fact that this glacier is the fastest-melting one in the Antarctic may be an indirect indicator of the presence of active volcanoes under kilometers of ice However, the scientist believes that the global climate change may also influence the process of its melting

The scientists of IMBIE project calculated that Antarctica had lost over 2,7 trillion tonnes of ice in the last 25 years Besides, in just the last five years, the speed of ice melting has tripled We are heading for catastrophic consequences, if everything keeps going as it is Hello! This is a ALLATRA TV reporter Gabriela, Slovakia All over the world, people are recording extremely loud sounds coming from the sky In many instances, this ominous sounds sound like somebody’s blowing a trumpet So what are we supposed to make out of these “apocalyptic sounds”? Should we be concerned? Well, what we do know, that this is a global phenomenon In addition of being heard all over the United States and Canada, these sounds are also have been recorded in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries If you go to YouTube and type “strange sounds in the sky”, you will literally get hundreds of videos recorded by people from around the world There are a lot of theories of what might be causing these change sounds, for instance, tectonic plates grinding, rock bursts, venting of high atmospheric pressure and one explanation even comes from the Bible: The Apocalypse and the seven trumpets of heaven : Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events that were seen in the Revelation of Jesus Christ by John Patmos Somewhat more worrying as it would signal the end of the world The Trans-Baikal region suffers from powerful floods caused by heavy rains About 4 thousand people were evacuated According to the data from July 11, 7 settlements and 243 residential houses remain flooded The most difficult situation remains in Chita and Chita district, where more than one thousand eight hundred household plots have been flooded It has been raining for almost a month here, but since July 8, the situation in the disaster zone has critically deteriorated In the regional center the water entered fifty courtyards of apartment buildings, flooded private houses and washed away roads The rivers came out of their banks, dozens of bridges were destroyed, many villages in the region and streets in Chita were flooded The climate disasters are already taking place in different parts of the planet But who, if not we all together – us, people, can stretch out the helping hand to each other when in trouble Well, let’s take a closer look, just simply imagine it. God forbid, it will start now, right now. What will happen? A death of very many people will lead to the destruction of states as institutions What will be formed? Gangs Those gangs, that are well-armed, they will take a piece of bread away from children and everyone else Humanity has been through this and more than once. Isn’t that right? They will fight for survival At least one more day, though there will be an understanding that we are all going there Will somebody be able to resist that, in order to unite people, to calm them down, to share that remaining which is left and to create something new? Meaning, one unified world like that No, nobody will do this Everybody will be surviving and fighting for themselves. Isn’t that right? It is And what are people doing now so that this does not happen? Nothing If this isn’t right, well, tell me, any one of you, what have you done since today’s morning, what did you do yesterday for the unity of all people? For people to become better, purer For yourself, so that you yourself become better, purer, more honest, in order to awaken love and respect for your neighbour in yourself? But what for? A simple question. I am fine already, yes Meaning, I have to fight to accumulate something, to survive and so on. Again the Animal Nature

Hello, this is an AllatRa TV reporter from Germany NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has recently released global land and ocean surface temperature data According to it, March 2018 was the sixth warmest March on record going back to 1880 However, record March temperatures were just the beginning The past few months, including April, May, June and July brought with them anomalous heat for many countries of the world USA, Canada, Japan, countries of the Middle East and Central Asia, some European countries and even Northern Siberia fell victim to an unheard of in the last 138 years heat For more details, see the thematic special report of the Breaking News Analyzing the climate indicators for the last few months and even years, the Breaking News team has noted that every year, the average temperature continues to grow consistently Our planet keeps going through more and more new temperature records And so, a logical question arises – what happens next? When will come that critical point when climatic changes will become irreversible Or has it already come? Conclusions about the significant changes that we are witnessing can also be confirmed by information out of Greenland Thus, on the night of February 25th, 2018, at Cape Morris-Jesup (at the most northerly tip of the country) was recorded the highest winter temperature in the history of observations, which was + 6.2°C (43°F) This number exceeds the climatic norm by 15-20°C Greetings, this is ALLATRA TV reporter from Warsaw specially for “Climate control” Just two weeks ago thermometers showed 32°C in the shade The massive hurricane ran over the entire territory of Poland the same day evening The rescue service received about 1.5 thousand complaints about fallen trees on the power lines, roads, and railways Dozens of houses found to be damaged and several hundred people were injured The temperature fell down till 17°C next morning and till 8 degrees overnight One, one and half an hour voyage delays became unpleasant surprise for those getting their places of work by railway As a result of this cold accident quarter of a million inhabitants were cut off from the benefits of civilization only in Mazovian Voivodeship This is the second similar abrupt temperature change with an amplitude of over 10 degrees over the past three weeks, which is very uncommon for the first summer month You can see people wearing jackets and summer dresses on the streets People аfound themselves not ready for such a sharp temperature and climate changes Good day, this is ALLATRA TV reporter The south-west Kazakhstan thermometers are reading off scale due to excessive heat since the beginning of July The air temperature in shade reaches 46 degrees in several districts of the region at the same time In the sun, the temperature readings are from 52 to 62 degrees Celsius The townspeople languish with the heat The situation is aggravated by the wind, which moves the hot air People hide in the shade and consume cold drinks Meteorologists predict that this temperature will last throughout the summer On July 7, torrential rains led to floods in the Svanetia region in Georgia Flood affected the village of Chuberi, where water flows destroyed bridges, roads and damaged several houses One of the residents was rescued from a stormy river by a helicopter Armenia July in Yerevan is anomalously hot On July 12 in capital, the absolute record for July, and the absolute record for the entire history of meteorological observations set with a value of +42.4 degrees On the July 12 the rain showers turned Byelorussian Brest into rivers The storm sewage could not handle the huge amount of precipitation Pedestrians had to make their way knee-deep in the water On July 12, a landslide, which occurred due to the melting of the glacier had destroyed a natural dam in one of the areas of the Panjshir province in Afghanistan A stream of water has hit the valley Over four hundred houses have been destroyed in one of the settlements At least 10 people were killed, many residents were missing Hello, this is AllatRa TV reporter On 30 june, 2018 powerful hail fell on the settlements of Timashevsky, Bryukhovetsky, Korenevsky and Pavlovsky districts of the Krasnodar region Roofs of more than eighteen hundred houses were destroyed Crop on an area of over 60,000 acres was ruined Power supply was disrupted and cars were damaged “All the dishes were broken, everything got knocked off” “My car got caught in hail” “There’s nothing left”

“No leafs at all” “It’s after hail Feels so cold I have never seen such a thing” “There was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide” A state of emergency has been imposed in the affected villages One person dead People on social networks ask for help in rebuilding houses and offer their help in repairing and supplying materials On July 2 a violent storm hit Saransk The wind broke trees, which damaged cars, the roof of a private house and a gas pipe One victim has been reported Large hail with heavy rain hit Ivanovo Trees fell from a strong wind, the cars were damaged by hail, the roads in some places have turned into waterways A pouring rain went through Irkutsk and Bratsk in Irkutsk region The streets were flooded, the roofs of the buildings started leaking On July 3 heavy rains hit the regions of Siberia The storm drain systems in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Krasnoyarsk weren’t able to cope with the heavy rainfall A heavy thunderstorm went through in Syktyvkar The wind felled trees and concrete pillars, rain flooded roads and buildings On July 5 in Ekaterinburg there was a heat wave, and in the evening, rain and hail A pouring rain affected the city of Ukhta in the Komi Republic As a result of precipitation, traffic was impeded On July 6 in Stavropol, water filled basements and houses, rising to half a meter A heavy rain passed in Sochi and Adler According to the hydrometeorological center a third of the monthly rainfall rate fell within one hour An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 occurred on Kamchatka According to eyewitnesses, the walls and the floor were shaking, the dishes jingled On July 8, a heavy rain hit Vladimir On July 9, heavy rain passed in Yaroslavl On July 12 in the Rostov region a strong wind was raging As a result of flood displacement from the rivers of the Zabaykalsky Krai and heavy rains, a heavy flood situation remains in the Amur Region Hello This is Allatra TV Belarus The number of anomalous phenomena throughout the planet is constantly growing So, on July 21, 2018, in Gomel, an ordinary summer rain turned into a disaster On this day, a thunderstorm front passed through the region, as a result of which, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Gomel region, an average monthly rainfall rate fell An orange level of danger was declared Several hours of strong downpours led to flooding and flooded buildings and roads, paralyzed the movement of public transport, and caused a power outage in the district There was a lot of water, the cars were stuck Pretty much everything got flooded higher than the wheels And it lasted until lunchtime, it was raining, yes, with small breaks Also, this girl was honking yesterday, yes, then 5 men rushed to help her, pushed her car out, and saved her I personally saw two buses being dragged with a tow truck After moving a short distance ahead, I realized that there was a traffic jam in a front of me, that a real river of water had formed and a few cars were flooded almost completely People were stopping, helping each other whenever possible People got out of the cars, helped Literally pulled other cars out of puddles, other people All because it was happening spontaneously, personally I was motivated by empathy towards other people, like how did they feel, if everything is alright, if anybody was badly flooded, did anyone get hurt After all, Gomel’s infrastructure, it just stopped in one place Hello, this is Sergey, an AllatRa TV reporter from Ukraine On August 5, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 occurred on the island of Lombok The epicenter of the aftershocks was located 49 kilometers north-east of the Mataram city The earthquake source was located at a depth of ten kilometers

Later occurred at least nine aftershocks with a maximum magnitude of 4.9 Most of all, the earthquake was felt in the capital of the island – in the Mataram city The aftershocks were also felt on the neighboring island of Bali and in the province of East Java At this time, it is known about 347 victims More than 20 thousand people were evacuated from the island The island authorities relocate local population from dangerous regions with regard to destruction of buildings, as well as the danger of repeated aftershocks As a result of the earthquake on the island, bridges were destroyed, electricity supply was stopped in a number of regions and roads were damaged Hello, this is an AllatRa TV reporter from Newnan, Georgia The largest in the world Steamboat already erupted 8 times in the last 3 months, which became a geological puzzle for the scientists working in this area The last eruption of the Steamboat happened on June 11 A week earlier, Jamie Farrell, a geologist from the Utah State University, who witnesses the eruption on June 4th, said that the rumble during the eruption sounded like a rocket engine Perhaps, the most unusual fact is that the last seven eruptions happened as if on schedule every 6 to 8 days The mystery of this event lies in the fact that geysers usually erupt arbitrarily Such a change in cyclical manifestations of the Steamboat geyser activity evidences an increased frequency of the underground shocks in the Yellowstone Park area Let us remind you that according to research conducted by the USA Geological Survey, a muchhigher amount of helium has been coming out from the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park The caldera is emitting 1000 times more gas than expected What does that mean? As we know, before eruptions happen, helium and magma make their way upwards and this is one of the harbingers of a Yellowstone catastrophe The report by the scientists of AllatRa Science describes the threat that this caldera carries as well as its interrelation with Aira caldera in Japan “There is still the one who represents the Spiritual World, and when everything goes over the line, and there is no way back, when people are deaf and blind, it is natural that they get washed away.”