ENG SUB【九流霸主 Overlord】EP17 | 龙傲一扮淑女赴约,误会李清流欲表白(白鹿、赖艺)

♪ I chase stars and the Moon ♪ ♪ My horse neighs in the snowstorm ♪ ♪ I hold up my sword ♪ ♪ Cut off my hairs along with my sorrow ♪ ♪ The world is vast ♪ ♪ In this life of mine ♪ ♪ I have taken both paths of love and hate ♪ ♪ A lone wild goose flies in the clouds ♪ ♪ The sky in the background is glaring ♪ ♪ The heaven and the earth are all in my heart ♪ ♪ A jug of liquor and a spark are enough for me ♪ ♪ Tomorrow will be a good day full of all kinds of feelings ♪ ♪ Like the cloud in the wind ♪ ♪ There’s nobody I can share my life with ♪ ♪ Sometimes I owe others and sometimes they own me ♪ ♪ It’s merely a dream ♪ ♪ Tomorrow will be a good day that flies by ♪ ♪ I’ll still be tender like yesterday ♪ ♪ Running toward that rainbow ♪ ♪ And hug you ♪ ♪ Come in to the outdoor teahouse for a cup of tea ♪ ♪ My brothers all like things spicy ♪ ♪ Hustling and bustling ♪ ♪ Mahjong is of course a must ♪ ♪ Some stubborn kid does not listen to advice ♪ ♪ He gets up in midnight to sweep the courtyard ♪ ♪ Oh my dear liquor jar ♪ ♪ Fill up my cup ♪ ♪ And let’s drink ♪ = Overlord = = Episode 17 = – That one. That one – We want to hear the story that Master Long flattered the master of Xinsilu when he fell into coma Then what happened next? Right. What happened next? That is the best part of the story – Come on – Yeah! Just go ahead Come on! Just go ahead Go ahead Hey! Go ahead Forgive me, Master Long – Master Long! – You don’t want to live anymore, right? It hurts Let’s go to have a look Master Long! Master Long! Tell me, who asked you to tell that dirty story? Mercy, Master Long Nobody asked me to do that It’s just that, that day, after you two left the kiln, many people treated me to liquor to ask about it If I couldn’t tell something new, they would stop treating me, so… I… How dare you make things up! I’m sorry, I’m sorry I won’t do that again I won’t tell anything about that kiln to anybody from now on Why not tell it? Just do it You need to tell everybody about how panic Li Qingliu was and how brave Long Aoyi was If you dare tell anything other than that, I’ll cut your tongue off! I wouldn’t dare. I wouldn’t dare Master Long is brave and heroic, and Master Li is a coward That’s more like it Xiaoqin, let’s go Wu Lin Who knows? Let’s go As long as you tell it right, your liquor is on me I got it! I got it! Wu Lin, let’s go Look = Chuang Tzu = Chuang Tzu? What? You have turned your Longzhu Gang into a school? You can say that A book for each of us, after reading it, we need to tell Miss about what it’s about I think Master Long was irritated at the Double Seventh Festival night fair Who told you that? My master of course Let me tell you…

Stop! There is no need to expose your weakness to the public You look down on me Double Seventh Festival my foot! I’ve been with her for so many years I know her well She never gets angry for things that she doesn’t care But after she met Master Li, starting from Wanhua, she has gotten angry for so many times Last time in the silk store, I said that the rumor about them loving each other was impossible because of the big gap between them But she disapproved my opinion with the case of you and me What does it have to do with us? She said that however big the gap is, that should not stand in the way of love Those two… Love each other But they don’t admit it Then… How about us? Forget about their love thingy Let’s just drink! Cheers! Cheers! Eat up! – There’s a fish in the north ocean – There’s a fish in the north ocean – which is named Kun – which is named Kun – Kun is so big – Kun is so big – that we roast a half – that we roast a half – and stew the other half – and stew the other half Do you want some crispy cake for your wife? Here I’m not his wife, I’m his drinking buddy Take this Thank you, Ma’am Drinking buddy? Then I’ll find a wife and give her the cake = Wuyun Pavilion = = Wuyun Pavilion = Miss, look what I brought back for you Oven-fresh crispy cake Try it It’s delicious Have a try How much did you drink? Not much Yan Bin came to me to discuss the thing about Hu Laosan And we made some modifications on Chuang Tzu Yan Bin’s pretty good He has martial arts and he looks good But his heart… Is it good? Yes! See? You admitted it Tell me, which stage are you in? What stage? We just drank together Am I so easy to get? So… Did he tell you about somebody else? Which somebody else? You are still thinking about that Li Qingliu? I… Do you want me to help you ask about what he eats and where he goes every day, and most importantly, if he meets beautiful girls every day or not? What are you saying? On the Double Seventh Festival night, he despised our lower class Why do I care about him? I agree with the thing between you and Yan Bin But have you thought about it? Will Li Qingliu agree too? If he doesn’t agree with it, don’t cry to me You really changed You learned how to beat around the bush Can’t you just ask me to pay attention to Li Qingliu for you? You wicked girl I let you keep an eye on Hu Laosan, and you learned to slander from him? I… This is not over Yan Bin My head hurts You went to the brothel? I… Yes I called somebody out and talked with her No wonder I smell rouge It was Xiaoqin I know. Who else could it be? Tomorrow, go to the warehouse to pick some nice agilawood and send it to her You agree with the thing between us? What thing? No, I mean,

what’s the gift for? I want you to maintain the relationship between you two If you are abandoned one day, I’ll have to marry you to Mr. Liu’s daughter I won’t be abandoned I heard that Liu Chunhua’s weight has come to 175 kilograms I can’t stand that By the way, since you met today, did she say anything about her? Her? Who? Mr. Liu’s daughter Oh, Master Long I hear that she’s still angry about that rumor She ordered all members of the gang to read and then tell her about what they read about I’m not against the relationship between you and Xiaoqin, but you should understand how to get some useful information from it But… Information about whom? Master Long! Master Long! I got it We businessmen should always maintain good relationships with other people On the way back, I heard that Mr. Du is coming back to Silver City So soon? Take it easy Why are they doing this? What happened? Master Long, it’s said that Mr. Commissioner is coming back The county magistrate asked us to be well prepared That old fox, compared with when he just took office, he’s becoming more and more unscrupulous Master, you can go first I’ll go fetch the new sword sheath I ordered I’ll go with you Which store did you order it? I need a new belt This store is also new to me I don’t know if it’s good or not If the sword sheath is good, I’ll recommend the store to you, Master Why are you standing on ceremony? OK, Second Master, see you later He looks like in a hurry Do you think he’s going to his sweetheart behind our back? Your head is full of those things like sweethearts You are my best sweetheart Is there a new order? Up there, they are anxious We need a rubbing of the birthmark When do you want it? As soon as possible Yes Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry – Did anything happen when I was away? – Hurry up Sir. Sir Please forgive me for being late Sir, you were summoned to Chang’an suddenly, what did you get from it? All commissioners were asked to do a report The government is investigating the financial and military strength of each Dao Financial and military strength? What’s to be afraid of? The taxes our Jiannan Dao pays each year is no less than any other Dao His Majesty personally ordered Mr. Du to go to Chang’an Mr. Du is getting a promotion Congratulations, Sir Sir, please do not forget me, a small county magistrate in Silver City Alright. That’s it Sir, Li Qingliu is still as usual This time, I won’t let them slip easily Anyone that’s not one of us will be gotten rid of = Du’s Mansion = Father, you want to see me? Xiaoxian, I was thinking on my way back that I indulged you too much and allowed you to be obsessed with those useless things after your mother died Now, you need to gradually withdraw from Xinsilu to be a proper young lady Why are you asking me to withdraw suddenly? Did something happen in Chang’an? In Jiannan Dao, I’m free to do anything I want to But in Chang’an, I’m just a nobody Officials with the same rank as me are everywhere It’s just that if somebody reports me for having a daughter who does business, that’ll be a trouble

What’s more, as the daughter of a commissioner, doing business and running around every day, you’ll be judged by people Father, is Xinsilu having a problem? It is! Otherwise you wouldn’t have said those to me Sir, it’s time They are waiting already You may leave Xiaoxian, this time you have to listen to me I know you are a smart kid Father Mr. Du came back to Silver City yesterday with a rich harvest Congratulations, Mr. Du – Congratulations, Mr. Du – Congratulations, Mr. Du Thank His Majesty This time, I brought some good news Every year, Tang sends out national gifts to our vassal states This year, the task of making national gift for southwest Dongnyu State is bestowed on our Jiannan Dao This is a perfect chance to win glory and fame This national gift is pretty special It is Nyuertu Nyuertu? You mean those obscene pictures? Some people use it as dowry but it’s not decent stuff after all How come it’s become a national gift? The King of Dongnyu State asked for it It’ll be used as a dowry of the Princess of Dongnyu State The Ministries of Works and Rites gave me the production and design requirements It should reflect the technological level of Tang, and it can’t be vulgar in style After thinking about it, this mission should go to the most experienced Xinsilu Let Li Qingliu win glory and fame for us What do you think? Sir, Xinsilu is specialized for making clothes We never tried to make artware I’m afraid I can’t do this Master Li, this is a rewarding task If you don’t want to do it, I will then Your Highness, this is the order issued by the Ministry of Works They gave this task specially to Xinsilu Your Highness, I know you are interested, = Act without fail = but His Majesty affixed his seal on it If Master Li refuses it, I’m afraid his qualification in weaving industry will be deprived = Xinsilu = Qingliu, I heard my father ordered Xinsilu to make the national gift That’s right But that’s obscene pictures We are not good at it at all Why did my father force you? I’ll go and ask him No need Now that we have received the order, we’ll make it happen Xinsilu never goes back on our words But those are indecent things Are you going to visit Master Long? Forget it On that Double Seventh Festival night, she was already mad And now the rumors are spreading She must be in a huff now I heard that she’s been staying with Prince Zhao every day I don’t think she has time to be angry Is it so? Master, it’s not hard to embroider Nyuertu, as long as we have drafts But these… Listen to yourself The drafts are just what we are worrying about There are many in Goddess of Sexual Love Xiaowu, you are pretty well-read The Ministry of Works doesn’t want it to be vulgar But Nyuertu is about those things that couples do in bed To make it not vulgar, that is pretty tough

That’s the main difficulty of this order Let’s make it simple Let’s go to the lower class’s streets and look for some painters who make Nyuertu secretly They are all close to Longzhu Gang With the relation between Master and Long Aoyi, finding some painters to help us should be a piece of cake Look at you Master, should I ask Xiaoqin to ask Master Long? The rumors about us are spreading, if I go to look for her now, new rumors may start But… How about let’s pay good money to hire some painters OK = List of Painters = All the painters said that? All suitable painters are on the list I think they are trying to stay away from us Once they hear the name “Xinsilu”, they say no They say there’s no problem in drawing pictures, but they need Master Long’s consent Did you try to offer more money? We offered 500 taels of silver for each picture That’s already an impossible price Master, maybe you should… I don’t believe there’s something that can’t be solved with money If there is, we’ll raise the offer The Nyuertu is a chance Du Changfeng seized to make trouble for us This is not the time to think about the expense Tomorrow, take enough money and go to the lower class with me I don’t believe they can refuse all the money This is the bird I brought back from abroad Steamed buns! Little bird, I hear you can sing, come on Master, look. Look Sing Have a look It’s so lively Aoyi. Aoyi Let’s go It’s Master Li I’m Li Qingliu from Xinsilu I want to ask you to help draw Nyuertu for us = One Thousand Taels = Sir, please take this No, no way, please leave = Portrait = Go away You are not welcomed here. Just go = Hu’s Silk Store = This is the last one People call him Xu the Incredible He’s the best Nyuertu painter in Silver City He has a strange character Not very easy to deal with Come on The Nyuertu circle in Silver City is pretty small I’ve heard the news about you hiring painters with high price Master Xu, you must have also heard about the price I’m offering The reason why I’m offering so much is just to get real good pictures It means a lot to our Xinsilu You can save your breath Unless you have a meal with me A meal? Master, I think the breakthrough is still Master Long So… You were right I have to deal with it myself Send an invitation to Long Aoyi tonight Tell her I’ll see her at Wanhua tomorrow Yes = Wuyun Pavilion = I hear that Master Li is asking Aoyi out They are finally going on a date That Li is really stingy

He didn’t even put a gold leaf in the invitation That must be for business Why are you all so excited? Come on, Miss, try on these clothes Wait Here, try this on Turn your head over You should use this It makes you look rich This one Your neck can’t be left open Put this on This looks nice, and it makes you look even richer Try this on – You look really rich – No way! You are not a child now Don’t put everything in your mouth Your face looks a little pale Open your mouth Compress your lips Pout You look like a pig Can’t you do it like a girl? Forget it, it’s ugly Come on It’s just a meeting Don’t make it complicated And why should I doll up for Li Qingliu? I… I don’t like him anyway He has money Don’t be sloppy like a poor kid I have brothers and I’m experienced I at least have some know-le-dge You don’t feel right saying that, do you? Come on, Master I’m just meeting him, not dating him Just go back to have some rest Memorize some poems before going OK Don’t wipe the thing on your lips away Save it However well I dress up, Li Qingliu will find some reason to laugh at me He’s good at it What you wear is very important Moreover, he’s a dress maker Aoyi, I think this time Master Li is inviting you to the teahouse not just for business Your little brain is thinking something weird again Think about it Before, Master Li often invited you out But since the Double Seventh Festival night, he never came again Why? Because he’s up to some tricks But now he invites you again In my opinion, he wants to either apologize to you or confess his feelings to you I dare him Well, your clothes are too colorful They don’t suit me I’ll borrow some nice ones for you = Zuixian Restaurant = Wake up! I’m so sleepy Come on Hurry up Here He sent the invitation at night this time This seems to be serious I wonder how Aoyi looks right now – She must be pretty in front of her man – That’s right I’m looking forward to it Are you all so idle? What are you talking about? If you like talking so much, you can go be a storyteller Who do you think our Aoyi is? Let’s take another way She’ll never suffer a loss Let’s go Roast chicken!

– Delicious roast chicken! – Master Long Master Long is so beautiful today Master Long, are you going on a date? Of course not, I’m just going to meet somebody You are lying! You are so beautiful today They all know you are going on a date with a millionaire That’s right Take it Thank you! I am going to turn into a beast and eat him What should I turn into? A tiger? Or a leopard? Miss Long is going to eat the millionaire! Miss Long is going to eat the millionaire! Miss Long is going to eat the millionaire! = Zuixian Restaurant = Master Long. Upstairs please Please Why such a secret place? Are you looking for me for what happened on Double Seventh Festival… Let’s not talk about Double Seventh Festival again I mean, if there are two ways in front of us, one is going to benefit both of us, the other is going to break my heart He wants to either apologize to you or confess his feelings to you The first one is good indeed, and the second one, it won’t necessarily disappoint you You heard about that? They are all talking about it outside OK then I’ll cut to the chase Can you help me with the Nyuertu? The designers in Xinsilu are not good at designing these se… Secular patterns But many painters in Southern City are drawing them secretly So I want you to help ask Xu the Incredible to help us Of course, you’ll get your part of benefits Benefits? The interests of this order, I can… Stop I’m not interested in the interests of this order Alright then The shares of my properties? Title deed? Name your price then Let’s join hands and open a business to make Nyuertu, I get forty, you get sixty Don’t think I’m asking too much Although I only contribute painters and you’ll be in charge of materials and workers, when I was in Xinsilu, you told me that design is the soul Have you seen a cheap soul? Deal Alright Let’s figure out a name for it

How about Qinglong? It’s simple but sounds good One character out of each of our names, that’s a good way to bind us together You don’t understand? Qing is from your name and Long is from mine It means our interests are bound together That’s the deal Nothing is bigger than Long Good name It’s so bitter You thought he found a quiet place to apologize or confess to you? And you thought he was being shy? Wake up! Long Aoyi! That is Li Qingliu! He just wants to take advantage of your position – Master! What’s wrong? – If I don’t slaughter you… What happened to you? I don’t deserve my surname Long! Books aren’t of any help at all! Playing with me! Book! Book! Book! That’s unbelievable! Master Master, have some tea How did the day go with Li Qingliu… What did you say? Tea? If anybody dare to bring up the word “tea” to me, don’t blame me for turning against you! All these books, burn them! Don’t let me see them again! Burn them all? Are you waiting for me to do it myself? If you want to plead for Li Qingliu, save it And I didn’t block all his ways They are already working on the designs of the Nyuertu Qingliu is going to join hands with Long Aoyi to open up a business If you let it continue, I’m afraid Qingliu will be fooled by that girl Why do you have to be involved in them? Moreover, that Nyuertu is just a trou… Father, I’m just afraid that Qingliu might be fooled, you can’t harm him I know what I’m doing As for the Nyuertu, don’t get yourself involved too deeply All right, you may go now Today is the establishment of Qinglong Firm = Quan = Xinsilu’s men are coming with materials = Longzhu Gang = We’ll be equal to them since now Come on! Drink! The people from Xinsilu are here They are here Master Long Master Come on Where to put these? Come with me Dapang! Erya! Come here! Quickly! Come here Come on Open it. Open it Settle it I told you it’s small Guys, today is the day Xinsilu and Longzhu Gang open up Qinglong Firm together I hereby make a toast to Master Long Let’s forget about those small talks I’m not such a righteous person at all I’m just doing it because it’s profitable Today is the day we form a big family Let’s drink to the big family! – Yes! – Let’s drink! Come on, let’s drink! That’s right! Bottoms up! Come on! – Cheers! – Come on! – Let’s drink! – Cheers! Cheers! Yeah! Bottoms up! – To family! – Cheers! Family? Aren’t I a member of this family? ♪ I embarked on the journey when I was young ♪

♪ Now I have experienced everything and I’m still alone ♪ ♪ I ever lost myself and complained ♪ ♪ Nobody knows what I have experienced ♪ ♪ Clear up the mist and warm the loner ♪ ♪ You are smiling like before in Spring breeze ♪ ♪ Time blurs the pain of separation ♪ ♪ I’d like to be with you for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the desert ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the misty Spring rain ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the secular world ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the mountains and roads ♪ ♪ Let’s watch ever-changing clouds ♪ ♪ Let’s watch blooming and withering flowers ♪ ♪ Let’s watch people missing each other ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the boundless sea ♪ ♪ Clear up the mist and warm the loner ♪ ♪ You are smiling like before in Spring breeze ♪ ♪ Time blurs the pain of separation ♪ ♪ I’d like to be with you for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the desert ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the misty Spring rain ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the secular world ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the boundless sea ♪ ♪ Sparks are still shining in your eyes ♪ ♪ I look forward to the day we get together ♪