ENG SUB【九流霸主 Overlord】EP22 | 李清流竟是流落民间的皇子?龙傲一无奈欲放弃李清流?(白鹿、赖艺)

♪ I chase stars and the Moon ♪ ♪ My horse neighs in the snowstorm ♪ ♪ I hold up my sword ♪ ♪ Cut off my hairs along with my sorrow ♪ ♪ The world is vast ♪ ♪ In this life of mine ♪ ♪ I have taken both paths of love and hate ♪ ♪ A lone wild goose flies in the clouds ♪ ♪ The sky in the background is glaring ♪ ♪ The heaven and the earth are all in my heart ♪ ♪ A jug of liquor and a spark are enough for me ♪ ♪ Tomorrow will be a good day full of all kinds of feelings ♪ ♪ Like the cloud in the wind ♪ ♪ There’s nobody I can share my life with ♪ ♪ Sometimes I owe others and sometimes they own me ♪ ♪ It’s merely a dream ♪ ♪ Tomorrow will be a good day that flies by ♪ ♪ I’ll still be tender like yesterday ♪ ♪ Running toward that rainbow ♪ ♪ And hug you ♪ ♪ Come in to the outdoor teahouse for a cup of tea ♪ ♪ My brothers all like things spicy ♪ ♪ Hustling and bustling ♪ ♪ Mahjong is of course a must ♪ ♪ Some stubborn kid does not listen to advice ♪ ♪ He gets up in midnight to sweep the courtyard ♪ ♪ Oh my dear liquor jar ♪ ♪ Fill up my cup ♪ ♪ And let’s drink ♪ = Overlord = = Episode 22 = Kill them right here = Order = as a warning to imitators Du Changfeng, no kidding me! Two of three witnesses have no evidences You want to sentence a person to death by word of mouth You are just a prisoner and you have no right to argue The world is in chaos today right because of evil people like you You are just a big old liar From now on, seal up Xinsilu right away and take back its foreign trade channels and Customs Seal to the government for proper use This is your real purpose, isn’t it? Don’t wait any longer Decapitate these two people right away Let go of me Let go of me Du Changfeng, let go of me Stop it! = Order = Second Master I am former royal guard commandant Lyu Chengyun Sir, he is really the royal guard, one of the private guards of His Majesty today Mr. Du, it is beyond your power to kill Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi Hasn’t Second Master gone too far? How will he continue with his lie? Release them, Mr. Du Just because of what you said? Twenty years ago, something secret happened at the court One concubine gave birth to a prince After an incident occurred at the court, the concubine fled with the son secretly Unfortunately, the concubine died on the way of escape From then on, the prince started his life off the court The prince you claimed is… He is Li Qingliu, the No.1 businessman of the Silver City and the big boss of Xinsilu I… I wanted to decapitate the prince just now! Are you sure it is true? Mr. Du, the prince must have genuine identity In that year, I escorted the concubine and a maid of honor off the court at the royal order Go get them!

Your Grace, Your Grace Leave with the prince Hurry up There, hurry up You guys, follow me You two guys go in that direction You and I search here Yes I had enemies in both directions and had to hide the maid of honor and the prince – in a deserted thatched hut – Go get them When I was back, they had gone Due to my failure to fulfill my mission, I was dismissed from the royal guard commandant, settled down near the Silver City and started to search for the prince in regions around the city Second Master has gone too far in his lie How can he finish the story? You are in the Silver City and he is also in the Silver City Why didn’t you come to him earlier? Frankly, the nanny of Li Qingliu is the maid of honor then As I found later, she had hidden herself at the Buddhist hall before being discovered by master of the Li family In order to avoid the chasing soldiers, she allowed the sonless Li family to adopt the prince and disguised herself as nanny of the Li family In these years, the prince has been a high-profile businessman Thus I have the chance to witness the identical appearance of His Majesty Isn’t it too reckless to conclude his royal blood on such basis? It is really a coincidence When I developed suspicions, Longzhu Gang and Xinsilu happened to have a dispute It thus brought convenience for me to make investigations in the shop I hadn’t been able to find the evidences and the truth until I met Li Qingliu’s nanny You are… Are you sure it is true? If my nanny is the maid of honor you mentioned, why didn’t she tell me earlier? What a moron you are! Second Master is lying in order to save us That maid of honor broke the Leopard-head Token that the prince had worn since birth into two halves before leaving the court One was printed on the prince’s left arm and the other half is kept by His Majesty Do you want to ask me to release him now and then report to His Majesty? Yes How dare you disguise yourself as an official Tie him up Stop! Great honor to invite Mr. Yuan, head of the secretariat Great honor to see you, Mr. Yuan What can I do for you, Mr. Yuan? I, Yuan Zai, hereby observe His Majesty’s order = Silence = to welcome Prince Li Qingliu back to the court Li Qingliu is really the prince? How dare you call His Highness’s name directly I am sorry for not having recognized

the royal identity of His Highness Please show your mercy Mr. Du, it is really a hasty mission this time I am sorry I received a secret message claiming someone uses the escort’s convenience to deliver a weapon forging book beyond national borders Were it not for my fear of any error and decision to preside over it personally, I am afraid it must have… Please kindly ask His Majesty to consider my loyalty to the state and that I have been deceived for fear of any mistake that would render the Tang Dynasty in danger You have been deceived? Somebody, tie up the county magistrate Sir, it… He spread rumors so that I made a big mistake What? Do you want to argue any further and have your family decapitated? I, I plead guilty Drag him out and decapitate him Sir! Release the shackle right away Yes Hurry up, release it Your Highness, sorry for having arrived late and keeping you startled Please take a rest, Your Highness We will set out for the capital city some days later and report to His Majesty Your Highness, please leave here now Please Please Sir, this way please = Wuyun Pavilion = Everyone knows that the Silver City is a far and remote region full of bugs Nobody expects it to be the origin of a prince Our Wuyun Pavilion has never had such booming businesses in history I suggest that we honor Miss Long as the head showgirl Sirs, I am really sorry today It is too crowded Dear all, please come again the other day How can you do that? Keep an eye on them. Don’t admit them in Dear all, it is crowded here Pay 20 coins for each seat and 10 coins for no seat Go to the backyard if you can’t afford it Just make do and pay five coins It is said Master Long had a new title now What is that? The Woman of the King! – Yes, Woman of the King – Yes Why isn’t there any sound? She has shut herself up indoors for six full hours since her return from the government I didn’t expect that Second Master is a royal guard commandant Your noodles! Wait Give it to me Long, Long, the handmade noodles are really terrific There are also your favorite pig’s knuckles Gone again? Princess Zhao of Pingyang and her husband Chai Shao One is a heroine and the other is a brave general They have equal powers I must be candid with you today

I, Li Qingliu, will never leave Long Aoyi From gold thread to Nyuertu, we seem to back up each other unconsciously Maybe we can always work together and help each other to realize dreams as we are doing now How do you know I don’t love a girl? Who do you love or have you loved then? Do you also want to know? Actually… Actually, I love… = Wuyun Pavilion = Come on, let me introduce a new friend to you Come on, have a talk and drink more I didn’t expect that Great job for you! I will drink I will drink What a talent you are! Sorry, Master I didn’t honor my promise to you It is my fault Eleven years ago, I adopted a child She was quick-witted and intelligent So I taught her the secrets of political strategies Many years have passed, she has been proven to be the right person She knows to behave flexibly whoever she encounters She even knows to consider others’ opinions and feelings Now she is almost ready to be independent May I pass this White Fancy Carp to her now? I have hidden myself at Wuyun Pavilion for years But it will come sooner or later I didn’t expect Li Qingliu was the prince and Long has fallen in love with him I am afraid he will take her to Chang’an She is still young If she encounters that person, she will certainly be defeated Master, what shall I do now? Sir, everyone knows Xinsilu is a big store and it is not easy to deal with in the Silver City But I didn’t expect Li Qingliu was a prince growing up off the court Nobody has never heard about it in the past No wonder Mr. Zhu said he was a hard nut to crack He refused to submit Customs Seal or cooperate with the government Maybe he already knew it personally and just lied to you Shut up! I thought I could get rid of him this time But I didn’t expect I almost had myself killed The biggest trouble is there will be severe consequences after he meets His Majesty at the court

Are you worried about the content of the impeachment letter? Hasn’t it been blocked by Council Pang of the Council of Advisors? He and Concubine De are brother and sister and so long as we can realize the marriage between Prince Zhao and Miss Du, – with the powers of the Pangs, we will… – Enough I have considered having marital relations with the royal family But Prince Zhao loves Long Aoyi deeply Wait, according the laws of Tang, no prince is permitted to do businesses We can avail this opportunity to close Xinsilu Store according to law and obtain the Customs Seal After we got it, we will have enough chips to talk to Mr. Pang then This is really a good trick, Master Moreover, declare to the whole city that it is great news for the Silver City to be origin of a prince In order to avoid tainting the prince’s royal status by low businesses, it is necessary to clear the accounts of Xinsilu Store It will have far-reaching impacts on the city To protect trade and commercial orders, we will set up an official market and all key merchants of the city need to be franchised by the government All the merchants of the lower class will be categorized as craftsmen and only registered merchants can enter the market In this way, we can take over all businesses of the city in a justified way OK, go and do it right away I will prepare some valuable gifts for my trip to Chang’an Your… Your… Call me as before Yes, Master What’s up? The governmental runners have come and the ban on the silk stores and banks has been lifted We can resume work with a seal Check the wages and replenish the deficient amount Take it easy I have made the arrangement Moreover, Mr. Lyu is waiting for you at the gate possibly to discuss on the trip to the capital city Tell him I have gone to bed Yes Ma’am, you know it all now Come here, look what I have cooked for you Millet porridge! Whenever you cried as a child, I always cooked millet porridge for you You would stop crying after eating it It is possibly because there was limited food when I was young I can eat all delicacies but rarely the millet porridge when I grow up now Your mother fed you with the first millet porridge personally In that year, I was fifteen years old and was dispatched to serve a concubine You were just born then Later, I fled with her It was very remote You cried very hard We found no food and so begged for millets from the villagers and cooked porridge for you It was very cold Your mother put it close to her bosom to keep it warm and fed you You smiled while eating it Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Are you sure it is true? I have been at a loss these two days I just can’t believe it Later, your adoptive mother accepted us and adopted you as her son Although she died of illness five years later and the Li family also started to decline after that, I promised to make it a secret finally I thought it was something good to live off the court with concealed identity At least,

You can live safely and healthily But I didn’t expect… Why do you still keep that Huluo skirt? Your mother loved you so much She was in deep sorrow at the court If you don’t remember her, who else will remember her in the world? She died of a serious arrow wound But she was already highly depressed before it I used to notice red spots like blood tears at the corners of her eyes Blood tears? But I don’t like to be a prince Can I stay here? You aren’t an ordinary person You are a prince and the off-spring of the royal family Your fate was already determined at the moment of your birth You have no choice It is too unfair Li Qingliu is handsome, rich and, more importantly, the son of an emperor I already recognized the extraordinary look of Li Qingliu and his extraordinary identity Don’t be a Monday morning quarterback I wonder if our master will be a concubine at the court It is great to be a concubine If so, we can go to Chang’an with her It is said the girls in Chang’an are charming with half-shaved eyebrows, half-worn rouges and half-bare bras If our master is dressed up that way… Where is the boss? No more business from now on Why? Pack up and withdraw Sirs, we just paid the money = Notice = All businesses are closed from now on Do not open to business again until a craftsman license is acquired You will be put in jail if you open without a license Miss, Miss, you have drunk too much Miss, where did you go yesterday? We couldn’t find you throughout the Silver City What are you looking for? Heaven? The South Heavenly Gate or the Central Heavenly Gate? Wake up I will fetch you a bowl of sweet soups Where is master? She doesn’t feel good today Come here later whatever you want Even if you are choked, you must stand it for now. Go away Choked? We almost have no food Du Changfeng just issued a decree to close all businesses in the city Master, Master Let them in Go, go Did you drink last night, Master? Get straight to the point Frankly, all businesses are banned in the Silver City now It is said even Xinsilu has been heavily impacted The government has dealt a heavy blow to Longzhu Gang and Xinsilu Du Changfeng just expects to get rid of all competitors and take over all businesses this time He wants to stop our means to make a living Fortunately, Yan Bin and I already reserved the warehouses along the river course as per the Master’s advice We finally survived the case of Weng Dayou Otherwise, many of our brothers and people will starve to death at this time of disasters Our master and Master Li, the new prince are forward-looking enough, aren’t they? What is the plan of our master next? A girl is reluctant to stay with parents after growing up She certainly wishes to go together with the new prince One is the prince and the other is a gang master Impossible! Why? Everything that can be done is done Just wait for it patiently Then, you will not meet the new prince again? I am talking about the water transport

It depends on destiny for the water transport business to flourish We still have two points that require our bribery now I recommend we go to the Silk Store to discuss with them Forget it, he is a prince How can he have time for our livelihood? Just make an arrangement for a meeting at the station tomorrow = Xinsilu = Great to see you, Your Highness! Good morning, Mr. Lyu Good morning, Your Highness! Everything is ready for the trip to the capital city His Majesty is waiting for us Please set out for the capital city with me as soon as possible Give me some more time I will set out after my jobs are finished The royal order must be observed If you delay it, the evil people will have more chances and even people of the silk store may be involved and decapitated Are you threatening me? No, of course But various forces are about to break out in the Silver City now If we delay the trip, the silk store will just vanish even if you are a prince Your Highness, why not grasp on this opportunity and strive for it? Only a capable person can protect anyone he wishes to protect Master, I agree with Mr. Lyu Okay But please give me another favor, Mr. Lyu Miss, eat it as it is hot Look, we have our warehouses in Tianshui, Luoyang and Guangling now Calculate it Buy all the other warehouses tomorrow Impossible It is your dowry We can make money in the future But we can’t miss the chance No more argument Master Come in, please Second Master… General Lyu Master and Xiaoqin, I am coming to say good-bye I don’t know when we can meet again after departure I thought Longzhu Gang was just a temporary chip to the royal guard commandant But I always remember the hard days we spent together in the past Without your help in the past years, Longzhu Gang wouldn’t be what it is now We may not meet again in the future after your departure for Chang’an Please accept my gratitude Master, please! You will always be my master for my life If you need my assistances in the future, please hold it and look for me at the seventh shop on Zhuque Street in Chang’an Thanks a lot When are you leaving? Two days at the latest Accept this from His Highness Bye! Have a meeting at the silk store at noon tomorrow Xiaoqin Feng Where is Long? Miss has gone to bed I will tell her now No need Why do you have this in hand? The new prince makes an appointment with Miss at noon tomorrow I am going to iron the clothes It is necessary to dress up prettily on such an important day It seems destiny determines all without notice Nothing special. I hope Long can come here after she finishes her job tomorrow I have something for her

Okay You also need to have a rest after work Otherwise, you won’t be pretty enough to gain the favor of Yan Bin Aoyi, to be honest with you, actually, I love you I… I love you too Xiaoqin, is there a folk book called Master Zhou’s Interpretation of Dreams? It says dreams are associated with reality As Xu the Incredible said, dream reflects one’s yearning Some dreams are really forebodings Not yet finished You look pretty in everything The light green one looks nice This pink embroidered one is also pretty The yellow color fits your skins best Master Li used to wear something like this fabric You just expect him to like your dress too What nonsense! You are even more imaginative than I am Please learn something more useful from the storytellers As the storyteller says, you and Master Li already developed special relations at Wanhua It is the same as the story I think it is just a joke instead of special relations The first appointment with him became a laughingstock For this second appointment with him, he has become a prince Just forget his identity Human beings are all emotional You must have a lot to share with him Just tell him how you feel He is leaving tomorrow anyway It isn’t humiliating at all whatever happens Put the two meat dishes there Put the two vegetarian dishes here Master, as Xiaoqin said, these are all favorites of Master Long What else do you wish to add? It is enough Isn’t it peony, the favorite of Master Long? Have you spent much time making it? What a gossiper! Do you expect to express your love for Master Long today? Time is limited Have you determined what to say then? = Wuyun Pavilion = Old boozer! Old boozer! I have taken the toad liquor for you White Fancy Carp, there is no escape for you I am also tired after such a long time of hide and seek Take the White Fancy Carp to your master Master! – Miss, what is up? – Master! Is Master here today? Mr. Tan is coming to drink with Feng today They should be in here now Xiaoqin, go and call the government soldiers

Master, open the door Feng! Master! Feng! Feng! Open the door Open the door, Feng! Get away Master! Master! Push open the door Master! – Stop – Stop Don’t run away Master, what is up? Why does he want to kill you? Long, leave here and hide yourself with concealed identity Stay away from Chang’an Got it? I see. No more talk Help me find a doctor Okay Don’t call a doctor I want to drink some liquors Drink good liquors Liquor Master Good liquor Really good liquor Give me more Feng! Feng! Don’t leave me alone, Master! ♪ I embarked on the journey when I was young ♪ ♪ Now I have experienced everything and I’m still alone ♪ ♪ I ever lost myself and complained ♪ ♪ Nobody knows what I have experienced ♪ ♪ Clear up the mist and warm the loner ♪ ♪ You are smiling like before in Spring breeze ♪ ♪ Time blurs the pain of separation ♪ ♪ I’d like to be with you for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the desert ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the misty Spring rain ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the secular world ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the mountains and roads ♪ ♪ Let’s watch ever-changing clouds ♪ ♪ Let’s watch blooming and withering flowers ♪ ♪ Let’s watch people missing each other ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the boundless sea ♪ ♪ Clear up the mist and warm the loner ♪ ♪ You are smiling like before in Spring breeze ♪ ♪ Time blurs the pain of separation ♪ ♪ I’d like to be with you for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the desert ♪

♪ Let’s watch the misty Spring rain ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the secular world ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the boundless sea ♪ ♪ Sparks are still shining in your eyes ♪ ♪ I look forward to the day we get together ♪