Holiday Crime Prevention Meeting 101216

(people speaking quietly) – [Paul] You guys ready?

You guys ready? All right – Okay, we’ll go ahead and get started How’s everyone doing this evening? All right, fantastic Well, we anticipate that the room will fill up as we progress through the presentation But before we get started, I just wanted to introduce myself My name is Sean Washington I am a captain at the police department So I oversee the special investigation or Special Operations Unit at the police department, which basically consists of all of our detectives So on behalf of Chief Richard Lucero who would normally be here today, I’m kind of filling in for him And he wanted to pass along his sincere thanks for all of you showing up today to participate in this presentation We believe that this is valuable information for all of you, as well as the rest of the community, to help protect you against some of more common types of crimes associated with the holiday season So we hope that you find this useful The detectives have put together, I think, a fantastic presentation that I think we can all benefit from I appreciate these types of meetings because A, obviously, we police any community, law enforcement polices any community with the consent and the cooperation of the public, right? We serve We work for you all And so it is a partnership It’s the police department, but really, the partnership is the cooperation we get from our community A lot of the success that we’ve had traditionally has been a direct result of our participation and our cooperation with the community We solve most of our crimes because you guys help us solve the crimes So, you know, presentations like this are very valuable indeed So before we get started, just a few ground rules The detectives here are gonna go through the presentation You’re probably gonna have some questions as the presentation progresses, but to be respectful of everyone’s time and to make sure that we can get through all of the material, I just ask that you make a mental note of that question, and then we’ll have some time at the end in which you can raise your hand, answer those questions Now, we’re scheduled to go to about 8:30 Some of the detectives might have to skip out and leave right at 8:30 or a little bit before If for some reason we can’t answer all the questions that you have today, we’ll take your name, we’ll take your information, and we’ll follow up with you, okay? I want to make sure everybody has an opportunity to get their questions answered for sure Please turn off any cell phones, I know we still have to stay connected, as do I, but put it on vibrate or low volume or something like that If you forget, no problem (chuckles) No problem, we’re not gonna, you know, kick you out or anything like that but, we just ask just to be, just so it’s not disruptive that you silence your cell phones, so With that, I’m gonna stay through the presentation as well If you have any questions for me specifically, which I doubt because these folks are the people who do the actual work at the department, I’ll be hanging around back as well, so With that said, I think it’s time to get started, and I will turn it over to Sergeant McCormick Thank you – Thank you sir So just to kind of follow up on what Captain Washington said,

we’re gonna try to address all your questions at the end, but again, if we don’t get to it, or if there’s a time, or you have a question after this presentation, you can certainly reach out to us, and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible I don’t want to take up too much time, but I’m just going to kind of give you a general overview of the investigative unit that Captain Washington oversees There are actually two investigative units One of them is the Crimes Against Persons Unit, and they’re primarily responsible for investigating crimes, violent crimes like sexual assault, robbery, homicide, any kind of crimes against children, that type of case And then on the other side of the hallway is my unit, which is the General Assignment Unit, and we primarily investigate property-related offenses, such as residential burglaries, commercial burglaries, auto theft, auto break-ins, identity theft, and, you know, those type of crimes And what I can tell you is that, although Fremont is a very safe neighborhood, community, with respect to violent crime, we do have our fair share of property-related offenses And so when a crime of that nature gets perpetrated, patrol officers go out there and take the primary investigation, you’ll see them either as CSOs, or uniform patrol officers, they’ll go out and take the primary report, and then based upon the solvability factors that are involved in each and every case, I look at every case and I make a determination as to whether or not I’m gonna assign it to one of my detectives for follow-up As you can see, we have six burglary detectives who primarily investigate burglary-related offenses Two fraud detectives who investigate all natures of fraud, identity theft, online scams And then I have one detective that’s assigned to a regional task force that deals primarily with computer forensics And then I have another detective who is assigned to another task force which deals with mostly high-tech crimes, or crimes involving large-scale theft of computer-related components So I supervise 10 detectives, eight of them are in-house So you can see that, although we have a very large community, we really only have a small number of detectives And so it’s my responsibility to triage those cases and assign those cases that I think, based upon the facts of the case, are gonna get us the greatest results So oftentimes, people will call in and say, “Hey, are you gonna investigate my case? “My house was broken into, my items were taken.” And unfortunately, in many of the cases, because there’s no evidence or anything to follow up on, we just don’t have the resources to investigate those cases So what I think this presentation will hope to accomplish is to give you some tools, some resources, some guidance to help prevent you from being a victim in the first place, but also if you do happen to be a victim of any kind of property-related offense, maybe give you some tools or some guidelines on how to best help us catch the perpetrators through video surveillance, and so on and so forth So, without much ado, I don’t know if there’s a way we can put the, there we go So if you could come up here, I’ll do some real quick introductions Like I said, my name is Paul McCormick, I’m the sergeant in charge of the General Assignment Unit I’ll go through and introduce all the detectives that are present here tonight, and then they’ll jump into their presentations, and then like we said, at the end of the presentations, we’ll have an opportunity to go through and answer any questions First off is Detective Travis Macdonald He’s my right-hand man He’s kind of my go-to guy He’s been in the unit for several years, and he’s in a semi-permanent status, which means that he’s gonna be there for quite some time, so he’s kind of the guy that I lean to when it comes to making decisions related to assigning cases Detective Boyd is not here tonight, she is one of our fraud investigators, and her counterpart in that endeavor is Detective Adam Foster And then Detective Stone is unavailable tonight, and there’s our burglary investigators Detective Ceniceros, right behind me Detective Stillitano, right there Detective Johnson, Natasha Johnson And then finally, Detective Bryan Hollifield So this is your General Assignment Unit, and these are the folks that are gonna be going out there and doing all the good work to help recover the property that is taken, and help catch those offenders who are out there committing those crimes What I can tell you real quickly is that in 2013, the police department initiated a project called Operation Sentinel And essentially, in a nutshell, what Operation Sentinel was is it was an intelligence-led policing effort where we focused

not necessarily on the crime, but we focused on the criminal And the reason we did that is we found that the vast majority of crimes committed in Fremont are committed by a very limited population And a lot of those folks that commit crimes in Fremont surprisingly enough don’t even live in Fremont They come from outside the area, they know the demographics of Fremont, they know that this is a upper-scale, upper-class community, mostly residential, and so it is, for lack of a better term, it’s a good place to go if you were a criminal So just to kind of give you some real quick stats, since initiating that, if I can get my phone to work here, since initiating that endeavor, I can tell you that in 2013, I’m sorry, 2012, the year before we initiated Operation Sentinel, Fremont had 916 residential burglaries, which is about three burglaries per day in the city of Fremont And since that time, the last recorded yearly stats was 2015, and in 2015, we recorded 535 residential burglaries So a fairly significant drop in a very short amount of time And while I would like to say that the lion’s share of the credit goes to the police department for solving all that and doing that, really, like Captain Washington said, it’s also in response to the efforts that you as citizens have done in making our community safer And that’s through making phone calls, calling in those suspicious activities, going through video surveillance, and installing video surveillance so that if we do get a crime, we’re able to look at video surveillance and go after the perpetrators So it is, as Captain Washington said, it is a collaboration between you of the citizens and us as the investigators And I think if we continue down those, that road, I think we’re going to see a continuing fall in our crime stats So with that, I’m going to turn it over to I think, Travis is going to be our first one, so again, thank you for your time, and we’ll see you at the end of the presentation – [Travis] Thank you, Sergeant Good evening everyone, I hope everyone’s having a good day Good evening I’m going to speak about residential burglary prevention and folks, you’re going to see me probably peek up here once in a while over at the screen It’s just to keep me, keep me on course ’cause I’ll sit here and talk to you guys all night long So residential burglary prevention, residential burglary, does everybody know what that means? Okay, I’m sure everybody does So basically what it is, and we’re just gonna give you guys some facts about residential burglaries that happened in the city of Fremont, and then some ways to maybe prevent you and your families from becoming victimized, or at least, at the very least, make it harder for these people to victimize you and your families, okay? So residential burglary became a Whoa, lost me Already we’re off on that one Thank you sir, I appreciate that So, residential burglary became a very high priority for the administration here to combat back a few years ago We realized that we had a significant residential burglary and property-related crime problem in the city, and that was something that the Chief made a primary goal that he wanted to address, and he wanted to address it aggressively And that’s where, like what Sergeant McCormick was talking about, where Operation Sentinel came from The goal was basically to keep residents safe and prevent property theft, that’s what Operation Sentinel was designed for, and that’s what, that’s why it’s been so successful And like Sergeant McCormick said, we have six Fremont PD detectives assigned to investigate residential burglaries, as well as a couple of others And we work very often with other outside agencies, other units inside of our, outside of our police department as well And we work all the time with these units, and we’ve seen some very good success So, we’re going to go over just a few of the burglary trends here So, we have found, through the data that we gathered and analyzed that most residential burglaries are occurring between about 8 A.M. and about 4 P.M Anybody have any guess why those are the times that they’re occurring? Everybody’s at work Everybody’s gone, there’s nobody at home So that’s, that’s the primary time that these are happening Now obviously, there are times that these happen outside of that, but this is what we’ve broken down and figured out, so And oftentimes, we found that the suspects that are involved in these kinds of crimes, they will try and make contact at the house prior to finding a way to break in And by contact, we mean usually knocking on the door They’ll stay in there, they’ll knock on the door, they’ll ring the doorbell You’ve probably seen some YouTube videos or videos on, you know, online or through the news media that, you know,

you’ll see somebody knocking on the door, and then you find out later that the house got burglarized What these people are doing is they’re checking to see if anybody’s home, and if they are, and you answer your door, generally they’ll have kind of a, kind of a real quick story, “Is Jimmy home? “I’m looking for my dog “Can I borrow your phone?” You know, something like that And then they’ll generally go on about their way realizing that that’s probably not the place to hit So that’s one way that they are probably trying to find out if that’s gonna be a good, good target to, a good residence to target for burglary So, we’re talking about some common methods of entry By enter, I mean how these people are actually getting into your homes We’ve found that, I think, it was almost one in four of our burglaries were committed because the residents had left either a window or door unlocked, unlocked on unsecured Especially like during the summertime when it’s hot, people don’t want to run their AC all day, they wanna come home to a nice cool house, they leave a window open That is, we’ve found that a lot of suspects, that’s how they’re getting in, they’re getting in because there was nothing to prevent them from breaking into the house outside of just an open window We’re finding that another common way is that, these suspects will either pry or smash open a window just to get in These are not particularly bright people that are breaking into people’s homes, okay? They’ll just use brute force sometimes to get in these homes whether it’s throwing a rock through a window, or prying open a window with some kind of tool Another way we found, it’s a less common way but it does still happen is what we call a door kick, or a body-forced entry, and that’s where someone will just use their feet or their shoulder or whatever it is and just break in through a door, whether it’s an exterior door to get them into a garage and then they can get in to the residence through the interior door, or whatever That does happen, we do see that, you know, not too frequently but it does still occur That is another method that we’re seeing people break into other people’s homes Common property that’s taken, it’s included but this is definitely not limited to; Small electronics, iPhones, iPads, tablets, computers, TVs, we see a lot of TVs getting taken now Jewelry, gold right now is a big thing If these folks get in to people’s homes, and they can grab gold, the gold is, they can turn it around for cash within an hour, two hours of that burglary Very, very quick turnaround We’re seeing a lot of things like firearms being taken These people that are breaking into homes, a lot of times, these are street gang members and they are trying to arm themselves so they can deal with other street gangs that they’re at war with and whatnot, so we are seeing a lot of, a lot of firearms that are being targeted And then of course, we’ve got just your normal currency, cash left in the house, checkbooks, credit cards, things like that that are left unsecured and inside of a residence We are seeing a lot of that being taken as well So, prevention These are just some ideas They may work for you, they may not work for you It’s up to you guys to decide, you guys are homeowners, so we’re just gonna give you some ideas and some things to think about with how to make your houses a little more secure, and make yourselves less appealing to be victimized Number one, this sounds silly, lock all your doors and windows That will, if people would start doing that a little bit more often, you will start seeing burglary numbers go down even more than they already have That is, that is, you know, one in four of these is because people are leaving doors unlocked and windows unsecured Another good way to keep things in your house is to lock them all into a safe Now I don’t mean just like a little safe that you can get on eBay for 60 bucks that you can just slide into a closet and, you know, you can move around your house like the size of a breadbox I’m talking a good sized safe, one that you can bolt to a wall, or you can secure to your floor Now I have a safe in my garage of all places, all of my firearms go in there, all of our paperwork for our children, anything like that we need to definitely keep, we put it in that safe It is bolted to the ground They’re not going out of there with that safe That’s where we keep all of our valuables It’s also fireproof which, we’ll see how that goes, but Anyways, that’s definitely the route to go, if you’re gonna get a safe, spend the money and get yourself a safe that you can bolt down to a wall or the floor Display alarm signs or stickers This actually goes quite a long ways Some of the suspects that we’ve talked to, and a lot of them will talk to us and they’ll tell us their methods and why they do what they do, and how they get into houses and why they choose houses, they will tell us, “I don’t go near homes that have alarms, “because they’re unpredictable “Do you have a window break alarm? “Do you have an alarm that’s gonna open if it slides? “Do you have motion detectors? “It’s too risky.” And if somebody sees that your house is all lit up with stickers, whether or not you have an alarm or not, they’re probably not going to pay much attention to that house, they’re probably gonna go try and find a better house to burglarize They’re easy to get, you can get just the stickers alone,

you can spend a couple of bucks and get them online They’re cheap, it is a very easy way to make yourself look unappealing, even if you don’t want to spend the money on a high-tech system Install locks on all side gate access points What I mean by that is a little padlock, or a little key lock that you can put so that your side gate access, you can’t just pop that thing down and walk right through the back We’ve seen it a million times where, once the suspect gets in that backyard and it’s the middle of the day, they can do whatever they want in that backyard as long as they want, because they’re there and they’re concealed, and it’s real hard, unless your neighbor’s outside or somebody else is outside to see, “Hey, this guy just walked into my neighbor’s house, “and I don’t know, you know, who they are.” It’s really, really, it’s difficult, it’s difficult for them and we’re trying to make it more difficult for them, so if they can just punch their way through the gate, then they’re in the backyard If you got a lock on that gate, and that gate is secured, and they have to jump the fence to get over it, that’s pretty odd, and generally, people are gonna notice that kind of stuff if they’re out and about and you know your neighbors and whatnot, and they happen to see somebody jump over somebody’s fence, I know my neighbors, they’re all gonna call the police right away if they see somebody go over my fence, ’cause I put a lock on my gate, if they see somebody go over my fence that isn’t me, they’re gonna call And that’s the kind of thing that we want, we want you folks to be there for your neighbors, and to secure your own, secure your own houses as well as best you can Installing exterior motion lights, this is another fairly cost-effective way to prevent or deter these people from targeting your homes You can get them at Home Depot, Lowe’s, you can get them online, you can get them on Amazon, all kinds of stuff Really easy to install, just takes a few minutes, and they’re motion lights, just like it says, as soon as the light goes on, you know, that person, if they’re creeping around in your yard and it’s dark out, all of a sudden the light comes on, they’re probably not going to stay in that yard too long, unless they believe that you’re not home So those are just, another easy way to, you know, save a little bit of money and at the same time, make your house a little bit less desirable And then, this is a big one that we kind of push pretty hard is invest in an alarm or surveillance camera system There are a million different alarms, there are a million different surveillance systems out there We certainly are not going to recommend vendors or anything like that, but just having something in your house, anything in your house, it’s a deterrent, especially if you’ve got that coupled with a bunch of, you know, display alarms signs, alarm signs that are on display, stickers and things like that It’s going to go a long way when somebody is walking your block, looking to victimize somebody and break into somebody’s house, and they see those things, they see the cameras outside, they see the stickers outside, they are not going to want to go into your house, and if they are, they’re dumb, ’cause we’re gonna catch ’em, it’s just that simple These alarm systems and these surveillance systems, they make ’em, they make ’em great now, they got phenomenal, phenomenal cameras out there that just get great pictures We get people that work with us all the time that are, that’s one of our primary ways that we catch people is we get good people like you who care about your community that call us and go, “I just saw this weird car, “and they were driving around, “I think they came out of my neighbors yard, “and here’s a great picture of it.” And then we can go run with that, we do that all the time, that’s how we wind up catching people, because people have got good surveillance systems, and then they call us It’s really a very effective way for us to do follow-up work and find these people that are breaking into people’s homes And with that, I am going to end my portion of the, the presentation I greatly appreciate you guys comin’ out tonight, you obviously care about your community, you care about wanting to interact with us, and we love that Thank you very much for comin’ out here, I’ll be happy to stick around and answer any questions you have at the end of that presentation I think Natasha’s up (crowd applauding) – [Natasha] Hello, I’m going to present to you tonight about auto burglaries as well as vehicle thefts You’re going to see some trends tonight on how to prevent these things Oftentimes what burglars do and thieves, they like the easy way, right? So, you’re seeing the theme of put up maybe some signs, lighting, make it harder for someone to want to choose your car, and move on to the next easiest car to steal, or house to burglarize So before we get into all that, we’re gonna talk about some burglary, auto burglary facts Let’s see here Approximately $1.26 billion dollars worth of items were stolen from vehicles And vehicles, as Travis was speaking about, approximately a fourth of homes are left unlocked, and people go into there as a crime of opportunity, same with vehicles, so you want to make sure to roll up your windows, lock your doors, make sure your vehicle is completely secure to help prevent a burglar from getting into it It can take approximately just under 30 seconds for someone to break into your car, take what they want, and go So it’s a very quick occurring crime, and most common things that are taken are what’s left out,

things that you guys want, or things that thieves want as well, so those are sunglasses, sometimes stereo systems, they’ll break in just to steal the stereo system, computers, purses, anything that you don’t want someone to take, don’t leave in there So I was, as I was already getting into burglary prevention for automobiles, you want to park in a well-lit area If you live in an apartment complex, sometimes you can’t necessarily choose where you park so you have assigned parking and there’s visitor parking, but do everything you can to park in an area that is well-lit If they are going to choose a car and your area is lit up like a Christmas tree, then they’re likely, possibly move from your car onto another one ’cause when you’re in the shadows and doing this at night, they’re not gonna see you as likely if you are, if your vehicle’s parked in the light As we were talking about, you want to place everything that you want, that you keep in your car, outside of your car, or if that’s not possible, let’s say you’re at work, you have to bring your laptop with you, and then you go to lunch, you still have your laptop, you don’t want to bring it in to your lunch slot, put it in the trunk If they can’t see it, they don’t know it’s there, hopefully Let’s see here, what else we want to, like we were saying, conceal everything, make sure everything’s all locked up, you don’t want to leave anything of value in your car If you want it, don’t leave it in there and if you have to, make sure it’s concealed So as we’ve been talking about, the theme is try not to give someone a chance to victimize you Sometimes it’s a crime of opportunity They are, suspects will walk around, they’ll look for something easy If you’re not the easy, your chrome’s not the easy to get, if your car’s not the easy one to get, then it’s possible that they’ll move on Now as continuing with the same theme, vehicle thefts, so that’s when your vehicle, your whole vehicle itself is stolen, and taken away, how many people here have been a victim of a vehicle theft? Okay It’s definitely a feeling that someone violates your privacy Not only that, it’s expensive When they steal your vehicle, it’s often damaged, and not something that you can turn over to your insurance, oftentimes insurance companies, you can have a $500 premium, or a $1,000 premium, or possibly higher, and you can either choose to pay that and then incur increased insurance rates for a while after that, or pay it out of pocket, so it is a very frustrating thing I’ve definitely been a victim of it myself, and it, like I said, it’s a feeling of violation, and frustrating So the most common vehicles that are stolen are older Hondas and Toyotas Oftentimes what crooks will do, they will have a shaved key A shaved key is any kind of car key, and you just shave the sides of it, so it becomes more flat, and it will fit into the keyhole With my car that was stolen when I was in college, I could truly open up the lock to the car, the handle, and do it with the corner of my credit card That’s how bad it was It was a 1996 Ford Escort I could start the ignition just with the tip of the key in there It was great for college, very cheap, but not the best Needless to say after it was stolen, and I became a police officer, I got a new one But, unfortunately, these cars are very easy to steal Along with the commonly stolen vehicles, full size pickup trucks are stolen Oftentimes pickup trucks and vans are work vans, or trucks, and people like those for all the tools inside of them Unfortunately if you work construction, you may have been a victim of this If you have a work truck, they’re often targeted for that So, and we were talking about auto burglaries can occur in less than 30 seconds A vehicle theft can occur just under a minute Truly, if you have the right tools, the scissors can get you in the car, a butter knife, a shaved key, unlock it, get in, start it, and you’re gone So for prevention, it’s gonna be along the same lines as prevention for home burglaries and auto burglaries You want to try and park in a well-lit area Don’t leave your vehicle unlocked And if you do have any anti-theft devices, so that’s a car alarm, anything to secure your ignition, any kind of engine lock, you want to try and put those on every single time And if your car is stolen, it is important for you guys to have the information of your vehicle, so oftentimes everyone keeps their registration and stuff like that in car, and you don’t necessarily know your license plate number, what happens when you know your vehicle is stolen, you have to call our dispatch and the first thing they ask you, “What’s your license plate number?

“I don’t know it.” It could take them a handful of minutes to look it up Sometimes we drive vehicles don’t necessarily, are registered to us, so let’s say I drive my husband’s vehicle, but it’s only registered under him, so it takes much longer for dispatch to find you, rather than if you know your license plate number, they can enter it into the system much faster, and therefore, when your vehicle’s entered into our stolen vehicle system, any officer in the whole country that sees it, runs the license plate, then it will come up as stolen Along the same lines for when your vehicle is stolen, or let’s say if your vehicle is burglarized, first thing you want to do when your vehicle’s burglarized, you want to look through and see what they took Well, when you look through and see what the suspects may have taken, you leave your fingerprints more in the car, and therefore, when the officers come to check for fingerprints in the car, after you’ve touched everything, the officers aren’t going to be able to print it because, likely, all they’re going to get is your prints, so if you get your vehicle back from either it being stolen, or if you are a victim of an auto burglary, you want to make sure to wait until the officer gets there to touch anything inside your vehicle And that’s about all I got on that, and I believe next is going to be package theft by Detective Stillitano (crowd applauding) – [Nino] Good evening, folks My name’s Nino Stillitano, I’m one of the six burglary detectives So I hope to be half as eloquent as the first two speakers, but we’ll try to get through it either way So the crime that we’re talking about that I’m going to present about is package thefts Some see it as less serious, but it’s much more pervasive It affects, you know, every neighborhood because in every neighborhood, people are gonna buy packages online, they have them delivered at their front porch, and, you know, if somebody sees ’em, something on their front porch, a bigger package usually is a bigger prize, and that’s gonna get taken So, one of the most common form of package thefts is usually gonna be the typical thing, a, you know, UPS, UPS, they drop something off on your front porch, but we also see it at commercial buildings or in apartment complexes Again, it’s one of the more prevalent crimes that occur in, within the city of Fremont, any kind of residential area But especially during the holiday season And this is mainly because, typically, the average value of a package delivered more than triples during the holiday season And that seems pretty logical, you tend to buy nice presents for your loved ones This also makes it one of the more aggravating crimes for you folks because it doesn’t affect just you You can always buy something else for yourself, but it typically affects a loved one, a child, someone you’re gonna buy a present for So one of the more difficult things about this crime to investigate, one is it happens very quickly Usually, it happens in a couple different ways, but typically, either a suspect’s gonna be following a UPS truck and wait for it to make a delivery, and it sees it, you know, make a deliver of a nice, big package, maybe in a convenient spot for them to take it, or maybe they’re just driving through the neighborhood, and again, they’re looking for the bigger packages, assuming they get a bigger prize out of it The other difficult thing for us to investigate is that, unlike a burglary or a vehicle theft which, you come home, see your house is broken into, your car’s missing, you’re gonna report that typically right away With a package theft, sometimes you assume, “Okay, well, UPS or, you know, DHL, “maybe they’re delayed a couple of days”, and you go online and you find out, “Oh they delivered”, and then you gotta make some follow-up phone calls So sometimes there’s a delay in reporting, or it doesn’t get reported at all, because maybe the value of the package is so low that you say, “Okay, I’ll just buy another one”, or maybe you got insurance and it’s gonna get taken care of So, that makes it difficult for us because sometimes suspects will steal, you know, 15, 20, 25 packages before it even starts to get reported, and become a trend for us to look into One other thing that’s aggravating for you folks is that, usually, people aren’t buying insurance for packages maybe under 100 bucks, so unlike maybe credit card fraud that Detective Foster’s gonna talk about, you’re not gonna be compensated by the company you buy it from, or the shipping company unless they can, you know, you have some sort of insurance for it So the things we’re gonna talk about today as far as prevention, they go into two categories like Detective Johnson was talking about Half of them are to prevent the crimes from happening in the first place, deter it, you know, make you the less likely victim, and the other half of things are kind of for our benefit, to make it a little bit easier for us to follow up and actually investigate these crimes So first and foremost, install video surveillance, and I think you’re gonna hear that as a reoccurring theme throughout the night It’s one of the greatest tools that are afforded to us, and you know, this 21st century of policing is we get to actually record the crime actually taking place So when it comes to us following up on it, if we get a nice, big picture, a high resolution of somebody taking, you know, your $1,000 sound system that was left on your porch, then we can, you know,

send that to the media, we send it to other police officers in the county throughout the department, and if it’s a well-known crook, usually if someone can say, “Yup, I know that guy, I just arrest him last month.” And Detective Hollifield is gonna talk more about surveillance cameras, but they are a huge asset for us The other thing is also people tend to notice, crooks will tend to notice when a house does have surveillance cameras, so it provides a good deterrent as well So a bunch of options for you guys to help prevent this crime to happen in the first place Package, if you could have your packages sent to the company itself, so if you buy something, let’s say from Brookstone, so you guys know what Brookstone is, right? Cool electronic gadgets? So oftentimes instead of buying it online and having it shipped to your house, you can have, pick it up straight from the store So if that’s convenient for you, maybe Walmart, Target, they have that option, so instead of delivering it, just go down to your local Walmart, Target, wherever, and pick it up there Another related option is having it sent to a shipping facility, so if you’re ordering through UPS, there’s a bunch of shipping hubs or shipping facilities, I know there’s one in Fremont, and you can request that they just keep it at the shipping center and you’ll drive down there So if it’s not a local store, maybe it’s an online-only retailer, they can have the package left there at the hub so you can drive over there and pick it up You can have the time specific deliveries, so you can request to have, you know, a delivery made only after a certain time, and not every shipping courier is gonna have that option for you, but if you work a very specific schedule, like a nine to five kind of thing, you know no one’s gonna be home before 5:00, you can request to have a package sent or delivered within a specific time frame This is a big one, so I did this recently, I upgraded to an iPhone 7 It’s fantastic, I recommend it highly But you track your packages So obviously I knew that I wasn’t gonna be home before about 5:00, and I knew that it was gonna get delivered between 11:00 and 3:00, so I said, “All right, I’m gonna coordinate with my neighbor, “’cause I don’t want it to get stolen, “’cause I don’t want to pay for insurance”, and I had my neighbor come over as soon as I got the email alert, “Hey, your package is delivered “Have your neighbor come over and pick it up for you.” Which leads into my next one, so have a neighbor pick it up So if you have maybe a neighbor that stays home all day, a retired neighbor or something like that, just ask them, “Hey listen, I’m waiting for a couple packages “Do me a favor and just, you know, look out your window “and I think sometime today I should be getting a package.” The last one here, I’m sorry, this is not the last one, I have more slides, use your work place as a shipping address The caveat to this is you wanna ask your work place, your employer, if that’s gonna be okay, but typically it’s much safer to have something shipped to a work place, and especially if there’s a receptionist there can sign for the packages That’s actually much safer So another option that almost every shipping courier has is to require a signature for delivery So this is very good for the high-end electronics, anything high-dollar amount, but request that it’s signature-only So the thing with this is sometimes, the more expensive packages that’ll come pre-required where if you buy again, like my phone, it required them that I had signed for package when it gets there Most couriers now allow you to pre-sign for things online, so be cognizant of that, try not to pre-sign for ’em, because essentially, that defeats the purpose of the signature requirement, they’ll just leave it at your door, and then you can fall victim to package thefts So checking the shipping options, and make sure we pick one that’s most convenient for you Again, if you know that you’re not gonna be there for a couple of days, maybe you pick the slower shipping option, so it’s gonna show up at the second half of the week, maybe when you’re gonna be home Some people that run a home business, you know, it’s part of their business that they buy things online and they’re gonna be receiving packages on a regular basis So sometimes we’ll recommend, if you’re gonna be getting packages multiple times per week, you know, you don’t want to be factoring that into your business model of, you know, 10% loss of package theft every year So maybe it’s a good idea to invest in a PO box, or like a Mail Box Etc., where they can accept packages for you And then, last one which kind of thinkin’ outside of the box but, you can also request, with most shipping companies, that they not just leave something on your front porch So, if you have a car that’s always parked in the driveway, you can just leave a note or you can send them an email, call them, say, “Hey leave the car”, I’m sorry, “Leave the package under the car, “or put it maybe under the doormat, “put it over a fence”, something like that where it’s not gonna be very common, I’m sorry, not very easily seen Unfortunately when packages are left on a porch, people just driving down the street, everyone knows when there’s a package left on the porch, it’s the most common place, so Hopefully you guys found this valuable, we’ll take some questions at the end Thank you And next — (crowd applauding) Identity theft and scams with Detective Foster – [Adam] Whoop, I’m not very good at talkin’ into mics and whatnot, so, I apologize in advance

Next slide All right So, I’m one of your two fraud detectives This is time to start to start you forward Can you, can you tell me what’s written up there around that triangle? Pressure, opportunity, rationalization, right? So, the pressure, and this is, this is from the crooks so I want you to think like a crook What’s a pressure, right? What’s a pressure? You want, what? Money! Lots and lots of money, right? It could be for greed, nationalistic views, it could be because you want to buy a Mercedes, I don’t know but that’s their pressure, right? Rationalization These are fraudsters What’s their rationalization? Ma’am, if I steal your credit card, go out, and buy a bunch of stuff at Target or The Hub, and you call your credit card and say, “Hey, that’s not me buying 50 gallons of bird seed “at The Hub”, what’s your credit card gonna do? – [Crowd Member] They’ll send out an alert – [Adam] They’ll send out an alert, but what happens to your money? Are you gonna owe $80,000 of bird seed? – [Crowd Member] No – [Adam] No, no Now you’re still a victim, a victim of identity theft, ’cause somebody used your name and your credit card number to buy something, but who’s gonna, who’s gonna eat the cost? – [Crowd Member] They are – [Adam] The bank, right? It’s a lot of money So rationalization is what? These crooks are going, “I’m not hurtin’ you “I’m not hurtin’ you “I didn’t hurt you either.” Right? It’s just big bank, you know? Like in Fight Club, let’s blow up the credit unions and all that stuff, right? So, they rationalize it this way “I’m not hurting the little people, I’m hurting the banks, “I don’t care.” The most important part of this triangle is opportunity The opportunity is when, and can you guys hear me? ‘Cause I can hear myself Is that good, better? Okay So the opportunity is when they think they can get in your pocket and get in the bank’s pocket, right? And this is what we’re gonna talk about a little bit is some of the opportunities of when they can get into your pocket, right? And just for your information, this is called Cressey’s Fraud Triangle, and it’s kind of like our little fraud temple there Next slide So, well, I put all kinds of neat gimmicks in there ’cause I’m not very good at bullets, so ignore those bullets for now, ’cause they were supposed to pop up, and do cool stuff, but apparently that didn’t work So grandparent scams, does anybody know what a grandparent scam is? Anybody? What’s a grandparent scam, sir? (crowd member speaking softly) And do it quick, and what time do they usually call? – [Crowd Member] Usually evening when you’re sleeping – [Adam] Yeah, yeah, or, you know, 0100 in the morning, somebody’s gonna call you up and say, “Hey, grandpa”, and they won’t even say their name ’cause they don’t necessarily know your grand kid’s name “Grandpa”, and you’ll be like, “Billy is that you? “Why yeah, yeah it is me “It’s Billy, that’s right, and I’m in jail “And I need $10,000 and by the way, “I’m gonna hand off the phone to Captain Gurgareena “right here who’s going to “tell you how much the bail costs”, and then he’s going to hand the phone off to somebody who sounds very official, and says, “Hey, I’m Captain Gurgareena and this is what you gotta do “for the bail”, and blah blah blah, right? So They’ve had different versions of this throughout the years, and this also relates to the IRS scam How many of you have heard of the IRS scam? Oh yeah, that’s right, oldie but goodie, right? Same thing “Hey I’m, I’m, you know, Special Agent, you know, “Buck Rogers from the IRS and you sir owe me $10,000 “in back taxes and you need to go down to 7-11 “and buy yourself $10,000 in Green Dot cards “and stick ’em in that little ATM and send them to “Palm Springs, California.” That’s an actual case I had, right? Now, she’s gonna be laughin’, but what are they doin’ when they say this stuff? This goes back, back, that’s where we’re going to getting into this slide here – [Crowd Member] They’re scaring you – [Adam] They’re scaring you And they’re trying to make you say, “Yeah, act now, act now.” One of the late night commercials, anybody an insomniac? Just me? All right We’ll talk later (crowd laughs) So, I’m an insomniac, right? What’s on TV at night? ShamWow, right? What do they gotta do? You gotta buy it now Buy it now, buy it now, buy it now because there’s a special officers, offer, is gonna be done in five minutes You gotta buy it now And I know, I’m a cop, and I know about psychology, I used to be an interrogator in the United States Army I know about psychological ploys

I know how to stare down the baddest dude, but, gosh darn it, at 3 A.M., I wanna buy a ShamWow, right? And I gotta do it quickly, because it’s (snaps fingers) the offer’s gonna be over, right? And that’s the thing is that they try to get you to act quickly, but you gotta resist that, right? You gotta take it, wait a minute And just on the side, so my family, we’re half Irish, and half Ukrainian I’m not gonna tell you which half I am (crowd laughs) (clears throat) My own grandfather in law, who lives in Kiev, was the victim of the grandparent scam They’re doing it everywhere It’s not just in the United States, everywhere He had this, somebody comin’ up callin’ and sayin’ that, you know, it was his son, Kostya, was in jail, and he needed to post bail and wired the money, you know? But you need to resist that urge, so great grandpa, for my mother, or my wife, he resisted the urge to immediately wire the money and he contacted Kostya, his son, and said, “Kostya, are you in jail?” Kostya said, “No, I’m at home (laughs) “You know, I’m at home “Why, am I supposed to be in jail?” And, you know, “Hey, somebody called” and you know, they figured out it was a scam It was all a scam Wiring money, how many of you send money by Western Union? Oh yeah, yeah So it’s convenient, and a good way to send money However, you need to be 100% sure you know who is on the other side of that transaction, right? Otherwise what happens if you send money by Western Union? Can you get a refund if they send it to the wrong person? No, it’s gone And I get a lot of cases where people have sent money, via wire, outside of the country ‘Cause you know, it sounds legit if you’re gonna invest in real estate in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the guy only needs $10,000 down, you know? But unfortunately, Detective Foster can’t get that money back necessarily for you if you wire it, especially if you wire it outside of the country, ’cause after it leaves the country and it’s wired, it’s gone, it’s gone So never wire money based on a request by phone, or email, especially to overseas I’m lookin’, I’m lookin’ at a lot of those in Nigeria in particular Wiring money is like giving your cash away Once you send it, you can’t get it back, it’s gone, right? And this has also been done to military families too When I was in the service, they used to do this a lot too, they would send emails or messages to military families They would say, “Hey, Sergeant Foster’s over in Iraq, “and oh, we’re not gettin’, we’re not gettin’, “we don’t have, we didn’t get paid”, ’cause you know, they give us a little stipend, like 200 bucks that we buy pop tarts and sodas when we’re on base camps, right? And, “Oh, we don’t have any money, can you wire the money “to him and we’ll send it through and he’ll get it, “and he’ll be able to buy his pop tarts and cokes and”, you know, so anybody can be a victim of variations of these scams The thing is to remember, stop Here’s the thing, stop, think, observe, plan, proceed, right? So stop, think about it “Why am I gettin’ called at 3 A.M. by my grandson “who I thought was home in bed, sleepin’?” Observe, you know “Okay, but, he’s not there, “he’s in his house after I called him.” And then, you go on your merry way But that kind of ended oddly, sorry, I apologize, so – [Crowd Member] It happens – [Adam] It happens, all right So, now we’re gonna go on That’s the grandparent scam There’s variations of it, IRS scam, it’s all basically trying to part you with your beloved money, right? Now we’re talkin’ about identity theft This is the ye olde way of getting identity theft, right? Dumpster diving, all right? I found a lady, her B of A commercial checking account in the hands of some no-goodniks, and I could have gone and taken out $3,181.68 today, if I wanted to And that was gotten out of the trash Mail theft They get your mail, they fill out those, all those credit card applications you get in the mail? If you just toss them in the trash, or you find your mailbox has been broken into, they can fill those out and with a little magic where they, they maybe open an account in your name and add themselves as a user, or they have the account opened up and then they send it to a slightly different address or wait for it to come in and steal your mail a second time to get that credit card and activate it, right? Give you an example, American Express American Express sends you a new card after you’ve been pre-approved, and you fill out the paperwork, and they mail it to your house, is that card activated or unactivated? – [Crowd Member] Activated – [Adam] Activated So I’m a crook, I steal your mail, ma’am Has American Express gold, you know, traveler card in there, application for it, I fill that out in your name,

do-do-do-do, mail it in, I come by and check your mailbox every couple days after I see you pull out for work, I see when it comes, and I got an activated credit card that I could probably use three to four times before they catch it, before they realize that you don’t usually buy $80,000 worth of bird seed continuously Burglary, you guys mentioned earlier with the burglary One trend that I’m seeing is that the thieves will go in, and they walk right past the TV They go straight to that little fire safe that they were talking about, the little bitty one, that has, you know, your birth certificate, social security card, death certificates of family members, maybe some small jewelry but all kinds of information, your passport, pop that open, and they take it And I’m dealin’ with a case right now where I have people from, everywhere from Reno to Modesto to Stockton to San Jose to Fremont, and they were all victims of burglary and I have all their stuff from, and they were opening accounts in their name, and opening, you’re going to Home Depot and opening an account and adding themselves as a user, doing all that kind of stuff All right So, if you, when you notice all your missing valuables, also remember to look at all your papers too Next Where we at? Okay, and so these are the last couple of ones that I’m gonna talk, I could talk for hours, and I know, I know that it’s not very entertaining to talk about fraud, but So, these are a few last ones Email scams, right? What’s kind of an email scam that you could get into? – [Crowd Member] Nigeria – [Adam] Nigeria? We call those fraudulent, or purchase order scams, where they say “Hey, I want to buy 10,000 widgets from you, “and here’s my credit card number and email”, they’ll send it all by email, and then they, you ship it to this warehouse in Alabama, right? And then that warehouse in Alabama then ships it onto, you know, whatever country that’s being sent to, and then by the time the fraud is discovered, that credit card number by the way was stolen or whatever, and then you’re out the money because you sold to somebody over, you know, online, and they’ve already shipped it, it’s already out of the country There’s other versions of it too Have you all ever seen the ones, okay, how many here are Fox News people? How many are CNN people? BBC, anybody? But you know, when all those, even the newspaper ones, down at the bottom of every article, what do they have? Comments, right? Maybe I read too much, but there’s comments at the end of every article, right? And always in those comments, it’ll be people commenting whatever the article is or whatever the thing is on the news, whatever they’re talking about But if you’ll look, and I want you guys to go home tonight and check out any one of those websites, Fox News, MSNBC, any of ’em Look for the comments section, go down, and you’ll see regular knuckleheads commenting and giving their little opinions, but then in between, you’ll see somebody, “Nobody could believe that my aunty made $50 an hour “and bought a new Mercedes-Benz working from home “Click here if interested.” That’s an email scam What you do is when you click on that, they get your information, get your email, say, “Hey, you wanna work for me?” What’s your name, sir? What’s your name? – [Crowd Member] I’m Fred Jones – [Adam] Fred Fred, you wanna work for me? I’m gonna make a little contract, it looks really official, all you gotta do is I’m gonna ship products to you, you’re gonna take them out of this box, look at it, make sure it’s good, it’s packaged good, right? Then you’re gonna put it back in the box, tape it back up, put this new label on it, and then mail it on Sounds legit, right? It’s gonna have an official contract and everything But what you’re really doing is you’re the tail end of that first email scam where they bought products using somebody’s stolen credit card, they’re sending it to you, you’re re-shipping it, and now you’re shipping out of the country Does anybody know what a phishing scam is? Yeah, not the bass kind of fishing, but phishing phishing Does anybody have an idea what a phishing scam is? (crowd member speaking quietly) That’s one way That’s correct (crowd member speaking quietly) That’s more of a traditional way, yeah Exactly, so you’ll get an email to your gmail account that says, “Hey, your Wells Fargo account “has been compromised “Please log in here and put in your information”, and what you’re really doing is you’re giving access to your account to some scam-bodian overseas who’s going to get into your account And the thing is that, what’s one way to tell if you’re actually on a, well one, never click on those Please, don’t Just don’t But one way that you can tell that you’re on a secure connection with your bank What happens, what happens to your little, your little message bar up there?

What color does it turn? – [Crowd Member] Green – [Adam] Green That’s supposed to be, means a secure connection You click on one of those emails, it’s not gonna be green (crowd member speaking quietly) That’s it I’m not very good at, I’m sweatin’, is it hot in here? I get nervous in front of crowds, so I forget, I forget the long ones, I try and keep it simple (paper rustling) I got one more for you It’s always the last one, huh? So, the last one just Oh, well that’s what we can do But the last one is the credit card fraud If you’re shoppin, when you’re shoppin’ online, make sure you’re going to reputable sites You know, Amazon, or you know, just ones that you know aren’t, you know, fly-by-night kind of “Hey, I want you”, ’cause you’re giving them your whole credit card number Once it’s out there, those sites, you know, any of the major shopping, you know, you’ve heard about some of the big stores have had data breaches, right? – [Crowd Member] Big ones – [Adam] Yeah, big ones So, can you imagine if you’re going to some place, maybe smaller or maybe somebody who’s maybe not as scrupulous and they get that same information I’ve been to some classes where I’ve actually got to see, and they’ve had us call out the first six digits of our credit card number and they went to a page and showed us where it was breached at, where, how many credit cards we could buy with that exact same number, except for a little bit These are, this is some of that, what you can do if you are a victim, and if you have a case that you get forward to me, or detective Boyd, you know, we’re gonna try to contact you, we’ll talk to you personally, we’ll try to talk to you via email, phone, whatever, and we’re gonna send you a pamphlet that tells you about, you know, where, figure out where the fraud occurred, ’cause if it’s outside of Fremont, we’ll try to get the other agency to see if we can video of who’s using the card, and et cetera You’re gonna want to put a fraud alert on your credit report You’re gonna file a report with the Federal Trade Commission and file an online report when no suspect is known at our website at Fremont PD There’s more resources down at the Now, online reports, when you file them, it’s very helpful and Sergeant McCormick was talking about triaging It’s very important that you give us as much detail, if it’s email, phishing scam, does anybody, you know, you go in there, you say, “Hey, somebody sent me an email, “said to wire money here.” Well, some of the things you need to do for me is to save those emails, the full email, not forward it to me, I need the full email so I can get the full IP address out of that thing and see if I can trace it, right? That’s information in, when you go home, Google it, ’cause I think I’m probably going over my time a little bit here, but If you have any questions afterwards, let me leave it at this If you have any questions, ask me afterwards, and we’ll talk, but, when you’re a victim of fraud, keep any emails you have if possible Keep any phone numbers, any letters, anything like that, account numbers, keep them so that, that’s gonna help me trace ’em, ’cause I’m gonna be chasin’ ’em through, you know, the cyber universe tryin’ to track ’em down, okay? So that kind of helps us And now I cede my time to whoever’s left So that would be you All right, Bubba (crowd applauding) – [Bryan] Hey everybody I’m Detective Bryan Hollifield This is actually the first time I’ve done one of these meetings I’ve already learned to go before Adam Foster, because he’s way more entertaining, but I’ll try I’m gonna talk about video surveillance The other detectives have already mentioned how important it is for our investigations I don’t have actual numbers to tell you, but I can tell you that the vast majority of cases that we actually solve and make an arrest on are gonna have some type of video surveillance involved somewhere in the case If we get a case that has absolutely no video surveillance, the chances of that being solved are probably gonna go down a little bit Let’s see Footage can identify suspects, it can identify their vehicles, and also link individual cases to a crime series What that means is if like some of the other detectives mentioned, if we get a good picture of their face, a lot of the criminals that we have, we see ’em over and over again so we can just look at the photo, disseminate it to other officers, and pretty much know who the person is sometimes right away Their vehicles, they often use the same vehicles A lot of the criminals don’t have a bunch of money, they think they’re gonna get a bunch of money, but they end up being broke anyways So they have the same car all the time, and so we can identify them that way as well And then, individual cases, like I said, sometimes we get a case that maybe we’re not gonna be able to solve

But, later on down the road, we come across another case that has the same kind of M.O., and maybe the same car, and we can link all these other crimes to one or two individuals that have been doing crimes all about the city Modern surveillance systems can be easy to install and operate So I know that, unless you’re into it or you know something about the video cameras, they can be kind of intimidating to purchase or even think about going to buy And there’s hundreds of different types and brands and things like that But for the most part, even the most simple systems, when installed correctly, can be really useful to us Next All right, here’s some of the types, and there’s a few on the table back there that I saw The first one would be a doorbell camera You guys just heard that most of the time, what the burglars will do is they’ll come to your front door and knock or ring your doorbell, make sure you’re not home because these guys don’t want to find you in the house They want nobody to be home so they have plenty of time to take all your stuff So the simplest one would be just a simple doorbell camera There’s plenty of brands They’re typically really easy to install, and sometimes just seeing that by your front door, they don’t want to be on camera so they’re gonna leave and take a different house Next, the next step up I would say would be a wireless system They’re obviously more expensive, but they’re still really easy to put up And what they do is just they’ll have a central hub that connects to your home’s wifi system And then, as many cameras as you want, you can just stick ’em wherever you want throughout the home, inside or out You don’t have to run wires or anything like that It makes it easy for the homeowner to install Typically not the greatest picture, but ease of installation kind of makes up for that One bad thing about the wireless is that, typically you’ll have to either recharge them every few months or so, or replace the batteries The next step up would be a hard-wired system, like most of the systems that you see, businesses and things like that Those are obviously slightly more expensive, and you have to run wires to install ’em, so it’s more time consuming Or you might have to pay someone else to do it But what you end up with is a more secure system You don’t, there’s no maintenance involved as far as the batteries or recharging And you can typically get a much better picture, so if you want to invest a little more in it, that’s what you would end up with And finally, all of ’em, all the newer systems do remote monitoring as long as they’re hooked up to your wifi system, and that means that you can set it up for motion or anything like that, and you can get notifications on your phone when people are on your porch or walkin’ around in your driveway And that, not only does that help with your residential burglaries, but also your vehicle burglaries in the middle of the night If your phone goes off that somebody’s walkin’ around your car, it’s, it might wake you up and you can turn the lights on Or your package thefts We see it all the time that these video cameras will be able to notify you when someone drops off a package So not only can you track your shipping, but now you can see the UPS guy or FedEx guy dropping it off on the porch And then hopefully, but possibly, you’ll see the guy taking the package after they’ve dropped it off So those are things to take into account Some things to think about Place the cameras in a way that will show a person’s face when possible And later on in the presentation, there’s some examples of that A lot of people will tend to put ’em really up high, under the eaves of the roof, and they’ll want to see the whole yard with one camera What that’s gonna show you is that yes indeed someone did break your window, and they were wearing a whiter, white shirt or something But it’s not gonna show their face, and it’s gonna be a very general description of who did it If you place the cameras in a way that catches someone’s face, like if you have an entry way to the front door, or if you’re gonna do ’em by the side gate if you put it slightly lower pointing right at the gate, then you’re gonna get a much better shot of the person And again, we can see that to identify them Your front door, your side gate and the exterior doors are places that are likely to be targeted Front door would be first as we’ve already talked about a couple of times After that they’re gonna go to your side gate and try to get in the back yard, ’cause then the neighbors won’t see them, and they can take their time And then they’re probably gonna check the door first If the door’s unlocked, they don’t have to climb in through a window So in that order, those are places that you want to put a camera If you have more cameras than that, a camera that covers the street can be used to identify the suspect’s vehicle, like I said They use the same car all the time, even if we have other ones that we didn’t get any video but we just had a witness say that it was a red car,

and we had three burglaries that day, all with a red car Chances are it’s all the same person And then you can use the camera to capture license plate images if possible This is obviously one more step above, but some people have enough cameras, and good enough quality of cameras that they could put ’em closer to the street and just capture a close up of vehicles going up and down the street Now, that can do a couple of things It can help you if there’s a burglary down the street, you know, obviously we usually come around and knock on everybody’s door and ask if they saw anything or they have cameras And even if the camera didn’t capture the actual crime, now we know, you know, which cars went down the street within the 10 minute period before that burglary? And a license plate can really speed up the process of us solving the case Oh, and finally, I couldn’t see it, but test your cameras A lot of people will install the cameras, you know, set it and forget it and then, three years down the road we come by and we’re like, “Hey we want to check out your cameras, “something happened to your neighbors house.” And they go, “Oh, well, half of ’em aren’t working, “I don’t know the passwords”, stuff like that Try to get to know how to use the cameras because you can use ’em to benefit you, tracking packages, keeping an eye on who’s at your house, you know If the kids come home from school or something and nobody’s home, you can see ’em get home safe But also later on when we need it, it’s actually there so you didn’t invest the time and money, and you don’t get the satisfaction of knowing that it’s gonna help us arrest somebody that either broke into your house or your neighbor’s house This is what I was talking about with the placement of the cameras The one on the left is, probably somebody put it above their front door, up in the corner of the entry way Seems like a good idea until you go and test your camera after you’ve installed it Then you’re gonna look at it and say, “Well, okay, it’s a guy and he’s wearing a black hat “and a black shirt”, and that’s really all you’re gonna have, so what seemed like a good idea isn’t really gonna help a whole lot If you place ’em a little bit lower in an area that’s likely to have foot traffic, then you get something more like what’s on the right And as you can see those guys, if they’re criminals that we could recognize, we’re gonna know exactly who did it And it also helps later when we get our confession from them, if they say, “No, I wasn’t there”, and you show ’em that picture, okay, well, you’re kind of done at that point, right? This is a quick little image showing placement of some of the cameras I just took a picture of a random house on the internet and then placed where they would be a good spot to put your first four cameras The first one I would do is right there at the front door, as you can see, because that’s gonna get the most bang for your buck The next one I would do is probably over my driveway because, as we know, during the day we get the residential burglaries At night, that’s when they’re gonna break into your car So put one above your driveway as well And then each side gate, ’cause that’s where they wanna be is in your backyard for privacy and takin’ their time If you can get a good picture of them going in your backyard, that’ll help a lot You don’t need to see that they broke the window, we’re gonna be able to tell that just by the broken window And then finally, if you go onto the Fremont police website, there’s a couple of things that can help you if you’re thinking about looking into video cameras for your home, and you don’t know where to start It’s kind of hard to see but there’s a tab under Programs there, on the top And there’s a couple of links for guides for video cameras And then also a link to our community camera project, which several communities in the city of Fremont have gotten started And what it is is somebody will organize it, and if there’s three streets that go in and out of the whole neighborhood, and everybody pitches in where you can just cover those three, you know, entrances to the neighborhood, and that way we can see every car that goes in and out of the neighborhood We won’t see the actual crime if it didn’t happen to somebody that has their own cameras, but in that time period before that, well see who’s coming and going, and again, be able to see the car which we’re probably gonna recognize as well And I think that’s about it Anybody has anything else? And Sergeant McCormick can close (crowd applauding) – [Paul] Thank you very much That is going to be the end of our presentation, the presentations So because this is being live streamed, it’s gonna be on the city’s website for future use We’ll open it up to questions, but we’ll do it the old Phil Donahue style, and I’ll run up and down the aisle with the microphone, and if we could have the detectives come up front,

and if somebody has a question, we’ll put you on the mic and one of the detectives will No, no, I’ll do the running You guys can answer all the questions So we’ll just have some quick question and answer period, and then we’ll conclude the night And again, I want to say thank you very much for comin’ out and really putting forth the effort to making your neighborhood and our city a much safer place So with that, we’ll start with our first question over here – [Crowd Member] This is for you How common is it, you know, I’ve heard about these little, these little cubes that will read your credit cards and it steals the number basically, so that somebody can then, you know, sell that number up the road somewhere – [Adam] You’re talking about skimmers and stuff like that – [Crowd Member] Skimmers, that’s what I’m thinking of Is that common? – [Adam] So there’s technology that, keep in mind, I was a solider, I’m a cop now, I am not a banker, I’m not a bank technologist However, a lot of you probably started getting chipped cards, right? So those chipped cards are supposed to kind of help counteract the skimmers that you’re talking about They are more prevalent, you know, they come in waves, right? So somebody, usually comes from south to north So it’ll start down start in the LA area, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, these six stations are getting skimmers placed in there because some crook figured out how to hide a skimmer in a gas pump And then after a while, they start gettin’ hip to that down there, and they start doing it up here in our area, right? But those chips, so it’s like, you know, a constantly-evolving rat that we have to keep making a better trap for, right? So, you know, the chips are supposed to help for the skimmers, but there’s always newer and smarter crooks that figure out a way to get around the latest security The best thing is is, you know, don’t use your debit card at gas pumps, that’s for one, ’cause that’s one of the main things that And what’s another place that you might not want to use your debit card, or let it out of your view? You got to a restaurant, any place, pretty much, where somebody says, “Oh sure, I’ll take your credit card”, and then they just walk away, right? And you don’t see ’em, and it could be anywhere, right? So keeping it in view is a good thing, right? Did I answer your question, sir? – [Crowd Member] Yeah – [Paul] Any other questions? – Several times on TV, I’ve seen where, when they try to break into a car with the automatic key fob, if you, if you hit the, when you’re locking it, if you hit it a couple of times, it changes the sequence or something so they are not as easy to break into Is, did you guys ever hear of that? Is that correct? – I personally haven’t had any cases with that, have you guys? – [Crowd Member] So you’ve never heard of it? It’s probably not true – I’ve never heard of it, and i’ve never seen it come across That doesn’t mean that it’s not possible It’s just not something seen often or possibly even at all here – This is for you (laughs) – [Natasha] You’re a popular man – You spoke about mail theft So how do we know whether, like some of us, I’ve noticed some of the neighborhoods, they have their mailboxes right against their front door, near their front door Some are required to have it out on the street So wouldn’t that be easier for — – Yes, actually yes So, there’s many times we get video where all we can see is a blurred-out license plate Somebody in the car pulls up, they literally reach out, plink, and take your mail Best way to get that is there’s certain types of mailboxes that you can buy commercially that you have to unlock Now, keep in mind, like I said, the rat’s always evolving, right? So they might come and, you know, you’ll see ’em, I know I showed a picture where they’re prying open the thing, right? And sometimes they figure out, they’ll use shaved keys and they’ll figure out ways, but you try to make yourself, what was it my grandfather used to always say? “The best way to not get beat up is to be a tiger, “not a sheep”, right? Because another tiger comes around, he doesn’t want to eat the tiger, ’cause you got teeth and claws, right? He wants to eat the sheep So, to make that into reality, make your mailbox tougher, right? So, get the kind where you have to use a key to open it up and the mailman slides the stuff, or mail person, I’m sorry, slides it into the slot, and, you know, you can’t fit your hand down through the slot Or like in my house, I have it on the garage,

so you have to go in and there’s another flap inside there that closes so that, it’s kind of like the old vending machines, you know what I’m talking about? So when the mail carrier comes along, sticks it through there, and they can’t reach in But yeah, you’re correct, that’s how 90% of them get it is they just open your mailbox But then they also go to apartment complexes and they’ll damage the mailboxes or they’ll have keys and stuff like that, so Make yourself a harder target, and they’re gonna go mess with somebody else – [Crowd Member] So if we get the ones that lock up, then we give a copy of the key to the postal service? – Well that’s what I’m saying is there’s one that are designed that they lock up so that the mail carrier can slide your mail into them, right? But they don’t, you don’t have to open a door It’s not like, you know, the old-fashioned one that’s, the horseshoe-shape with the door and the little flag It might still look like that, except now, it’s locked and there’s just a slot cut in the top, and you can put mail into it, kind of like a piggy bank, right? And they put the mail into it, and then only you have the key to unlock it and take the mail out Something like, there’s different commercial brands and designs and like I said, they’re always thinking of new ways to thwart those guys, right? Does that help? – [Crowd Member] Okay, thank you – Yup – Yeah most of you, if you go to Home Depot, Lowe’s, they’ll have a whole array of postal boxes and most of them are approved by the US Postal Service Just to kind of dovetail off of what Adam said, how many people still put outgoing mail in their mailboxes? Okay good, don’t do that, please ‘Cause what you’re doing is you’re telling somebody, “Hey, there’s something valuable in my mailbox, “please come and take it.” And I know years ago, people used to pay their bills, you know, with a check and they would sit the check in the mail and hopefully the postal person would come but, what’s happened is that you’re doing is you’re just alerting the crook that, “There’s something in my mailbox, “please come and take it.” So, you know, go to the post office, you know, drop it off at the local postal repository, but do not use your own postal, your own post box as a way of sending out mail, so Are there any other questions? All right, good, we’ll go right down the line here – Yeah, I had a question with locked gates I’ve had policemen knock on my door and say, “Can we get through? “There’s a guy jumped your fence.” I have to go get the key, unlock it, and the officer, by then, he’s probably three or four houses over Is that, have you come across that? ‘Cause now, everyone’s putting locks on their gates? – So the question is, is that becoming a common thing, people locking up their side gates? – [Crowd Member] Yeah, and then you guys try and get the perpetrator in – We’re recommending that just so that the homeowners can secure their houses a little bit better As far as police, if we need to get over or through that gate somehow, we’re probably gonna figure out a way to get through that, or over that fence, one way or the other So the purpose of us recommending you put locks on the side gates is to make your houses less attractive to suspects so that, like we’re saying here, if somebody is knocking on your door and they don’t think anybody’s home, jumping over a fence in the middle of the day where a lot of people can possibly see you depending on where you live is way more, you know, way more suspicious than just popping that door and just sliding in the back It’s just one more preventative measure that, just to consider We’re not saying that, you know, it works every time It doesn’t But we’re telling you that it’s one more way to make your house less attractive to be burglarized – One more comment, people leave their trash bins out, right, against the gate It’s like, “Oh great, thanks, I can jump right over.” And you know, in the city of Fremont, they want you to put it behind the gate I think that’s like, it’s not the law, but it’s what you’re supposed to do I’ve seen a lot of people line it right up the gates, it’s like, “Great, thanks, it helps me jump over.” – Yeah, if you see your neighbors doing that, you might want to recommend to ’em, “That is not a very good way to do business, “you may just want to pull ’em back behind the gate.” – [Crowd Member] Thanks – You’re welcome – Can you guess who this is going to go to? To our Ukrainian fraud expert (crowd laughs) Give him a big hand for him He’s working so hard (crowd applauding) Okay, I’ve had my ID, credit card skimmed twice They both, one was in Fremont, one was up in Vallejo They were resolved We found out that I had bought tacky diamond jewelry on the shopping channel But home shopping channel sends you a printed receipt, at least used to Until I found out I also paid electrical bills in Jacksonville, Florida That all got taken care of The latest one is I went to a restaurant in Vallejo, and the credit card company said, “Did you go to Jordan and buy three or four surfboards

“yesterday, and then go to North Carolina and buy whatever?” And that got resolved Now is that any, these have all been taken care of Is that of any interest to you just for statistics? Or should I just kind of let it go because it was taken care of? – So Let me think for a minute (laughs) Are they of interest to us? Yes, statistically speaking Because what more than likely happened is somewhere, wherever the breach is, whether you got skimmed, or the business where you use your card, somebody hacked their system somehow and got their customer information, right? So instantly, what you’re telling me is that, over here, they’re buying surfboards Over here, they’re buying my favorite bird seed Over here is buying whatever, right? What happened to your card, after the breach, which I don’t know how the breach occurred, but what happened to your card after a breach is, how many of you know about the dark web? It’s not like the dark force, it’s, dark web, right? Tor and all that kind of stuff They have these websites where, they’re called CVV dump sites, you know, they have your whole credit card information, so once the breach occurred at that business, however your credit card was breached, once your information was breached, it got posted on that website, and due to the bitcoins, I don’t know, I guess you can’t really put ’em in your hand, they’re not real but, people with bitcoins go out and they buy 100 credit cards, and it has a probably rating next to it that says, “Hey, this is John Smith’s credit card “and it’s a Bank of America Visa Gold, “and it has a 68 probability rating of you being able to “successfully use it”, and they’ll buy 100 of those And then, let the shopping begin One thing I didn’t mention during my initial presentation, ’cause I was a little nervous, was The National Institute of Justice compiles statistics, right? They’re part of the Department of Justice, right? And one of the statistics they do is, you know, every couple of years they go, “Okay, how much money is lost for burglary? “How much money is lost through auto burglary? “Petty theft”, et cetera, right? Between I think it was 2013, 2014, you can check the National Institute’s website, later to check my facts, but it was about $25 billion dollars was lost through fraud, ID theft, credit card fraud, wire fraud $25 billion It was about $15 billion for all the other ones combined So, my credit card gets stolen The credit card company makes me whole, right? I don’t owe any money But before, before that fraud was discovered, the crook used that card, maybe three or four times, right? Three, four times, and got a couple grand Now if I could get any of y’alls identifying information, your name, date of birth, social security number, how many people in this room right now, about? I’d say probably 30, 40, right? Per person, I could make 11 grand off each of you, just if I could get your name, date of birth, social security number, address, maybe wife’s name or something like that, and that’s all, where can I get that stuff? Y’all have a Facebook? Good on you if you’re not, I’m not either I’m terrified of that thing But if you go on there, now you know my wife’s name is, you know, Emily And now you know some of my other information, now you start building credit cards in my name, right? 11 grand, so 11 grand, if there’s 40 people in here, that’s a lot of money, right? That’s a lot of money, and I could do it all while sitting down in that chair, eating Cheetos in my slippers and bathrobe, right? It’s easy money, right? So Does that answer your question, kind of? That’s what happened Some guy, or gal, or person, eating Cheetos in their bathrobe bought your credit card off of a website and then started buying, and then they pass it around after they use it, ’cause you know, once I used it the first time, now it’s not worth as much, so I’ll just resell it back on another CVV site And somebody else will buy it for bitcoin, it’s like a reoccurring thing – [Crowd Member] Do banks really know about it? – These are the kinds of things, if your credit card is used in St. Petersburg, Russia, can Officer Foster get you your money back or solve that crime? What do you all think? – [Crowd Members] No – No, I can tell you it was in St. Petersburg, Russia, and you might not have known that But the FBI has something called IC3, which is the Internet Complaint Center, and eventually either your online report that you file

at the website for the Fremont PD will get sent to the IC3 center, and then they’ll, they basically keep track of it, they want to see trends, ’cause that’s how we beat these guys, we start seeing trends of which way they’re goin’, how they’re hookin’ people through phishing expeditions and how they’re doing data breaches on these big companies, right? And I’m not gonna pretend to understand all of it, but they crunch those numbers, and they figure out where those trends are, and go from there Does that help at all? – [Crowd Member] Okay, so would you be interested in my cases? Even thought they’ve been taken care of – As an online report, yes – [Crowd Member] Okay – And especially if you’re doing, if there’s potential for future fraud, you want to have that report on file so that, with FTC, so that you can go and say, “I’m a victim of identity theft, “and this is my fraud affidavit”, okay? – [Crowd Member] Okay, I will never go back to that restaurant (laughing) – [Crowd Member] Good evening I’m relatively new to Fremont Recently, I subscribed to and have a few notifications that there are armed robberies in Fremont I have two questions, and this question is not directed to anyone specifically Question number one, do you see a trend that Fremont is becoming more unsafe lately? And question number two is what advice do you have for us if we face armed robbers? – Well I think I’ll address that question So, the first question is Fremont becoming less safe? No No, like I said at the beginning of the presentation, we are a safe community If you look statistically in comparison with other cities within the Bay Area, you’ll find that we’re one of the safest cities in the nation, and one of the safest cities in the Bay Area Which is not to say that violent crime doesn’t visit us, because it does But I can tell you that, if you look at the stats, that we are again, one of the safest cities in the nation And again, that goes back to your efforts as a community to, calling in those suspicious people and having the video surveillance, and coming forth and being good witnesses And then it also goes back to the detectives and the officers out there who are providing that level of service to catch those offenders So, rest assured, Fremont is a safe community You’ll see things in the news, and the media will put out information, and it may look like there is an epidemic of violent crime But if you look at the numbers, and if you go dig a little deeper, you’ll find that Fremont is overall a very safe community What advice would I give you in facing a robber? Basically, remember that property can be replaced Money can be earned back Your possessions can all be gotten back What can’t be changed is if your loved one is injured So I would, the advice I would give to you or to anybody would be to comply as best as you can to whatever it is that the person’s asking for Be a good witness, and try to get as much information, detailed information that you can about the perpetrator And then call the police as soon as it’s safe to do so But we never encourage anybody to resist or to take matters into their own hands, because you never know what that individual is capable of and how desperate he or she may be So hopefully that provides you with some guidance, and, you know, let us catch the bad guys That’s our job, that’s what we’re, that’s what you’re paying us to do, so let us catch the bad guys, you just be a good witness and do the best that you can, okay? Any other, oh, we have one – Just do add to that The Fremont Police Department’s, overall, really good at pushing out information on Nixle and all the other social media that we use And if you think about it, a lot of the other cities in the area and really, overall, really don’t do that as much as we do We have people at the police department, that’s all they do is, is make you guys aware of what’s going on So time and time again, I see someone, you know, I’ll be on a call or contact somebody and I’ll say, “Hey, try out Nixle and just see what’s going on.” And they’ll, you know, subscribe to Nixle and then the next time I see them, they’ll say, “I had no idea all this stuff was going on in Fremont.” And you know, now that you know everything that’s going on, it might make you seem, make it seem like there’s more crime, but nothing changed Now you’re just aware of it So just think of, in the other cities, especially ones that have a reputation for more crime, just imagine if they did that, you know? Their Nixle would be all over the place, so But also with that feeling, it makes you more aware So, you know, somebody that’s typically on Nixle

and paying attention to the crime trends, they’re more likely to see something, and more likely to call us too – This is kind of related to the credit card So once I, I mean I used to buy tickets and things online And, once I, I decided to, oh let me, what do they call it? Search for my name, Google my name, right? And, I noticed there was one website out there that had the exact information It records or stores the exact information with all the information, like the credit card information and everything out there that, when I bought the ticket, or whatever, you know? So, are there websites out there that — – So, it depends on the So the businesses have a duty to protect your information It’s like a social contract “You’re spending money on my business, “I have a social obligation to protect “your personal information “and your credit card information.” However, there are breaches, right? And once those breaches are out there, they never go away They’re there forever, you know? That’s why, you know, this generation of, you know, high school and junior high and elementary kids are growing up with the internet here We’re seeing a lot of social adjustment because they’re just realizing that stupid stuff you do as a kid is still gonna be on the internet when you’re an adult, right? And the same thing is, at some point in time, and I’m guessing because when you did your Google search, at some point in time, your information was breached, right? And — – [Crowd Member] I mean, it wasn’t just mine, it was everyone’s – Yes, and they got it on there, and somehow, it’s still gonna be there Now hopefully that credit card is not being used, it’s not your current credit card number, et cetera ‘Cause usually after these breaches, first thing you need to do is notify your banks and all that and get a new credit card and close out the other one, right? But that’s what, once it’s out there, it’s there And it’ll keep circulating around and around and around – [Crowd Member] But how does it get from where she’s buying tickets to this weird website that keeps her information? – Well so, first off, the thing I’d ask is where did you buy it? Is it a big business that was breached by professional hackers? Because these, you know, there are groups of people out there that wish you ill, okay? That want to take your stuff And they are very smart at times, and they will put a large amount of time and energy and resources into figuring out ways to get into somebody else’s computer system, by like what I mentioned, the email, phishing, or doing other things like that Those guys might have gone to the business, wherever, whether it was an airline, whether it was a travel agency, those guys might have gone in there, somehow gotten into that business, got their customer information, and once they have it, they have it Now, as far as just being able to see a document with that stuff printed, that’s probably an old legacy thing that they were passing around sometime, because now the way they post that credit card information is very interactive, I’ve used it I’ve gone on the dark web and I’ve gone, “You know what? “I’ll make a credit card” Boop-boop-boop ‘Cause they wanted us to know how to do it And it’s very, you just, touch screen, and use your bitcoins, and away you go So it’s not just like a document anymore So that’s probably a legacy from some web page where they had that information stored, but, you know, it was from a data breach at some point, one of the business, wherever you used that card, and – [Crowd Member] How do you know what’s safe out there? Like everyone says, “Oh” — – [Paul] Nothing is safe – [Crowd Member] And I tell them that, you know? – It just depends, that’s why you have to know who you’re dealing with, you know? Even though it’s the internet, you still want to know that if I’m buying, you know, chewing gum, that I’m buying it from somebody that actually has a license to make chewing gum, and they didn’t just scrape it off the street, right? You want to buy it from a reputable site that has secure connections, like a green, like your bank does And that, that has that social contract saying, “I’m going to protect your information.” Right? Not, you know, Jim Bob’s House of Bubblegum You wanna go to Target or whatever that has that social contract Well but, everybody, like I said, they’re always, it’s like an arms race They’re always trying to get better, and we’re always trying to defend And they just gotta make themselves better and try to protect your information better, right? – [Crowd Member] Another thing we do too is do all our online shopping on one credit card

– That’s a smart idea too and I’ve heard people using like the prepaid cards too They put money on a prepaid Visa gift card and then use that for their internet shopping So – [Paul] All right, so we have time for maybe one or two more questions, if they’re out there Let me just get this young lady back here real quick – One time when I was on vacation, I made a request to the post office to stop the delivery But my mail did not stop until couple days I returned from vacation So my question is, if I’m thinking about to install the mailbox behind the garage door, so the mail can be inserted and delivered into my garage, instead of having it by the side wall in front of my house Do you think that, would that work at all? Or if I do so, am I against anything? Or Thank you – I’m gonna admit, I’m not a postal inspector, or a post person I know that they’ll work with you, and they have, I would go to the United States Postal Service website, and they’ll give you suggestions, just like we did, for your mailbox specifically on how to secure it and how to set it up that’ll help prevent theft like that But it sounds like basically what I’m doing I have it in my garage door and it falls down so that, unless you’re Gumby and can bend your arm around, you’re not gonna get my mail And I have a big cardboard box where it slides down into, and when we’re gone, we’ve never had a problem Something like that – But the thing, my request to the post office to stop the delivery and they didn’t honor my request and a couple days later — – Yeah, that’s, I can’t answer to that ’cause I’m not a United States postal worker, unfortunately But — – [Paul] What I would recommend, you live in Fremont? – [Crowd Member] Yes – I would go down to your local post office and talk to the postmaster who works there and explain to him or her the situation, because I know there are certain requirements as far as how they deliver the mail, and you want to make sure that you’re in compliance with that, that way you still get your mail But yeah, it sounds like there was maybe a mix-up, or a confusion on that end ‘Cause I’ve done the same thing, I’ve gone away on vacation and generally they’re really good about holding your mail And then you can either have it, start up service and they deliver it all at once, or you can go down and physically pick it up, and start service again, so But yeah, my suggestion would be go to your local postmaster and get some guidance from him or her as far as what the best way to utilize your garage as a repository And okay, so I think we’re gonna go with one last question here, and then we’ll wrap up the evening – I was just gonna mention that I’ve been reading more and more in the last year and a half probably where there’s people walking down the streets and they actually take their gold jewelry, their necklaces, and things like that It’s been more in the news Just from people walking, taking a walk during the day Not much you can do about that – Yeah, we did a presentation on that That is, and that kind of comes in trends We’ve seen what, we call them chain snatches, where usually women are walking down the street and someone will come up and take the chain off them And the reason why is because as we alluded to earlier in the presentation is that, you know, gold is very valuable, and it’s easily dealt with, it’s easily melted down very quickly In fact, we had a case, maybe about four or five months ago where we, we had a suspect that we thought was committing these crimes, and we were, had him under surveillance He committed a chain snatch and within 10 minutes of the crime, he was already walking into a gold shop here in Newark and had already sold the gold and was walking out with the money, so We were able to capture him, we got the gold back, we made the victim whole again But that just tells you how quickly these crimes can occur, and it really, there is a real market out there for gold, and like anything else, you know, you take a pendant or a ring or some piece of valuable jewelry, it’s sold, and most likely it’s sold to one of the more unscrupulous gold merchants, and what they do is they can melt it down real quickly and now your gold ring is part of a gold bar, and it’s very difficult to trace So, we do see that happening, but it comes in waves,

and usually it’s one, a group of individuals and once we identify them and capture them and put them into custody, we’ll see that trend go down It kind of comes and goes and comes and goes There really is no rhyme or reason as to why they start or stop, so Hopefully that addresses your question And again, I think one of the takeaways from this presentation is to one, use common sense, you know? One of the things that we talked about during the presentation was, a lot of, a quarter of our burglaries are accomplished because people leave their windows unlocked, they leave their windows open Use common sense If you’re gonna leave something open, you’re inviting someone into your home You wouldn’t go to the grocery store and leave your car unlocked, or your car open, so why would you leave your home and leave your home unlocked, or your home open? So use common sense The other issue is, you know, if someone wants to get into your house, if someone wants to get into your car, if someone wants to get into your credit, they’re going to do that The technology is out there for our convenience, for our ease, but it’s also technology that’s manipulated by crooks, it’s gonna help them accomplish their crimes So what we ask is that you take steps to make it more difficult So we call it target hardening, so putting up those video surveillance cameras, locking those gates, you know, taking your valuable items and putting them underneath your seat, or putting them in your trunk or leaving them at home You know, making it so much more difficult, because a lot of these crooks, what they’re looking for is they’re looking for the quick and easy And if I can walk down a row of cars, and I can see someone’s laptop case, that’s probably gonna contain a laptop on the front seat and I can get that by breaking a window and get that in less than five seconds, I’ll do that, I’ll run that risk But if, if I don’t know it’s in there, then I’m not gonna, I’m gonna move on down the line because somebody, and it’s a sad comment, but, you know, you don’t want it to be you, you want it to be the next person down the line So make your target as difficult and unappealing as possible And let maybe that guy go down the line And then finally, I opened this up with the fact that it is a collaboration between us and the citizens, and we rely so much upon you to help us accomplish our work because you know who your neighbors are, you know your neighborhood, and you know, while we’re out there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, patrolling the streets and answering those calls for service, we’re not as intimate with your neighborhood as you are So we rely upon you to make those calls when you see something going down, and you feel that something’s not right Give us that call and let us go out there and make that determination as to whether or not there is criminal activity afoot or not And through that collaboration, we can help keep Fremont a very safe neighborhood, and a safe community So if we can get one more round of applause for all the detectives that are up here (crowd applauding) I think that concludes our presentation for tonight We’ll stick around for a few minutes if there’s any one on one questions, but we do have to get home to our families and then back to work tomorrow, so thank you once again for coming and I had a very enjoyable evening – [Crowd Member] Thank you guys (people speaking quietly)