How To Remove Bathtub Faucet Stems

hi this is Rick Patterson thanks for coming to my video today today we’re going to talk about how to repair a leaking bathtub faucet the first thing you want to do is get to the screw behind the handle to remove it so what I do is just take a strut point of any kind like a screwdriver and pull this cap off now inside this handle is another is a screwed so I’m going to unscrew this again to unscrew anything it’s usually left I mean right to left right to left counterclockwise and you pull this screw out and I’m just a word to the wise what you want to do with any of the screws that you’re working with is put it off to the side whether it’s on the floor or arms just somewhere away from the drain because if you drop anything down that drain it’s pretty much going on or hard to get to so let’s put that to the side and now what I have is a challenge to get this to get this off and I’m going to introduce to you a tool called a faucet bathroom faucet extractor let’s take a look at it now what we have is a tool called a bathtub handle extractor and this is used in cases where the handle does not come off correctly or very quickly so what you’re going to do is take this part right here and turn this section to wear the cone comes down and the tongs open up okay so I’m going to take this put this inside closed the tones around around this particular handle right here so I’ve got that and a pretty good grip where it just routes on the inside and then what I do here is turn this section and put the handle there’s a section that goes in and pushes up against the handle itself inside and then what I do is just pull it on this slides and you want it to be able to slap because you’re going to use this like as in a hammer so to speak to pull this completely off so this is how this works so let’s give it a try and that’s how you remove the handle a bathtub handle when it’s resistant like so so it came off very very well what about here is a special kind of pipe wrench that I use and it opens up with the thumb okay so what I have is a sleeve for the faucet here that I’m trying to get off because I want to I want to take out the stem so it’s given me some resistance so what I’m going to do here is put this on to the sleeve and see if I can encourage a little bit the channel locks did not work it was too slippery so this gets me started and now I can remove the sleeve completely like that all right the next thing we’re going to do here is remove the stem so there’s a couple of ways that we can do this I’m going to go ahead and take out the hole remove the whole stem itself and check to see if I can replace the seats and the rubber gaskets and the ring on this faucet here now I’ve got the fitting on here found the right size and then again we’re going to turn counterclockwise sometimes that happens and got this off so this is kind of a really cool tool to use and it’s a stem remover it’s a steam valve remover if you will and that’s what that looks like there lay this to the side and when you take him out I’ve got a rubber seat on the end of it I’ve got a gasket inside here I’m going to have to get to a ring you want to get to

and then I’ve got some packing in here so what I’m going to do is take my channel locks hold this and the other end of my remover I’m going to take this and put it over here and and then take my rod put it through there and then just disconnect and unpack the shaft ring there and then this turns counterclockwise so you see it going up as I turn it counterclockwise and then what I’m going to do is reveal not only the threads but we’re going to take this completely out again make sure that the drain lines I plugged up we’ll take a screwdriver and I’ve got some packing inside and I’ve got to make sure that I hold onto the packing and then there is a another little ring that’s inside there as well so now what we’re going to do is a couple of things first off we’re going to put a ring right here right below it and we’re also going to take this rubber gasket disconnect yes like so just take a Phillips head screwdriver unscrew it remember counterclockwise take it put it aside the screw and the gasket now you’ve got to take this gasket with you and put the screw off to the side here we’re going to lose it take this gasket with you and replace it plus take the stem with you as well so you want to take the whole deal the whole enchilada so to speak and there is a ring right here that you’re going to replace now oftentimes be real gentle with this by the way when you’re when you’re taking this off I just take a screwdriver kind of work my way around it be really really gentle with it because you can tear it and you kind of want to get the exact same size so I’ve got this ring here I’m going to take with me I’ve got this end cap or in gasket a flat washer that I’m going to take with me as well and the stem it’s really important when you go to replace these that you take all three of these pieces with you because if you don’t it’s only gonna be guesswork so they have ways of measuring now there’s nothing wrong with this stem whatsoever so all I’m gonna do is just replace the the flat washer and the ring and put some new put the coal packing this is graphite rope or graphite string it’s rubberized and I’m going to pack it inside then put the ring back on and I’m going to show you how to do all that stuff so now we either had this with us and if we don’t then we got to take all three of these pieces to the hardware store so I’m going to go make a trip to the hardware store this is Rick Patterson thanks for coming to my video see you next time by the way before you go I want to encourage you to check out my other videos and you’ll see a link below click on it a person that subscribes to the handyman to lots comm gets a free tool go ahead and register now see you there