JSTI Closing Ceremony — August 4, 2017 8:30 AM EDT

Ladies and gentlemen before we start if you could just take a moment and silence all your cell phones, please alright ladies and gentlemen thank you for attending the 2017 join types of technology institute my name is Dale Taylor, and I would like to welcome you on behalf of Dr Han and Dr.. Voss berg and Dr.. Moore to the final ceremony for this year’s jST on You can see over the next 4-6 hours what the kids have gone through over the last two weeks and we’re going to set it off with a video that the high school group made and You’ll get it. Get to see what they think of the jST. I from their perspective standing in a crowd Open you, don’t feel I swear I lived Hope that you spend your days

Yeah cuz I’m Gonna make this place your So that’s the gSt I from the students perspective, and I promise your parents. They actually did do some science while they were here They were not just having fun the entire time But again, I’d like to recognize Jelica please take a stand along with your singing crew for creating the video Say, Angelica So now I’d like to introduce Dr Ronald han. He’s the director of their joint science and technology office at the defense threat reduction agency Dr.. Han All right, I just want to compliment you on that video. That was great So I’ve seen a couple of these and that was probably the best one ever so good job The last two weeks of being great. I bet you had a good time, right? Yeah, you know what it is all about it is you is about trying to tell you that science is fun? And we think it’s important And I hope out of what you saw last two weeks that a couple of you may have made some changes And what your career goals in life? You may have decided that science technology is something that you want to get into? And make a career and you know out here in the audience You know believe it or not there might be a nobel prize winner There might be someone that goes off to work at NaSa and helps us get to the Mars Set up a moon station. You know you don’t know someone out there who can figure out how to make quantum computers work, right? There’s a lot of science and cool stuff that’s going on and I just want to congratulate you for Making it through the full two weeks. I know there’s a lot of fun This is a memory that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life And I’m hoping that this helps you helps influence you on what you want to do for parents

You know your kids have been great It has been wonderful working foot with them for the last two weeks The staff would like to pass on to you that they were well behaved in it and they had a good time too while they were learning, so I’m gonna keep my remarks short because we have a lot of Shows you want to see here. I know this is gonna be fun too and go from there So thank you very much and good job Next I’d like to juice Dr.. William vosburgh. He’s the director for the oak Ridge Entry to science education Dr.. Vosburgh Hey still Good morning to everyone. It’s an exciting morning I don’t normally use notes, but I want to make sure I get my thank yous correct I wanted to immediately thank ditra for supporting this event Harford Community College ECBC the Army research Lab Mri CD, Northwestern University Iowa State University and BB S automation and in particular from my staff murray Westfall who coordinates this event I know a lot of you deal with Murray. She’s awesome, and this event comes off great. I Just didn’t want to keep my remarks very short also. I kind of think back to when I was your age Maybe one or two years ago My science teacher her name was Mrs.. Davies, and it was good and bad because she was my best friend’s mom Which made it a little complicated, but she used to tell us you know science technology engineering mathematics. This is the wave of the future Of course we were interested in basically sports our friends and pizza at the time so we didn’t believe her But it’s all coming to fruition. She’s in her 80s right now, and I sent her a note a couple months ago reminding her of that comment And it’s true your future is basically in stem education and what oh rice does is? We are a department of energy asset that plays stem Talent stem students at National laboratories across the country Where our Outreach is international now? Many of you may end up at some of our national laboratories so stay curious Stay involved in these events, and I’m going to give you a homework assignment right now And that is if you have not thanked the person that got you here Please do that whether it’s a parent grandparent friend spots or these fantastic teachers and counselors that are here Thank them, and I don’t mean by tweeting them or sending a text Grab him hug him kiss him just say thank you very much because this was a great event loved it So thanks to all of you. I’m really looking forward to the events today and Congratulations on a great two weeks. Thank you Also, I’d like to ask Dr.. Eric Moore to come up. He’s no stranger to this group Dr Moore is the acting director for the Edgewood chemical and biological center and Probably one of the favorites your speakers have the students that we’ve had this last two weeks would you agree? Okay, so I guess I’m up here dale Always does this to me without impromptu without any sort of notice, but you know we’re encouraged We’re very very hopeful that the ECBC experience was something that was awesome for you And I also our two young men coin coin, so the two young man that I oh could you come up? Yeah, I’m calling you out today. So so these were to come on so these two young men Stepped up and answer some hard difficult questions during the session And I said I owed you, and I was a man of my word, okay So let me give you so these are ECBc 100-year anniversary coins right so we’ve been around for a hundred years and you told us a little bit of the history of when Chlorine gas was first used in belgium and all this sort of stuff in 1915 so I thought that was awesome so for that You get a coin outstanding Now they say this one won’t come out of the package but since you were thought-provoking and you were talking about how Ethics and Whatnot also in are impactful for how we look at science of the future especially especially things like genomics gene editing and implications on human lives and shaping the future Bioeconomy all these kinds of things that were outstanding that you mentioned, so I’m gonna let you figure how to get that one out Well, that’s just doctor more much. They had military packaging do those corns for him

All right, so without further deal. We’re going to start the high school presentation so each group has to Do presentations about what they’ve done over the last two weeks and instead of just doing the powerpoint presentation They chose to do skits I had to make it a little fun and entertaining for you and with that the first group will be robotics Now that I’ve grabbed your attention. We are the robotics class of JST. I 2017 in this class In this class we were focusing on two things robotics and drones since we are such a large class and this presentation We’re going to be going over the robotics aspect of this class. I’m hayden. This is Maddie Emmet Ashleigh toe and Francis in engineering, it’s the process and design that comes together to create something, but normally it’s the Weather you it’s the coordination that doesn’t really That sometimes goes together that two people have to talk about in order to see what works. What doesn’t? but sometimes the engineering cannot sometimes you can’t what you see in your mind doesn’t actually come out and so you end up changing your design this and This sometimes happens like two or three times, but in all seriousness robotics also has this communication aspect, but between the robot and the user and It tells the robot from controlling the robot it tells you. What works. What doesn’t and what you can further improve on your robot robotics started in about the 1920s with a guy in a robot suit named Rob the robot but nevertheless Later on Robotics started with industrial robots that had to stay in one place to a simplistic task over and over again couldn’t move anywhere After that mobile robots were born they could move freely throughout their environment still not do very complicated tasks But they could it was more complicated Industrial robots and Mobile robots have both now moved into cooperatives they can now work together with each other and humans to create a safe and efficient work environment the Concepts behind robotics includes different mechanisms that determines how the robot is able to function this includes using mobile alternatives Such as wheels and treads how to use sprockets and chains to transfer energy with minimal resistance and using motor axis Motors connected to access and gears and optimizing gear ratios when it doesn’t work if sometimes grinds my gears Robotics was given the opportunity to visit John hopkins where we witnessed multiple robots one of them being the irobot? during the eye surgery a surgeon must be able to perform with steady hands and through the Irobot it would remove all tremors resulting in precision and consistency One robot we actually got to play with was it da Vinci basically the da Vinci gives a surgeon full hand and Responsibility through a 3d field of vision in order to operate on small incisions. We also got to visit the hearst potato chip factory Where we saw the more robot? Industrial side of robotics the objective of the game delivery playing is to get as much Oren football’s worth three points each and tried to get the least amount of green spheres which as which count as a negative point The first 30 seconds of the Match will be autonomous three teams will have two minutes to get as much points as they can and they will start at the designated Corner O Having your own robot at the end of the match will count as eight points teams to their Corners, please So we’re gonna be starting this game here pretty shortly, so if you can’t see it directly on here

You might want to check some of the side screens to get a better view of what’s going on? And I’ll be trying to say what is actually happening so you can hear it? This is oh so we had six teams competing this these are the final three teams So this is going to be a final so it’s gonna be the most intense game yet Red team are you ready? Blue team are you ready? Silver team are you ready on your marks get set go? Okay for the first 30 seconds you will we will be using automated which meaning. It doesn’t you nobody can control it so mostly that happens Somebody will get stuck and somebody will just keep going it looks pretty hilarious to look at But we’ll eventually get out of it You as you can see the auto stage doesn’t always go to plan some things do to begin As you guys can see there’s definitely different Concepts in the designs of the robots stellar focus on trying to give them into their goal and going as fast as they can while Others trying actually hold on to the robots for the best or to hold on to the footballs for the best amount of time Right now the team that is winning is actually the silver team with three points in their goal and blue is currently losing with negative one It looks like the red has actually lost control in that first little bit of a collision there one minute remaining it looks like red has actually regained their control through some form of Who knows why it just happens? 38 seconds 30 seconds So as you can see silver’s actually Defending their gold from blue. Who’s trying to come and steal the balls and try and take them away? 20 and Now we get to the point where everybody’s content with the amount of footballs they have and so they just sit in their goal trying to protect them ten nine eight seven six five four three Two one and match Red team has three points blue team has 13 points and silver team has a seat eight Seventeen points meaning silver wins congrats Sorry, yeah, next group comes up and sets up I’d like to take a minute to recognize all the mentors that make this possible We can provide the resources for the mentors are there really the ones, so if you’re a mentor please stand up So we can recognize your contribution to this program So another group of individuals that make this happen is the resident teacher So we don’t just let the kids come here and run wild the resident teachers wind up providing me the mother and father big brothers and sisters I’m about 6:00 in the morning to about 10:00 at night and Could I have the resident teacher stand up is these ladies and gentlemen are true professionals? Pilon, it’s done welcome to aquatic partner chamber where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to less known investors tonight’s guest the dynamic Duo of Kula Macdonald

A self-employed biomedical engineer working on microfluidic actuation and Holly artist or a self-proclaimed expert in chemical engineering Have created what they claim to be a cheap Effective and precise method of transporting and combining small quantities of fluids could this be a breakthrough in medical technology Now further ado, please welcome our progress M&B ethan plumbing helipad Alessandra Gold Thomas Good morning. I’m Holly Iron Stewart And this is my partner quinlan McDonald we’ve been working to develop a way to better cure and diagnose illnesses Particularly those in third-world countries that do not have access to as many health resources as we do here We’ve created just a solution for the problem, and it’s actually been right in front of us the whole time Inspired by the marble labyrinth toy we play with those kids our device mimics the same x y axis tilting motion for the testing that My partner just mentioned for our device is by no means a child’s toy our microfluidic actuator or Mfa is a precise mechanism in the business of saving lives But how exactly does it help people we need an invention that will reach a wide audience This device applies to practically anyone if it can be promoted worldwide Even someone who can not afford the current test of blood testing will be able to pay for it a lower cost oh It’s very easy to use evan I have a demonstration set up right over here And it’s actually so easy to use that somebody with no experience could use it you want to come up, and I’ll show you sure Safety first Evan So this is our microfluidic actuator right here Yeah, you can see it on the screens If you can’t see if you’re not too close, but it’s plugged into this computer and on the computer I have a Matlab program running. So that’s a pretty standard engineering program, and it has four arrow keys That’s the basis of it, and there’s two motors here So the four arrow key is control the two motors to make the platform to a jerking motion and the force of gravity just gets The droplet to move so I have an experiment set up here Can you take the black light please? That’s that’s blue light actually Turn to it And if you can’t see there’s two droplets on the platform this first droplet if you shine a blue light on it And you have a filter looking through it you can see the fluorescence of it, right Yeah, so the fluorescence of that is Representing the Bacteria and the second droplet is an antibiotic So we’re gonna combine the antibiotic with the bacteria and see if the fluorescent fades, so I have a quick question How is use this mechanism use oh? It’s very easy to use. It’s just the four arrow keys. I’d like for you to give it a shot Yes Yeah, so yeah, check it out. They’ve merged together and now the droplet has faded. So we know that the antibiotic has worked Thanks for coming up more successful Um that’s a fair question I think that it hasn’t been so successful yet because we haven’t had enough time to do the testing that we’ve wanted to Because we need to do that to get it to be approved to be used in a clinical trial And that’s what really would make our device a household name however. What we have proved And what’s really huge is that we can use this fluorescent liquid to model to model? Bacterial growth and Decay and run experiments like that So this is why we need your money today to prove that our device can be used in a clinical trial Well ours Well ours unlike others does not require a high voltage or an expensive fabrication process I’m liking the sound of this We would like $100,000 for a 25% stake in our company The one I was just showing Evan cost a little under $100 to makes us very cheap. I still need a little more information Well our competition mainly uses electrical fields or harmonic motion and that requires 30 times the amount of power that ours does So to answer your question the energy expense would be one thirtieth the cost of our competition Looks like a great product. I’m in I’m willing to put down 50,000 for 10% another 50,000 for 10% Our water creditors have made their decision and it’s now time for our juniors to decide whether or not they’ll take the bait

Welcome back. We’ve made our decision and we’re willing to give you the full $100,000 for 25% stake in your company. That’s fantastic We just I just want to make sure we’re on the same page with regards to advancing our business Advertising that you need sorry. I’m not sorry, but it’s already been invented I Think this is very important in helping many people in need I’m offering 50,000 for 10% I agree with Hannah I’ll match her offer I can also provide you any lab space or medical supplies that you need I believe that if this Research gets more well-known and brought to the national scope We can make a huge difference in saving lives So I’m we’re excited to work with you can I just talk to holly real quick what consider your offer? okay, holly, and I we both really appreciate your offers and We’ve decided to take the deal. We look forward to working with you all that’s fantastic. Thank you No affiliation started and once associates sponsored by the defense of debt reduction agency a special. Thanks to Dr.. Hong He military packaging Okay the following scenes do not actually reflect Actual military packaging and rapid prototyping for they have been exaggerated for entertainment purposes only Alright, so guys. We just finished our single axis widget spinners, and they’re going out to troops in the field We’ve got one new project and so we have Mr. EsTeban style from mes coming in to help us with it Question what’s in me s military energy suppliers Have you ever contracted with them before? No, so it’s really important that we make a good first impression and they want to work with us again I’m Gonna go get Mr.. Stall so get ready to work Pleasure to meet you Mr.. Stall pleasure to meet you, Mr.. Baker Okay, so hello Pleasure to meet you. Yeah pleasure to meet you Pleasure to meet you pleasure to meet you And they’re gonna be helping you develop your design and then package it to go out All right, so here’s what I have in mind Ebs, it’s called energy boosting supplements, so I was thinking you know Whatever it is. It must not melt it must last up to five years in storage um have at least 200 calories per item and It must be read so Here’s my budget Matthew. How much money is there at least enough? We’ll make it work. Well. That’s a feist. Maybe oh boy so With that in mind. Do you think we could have that done in like? 24 hours she just that 24 hour she’s crazy. Oh my God What are we gonna do with the power of additive manufacturing? We can do it okay? Of course plenty of time Okay, so I’ll be back in 30 minutes and see what you guys have for me All right, Mr.. Stall so our designers have taken into consideration your requirements They’ve divided them into threshold and objective requirements so your first threshold is the Absolute minimum that you need to have the objective is what we are going to do depending on time and budget Which were pretty tight on right now. We’ll make it work

All right, so here. I have the prototype and a drawing of it I have an egg shape feature and a peanut inside for extra Flavor Okay, so going back to your design I’m sorry But I don’t think you took into consideration our military personnel that might have any nut allergies so no Thank you on the other hand. I love your design in its Brilliance So as far as unit packaging goes, what do you have for me? Right here. We have our unit package holds about ten I Love it. It is perfect So what container are we gonna Transport these in? Well, Mr.. Stahr our packaging team has come up with two designs for you, so let’s look at package number one Right here our packaging is has a lock system very durable and Survives any strength tests you throw at it, and it’s water resistant okay, so I don’t think you have really I mean I’m just trying to pack like ten of these not so many. That’s too big. I’m gonna have to say no All right, we’ve got one more for you to look at right now well This is a package drawn up in our proprietary pack a modeling software Solidworks the diagram of this you can see on there this incorporates a heat ablative shielding to reflect heat off of its surface to prevent melting the supplement inside and Vibrational cushioning to prevent it shattering or cracking during transport So I just have a question did you think about maybe measuring the unit package because it seems that your Dimensions might be a little off that Doesn’t really fit in there Okay, so I’m gonna have to say no, and I’m gonna actually go explore other options, okay, I? Have found a commercial off-the-shelf version of both the unit packaging and The Transport packaging it was only twenty cents But these are going to the troops This looks security oh, no What am I gonna? Do now? Well you see this is commercial packaging You’re gonna need military packaging to protect it from things like you know sand water things like that that might get in the way So our designers have taken your critiques and our packaging team has come up with one final design that we really hope you enjoy This is an upscaled model of the first of the first prototype I showed you incorporating the best of both Andrew and my designs and capable of carrying a median of ten of the packages of the standard you mentioned Okay, well if it really survives all that you said it would can we let’s say drop test it of course I’ll qualify testing that personnel. Oh right over there Hey guys, look one more day without accidents, and we have a free pizza party. I can’t eat pizza okay, so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hold it out and Then we’re gonna hold it yeah nice to go. You’re gonna drop it pretty everybody ready to go My leg pizza party, but wait is the package okay? Oh This is intact. I love it. It’s perfect Our next group is going to be the raspberry Pi group and if they’re coming up and setting up I’d also like to take a time to the er, so we have a lot of field trips and their students are transport transport it quite a bit while they’re here at three or Four different locations and our bus drivers have made sure that they have gotten there safely and on time If they’re late, it’s because we’re running late not the bus drivers So if the bus drivers are in here and they usually are could you please stand up so we can recognize you cuz you all have been a critical part of this the success Hi, my name is Dawn Tracy, and I’ll be your host for tonight’s episode of chopped tonight

We have these fine contestants working hard to make sure that they’re working with their secret ingredient the raspberry Pi This is my co-host and co judge Kyle wallace. How you doing tonight? Kyle? I’m good. How are you? I’m doing great would you like to tell the audience a little about the secret ingredient that their contestants are working with Raspberry Pie is a linux-based Low-cost Credit card-sized computer used to get young adults back into coding it was only expected to sell 100,000 units and has now sold over 10 million units Wow, that certainly is surprising there. Kyle now. We are we are now getting into the final five seconds of our Competition are you ready in five four three? two one hands up All right, we will now go to our first contestant Mr.. Sean Magic. How you doing tonight? Sean good all right would you uh? Where you from? All right, would you like to show us what your dishes? it can show the time talent events and news and weather All right, uh what about the little little cat in the corner? Bob Can you tell us a little about Bob? It’s a cat in it farts Rainbows that certainly is magical Sean Kyle, what do you think you would rate this dish? Well, I’m more of a dog person so the cat thing isn’t really getting to me sorry Sean Moving on to our next contestant. We have miss Veronica booth how you doing tonight, Veronica Doing good. All right would you uh where you from I’m from Kansas would you like to tell us what you made here? Yes, I have made a raspberry Pi photo booth that simultaneously Uploads its pictures to Twitter As well as uploading its images it also Posts fun, little messages with your pictures such as jCI 2017 and my personal favorite keep your eyes on the pies Wow, that certainly is amazing. Kyle. What would you like to rate this dish well? a little underdeveloped Looks like you’re not getting those ruby red heels Moving on to our next contestant. We have hank the laser Hank how you doing tonight? I’m doing good. How are you? I’m doing great Would you like it or were you from Des Moines, Iowa? That’s pretty sweet Can you tell us a little bit about your dish? Yeah today. I made a laser trip wire it works from about 30 feet away When somebody walks through it the buzzer will go off so you know somebody’s in the room. Can you test it for us? Yeah? That’s pretty awesome. Thank you looks like you might be thieving this competition from the rest of them all Right Kyle. What would you rate this dish well? It’s a little Looks like you got robbed Moving on to our last contestant. We have jelica smoke. How you doing tonight, jelica. I’m great. How are you? I’m doing fantastic. Would you tell us where you’re from? I’m from, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Hi Mom Hi, Mom Can you tell us a little bit about your dish of course so today I baked up a google assistant for you guys It’s like a siri, but better so you can ask him questions like what time it is about the weather traffic like this I Was working earlier? All right, Kyle. What would you rate this dish? What’s this burn thing? Oh? Well um earlier. I burnt another one of my raspberry pie desserts I over baked my pie top laptops and now it’s burnt Yeah, sorry all right. Kyle. What would you rate this dish now? Well? I love my pot burns

Looks like you have one that’s a little burnt and one that’s a little undercooked All right, we will now move on to who the champion of tonight’s episode of chopped will be Can I get a drumroll please? And tonight’s champion will be after this commercial I use pantene. Do you Don’t hate me because I’m strong strong is beautiful pantene I’m not quite quite sure how to feel about that last part Okay, obviously I mentioned this group and they didn’t get the shampoo idea for me So while we’re waiting for the next tip to come in and set up there is a what another lady I’d like to spread especially thank if you can grab Kathy real quick So Kathy Kettner spends a lot of time. She works for or eu and spent a lot of time from about February through the September working on the project and she does all behind the scenes logistics and planning and without her we would not be able to Pull this event off and ladies move around a hand run of applause for Kathy So thank you very much, Kathy. We couldn’t do without you So I guess I’m have to tell some jokes Yeah, there. I was that’s how any good. Army Joke starts there. I was But certainly there’s also another group that we’ve kind of overlooked and it’s the parents guardians and grandparents who will have allowed their Children to come here for two weeks And especially the middle school program who were here for only one week and even high school If this is the first time they’ve been away from home let alone flying. We’ve brought kids in from Overseas Korea, Japan Germany Who teaches him from guam? They’re in the kitchen from all over the United States so to be able to put your kid on an airplane for the first time and To send me off to somebody in Maryland and hoping they’re catching him when they land I Got to tell you as a parent that would make me nervous so for all you parents guardians and grandparents out there So thank you for giving your children this opportunity is I think that you will find that their person We hope that their perspective has changed after this so but that wouldn’t been possible without you putting The trust in us to take care of your children while they’re here so again. Thank you to all the parents All right, so they need that one so obviously its cybersecurity is what they’re getting ready to present and so My expert on cybersecurity may have built into a flaw we’re good. Yeah, all right good I wouldn’t say we would have to blame the russians for hacking this one Good morning. We had the jST I cybersecurity group our presentation is a skip about to government agents agent J and t who work for the JSC I agents II and have gotten themselves caught up in a phishing scam Our story begins with a nigerian prince writing out an email that he used on planning to con the agents Stupid Force So what we do is bring in the next group, but we’re reset while we figure out the technical difficulties Cybersecurity is based solely on what you can see in here on the screen Alright go ahead and ring in the next group while we figure out how we can fix this one

how do we the next group we have is the drones Welcome to the 2017 jST. I trivia Drone race today the pilots will be racing for their very own drone Our first team today is the red Rockets I’m khalil Hey, Rocky, and then we also have the purple propellers that’s us. I’m jay. We’re edward Miller. He’s not a point Okay, so this is the way the game works if you answer your question right then you get one point and if you get it Wrong you don’t get any points for that round and at the end if there is a tie We will have a bonus question so the purple propellers are gonna. Go first Jay What are drones capable of um drones are capable of many things such as monitoring? Transportation and also drone racing That’s correct Next up rockets can drones have more than four propellers I I must say no I’m sorry, but that is incorrect Jones can have three four six eight even up to ten repellers Back to the propellers Miller. What are the different uses of drones? Drones can be used in the military industrial commercial and personal uses correct Okay, rockets. It looks like you’re a little bit behind next up, Sierra How many different types of drones are there there are many types of drones from military Grade to commercial Tundish field to the quadcopter? Is try copters and many more the military grade can be as small as your fingernail or the Nano is which is a class class one and the Class three can be as big as commercial airplanes Good that is correct Back to J. And the propellers our jones used in the entertainment industry at all crazy only using the military I’m sorry, but that’s actually incorrect drones are often used for filmmaking and for photography Okay, back to you Rockets Khalil. You don’t use GPS’s maybe um Jones you gPSs sensors cameras to find their surroundings that’s correct. Yeah It looks like we have a tie So now that means we got to have one last bonus Question whoever raises their hand first will get the opportunity to answer and if they get it right they’ve won The question is what is the projected cost of the drone industry in the year 2020 oh? It looks like Jay got her first Siri Will it be four billion dollars? Yes? That is correct? Wow, it looks like you guys won congratulations my lawyer So next we’re gonna bring up cybersecurity again. I think they’ve worked out all the bugs

Those are the all the those are all the jokes that I have for the day You know if you thought those were bad you should have heard me when I was talking about raspberry pie jokes, you know You know there was a instead of you know when you read a scientific paper You usually have and you can see the poster in the hallway you have materials and methods but the movie said the group decided to change it to Ingredients in recipes to go with the raspberry pie thing and instead of an introduction, they had pre baked instructions so Can I get off the stage now? We’re good. Okay. Thank you ladies Problem, so we’re gonna bring on the next trip the cybersecurity is gonna go back now the question you have to be asking yourself is this plan or just Accidental Coincidence Did they really get taxed since they are cybersecurity is this part of the show all right? Let’s bring on the next crew Get them Sorry next group up is going to be a 3D printing Bill So they’ve learned how you’ll see what they’ve done over the last two weeks, and they were working with Dr.. Morris Group down at the ECBC I’m learning how to build 3D printers Okay, hello ladies and as you heard. We are 3D printing build I’m gonna go with this kit. Hello ladies and gentlemen today We’re here to talk about the monumental occasion that happened yesterday, not only did Nasa successfully create a moon base They’ve 3d printed said Moon base Today for the record is July 13th 2023 and today we have Nasa’s head of 3D printing broadly I’m not even gonna try to pronounce that and Dr.. Tighe who is an expert in bio printing. They’re gonna answer some questions, but we’re gonna go ahead and start with Bradley’s introduction Hello. I am gladly rupprecht. I am the head of Nasa’s 3D printing department Hi, I’m a dr.. Tighe and I’m the head of bio printing at Johns Hopkins University So we’re gonna. They’re gonna answer some questions, and we’re gonna start with you What is the goal of 3d printing the goal of 3D printing on the Moon is to? Make housing Easy is it easier and more affordable? Rather than taking weeks this can take days or even if we’re lucky enough hours just to print one simple colony I’m Rosina, bright. I’m from Cnn so for the audience at home Could you please explain what 3d printing is Mr.. Bradley so the best way? I like to explain it is think of it like plato’s when your kid only you can’t eat this You get did the different types of play-doh, and you kind of stack them together only the difference is its filament And it’s heated to a certain temperature to make it easily moldable like metal and you stack them and layer by layer And you can press them down until they make a harder an object after they cool It’ll be like this as you can see is like different layers almost looks like trident gum What complications do you face with 3D printing as anything you heat up and quickly cool down one of the biggest? Complications is it can curl as you look at the rabbit the ear has bent off due to curling when cooled it didn’t know to Support itself and Snapped off another one is when printing sometimes the machine can be bumped It’s a very finicky object, and it can stop in the middle of being used I’m wondering how does this affect the average household I?

Personally don’t think this will affect the average household not for a very long time Until we can further perfect 3D printing and make it easily Well, I actually disagree 3D printing can make these dangerous surgeries unnecessary which can affect the average household Can you elaborate well 3d bioprinting at least is the way of the future? We can now print muscles and all these other stuff that can change the way that we treat you illnesses Doctor Taichi, do you really believe that this is ethical since you are basically playing God well, we’re not trying to play God, we’re just trying to give people a second chance to live which isn’t really a bad idea What do you believe that the future of Bio 3D printing holds? That’s to me and the future bio 3D printing is printing customized organs which won’t be rejected And we’re just with that. We’re just trying to give people a second chance to live so Mr.. Bradley do you believe that 3D printing will replace um major manufacturing in the future? So if you look at any major major manufacturing shop like you always twinkies for example They are quick and effective and they get box out by box out by box out a big issue a 3D print As the time aspect it may be quicker for certain things, but manufacturing Easily doubles, how fast are you printing and print another issue with it is we haven’t fully perfected voxels Which is the exact 3D pixel of a picture so like the picture on the screen only on a 3D plane? Can you explain what box sluice? voxel as I said is the exact 3D model of a picture, so In normal picture – Generally 2D This would be like a 3D scale so as you can see this but picture form and we know the exact makeup of each pixel and how it forms Question for Nasa so you’re you say, you’re building your 3D printing colonies on Mars So do you think that soon you’ll be able to build cities? In the distant future of course I think anything’s possible as long as you have the drive And they’re people working on it because nothing’s impossible like right now I do not think we could reasonably 3D print an entire city because It would take as I said too much time and would rather be more effective as to build them you have a can however 3D Print a single house There’s a man who in Russia during the cold of the winter 3D printed an entire house just within 24 hours if you watch the video to explain So obviously we’re not gonna subscribe We would like to thank Bhakta for allowing us to use the video I Said an esse will you be using 3D printing to colonize mars so that information is classified. I think that’s all the time that Bradley, how do you how do you pronounce it? Rupert I’m Gonna give up and Dr Tighe which I believe is needing to print some organs, so yeah, sorry if they couldn’t answer any of your questions Our next group is going to be a water quality which was mentioned by a Dr.. Morgan Vineyard I’m sorry three days on I got confused for the lab coats. I see lab coats, and I think you know lab So this group was actually working with the army research lab up at Arl on North Apg With LJ holmes and his rest of his staff Good morning. I’m your host Taylor waggly, and this is my Co-host, Mason Smith, and we are tST top secret

Talk the only show to bring you the inside scoop on what it’s like to be in the research lab Thank you Taylor for that invigorating introduction today We’ll be hearing from four scientists from the field of 3D printing or is they like to call it additive manufacturing? please join me in giving a warm welcome to Alexa Huey Julia Mesa Glaze Vander Blog and Konrad Wyrick All righty guys. How are you doing? What’s going on? We would like to thank you for this ok so let’s just get straight down to business So what’s going on in Aro? For those of you been stuck right in Kayaks for last week air L stands for Army research laboratories get with the program um So we actually can’t tell you cuz it’s government classified, but um maybe if you want to know what we’ve been having for lunch in Super Chicken Rico yeah, uh okay, well actually we’ve been 3D printing um in designing living hinges and a living hinge is just a structure that Connects two pieces it’s made of the same Material as those pieces and it can bend so everyday examples would be maybe a ketchup bottle top or a tic-Tac bottle up top How exciting actually they are in fact as you could see the next slide here next slide Are you watching too tight? as you can see with the next slide here the living hinge is perfectly bendable and instead of using chains I’ve decided to use a Bridge link structure when it bends pretty well, it’s good and living the hinge Well that was just a mouthful. So why do I need a 3D printer? Why can’t I just go buy mine my nunchucks from my local Ninja store? That’s an interesting question taylor actually I mean there are just some things you cannot make in the store like Things that require intricate design and detail these things can only be made with additive manufacturing many things like micro structures Example 3D printing is also being used to print pieces so that they no longer have to be assembled so we can print pieces as a whole piece one in one Shot or we can also print pieces that fit together and can be assembled so I designed these snap pieces they One piece fits into the other one like so and then you push this knob to activate the living hinge and it slides out oh How fascinating? Not only does 3D printing allow you to make small intricate designs But it can also you can it can also make materials I can’t be made any other way for example the sla machine that can make materials that simulate bone structure using the stereo lithography technique Okay, well have you all done different designs? yes, I I Made this frog and what makes it a living hinge is what allows it to jump? Actually after we all worked on our own initial designs we decided to collaborate on a castle project each component of the castle is a different living hinge so we created a Drawbridge with a living hinge at the base so that it can go up and down Castle Tower that starts out flat and can be folded together and then um The walls of the castle are made out of the snapping device that I created and we also built a catapult for protection demonstration The difference between a 3D living hands in a 2d living hands is at a 2d living changes simply just a two-dimensional shape extruded and the y-Axis and a 3D living hinge is As so as you can see in the cording that I made and it’s quite the accordion plays pretty good music Sounds like music to my ears Hold up. I heard something about a castle. We’re gonna get my castle. Well, that’s a great question Mason, we’re still developing our castle, but let’s try to get you on as soon as possible. Oh, well, okay. Thanks a lot One more question what difficulties. Did you have while working in the lab? well Well, we had a look we had printer malfunctions, but that’s pretty common another obstacle

we had was that our printers took a long time to print so We have to leave them overnight, and if there was some sort of malfunction, we wasted a whole night Yeah, and then some some of the designs are just too complex for the printers to print wait. Are you saying the printers are dumb? No Not dumb at all. They are very intelligent pieces of technology way more intelligent than you may think And let’s see. It’s just that some designs might be too complicated or the Furnish to produce another difficulty you might have though is that the printer print some support material for the Objects that we produce and we have to chip that off sometimes pieces can fly and go into people’s eyes or something But that’s why you got to wear your goggles Yeah, you’re right Okay, so I’ve heard of printing useful things like even live tissue or jewelry. Oh yeah Julie right here. It would have been cool to see live tissue, but I guess the jewelry will do oh Okay, but okay. Here’s a bracelet. I mean, it’s uh I worked really hard on it. It’s a really nice bracelet looks great. Oh, thanks well What’s so cool about this? is that you know I made it from nothing really and it’s just it’s a living hinge and it bends and I can wear it on my wrist, and it’s just cool. I think Current future implications for 3D printing are unknown as additive manufacturing seem to be in pharmaceutical companies Mostly in the biology realm actually and pharmaceutical companies hope to print your custom pill just for you also It seems to be in Rf radar structures Radio frequency radar structures that can only be made through additive manufacturing that I’m sorry to stop you But we need to wrap this up alrighty guys. Thank you for watching this latest episode of tsT. See you next time Once upon a time in a faraway world two countries the republic of Taiwan and the educated Rebellion have filled the land with war After years and years of fighting the war is finally coming close to an end The Evil overlord take pawn has retreated to his castle as his last line of defense Meanwhile the educated Rebellion is drawing closer and closer and with them is their newly created weapon that is believed to be the most Destructive weapon ever created, but little do they know Take one has something up his sleeve as well Caitlyn and Sam are preparing the weapon they have developed and will soon launch it onto the castle This weapon is their only hope of ending this war once and for all We’ve created this weapon of Mass destruction called a static or a static hold is like many catapults But it has a few differences and the fact that you can change different things to get different variables for different results One of the things that we have is a rubber band a fixed arm a moving arm a base stopping pin position cup and a projectile The three things that we used as variables in this

situation was the moving arm which we called a The stop the Big storm which we called B and the position of release which we called C So using our magnificent catapult. We ran many demos to collect Data to derive an equation This equation will be appear up on the board so this equation falls for distance But because we know the distance from our catapult to the castle We had to solve for a different factor so using all of our data that we collected from the demos We were able to figure out that the most influential factor was the angle of release which was Factor C So to make the math easier on us we put factor a and factor b at 0 and solved for C, and We then converted it and got that the degrees of release? To be 173 degrees, so kaitlin good news we have to set the catapult to 170 degrees, okay. I’ll let the ground crew know Please hit me like you’re not gonna hit me. Yeah. I’m gonna Kill please don’t like that’s not gonna happen. Okay like that’s not gonna happen. They’re gonna die Why did you can’t take a joke like? Why’d you do that? You can’t take a joke? Why is my skin burning I? can’t see Scientists have now arrived at the scene because of a strange gas coming from the castle There is pretty thick in here right ashley. Yeah, I can barely see anything wait. Do you see that? I think it’s a body yeah, I think he’s moving What happened to you? They destroyed it. It was released, please save my people they’re innocent He might be dead let me check his pulse. That’s the wrong area stupid. You’re really down there. She’ll be dead, bro anyway This isn’t good Ashley this amount of agent x is too dangerous for the people living in the castle even people living miles away well how are we supposed to know where it’s going to spread don’t you remember we can use h pack or the Hazard Prediction Assessment capabilities to determine how an agent affects an area oh Yeah, we can use that to see how much protective gear we need for the civilian exactly alright So I’m gonna call the lab and inform them about the situation Hmm Hello Yeah, hi, Dr.. Brown um see they release agent x over here So I need you to run a simulation of 1,000 kilograms of age and eggs going North with at 37 degrees and West with 138 degrees Okay Okay, thank you. Bye Ashland has just informed the scientists back at the lab About the reported factors affecting the spread of Asian x and that is it is important that Sufficient protective equipment is distributed to the population around the castle in time as they’re leaving the castle they run into Caitlin and Sam Caitlin Sam what are you doing out here without suits Lucky I brought two extra ones Take one like he would be the person to have like agent x in his castle. I mean if we hadn’t known that we wouldn’t Thank you so much Thank you The scientists have examined the area and have figured out What was the least and the amount released that will go back to the lab and pretend? Simulate H pack to determine how the agent will spread and who will be affected by it the educator rebellions successful Victory against the overlord a quad has resulted in happiness throughout the land the world can now sleep safely and rebuild All that to take one is destroyed and live happily ever after Thank you all for coming today is our 40th annual well-watered jubilee for years Riverdale has been a clean and healthy neighborhood

Thanks to the oysters for keeping the nitrate and phosphate levels low and low this celebration is for them and all that they do Thank you mayor my family, and I love this community so much. We love to help keep the water clean for everyone Excuse me. I hate to run off your celebration, but you’re all in very grave danger. There’s a force coming That’s greater than anything you’ve ever experienced in your perfect little lives with perfectly clean water and perfectly good oxygen levels I’m from ocean appleís where the people have been decimated by a toxin indescribable boy words open your eyes before it’s too late What is this nonsense you speak of how dare you try to kiss credit our celebration leave that one to imbecile? I tried to warn you Mommy, what is he saying that we’re gonna die. What does he mean? He just thinks that the nitrate ammonia and phosphate levels are too high but we have nothing to worry about So what happens in the phosphate and nitrate ammonium level rise? well the first step of a process called eutrophication is when Ammonia phosphate and nitrate levels rise because a fertilizer is trash and other anthropogenic sources When this happens the this can create an algae bloom in my recent Findings showed that there were high nitrate levels in swann Harbor which is near a farm and there were high Phosphate levels near Muddy Creek which is next to the Smithsonian environmental research center? and I also Noticed that there are high ammonia levels and for Carol near the inner Baltimore Harbor which makes sense because a bunch of bird poop dwells in those waters Well, if that did happen we’d be in big trouble, but we have the oysters to keep the water clean so that would never happen future vacation is when the pollutant levels decrease and the algae bloom dies the Bacteria eat this and use it for the respiration process leading to a Dead Zone when this happens the the But my recent findings show that the Boston were harbor near Canton River were too Low to sustain fish and other aerobic organisms because the measurements for dissolved oxygen there were below 5 milligrams per liter Mommy what happened the water got all dirty. I don’t know let’s go check in on the oysters and find out Well actually a Keystone species is any organisms Whose role in an environment is critical in maintaining homeostasis? In Oregon and Oyster is very much a keystone species because not only do they filter the water

But they also remove seto feces from their sediment as well as provide habitats for other small organisms to live in What happened easter? Where’s the fam? Why can’t we barely breathe? My family was harvested by the humans that affected our waters with evils census. I’m all alone I have to clean this water all by myself. It’s too much. I’m so stressed I can’t I do I can’t I Monster no don’t Die I Can’t breathe Bacteria. Help me Dissolved Oxygen is a measure of oxygen so the lower the levels the higher stress for aquatic organisms So theoretically speaking Mrs.. Mayor fish is about to go bye-bye Well since the Bacteria has depleted the oxygen it will now have to survive using alternative Electron acceptors to Oxygen like nitrate Folks this has been another edition of the Dead Zone the new neighbor so as we clean up the robotics and take away all the bed LG And cybersecurity comes to see if they’ve been able to strengthen their firewalls and get rid of the hackers. We’re gonna give them another try You ready? all right, well we’re back with the same skit, so We’re cybersecurity and digital forensics by the way dear Subscriber Know there are suspecting victim Almost wait, no dear jST. I agents there we go You’re chosen to be a benefactor to when I turn in prince who was in dire need of your help Please send me your bank account number and your social security number, and you’ll be greatly rewarded of ten million dollars that’s regards your prince Olli a Jst. I agent t and agent J. Are coming back from the lunch break when they received the email Are you ready for this long day? Hey

You got a promotion No a nigerian prince said he’ll give us ten million if we give him our bank account or social security number Why are you always laugh? Look O You search oh Agent J. And agent t. We’re celebrating now, but little did they know that things are about to go very downhill Stupid Force how could it be so gullible? I just got their bank account number and Their social security number now. I don’t have to worry about my retirement What are you doing? Why would you do that? This is jsT. I check all your emails That was a phishing that wasn’t me Phishing email is an email that people use to steal someone’s information or money, and you just gave it away like oh That was him. You know what you got to do now. You got to find out who has your information Get it back, or don’t come back here Any man, what is wrong with you? Well, if it isn’t dumb and dumber, what does he need this time a verb? The two agents and the it guys go back and forth and create a plan to get their stuff back Remember Jessie J. Ci Banquet Atm be on time The Dynamic Trio enter the je Sti banquet the next day So what do we do here? We need to find the hidden message in the photo. How are we supposed to do that? There’s it their instructions and under the chairs. I’m not gonna Spoon feed this to you We gonna need some help. Hey audience. We need to help look under your chairs Please please somebody somebody has to have come on no You guys go All right So digital steganography is the process in which there’s a data a message hidden in a photo or media file Agents find out, what digital stenography is and begin to decrypt the image Now that they have the password agent t and agent J Are devising a plan with the help of the it to find the so-called Nigerian prince? All right, so now we have the password we got to do some penetration testing on this network What is that, so pretty much penetration testing is finding vulnerabilities in their network and we’re Gonna Take our information back We found information information Now that they have their information back, they’re going to go apprehend their suspect but in google.maps That way that way that way that way no, this is it that way that way you got it upside down Wait, just wait Mellon JST. I agents I would have gone away of ten million dollars. Oh Look, it’s the boss you see we just did good job guys you Can keep your job you can keep our jobs? And I need you, and I miss you and now I wonder

So ladies and gentleman you can kind of see that they had these young men and women to put a lot of time And effort into their sketches, I think we owe my one more large round of applause please What? 10:06 all right, so we’re actually believe it or not a little ahead of schedule even with all the technical difficulties So what we can do right? Now is give you a chance to take a break It’s 1006 he’ll be back here about 10 23 and we’ll go ahead and start I encourage you to look at the posters head on the hallway and Some of these students will be standing by to ask answer any questions You may have so we’ll be back here by 10 23 would be great nobody Alright ladies and gentlemen if I could have you start taking your seats now, please so we get back on schedule

He was fearless up on the ropes course fearless. Yeah

Alright ladies and gentleman, we’re gonna go ahead and begin again and so in addition to the high school program

We also have a middle school program, and we also have a program for Middle school and high school teachers with the teachers

They actually go into Dod labs and work with dod scientists for two weeks, and so now you’re gonna hear From their perspective how their research went and how they’re going to go back and take this and put it into their classroom Good morning, and our project is on homes And I’m ray pedigo from Jefferson County High School in Danger, Tennessee Instruction on what we did won’t give you some ideas about what we have done earlier In our school we work on some of the projects like gold nanoparticles for Cancer research and we have done some biofuel and building wind tunnels to understand What you’ve done here is we looked at the living hinges the picture gives you some descriptions of what we’re done we used two different programs I did the execution and as well as the 3d objects and After the information that was gained what I’m going to do is we have new legs Started it’s called streamline mostly on project based So I’m going to have some freshmen coming to my class and we’ll be building drones using the 3d printer using all the programs that I want and they will be look going for the competition And we’ll see how the kids have succeeded in completing living hinges wood they asked us to go ahead and design our own and so I used a clip and Design my own clip and then I made a jSt. I keychain as well to hang on that clip I also use the Thingiverse and downloaded some files in order to create a Trebuchet Which is one of the things my students will do my project I embedded Turn the slide Qr. Codes on there, and they’ll be able to take their tablets and use a qr reader and then be able to Find the design on there and Be able to access the files instead of being told Oh you have to go to this website to find this and everything else, so it makes it easy access using technology I Also plan to use the 3D printing in order to make supplies for my lab classroom To do demonstrations and to be able to help the kids understand using hands-on activities, so I created a disk and

to look at Centripetal Force That didn’t have I think I’m home Be careful the missile. That’s coming to in class they usually use a non liquid item and then I have them put a cup with water in it and They see the physics, and they’re really impressed that they can do that. So thank you We’d like to thank Dr.. Han Dale Taylor with D’être our arl group that we worked with they were wonderful we thank them very much for the connections that we made with them and Jst. I and o ra you the wonderful people that we’ve worked with there there were so many to name those and we had some Amazing group of high schoolers that were from all over the world and we want to thank you all for Teaching us as well Thank you So is the next next to one the next teacher loads up their presentation? I think this time to recognize for young women that were attended the program in 14 and 2015 could I have the four of General alumni make her stand up So these are these young women attending the program they liked it and so every year we bring back Alumni so they can they can relate a little bit better to the high school students than most of us can and these four young Ladies are amazing, and I’m glad you got the opportunity to come back and we got to work with you. Okay. I truly am so I got to work with military packaging and we got to follow the process from Concept to building it to designing it to giving feedback loops and Figuring out how to make things better and get them back to the warfighter in a better way One of our logistics people that came in to us really Just talked about the fact that that’s really cradle to grave Um so I called my project think it Build it break it and you can ask any of the student participants that were in my group I’m really good at the break it part you can that look at the egg. You can look at my spinner? Any of those I probably broke it so the people that we worked with was the Edgewood chemical and biological senator specifically the Adm portion of that When I had to turn in this assignment, we had only seen these four people But many many people were actually involved with the project as mentors the list would take up most of the page Chica Bob Mary kay and Dave were the primary people that we talked to in the first week we also saw Randy Debbie and in packaging as well as Dallas and stephanie were helping out as interns I got to work with a group of students. You can see us there with our cardboard canoe I will say that at the ECBC picnic one of the JSC. I groups took second and had the most creative design It may not have been us So the our actual project was to take an object going through the brainstorming process You can actually see the aftermath of our brainstorming process And figuring out how to actually get that into an additive manufacturing We got the 3D Magic you see a lot of other groups that went through the pain and suffering that goes along with 3D printing Of the calibrations and the fixing and the oh no my print messed up, but I got 3d magic We gave him the design and Chica brought in a finished design the next day So it was just kind of a process that we didn’t get the the difficult part we just got the product We walked through the concept in the design portion. We did a brain storm we had requirements We got to see what that really looks like and all the people that are involved with that Process, and we got to be used additive manufacturing actually building something on top of something else to build the product From there we were supposed to package it to protect it. You can see that the shells drupa Package was by far the largest package and looking in the corner you can see in the far right corner that will block a styrofoam that was one of my prime products you actually did pretty well except for the water got in and it got all wet and ruined Because one of the requirements that we went through many requirements water immersion test drop tests lose cargo vibration Which if you have not seen a loose cargo vibration test don’t it’s not very exciting You just watch it something go like this for about 20 minutes in about two minutes, and you’re like okay. I’m good and then you turn it and then you go for this for another 20 minutes and

some of their tests go for hours and hours and sometimes they have to stand there with a stick and push it back on and Push it back on are the pictures that we got to take the most important picture to me was the top left picture that was from the ECBC picnic like the crabs that we got to eat we walked through the process of how to eat crab and and Brandy in the Red shirt over there was more than happy to show anybody that didn’t know or someone that just needed some help how to eat a crab the right way The first design the black spinner on there, and there’s single axis widget spinners Or saws because you know how how the dod loves their acronyms Our was my first prototype you can see in the white. It’s a little smoother. It’s a little better And you can see the group was talking about breaking him off and that those plastic pieces hitting you in the face You can see the the aftermath of breaking it apart when I go back to my classroom Cps. I work at Chicago public schools in at Sure’s High School We have a ctE program that works with students to bring technology and engineering principles into the classroom We have computer science for all and I teach physics so all those together I’m really grateful for military packaging because they basically created a lesson plan for all three of those classes for me I’m able to compare the cad software that we use for computer science and Incorporate that I’m able to incorporate the cT The 3D printing and incorporate that and my physics classroom mandoo students like break and stuff So I really get to pull that in and try and get them to protect those objects and learn about impulse and actually bring back Basically exactly what we did and my hope is that they see how many people and how many different parts go into and that? Science isn’t just for someone that is really good at math. It’s good for artists. It’s good for people that can think through problems It’s good with people that work good at computers. There’s really no one person. That’s good with science There are way too many people to think if I went through them all this would be another five minute presentation So I’m going to apologize the people that I don’t think if you want to see my poster it’s got a longer list that I can include but Jst. I was a big one oh are you the maid that made this possible as well as Everyone at ECBC that it was involved with the project as well as d’être that really made this all possible Thank you Okay, good morning ladies and gentlemen My name is Dr.. Hart I’m from carver Magnet high school based in Houston, Texas and for the last two weeks I’ve been working with Dr.. Fuji in her lab again in Vitro assays to protect intestinal and blood brain barrier permeability some of you might Ask what the heck is that I? Know my students would have us go back to classroom say this is what I’ve been doing doing Claim might be refers How many remember to ghostbusters? even the new words in here You know yeah this ghost infestation say who you gonna call You ghostbusters? well With the world in so much Chaos these days here well Terrorists issues going on we have a lot of different political things going on, so Our warfighters are at Continuous twist around the world and one of those risk is from chemical exposures So once our warfighters are exposed see perhaps to kill more exposure than who we’re going to call We’ll need a rapid response Well for some reason my video. They’ll show but

We’ll just skip that for now, and we’ll move on okay, so So we have a problem before war fight has been subject to being exposed to chemicals during combat So we need countermeasures to be able to neutralize those effects So what we try to do in the lab is actually well create a fast essay where we can test potential therapeutics or a drug treatment you counteract those impacts of the chemicals that kind of act that So what we do is use sales Abstract from K9 of Liver To cultivate those cells to create as you can see here these are the cells who are packed together that I’ve been together a Barrier so we can test Different type of drug therapies as a potential treatment So what I intend to incorporate you know in terms of what we learn from my experiences. That allowed is Incorporating to like permeability studies in my biology class for example of my asked my students How might we manipulated the permeability or chemicals across cell membranes? I Want a problem based approach in my my our lessons so I can create cases around different situations and problems Associated with things like this Yeah, I would like to thank the Joint science technology Institute deep draw an aberdeen proving ground and My mentor, Dr Fuji for this experience this experience and my opportunity to learn and share some things with my class Thank you and so it looks like I’m having some problems again. Yeah exactly so I’m not a big Mac. Fan. I’m a Android or pure Android and now I know why

It’s a little bit hard people say macs are never Aren’t hackers aren’t I’m running viruses. They don’t have to they break down on their own so All right, are we good all right? I’ll be back in ten All right, thank you for your patience. Good morning Thank you for being here. Thank you for our leadership for being here taking time. Thank you for our mentors Thank you for our parents. I met a mom who drove two hours to see her daughter this morning. So thank you I’m nancy, Cohen. I’m from Kaiserslautern Germany. I’m a science teacher at one of our dod schools overseas and my Partner and I had the opportunity to work in a 3D printing lab this week We built 3D printers we calibrated them and we also had the opportunity to explore with cad software What I’ll be doing in my own classroom. I’ll be taking away the opportunity to print custom parts for labs like for example I’ll be printing fins for rockets to replace Balsa wood fins and Students will be able to modify those fins and see how that impacts the rocket. I’ll also be able to make Stabilizers for propane tanks and students will be able to test heat shields that they built My students are also doing Individual original research projects one of them is studying prosthetic arms. So she’ll be able to modify and program her prosthetic arms with raspberry Pi Quickly redo those modifications to find out the optimal design another student is working on Windmills And he’ll bill that to design and test the optimal Windmill blade Shape for that so all right you ready for another transition. Let’s see we couldn’t get you a video of what we did here and Me and my crew Good morning. My name is Erica wagoner for the past five years I’ve been teaching at Lake quinault schools We are situated on the olympic peninsula of Washington State and so we’re very remote enroll. We’re very small We have about a hundred and sixty kids in our K12 program Which means I end up teaching six different classes every day, so I came to jST I looking for ways to incorporate more stem in all my classes and So during the 3D printing process. I started out with absolutely no experience Then in fact I actually confessed to my 7TL nephew who I throughout his life I have purchased many many many many lego sets and I said you know I probably should have helped you with some of those because I was quite daunted with the mini screws than many parts And I am eternally grateful grateful to Brad and Ryan and the entire team that I worked with no anak Ryan Rosie Alexis, I hope I didn’t forget anybody because every time they would be ahead. Oh, sorry Craig. Sorry Anyways, they would be like over there putting everything together and I’d be like what are we doing? Okay, so we must say when I finally was successful. I was very happy I have a 3D printer that works

Hasn’t been broken because somebody hasn’t taught it. It’s not touched it and so I am very excited to take this back to my classroom my future class future plans for it specifically in my classroom will be to use a 3D printer to create 3D models for my Tactile students or my visually impaired students, but all students that they can help them visualize the difficult content additionally I’ve spoken to my principal who has given me the go-ahead to begin a all-girls stem program after school because one of the things I’ve learned is that there is a lack of females in stem Careers And my goal is just to encourage them to investigate the many opportunities that are out there for them so this is our 3D printing team we worked at the rapid technologies lab under the direction of Brad Rubric 2 who is an engineering technician model maker and problem Solver extraordinaire and Believe it or not I gave him a few problems But maybe not as many many problems as other people who will remain nameless um Jake the intern I’m sorry. I don’t know his last name and Ryan gilley who I believe is still here Was very helpful when it came to cad and just problem solving as well? So again to the students that were on the team Rosina Ryan Alexis Craig, Noc and Noah I wish you all the best. I honestly wish I could take you home with me but that is not allowed I Wish you all the best, and I appreciate you letting me learn from you and learn alongside of you So we would like to Aknowledge the joint science Joint finds a technology institute at Edgewood chemical biological Centre for Rapid technologies Lab the defense threat reduction Agency and everybody at Oakridge Associated universities. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for this crafty So I’m back But this time I’d like to thank you’ve noticed there’s been a lot of pictures and videos taken throughout this and that’s primarily because of two people Luiz palacios, please raise your hand The pictures you saw taking on the high wire that was him. He was hanging dangling by a swiss sea And all the videos that you’ve seen had been shot by Miss Sharon Goodman Good morning My name is Joy Clark. I teach at Booker t. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia This is my 22nd will be my 23rd year of teaching I had the opportunity to work on this particular project mining the arrow biome for novel Antimicrobial compounds when I got the email with this up there you can imagine even though I’m a biologist that I was like wow it might end over my head or what so As I looked at the title I said Google is my friend Let me see if I know what this is about I can guess, but let me look it up And I put it in Layman’s terms, basically you’re searching for bugs in the air but you might in my conjure up images of someone actually hunting through the woods and looking for insects with the Safari suit on and hunting for mosquitoes But we’re actually looking for bugs of the microscopic kind and I appreciate this opportunity so much As an Alma mater as a member of the graduating class of 90 from my high school I’m also teaching at that school. So it’s a beautiful experience to be able to bring back not only to my students But to the community what students that come from my school can do? The people that I’ve worked with on this project were amazing. I’m a little bit biased I’m sure but these were two of the best mentors Dr.. Sandy Gibbons and Dr.. Hashanah Killens cade I also had I’m a little bit jealous looking at other teachers Presentations because I didn’t actually get to work with high school students, but there were two college interns who work with them From two different programs, but and and they were helpful as well So the goal of this project is to determine the best conditions location in time of year which under which to collect? Novel Bacteria those anti microbial compounds. We actually went out looking for them and the purpose of that You might ask my illustrious assistant. I forgot to say when I started she placed papers on the table or slipping tables

Hello. Yes, all right. I forgot to say you weren’t supposed to open them. Hopefully you didn’t But if you did, it’s okay, you don’t know what they mean, so, it’s alright But I asked the question what will you mean by a novel Bacteria? Why do we need to look for them well bacteria are strange creatures because they have the ability actually cause disease But they can actually heal as well, so we’re out looking for using air samples. We’re looking for things that will help heal now to give you an idea of what that means the papers on your table you’ve been stricken if you have a paper the two youngest I don’t know how many she put in a table what the three or two however mean is she quit their youngest people at the Table letter open those pieces of paper did you open them? You might have to talk a little bit figure out. Who’s the youngest but? All right If you have a green dot You either have strep throat or ear infection take your pick if you have a red dot you Have Mersa or gonorrhea now I try to actually Make this match to what happens in the general population Sorters. There’s not quite as many red dots And I’m sure who’s the red dot holder lucky person. You are all right there should be two There’s only one way in the back all right awesome. Now the red dot holders probably are a little nervous I Separated the two because the green dots represent Things that we actually have bacteria Antibiotics that can treat be treated, but those two mercer and myself I can identify with mercer I have a husband who’s immune system is compromised, and that’s an infection that can be very hard to treat gonorrhea It’s now one of those infections That’s very hard to treat with antibiotics. So it creates a need a greater need if you’re someone who has to be Hospitalized all the time that there are antibiotics to actually help that out So you should be thankful that people that there are people that work in this field to actually try and find ways to treat these illnesses, so I’m thankful for the the airing the by the mining the Aero biome Particularly when we did this study we were looking for a bacteria called I tender my CC my cTS, and this this is the one I was surprised to learn that 90% of antibiotics are made from They’re found in soil, and now we know they’re also found in the lower atmosphere now I was just a two-weeks 10th inning long a year long study that took place and just to give you a bit of an idea of what I did what and participate in this study, we went out and Visit visited six sites on the aberdeen proving ground they were selected by my mentor And collected air samples. It was a beautiful thing to actually hear about it but actually go out and do it was even better, and that’s me the mentor and the intern that worked with us We also once we collected air samples. Oh, this is a pieces of equipment, basically it takes like about the size of the camera, and it’s equipped with the petri dish that captures all of the air molecules when they travel through the the front of the Air sampler And it basically sucks them up, so if you can imagine all of you are air particles. It actually takes them in and we actually allow the samples to grow in the incubator for a period of time and I was actually able Because of my great mentors again to go through and look at what was interesting about the samples that we stopped found and counted colony forming units basically those are the units that say you know that potentially could grow and become the antibiotics that we need to treat certain illnesses and I actually was able to compile a little bit of data about that to demonstrate the difference They did a sample in January, and I was able to do the one in july. We went back and compared and there was a Subtle difference basically between the two But I knew I was just a little peek into the window of what they were doing and I still appreciate it But there was just a marginal difference the locations did make a difference. If it was a wooded area for the most part there were more acting on my CC’s available and Their year-long study as you can see come contain many more steps But I appreciate the fact that they took the two weeks to show me everything that they had to offer basically once the incubation takes place There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in between To amplify the Bacteria and tell that it’s actually a bacteria they look for this particular

Gene my mentor kept emphasizing that those letters you know 16s Rrna. I was like okay I do teach biology, so I was familiar but and then it gets it off for gene sequencing and based on that sequencing They can actually come up with formulate antibiotics to treat certain illnesses, and this is just a little bit of the techniques I got a chance to practice Streaking the plates. I got a little bit of help a little bit of Exposure to doing PCR This is the sequencing that ben and ultimately the goal is to come up with antibiotics to treat the diseases Now to take back to my classroom There are so many things really take back to my classroom take back to my wife my children the two children I have at home the children I teach This has been an amazing experience for me because like I said mom. I teach at my alma mater and My the enrollment of my school is falling So this is an opportunity for me to show that the beautiful things that can be done when you’re exposed And you know what’s available, so I appreciate the lab experience The my mentors have shared with me resources the people I have networked networked with to increase my knowledge base still you know we plan to stay in touch with one another so we can ship as Things go as time goes on and then I my mind I myself at my school plan to establish a stem club and Connect with my local college and university try to make more things happen for my kids specifically in my school so The people I would like to thank much like what you’ve already heard joint science And technology institute everybody affiliated like they said the list is is tremendously long defense threat reduction agency everyone to ECBc Biotechnology Lab and Oak Ridge associated universities. Thank you All right, good morning. My name is Ed Sherlock. I also Worked with this program with Dr.. Shane Caston, and We were working on research to develop a biomed sensor that could sense in real-time Bio, Scavenger, and we’ll talk a little bit about that Just a little background on me I’m retired Navy so I’ve only been a teacher for about five years so I had a full career before this And I kind of moved around it did middle school for a while then taught high school finally kind of found where I fit in And I’m teaching a small rural school in South, West, Virginia And I’m also the lead coach for a robotics team so stem is important to me and that’s why I do the robotics and anytime I can see a program like this and And see what it does for the students It’s just an amazing thing, and I hope they can continue to do it so Organophosphorus compounds Chris was up here early talking a little bit about nerve agents So it’s basically what it does is it interferes with the nervous systems ability to transmit signals? Most of them were originally developed as pesticides, but in the world we live in today. They’re used as agents of war nerve agents, and we have to find ways to Protect our troops me being a retired military. It’s something that means a lot to me so I’m glad we’re doing this research so just a little bit about the process, so Nerve agents can get introduced you can inhale them they can get on your skin however, they get in they will get too into the Circulatory system where they get taken to the nervous system The neurons transmit from one nerve to another and there’s a process that does this acetylcholine is A An agent that basically a transmitter that allows that go from one to the other then there’s a C2 cholinesterase That breaks it down The nerve agent what it will do is it will prevent the enzyme from Breaking down the acetylcholine in the nerves So what happens is it builds up the nerves firing the muscles keep contracting and you can imagine what that does you can’t breathe? Your heart can’t pump So eventually you end up dying So what we have are bio scavengers Bio scavengers are basically it’s a drug that they’ve developed they put it into the bloodstream and it gives you a certain level of protection So if we have somebody that’s going into the field and they could possibly be going into an area where they may come in contact

With nerve agents. They will give them this drug And it will give them a level of protection So if they you get exposed to a nerve agent the nerve agent will attach to this bio Scavenger where your body can break it down and get rid of it, and it will not build up in your nervous system So the goal of the research was to provide a real-time biomed sensor that we could give to our troops So when they’re out there, they will have an idea about how much protection that they have at that one point in time So if they’ve been exposed their level will drop or even if they haven’t been exposed those agents the Bio Scavenger will break down over time in their system, so The goal is to produce something that’s small lightweight Portable easy to use that they can use with a little training in the field and that way at any time They know how much protection that they have And the the process originally started as they said hey, we’ve got these biosensors that are already on the market Like they use for glucose sensing and so they kind of piggyback with that technology allowing them to hopefully Get the product into production You know with little as little cost as possible, and of course getting it approved through the FDA would probably be a little bit easier So how am I going to take this back and use it in my classroom? what I plan on doing is using the glucose sensors, so they’re cheap and expensive I can take them back into the classroom, so We can mix up solution of glucose So there’s lots of ways that we can use it to is they’ll get practice doing dilutions They’ll get practice sensing we can take data. We can correlate that data. They’ll get a little bit better idea about Diabetes and you know how its controlled and how they monitor for those that aren’t aware of it, so I think it’s an exciting thing One of the biggest things that I think that will make this better for my class Is that I will be able while we’re doing that to give them at least an idea behind the technology that’s involved In the process of making the glucose monitor, and then explain to them that there’s research that we do in science that is Adapting technologies that we already have and trying to use them for other purposes so Acknowledgment, I’d like to thank the Army medical research institute for chemical defense, Dr Shane Caston and staff members Josh Mannion Connor Jennings and of course defend threat reduction agency Oakridge associated universities and all the Jitsi staff because this is an amazing program Especially for the students and I’d love to see things like this continue. Thanks Thank you Half a day That’s our greeting from guam. My name is Doris, Adda and I teach at Guam High School I teach biology and it’s a our school is a department of defense school that serves Military dependents stationed on guam. I had the opportunity to work with Mr.. Richard, Sweeney, who’s with the United States Army Medical research Institute of chemical Defense and Mr Sweeney has been working on Reactivating the Enzyme acetylcholinesterase And in you as you heard in the previous Presentation with Mr.. Sherlock A Buildup of acetylcholine Is dangerous and risky for your health and it usually is associated with exposure to nerve agents So I appreciate being able to observe and learn the research being done because it’s talking about keeping our soldiers safe That means the parents of my children my students His project Mr.. Sweeney’s project was actually Twofold He works in the laboratory Where he uses a robot and he performs assays to check to see percent Reactivation and how successful you can be and it also works in the molecular modeling lab where? This kind of is above my head because it talked about he had to use software that I was not familiar with using and

A lot of calculus which I hadn’t had in about 30 years So it was a big learning curve for me And I appreciate at the time he took to try to explain things to me and make it make sense so the molecular modeling portion actually occurs before the lab and the reason that’s Important is because it saves time and resources in the lab what they try to do is narrow down What are possible? reactivate Errs before spending money and time during the lab so on the right you see a picture that was built using the software program and It cost too much money, but he gave me hints about what free little build up Downloadable free software I can use in the classroom, so this is the on the right as a picture the acetylcholinesterase Molecule, it’s a huge molecule, and they show the active site exposed on the left is a picture that was generated from the software a model generated which is two pound and Obscene that they think could be a good reactivate, Er So once they figure out which are possible reactivate errs. They go to the lab This graph was generated by the software link to the spectrophotometer that the robot used and as you can see this measures the percent reactivation of five different drugs nerve agents that inhibited the nerve the enzyme so each drug here is representing an enzyme inhibited by a different nerve agent and The data from this one trial shows that there’s some reactivation in all of the examples And all the samples taken some more than others But there’s some reactivation in each of the ones tested, and this is an indicator that 2-Pam would be a good reactivate, Er So to take back to my classrooms. I already teach protein synthesis so at least that part was familiar for me And I already emphasize how important a proteins form is To its function and I usually use Examples from genetic disorders because my students like that they think it’s cool, and they like to do that type of research But now I can integrate chemical Defense against nerve agents And why it’s important to understand the proteins form so that we can try to reactivate those enzymes I? Can also learn and teach my students how to use software to visualize? build and manipulate 3D models of proteins because Those are kind of extract content concepts that are difficult for people to grasp and Having a model helps understand. Why shape is really important to function I? appreciate the opportunity to see current real High-tech research that keeps our soldiers safe, and I can’t wait to bring this back to my colleagues or my students and Tell them what they they need to do to come and participate so I think thank you to everybody involved the Institute of chemical defense to deter this t around I can’t even explain how coming from a really small place is It just impressed me to see all of the different research that everybody’s working on and I think that’s one takeaway that all the teachers Can bring back home even if we only worked on one project we can see that? There’s so much going on that It really helps from someone who’s been in the classroom for a long time. Just the real-time research not just read about it So thank you very much All right, hello. I’m Amber Spencer’s I’m originally from car Springs, Colorado And I taught there for two years so we taught biology and chemistry and I just moved to Virginia So this will be my third year, so relatively young to the career And I’ll be teaching at wood Grove High school. Which is in Northern Virginia Loudoun County So my research or the research that Mr Karbala was working on with solar degradation of Pathogenic organisms and I was mentored by a Dr.. Jerry caballo with the Branch Chief head I’m a goat and so I was in the aerosol lab which is Way far back on the vase. So if you haven’t been there, it’s quite quite the drive

All right, so basically solar degradation is to understand. How fast the sun destroys Disease-causing organisms so we know the sun has Uv radiation and so that can start to degrade biological organisms and so what we’re interested in is the UVb rays and those are about 200 990 nanometers to 320 Nanometers, and so that’s the boxed Identification I boxed out for you guys and so this kills germs in the environment It has a weak intensity relative to the rest of the spectrum so as you can see all the colors that’s visible light that we can see and as We peek down the intensity decreases and So the solar spectrum is essentially infrared all the way to Uv it’s what’s in the air in Sun All right, so the equipment used in this spectroscopy Essentially is the interactions of light with matter and so that’s the side that I was working on mostly was understanding how that happens and the Identical response of the matter and so I got to work the floor emitter Which is the top right up there in the little box and then the middle one which shows the whole mechanism on in an enclosed? environment There’s always human simulator which simulates the sun or this oh late and then the spectrophotometer which isn’t pictured it’s just a device to read the Intensities and wavelengths of the solar Spectrum, and then the Raman and so that essentially it reads identical identifiable vibration vibrations in Response to you Near Uv light so you can detect what’s in the room before you walk in So the kilometer was the device that Mr.. Cavallo, and I assembled along with Dan and Garrett helped me as well And so this device will be used to provide a dynamic range of the UVb as I said it is in quite a low intensity so we need a better way to look at that and get better data and so that just Yeah helps provide a better range or a resolution of that wavelength so it’s a two double monochromatic ramon etre so that essentially means it’s going to filter out the wavelength twice, so that you get a better resolution and so in this picture I basically changed in the computer program from 480 nanometers to 600 Nanometers, so basically you get to see it change from green to red as it filters through that light our wavelength that you selected the spectrophotometer Was used to measure the solar spectrum on an overcast day in a sunny day So we kind of did this just to get familiar with the device and so as you can see the spectrums are slightly different But overall the same this we don’t really do anything with data because we didn’t exactly do it at the same time and we didn’t have it angled the device angled at the same Angle, so As you can see the UV Uv light is relatively the same so it’s just silver sunscreen on overcast day So a classroom use When learning about light and the electric spectrum demos can provide the off factors and gift students kind of a visual representation of what’s happening? So you can do a flame test lab which shows? identifiable colors to each ion or metal ion, and so you can also Shine a blue laser or led light a detergent which will cause it to fluoresce, and so we know a lot of biological much We’ll floor us and so that can help the students understand and visualize. What’s happening? it’ll just help me be able to answer a lot of their questions in terms of The light and so they can conceptualize real light application and relevance. I’ve speck spectroscopy spectroscopy provides the ability to detect dangerous toxins of chemicals with explosive properties at a distance so it can save lives and Just being able to understand how light interacts with matter So this was a wonderful experience and none of it would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Dr Ronald hann and Daley Taylor with ditra for funding the program and managing it Jst. I and o Ra you for providing the opportunity and the support staff research scientist Jerry Kabbalah for mentoring me, Branch Chief of the Ssat branch I’m a goat for allowing me to work in her facility and special Thanks to Angelo Ziegler Garret Nelson Dan McGrady and countless Doc word for helping me during my research, so thank you So now our middle school students are going to come up We have three groups of Middle school students who worked on drones and pinewood derby cars? Chemical forensics and 3d printing so we have three groups and I will let you go let them introduce themselves grab the mics I’m so nervous

I don’t know. That’s why I’m nervous. What do you know what are you waiting for spill? That’s genius. Thanks You see that’s what my ideas are stop flowing wow maybe we can carve it out of wood oh Yeah, sure Wouldn’t that take too long? Nice can be really dangerous True true. What if we make it out of metal how Well by heating up the metal and shaping it sounds complicated Alright, I guess that wouldn’t work wait a minute How about we use a 3D printer can we even make a claim as a 3D printer? Well actually yes, because 3D printers have even printed human organs really a 3D printer printed a human organ Yeah, the first one was made in 1998 and now they can even make blood vessels Wow, that’s so cool. But only one problem though. Where are we gonna get a 3D printer? I think I saw one in an equipment storage at school. Well, what are we waiting for let’s go? Well since you decided to ask one. They’re reusable Efficient and they helped us learn about Modern day technology Let’s go wait are there any cons -? Yeah, the program might malfunction or mess up And the quality would get worse they could also cause an unemployment if they’re perfected and get superior crafting all the time But I suppose that’s not our problem So how long would this take um about an hour? Yep, that’s a long time But if we were to cut if we were to carve it Then it would take even longer and be sloppy because we don’t know how to carve well. Why don’t we made it out of metal? Well, I’ve heated up and then shape it and then wait for it to cool down nuts. Not happening Just paid someone to do it with what money oh Right well, I guess 3d printing is hey guys. What color filament should we use? I think we should use red red no You mean like the lightbulb stuff no? Filament is a pop. This is a string made out of plastic made out of poly lactic Acid wrapped around the spool used to print stuff in 3D So let’s go loader idea ideas from the autodesk 30 minutes later Let’s go Load it onto the 3D printer wait to work Well you see the filaments plane engine X-Ray which melts the filament and then a father designed you may own the computer Man chuckle is a really smart guy Wow, that’s a long time ago the computer says it will take 45 minutes to make each coin and there are 10 different designs of coins the following morning They’re all so different. What’s still so perfect was a great idea yeah, I totally agree and it was fun – true that Thank you so much guys now. Let’s head back to class on behalf of all the

Students, and 3d printing we would like to thank the jST. I staff our mentors, Mr.. Jeff. Miss anika, Mr Dale Taylor the Department of Defense and our amazing parents for sending us a jSt. I thank you Good morning. We will need a little bit of audience participation. So please work with it’s okay so good morning, Pinewood City, I Am Lawanda hos I’m your host for today, and we are going to have a discussion Our topic will be to drone or not to drone We are here at City hall, and we’re gonna start with our Moderator and her name is Miss Elena Avalos Masalas Thank you, Miss Hollis. Yes, as you just heard my name is Elena Avalos I would like to introduce you to our court reporter Nicole ramsbottom and Mayor Mike Rubin And now we will hear from our guest panel first we will hear from the chief of the police department Well, my name is Billy Bob Drones are very useful to me Especially because I am a police chief drones are great because they can find missing children For example if a child has a specific bracelet on and gets lost then they can be tracked by the John Also Jones could be used with going to dangerous places that policemen should not go to Like if they need to get into a building that has terrorists in it and hostage Thank you now. We have a pinewood City citizen Yes, my name is Neighbor Micmac arou And I don’t want drones in my town They can fly over my fence and look into my yard the cameras look into my windows and destroy my sense of privacy And make me feel me and my family feel unsafe Thank you Next we have a vegetable farmer good Morning. Y’all my name is farmer make two chicken fingers drones Help me with my farming they help me track the amount of fertilizer I put in my fields overall drones make my work more efficient and help the agricultural industry here in Pinewood City Thank you now we have a meteorologist Yes, my name is Ben Phillips, and I’m not a drone supporter Here’s why I’ve been using high air boys my dad for over 40 years and nothing has ever gone wrong Plus if you if someone hacked the drone, I would have the incorrect weather data to report Tradition is important to me and for that reason. I don’t support drones and others should you thank you? Next we will hear from a computer programmer Hello. I am gil bates And I believe Jones should be allowed to be used because they create jobs and expand my business Jobs involving drones pay very well and make me a lot of money

Thank you now. We have a former pilot hi My name is Nia brown these are jokes is becoming more common because of this I no longer have a job Yes drones reduce tedious manual labor But if pinewood city solely relies on drones many shipments and cargo could go missing run out of battery or completely fail I Trained for my job for a lot for a long time and don’t deserve to have it taken away from me if you replace me With the drone years of my life are wasted Thank you Next is a military sergent Hello, I’m Sergeant Bishop And we need drones the military uses drones to monitor terrorist groups and attack if needed We can send drones. It’s a battlefields where conditions are too Harsh Soldiers Also, when soldiers need supplies drones can drop them off wherever they are from the air quicker that you can deliver them on land Thank you last but not least we have a representative from the Faa Hi, my name is Tricia von burt this town is very popular regarding public aviation and commercial aircraft there have been numerous close calls and accidents with drones striking aircrafts carrying Goods and Civilians and other towns to prevent that in Pinewood city and enforce the safety of the public drones should not be allowed Thank you, and now to nicole the recorder You’ve heard me since white drums should and should not be allowed pun with C What is your vote? Everyone for drones, please raise your hand Thank you um everyone against drones. Please raise your hand Thank you. We will now go to a short commercial break while we tally up the votes Hello, Pinewood City. My name is May Wellington and today. I will be announcing the results for the National Pinewood Derby race it was an exciting event but unfortunately I boiled down to ten finalists which resulted in three winners My name is Nan Philips and I got third place for the time of 2.86 seconds My name is Manon negrete and I got second place with time of 2.69 seconds Hi, my name is Alena envelopes. I got 1st place with 2 point 66 seconds Welcome back everyone and now for the results today we have once again witnessed democracy in action the votes have been tabulated and by a vote of 1627 to 1211 Pinewood Derby Town is now a drone Friendly community Have a good day, Pinewood city We would like to thank the entire JSC. I family special. Thanks to Mr.. Dale, Taylor, Mr Mosca Sorrow at the University of Maryland unmanned aircraft systems mentors Lawanda hos and Mark Reuben in Oakridge Associated university Once upon a time in the land of marriage there was a prime minister with a problem. What is this I?

Don’t know we should contact our team of scientists later that day the prime minister and his assistant went to meet the team of scientists Brings you to our laboratory. Well we have a problem. I Know we’ve been working on it for weeks Not that problem. We have a new problem the city is covered in Barnacles. How can we get rid of them? really well we were not prepared for this, but I’ll see what we can do we will start doing research immediately a few hours later the scientists came back with some results We have done extensive research about barnacles and have also Gathered a few experts from various Fields of chemistry excellent Let’s hear it. Hi. I’m chloe rain. I’m a water quality specialist Hi, I’m torque the flame. I am a pSyChologist expert My name is Vincent Garr and I am a culinary scientist Hello, I’m barry ride, and I’m a quality analysis expert this is our team of scientists and Experts that will continue to figure out how to save our land of Mary don’t worry Chris. Oh, we’ll be fine Thanks, Joe. Thank you for volunteering to save a fine land It is our land of Mary the next day Ok scientists you have all went out into the city and collected samples Of you of the barnacles you have been testing them so let’s hear what you have discovered I Ran some tests on the material in the barnacle, and then compared it to some types of white powders until I found one that matched from this I can confirm that the material is not water-soluble, but it may be able to dissolve some how Based on my examinations. I discovered that when you expose the substance to a flame it it produces energy with an orangish red flame this indicates that the cation of the substance is calcium to know the exact identity of the substance we can contact bury the We could contact to Bury the anion scientists I Analyzed the barnacles with the Barium chloride solution and after observing the production of gas bubbles I determined that the anion is carbonate, but I still don’t know how to get rid of the barnacles I Have observed the barnacles, and I’m still testing ways to dissolve them it may not be chemically possible, but I will keep on trying We will need a few more days to try to crack the code of getting rid of the barnacles But rest assured Mr.. Prime minister this problem is in good hands Until then please tell the citizens of Mary not to panic Thank you for your service you have all helped protect the future of the land oh mary. Thank you, Mr Davis, but we will have to we will have to leave now. There is still much work to be done The scientists had gotten a very good start on this bizarre barnacle buster But little did they know the problem was only escalating in the city it had the citizens and to a panic This is Nicole Blake coming to you live from downtown Mary where it seems that barnacles have taken over the town? They have started going faster. Which is adding to the problem They have covered everything from mailboxes to houses now word from Stewart Hayes This problem is turned of pandemonium and the barna ghosts aren’t satisfied Prime-Minister a told us that they’re taking center action in this matter – do you think any changes? I’m going to meet the prime minister today and demand. He does something about this issue well folks now you heard it live if you agree with stewart tune in to our channels at 6:00 7:00 central clubbing next is the hand dryer hassle our public hand dryers too hot. This is Nicole blake from we exaggerated news back at the Prime Minister’s maintenance Yes, can I help you? I don’t know anymore It’s barnacled Tobacco’s throne the land to Chaos and so you take no action for it

I assure you we were doing everything we can in fact right now There’s a team of expert scientists trying to figure out how to solve this problem But how long are we supposed to wait every day more and more barnacles are growing in the city? I’m sorry, you’ll have to go now the minister has a lot of things to attend to This matters being taken care of but you need to remain calm bye-bye. Well, I mean Things were turning up for the scientists in the laboratory Hello, Mr.. Minister. We have great news that’s right. We have almost figured out how to vanquish these barnacles Winnie carver is experimenting with the calcium carbonate in the barnacles, and he was on the brink of discovering. What would dissolve them? I’ve got it of course This is exactly the kind of discovery a culinary expert would be proud of the way that disintegrate the barnacles is vinegar Of course when we put calcium carbonate in a test-Tube the addition of vinegar aka, acetic acid disintegrated the calcium carbonate So let’s get some acetic acid and start spraying the city. I’ll inform the public that the problem is resolved Sayonara Barnacles So because of the acetic acid the land of Mary was saved and it began once again growing a peace of harmony the scientists were And the prime minister was praised for his decisions Everything returned to normal well almost everything along with being the top culinary scientist and the all of the land of Mary Vinegar was known as the barnacle Hunter with the secret Sauce vinegar Thank you to our families for getting us here. Thanks to all our a you and DtRa Dale Taylor and all the JST. JsT our staff and Hartford Community college good evening, everyone and Today, I would like to introduce today’s guest speaker His name is Ron Hickman Hicklin Jr.. The Ceo of creating the difference Which is a bowling ball company ron has a bachelor’s degree in science in mechanical engineering from Purdue University with a background in science technology engineering and math He decided to he decided he wanted to be a bowling ball design engineer when he was about 15 when he met one for the first time so if his Accomplishments are being featured on the cover of Black Enterprise magazine Ted talks Baker at Purdue University designing a bowling ball cleaner approved for any time used by uSBC and a broadcaster for PBA Extra Frame, please Welcome Mr.. Ron Hicklin, Jr Thank you. Good afternoon you guys have had a awesome experience the last two weeks being able to learn a lot about science technology engineering and math and Myself I wanted to kind of share some things with you too as a boolean as a former bowling ball designer And I want to relate some of the experiences that I’ve been able to have Relative to some of the things you guys worked on this past two weeks, so I’m gonna grab a bowling ball real quick I don’t have any coins to give you but If you answer some of the questions that that kind of come throw the presentation will give you some candy. How about that? So this is a bowling ball Round it’s pretty simple, right? One of the cool things about this bowling ball. Is that it actually has a scent to it. It doesn’t smell like a raspberry pie But it doesn’t have a scent to it So I’m gonna pass this around be careful hold with two hands cuz it’s kind of heavy I’m gonna pass two of them around, but both of those they have a scent to them. Do not lick it You can smell it, but do not lick it does not taste like anything other than a bowling ball

How many people here know that a bowling ball has a inside piece called a core? Good, so I’m gonna show you what a core of a bowling ball. Looks like as well When you go to the bowling center, and you go bowl. This is what the inside of your bowling ball looks like Just kind of round. There’s not really a whole lot to it, right The bowling balls that are used by professionals on TV. Look a little more complicated than that This is an inside of a bowling ball That the professionals use I’ll pass this around to this is a lot lighter and yes, it does have a smell to it as well Creating the difference is an educational company, and we focus primarily on bowling education But having a background in stems allowed me to do a kind of a passion of mine Which is educate people about the tie between typical? Education and bowling how they kind of relate together So one of the things that I wanted to do is I wanted to talk a little bit about how Some of the projects that you guys worked on this past week it past few weeks. Have real-world applications to them so we’re gonna start with the little crowd participation to make sure everybody is awake before we go to launch – It’s really simple all I want you to do just this is a taste test There’s a test But I want you to do is just kind of read the word that you see on the screen out loud And I want you to say it very loud okay. It’s pretty simple. We’re just gonna read this word out loud I’m gonna ask you a question. You’re gonna answer as quickly as you possibly can and that’s the test. Okay you guys ready All right, go louder one more time One more time okay, so the real question is what do cows drink? No, they don’t they drink water Well if it’s a baby cow then I guess technically it does drink milk. So you kind of right either way, right? My passion kind of started for my father. My father is a bowler he bowls to this day I bowl with him in tournaments all the time And he kind of got me involved in bowling And I was able to meet a bowling ball designer at a younger. Lee agent was like. What do you do? Hey, so I design bowling balls, and I said okay. I said well, what does that intel and he says well? You know you’ve got to go to school. You need to get an engineering degree either chemical engineering for the outside piece which is the part you guys are all smelling or Mechanical which is the inside piece which is the part you can see in the worms shape that I passed around So I said okay, I could try that I said well, how much money do you make I? Wonder how much money you make he says well I? Had this medaille and that was given to me by a company and the company gave me that medallion When they sold a hundred thousand bowling balls, and I was getting five bucks a bowling ball That’s that’s half a million dollars. I said I want your job when I grow up So I Decided to go to school. I went to Purdue university My bold collegiately for four years. I was captain for two years and then that’s my mom and Dad down there They were happily when I graduated because that was the end of them having to pay for my tuition We’re after college I actually hired in And a bowling ball company was able to design bowling balls there For quite some time actually 14 years was able to do a lot of really really cool things Travel all over the world meet some really cool people Do a lot of education. I’m all kind of revolved around Taking something that’s simple like a bowling ball, but putting technology into it one of the Benefits or perks of designing bowling balls is you have the opportunities if you want to coach and I found myself Kind of being pulled in that direction kind of wanting having an educational background wanted to coach as well so I wouldn’t got my certification as a coach to start coaching people and Through coaching people and helping people at the professional level and then all the way down to the junior level I was able to really Kind of Establish myself as a coach in the field of bowling so that gives you some other additional perks one of the additional perks Get to get to meet some new people and part of me meet people is that when? you interact with anybody who’s trying to try something for the first time they don’t look like an idiot so They asked for some very simple tips and you give him some information Give him a little tips and send them on their way well luckily for me I got some cool friends And I was able to meet and do the same thing with There’s an event called the Chris paul event you guys probably know who that is right there, right? Who’s that? DJ khaled You know this is over here

Yeah, that’s nick cannon this guy’s a little bit harder to see but that’s Kevin hart. He’s short so I’m able to be able to work with these people on a regular basis because Just like you and me they want to learn how to become better at whatever they’re doing too so One of the cool things that bullying is afforded me to do is be able to interact with these people And learn a lot to show them hey look you know what this this little simple round object. It’s simple on the outside But with a little bit of practice we can help make you be a little bit of a better bowler when you’re bowling on television The real question is how does that tie back to stem right? how do you tie the two together so I wanted to kind of show you a couple of examples real quickly of the tie between the two in a real world application setting So a lot of you guys were able to be exposed to the protocol solidworks this week, right? Yep So solidworks is a modeling program That was actually used to make a 3D model of a bowling ball core I was able to do this to be able to help speed up the process of designing bowling balls, so in the past What would happen is when you want to design a bowling ball what you would do is you would get a metal mold made You turn that metal mold into a part and hopefully the part would work what we actually found We could do is if we started to 3D print these parts? We could make multiple parts different sizes different shapes and test them off a lot faster So 3D printing became a very efficient way to test out metal molds or test out parts before they became actual products So that’s a real-world application to some of the products projects you guys were working on this week From the robotics side of things a lot of times people say well You know we had some robots and I’ve seen robots in action But what do you do with bowling at robots? Well actually one of the cool things that that we have is There’s two different types of robot that actually interact And actually throw the ball down the lane and the reason why they do that is because I thrown the ball down the lane you Can make it so that it repeats the shot over and over and over again, but you’re talking about a 15 pound object That’s got to be hurled down the lane at about 18 miles an hour with some sort of Reverie, so these things are not very Small so to say the least this is a picture of one this is the original kind of robot It’s called ‘the robot and this is actually set up in a facility it takes Probably about ten minutes to get it set up and everything happens in about three seconds That’s it didn’t even strike So that was that was the very first one that one that one was made in the early 2000s And this is kind of the the updated version of that This is a this robot has a name called earl, and it actually is a little bit more efficient then the robot version It’s definitely a lot smaller as you can see And earl does know how to strike so robots have a rule have a Place in our lives and all in all aspects of our lives and bowling being able to test and evaluate using a robot Allows us to speed up that process Well your things is kind of interesting is a lot of modeling that happens this is a mathematical model of a bowling ball going down the lane the Red Arrow will be the air of showing that it’s going down the lane when it comes back up and the green arrow will be Showing the direction that they axis that the bowling ball is actually rotating it So this is used for us to be able to see the rotation you can see these lines these lines Actually show that that bowling ball as it’s rotating it actually moves off of its axis and because of that It kind of has a steering effect, so when you see those pros on TV They’re throwing their bowling ball, and their ball kind of goes out and then comes back it has that hook to it That’s because of how that core shape is oriented in the bowling ball So a lot of these things that you guys did a lot of things that the kids were able to work on this week They do have real world applications in all kinds of Fields And this is just one field being bowling it that you may be able to relate to you, but it also Can relate to other in other fields as well? so this is a picture of my car if this is It’s a tesla There is all kinds of stem in this car everywhere you could possibly imagine from getting into the car to driving the car to Everything that goes along with the car. This is a real quick video the first time that I let the car Do what’s called autopilot or self-driving? So I actually let the steering wheel go and I don’t have my feet on the gas I just kinda let it drive and let me tell you the first time is pretty scary It also is fun, because now I mean we’ve had the car for about six months. We’ve got about About twenty five thousand miles on the car, so I’m kind of used to it now But when this very first time when I did it it definitely wasn’t gonna do it and I gonna play right now either That’s right sure that one then so what’s kind of cool off the tesla is over time you actually get? updates and They just send you an update and all of a cut all of a sudden your car will do something

New today that it didn’t do yesterday, so this was an update I got probably bout a month ago And it was a summons features to allow me to be able to get my car to pull itself out of the garage So you have a button on your phone you push the reverse button and the car like it has eight cameras over it and a lidar sensor, and it kind of backs itself right out of the garage, so they say eventually what it’ll do eventually it’ll be able to pick you up which that could be very useful and helpful, but For right now it just goes forward and backward so if you’re in a tight spot, right? so you park your car in a tight spot you can get out and then when you I get the car you just push the button you can back the car out I Was all excited about this video you can you can watch this on YouTube the wheels actually turn? Because it has to align itself up So the whole point of it is stem is literally in everything that you could possibly imagine and some things you couldn’t imagine and you guys are in a really unique time of your life because your own kind of on the forefront of this evolution of where we’re really starting to transition from Traditional manufacturing methods to 3D printing manufacturing methods to looking to be able to go to places like Mars You’re at a very very critical time in the in the history and human history actually of where we’re getting ready to go into a spot we’ve never been before so you guys are all part on the front side of that which would be kind of Exciting for us to be able to watch So with that being said I want to ask do you guys have any questions for me and if you do? That’s a way to get you some candy Right there. Give me get somebody can want a mic back there, too. That’ll help That works, too so the question was why did I go to purdue for and what got me an engineering right so great question so Meeting that bowling ball designer was a big influence Because I didn’t know what he did but once I understood that it required some sort of engineering degree I wanted to look for the best possible engineering school in the entire country and that only is purdue university So that was very easy for me to make that choice. That was very easy No there there are tons of awesome colleges around the country and at the end of the day what I would tell you is if you can find something that you really like doing and You can put that in in the context of hey when I grow up This is kind of where I want to end up at and you can tie it back to school That’s how you end up being able to get to your ultimate dream job You guys are at a good spot because what you’ve been able to what you’ve been experienced this week is things that you? Didn’t even know existed are things that may have sparked your curiosity in the past But now you’re curious So because of that you have an opportunity to now take that information Back to home back to school next year and leverage that into getting yourself ready to be able to go to college great question yes right here So that’s a great question she actually basically asked me Did you take the job because of the money or do you take the job because what you really wanted to do? So this is great. That’s a great question so when I was in college I was able to work for my summers for general motors and in general motors as An intern they paid us, so well, we called it Generous motors One of the interesting things about that job was I had an employee that worked for me I was a supervisor intern supervisor, and I haven’t pointed at work for me And he said his name was roy and Roy said man. He goes you know I? Have all these fancy things I have a corvette. I have a really nice house I have a boat, but I’m just not happy and I said why is that roy and he said well? You know I work here general motors and I work all the holidays And I work all the weekends and I get the double time and the triple time but at the end of the day Because I because I have all these toys I don’t get to enjoy them because I have to work so much to enjoy them so when I when I graduated college I was offered an opportunity to work at general motors for a lot more money than I was at the bowling company But I remembered that story that I had heard from Roy about how you know he was kind of unhappy But the money didn’t make him happy Even though he had all these toys, so that was kind of one of my decisions when I was looking to do something I wanted to make sure that it was something that I enjoyed doing and I would encourage you all to do that because if you Truly enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll be better at it than everybody else if you’re better at than everybody else You’ll the money will come somebody will come all by itself great question let’s go wave in the back right there with the microphone yep Okay, how many years were you in college for to get your degree? Great question, how long was I in college for so I went to school for five years? Engineering it can be a four-year program, but that’s no fun So you definitely I went for five years and this is true story, too

Right so I was told at an early age I would never say I was told they said hey uh you know you’re not gonna be able to be an engineer and I said Why not, and he said well cuz you’re not good at math, and I said I mean, that’s true I’m not really good at math alike a C student in math, but I want to be a bowling ball designer And I was told that if I want to be a bowling ball designer, I got to get an engineering degree So when it came to going to purdue I actually started out one semester hinde everybody else in math And I was told in that class. It was like it was 900 of us They said well, here’s the deal about less of one percent of you that are in this class We’re gonna actually go on to graduate, but go back to the story. I told you earlier about the about the Finding something true They want to do so I decided that that’s what I really wanted to do and I had to get this degree I put myself with a bunch of people that were That I could study with and we would study day, and we would study night and we would pull all-nighters And we wouldn’t go out and party because we were too busy studying when we were done study And we had to go to sleep to get up and do it all over again, and I did that for those five years Because at the end of the day I knew if I got to the goal, then it would be worth it So at the end of the day that’s where that’s where it’s it’s most important for you as an individual to make sure that Whatever path you decide that you make sure that in the end You’re willing to put in enough work to be able to get to the in game great question okay great question Let’s go right here car go fast Does the car go fast yes actually the car goes? extremely fast, so fast that the the Tesla is the third fastest car ever built and It’s the fastest car in production So imagine riding a rollercoaster It’s like that How long did it take you to make that how long did it take me to make? the app Wish that All for the car okay, so yeah let me explain that so this is this is what this is one of the cool things that you’ll actually be able to understand as You get older the car basically is always connected to the internet and Every two or three weeks Tesla in California, they decide that they’re gonna make the car better and what they do is They just send a signal over the internet right to the car and I get a notification on my phone And it says download available for the newest app and they put cool things in there like the backing up But you saw but they put silly things in there I’m like if you tap the t button three times, you’ll be able to pull up a Screen that allows you to paint on the car like you can paint and then you can send the paint drawing off the tesla to evaluate which nobody does One day one at one time we got an update and the update was all of a sudden all of your maps turning to Mario Kart So like so like the highway was a rainbow and the car turned into a little Mario Kart cart And that’s just that was just the update so they do a little a some fun stuff too as well But as you get older, it’ll be really cool because you probably won’t even have to drive You just bill to sit in the car. He’ll drive you around everywhere great question Can the people steal your car? So here’s the best a great question can people still my car so can they yes? Will they get very far no? So so well I have that cyber security team that you guys saw earlier there. They are right back there They’re gonna help me make sure he doesn’t get hacked, but to answer your question. Yes the car can get stolen But the best part about it is you can track where the cars at from your phone? And you have the ability to disable things so like if somebody was to steal the car I could put it in what’s called Valet Mode which shuts down all the functionality of the car It won’t shut the car off until they get out But it was something will shut down all the functionality they can’t do anything extra with the car they can only go up to 50 miles an hour and then by that time you could alert the police and they could know and You have a GPS, so you know you track the car great question Let’s go away in the back Did you get your masters or pe license wire why not and if you were to get one which one would you get and why? So here’s what they answer your question is did I get my master’s of pe license. I did not the reason being is because My ultimate goal at the time was to design bowling balls I knew that if I got in with my Degree in mechanical engineering that would get me in the door And then once I got in the door it depended on how good I was on how far I was gonna be able to go now they answered the other question there Which is would you get should you get your pe license, or should you get your master’s degree? Absolutely depending on what you’re trying to do The more education you get the more leg up you have when you get in once you get in it doesn’t matter

What kind Agree you have once you get in? How far you’re gonna be able to go as a function of how hard you’re willing to work, right? So go back to what I said initially which you really want to do is find something you like doing If you find something you like doing it won’t be work if it’s not work You’re gonna really enjoy it you’ll become better at than everybody else And you’ll be able to go as high as you want to be able to go great question right there Oh might have two questions. What do you not like about your job and If you weren’t a bowling ball designer, what would you be? great question, so what do I like about my job the only thing that I don’t like about my job now is probably You know think about that for a quick second, and I had a lot of fun. I mean last week I was in guatemala. Coaching. I could say you so the only thing I don’t like is having to deal with The intricacies of traveling and let me explain what that means so like it’s cool to get like it’s cool Where I’m here now, but traveling can be a pain and your parents are probably explain that to you Everything from you get to the plane on time the plane doesn’t show up or you get on the plane and then you have to Get off the plane or you’re traveling. Here’s a great example on my way here today The car that I’m in said you have a flat tire pull over So I’m like oh this kind of sucks, so I get out of the car I pull over I get out of the car look the tires not flat it does look a little low, but it’s not flat so we have a decision to make do we Try to go ahead and go to to this to here so that we can least make it on time Or do we try to find a gas station and put some air in the tire? So I look at the tire. I kick it like it’s not flat yet We’re gonna go ahead and make it so hopefully by the time we’re done It’s not flat, but if it is flat, there’s a whole bunch of people that can help me get out of here So we’ll be fine great question Yeah The most challenging obstacle I faced during my career. It was very simply getting fired I Was a designer for 14 years and I got fired it was really simple the bowling Economy had started to dip and I had been there so long that I was like the second highest paid person and it was either Let me go my boss. Co who made the decision or all of my people? So it was pretty easy. It was like hey, it’s your turn to go, so being let go and that was tough and this is what I wanted to do my whole life on one design bowling balls right, so the best part about that was is I go right back to my engineering roots the engineering at the end at the end of the Day is really just about problem solving so this being let go is a problem. So how do you solve it? Well one thing that you do is you go back to what makes you what makes you have fun What do you have fun doing? I like talking to people. I like educating people, and I like helping people So what I did within two or three months. We formed a company that does just that so At the end of the day if you can look at your problems, and you can look for creative solutions always look for creative solutions, whether it’s you’re having an issue with the projector or Whether it’s your being let go if you can think about it, critically for a little bit I think about well, what do I want to do next what am I good at? How can I get that done that ends up being a very powerful? Attribute and something that definitely would encourage you to to to Strive to have one quick story about that, too So I didn’t I the lady mentioned that I did a ted talk right so during my ted talk I had a presentation that had three slides in it, so what happens is I go out there I’m in front of 2,000 people, and I’m talking during the ted talk. I’m giving the talk They’re recording it everything and in a minute in two sick minute and six seconds exactly I realized that the person who went in Did not hand me the clicker so that I cannot now click through my presentation So I’m talking and I’m like oh my goodness. I can’t show my slides, but I’m not saying I’m just thinking that right And I’m at a critical spot like I have two choices. I can stop right here Be embarrassed in front of 2,000 people go ask for the clicker Or just keep going and don’t worry about it. So at the end of the day I just kept going and when you watch the presentation you can’t even tell great question so great question what’s next in blown ball design So I would tell you one of the projects that I’m working on is bringing some technology into the bowling ball when I was One of the things that I was working on actually was a sensor that goes inside the ball and that sensory gives you information about What you did with the delivery that information is then used to be able to make the process? For your next delivery a little more efficient There’s oil on the lane when you throw the ball down the lane that changes things a little bit But the sensor, I would be able to read and understand that and then be able to help you become a better bowler so I believe that the the advent of a lot of Techno technology inside the bowling ball is kind of where it’s going next Great great question

Yes, so are there any limitations that go on to the blowing ball. Yes, actually there’s a whole department that makes these limitations are called the United States bowling congress they put the rules and the Specifications that are in place that govern bowling balls like you can’t put a liquid in a bowling ball Or it has to only be this size those kind of things the cool thing is as an engineer It’s a problem to solve so what we do is We find a ways to creative ways to be able to solve those problems as a matter of fact the main product that we sell all over the world was a solution to a problem bowling balls tend to have a Lifespan They lose performance over time because quite simply they absorb that oil off the lane they fill up so the product that we developed actually helps to slow and retard the whole process down to the point to The ball and ball will be able to last two and three times its normal length because of that solution to that problem I was able to buy a tesla has any professional bowlers you or Jason Belmonte used a 3D printed bowling ball or anything like it so great question so In terms of 3D printed bowling balls there aren’t any currently that are on the market readily available. It’s all done in the prototyping phase but Jason Belmonte does and has used prototype bowling balls to help develop products so that that does that does actually play a Critical role now. I will tell you that because of 3d praying technology and the ability to rapid prototype very very quickly What would take typically six months can take about 30 take about 30 days now so that yes absolutely great question great questions let’s go, oh We have a fellow Boiler Maker boiler up the Candy how do you feel two-part question how do you feel one about the trend is easier for Boiler makers to get to the moon than the final four great question up, so here’s the thing The boilermakers that it’s a little a little tough right now But that’s okay. That’s okay and the second part is Where do you see our middle schoolers in 15 years? So the middle school kids. I think are in are very they’re at I even better spot then the high school kids are no different then I’m in a worse spot than the high school kids are the reason being is because The younger you are at this particular point the more you’re going to be able to enjoy the benefits of it so as an example Right now in my life. I have to touch the steering wheel of that car every three minutes, so that it knows that I’m still awake That’s part of the best part of how it works The high school kids by the time that they’re all ready to get that type of a car which then it’ll be a lot cheaper Right they’ll be able to sit in the car And it’ll be able to drive them wherever they have to go the middle school kids They’re even in a better position right because by the time they’re ready to be able to drive They don’t even have to drive in a car. They’ll have a thing called a hyperloop well They’ll just be able to get in a tunnel sit there it take somewhere. They have to go so I think As technology continues to progress it becomes better and better for the next generation? Do you have any like goals for the future seeing as like you achieved like the position that you want to be in? Absolutely my number one goal at this point is to continue to educate people and get people involved in stem There’s not enough people that are involved in stem like the things that you guys are getting do you don’t realize how special this is What I was coming up man This wasn’t even available So the fact that you’re able to be exposed to stim at such an early age sparks your curiosity so one of my big goals is to continue that process continue that trend to get people involved in stem and Using bowling as I do Which is something that you’re kind of familiar with? But you wouldn’t think has the tightest tim is the one way that we go about doing that great question Let’s go in the back over there I like that You know I told myself and when I was at my former job I said if I ever figure out the the key to being able to make a Ball that strikes every time I’m gonna make two of them one for me and one for my father, and I’m gonna quit my job I’ve never quite got there but I would tell you that as Bowling just like anything else in life right as things continue to evolve and we become more efficient at doing things We’re gonna find ways to be able to be more efficient, and we’re gonna find ways to be ultimately better a fun a little fact so Prior to about 20 years ago there was never a perfect series which is a 900 which is a 300 game three times in a row that was like never done and then in the last 20 years there tends to be on average about one per year, but that’s a combination of technology advancing and The mechanics are becoming better what I mean by that is people are being trained at an earlier age so that by the time that they’re old enough, they’re Mechanically better than the kids that are the people that were trained before them and ultimately they’re able to build better

so technology continues to advance in all sports and And avenues as you would imagine and because of that that possibility is it’s realistic Just like going to the moon is or just like going to mars this great question I was Gonna ask Did you have any problems with your employees or anything like do you enjoy doing? What you do? So I do enjoy doing what I do one of the hardest things to do is let an employee go I won’t say that’s never fun what I’ve learned about that though is the way to do it if you want to do it in a way that doesn’t cause a whole lot of problems later is you really have to do a lot of listening a Lot of listening to people a lot of times people do things and from one perspective it may seem like it’s one thing but it may be something completely else going on there, so when you do a lot of listening you can kind of Understand their perspective if you can understand their perspective you can ultimately help them even if it does mean letting them go That’s a tough part of the job great question Any other questions So there were two things that happened He said, how did I become how to end up being a ceo of a company anybody help me guide there? So there are two things that actually happened right so one the lady who’s walking around who’s been helping me? she’s my partner actually she she’s Holly So allies women actually makes everything happen I get kinda be the puppet She’s the one behind the scenes so me and her got together and we started We said hey well, why don’t we try to try to do this educational thing? maybe we can help use some of the knowledge that I had for my prior job and be able to turn it into something that’s Educational so she actually helped you get all that started and then from there. We were able to for a it back into bowling which is kind of Kind of my like my comfort zone there for so to speak and from that it allowed us just to grow really really quickly Because we were able to solve problems at the end of the day It’s about solving problems so using that engineering background to create a few products that people are really really like Over some services that people really like brings you to this pub. We’re at now great question though sure Great question. What was the steps? great question So what were the steps that I took? What happened when I got let go and how do I bounce back well the first thing? I did is I went home and cried for about two days Because I was pretty sad about that and after I got done crying and you know wiping myself up off the floor. I said well What do I want to do now like what do I really want to do I design bowling balls? That’s what I wanted to do what I want to do next and I just kind of let that sit for about a week And what I would do is every morning. I had some gigantic Post-it notes like they’re like like three-foot post-it notes, and I had them up in my living room wall and I would go write something on them and and half of it was things that I like to do and half of it was things that I didn’t like to do and Then after I wrote them down for about a week. I spent the next week crossing them off one at a time So like I had up there Go work for another bowling ball company And I was like I was like yeah, this is a good idea I just go to the ball mill company, and they after I got past that I was like that’s a terrible idea I’ve already designed bowling balls. Okay that one’s off And I went through that process until I ended up With just a couple of things that were left and one of them was education and one of them was helping other people become better bowlers and then that became the basis of the company creating the difference I Would tell you I will tell you life is life just like you guys were able to experience this this week with some of the Troubles and some of the problems and some of the yeah, I thought this was gonna work, and it’s not working out That’s part of life and the best way to get through that is just to realize that’s part of life and keep going The one thing that I always that I always see people do that tends to kind of cause some issues Is when they get beat up or they get hurt or they get down? They just stay there they stay there? well Don’t do that Like you have the choice right you have a choice either to stay there or to get up and do get up to keep going And I will tell you for us that was a really really big key once I got over that initial shock and decided that I Wanted to do something else we got right back up and kept going and I’m gonna wearing a much better position now than I’ve ever been so and I’m doing what I love doing great question Any other questions sure That’s a great question did I know I was gonna get fired. It wasn’t a complete surprise I will tell you as an engineer You were always aware of what’s happening around you so I’ll tell you a little sorry about that So two years prior to me being let go in in February We had a layoff it was the first layoff and it got rid of a lot of the upper management So I was like. Oh, that’s kind of weird. I’ve been here for you know 12 years or whatever I’ve never seen anybody get let go and not let a whole watch people. Go I said, okay That’s kind of interesting, but I wasn’t part of that so no big deal the next year in February

They did the same thing and I was like oh It’s a little scary now because I’m looking and this this group of people actually is like right above me so that means did they Do it again? I’m probably gonna be next so hMm. Maybe we start planning just in case So I did just that um I actually Had my wife who had a job where we lived at I said hey, you should probably search for another job Just in case my thing doesn’t work out so she actually got another job in Chicago. Which is now where I live She got no job in Chicago while I stayed down in, Kentucky I said well do this for a year and what kind of see how this all plays out if it doesn’t work out then I will just go to will go to too, Chicago, or if it does work out? You’ll come back down to kentucky where we’re at and ultimately win it up happening there sure enough That’s following year in February Let me go So I was able to bounce back pretty quickly from that because I kind of watched what was going on around me it was kind of kind of thinking about well if they do this again Who’s Gonna get let go like I said I knew it was Gonna be me or my boss, but my boss is part of the people that was making the decision, so it wasn’t gonna be him, so When it’s all said and done. I’m I thank them for the time that I had there and Wished them well and like I said, I’m at home. I cried for three days one more question Go for it Is the world company still there? Yes? They are still there the company’s name is Evan I international? I’m friendly with them as well as all the competitors which the competitor part probably is an issue for them now But I’m friendly with all of them now all the manufacturers, and that’s another thing to take away from this from from this whole situation Bones are really small community and one of the things that you should do it no matter Whatever field you choose to live be in is not burn bridges Because you never know how that’s gonna come back to you later so when I was at Every night and the Company was doing really well if I was burning every all these other bridges when I got let go from it But I all the other manufacturers would have been like no no we want nothing to do with you But because I didn’t do that when I was let go all the other manufacturers like storm Who’s the one who actually the blown balls? I’m passing around. They’re like dude. Whatever you need let us know What’s in it to you, so I said hey I’m doing this presentation stuff that I’m going around the country and you know be really helpful if you guys were able to send me some of your bowling balls that you make better that show the Core because the ones you make are way cooler than the ones that I have you’re like. Oh yeah, no problem So that’s like That’s a key thing to remember right even if you’re mad or you’re upset or you’re angry do not burn bridges Because you never ever know Great great question We’re good Oh yeah, so she’s gonna play a video real quick. This is a video. That was shot entirely with a drone. Oh It’s loading Alright, well that was where’s the video? We’re good. We were gonna show you with a drone, but you’ll be able to see it on YouTube tell me what Zoey So now you can tell that was definitely shot with a drone that was our first attempt at trying to do a drone type video So got another real-world application what you guys are learning um thank you guys for having me up here. Thank you This has been an awesome trip I’ve really enjoyed watching some of the programs or some of the something you guys have been able to do so thanks for having me

Alright, so ladies a name that’s going to conclude our formal portion of the GFCi 2017 again Thank you for coming a few administrative notes mentors and participants. You can grab one of the yearbooks on your way out the door and We have a buffet, so if you want to eat I’d ask you’d let the people that are flying and leaving in the next 25 minutes eats first and then everyone kind of following if you exit out the doors at the end of the room Funnel you back through the middle and you come back in the middle and take a seat me. Thank you very much