Pickups #97: Late night PS2 butchery, and some video games.

hello apologies if I little bit sweaty I’ve just been watching washing Flash Gordon yeah this pickups pick up number 97 kind of even remember in the Latin was ok sometime maybe hope maybe about month ago not sure not sure but hoping that the sink the my vocals sink better than I have been doing with a slight it’s never perfect I’ve actually had one girl that’s already in the vocals were just ever so slightly out of sync and it was really irritate me but I’m slightly better than the last the last edition of my peers one collection though I did that was that was good now that was that was the best one so far but for some reason some reason it’s different this is exactly the same lighting setup but some reason my voice doesn’t look quite like it’s matching to getting the water hits and yeah merry christmas and a happy new year i don’t think you’ve actually said that since really what problem what said Merry Christmas but I’ve not said happy new year cuz I’ve not done a non ps1 collection video since Christmas don’t think i have since new year yeah Santa did you know normally center turns will turn up unannounced yeah before Christmas Andy he turned up at this time but it was it then I it was bit he did some recording but it is a little bit to get to all of a raid on wow gun so recorded it didn’t upload it went to my sister’s on Christmas Day and got more drunk on any Christmas time I’ve ever been some reason I just thought it this time I was going to get rats awesome idea tonight it really trolly by the end of the day luckily I enough so that’s what soaked up some of them some of the alcohol but are still pretty far gone and I came home on Christmas night I’d already got this video well I’m gonna upload it in my state I thought I watched about this is brilliant widen out load this so I uploaded it but obviously retains a slight bit sense then said it’s private so I’ll better watch this I’ve been watch this tomorrow morning however look at about just in case look wash it back and it was shocking really embarrassing so i might add a few low lights at the end but yeah i think i mentioned it my peers to my peers to is knackered which you know which really got my tits it wasn’t part the schedule for the new year get a new pissed too but when i first found out that it was it was buggered really late at night is about to half 2 was just napping but some reasons really wanted to work out what it was I didn’t have a means to sort it out I’ve watched a few videos we’ll try the old flip upside down tests it read discs but no I wouldn’t watch another video which which said basically just dry cleaning it now I thought yeah I’ll try that but not that I add any cotton buds or rubbing alcohol anybody can suggest with it and rubbing a lot of them on I’d appreciate that the tips because napkins too excuse me Matt please do expensive miles all just given 70 a new players too um yeah so it’s a bit after I thought yeah I’ll never try opening something might of sort barely wax take i will try open this up but regardless of ever write the tools to sort it out it’s all trial earlier anyway but yeah I am eventually located all the screws I know and there’s two screws underneath rabbit rabbit tabs and the other rubber tabs don’t have screws underneath and also look forcing forcing off these rubber tabs that didn’t have screwed on this and basically and finding nothing underneath that’s a good start found the other I found three of the other of the other tabs for some reason totally chose to disregard the sick tab which was underneath a little warranty sticker and it in mice and half a sleep state I was like why isn’t it I’m trying to like pop it open it sort of tightly forgetting that there was a 66 screw and it was

just trying to force him us have been that close to just shattering everything in the basically screwing it up beyond all repair luckily I chose I chose not to try force it and then there’s only after that I turned around and what’s that and when there’s another screw underneath it I was that close you know I would have had to buying you on anyway but I’ve been looking out for anyone but just a noise make because it means all mine one more PlayStation games are obsolete in a moment just but yeah scuze me yeah I better do an addition to my am that new XIV video i did about my trip out to tell walthamstow obviously got a bit carried away because a little bit of googling afterwards and a few people pointing me in the right direction anyway I realized that power reprise of earthbound and any other you know pretty much anything you want aren’t that difficult to come out come by and the you could to get out you come off 40 quid and i think is the guy in the shop is probably on purpose charge them a lot one nap but but you know so hopefully no one no one is awful no one writes down there and no overpaid but it would have been okay actually i think would have been okay if you can get a bit of rubbish together you know just sort of stuff to trade in that you call really don’t really give a about you know like sports stuff though some small stuff and stuff sports stuff and other things you know that we good way to get rid of something rubbish and then it’s like you really wanted I mean stuff and would have wanted but obviously some cheap elsewhere you know with a bit of research and find out cheaper elsewhere but hopefully now I was stupid enough to listen to anything I had to say any of my two tips but yeah I think that day actually when I went to North mistake I went down there with this idea in mind because I der got together some CES quit it I’ve got traded into we games that I’d got before Christmas and I got some copies or gods nor the Rings back for middle earth to the collectors edition and the expansion rise of the witch-king expansion both pretty pricey if you can buy them on ebay but they try they trade him from a decent amount in a CX but I’d actually tried I tried last year sometime a couple years ago some reason the guy wouldn’t take it because I think he’s he said they needed to be sealed but I thought I try again some reason this time they took it but I I think the guy at the first guy made a mistake as either that or the guy this time made the mistake one of them made the mistake either way because that it might have been the guy this time he was new and I think I got a bit lucky in that sense but I do actually think he should the guy two years ago should have taken them anyway but 41 pound quite it and I was going to spend it on a local copy of twilight princess in war Thursday and some bastard nabbed it the date of the evening for I was going to head down there was going to go down in the morning that was when I saw the games in it in the game shopping whoops though I was going to head down this I’m mofo swiped in our front of my hand of my under my nose but I think that’s what got its credit for to you know only gets like decent with its footing on quid and i only spent i think i worked it out i only spent about 450 450 on the stuff that my traded in for the credit so if i can get a copy of twilight princess for roundabout around sort of the equivalent of what would be to her pfizer yeah I’m we’re gonna I’m not gonna I’m not gonna complain really but um yeah right and also I’m its down down I was going to shine and get something because that’s why I generally put you up pretty much do after Christmas I try and get myself sling I couldn’t afford yeah any other times the year something half decent and I was trying to get a copy of Herodias on Pierce one but again somebody swiped our friend of my nose just just gutting it’s kept missing out and stuff I’m just I’ve got a bit of bit of disposable income to spend on something half decent is essentially by me on Christmas bent but at least burning burning a hole in my pocket some of these are Christmas presents to myself others are just random purchase but first two are these these are pickups why they haven’t already mentioned and what sure I did yeah at first two to Stevie DS fizzles planet terror this was actually I’ve already shot this overtake the prices of

theirs 125 for a charity shop yes does it depart the grindhouse one house double bill up would have much prefer this to have been in its original format with with death proof as I sort of double bill but some reason I the other one I think it’s especially bit better other two by robert robert rodriguez but and also he’s got a girl with a gun from a league that you know the night but i think this is supposed to be slightly better than death proof and this was was 199 it’s a double box set of the crazies and all the two versions of the crazies the original romero original and breck eisner i think his name is who made the remake I think breck eisner was the guy who made that Dawn of the Dead remake so which I thought was pretty good but so I’ve actually seen the remake of the crazies Bob not seen the original read my other words I enjoyed it actually but don’t obviously don’t haven’t it might might might be absolutely sacrilegious you know travesty other way well I’m guessing not you know just obviously in hindsight without having seen the original I can’t really compare obviously make sense it was excuse me open it mm-hmm right games and we have one two three four five six seven few and ebay perch she’s a couple of not not so much not shell fillers now these shelters but somebody was like sort of boxes to tick you know none of these are some major purchases properly Riddick’s you know in the past I’ve bought like I think his last year it was Claire Noah and shy at a tomb you know nothing quite in that kind of be yeah I’ve got my eye out or for you know think things in that sort of caliber but i keep getting outbid but yeah this first one was a charity opportunity i think it is 99 penis is just an upgrade its server public commando star wars ronica mando just an upgrade because my versions that this connected and this is a lot better Nick so I’ve been looking out for an upgrade anyway and I’ll just no pre settle the other one on or trade it in or something on you know do something with it this is a good game this was in sort of a width of generic cash converters type shop the same day as republic commando is apollo justice ace attorney I’ve not played any of the Ace Attorney games so you lot take the prize it’s good to be not played any of the ace attorney James this is the first one I’ve ever had but I know especially really good and it quite difficult to gold off and relatively expensive so yeah this was only four quid it’s not brilliantly it’s got a bit of herb is it was that one of it the thing there that’s about it’s a bit tired for about six seven out of ten but yeah I thought waiting it was definitely something I want to play anyway but I thought for kid was a bit of a bargain right these are couple of them actually one of these particulars is pretty interesting because this is a purchase from the wild actually it’s even guess what film that is ever prize if you can let me tell you what prize but even guess what is it’s pretty pretty obvious if you know the film ultimately first Levi purchase is a Gladius I thought I don’t think behind you about this game I thought it was like a Spartan it’s Spartan total warrior or gladiator route to Rome like a historical sort of hack and slash going but it’s not it’s a it’s actually sort of like a tactical RPG and supposed to be pretty good and not not too common I mean not you know not scarce money such an imagination but sort of game that alone you ever have one or two copies in CX and when I went to when I went to Wharton stone weather day I saw they all saw the good stuff was a good stuff apparently there was one in North mesial that time but having bought this for 299 80 bags on an auction for I think it was no I 9p first bit and I 12 p on postage so just one bid yet having won it I just checked on CX to see if there hadn t locally and how much they go for and I’m they did the only one load there anyone in the whole of the UK was in Walthamstow where I’d only been a few days before and it

was um it was a two pound fifty so I could have saved myself 49p what knob you know I could have done look without 49p but especially really good obviously if not not played it but that and like I said that was sort of been on the box a tick because it was a little game might really knew too much about but something I heard positive things about so I thought it was one on the list this was slightly referenced this next one’s like a reference in one of my ps1 collection videos so I’m over blood too yeah I’ve got a soft spot for the original actually with one eye I think I carry over I owned it or rented it at that night but it’s pretty shoddy it’s sort of like a the original is like 3d adventure puzzler we sort of survival horror games because not a lot it’s pretty feels pretty empty you know it’s not action-packed abilify but not it’s pretty rough and broken in places but I’ve got a lot of bit of a soft spot for it and this one obviously the sequel and it’s a bit of a divergence of stylistic by versions because this is more RPG the first guy is pretty empty this one there’s a lot more in it it’s more RPG based there’s missions to do this you know items to collect as people to talk to stuff like that but it’s more action RPG I think but neither of them are perfect I don’t think this is you know quality wines not much better opportunity no read any reviews but it’s just like something I want to have a go and it was the same prices and Gladius it was 299 on a naughty lumpy first bid auction with two pound postage so yeah over blood so I can’t really say too much about it but it’s a bit of a boxer tick also because it rounds off rounds off the set another ebay purchase this was five pound fifty and it’s this and this is another one another box a tick this is this rounds off the series of three 3 4 Alpha games on the ps1 yes as the original was it dream warriors no worries dreams yeah 3 worries hmm there’s actually a replacement case the case turned up and it had a big chunk out of plastic but slightly annoyed me but I’d only paid 5053 in total the free postage so I wasn’t too annoying and the next one to sell after this one after my one was it was a collector him selling the next one and he put together these really well-written really well written auction listings so they’re attracting a lot of attention and you could tell you tell all new stuff seemed really good Nick and the photographs were good and the description was detailed and he think the next one that sold ice pay for my 50 the next moment cell with over 30 quid is about 31 quit which is ridiculous purely based I think purely based on what else he had for sale but also how he’d written this auction but yeah so I couldn’t complain too much because you know I might drive by five pound fifty for one that wasn’t in one hundred percent Nick you know rather than 31 quit the one that was in perfect Nick not that this is actually in bad Nick and now now I’ve replaced the cases it’s actually perfectly acceptable but I also wasn’t believe it with a broken case but slightly annoyed me so I gave him positive feedback the seller because if I hadn’t instated this broken case enemy stated and I gave him positive feedback but I said it was yes slightly a backhanded compliment neither we’re back any compliments said oh I were a bit of it was it a bit of damage to the case which wasn’t stated otherwise very good you know bit narky jump remettre doing ebay feedback if someone’s it’s not perfect but yeah straight fire alpha I don’t think actually i think i’ve got i’ve got all three now but not number three is not perfect either number three I was looking at and I had been looking out for a replacement because there I think the front cover was a bit rough and I wasn’t really happy with it and I was looking through my own ps1 games in for my next page one collection the S is not just looking out of them how it’s nowhere near as bad night whereas I’d remembered what the you how am I thinking somewhere I decided it was beyond all repair I needed to get a replacement and it’s just a slightly slightly wrinkly front

cover you can barely tell from when the case is closed when it’s opened you can see it’s all a bit stained front cover it’s a bit stained and you know a bit wrinkly and that’s it but you can barely tell when the case of clothes it’s bizarre but but you know neither neither am i worthy of getting replacements so they’re all keepers but maybe maybe for someone in the wild one day but other than that right only two more I have a little love a little drink of my mystery yellow liquid aha right this one’s probably the most interesting thing i’ve bought it while actually nice a little bit of a lie I hesitate say rare I hate that word especially when it in the context of video game collecting because you know it it gets used as a tool to suck to sell things you know to big up what you’ve got you know whether or not it’s actually you know how do you quantify what rare is there’s no scale is there really I mean rare obviously there are rare things that everybody knows about what Stadium events for instance or actually 52 on that on the news but and this is probably this is the one I would hesitate even so I hesitate to use the word rare but this probably installed as one of the one and probably the only slightly rare thing I’ve got actually nice build on this is this is the other one maybe this one could compare it sir just that it was a giveaway copy of from obviously falling on 99 from some sort of Dublin PlayStation conference it’s given away to people who attended and I’ve never been out to find anything about this I’ve looked online never be able to find any about it this is really similar actually I was in charity shop in a charity shop officer usually acts of violence mr. chair shopping really finding me in there but I went out to the games and there’s obviously a whole new stuff in and there was some thesis stuff in there so I’m thinking this person’s might be a collector but I it was in a try on the floor and I said leave him through it and it was I could only see the top it’s actually super sassy old ps2 game to see the tops I could see was a sealed ps3 game see the blue top pulled it out and I had no idea what it was it was just weird this width of design on the front which which I’ve never seen before with a few certain like indicators to something else which just confused me and annoyingly at annoy me unfortunately the price label was over was over sort of one of the things that we should have given it away I actually show you how shiny I won’t get Ronnie longer it’s this it’s like the price label was over that which is the price that was at the top it’s 299 pay for this it’s taken for special edition so all like all i read was I saw her hachey that’s her had to use a net mishima and tekken tekken and king of the Iron the king of Iron Fist tournament now I thought that was like a subheading for all the Tekken gangs don’t hang on what is this this is something weird like bootleg not bootleg but sort of content or version of Tekken the breadth herbicide nice it says Tekken for a special edition my way around the code that code they’re thinking it was it’s 50 878 SES CES 50 878 exactly the same as a bog standard version of tekken so what the hell is that what it is thing is actually reading the back just confused me it’s the back says the king of Iron Fist tournament for international final special edition this second floor special edition celebrates the climax of the king of Iron Fist tournament international finals when contestants from across the world will gather in london on thursday sixth of march two thousand three to do battle which all what this spot the blurb for the game which just really confused me is there some weird you sort of Tekken universe event where where they go to L come to London have a bit of a scrap part of the storyline then now it actually turns out after having done a little research that this was given away to people who actually took part in this event this king of the king of Iron Fist tournament international finals I had Tekken 4 tournament back in 2003 and the final was officer in London and this was given away to participants so yeah that’s all I really know about it it’s the only the only interesting they also different

thing about it is the fact it so it’s just the cover because inside it’s a bog standard version of tekken tekken fall but i did a bit of research and the only other person i am knows got one it’s like as guy said he runs is it dr. retro youtube channel i think he’s got something to do with the playstation collecting forums because i googled taken for a special edition and the only the only proper legitimate result was some photos of something that he posted on playstation collecting forums looking for information because he’d been sense of photos of this but not this version but the one he wasn’t looking to buy and he was just posted them on the forums looking for more information you know deciding river wanting to buy it but i think he ended up buying a copy because there’s a video i found a video he showed in his in his room tour where it’s actually a nice cabinet movies special stuff apparently it’s really difficult to hold off but yeah he’s got a special stuff cabinet is this glass hexagonal cabinet it’s just lurking in the bottom huh glad you know it’s things it’s not again like it is not that interesting it’s just the it’s just bog standard tech and with a different different front cover and I gave a way to people who Paula nice to women but no idea it’s just pure speculation about how many they’re all I think this one of these people who answer this this is forum thread just recipient speculation 500 but I don’t think he knew either it was just odd alarm he was just taking off the top of his head but yeah no idea it’s a keeper just which probably sort bit wasted on me is probably more for proper hardcore collectors of you know like slightly interesting things like dr. retro because if you see is you see his game room it’s mental it’s just in design that yeah it’s this then I’ll do it it’s probably sit with you sit of that copy of them formally 190 no injures not doing anything be wasted right finally an ebay purchase is probably someone one slightly major purchase another drink excuse me slightly major purchase this was the one watch list on even watch this for ages yeah obviously now got that money for christmas on us saudade missed out on missed out twilight princess and peroneus and so I was getting a bit annoyed and I’m ways by anyway it was I thought was good values and a brand-new GBA game 14 quid I thought you know you’re not often gonna get that brand new DBA McGeary ago 14 quiz you look on amazon see how much sellers are selling brand new sealed GBA games some of them ridiculous like hundreds brand new sealed GBA games at hundreds I thought the 14 quid you know you can’t really go wrong and it’s I think the tactical RPG it’s not the game I know too much about because it’s from a series that doesn’t really exist in the UK it maybe exist slightly more in continental Europe and maybe America but mostly it’s a Japanese only series but I’ll get it out or what things I wanted to do this I wanted to make this uh oh yes there when I did it yesterday is also sealed and it was in the package out this one wanted to make the video but I couldn’t it just screwed up but I still had in the package I wanted to open up because it was a TB again it come from Italy so I think that I mention that came from Italy this is what it is it’s a super robot taisen original generation it’s it’s got you these British English on the back and Italian I think this is an Italian version I think it’s classified as an Italian version i’m not sure this was actually a UK release I don’t know because I don’t seem to exist in the UK just generally incontinent continental Europe and the guy selling it had it for 14 quid but you also had a listing for two brand new ones similar brand new ones for 21 quid so that’s I think it’s still up actually so you get one so people could go have something of the night he’s got a few others brand new GBA games he’s got it reunion for about sewing price and gang called Shaymin King shaming King something something to on the TVA all GBA games brand new all

sort of with UK you know UK manuals and stuff Shaymin kinging interesting AXA probably more interesting agree unionism uses the castlevania GBA engine game engine so it looks ok looks ok actually that one you might look it up or maybe looking up on ebay but yeah this really yeah it’s sort of like a it looks like from game I don’t really know too much about it looks like fire emblem sort of the at all sort of battle screens or the map screen so it looks like fire emblem but then it has sort like a map mech better at battle animations when you attack well these all these lots of big big maps and lots of characters with them he’s quite nice nicely drawn battle animations right up my street thoughts it’s obviously not common GBA game no I don’t there’s no great fan base in the UK that’s why it’s cheap and no great fan base in the UK so yeah there’s only 14 quit but it came I was a bit reticent really actually because it’s a gba game and it’s coming from Italy and I didn’t specify one of it to come in a box because I wasn’t sure the guy could it to be king glish because all of these correspondence with me wasn’t a lien and I think I sent me this this message you know when you market as despatched in it came in Italian I had to work out what it was and I think it was it was a quorum of it I worked there anyway yeah it I didn’t specify when it in a box but he was a he was a good seller and he was experiencing he had he had sort of about 3,000 feedback all hundred percent so I took a punt I thought an educated punt and it turned out I Cape but it came came in a came in this so it’s not ideal but then on as well as padded envelope it came in and around the actual game itself was a decent amount of bubble wrap and around the bubble around that the bubble wrap in case the game came it’s like an advert for an Italian Italian version of little or you can get a good corn your flight because for one year I 39 verse is there something funny apologies for it for the offensive accent what was it what do you missed a key to Mike isn’t it LOL oh I think I ish i think i won’t go further I’ll just more likely to the fence on but whilst they got anything interesting part and cornflakes it was something quite funny there’s it plenty fast that’s all gotten it but it says carne nipple I thought Carly meant meet me to yogurt mmm but anyway right there you go that’s it yes so I would wreck it I think he’s got it might have still up to this sort of the listing for two of these still up and if you just search for super robot taisen GBA on UK ebay it will come up but yeah anyways I wouldn’t recommend recur in the solo is because because of the weights or the packaging but the actual packaging did a really good job and the actual package when it turned up was pretty chunky with all the newspaper and the ball track but you know not under percent ideal because it will in the box so you know you have to sort keep that in mind if you’re interested that’s it actually this is this is about this is good to know but almost ten minutes shorter than yesterday’s version which is British which is actually pretty good I’m pleased but I’m sure this stuff I’ve missed now but i won’t string around longer yeah probably next video I’m doing a response to Matt’s cell phone retro about use a gaming history tag so anybody go and watch his video and do a response because always like they’re interesting those tags and other than that it will be more um being someone collecting videos and anything else if I don’t think of it but yeah I’m gonna go watch Biggles that’s what it was it’s Biggles I saw its own wall great film especially the bit with the sound the sound sound weapon we’re saying way from where they get caught outside the

protective bunker in and when it’s finished they go outside and the guys face sort of caves in love that there’s a little kid on ice you’re brilliant anyway yeah thanks for watching and see you later don’t leave me alone like this to say it’s the phone of kids and won’t you stay you know the day did it did