Tum Ho Wajah Episode 6 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 1 June 2020

So you took so much time in the market only? Yes, like I said it was very crowded If it was so crowded and you had gone to get grocery then where is the grocery you bought? You didn’t bring it? Do you know what happened, two people fought so I panicked and left the stuff there only That’s okay. I’ll send Zain, he’ll bring it Don’t send Zain So should we leave the stuff there only? I told you, people fought and the police so it’s not right sending him there. I’ll bring it tomorrow Alright sure I’ll go check on lunch, make some lentil soup Sitara must have made the lentil soup. You relax, drink water Mama tell me, what discussion did all of you have? There was no discussion Something has definitely happened, you’re hiding it from me Shebi what will I hide from you and why will I hide it? I should also know what happened when Chanda’s mother came here I can’t tell you Fine, if you can’t tell me then I will call dad myself and No! Don’t call your father Why? Because he’s very angry That means she came here and created a scene I don’t understand why she has so much arrogance Son I had tried my best to cool down the situation I had also convinced your father not to get angry that when they’ll come to apologize I don’t know what they want Usually the girl’s family always keep their head down That woman was looking straight into your father’s eyes while speaking What? Then what happened? Then what would have happened? You know about your father’s anger What does Chanda’s mother want after all Shebi.. son, if you ask me then don’t discuss them for a few days at home Shebi! Where are you going? There will he go? To that Chanda? He has to come back here only Chanda.. Is everything okay? Why are you so worried? Can you take me to Shahab’s house? Shahab.. how can I take you to Shahab’s house right? What do you mean how? We’ll come back early First tell me what has happened? Mom has gone to meet Shahab’s parents and I am unable to find out what happened there Chanda please don’t worry. Everything will be fine No Danish I can feel a very big storm coming behind this silence I think something bad is about to happen Okay you can’t go to Shahab’s house but you can go to my house right? Go check if mom is back or not and if she’s back then find out what happened there? I want to know.. I am very tensed! I don’t know what have happened there! Alright, I’ll go.. Dad is also here

Babar, it’s you Babar, you didn’t go to work today ? No. I didn’t feel like it You look quite angry today What do I do other than being angry? I will not be at peace until I don’t kill that Shebi! What’s wrong Babar? Why are you saying such emotional things? Why shouldn’t I? You tell me, what should I do? Someone comes in and disrespects us like that and I should just keep sitting idly? Babar will you get back your respect and peace by killing someone? Yes I will get it back! And I didn’t come here to listen to your lecture If I wanted to talk about this then I could’ve done it back home with mom and dad but I know they will never understand what I’m saying I came to you because you would listen and understand Don’t say that.. He’ll die Then he can die! Hasn’t he died yet? His daughter ran away and he’s roaming around alive, shameless man! Mom I’ve ironed dad’s clothes, tell me if I also have to iron yours No, let it be Mom? Look here.. you’re crying. What has happened? Nothing. You go and study, your exams are around the corner. Let this be I will do all of that. You tell me what has happened to you? Nothing has happened Someone has defiantly said something which has caused you pain Did someone hurt you? Mom, tell me I’m worried What has happened to you? Mom, don’t get worried. Everything will be fine Inshallah Mom Rash decisions only cause more problems for ourselves and you know uncle and aunty’s condition as well They won’t be able to bear if their young son gets prisoned for murder under these circumstances Then what do you expect of me? That I wear bangles and sit at home? Babar, have patience I won’t be able to stay patient. Once I get my hands-on Chanda, I won’t spare her Asalam o alikum uncle Walikum Salam. When did you come? I just came, I’m leaving now Is everything okay? You look quiet angry What do I do other than being angry? You know what Chanda has done, she has embarrassed us You’re right.. I myself am hiding my face from people these days Look People will be one’s looking now. I’m leaving, khuda hafiz Did he see her? No Did he leave? Yes. Chanda I need to talk to you about something very important Sure, what is it? One minute Hello? Where are you? I’ve been calling you since so long, you’re not answering nor are you talking to me What happened? What did they talk about? Okay, I’ll be ready Uncle, I’ll have to go now Where? Where is he taking you? I don’t know. He asked me to get ready, he’s coming to pick me up I’ll talk to you when I get back Be careful when you leave, I mean to say hide your face

Nobody should know that you’re here Of course. You don’t worry. I’ll be careful Dad whatever is happening is wrong and I’m losing my patience By hearing what Babar said, his intentions don’t sound good to me You know how short tempered he is If he even gets a clue that Chanda is here then you know what will happen right Nothing will go wrong. Nothing will go wrong. You don’t worry I’m going to Chanda’s house and I’ll tell everyone the truth What? Who will you tell? Chanda’s mother came here herself, she knows Chanda’s here She’ll tell everyone when she wants to and listen to me Danish, don’t interfere in the matters of adults Go, go right now and check how are the conditions there and come back and tell me Go on, Go! nothing will go wrong What has happened? You didn’t say a word during the whole ride. You also ate quietly Say something to me please I’m getting very agitated. Tell me, what is it? Why aren’t you saying anything? What do I tell you? What do I say to you? I’m sometimes not sure if you are even your mother’s own daughter or her step daughter because mothers don’t even treat their step daughters the way your mother treats you What? Has she done something wrong again? What else can be expected of her? I had told you that it’s not appropriate for her to come to my house alone She spoke to my father looking straight into his eyes, nobody has ever had the courage to do that Where are you going? Let me go! But where are you going? I have to go! I have to question her, the one has made our life hell! You have gone mad Right now everyone is against us, we’ll have to handle the matter with patience Okay fine. Let’s let go of everything, I’ll come with you to your house We’ll see what happens, at least take me there. You don’t even take me You can’t come with me to my house, how many times do I explain it to you? You have me, I will fix everything. Listen to me, that’s final Bill please What had to happen has happened. It’ll be better if you’ll try to forget You’re right If problems are dealt with patience then problems go away because patience is the biggest weapon a person can have and that’s when better conclusions can be expected These days at our house also Mansoor it’s time for your Namaz Yes, I’ll go say my prayer. You keep sitting Sure Danish, for the love of god don’t discuss Chanda with anyone here I know aunty, you don’t worry I just came to know when you went to Chanda’s house then what happened there? Nothing happened there Chanda is very worried aunty. Please tell me clearly what happened there Just tell her that I pleaded and begged them but they are stern on the fact that the matter will go forward if Mansoor comes and apologizes They’re such odd people

This condition clearly shows that they want to put you all down and nothing else Obviously Danish I’m very worried staying alone like this, Meeting them would be another story, Mansoor doesn’t even want to talk about Chanda Aunty, I would advice you not to come and meet Chanda until this matter cools down If anyone finds out that Chanda is at our house and you come to meet her there then you’ll have to face more problems Was Shebi angry? He was quite angry What was he saying? He kept asking questions. He wanted to know after all what did that girl’s mother say to us What did you tell him? I tried my best not to say anything but when he was about to call you then I stopped him. I exaggerated a few things and told him He was getting quite angry on the girl’s mother, he must have scolded his wife quiet well Good. You did the right thing How was he looking? Shebi is very worried, he has a lot gotten very weak Listen, we won’t be strict with him anymore Let him do whatever he likes, however he feels like besides this issue You understand what I’m saying right? Alright What happened? Are you worried? You’re the one who looks worried Not really What was mom saying? First get rid of this worried look from your face I get bothered seeing a worried look on your innocent sweet face. Please relax Who can relax in these conditions? I can’t change the conditions or what Chanda did but I’ll try to keep this house and you away from these problems but I’ll need your support for this Sitara First tell me was mom talking about api? What were you consoling her about? All I can do is console her after what Chanda did but remember that you’re the one who is important for me, the most important I find the taste of the water also bitter now You’re eating medicine so your taste has also gone bad Go check I’ll check Here you go Asalam o alikum Asalam o alikum Oh Mr. Mansoor, keep sitting please How are you? I’m absolutely fine. I just came here to give you some fruits You bothered yourself for no reason There’s no formality in love, there are only blessings in love Thank you so much I actually got this fruit for my sister in law and you. You’ll have to cut it for him otherwise he won’t eat it himself. Okay? No no, you’ve got them with so much love. I will definetly eat them Mr. Majid has come, Sahiba tea No tea please. I’m in a rush so I’ll leave. I’ll come again.. Take good care of yourself Please do make him have the fruit Thank you so much Take care of yourself He’s such great man! We don’t find such people these days People have masks over their faces, Mansoor What do you mean? You may say anything but I feel that this man is not what he pretends to be Sahiba! And I have told you this be before as well that I don’t like him coming over at our house all the time!

His intentions aren’t good He has a lot of respect in his eyes for me He is my boss and I am his worker, yet he feels for me and respects me But Mansoor, I… I don’t know why you have issues with this man He is such a big man but even then, he comes to check on us At a time where even our relatives leave us and turn their backs on us He never even comes empty handed. He always brings something or the other for the kids I don’t know what has happened to you Only God knows what’s in the heart and my heart says that… Let your heart be! If your heart had said something before, then your own daughter, Chanda, who lived inside these four walls with you, could not have deceived us I’m also noticing how much you can see! Wouldn’t it have been better if you had looked after your own daughter the same way you’re noticing him? After today, I won’t hear a single word against Wajid Sahib. Do you understand that? Why, Uncle? Being a girl, I went against my mom and dad and got married secretly But he can’t handle his parents even though he’s a guy? That’s it! I have had enough! I will go to his house tomorrow only and I will see what anyone can do! No! Not at all! You won’t do anything like that. And neither will I let you do anything like that Why! Why shouldn’t I, Uncle? My child, because I have made a promise to Shebi that until he doesn’t resolve this issue properly, my daughter will live with me in this house Yes, so alright! I have lived with you! But now, you will tell him that you cannot tolerate me in this house for another day! My child, how can I say that to him? What has happened to you, Uncle? You aren’t understanding! He is living over there very peacefully, he has no worries! He is only taking advantage of your love! He is making a fool out of the both of us! No, no, no. He isn’t making a fool out of anyone. Come here, come to me You aren’t listening to what I’m saying! At least sit. Sit I am telling the truth! Listen to me! Look, my child. Listen to me carefully Look, you went against your parents What’s done is done! But Shebi has to convince his parents Chanda, you are the one who has to spend her life with them, in their house That’s why for your happiness and peace, this is very important For Shebi’s parents to accept you wholeheartedly For that, you need to give him some time You understand what I’m telling you, right? Look, my child. You don’t ever have to fight with Shebi Chanda, once a man loses his interest in something and if he makes it about his ego and rigidness then he can ruin everything. But Shebi is not like that He’s very nice! He loves you a lot! And that’s why you have to keep showing your tears in front of him So that his heart keeps melting for you You will do that, right? You will care about your uncle’s respect, right? Good! What an ill-mannered and arrogant girl she is Muraad Sahib, she can cause trouble for you if you mess with her That’s why you need to control your anger I don’t want to have this. I wanted to have tea

You have been consuming tea since morning. You haven’t even had food. I am getting worried Really? You care about me? What do you mean by that? Who else will care for you if I don’t? Alright What happened? Sahiba, I can’t seem to recall if you have ever lied to me except for the Chanda matter I have lied to you? Today, neither did you go to give the committee nor did you go to the market So, where did you go? I went to the same place that I have told you about only Another lie As far as I remember, you have also never doubted on me like this before Sahiba, don’t try to change the topic! What has happened to you? You went to meet Chanda today! No! Believe me, I did not go to meet her These things that you’re saying, this lie that you’re telling, is hurting me! I keep breaking from inside! Don’t take any such step that leads to my death! I don’t want to talk to you or hear anything that you have to say! You will have to listen! It is very necessary that you hear what they spoke to Tayi Jaan about! Shahab has told me everything! What did Shahab tell you? Let it be, okay? I am already very furious after hearing about moms’ antics! My head is exploding out of pain! You… just go from here! I don’t want to argue with you on anything! Wait a minute. Tayi Jaan’s antics? I didn’t quite understand? I haven’t been able to understand that either till now! That after all, what problem does mom have with me? Why can’t she see me happy? Why! Chanda, Tayi Jaan only and only wants your happiness! That’s why she keeps pleading in front of Shebi’s mother to accept you! But those people… She’s lying. She’s lying! She doesn’t go over there to talk to them! She goes there so she can demean and insult them! Shebi said that to you? Yes! So what Shebi tells you is the truth? And what your mom tells you is a lie? Chanda, you’re the only girl in this world who trusts outsiders more than she trusts her own mother Excuse me! He’s my husband, not some outsider! He is my own! Do you understand? Chanda, why don’t you understand that there is no relationship purer than that of you and your mother? What is this noise that you guys are making? What are you arguing on? I am not the one arguing, he is! Why? Dad, make her understand that there isn’t any relationship that’s more superior to that of you and your mothers! She thinks of this relationship as insignificant because of her ego and rigidness! She has never had any sense in her and neither is she ever going to have it! She has destroyed my life! You’re the one who has destroyed their lives! Hold on, one minute. Are you guys in your senses? You guys are fighting like maniacs! And what is the need for you to argue with her? Does she not have enough problems in her life that you’re also giving her this attitude? Dad, tell her not to talk to me about Tayi Jaan in this manner This is between her and her mother. Why are you interfering? All my life, even I have never spoken in their matters. Who are you to interfere then? Chanda, my child. I have a request for you too Look, you need to keep your anger is control too Go… go to your room. I’ll deal with this. Go What has happened to you? Does your brain even work? I have already told you to bear this for a few days and have control over your anger. But no! You want to argue I had just gone to rest for two minutes but you have also made that impossible! Where is the mosquito repellent! Arshad! Give me a cigarette Smoking Kills Since when have you started smoking, Babar? Smoking Kills I have. Just like that Anyway, a person only smokes when he’s either too happy or when something’s bothering him By the way, I can understand. I am sure, there is something that is bothering you Well, it’s only fair after someone’s sister takes a step like that… What rubbish are you talking?

Rubbish? Is it not true that your sister has run away from home? Oh! What did you say? Babar, I was just… What did you say? What…what did you say? What! Babar, I did not mean it that way Let him go. He made a mistake Make him understand! He will lose his life the next time! That is not what I meant… Shut up! Shut up! Who is it! What has happened? Is everything alright? By the way, it’s great! You guys are sleeping here so peacefully Has anyone ever asked if I have been able to sleep peacefully these days or not? Because you guys have to stay at home I am the one who has to go out and listen to people’s taunts I don’t understand how me knocking on the door has disturbed everyone’s sleep here and not the rubbish that people have been talking What is this way that you’re talking in? Have you gone mad? Yes, I have gone mad! I have lost my senses! I can no longer listen to the taunts people have to throw And I only came here to tell you that we cannot live here anymore! We can’t live here? Where are we going to live if not here? Somewhere else. But we can’t stay in this area anymore Are you even in your senses? Pull yourself together. Where will we go if we leave our own house? Alright. I have told you my decision and now it is up to you guys But remember one thing The circumstances that we are living in over here, I won’t be responsible if something happens from my hands You guys will be What’s the matter, my child? Why is your face dull, so early in the morning? Are you worried? I am worried and really scared too Worried because I can’t seem to understand what mom’s going to do with that ring And I am scared of when Shahab asks about the ring. What will I tell him? I don’t understand anything, Uncle Obviously, my child. You can’t tell Shahab that your mom took the ring Then, what do I do? My child, ask your mother? That is exactly what I was doing, Uncle I would’ve sent Danish again. But you… Didn’t you see his behavior towards me last night? What do I expect from him? What do I say to him? Uncle! Uncle, you will have to do this work of mine. Will you go to mom? Please, don’t say no. For my sake? Look, my child If I do go and ask your mom for you, do you think she will accept it right away? That she was the one who took the ring? No, my child, no. You don’t know your mom yet And if, upon my asking, she brainwashes Bhai Sahib then, he will make it a problem for me But, you don’t worry I will ask Bhabhi Sahiba about this, for my Chanda’s sake, for the sake of my daughters’ respect Uncle, you’re very nice… Have this one first

I don’t want to have these medicines. I’m sick of having them all the time How is it going to work like this? The doctor has said that you need to complete the course otherwise it won’t be good You didn’t even sleep well all night Obviously. How can anyone sleep? I was very worried because of Babar I have been locked up inside the house ever since this incident took place But Babar does go out. He faces people. He’s a young blood How long is he going to tolerate this for? What if he makes a mistake and there is a casualty? God forbid! I will talk to him. I will make him understand Do you think he will understand? He will have to understand Now, about what he said yesterday. Is it possible, that we leave everyone and move? No. There’s a lot of spending on a rental house. We cannot afford it Grateful to Allah that we have our own space and that He has kept our respect Respect? The entire family falls on its face when daughters stumble Chanda. I am just leaving from home. I will be there in ten minutes Babar, what is this that you are doing? Have you gone mad? Keep it down! Keep it down…