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I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me And wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Episode 7 Bai Kao’er! What else are you not afraid to say? I bow to you in complete admiration Don’t say that. I just don’t want to let him off that easily Who is letting who off? No, wait You… Were you seen by him? D-Did he? I was hurting so badly and dizzy from the blood, – I don’t know if he saw it or not – You were bathing earlier, and you weren’t wearing clothes You must have been seen by him! Who cares if he saw it?! He has to take responsibility! All right. Alrl right. Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you and Luo Hao Why talk about him? So annoying Sorry. You guys had such a big argument and I still asked you to take care of me Good that you know I already called him earlier I told him that we should separate for a while to cool down Regarding getting married, we’ll just discuss that some other time It’s right to cool down Your foot is so annoying! Unknown Number Hello? Who is this? – Hello. Is this Ms. Bai Kao’er? – Yes Who are you? I am Shujie’s older brother, Shuli Sorry for suddenly giving you this call It’s you? What is it? It’s like this. My mother has offended you because of the house I apologize to you in her stead I’m really sorry that you got traumatized by it But don’t worry. I will put the house back under your name as soon as possible There will never be such a dispute again Mr. Qi, let’s not talk about the house matters first I want to declare that I don’t accept your apology Do you think a simple word of apology is enough to erase the hurt your family inflicted on me? Of course, not You don’t have to say anymore! Let me tell you, I’ll say it again. I don’t accept your apology! Because I won’t ever forgive you guys You don’t need to call me anymore. That’s it! She sure has a big temper I haven’t even finished speaking and you hung up on me This girl – All right. Do it like this tomorrow. Okay? – Okay Yingzhi? Qianshan! – You came to see Kaoer? – Yes How is she? Is it serious? She looks fine. I don’t think her injury is too serious – Are you done working for today? – I am Then I’ll wait for you and we can go back together I still can’t go back tonight I just finished organizing the surgery tomorrow with the nurse I still have to go back to organize the materials. It’s too much of a hassle to go back and forth from our house I’m also not willing to work overtime like this everyday and live in the hospital But I’m currently the main backbone of the cardiac surgery department A lot of people, even from other regions, are waiting in line for me to do their surgeries I tell you, my work is indisputable in the hospital What I lack is the official position So I really must become a professor and the department head this time

Just hold on for a little longer. Two more months But our son hasn’t seen you in a week already He’s so young, what does he know? Can’t you just take care of it by explaining things to him? Do you not understand stuff like him, too? – I— – Why am I working so hard outside? I told you so many times already. Why don’t you understand? Don’t let me worry about family matters, okay?! Hurry back home when you’re done! Milan! I packed all of your things Did Kao’er get hurt? Yes. Is there anything else? Milan, promise me that we are just temporarily breaking up, okay? I really don’t want to say anything more Ms. Bai, I will pay for your hospital bill when the time comes Additionally, I’ll also pay for your missed wages and prescription bills as instructed by Teacher Geng Do you have any other requests? Tell your Teacher Geng that he must keep his cell phone on 24/7 There is a chance that I may call him anytime If he turns off his phone or deletes my number, I’ll let him pay for it Ms. Bai, you were the one at fault first Because of your injury, Teacher Geng decided not to sue you for invasion of a private residence – You— – What invasion of a private residence? I have his room’s card and it’s not like we don’t know each other How is that considered invasion? If that’s what he thinks, why doesn’t he report it to the police? He surely know how to dial 110, right? It’s because he has no witness I also suffered such a serious injury and I wasn’t wearing clothes If I tell the police that he harbored malicious intent towards me, who do you think the police will believe? Your Teacher Geng is a smart person. Why didn’t he call the police? Because he knows that the police wouldn’t believe him even if he called the police And I… I am a weak woman How could I be his opponent in that kind of situation? If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving. Take care Sorry, I can’t walk you out. You can tell Teacher Geng exactly what I said He will understand Say, you’re really something now Let me see. Where are you weak? Come – It hurts – Stop faking it – Okay. Okay. Ms. Bai, after saying so much, are you thirsty? – I am – Then how about a glass of water? – Orange juice You look like an orange – Such a party – Dr. Zhang is here Milan, you’re here, too? Kaoer, how are you feeling? I’m all right. Did you come to see me or your wife? All right, stop it All right. You’re recovering well. You can be discharged in a few days Remember that you must avoid contact with water Thank you, Dr. Zhang. I am so embarrassed that a famous heart surgeon is checking my skin wound – I heard that his consultation fee is so expensive – Really? Ms. Bai, you don’t need to talk smart with your own people Dr. Zhang, maybe you need to find a psychiatrist for her I tell you, she doesn’t think like a human being. So unreliable – If I don’t get crazy, I can’t live. Don’t you understand? – You’re already crazy like this. What else do you want to do? Enough. Enough. Stop arguing. You two are just the same – She’s talking about you – No, it’s you – You’re Half-Pound and You’re Eight Two (Two lions from a cartoon) All right. All right. You all just keep chatting. I need to continue with my rounds Then have a good rest, okay? – Thank you! – I’m leaving Bye! Kaoer, I’m leaving, too I haven’t bought groceries yet. Stay with her All right! Yingzhi, thank you for bringing me porridge Why are you being so polite with me? Feel free to ask if you want to eat or drink anything I will come and visit whenever I have time! – Bye! – Bye! I feel like Dr. Zhang is pretty good. Why does Yingzhi seem so afraid of him? She said that Qianshan doesn’t smile much at home Every family has its own difficulties What is it? – Let me tell you something – Go ahead This end of month will be Professor Ma and his wife’s 30th wedding anniversary They want to have a party Send a big gift over and see if they need any help. Go help them

I hardly know Professor Ma’s wife Strangers on the first meeting, familiar on the next. Just grab the chance Just contact her and it’ll be fine You are really not good at socializing – I— – Let me tell you It’s really pivotal for me now If Professor Ma retires, but I can’t succeed as the department head, I would have to wait another ten or more years Understand my predicament, okay? I do understand. Everyone in the hospital knows you are highly skilled It’s obvious that you’ll become the next department chief If you can’t get it, don’t be upset, either I don’t want to see you get so worried about it, and suffer such stress I’ve told you so much, but you still don’t understand Why so much wasteful chatter? Just do as I say Find a big gift to give Professor Ma this weekend She really said that? Yes, she was really too much She actually smeared your name. She didn’t even blink when she said that She said it like it really happened Now, I know why you have to be responsible for her Otherwise, I’d have to let her tell her nonsense to the police? I told you. This woman doesn’t follow the rules How can you reason with her? – But you— – That’s enough. You can go to your work Mochi. I need to discuss something with you MG Company is super sincere this time They will hold a cocktail party before signing the contract, and then do a very formal grand ceremony during the contract signing Can you make it low-keyed? Mochi, they spent big money to sign you. Of course, they want to show off You don’t have to say a word at that time. I’ll do it I’ll think it over Don’t wait By the way, somehow they found out about you and Bai Kaoer’s tabloid news They are insisting on using Bai Kaoer as the host of the ceremony I didn’t dare agree to that They must be sick! Her face wasn’t shown on that magazine I wonder how they found out about her Tell them, if they dare make issues with my private life, I’ll cancel our collaboration What Private life? How did Bai Kaoer enter your private life? Xiwang, I can’t help it, either How can I not listen to your elder cousin? Return that house to the Bai family Don’t worry about the money. I won’t shortchange you You can buy a house somewhere else Enough! Enough! No more talking! That’s it! You bought chicken again? I ran into in-law at the market. She gave them as a gift I refused but she insisted Are we short of chickens? I don’t want them. Give them back I didn’t want to accept, but she— Ximei A person must have principles. Don’t lose your stature because of these little nice gestures If Jie didn’t insist on marrying that Bai girl, how could our family ever have a relationship with those kind of people? Now, that Jie is gone, the two families aren’t related at all anymore From now on, stay away from them Then, I’ll return them in a little while I want you to return them now. Don’t you understand? These rural country people, they think that two chickens are such a great gift What a joke! People nowadays are so materialistic They know that Li is back, so they act differently towards us Others on the street even sent over tea leaves Who cares! I didn’t even look at them Other than neighbors, even people in the city will probably come That’s right My son invested ten billion RMB. ($1.5 Million USD) They would never get such a large business in their whole life Ten billion? Oh, my. How much is that? You went to the factory again? What good is picking up those scrap metal? We are running out of room – Seriously – It’s not useful now But who’s to say it won’t be useful in the future? Let me tell you something. I went to the market today and ran into the maid who works for Chen Guifen I thought it over and bought two chickens to give her You… You are causing trouble again I just want Chen Guifen to be nicer to my daughter Kaoer is still living in Shujie’s house Not that I want to criticize you But you keep doing senseless things Kaoer is Shujie’s wife Living in his house is her right Now that her older son has returned,

you hurriedly sent them two chickens Yes, we are poor But we aren’t so poor that we put our hot face on their cold behind. (Means brown-nosing) Enough. It was just two chickens Is it only about the two chickens? As the saying goes, having long hair equates to limited knowledge (usually referring to women). Admit it! I hope the just reported real-time road condition is useful to our driver friends For the next news, I’m sure that romantic young men and women would be very interested in There will be a meteor shower tonight – Meteor shower? – That’s right We all know that most major meteor showers occur in the second half of the year For example, the Geminid meteor shower tonight is one such typical occurrence According to the forecast, the Geminid meteor shower will be grandest at midnight There may be twenty to thirty meteors flying across the night sky every hour I am anxiously looking forward to it – Do you still think you are a young girl? – Huh? You are just jealous that I’m young An ageless young lady like me looks for meteor showers the most It’s because I can make a wish again Then young girl, what wish will you make? It doesn’t matter what wish I make What matters is who I go with Do you understand? Don’t look at me. I definitely won’t go with you I have to go home tonight and take care of my child I have to wash his diapers But you can make a wish What wish can I make? You misread two words just now. Hurry and make a wish that our station boss didn’t hear you Right. Right. Misreading words equates to a penalty fee Two words will cost you 100 RMB! ($15.00 USD) Young girl, please have some compassion Okay. Okay. You have a good character Our boss is out at a meeting. Congratulations Good. Good All right, our program is near its conclusion What I can tell you is that the best observation point is towards the south of our city If you are not afraid of getting cold, you can go up Xiangsi Mountain to see the meteor shower Remember. The meteor shower is best at midnight Young girl, going up the mountain at midnight can freeze you to death You read it wrong again It’s “shan” (mountain) not “san” (three) I can’t live. I can’t live anymore Young man, please straighten up your tongue when you talk Have you reserved the restaurant? It’s all arranged, but we haven’t gotten hold of Ms. Bai I don’t know if she I’ll invite her – Where is Mochi? – Over there Mochi, the cocktail party is ready We’ll probably go there around 7 p.m The formal announcement is set for next week. What do you think? Mochi, don’t ignore me I know you don’t like this type of occasion We can’t help it. MG Company is truly sincere I already looked around the cocktail party It was really decorated very nicely They are really diligent in trying to do everything right Okay. Okay, I won’t talk anymore about it Ms. Bai has left the hospital and returned to work at the radio station. She didn’t call you? Do we have bad cellphone signal here? No, full bars Work done I say, slow down, young girl Be careful of your leg injury How about it, Kaoer? Are you all right? No problem. I’ve recovered Oh, yes, Haiyang. The station chief just called to say you misread three words That’s 150 RMB gone. ($25 USD) Isn’t the station chief away on business? Yes, that’s right. He is away on business But he heard it while in the car What a mess Hello Ms. Bai You are That’s terrible. You’ve already forgotten me so soon? I am Qi Shuli It’s you. Why are you calling me? Didn’t I tell you not to call anymore? I would like to invite you to a meal. Let’s talk things over face to face There’s nothing to talk about. I’m too busy 7 p.m. tonight. I’ll wait for you at the Century Hotel’s Macau restaurant We must meet What’s that? Just because you ask me out for a meal, we’ll eat together? Sicko!

Who is inviting you? Something’s happening Ms. Bai Who are you? I am Mr. Qi’s special assistant He is waiting for you at the restaurant Who agreed to eat with him? Ms. Bai, if you don’t go today, I will have to come over every day to annoy you Under broad daylight, what do you want to do? But it’s nighttime now All right, I’ll go – I’d like to see what kind of trickery feast your boss is giving – Okay – Good, please— – No need I’ll drive my own car. You lead the way Okay I just returned to China and don’t know which restaurant is good My secretary recommended this restaurant and said it’s pretty good He indeed isn’t a biological son He doesn’t look like Shujie at all Any plans for the new year? Where will you be? I’ll be going home It’s good to go home. You can spend time with your parents Do you not like this restaurant? Mr. Qi, why do you say so? Frank. Call me Frank All my friends call me Frank All right, Mr. Frank Thank you very much for the dinner, but I hope this is the last time because there is no need for us to meet Why? No matter what, we are relatives Mr. Frank, I should remind you. We are not relatives When we were relatives, I didn’t know you Now, we aren’t relatives at all Kaoer, I’ve heard a bit about what happened I also know your relationship is not good with my family Jie is my younger brother You are Jie’s wife Jie is gone You are now my only relative other than my mother That’s why, I’d like to get closer to you No, I find that even harder to handle Mr. Frank, I can understand the pain you feel from losing a loved one But I have my principles We are not relatives. Moreover, we are not family I don’t want to say anything about your family anymore. After all, the dead needs to rest And your mother is an elder The past is in the past. I don’t want to mention it again I really don’t want to have any entanglements with your family anymore Let’s all just be well separately. Okay? Cheers Mr. Geng’s girlfriend, why didn’t she come today? Mr. Geng has a very low-keyed private life That’s why he never lets his girlfriend get out in public Because his girlfriend is too beautiful. Men, they are a bit petty – Wan Zhengzheng is here! – She’s here! Come this way Wan Zhengzheng is here! Ms. Wan Zhengzheng! Are you especially here to celebrate with Mr. Geng? Thank you, everyone. I am here to see an old friend Don’t think too much into it – Have you stayed in touch? – Say something about it Yes. Yes. We’ve always stayed in touch. We’re still friends When your new show started filming, did Geng Mochi send a good luck message? I won’t discuss private matters, okay? Let’s take photos Take photos. Another one Look this way, here Here, look this way A friend What? I think between the two of us, our relationship is not that well-defined We can be friends I would like to make friends with you

I’m sorry None of my friends is in your age group We live in different environments. We don’t have a common language. We have different lives It think we can’t become friends. Sorry I like how you speak in such straightforward manner Thank you Excuse me. I need to go to the restroom Go ahead So, she is a star She doesn’t look any special – Hello – Did you see it? Did you see it? I think it’ll be the headline news tomorrow What does it have to do with me? I’m giving you a vaccine, so that when you see the paper tomorrow, your fragile young-girl heart won’t shatter all over the floor It won’t happen Tell you what. According to my reliable source, Wan Zhengzheng is Geng Mochi’s ex-girlfriend Geng Mochi wasn’t married at that time Wan Zhengzheng hooked up with a director for fame, and ditched Geng Mochi Right, not many people know about this But when Wan Zhengzheng lost her popularity, she said in one interview that her unforgettable first love was a pianist Geng Mochi just happened to be very famous that time, so she wanted to use him to be popular again The media was able to dig up their past and Geng Mochi got really upset He deserved it But it also sounds rather pitiful No wonder he doesn’t like being photographed – I heard he ran off – Huh? Ran off? He also has such a loser moment? That… That… I can’t talk anymore I’m at a really, really boring dinner I can’t talk anymore. Bye Ex-girlfriend Quickly! After him! Geng Mochi went that way! Hurry up! Hurry up! He went there! He seems to have gone that way! Let’s quickly go take a look! Where is he? He was just here earlier What are you doing? Did you drive your car? I did You… What are you doing?! Cheers! Cheers! What’s going on? None. I’ve looked everywhere, but, no sight of him Where can he be? Darwin Ms. Wan, long time no see. You are still so beautiful Thank you – Where is Mochi? – He’s busy and left already It’s just your ex-girlfriend making an appearance. Must you Shut up – I didn’t expect you to have a coward time like this – Shut up! Beg me. If you beg, I’ll take you away Get in the car now – How could there be a person like you? – Start the car Every time you see reporters you run, such a loser like a bear You talk so much Faster! Don’t you know I have a leg injury? You What are you looking at? Too short What? Your legs are too short. There’s nothing good to see You are being deliberate You are the one being deliberately mean to me With such a nice view, can’t you be a little nicer to me? Yes, nice view Why did you run away when you saw your ex-girlfriend? It’s because I wanted to see you Who’d believe that? Where do you want to go? I don’t care, as long as there’s no one around I have a place Where? A place where there’s no one around I’m so afraid If you’re afraid, just get off the car This is my first time to see Xingcheng from this position

Why did you think of bringing me here? You’ll find out soon Regardless, I have to thank you for tonight But your driving skill is really bad I admire you for that You’re not afraid that I’d flip the car into a ditch? From the first moment I saw you, you already took me into a ditch It’s really tiring for you celebrities Yes, we can’t control it No other choice? There are a lot of things in life that you can’t choose If you can relive your life, would you still become the current you? I never believe in and I’m not willing to think about such childish question like “starting over” What I think about the most is how can I stay quietly in a place Not being disturbed. No party engagement. Not doing a show for anyone Just like now You make yourself sound so pitiful This is a life I chose. There’s nothing pitiful or not pitiful about it I just feel somewhat annoyed It would be good to have some wine to drink now I can drink all the problems away Wait Wow, a real alcoholic I took a box last time when we did an event at the station. There’s still a lot left Do I drink by myself? Is this how you treat a guest? Good, this is the feeling that I want Good, right? I’ll return the key to you next time. I might lose it You can keep it for now, so that you can come to my place to drink wine anytime you want You won’t sue me for invasion of a private residence? You can counter-sue me for molesting you You’ve done it anyway You sure understand me – Geng Mochi – Yes? I believe women are fierce animals in your eyes You should be guarding against me Aren’t you afraid that I’ll reveal to the media that we’re together right now? Hold it for me You should have received it You can sell that photo to the media You should get a good price for it Of course, I won’t sell it I can sell you, but how can I sell myself, too? You are a cold-hearted woman Mr. Wei! Mr. Wei! Hello, I am Milan, a reporter from City Times I’m also Kaoer’s friend, her best friend Is there any problem? I have a good relationship with Kaoer as we are both from Hongjiang At university, we were in the same dormitory Can you help me arrange a one on one interview with Teacher Geng? Teacher Geng has never accepted exclusive interviews But since you are Bai Kaoer’s good friend, I’ll ask on your behalf But whether he accepts or not, it’s his decision to make – Thank you – You’re welcome. I’ll leave now if you have no other issues – Goodbye – Bye Hello You are Bai Kaoer’s friend? Who are you? I am Qi Shuli You are Qi Shujie’s older brother? Hello At this hour, you won’t be able to catch any transport If you don’t mind, I can send you home Thank you – Geng Mochi – Yes? Can I ask you a question? – Go ahead – Have you ever loved before? That type of sincere, genuine, and pure love Not mixed with any intentions Just simply loving a person. Have you ever had one before? Such a cliche question I feel that people like you probably won’t find that kind of love Don’t try and coax me into an answer. I am not that drunk yet

Bai Kaoer, thank you Then what? Didn’t you always want me to apologize to you? Today, I am officially apologizing to you No matter what the cause, it’s a fact that I misunderstood you. Furthermore, I proceeded to tell you off Today, I officially apologize to you. I’m sorry Can you accept my apology? Let me consider I refused to apologize before, because I felt both of us needed to lay down our defenses and treat each other sincerely Only then will an apology be meaningful You sound sincere at least Then do you accept it? Okay. I pardon your sins I also had a part to play in the mess of recent events So this makes us even? Meteors! Geng Mochi, look! – Meteors! – Huh? There are meteors today? Yes. That’s the reason why I brought you here today It’s rare to see the Geminid meteor shower There are so many What are you doing now? Making a wish? You believe in such a childish stuff? In a person’s life, there has to be beliefs of some kind Even if one has been lied to or betrayed by others, we must not allow the wrongs done by others to punish ourselves or let bad people succeed I didn’t expect a person with such a low IQ that’s already negative to spout such a philosophical talk Teacher Geng, are you bullying me? Sometimes, it’s good when women are a bit dumber Bai Kaoer, have you ever purely and genuinely loved anyone? You want to trick me to talk? It’s okay if you don’t want to say It’s pretty cold Right hand, put it inside Let me see your photo What really is the reason that you disappeared It’s really windy I’ve loved listening to the sound of wind since childhood I remember when I was young, whenever I went to my grandma’s home in the countryside, I could always hear such a sound After I grew up and started going abroad to perform, whenever I couldn’t fall asleep in my hotel room, I would really miss this sound It felt faraway, like in a dream That’s the sound of your hometown That’s why, you can’t forget it I wasn’t trying to run away from that press conference today I just didn’t want to be used by other people You ran away from such a beautiful ex-girlfriend, and instead is hugging an ugly duckling in this cold night Geng Mochi, can you tell me why? I’m testing if I can incubate the ugly duckling to hatch into a beautiful Bai Kaoer Can you be more ladylike? Geng Mochi, you are too cute Cute? This is the first time to hear someone call me cute A man who reminisces his childhood naturally has a childlike innocence in his heart Thank you Even if the world stands in front of me

and wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful Why are all these photos just side faces? Mochi, explain this to me What is there to explain. I got photographed You promised me that you would not show up with her in the news again So what happened? Explain it! You have no right to ask about my private life Fine. Fine. Private life Then let me ask you. At such an important occasion yesterday, why did you disappear? You disappeared in the blink of an eye You left the mess to me and Little Lin I know you didn’t want to see Wan Zhengzheng Then why did you go see Bai Kaoer? Was it prearranged? I even wanted to ask you. Why did Wan Zhengzheng appear? How would I know why she appeared? Maybe the German company found out your past and wanted to give you a surprise They know that you two were in a relationship, so the media will definitely pay attention Forget about Wan Zhengzheng. Let’s talk about Bai Kaoer – Why did you run into her again? – It was purely accidental Why are you two so fated? Another accident? Didn’t you say to improve our relationship? I’m just following your direction I did say that you should improve your relationship with her, but I didn’t tell you get into a romantic scandal with her Again and again Yes, I have no right to interfere with your private life But as a friend, I’m obligated to remind you I don’t know what you were thinking, but this type of woman, she isn’t compatible with you in any aspect I… am a bit tactless. Don’t get upset Then what type of woman do you think is a good match for me? Beautiful, elegant, educated, impeccable family and background, just like Ye Sha? Do you think I will want another Ye Sha? I… didn’t mean that If you consider those factors, she does compare poorly She’s not beautiful, elegant, and steeped in propriety She is aggressive and never hides her motive Then why do you still attract a person like that to your side? No comment Outside love’s door Whoever betrayed whom is the one waiting Laughter and tears are constantly repeating Is being loved good or bad Wantonly uncover the mystery And let fate be unable to make arrangements You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you With us being so in love with each other I can laugh to my heart’s content even while crying That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming

If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you In turning into dust