Episode 3 – Travel Hacking Weekly – Manufactured Spending, Starwood Update

already I just want to go ahead and start off welcome everybody to I think whenever you the third week fourth week of the weekly recap and churning I’m Frank dug up 46 believe most guys in the chatroom here have been here but for those who haven’t let me recap the what you do really quick obviously you guys been in the chat already pretty active that’s great if you want to ask me a question to one thing I do ask is you type slash Q and that’s the slash right down by the question mark you type slash kill space and then you type in your question when you type in those questions they’ll populate on my sheet over here and then I can kind of pick out questions answers because a lot of times somebody will ask a question I’m talking about something so I can’t get to it right away so I you know try to keep up with that you know what the questions post those if you have any questions about manufacturer spending now would be the time to post those questions and as I talk you know through it as I talk about the process and just some of my experiences you know go ahead and start answering those questions as we get to it so if something comes to your mind again it’s just /q whatever else one feature that we don’t really use too much here but kind of slick is you can click on my picture if you click on my picture that kind of gives me a little applause there we go see some applause there and it just lets me know that you know kind of on the right path of the conversation that you like I’m talking about if you don’t like what I’m talking about then it is what it is you just have to leave I guess at that point so I had somebody ask me it was just last week they mentioned the process of manufacture spending you know just kinda wanted me to touch on it my original thought when I started this webcast was I didn’t want to do too much about manufacturer spending mostly because it’s just a gray area a lot of people have a lot of Secrets they don’t want to share I don’t feel it as such I think manufacturers spending is fine as long as you you know do it responsibly you know I I’ve heard so many stories back in the day when we had targets Fred Burt of people lining up with like 20 red bird cards and holding a lineup and everything else and that’s that’s a little obnoxious as long as you’re doing it responsibly you know the amount of people that you talk to and this the customer service reps they really don’t mind it and I’ll kind of walk you through some of that you know in a sense when I first started here so I have I’ve been doing the whole turning thing from for about two years now so when it comes to me affects our spending I did a lot with Target when it was available I had four cards but I never did more in two loads at once so you know time I actually spent in the store wasn’t bad I would only go on off hours like late at night and I’ve never had a problem at Target surprisingly but no of course I went ahead they shut that down so it was all about trying to find something else to do so from there I actually have a Kroger right down the street from me so I was able to go there buy some Visa gift cards and Lotus to serve and I’ll kind of walk you through that process if you’re new does anybody here new who’s unfamiliar with manufacturer spinning if you are just type in a chat or I guess the chat just so I know and I can kind of you know walk step by step even if it’s just quickly through that process but you know I I think that the biggest the most uncomfortable thing I’ve had with manufactured spending is just I’m going into a place like Target or even Kroger or wherever else you go and you’re literally trying to spend you know somewhere between generally five hundred to three thousand dollars at one time and it’s just a bit uncomfortable not only for you but for the you know cashier and then the more uncomfortable the cashier is of course the more uncomfortable it makes you and it’s just kind of got you know cycle there and I’m just quickly to go over some things that I’m trying to think of like in particular experiences I’ve had and I’ve had a few of those but it’s never really been too too bad I think for me one strategy that’s always worked well for me is that I’m generally very light-hearted with it all so you know when I when I take a Visa gift card and I’m gonna load $500 I have whatever three or four of them I you have to just not make it a big deal you know I go up to the counter I say you know make 5 500 you know 5 500 cards

or you know 3 $500 cards whatever the rules are for the store everybody’s a little bit different different policies for different stores and you just kind of have to test those out but yeah just I mean I just act like I just act like it’s um like an everyday thing for me you know like it’s no big deal if they if they kind of look at you and they give you that look and they say you know I’ve had people joke like uncomfortably I’ve had a customer service you know and I you know sure would like to work for you or something like that you know because I obviously they think I’m doing this for a business at that point of view I’ll just kind of like plate off like the ANA so I’m doing but generally speaking I just tell them you know oh what I do is I actually you know I’ll say I’ll laugh at office they no no no I take these Visa gift cards I buy with my credit card and then I just pay off my bills with them so you know cuz on all my bills I can you pay with a credit card so it’s just like a different way to get you know bonus points through my mortgage and things like that they never ask like after that everybody thinks I’m a genius and they never they’re never like I never really a curse to him that most cards you know most most different what am I trying to say utilities you can pay with a credit card line so they don’t ask though they think it’s funny and it’s all fine ideally you get into a situation like I’ve had in the past well since kind of ready just really come along I’ve had a lot of good luck with with Rite Aid and like the customer service there I have I work right beside a Rite Aid and I have whatever like a 10 minute break every day for whatever reason I think it’s mostly just for me to get out of the office I just walk you know I walk over to I just walk over to cruddud and I get myself you know coke or bag of chips something like that so I’ve gotten to know every single cost you know every single cashier there so it’s huge advantage for me so when Rite Aid really started loading serve and everything was free I was set already you know I went in there they’ve already known about my traveling and what I do because you know they just casual conversation ask yeah so you said you’re going on vacation where you going I’m like Japan or Italy and then automatically like wow you’re going to these crazy places so that helped me out a lot is that I have already known these people so it’s like they they you know explain everything and like a little bit more detail on what I’m doing they’re fine with it and actually talking about a funny a funny experience I am I wouldn’t want afternoon I always go into and generally during the morning hours so I wouldn’t want afternoon and a cashier was working here she was new and I was unfamiliar with her didn’t know you know exactly who she was but I was like you know whatever so I took my two thousand dollars you know my for Visa gift cards two thousand dollars and I walk him up to the front to front desk there and she just kind of looks at me and she’s like kind of questioning everything you could just tell so the you know everything went through it was all fine whatever so the next day I step in this is hilarious so I step into the store and there’s you know one of the cashiers I’ve known for the past year and she goes so we had a we had a business meeting this morning you know whatever like a department meeting she goes one of the cashiers said that she has somebody come in and wanted to buy you know $3,000 and pisac gift cards and it was just kind of a little awkward for her because she wasn’t used to that so hey I just want you know you don’t have to worry we told her all about you and everything that you do and she’s fine with it now – and if she gives you any problems you come and see me it’s like that is awesome so that’s the kind of repertoire that I have with these people and it’s so great so I like I never have to worry about you know my manufacturer spending at least as long as Friday it’s doing it and then I’m not you know I am a little worried about my serve card is going away but I think they do money orders there too so it shouldn’t be really too too bad so there’s a you know if again if you’re if you’re here you can type /q I see your questionnaire but if you type /q and do /q space question it allows me to see questions on the side here so I can answer them all in order so I’m going to go ahead start answering some of these questions and then I want to bring in Beals here in just a moment so I go ahead and pull off all there’s a quotient a link disappear

sweet dan says the good strategy lower your credit when you have reached your credit limit with the bank and want to apply for a new car to get auto approved yeah okay not really manufacture spending approved more into the show kind of question but I don’t like ever lowering my credit I don’t know sometimes I do sometimes I don’t it just depends which ace like the Ritz card they gave me like $35,000 which was just ridiculous so I I lowered that limit but generally I don’t like the lower limits just because I like to call in and recon it but anymore honestly I’m think about switching up that strategy just because I have too many cards and if I go into recon I’m pretty much guaranteed denial at this point so I think that maybe lowering those numbers is actually going to be a better idea for me moving forward miles from at what fee do I feel manufacturers feeling it worth it 3% compared I I mean just got look at your points what you’re getting out of it if you’re going for if you’re going for a minimum spend on a card I don’t care if it’s 5% it’s worth if you’re just trying to generate spin on a card what percent isn’t worth it for me I do this free travel I’m not in it to get cheap travel or half off Trump and if I was going to get half off trouble yeah the the Visa gift card money order thing isn’t bettin but generally speaking I mean for free travel so I don’t go after you know I don’t I want the lowest fee possible anything over you know one one and a half percent um you know I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be comfortable with anything like that ideal you have many makers you know through through reselling is ideal if you’re talking large volume you can get away with something like that see it’s a little bit jumping on the system it’s not like I don’t just click and it works I have to actually like click and wait a few seconds for something else and it’s kind of annoying FMS is legal why do most places complain about buying x amount of views’ to give Carlos what’s the point of money orders and the meaning of manufacturing process I think the biggest reason why these places worry about money orders are Visa gift cards is because of fraud Visa gift cards are one of the most fraudulent things purchased from a store let me give an example if you if anybody’s ever had a situation where you’ve had to put a transaction dispute on a credit card you almost all we went I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a case where somebody to speed a transaction to lost so I think you know when you’re dealing with a place like write or something where it’s one thing if you have a trans that you know a disputed transaction for a bag of chips but when you have $1,500 and Visa gift cards and you dispute that transaction it’s an easy way to get on 350 dollars it’s criminal but it’s one way to do it the second part of that is is that if I steal your credit card you know I’m I’m crazy guy I’m gonna steal your credit card I’m not going to go to us or and buy a bag of chips I’m going to go to the store and buy a $500 Visa gift card while your card is still active and still running so those are the two reasons why cart date they just they limit their losses and we’re worried about it you know I think with the store policy let’s say am i right in to where I can only buy $500 at a time I’m pretty sure at this point I can go there and just buy as many as I wanted to need to be level with that so it’s all about just protecting themselves in terms of lost and you know playing it thinking it careful on their part as all that is its legal it’s just a little um you know when you’re dealing with down Tripta money it just it sets people off a little bit Jacob actually posed not a question but a tip and this is a good tip if you’re nervous about buying multiple cards for first-time for us a nice clothes they usually will ask less questions that’s very true that’s true for anything I mean really it’s it’s not it’s not that it’s illegal started just questionable but it goes right back to everything else that says you know if you look good if you dressed apart act apart in you walking with confidence very few people are gonna ask questions on it just because so it’s kind of strange but it’s just the way it is so that’s a good point and then actually assessing else but the show more button never does work so I can’t see exactly what all you type there but yeah I mean that’s not true for you know any part of this that you want to you know I don’t wants to get away with it but if you want to look a little less questioned why it’s an easy way to do it one of those foods I recently tried to buy money order at both Kroger and CVS they said cash only is this normal eventually bought one at

the USPS with a Visa gift card no actually Kroger I don’t about CVS I don’t bite CVS to Kroger is very VGC friendly for me so I would say no it’s probably store policy however it goes right back to the same thing but usually they have debit cards so you know it’s kind of strange I mean if you if you say no credit but if you set up you know if you have a debit card usually I’ve never had a problem with it at Kroger or John you call I’m not sure where you’re located at but the three stores are usually fine with debit cards so I’m kind of surprised but the only problem with USPS we’ll touch on that in the next a little bit here I want to get Tyler on here is that some of the some of the dangers that you get with fax you’re spending whoa nice I’ll touch on that here in a bit so I think I’m coming close to seeing any questions me I got a lot of questions like it yep trust to impress I guaranteed raise less questions get away with a little bit more JT wants to talk about depositing money orders under they spread the love theory I gave chase 1k and pop the funds for two weeks because they say I was suspicious well that’s just bad luck I think your general your best bet it’s kind of tough it depends what you’re doing with manufacture spending how much you’re actually talking about yeah and chasten make a more points guy the fake points guy it is correct in saying that is that chase isn’t really manufactured our ms friendly money friendly so that’s one thing cities a little bit better with that and a lot of like local credit unions are as you say set out there to they tend to care a bit less so yeah it just depends on the bank and if you dive it had the account for a long time or been a long member or if you’re you know if you’ve been there for five years and you’re spending you know $2,000 a month and all of a sudden you make $20,000 deposits that’s gonna you know raise some suspicion for sure so something else to check out okay then guys I’m going to touch on that last question here a little bit I’m gonna go ahead and lock to see here Tyler if you’re still with me if you want to go ahead and click in that would be great right now and then here we go excellent show callers except I kind of use this I’m gonna stuff them up too familiar a man how’s it going good how you been can you hear me I can’t I can’t so everybody you know I kind of touched on it a little before the show this is a Tyler he’s you started starting her own blog a little bit D little bit some twists off yeah I started the website kinda in the blog kind of for the for friends and family who were kind of interested into what I was doing and you know from there it’s it’s been up for about a month now and I know I have friends and family who reading it and you know where it goes from there who knows so well of course everyone’s welcome to check it out so it just deals with bills calm sure I think a guy like up here I always felt the old roam the woods definitely work like this but yeah right i always put I always put the deal as the de LS and like ah that’s wrong so I got okay so yeah the link is uh I think it’s very humble on me for you guys so I’ll be sure to click on it so you know I speak with Tyler in the occasion we kind of bounce off years off one another for the past few weeks and he’s got a you know he’s familiar with manufacturer spending um you know I don’t know exactly what you want to talk about you know just your exact you know methods I wouldn’t you know kinda go over some of that stuff but maybe experiences you’ve had with customer service reps and repertoire how you’ve grown to I know that you said you’re at the pin now where you walk in somewhere and they’re just like they know who you are just like it’s the same way I mean what’s writing well just the process of getting to that stage sure um well obviously I started doing and I started off you know with with low volume that was both for you know basically building a pattern with the cards and also you know I don’t want to go into write it or CVS the first time and try $3,000 or the women is so basically I started with that and after a while you know the the cashiers were you know the there but I don’t believe always as you know it’s their job and you know they get paid what they get paid and I guess I don’t know maybe I’ve just never had a problem with it actually I shouldn’t say I’ve never had a problem with it I’ve had a few problems before but like you said like you were cetera at the beginning of the

show you know the whole thing about a Visa gift cards I think it’s definitely just for fraud and money laundering while they kind of look down right especially when you’re doing a lot but basically just after doing it a while and coming back to the stores you know once or twice a week three times a week you know I’m not saying five times a week whatever it is yeah I mean at this point you know when I go to a CVS or rite-aid in my area not many people do it so basically they just leave them in the box you know the shipping box at the bottom of the Shelf they don’t really put them on the shelf as anymore and I go the money order out and then I do the money orders I’ve built kind of relationships with with the customer service people you know how your kids do and you know what’s new with your family bla bla bla so it’s definitely really about building relationships I guess it’s kind of a weird thing to say but I guess building a relationship with people that you do work with and we buy gift cards and money orders from absolutely do you like I know some people who take it kind of like to the next level extreme know they know they got the schedules down of people they know who’s poor can win are you kind of like that or you just you know do you just go in generally the same time just because that’s when you’re available it’s kind of depends on I’m still in school so it’s kind of built around school and during the summer I’d say I kind of had a schedule I never brought anything down but I just noticed that the person that I worked with would always be there on Monday Wednesday Friday between this time when I kinda following Bennet yeah so I only only went to a few places to get the money orders and it just kind of worked out that no during the summer when I wasn’t school or anything it seemed like whenever I would go into those two or three places the people that I always worked with libido so I guess it just kind of worked out right right and then I said I don’t know if you want to talk about your actual figures ain’t like that but you generally you go a you go a money order route eventually this how your as how you’re liquidating through a number of banks you’ve never had you say you’re never had an issue with with your banks like you say you so you just put a thousand bucks and he has his accounts hell up for a couple weeks you’ve never had any issues like that or no the only bank related thing I’ve had is one time the local branch manager kind of asked what was going on and just told her the truth and she was fine with it I think one time online from the bank’s website hey I think I was walking one time online and I just gave a call on my unlock the account but besides that I’ve never had a problem like depositing or anything like that right right so yeah such a bet yeah it’s kind of you know I guess if you kind of just go off what I’m saying if you’re new to the whole thing obviously if you’ve been manufactured spending for a while this is you know kind of just conversation but if you’re new to the whole thing it really like for me it really did help just getting to know the people and that was what the biggest it just it makes everything so much easier just because I’m like I don’t mind doing it but I don’t like to make somebody feel uncomfortable and eight and that’s out of your control like some people are just going to do so that was always one of the biggest things to me was just you know it’s nice and no I don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff now I mean if I try to buy 1500 for the Visa gift cards and my credit card scene I just a fraud they’re like I don’t have to I’m not like feeling like an idiot like they know they’re like haha you’re gonna call and come right okay yeah right right so they like they never little process though yeah like I said before I mean I think the relationship aspect is really key I mean you know you might get you might get a new employee who’s working but kind of like the the I think you’re talking about earlier today and I know we were talking about it a week ago or so there was a new employee and she was kind of weirded out but someone else talk to you and they were like we talk about what you do like you’re all good from that point on so like that I mean I think I think building those relationships and just kind of getting a groove with the person and you know don’t I don’t know I mean I don’t know if it’s like I think I’m a friendly person or I try to be extra fun with them but I think building that relationship and like not just don’t in there I’m walking away and you know not talking or anything I think definitely being personable helps out when you’re doing something like this right right look through here got dan has a question here brings up any thoughts or techniques anyone has successfully used Bitcoin I have never looked into Bitcoin I don’t know if that’s something you have I mean I’ve done it personally I’ve bought a few hundred bucks here and there but it’s nothing I’ve actually done for manufactured spin so I couldn’t even you know really comment on it touch on that either I bought I bought bitcoins before you know a few years ago when they were really cheap and I’ve never I’ve never looked into the coin for MS purposes I have seen I think their husbands to talk about but bitcoins on the reddit thread a little

bit on the training thread but I don’t I don’t have thoughts or techniques I don’t know about the fees associated or you know potentially having your money held up or any think that I don’t know this the points guy says they go up and down so quick and are so liquid right now it’s very difficult that’s you’re putting yourself at a risk even if you plant even if you could find a way to purchase and liquidate the same day that same day could literally be 20% loss so it’s been a little bit more stable over the past you know I don’t know about six months or so now but it’s still it’s a very liquid thing so it’s it’s touchy even if you do find a way to you know make a little bit of money or break even in a course of a day it’s still dangerous just because the amounts can fluctuate so much real quick yeah right I’m trying look at the prices in the a so it looks like late late 2015 it’s it went up really high at the beginning of 2015 and it drops suddenly now it’s been kind of certain area lately but ya know it’s it’s one thing I wouldn’t never touch just because you know kind of where I’m at I don’t have you know if I lost three thousand dollars like I’m screwed I mean it’s not like it’s not easy for me so it’s something the coins are noting something I would never touch on that’s that’s just me but yeah that’s how I feel personally Jacob brings up any good recommendations for credit unions or banks for money orders live in the southeast Michigan so maybe some credit unions would apply for both of us no I don’t think so I think most of my current users are very very local I live in a very small city so it’s a little bit tougher you know if I had some more stuff up on Pittsburgh you know maybe to have similar recommendations but as far as bigger Bank Center fine with many others there is actually a flier talk thread about this and it has some really good I don’t know if you’ve seen it Tyler there’s some really good information though and it actually talked a lot about mobile deposits as well so see if I can find it if you have you seen that they actually talked about the mobile deposit rimoni orders yeah I’ve read a little bit about the mobile deposits I don’t know how it’s changed I think there’s a limit on you know how much the deposit can be but I know most most people that get money orders are due them for probably you know $9.99 30 or for $9.99 30 or whatever the fee is – you know – cards or one card so I mean if it’s you know for the thousand dollar limit then you’re good but I don’t know about you know how many you can I don’t know I mean I’ve seen the thread I’ve never really really read into it because I’ve never I’ve never had a problem going to the ATM of the bank but I’m curious as to you know if you were doing if you’re doing multiple per day after a while you know how how would they feel about that that’s what I’d be curious about yeah so I went ahead I linked up the post down below me you can guys click on that and that’s the thread I was talking about you kind of see some of the banks that allow it and you know kind of where they’re at with it so simple the first thing it’s on their simple that’s the bank I have it’s just my normal bank so I don’t really do it too much that’s another thing for people that are new don’t do any kind of manufacturer spinning in your bank account apply for a second bank account and do it there because the chances of you getting locked up or something even your account frozen for a month is not out of the ordinary so you know make sure that you up you know open up a second bank account and use that account for a lot of manufacturer spending but as I’ll say like simple that’s the bank I have I had I literally had $500 okay so it wasn’t like I was dealing with anything extravagant it was $500 I made one deposit and they started to question me on that so I’ve learned my lesson not to deposit money orders through simple they just kind of want to know what who was from when it was for stuff like that but it was like you know I was really none of their business and that’s kind of basically what I said I just said it was a cash deposit I didn’t say anything else because simple as an online bank so there are no actual branches to go into so if I have $500 in cash the only way I could deposit that mr. a money order so that’s you know that’s the process that’s what I told him they seemed okay you know they didn’t give me a problem after that but you had never manufacturers spent any kind of any extent through your personal bank accounts and just not smart looking through some of these and fed 5k per day post immediately so there’s some chapter so certainly some interesting ones in there but when it comes to any kind of mobile deposit understand it’s very much you know your mileage may vary so I guess before I jump off of I don’t know what else you have what else do you have one manufacturer spending I don’t

want to just jump off it quite yet do the food green Lotus food has a question but I cannot sort of fairly easily he says how do you write up the money orders exactly you can’t like your name for both payor and payee I know for me and I know a lot of people who do the money orders and the banks like to give business bank accounts so you know for for the paid you can just put your business in your business name or whatever you do and therefore the payer you can sign your name on the back you know you just like how you value a check on the back just starting you know sign the business name I’ve just put I just put the business name before and sometimes I’ve just put the same signature that I put it as the payer when I’ve never had an issue right right yeah that’s IIIi just applied for myself and I’ve done it I’ve written down from me to me I signed it back I’ve never had an issue with it but that’s something you know that’s through two different banks and I’ve never had an issue doing that if you just make it out to you sign the back and it’s kind of weird I don’t know what’s going on light I can’t get I can’t get rid of the pen here so I can’t for some reason can bring up the question give me one quick second I gotta get this cat out of this room she’s killing me yeah she starts starts meowing issues I got the door closed so she’s trapped in here yeah if you have any questions make sure you did a slash Q so we can see them let’s see here okay anything else some things for you to do yeah now points Mitch for some reason isida questions just aren’t popping up for me do you still see on the bottom yours where it says banks a lot with new orders a fire talk link yeah you can’t get rid of it for some reason so that kind of stinks this this whole system is still very new and they’re still working on it points Mitch says banks allow you to make a credit card payment with a money order you can make the payments of branches yeah I don’t know how comfortable I would be doing that per se but I mean I think taking your money orders into a branch especially like Tyler said if you have a business account probably the best way of going about it or you mean you could make credit card payments today that goes right back to just like we were saying earlier just if you go into the same branch you go in there a good bit and you start to grow up a repertory with the people you’re a much less chance anybody’s gonna ask a question or fine with that so you know that kind of goes right back hand-in-hand with what we were saying before swish like it’s still can’t get that off there so I’m gonna go ahead and jump on Starwood Tyler if you want to stick around here more than welcome to I can’t like for some reason Kate it off but so we’ll go has switched the subject to Starwood Marriott merger I can say that now last week we were still up in the air whether it was going to be the Marriott and bang or Starwood merger and now we kind of know it will be Starwood in Marriott and you know I don’t know if you want to disclose how many points you have I know I have a fair amount especially this last referral period we went through so if any of you guys use my referral really appreciate it I had a great month with that so that was fantastic looking to send me in my fiancee were going to Italy so I was kind of questioning about spending a lot of points and going to the Westin and now I have definitely have the point so we’re gonna live it up stay at the Westin excels are in Florence so we’re pretty excited over that so again thanks anybody who used it and or anybody who’s watching a recording but if we go back jump in so I want to talk about the future of the Starwood program because I know I don’t know I said I don’t know if you wanted to say how many points you have but you’re but you have a good number of Starwood points you know at least compared to most people in the sub where do you stand with her you’re a little bit worried are you looking to spend his points you’re gonna hold on to them where do you stand with it all yeah I don’t know I think the thing I was curious about is just you know if they do merge the programs you know what’s the ratio gonna be from store points to you know Meredith points I guess you know and you know like I said I mean I don’t I don’t I don’t have like you neither chase Hyatt cards or the IHG is basically I don’t I don’t say a lot of hotels so I guess start with my main hotel brand for now so I mean the thing the really I don’t really follow the merger that much so for me the only thing I’m really curious says is to you know when it comes to trenching the points you know either what’s what’s gonna transfer someone reasonably gonna keep two programs whatever that’s kind of rationed I don’t

really know much about it and I’m that’s really what I’m just worried about is how absolutely I think that at least the CEO came out he said that the programs will merge and it’s going to become the Marriot program I you know obviously you’re with everybody else on what’s what’s a transfer rate gonna be that’s the biggest question right now so a lot of people are worried you know do we burn our points that we hold on to them because obviously you know for those who aren’t familiar or too familiar with with the credit weights of different programs and literally programs Marriott points or I forget where they’re at they’re about 0.6 point eight cents a point and Starwood’s about two point four so anywhere between yeah so it’s like about three times the value of a Marriott point so does Marriott merge at a 1.5 you know one and a half Starwood points because or one and a half Marriott points becomes a Starwood pointer one Starwood point becomes one and a half Marriott points you know I don’t know of course nobody knows will do what the exchange is gonna be but here’s a couple things for my you know what I’m looking at and what I’m seeing here I can’t type in a I’m gonna mess myself up there we go okay so the big thing for me is that these programs aren’t gonna merge overnight okay so here we are in April 2016 I don’t expect any changes through 2016 for sure 2017 of course leaves a lot up in the air just depends on the you know when you’re talking order to size there’s a lot that goes into it so I’m not expecting anything right away I’m looking at 2017 in saying that I’m not gonna go burn my points I maybe like a little bit more may even be like a little bit more careful or you know how I’m using them or I should say less careful on how I’m using them for instance you know if I’m gonna be going somewhere and I’m debating between a category four or five I’m jumping up to the five you know why not sure why my biggest thing is that number one the Starwood program is it’s going to maintain value for a while and in number two the biggest thing is that I don’t they’re not gonna change this program overnight so unlike Alaska where if anybody was a net you know whole ordeal with whoever they were Emirates yeah that’s not going to happen with this this is not gonna be an overnight thing there’s gonna be a lot of information leaks and it’s going to take a period of you know many months if not you know a couple years to do this so I think you have plenty of time to hold on to your points if you know something comes around where you need to if they were to say you know hey everybody tomorrow or whatever next week we’re going to be doing this you can still just transfer those points out to airline miles and they transfer at a great rate so it’s not you know there’s really not it’s really not too big of a deal to worry about that right now I think hold on to your points um you know kind of use them as you normally would maybe be a little bit less careful or a little bit less hesitant on using them that’s that’s my approach to it that’s the only thing I’m changing up though like if I’m going to I’m trying to think like fourth of July I don’t know where I’m going it I want to go to Seattle maybe so you know maybe instead of staying two nights wherever I’m going to stay two nights at the W and and Seattle just because you know so maybe a little bit less careful that’s really the only big changes I’m making with mine I don’t know it but and that’s because I kind of I’m curious to see what happens with the points because of let’s just say okay everybody’s making this out to be worst-case scenario but let’s just say theoretically the point merger or point transfer rate is favorable what if it’s I don’t I don’t know what favorable is I don’t you know it kind of bounces but let’s say two to one or two knit you know three don’t one let’s say it’s three one I know I don’t think it’s going to be three two one but let’s just speak in theory here if it’s three two one that’s even more incentive to hold on so to start what points because now you’re gonna have you know so many more properties to use those points that you know it’s not a bad thing were you around when you around with the US Airways and American Airlines merger yeah with the US Airways card that became the aviator Reds right right yeah this could be a situation like that where maybe you hold on to your points maybe they merge over at a very favorable rate in plans that Marriott is gonna do a devaluation well you know within the first four or five months of the merger happening but maybe in our first four or five months the exchange rate is great and you’re able to that’s kind of what they did you know American Airlines – US Airways US Airways files become American airline

miles people have had a you know a boatload of points and that really opened up to a lot of great rewards and now American Airlines they knew they had to devalue their charts because you know the amount of points people had now was off you know was going crazy but it still it took them a number of months to do that so it may be very similar a fuel here for you know for the Marriott Starwood merger you may just have a lot more Marriott points that you can use a lot of great properties so certainly certainly not not jumping to get rid of them that’s for sure Corey asked the question as our new reward programs you feel better for foreign states as opposed to domestic stays I don’t I don’t know what do you what do you Tyler do you and then you don’t say a lot of hotels but you’ve done some traveling is yeah I’ve done some traveling a lot of the international traveling I’ve done in Europe and everything my family over there so I’ve just did with them you know I don’t really know like like like you said I’m about a I’m not really big in the hotel thing I think a lot of people like I don’t know I don’t want to be wrong here I don’t know if it’s high it or Hilton but I think it might be a Hyatt that has some pretty good like international properties I got Russell jumping in here as well hopefully it will see if it works because this whole thing is a little jumpy so it may not work I think if when it comes to the international hotels hey man how are you yeah how are you good good excellent yeah my son I see any uh-huh see you here every week so it’s good a job yeah yeah I get to meet you in person what about you you got any experience international traveling what hotel brands are a little better no that’s still international I actually just go back today from a trip to Washington DCS seda I’m usually a Hayek guy travel three or four three or four nights a week for business and usually at least I about 10 or 15 colleagues that are kind of the same boat as me so we usually try and do either Starwood or Hyatt try to get top tier in that status and then Hilton our Marriott get top tier in that program as well just because Hilton and marriott have such a large footprint I think Starwood has a slightly larger footprint than hi at least internationally they may like 1,100 hotels compared the hi it’s like 600 so I definitely think if you’re looking for a broad footprint Mariana or Hilton will be better but I star would definitely has better better properties overall I know my my uncle does a lot of traveling for he’s a salesman for printing presses and he does international travel he did for international travel pretty much five days a week four weeks a month Marriott is where they stay exclusively pretty much so the Marriott footprint certainly is the best it is the largest I believe right now at least four hotels if I was going to be if you’re if you’re trying to pick one place that probably to play to go but Corey the question feel the turn asked is a hotel reward program so you feel better for for in stays you know I don’t think there’s any the reward system doesn’t really fluctuate too much when it comes to domestic or foreign are all about the same it depends more on where you’re saying if you’re staying in say Indonesia of course your nights are way way less you could stay at a you know high-end resort for you know 4,000 or 5,000 Starwood points a night as compared to us where you’re paying 20,000 for the same type of room so I think that’s really the biggest difference is just picking out using sites like a word mapper if you guys you know if anybody uses that word mappers just been fantastic for looking up those kind of stays and just finding a better value through travel you know different Trip Advisor things like one thing I was gonna hop back real quick on what you were saying about Starwood at Marriott is I think it’s actually a good thing that a good thing at least short-term for us that Starwood and maariyah are merging is because American Express is going to be tempted to you know raise signup bonuses like we saw the 35k a couple weeks ago I think that that’s because they’re worried that Chase will chase will be the credit card issuer if the two two brands merged yeah no I completely agree with that and I think that’s why you saw the 35,000 offer and you’re gonna see it again in September and you’re gonna see it you know a couple times next year as well yeah I you know just by judging when I think you’re absolutely right when that merger happens Chase is gonna be the card issuer there’s no doubt about that American Express just they’re not gonna have any way to hold on to it I’m really interested to see what happens with the American Express cuz I mean it just lost her Costco deal now they’re losing yeah and they’re losing and they’re gonna lose Starwood which I guess Starwood doesn’t really

make up a lot of their sales I was kind of surprised but I don’t know if you guys saw the article but I think they’re like the Starwood card is something like three percent of their portfolio so not a really big loss form but it is it is a staple branded or losing at least so you know I don’t know I don’t know what they’re gonna do as a company and they’re losing money as it is you know what you go into a whole surf thing so it’ll be interesting to see you know where’s Amex ends up you know over the next over the next you know a few years at least yeah I’m with you I don’t I don’t view it as a bad thing I think a lot of people are you know they’re looking at like Marriott like it’s gonna be a one on one transfer and it’s gonna be terrible I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad I don’t I don’t like the lowly program as much as I like Starwood I don’t like the properties this watch this I like Starwood I like Starwood service that I get inside you know these properties but I don’t think it’s gonna be like a terrible thing like you’re just gonna transfer at a one-to-one ratio you’re not gonna have you know your 200,000 Starwood points are gonna become you know worth two nights in a hotel I don’t that’s not gonna happen yeah I just I don’t see that I think people are a little bit yeah Costco was certainly saw that points got owner yeah Costco was a huge loss strong would not so much but yeah it it will be interesting to see how how everything pans out but I just I don’t have a bad feeling about it I think that you know if the transfer rate is good then you’re gonna have a lot more opportunity to spend you know spin as points and a lot new properties that you couldn’t before so not too bad I think one thing I agree I think it’s good in the short term I think long term though especially because Marriott moves around its hotels so much on a category so there you know Marriott and and I think Hilton are the two biggest category changers as opposed to start with it doesn’t really move move their categories around too much I think we’re gonna see a lot of Starwood properties if they’re integrated in I think they’re gonna be put in a very high level like you know category eight or nine or even like a Tier one or two ritz-carlton it’ll be interesting to see how the how the tiers work because you know when you have properties like the luxury collection or they’re a little bit nice for properties it’s gonna be interesting to see where they fall into Starwood I mean the for people who you know and then that you guys are following a mergers everything but for people who aren’t familiar with the two companies Starwood is losing money and they’re losing money because they’re mid tier hotels which is basically Sheraton that’s where all their money is invested into Sheratons just aren’t as nice as a higher agency or a Marriott and that’s where their that’s where all their marbles are nest we’re losing money now they’re nicer properties like the luxury Claxton and the West End’s and those properties like that they’re they’re profitable and they’re great they’re great great hotels there’s not a whole lot better than some of those luxuries or Westen’s so like yeah what you’re saying down it’s gonna be interesting to when eight when they do merge because they have a lot of really nice properties but then they have you know like their mid tier stuff I think may become a little bit more affordable but their high tier stuff may become a little bit more out of reach that’s kind of what I’m feeling you know if anything’s gonna change with the points and maybe something like that I don’t want to leave this the Starwood conversation but I just well we’re on the topic and I don’t want to I don’t want to like get it to just start with credit card but someone posted about on Reddit and I had the same experience on the last day that you you know blasted a thirty five offer on the thirtieth my referral II my business referral II didn’t work and I know this is so most posting about this on the reddit thread so I called him and I told him I had two people I believe it was either two I think was two people who were gonna sign up for it and I basically told me you know I wasn’t gonna get the bonus because my link isn’t working and they just gave me the ten thousand Starwood points and I know and I know someone else on the thread had that problem I don’t know if anyone’s if anyone here its have that problem if you did you know comment that’d be interesting to see but I just thought I’d throw that out there and I was curious Esther if you know maybe Russell Robb or if you Frank had that issue actually funny enough I have so I maxed out of my personal referrals because I think whenever it’s eleven I had I think I had six or so before the thirty-five even took off just by friends and stuff and and thirty-five happened and I got you know the five to Reddit so I put up the business thing because I didn’t even know it was a business referral until like the net the last day but I found out that a couple more people used my personal referral so when I called them up you know I kind of explain a situation hey I maxed out on my referrals do I have anything you know what’s going on I would love I’m a blogger I you know I have a web show I would love to promote your cards a little bit more is there a way to reset that you know can I could instead of have eleven can I go back down to zero so I want to do something like that or

that guy he assured me he says you know obviously kind of left off there’s no way to reset it but he was very straightforward and saying I’m looking at your account right now you have two applications that are pending they should clear here in the next next week or two and as long as they are approved if you give us a call back in another week or so and you know we’re able to look into and we’re able to know how many referrals you have and how many generated points or how many you know points who were rewarded for it so they’ll know and they say you know we will gladly give you the Starwood points you know just a manual account override so kind of give me my 10 K points so yeah I mean it goes right hand hey what you’re saying I don’t trust though because I just you know I don’t trust what anything uh customer service rep says I wanted it’s going to no I wonder if I wonder if American Express is doing that just so they can you know get more brand loyalty especially if the depending on how the card issuer situation looks once they merge is you know if America and it’s too early to tell obviously but if American Express gets to keep all the existing card holders I could definitely see them I haven’t had personal experience I could definitely see them you know anxious to give out you know these star points which pretty soon they won’t be able to give out anymore it goes it goes hand in hand with with the with the bar Clyde the US Airways in the American Airlines card again that’s kind of how that program finished it was you know a bar close was a lot more lenient they had the blows of fifty thousand miles after one purchase so it’s like you know right alright so it was ridiculous and I think that’s a you know what American Express could end up doing is something very similar to that so yeah you know I don’t trust what they say they’re going to do a manual override I have my fiancees account and I’ll just use hers to generate you know some more some more referrals that way but yeah it is it is interesting to know and is it’s gonna be interesting to fall over next you know year or two when the Marriott does end up taking over you know for sure and then we’re almost wrapped up so I’m going to go ahead I’m gonna kick you guys off if you don’t mind I appreciate you guys stopping Tyler Russell do my goodbyes here take these men okay so for some reason I still can’t close out of the flyer talk for us and I there to stay you know in closing if you guys have any questions answers I’d love to bring them up so if you guys have anything just let me know do a slash q and type a minute I can do a few more minutes as a questions and answers before I sign off but generally speaking I think that we’re just about done with the show just because time is running out I don’t want to make to the recordings much more than an hour so that’s just preferred you know for what I’m doing his name keys he did ask the question as I say it won’t come up but is there any good resources for someone just getting started interning yes read it read it as obviously that’s the only place I have gone from from start to finish as run it it’s an absolutely fantastic community and I’d like to think that you know my parts as moderator I’ve helped out with the sidebar a lot and we and you know when I was when MK and myself you know became moderators of that sub we put a lot of work into that sidebar making a good mostly MK he did a lot of the work on you know the actual layout and things and and I think lumpy has done a fantastic job with all the guides I think that you know with with the flares and just a different product in different ways to gain information from reddit it’s pretty incredible it’s really powerful it’s a lot better than it was there’s a trade-off like when I first started a couple years ago it was a very slow community so I was able to ask questions a little bit more generously I didn’t have as many problems you know and now I think that the way the reddits opened up it’s it’s certainly a great platform a lot of information there you know I’d certainly recommend it so I read us obviously the best flyer talk is all right not not my favorite place Chinese there’s anything else the useful links some of the blogs and the useful links if you click on or the blog that basic reading maybe your recommended blogs writer to learn more recommend a blogs and any useful links those two tools are absolutely fantastic you know resources for for getting

started points guy I think I gonna try to bring it up but I want to happen he’s actually a question of somebody else answered what’s the best source Alex once it was the best source for manufacturer spending it’s it’s really it’s really personable yeah and I’m with you kiddies I don’t like to lay out a flier talk either but when it comes to best for me affects your spending I spoke a little bit about that my you know earlier at the beginning of the show with manufacturer spending for me Visa gift cards from Rite Aid and I take them load of items to serve that’s you know for me that’s just the easiest way for um you know to generate some manufacturers spending prefer that more than anything else see here you know we got two more questions actually guy says I only got one discovery card working is cred up to from a 720 to 750 getting a CSP for a good first move I’m trying to read up so much as possible it’s the CSP a good first card yeah it is a good card I don’t think you can go wrong with the CSP is one of your first cards make sure that when you do you use the referral read and write it so if you go down to to learn more there’s a referral threads link button you click on that navigate to the Chase Sapphire prefer pick out one of the names in there it was something that somebody who’s helped you out and you know a name that you’re familiar with anything like that make sure to use their referral link there’s a lot of people who post the same link multiple times there’s a lot of spammers on there it’s hard to combat it we tried so you know that’s yeah I may fit someone k but discover is very greedy on credit lines I think it’s worth a try I mean what are you really out you know it depends a lot on your history your credit in your credit history and things like that without going into too much detail here it’s tough to really save I think the CSV is a good first card Discoverer can be very greedy with the credit limit I mean I have I had to chase Ritz for thirty thousand I have the Fairmont card for thirty five thousand dollars and then I have the discover it for I think they gave me three thousand so you know it discovered they’re just they can be really greedy with their and yeah don’t be surprised if you get if you get it recon if you’re denied and definitely you know give them a call because I think you’ll be fine with it it just depends where you’re at with your with your history and then last question before I go and sign off Corey says I with a large amount of popular avenues for MS drying up if you found a new and easy way to would you hit it hard or slow and study if I found my own method I would hit it up slow and consistent slow and steady for sure I don’t have my own method I wish I did but that would certainly be the way to go just because you don’t want to raise any red flags and you don’t want to and certainly the last thing you don’t want to do is go around telling people on reddit I love read it and I’m all about sharing information if you guys have any resources articles news things whatever you have that’s great but you do not want to make a new post I’ll write in and tell everybody here’s how you manufacture to spend because it will get shut down relatively quick there are so many people on that sub you know I don’t know if you guys know the statistics or not but it’s something like a hundred and seventy thousand people every day or every month on that on that sub so the amount of people accessing that page is ridiculous and even it is only you know a very small portion of people who actually respond and make posts and you know things like that there’s there’s a boatload of people there so you definitely want to be a little hesitant and be careful on what you post and you know when you get into things like that so alright guys I’m going to go ahead I’m gonna stop the recording I’ll stick around for a little bit if you guys just want to chat a little bit more general conversation hey buddy wants to jump on and talk to me so I appreciate everybody stopping in well it’s just to see what the numbers end up being next week I will be in Japan so I didn’t get to talk at all about my trip to Japan which is unfortunate because my fiance and I that’s all we talk about we sit early sit there in our freaking living room and we just watch videos and I’m so excited so excited for this trip it’s going to be absolutely incredible we’re just overwhelmed with joy yeah and it’s gonna be a Sakura season the the cherry blossoms are in full bloom over there it’s just absolutely awesome looking at the pictures that are posting on Facebook and some of the conversation that I’m having with the marketing team

from and Eze and the M market came from the ritz-carlton they are they’re excited to have me so it’s gonna be a great trip I’m just so so freaking excited to go there wish I could talk a little more about that I’m a lie so it made chatt a little bit after but if you guys have any lace if you guys have any more you know for when it comes to next week I hope to have a show on on site in Japan I want to see how it works uh you know I know that this blab they have a cell phone application so I’d love to get my cell phone and be walking around because I think so right now it’s 10 o’clock at night so it’s actually 11 o’clock in the morning in Japan the following day so if I’m if I’m able to you know be out at 10:00 I know it’d be out at 10:00 a.m it’s just you know well I have reception will I have an internet connection because I don’t want to record it’d be very difficult for me to have a show in a hotel room just because I’m in Japan you know sorry seeing Japan comes over the webcast so hopefully if I if I can do anything where it’s on or it’s on site live I’m definitely gonna do it so stick around and we will you know have all kind of information for the people tuning in next week then so appreciate everybody watching the recording or tuning in and we’ll see you next week