How To REPAIR A Door Lock Actuator Motor -LOW COST WAY

hey guys thanks for watching DIY Brian in this video we’re going to fix the door locks on this four-door Camry each one of the door locks have failed on this and the door lock actuators need to be either repaired or replaced in this video what we’re gonna do is we’re going to show you guys how to replace these little lock motors that are inside the door lock actuators so that you don’t have to replace the entire door lock actuator all right so first you start by removing the door panel to get to the door lock actuator and you don’t need too many tools just a basic impact driver a flat headed screwdriver to get the door lock actuator / latch out of the door you will need a Torx bit to get the three bolts out on that side so in this particular model you’ve got the handle here and underneath the handle are two screws so you want to take your flat-head screwdriver just pop that off and then take the screws out using your impact driver okay next you want to take your little plastic panel inside this little handle here out there’s going to be a screw behind there stake your flat headed screwdriver and pry the little trim piece out take the screw out okay so now it’s time to pull the panel off the door and you want to carefully pull the clips away there’s going to be plastic clips that attach this door panel to the door and I wiggle it back and forth on the back of the panel you’ve got the power windows switch you’ve got to disconnect that by using it flight headed screwdriver or your thumb push the top tab back and go ahead and pull that out on the door handle you’ve got some cables that you’ve got to disconnect just pull these out of there locking mechanism and out now you’ve got these three screws here that holding the lash they’re going to be a Torx head type screw pull this plastic sheeting back and then disconnect the lock wires by just sticking your finger in the locking tab and pull that out and the latch you’re just gonna have to kind of wiggle it down and it’ll come out of it okay so now that we’ve got the latch / door lock actuator removed from the vehicle now it’s time to install a new one of these little motors so typically when these actuators stop working this little motor here wears out and just can’t turn the lock back and forth so you’ve got a couple options at replacing this so you can carefully disassemble this entire latch here which you’ve got to be really really carefully disassembling it’s got some gears it’s got some mechanisms it’s got some levers inside of it and if you take it apart and it springs all over the place you could lose pieces or you could just not figure out how to get it back together they can be kind of tricky the other option is is you can find where the electric motor is at and you can actually cut the little motor out of the plastic actuator now this you’ve also got to be really careful because you can’t cut too far into this and damage the moving mechanism parts inside there or the circuitry that’s inside of it so you’ve got to be really careful you’ve got to kind of plan out your cuts if you’re going to do that I mean ideally we would just put a new one of these latches in here we wouldn’t change this little motor we just buy a whole new latch last slash actuator but on this model they’re like five hundred bucks apiece and if you’re doing all four doors you’ve got a you know a couple thousand dollars worth of parts there where these things cost like ten bucks now not every car these aren’t that expensive some you can buy them seventy eighty bucks and if that’s the case I would much rather buy the entire latch flash actuator for seventy eighty bucks then tear this apart and change this little thing or cut it open or whatever in this case we’re gonna try to save these five hundred dollar parts

and replace the little motor all right so now to install the new little motor we’ve got to take this thing apart a little bit further before we can cut it so I’m going to show you guys just kind of as demonstration purposes if you can’t get your safely apart how to safely cut it out of there start by pulling this little tab back and you can see you’ve got this mechanism in here now you can just pull this out and then twist the cord until you can just slide this out of its little slot okay so now we’ve got that one out you’ve also got to pull this other cable out pry this lever up and pull that little mechanism out now in this model we’ve got to take this little plastic cover off of the actuator so the motor is just right here hooked to a little plastic gear to another plastic gear that moves back and forth and locks the mechanism here you can see you’ve got the two connections here that the wires hook up to its ends power and ground into it at one direction and it makes the lock go one way and then it reverses the polarity and makes the lock go the other direction to safely cut this we’re going to use a dremel tool and just cut a line directly here here and then we’ll just make one section and pull this off and get in there and replace the little motor so I have to apologize my camera turned off autofocus so the focus is horrible on the part where I was cutting out the door like actuators so what I’ve done is I’ve carefully cut this little cover right off the top of here so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to be really careful as you can see I had to cut across this line right here but I didn’t want to go too far or I’d damage this gear so I made this straight cut here and then a straight cut here and another one right here so that I could pull this portion of the cover off and then what we’ll do is we’ll take some plastic weld and we’ll put the cover back on once we’ve installed the new motor we’ll take in plastic weld all the joints back together so that it holds together nice and strong so you could take this little motor here you can see how it has those two metal contacts put the plastic gear this is the new one here so just take the motor and carefully install it right back into the slot and it just kind of pushes and locks into place you can see this gear just moves this thing back and forth alright so the plastic weld to cover back on to the actuator I picked up a couple products here this is a jb weld plastic putty and this is a plastic well that’s more of an epoxy this cures up really really fast so on certain spots of the cover I’m going to use this but on certain parts of the cover I’m going to use this putty here and the reason why I want to use the putty is this is nice because if you need to reshape it you can sand it back down either with sandpaper or the dremel tool with one of those little grinding attachments so if you need to reshape it so that it fits better this plastic putty welding putty is going to work out better now I’m going to link in the show more tab right below the video I’ll link these products to Amma’s and along with those little motors that I’ve used on this actuator you want to pay attention depending on the car that you have some of them have a real short shaft and then some of them have a longer shaft and from my experience it’s been like the Honda’s and the actors are gonna have a longer shaft and the Toyotas all have this shorter shaft and many of the other makes may have differences different ones as well so you might want to pull your actuator apart before you order it so you can kind of verify which motor you’re going to need but on the Toyota Camry it’s very similar to many of the Toyota models and I’ll link that below the video so you can check those out on Amazon ok so with this plastic weld putty you basically just cut some off with the razor knife and then you take and mix the two parts together you’ve got a the blue and the grey and you basically just kind of mix those together I have some rubber gloves on and go through and mix this up now you can see I’ve got the cover that I cut off back on here and the way I cut it it pretty much locks itself back into place so it’s not like it would just fall off

on its own I’ve got the cover cutting away there pretty well you know locks itself in place this is just gonna give it some added reinforcement strength so it doesn’t fall apart the other reason why I’m using this plastic putty over these main cracks right here are these cuts that I’ve done is if I use that epoxy type plastic well it would actually drip down inside the moving mechanism and then it would bind up the gears and everything that’s moving in there and that’s actually the main reason on this that I don’t want to use that epoxy to drip down inside the moving mechanisms and then what I’ve done is just kind of rolled some up stick that over the the cut and kind of push it into the into the crack another thing I’ve also done is I’ve taken the Dremel and kind of ground down the surface areas here so I’ve got a fairly rough rough surface for this epoxy putty to adhere to now to add some added strength to this I’m going to take the two-part epoxy and just put it along this outside edge here to give it some additional strength and I’m just gonna put it on fairly thick on the outside along this one edge here just to add a little bit more strength to it this stuff’s pretty strong when it dries alright so I’ve got a quick setting epoxy along the outside here to give some added strength I’ve got the epoxy putty built into the crack there and along the top to give it some strength to just keep it holding together now I’ve just got to let it dry I’ll put it back in the door alright so I’m excited to see if the door locks work I’m just about to the point of trying everything out what I’m going to do is let this last actuator cure up with the plastic weld then I’m go through and replace the battery and do a tune-up on the car why that’s kind of curing perfect so seek over a thousand bucks on this thing I think I’m into it about 50 bucks and a few hours of my time everything is working perfect super stoked it worked out thanks for coming along with me on this project I hope you liked the video if you did if it helped you out make sure you hit that like button also comment below any tips that you may have if you’ve done this type of thing before put your chips down but you know put your tips down in the comments also if you have any questions you could put those down I try to get two comments the best I can the channel is getting fairly large and I do get quite a bit of comments and questions on there but I do go through those and I read them and see if I could find any questions that I can answer make sure you subscribe to my channel and also comment below on the types of videos you guys would rather see me do whether it be tool reviews or home projects or car bro car projects make sure you comment those below and we’ll see in the next video