Thondan Tamil Full Movie

‘My dear teacher who resides in me and directs me’ ‘Thank You, Almighty’ ‘I bow my head to the student-strength who retrieved Vaadivaasal’ – What? – Executed, bro Okay, don’t be in a group Go separate ways – Get up, let’s go – I’ll fall if I get up Kaathaadi, please come Where? Alright Hey Xavier ‘Live and let live’ – Where? – Gandhi statue Speed up – Hurry up – Eat well to your tummy’s content, bro ‘Do your duty, boss Don’t expect rewards’ Doesn’t get a single customer Eats 24×7 idling away his time But I can’t even lay a finger on a single ‘idli’! By the way, what happened? Someone has been chopped Can’t be reformed at all! – Call that white t-shirt – Okay, sir Can you escort me gently? Sir, inspector wants to see you – I’m still trembling, sir – Is that so? – What is it? – He says he is still in shock – Yov! Bring him – Okay, sir Hey! Won’t you come if I call you? I’m still shaken up, sir – Get up, sir – Inspector is hot tempered Please hold me – Come – I can’t walk, sir Come, he might hit you – My head is spinning – What’s your name? Ka…Ka…Kaathaadi – Don’t talk about kites! – That is my name, sir – Did you see him? – No, sir When did you come? Only after you arrived on the spot, sir Plopped yourself there at once – My head was spinning – You bet it will! What is that stain? What is it? Bed bug, sir People like you are our nation’s worst bed bugs First you should be squashed Don’t know, didn’t come, didn’t see! Say this like a broken record! – Family man, sir – Are we care of platform? We have a family too – You didn’t see anything either? – No, sir – Go…go – Sorry, sir Go home and take rest Good morning, sir Bro, he has been taken in an ambulance – Okay, bro – He’s alive They’ve taken him to the hospital If he survives chapter closed for us None of us will be spared Block the ambulance – Stop – What do you want?

– Just stop – Get lost! I think there’s some problem – Be alert – Okay – Take care of the patient – You be careful Don’t be afraid Stop the vehicle Start the car Stop! Let’s kill him right here Hey sonny You are a college student Don’t get involved in this – Tell me – Won’t you give me the heads up? Was that our procedure till now? Minister Narayanan I shouldn’t get into trouble Uthama, he is privy to every bit of information We want him dead because he defied us This has blown out of proportion My boss is questioning me Please lie low for a few days Otherwise your life will be messed up Sir, in a public place, in the middle of the road This is not on It’s a crime, sir Rahman Thank you so much Take care of him I hope you are not hurt, Singam? Only a superficial one You should watch out For every life we save, a new enemy crops up Even ‘thinking’ of helping earns enemies Imagine if it’s put into action! Bro, that ambulance driver made us go in circles I yelled my throat hoarse he drove on What crap! You brag about your capabilities! Bro, he is the one Next round of trouble begins, huh? Singam, you carry on Come here Who are you? To the victim To the informer Or to the one who tried to save him not related in any way A life cannot be lost That’s my only criteria I don’t know if he is a good man or a bad man But if the patient is in my ambulance I safeguard that life God has given me this job I think I should do it properly And I will do my level best My mother Hasn’t sacrificed even a single life Somehow she’ll hold on to dear life and bring the soul to the hospital Tomorrow even if this should happen to you, I’ll do exactly this Please don’t be upset with me – Start the car – Okay, bro – Keep an eye on this chap – Okay, bro Hello…? Where? Xavier…? Come…come

If I ever get my hands on another ‘idli’ again, clobber me My loss can be the crow’s gain! ‘Nadodigal’ ‘Vasundara Devi Cine Films’ ‘The Volunteer’ “Good Samaritan, volunteer Humanitarian, do-gooder” “Good citizen, loyalist Patriot, nationalist” “We will rise in a second to help the poor we will respond” “All men are born equal We will consider this natural” “In undiluted affection is a zillion joy and satisfaction” “To relieve others’ misery the world will become a sanctuary” “If the speech impaired can talk many heads will roll on the sidewalk” “When questions are asked mistakes will be unmasked” “When a revolt is the need of the hour even the sea will turn into land to favor” “Whoever opposes this endeavor will be the lamb for the slaughter” What’s this bad habit of stealing 1 slipper alone! – Rascal! – Missing again, huh? Except for you everything will vanish! Aiyo! Appa, the mirror in my bike is missing Why are so many things missing these days? – Cooker’s whistle was missing last week – Take some action, pa Let’s go by the rules Shanthi’ka, come, uncle intends taking some action it seems A single complaint won’t be effective Find out the list of missing items Write the missing items in our house first 2 bike mirrors 1 cooker whistle – Magi…? – What, aunt? Hand pump is missing in our house – Including the pump – No, just the handle Horn is missing in my auto Please add that too My mortar and pestle for my betel leaves is missing, please find it for me – Didn’t leave you either? – Yes Please write that down 1 set of mortar and pestle Can’t find my left slipper Some dog must have taken it I need to know which dog! Okay, what is your slipper size? – Number 9 – Sir My false braid is missing – False braid – Yes Won’t you keep all that safe? He snatched it when I was asleep You’ve slept oblivious of anything 1 false braid The bucket that was on my well is missing – Brass or iron? – Brass 1 brass bucket I need 1 representative from each house Ms False Braid! If you can’t come, send your husband – Let’s complain as a group – About whom? On that burglar Will a thief come from North India to steal a bucket? One of our neighborhood boys must be behind this Just leave it Simple robber What do you mean by ‘simple’ thief? How can 1 slipper be of any use to him or to me? Drop that down Shamelessly wearing 1 slipper Only your name means ‘Protector’ But don’t live up to your name Singam, why are you looking so sad? Someone has stolen the siren in our ambulance Give me that complaint, pa Will a thief come from China to steal a siren?! Stealing is a crime, father You must nip it in the bud and not let it grow! If you are affected your blood pressure shoots up, huh? Even when our siren screeches to high heaven, no one will give way If we go without the head, our dignity will be squashed flat! – Find that robber soon, Singam – Father, give it to me Give me the pen 1 Ambulance siren

– Police sir – Huh…? Will my mortar and pestle be foun- He is angry, he might even shoot you, stand over there I can’t chew my betel leaf Stop chewing that tobacco and betel leaf – ‘6 single slippers’ – You call this a complaint And you are crowding around here ‘I need justice, sir I won’t stop till then’ Do you know who he is? Sir, please find him Jewelry shop owner Last night by drilling a hole in the wall the thief has stolen 17.5 million The gentleman over there His wife has been kidnapped along with their son Now should I nab those miscreants? Or this petty thief? Whether small or big a crime is a crime! – Vishnu – No, sir Ambulance siren I’m answerable to the company Only because I respect you, I’m even making the time to talk to you Please leave ‘Your strength is 77.5 million’ ‘We must be around 88000 as policemen’ ‘How can we come for every trial and misdeed?’ ‘You should have a responsibility towards our society also’ ‘You must deal with such small issues, leave now’ That sub inspector really insulted us What he says makes sense If we complain to him for everything we should fend for ourselves too – I have an idea – What, ‘Lion King’? ‘Roaring Cubs We For Ourselves’ Secretary, will I get my mortar and pestle? God help me! Stop talking for a while please – Grandma – Tell me – Have faith, you will get it – Alright This club called ‘Roaring Cubs’ is an union to protect Gandhi Nagar ‘Boys aged 16 and above residing in Gandhi Nagar…’ ‘…are members of this club’ Volunteers are welcome ‘Every night we will patrol the streets’ ‘Only goal of our club is to nab that thief’ ‘Goal…aim…target!’ I was told young strong cubs But most of them are old and haggard! One young military cub Hey, put your bedspread down Did you come to catch the thief or to sleep? I’ll be like this until I get my left slipper! He must be so unbearable I think his family chased him here All that is fine Why are you here? Like a mobile tea stall? No, Singam I need to be awake the whole night If any of them sleep, I’ll pour hot water on their heads Come, my dear princess of Vanji fort Not sleepy I suppose? Secretary, will I get my mortar and pestle? Listen, the aim of our club is to catch the thief Your mortar will be delivered at your doorstep Don’t roam around like this at midnight You will frighten the children Remove your scarf and go home Treasurer, will I get my mortar and pestle? Go home, grandma Vishnu…? Those who are in power have no sense of responsibility Only I know my problem Apprehend the thief if you can Or disband the club! Any case? I believe there is an old siren in the shed – I’ll fix it in our ambulance – Okay, go…go Who is this chap? Vertically challenged? What is the matter? We must nab that thief, Singam Give me a whistle Whistle wants a whistle! Children shouldn’t be included in such operations, dear You go home, drink milk and dream into your pillow Run away…run…fast – Shut up! – What…? I am 17 years old Different strokes Different molds How do I handle them? – Singam…? – Tell me, Singam Don’t avoid volunteers Feel free to include them Give him the flash light too If it falls on his feet, his parents will question and you can answer No comments Time for the thief to come Let’s split into 4 groups and round up Gandhi Nagar There are only 4 of us How do we split into groups? – I can hear your sneer – Did you? Just do what I say You both go this way You both go this side You 2 in this direction I’ll go that way all alone If you see someone suspicious blow your whistle loudly Let’s all come together and get that thief What is that laugh in aid of? Come Look who he pairs me with! Don’t trip under my feet – Walk a little farther away – I’ll come We are adept at nabbing him just by the scent of the thief Is that right? What…? Did you see anything? No Why are you spinning in circles?

Hey, whom are you playing with? I’ll rip you apart Rascal…! – Did you see it at least now? – No, I didn’t Aiyaiyo! This boy has disappeared too! How will I face Singam now? Why is it heading towards me again? Look at its stride I’m not the one you’re looking for Looks like they nabbed the thief – I won’t spare the slipper thief – ‘Please come fast’ All of you run over here, hurry up I can hear Xavier But no sign of him Flash the light over there Singam…? Where are you? Singam…? Lion king, he is here Come soooon! – Where is he? – He is lying in the tank it seems Xavier, what are you doing here? He’s lying on his back and admiring the moon – Will you shut up? – Give me your hand What…? Vadivu, call for an ambulance Ambulance needs an ambulance, huh? Gastric problem Ask him not to eat junk food – More liquid than gas! – He hardly eats, doctor When it banged me the 3rd time, good lord! Airlock in every pore of my body! Why are you laughing, you glutton? If you had got caught you’ll be glued to that wall like a lizard! But Vadivu There’s a small joy in all this What…? The ghost hitting on me is a female! – Why police protection? – I arranged it – Advocate Mohan – Hello I filed a petition as his life is in danger No more worries Appreciate it Let’s serve the needy – He’s also like us – Pleased to meet you I don’t know how many have died because of you till now But we shouldn’t lose a single life hereafter Try saving a life The glow in your heart is sublime! – Doctor, I’ll take leave – See you – I’ll take leave – Okay, sir – Tell me, Mahi – Bro…? Your friend Vignesh is up to no good What did he do? He thrust some scrap of paper into my hand He befriended me only because you’re my sister Not only him There are 2 or 3 more in the list – Be on your guard – I’m being serious it’s a joke to you, huh? You must take all this in a lighter vein If you’re serious you’ll be in a soup He needs 2 tight slaps from you, bro My dear sister Violence is never a solution to any problem He has every right to give you a love letter Like you have every right to accept or reject – Say yes or no – No…! Sorry, bro If you call me bro, I’ll break your teeth Singam, he has come to apologize and you’re threatening to hit him Shut up! He will call me bro for 5-6 years and then hit on my sister, huh? What are you trying to say? Is he wrong in calling you ‘bro’? Or he shouldn’t have hit on your sister? – Don’t confuse me, Singam – You are the confused soul I accept his apology Ask him to go Singam has forgiven you Now you can g- He vanished into thin air! Mahishasura Mardhini…? Hereafter Vicky won’t come even an inch near you! – Singam reprimanded him – My foot! He’s here at the bus stop looking at me head to toe He followed you there, huh? He is indulging in eye-talk, brother Is he? Give me the phone Xavier anna – Do something – You expect me to? Don’t drag me into any mess Hop into a bus soon and go home Singam He didn’t scoot in fear He went to wait in the bus stop I believe he’s there standing and indulging in eye-talk Is he asking for trouble? Hey Mahi, watch your step Good morning, sir – Good morning – Do you remember me? She was born in your ambulance I named her after you as Vishnupriya – She’s sleeping – Yes, sir – Okay then – See you, sir Yes, dear? He almost banged his bike on me Making some weird sounds to top it all Say something, bro Girls – Any help? – Get lost – What happened, Singam? – This Vicky is being a pain May be only a few tight slaps will pipe him down Bro, he’s standing right behind me in the bus

He seems kind of weird One brake and he will fall all over us Get lost! – ‘Rascal’ – Mahi Take your hands off me What exactly is your problem? If you go overboard, you’ll get the same treatment Stop the bus Let’s get down They will reform only if we clobber them, scumbags! You’ll get it someday They seem to ask for it – Vishnu – Yes, pa What is this? You brought him here as your friend Look what he has done This doesn’t seem right I won’t go to college anymore Do you want to burn down the house scared of bed bugs?! Isn’t he your brother’s friend?! He’ll keep thinking about it You go to college tomorrow I’ll accompany you Let me see his reaction – What’s up, Singam? – He’s torturing my sister Why has he become like this? Where is he now? You’ll get it from me In a public place she has threatened to clobber you You listened to her threat with your tail tucked in Had it been me in your shoes I would have chopped her in that same spot You are good for nothing You can’t do anything to her – Who says so? – You are fit only to eat and crap! She’s Miss World’s clone She’s the beauty queen of our town If he flashes his 32 teeth at her will she at once fall flat for him? She’s arrogant because she knows she looks good Let’s ruin her looks Height of humor! Eat and sleep You know only that! Hey, Computer…! You’ll get it one day I’ll retaliate in public In the same bus I’ll disfigure her face Only then I’ll be at peace My mind will be at ease No one will come to her aid – Each to his or her own – I can’t stand it, man In Delhi He stabbed her 37 times in the middle of the road Did anyone come to her rescue? Not a single soul What did bystanders do? They took videos And of course selfie! Scaredy cats! I’ll do it I’ll kill her You are with me, right? Look! He is in a dilemma What’s on your mind? What are you thinking now? Got scared of her brother? Is he the cat’s whiskers? Will he bump us off? You haven’t seen me in action You will see Jut wait and watch I’ll show her my true colors I’ll give a daaaamn strong knock to that chap also I’ll knock him down – Knock me down – Don’t invite trouble – Try your luck – No need I’ll knock you flat out Go…get lost! – Stand here – Don’t hit me, bro Call him too Hey, come here I’ll kill you Come here Bro, Computer is trying to escape Hey, Computer – Come here – I’m not drunk Hey! You are the criminal, come here Come…come this side Stand over there Come Singam, keep an eye on them – I’ll be back – Okay, Singam ‘Hey! Don’t run’ ‘Walk slow and steady’ ‘Look who is the Brain box here!’ Not because she is my sister I would’ve come to the rescue of any of our girls in trouble When a girl rejects you, why don’t you learn to take ‘no’ for an answer? Do something to make her like you Getting attracted to a person is not just looks Actions speak louder than appearance! You were a good man You got into bad company They have made you half crazy After you’re 100% loony they will arm you And you’ll also comply I can’t turn a blind eye My sister is important to me

More than that, you are very important to me ‘Very important’ If we try to pounce when we should be protecting them what will these girls do? Women should respect us If they don’t respect us no point in calling ourselves ‘men’ We live only once Let’s be of help to people A person dies not when he stops breathing But when the last memory of him leaves this world The next generation should think about us We should prove our mettle Not by drinking and creating a ruckus I feel terrible Listen I don’t know why you befriended me I sincerely valued your friendship If we can correct a mistake, why can’t we try? Will you listen to me? Will you? This is enough for me, come Are you his dear friends? If your friend has a problem you should come up with an idea beneficial to both sides And get him out of the mess That fits the word ‘friendship’ This is unfit friendship Singam, these 2 fellows will sell their souls for freebie booze and ‘biriyani’ The one in the middle was the one who added fuel to the fire If it was your sister, will you give the same idea? From pure souls like Andal, Meera to ordinary girls many have gone through unrequited love Status quo even now If they start throwing acid many men will be faceless zombies! They understood long ago circumstances is the answer We men are still living in delusion Chasing a girl who is not interested Flirting with a girl who is engaged and confusing her may work in reel life It is a sin in real life Stop this bad habit Devil resides within them This is too good a preaching Please wait outside, Singam Bathe them well in your blows No one should give such ideas ‘Will you come up with this idea?’ Why target only me? Beat him up too (clamor of indignant voices) Run now…scoot ‘I won’t give any idea to anyone!’ Run…run…run for your life “Bye for now, I will soon see you” “You are the kith & kin for this koel blue” “If you are with me; from above” “Even the blue sky will shower its love” “The 2 birds are different, true” “Their wings are of varied hue too” “Still the journey is the same direction” “I will never ever forget your affection” “Bye for now, I will soon see you” “You are the kith & kin for this koel blue” “If you are with me; from above” “Even the blue sky will shower its love” “The 2 birds are different, true” – Hello? – Huh? – Is this yours? – No – I found it on the road – ‘Put it in the temple collection box’ – Okay, will do – What…? It’s my ring, you slipped it off my finger, slide it back “I will never ever forget your affection” ‘DAY 01: Humanitarian Concern’ ‘DAY 02: Psychological Impact’ When we are on duty, relatives of patients may even hit us in a fit of temper Even if they hit us

our goal should be to save that patient ‘DAY 03: Prudence’ ‘DAY 04: Medicine’ ‘DAY 05: Promptness’ ‘DAY 06: Godliness’ ‘DAY 07: Field Work’ Yov! Get up Lift her, come on The child is alive Good, keep it up! “I had made a mess of my life yesterday” “To make me a better man, you came my way” “Disputes and me made history actually” “You reformed me from Hyde to Jekyll totally” “Though I was the wrongdoer your good heart made me a do-gooder” Tell me, Vicky I have to share something I saved a life My God! What a feeling! I feel I’ve achieved a big feat! My mind and heart want to reach out more! – Soul-satisfying – What a reformation! within me You’ve shown me a world of good deeds beyond girls and bad habits! Do good That’s an intoxicating drug Next generation will think of me I’ll make them remember me I’m so proud of you ‘Save Agriculture’ You feed everyone How can you do this? Let’s face every crisis Soon you’ll be revered as God “Even if we fall, not a weed but we should be a seed” “To be praised by posterity let us conquer life with dignity” “Let disgrace and defeat be the fertilizer” “To regain our identity, rebel in anger” “Everything is life’s lesson for tomorrow” “Why then be immersed in sorrow?” “If we rise, heart and soul 8 directions we’ll control” Tell me, Vicky Finish your training and come back I’ve put in a word for you You can get a transfer to our village “Bye for now, I will soon see you” “You are the kith & kin for this koel blue” Don’t get scared, be brave She has got her contractions Pull the van over to the side – Tell me, dear – Who is that, Singam? With the left indicator on, signaling his right hand, he is riding straight! That’s our Computer! Won’t he never reform! Old habits die hard, huh? Singam, men like him will bang into those who follow traffic rules Overtake and go near him

Don’t use your cell phone while driving She keeps calling me And gets me beaten by random strangers Sign this document Will he sign only after reading it? Is he the minister or am I? He is the minister Why is he having doubts? It’s a lucrative contract I have clinched the deal Money will be delivered at home 1/2 kilo gold this time for you – Ask him to sign – Go ahead What about me? – 1/4 kilo for you – Okay Listen, it shouldn’t rake up neighbors’ envy – If it does, we will be in the doldrums – Okay ‘His people’s tears of woe, are not they weapons to erode the king’s wealth away?’ Thiruvalluvar’s pearl of wisdom Let him speak on stage He will get a standing ovation – Why show off to us? – True Where is your son? He hasn’t been himself past few days Not stepping out of his room Only Muruga checks on him What…? Please sit Sit down Is turkey ‘biriyani’ ready for him? Piping hot and ready Sign and eat before it gets cold! Take care of your health Quoting Valluvan and Van Gogh What happened to you? WILL YOU LEAVE ME ALONE? PLEASE LEAVE What happened? He isn’t saying anything Ask him Bro…? What happened, bro? Jayakumar, is it a case? Some accident in the corner road Hurry up…go It’s been 4 months since the club was started No clue to nab that thief Frequently a white apparition aims only at me and collides into me Not equipped to catch that either Singam, I can hear your mind voice – Sharp specific hearing – I can hear your sarcasm too You claim a white apparition runs We shall catch it today, happy? You don’t believe me? I’ve never seen it Show it to me, I’ll believe – Here…here – Where…? There it is Vanished in the blink of an eye Do you believe me at least now? Comrades, 2 per direction Round up Gandhi Nagar We will nab the white figure I’m not coming Can’t take another attack! Singam, if you’re alone you’ll get scared – Come with us – No need, Singam I’ll stay here It makes a beeline for me I caught it red-handed Come…come this side Singam, hold it Let me bang it a few times How could you let it go? – Ran away – Why do you look like you saw a ghost! – Do you know who ‘it’ is? – Who, Singam? Our Bagalamugi teacher My God! Is that so? During the day time she looks like a delicious dessert In the night runs like a bubbling booze! Hey! Lions It ran this way Follow me – Come…come on – Wretched imp His sister ran this way Oblivious of that he’s running this side! What a topsyturvy world! We shouldn’t let our tongue run It has to do with a girl Even if we miss a little her future will go amiss! I think she must be under the spell of some black magic We must deal carefully You deal with the deal, Singam Goddess Kali who destroys evil Not an ordinary deity But a very powerful Goddess Anyone who is possessed cannot enter Her temple The moment she steps into the temple our Goddess will whirl her around and fling her furlongs away By the way why suddenly to the temple? New moon day Auspicious Singam…?

Your candidate is here Saw how she walks? Coming…coming Let her cross the step Then we can tell On a new moon day, she is happily entering the temple Your father said she will be whirled and swirled around Looks like a very powerful spirit Why is it staring at me? I don’t want to be hurled around! Yov! Xavier – Singam – Where are you? I’m here Hurry up What quick strides! – She went into the sanctum – Maybe possessed only at night? – Very mysterious – What, bro? Whatever! That girl shouldn’t wake up at midnight and run Do this for me, somehow tie this amulet without her knowledge on her waist Take it Take this and tie it on your brother’s hip This doesn’t seem right – Why…? – Aim of the club is something else! – ‘Don’t forget’ – Why…? That whole sprinting spirit plan was to hook your brother! You didn’t let me know If you had told me, I could have joined your marathon Was he in that state to listen? He’s always surrounded by a few thugs Along with my brother Vaikundam To separate him from that crowd I ran a spirit-athon! Soul satisfying! Okay, go home I’ll come in a bit Getting rid of me, huh? You must pray in a temple and go home, not sleep here Scoot, see you How convenient! When chaste maidens at midnight- I can’t talk now We can catch up at night Maybe a few words now? Okay, give me the amulet See you Tie the amulet as protection for you Tie it, Singam What is the aim of our club? To nab the thief – What are we doing now? – Singam Should never retreat when you move forward I am glad you agree She accepted in the temple she has problems She said she will let me know the details tonight If we get to know the deal and clear the air we can save the teacher, right? You’re close enough to strike a deal with her! That is…little bit Carry on…enjoy! There it is! Running in there I will teach her- Singam Please tell her strictly not to step into my area Rip her apart Just watch! – Go…all the best – Look here, stop Aiyaiyo! Look…halt! Turn 1 tight slap! Take off your mask Give it to me Withdrawal symptoms, huh? Am I a lunatic to keep running? I’ll wake up at midnight and usually walk Seeing your group I’ll start running Is my friends’ gang so terrorizing? By the way did my brother see you? Don’t worry, he won’t Singam would’ve sent him back, relax Come here What did you want to tell me at night? Oh! That…? – Following for 6 months – Who…? – You…? – You?! Blessed female! If boys follow you girls you find out with just 1 look I had no idea you were following me for 6 months! Only if you see my face you can guess – If you’re on your toes at work – That’s why you ran behind me! By the way though we patrol at midnight, we are scared – Aren’t you scared? – You are my savior! All along we’ve been scared of you! Thank God, I caught you What would’ve happened if someone else caught you? You seem to be taking all the credit I came and held you! Hey, don’t say it loudly I’ll rip you apart! – I have a doubt – What…? Why are you still single? No one was interested That’s the truth Nobody ran into my life! When my mother was alive she would harp on getting me married She passed away There was no one in my life to broach the topic Not just that I must fall in love Instead of me falling in love I wanted to marry a girl who loves me The wait has a charm of its own I got a charmer like you I feel very happy

If you hadn’t played this 6 months waiting game and professed your love at once you would be well into your 2nd trimester with our baby Okay, I can’t wait any longer I can’t wait either Come home soon Let us go right away Bring your father and discuss with my father – Is that all? – Yes, that’s it – Nothing else? – No – Really? – Yes – True? Promise – True! I swear!! Right, leave now They are here Go…see you – As girl or ghost? – Sprint as a spirit That’s my story all along Here’s your mask Run without any of them noticing you Did it explain anything? That is…a foreign spirit No wonder our soothsayer couldn’t catch it! Remember a German girl met with an accident 6 years ago – Yes – This is ‘it’ But she was alive when we admitted her in the hospital I think the doctor gave the wrong treatment Then she should hound the doctor! She found that doctor 3 months ago and killed him – Why did it come here now? – To thank It came to thank us?! After 6 years? Felt sad she couldn’t find the address ‘Height of nitpicking!’ I have a small doubt – What…? – How does the German spirit know Tamil? Wandering for 6 years won’t she learn Tamil? Did it say what the deal is? That…is a moot poin- Says if the teacher gets married, it will leave her body Okay, Singam With good intentions, tell the spirit I don’t mind marrying the teacher! She wants me to marry her! Did the spirit say that? Xavier, I got it – I also got it – ‘Tube light!’ – What next? – Let’s go Why should we go in circles for this? I know all about it, sister Only for your protection I’m patrolling with those cubs I like him a lot I like him too He’ll convince his father But when I think of our father- What am I for? Don’t worry I will manage Is she the one? Didn’t you inform him? What…? Okay Be patient No reaction whatsoever from him? Did you notice his name? – ‘Trouble-maker’ is prefix to his name – All the best! Let’s see how he takes the trouble to come out of this mess Father…? Broach the subject My son Vishnu stood in our borders and protected our country 4 years His mother died in an accident I told him with prompt ambulance service her life could’ve been saved He quit his job of protecting the country and came to serve his neighborhood Of course salary is less But his soul is satisfied If his satisfied soul goes to a shop and asks ‘give me 2 kilo rice’ will the shopkeeper give it for free? We have enough for our needs You know the plight of hoarders, right? All that cash was trashed! – Half of them went to jail – Father – Please – Okay Until now he must have saved 1000 lives Count is 1362, pa You heard, 1362 He’s giving all the statistics Can’t touch the troublemaker Strangers on the road will come up to him And thank him profusely for being alive There’s no limit to that happiness Until now 146 babies have been delivered in his ambulance If girl, the baby is named Vishnupriya If boy, baby will be named Vishnupriyan Will that name fetch rice? ‘He has an 1-track mind about rice and porridge!’ What to do? Ask him to lay it on thick Appa, spruce it up a bit He thinks others should not suffer because of him If a stranger is lying hurt on the road his heart will miss several beats If 2 people are in love he’ll be dying to unite them From A to Z father is singing his son’s praise Maybe he had it scripted He respects elders He treats a woman like divinity He will sacrifice his life for his friends What a dead pan expression! He knows you’re talking 19 to the dozen! My son will treat the patients in the ambulance, he’s half a doctor himself – He has added your qualification too – True that

Isn’t he just a driver? He is a pilot! Wait…wait How will he treat while driving? Trapped! Look at those foolish faces Do they look qualified? They all take instructions from Vishnu, right? He could’ve spat on our faces instead! I’ve given details like an encyclopedia The ball is in your court Say either yes or no Hey, Vaikundam…! Do something – No…! – Whaaaat…? Take the plate and go home Who the hell is this imp? – Did you reject me? – Yes, I did Is this your sense of hospitality? I put you on a pedestal and came to ask for your daughter’s hand Is this how you respect us? Father! Throw everything back at them You like the girl? – You like that girl, right? – Yes, I do – Don’t scream – Do you like my son? – Do you like him? – I like him Then what? Kidnap her and marry her Let’s see who can stop us I stuck to my protocol and came to fix this alliance You tell us ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Don’t insult me by making this chit of a fellow speak Let’s take her with us Consider it done, father – I’ll bring her right away, pa – Yes…! Wedding will be performed in the earliest auspicious day How was that? My reverse screenplay The fish gets caught only when the pond is stirred! Enjoy…enjoy…! “Let drums beat for 8 directions to hear” “Let the rhythm match the revelry here” “Let fireworks fill the air with a bang” “Let auspicious times ahead boomerang” “With her eyes she promised me Love-concerts repeatedly” “Bangles jingling, anklets tinkling She will arrive, Princess Charming” “Shower love-drops from heaven she will touch a chord in the heart 24×7” “Let drums beat for 8 directions to hear” “Let the rhythm match the festivity here” “Wedding of the year, bless the couple dear” “May goodness, cheer, gladness unite here” “Sacred wedding chain, boon for the bride Jasmine and turmeric adorn her with pride” Saw my slipper for my left foot? “You are in such a state of dizziness Topsyturvy thanks to your princess” “But still you put on a good act like an enlightened soul in fact” “When her eye-talk made you swoon you waned like the crescent moon” “When she drew a ‘kolam’ with her feet your head on her shoulder rested sweet” “You will be forever a fearless bull and a fighter” “Won’t the scent of your woman cast a dizzy spell o’ Good Samaritan?” “Like her earring dangling in earnest” “Your happiness is in the hands of your princess” “Bangles jingling, anklets tinkling She will come, Princess Charming” “She will shower love-drizzle from heaven Strum the heartbeats with a song 24×7” “Like a shadow, in your life’s journey as your ‘rani’ she decided her destiny” “In your heart and mind blissfully she threw her love-net successfully” “With you she will stay in your house night and day” “Like the silvering on the mirror Protect her forever and ever” “In her heart she lit a love so true wishing well always for you” “10 months and then a lullaby to rock the cradle with your baby” “With your friends and family blessing you wholeheartedly” “Here comes your darling angel delightedly” Maragadha Babu has escaped from the hospital

Told you to keep an eye on him, right? Go and find him now ‘Of friends deserting us on ruin’s brink’ ‘It is torture even in life’s last hour to think’ Thiruvalluvar the Tamil poet again He was always around you You wanted him killed We won’t prosper if we backstab! Politics is all about backstabbing! Ma, is turkey ‘biriyani’ ready for my father? – Piping hot – Eat before it gets cold Take care of your health Who is the Minister? He or me? I was the kingmaker! ‘- If I lose my temper, I’ll destroy him – Don’t be angry, dear’ Uthama You asked me to wait Now he has escaped from the hospital What to do now? ‘I will take care of him’ ‘You stay safe’ – ‘Don’t step out’ – Okay Ma, where’s brother? Hey Gowri…! – He’s coming – What do you want? You hit me with your slipper? Die, damn you! How long can we be scared of such goons? He’s just 1 fellow We are so many here Is he a man? Bash him up Close that door Beat him to a pulp Don’t spare him Don’t show mercy Get up…get up Butcher him Won’t you open the door when I knock? – Thrash him – Mahi? Don’t beat him First attend to Gowri Gowri…? Lift her up Carry her Magi, lift her Hurry…hurry up Get up Call for the ambulance Murugesa, call the police ‘Ambulance has arrived’ – Only 1 of you can come – I’ll come Speed up Strap the belt on her feet Singam, our sister’s friend Gowri Some chap beat her up in college The girls ganged up beat him up He’s still lying there Go fast and pick him up ‘What’s the problem?’ Unrequited lust! – Where? – He is in here, sir – Please wait here – Okay He’s Minister Narayanan’s brother – What do you mean? – I know, sir Hey…brother Ask all the students to go in ‘Don’t loiter around in the corridor Go back to your class’ Watchman, what is the problem in there? Yes, sir, I got to know only after he was beaten up

His pulse is okay Lift him up Quick…quick Hold him Hello…hello…Pandianna Why are you taking this route? – How did this happen? – A goon hit her in college I’ve administered first aid I think sutures should do I will take it from here Our Vicky He would’ve saved her Don’t worry – My daughter is fine, right? – Relax, she’ll be fine Bless you, my boy She’s alright Go see her – Bro, take them to the 4th ward – Okay Here, wipe your face Go and freshen up You killed him? Did you kill our brother? How dare you accuse him! We…tried our best to save him We only did our job I knew it You had a plan I knew he won’t survive Why are you blaming? He’s inviting trouble Bro, they killed our brother Brother! Uthama, what happened? What is the matter? – That ambulance driver killed our brother – What do you mean? Instead of driving directly into town he took a circuitous route – He delayed and killed him – Where is he now? – Singam, you come – Wait, Singam Am I the slaughtered lamb? Don’t speak ill of me I took the bypass to avoid the traffic within the town Sir, I did my duty properly Then how did my brother die? ‘He already got us into trouble’ You said you protect the life in your ambulance How did my brother die? Break his vehicle Your ambulance is a savior, huh? – Don’t lay hands on my vehicle – What will you do? – What will you do? – Sir, don’t resort to violence What can you do? – Listen to me – Don’t spare him Hit him Bash him up My brother…? Don’t beat him Beat him to death Brother…? Don’t spare him Beat him to a pulp Brother…? Do you even listen to what I say? Is your brother a martyr or freedom fighter? He’s a bloody scumbag We should ask all the girls to stone him to death in public He took all the blows without retaliating because he was on duty If the ambulance was not here he will slit your throat Don’t you know who is good and who is bad? Herd mentality! Go pounce where some idiot points his finger You will all suffer I will not spare you “Good citizen, loyalist Patriot, nationalist”

“Well-wisher, Good Samaritan Do-gooder, humanitarian” “Bleeding heart, altruist Humane being, philanthropist” ‘Lion will show his roaring colors!’ “The Volunteer” ‘Vishnu’ Violence can never be a solution Is there any weapon superior to love? If you feel like punishing him there cannot be a bigger punishment than pardoning him File a complaint in the police station Focus on your work We have a lot of work piled up Let our thoughts not focus on him and waste our precious time Okay, sir Hello…? Which area? I’ll be there now – What…? – Delivery case Hurry up – Go – Take care Bro, let’s rush – Jayakumar…? – Bro – You drive our vehicle – Okay, bro Singam, come with me ‘Free For The Needy’ – Go to police station – Okay ‘Amiability and integrity Gems in our duty’ ‘What…?’ What do you want? – Complaint – On whom? Minister Narayanan has filed a complaint against you ‘That you killed his brother’ I wanted to arrest you But you’ve come looking for me Go Wait there Go, I say Enmity of the past You killed him You’re such a seasoned criminal – Selva – Sir…? – Seat them over there – Come, sit Sit here – Make them sit on the floor – Sit on the floor Squat on the floor – ‘Ask them to take off their shirts’ – Take off your shirt Won’t you take it off? Do it now Didn’t you hear him? – Clear out – ‘Remove your shirt’ Are you deaf or what? Treat a man with respect ‘Don’t you understand?’ Selva…stop Wrong, sir Post mortem report, sir He died an hour before he was brought to the hospital Vishnu brought him in 25 minutes to the hospital He died between the time we saw him and time taken by the ambulance to reach there We didn’t even let them check the pulse, sir Sir, shall I send them both? Rahman, assemble all the college students – In which class did it happen? – Undergrad, 2nd year Those students alone stand aside – 2nd year students, come forward – Rest of you stand back 2nd B.Sc Come forward You can disperse Hurry up Who hit him first?

Answer me Can’t you hear me? Who beat him up first? Which one of you? Sir, my friend is hurt and lying in the hospital 130 sutures on her head Don’t know if she’ll survive or not Are you supporting the man responsible for it? This is a murder case – He died – So…? Are you feeling sad my friend is not dead as yet? Answer me, sir If what he did wasn’t wrong, then we are totally in the right What’s happening in our country? Women are being killed in the railway station and church They are barging into houses and stabbing inmates, throwing acid In the bus, car, on the road, in college, everywhere ‘How many more should die for them to subside?’ Shall I die? All of us here will die now Will they reform? Tell me, sir They advise us to dress properly! Raping 5 year old kids And burning the raped kids Grandmothers are being raped What’s wrong with their dress? What more is in store? We are killed if we love a boy or not Damned if we do Darned if we don’t What do you want us to do? When you know a chap is a beast why don’t you ostracize him? You take criminals with their faces covered You let him go scot-free He returns and commits bigger crimes This is a 5 seconds world In this digital world any wonder or atrocity Attention span is just 5 seconds In the 6th second the next shock will crop up We will also move on Then who will punish the criminal? He has to be punished, sir! All these misdeeds happen in public places in broad daylight Bystanders are scared That’s why criminals aren’t scared True…true Yes, they have no fear whatsoever They should be scared Shoot them on the road We will retaliate What will you do, sir? If you want arrest all of us Take us into custody Keep us in detention Arrest us (loud protest) Those 6 or 7 girls who spoke about revolutionary ideas inform Sandhya and bring them to the station – What…? – That’s wrong, sir Do what I say (chorus of voices in dissent) – Sir…? – What are you doing? I’m inquiring – Just leave it – Sir…? Students are shouldering responsibility We must encourage them now Only if they are attacked like this criminals will think twice! Don’t bother The deceased is a minister’s son Don’t make me swear Follow my instructions Okay, sir Rahman – Arrest us – Arrest us Let them go Even if you let them go, I won’t Uthama…it is my brother who died Someone from his family should die Only then I’ll calm down ‘Listen to m-‘ We reap what we sow 3 girls died because of him Their spirits have hacked him to death! Are you a father? Get lost! ‘Wages of sin is death’ Stop aggravating this Don’t do something and get caught in a new mess I am so furious- I can also get angry Even if what he did was wrong it is our son who is dead – Don’t argue – You cried for a week Go…go Raising his hand at me! Look here How long will you feel bad? When you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be so stressed out This too will pass By the way, you have your check up today? My mother is coming with me I’ll go with you instead It’s okay You take rest You’re taking a scan today They will show the fetus, right? If I see the baby, all my pain will vanish You were there and you let him be beaten up, huh? I was on duty So I couldn’t retaliate Instead of breaking their bones-

Coming up with excuses Please bless me Keeps falling at my feet all the time – Is there enough fuel? – Yes Don’t make me push the auto First erase your slogan! Only then you can earn – I can’t give up my principles – Okay, don’t Will you buy me tea? Look, your principle can’t buy you tea! If you call me bro, I’ll break your teeth! He doesn’t like you calling him so Why do you keep repeating it? – Keep quiet, sir – How are you? Listen – What…? – Cops may have closed the case But minister Narayanan might harm you it seems Are you scared? I’m just being cautious Thanks to indifference of good hearted souls power lands in the hands of the undeserving and the villains Maybe for a while we should- Run away, huh? Singam, he’s like a donkey If you go in front, he’ll nip your butt If you step back, he’ll kick you Don’t forget truth triumphs! That will hold us in good stead Aunt, I’ll take her today You go home Alright – Take care – Come, sit All my pleas fell on deaf ears – Sister – Huh…? Give me water to drink at least If you call me ‘sister’ I’ll strangle you! He and his mutt head! – Xavier anna – Tell me, sister Tell him not to call me ‘sister’ He heard what you said, sister I heard it alright He will hit me if I call him ‘brother’ You call her ‘sister’ She came to fling a coconut at me What does it mean? They both mean the same Blockhead! This little imp knows and you are ignorant? I don’t! Mahishasura Varthini…! What, brother? I believe he doesn’t understand Kindly explain to him Look at that! We men should be at your beck and call What do you take us for? Imbeciles of the 1st order, huh? If a boy falls in love with a girl he’ll change his walk, attire, emotions, et al Only for her When she wakes up and when she sleeps When will she step out and with whom? Which route she’ll take and which second she’ll look back? Her likes and dislikes We will do a thorough research I also did Just because she is interested you’re rattling grandma’s dialogs! If someone disturbs the girl he’s in love with he’ll take all his friends, wage a war and prove his love is true But you girls in general won’t react to anything and stay put like a Drama Queen Makes no difference if he is dead or alive We should break our bones and keep following you Isn’t that right? Where did this sudden love spring from? Did you think I’ll say all this? I am a shameless fellow Suddenly I’ll fall flat! I love you too! “My precious lassie in delight Glitters and gleams bright” “She sways her hips high Strikes like lightning from the sky” “She strings Cupid’s arrow straight above my eyebrow” “All by myself I lived happily Now she’s stirring love within me” “She flicked her plaits back” “Just a touch, taken aback like a bullet, a swift attack” “She stands there sweet as a candy” “She makes me dizzy, this lovely lady” “Ace it!” “My dear koel blue I waited daily for you” “I thought this was love so true Even if I lost, I loved that too” “Even if he lost, he walks with a gait I took the blame for my soul mate” “I am the fish in the crane’s beak as bait” “She stands there sweet as a sugar” “She makes me spin in circles for sure” “My precious lassie in delight Shines and shimmers bright” “She sways her hips high Strikes like lightning from the sky”

“She strings Cupid’s arrow straight above my eyebrow” “All by myself I lived happily Now she’s stirring love within me” “She flicked her plaits back” “Just a touch, taken aback like a bullet, a swift attack” “She stands there sweet as a candy” “She makes me dizzy, this lovely lassie” ‘Sole’ satisfying!! They are both out of danger – Thanks, doctor! – But your father Both his ears He hasn’t still come out of that shock My wife? She is alright But…? She miscarried “A fragrant flower on earth” “When I wished to be in this birth” “My story all of a sudden Why was my chapter closed then?”

“Swathed with love’s boon” “Safe and sound-proof in your womb” “In 10 months if I should bloom Whose fault it became a tomb?” “I know not your face so dear” “My face you did not see either” “For the right time to dawn” “I nestled inside waiting to be born” “Mother, your kisses to shower on me” “Cradled in your arms, crooning a lullaby” “I wished this with all my tiny heart” “What do I say, I had to depart?” “I did not play happily forever” “Nor sleep, my head on your shoulder” “I did not go to school either” “Nor see the milky white moon wander” “I did not see my father plough his land with fervor” “Before I could taste the sand as a toddler why was I buried in my land, answer?” “I did nothing wrong, never a pest” “I was no trouble, not the slightest” “Parakeet without a nest” “Why was I put to eternal rest?” “A fragrant flower to (be)hold” “I wanted to be in this world” This wasn’t an accident Conspiracy – Father – Not an accident Conspiracy You’ll be fine Treachery! Cooking gas cylinder was delivered to our house only on the 4th We need to book again for fresh stock Son-in-law…? Son-in-law…! What happened to my daughter? – Is your father okay? – Please relax Is my daughter alright? – Take them into the ward – Please come, uncle She’s fine Nothing to worry Singam – I can hear Xavier – What happened to him? Singam…Singam…? What happened, Xavier? Minister Narayanan’s goons stabbed me and seized our ambulance Hold him Lift him Nothing wrong…hold Nothing to worry – Please don’t hurt him – ‘What do you want, I say?’

Clear out Vishnu ‘If a monstrous beast comes to attack us…’ it’s not a wise idea to hug and roll along with it Either we should stay away from the beast Otherwise we should change its direction That’s all At least now listen to me, my son Stop everything Put an end to this – Anna asked me to bring you – Which brother? Kulavilakku, our district secretary Please leave Ravi, you carry on I’ll bring him – Alright – Please go Listen, the chap who sees us as his enemy is well connected To defeat him, this man is ideal Same party is encouraging 2 factions One becomes District Secretary and the other a minister We are ordinary people We need protection too Let’s go meet him Come in Heard you held a knife to his throat You’re the ideal match for him – Is he our caste? – Don’t know Which caste do you belong to? What is this, bro? You wanted to see me urgently to enquire about my caste? Caste is the main factor here You’ve made it so Only because of our voting system we are stuck with caste as a burden Brother In every caste, the majority reject caste system Only because they are silent worthless voices are heard loud That’s immaterial Our family has been in politics for 3 generations Pandiyanar joined the Party recently He was made the minister only because votes from his caste exceeded mine Caste decides the success or defeat of a politician Wrong, bro That is not true at all Votes of the educated people The first timer’s vote People who don’t like you Their votes Next generation has woken up Hereafter caste cannot play with politics Obsessed with the caste system you have made innocent people queue for freebies You made people beg in the streets You let go of everything You were in the wrong You took 100 or 500 as bribe to vote By the way, what is it we let go according to you? You let in whatever shouldn’t be allowed You let go of whatever needed to be protected Kudankulam nuclear plant and Katchatheevu Gave up methane You let go of farming You let farmers die You let our relatives in our neighboring countries to rot You let go of our tradition of bull fighting ‘Jallikattu’ is the sport close to my heart It’s a game where I roll and embrace my bull whom I worship as God This sport is my hereditary wealth My tradition, culture, bravery Above all this it is my medicine Only my homeland had cows producing quality milk equal to mother’s milk Not in any other country or continent Do you know how many breeds? Aththakaruppan, Anarikaalan Azhukkumaraiyan, AaLaiverichchaan Aanaichoriyan Kattaikaalai, Kattaikaari, KattaivaalkooLai, Kattaikomban Kattukomban, Kaththikomban, Karumaraiyaan, KarumaraiKaaLai Karungkoozhai, Kalarvaaiveriyan, Kazharchikannan, KallakaaLai Kallakaadan, Kannanmayilai, Karuppan, Kaaram Kaari, Kaarchilamban, Kuttaicheviyan, Kuttainaramban KuLLachivappan, KuththukuLamban, GunduKannan, KooduKomban Koozhaivaalan, Koozhaichivalai, Kottaipaakkan, Kondaithalaiyan Aerichuzhiyan, Aeruvaalan, Naaraikazhuththan, Nettaikomban Nettaikaalan,Padappupidungi, PadalaiKomban Pasungkazhuthaan, Panangaaimayilai, PattikaaLai, PaalveLLai Pottaikkannan, Pokkuvaayan, Porukkannan, Mattaikolamban ManjalVaalan,Manjalivaalan, Maraichivalai, Manjamayilai, Mayilai MayilaikaaLai, Maegavannan, Murikomban, MurikaaLai Muttikaalan, Sanguvannan, Semmaraivan,SemmaraikaaLai Senthazhaivayiran, Sevalaierudhu, Soriyan, Thanappan, ThallaiyankaaLai ThariKomban, Thudaisaerkoozhai Thoongachezhiyan,Vattapullai Vattacheviyan, Vattakkariyan, VarnakaaLai, VaLaikomban VaLLikomban, VeLLaikudumban VeLLaikannan, VeLLaiporaan, VeLLaikaaLai, VeLLai

KaruththigaapiLLai, SandhanpiLLai, Panangkaari, Sempooththukaari Kaarimaadu, Karukkamayilai, PulikuLamkaaLai We had an array of cows Where did they all disappear? Scattered and separated You sacrificed them An average life span of a human being is 300 years He dies of cardiac arrest at the age of 30 You let the toxin flow in What our previous generation protected and handed over as treasure you let go of our responsibility to pass it on to the next generation That’s why students protested Along with youngsters, women and children Whichever direction we turned they stood in clusters Tamil Nadu was floundering Entire nation sat up Asia was shell shocked Had Bharathi and Gandhi been alive they would’ve embraced them Had my father Abdul Kalam been alive, he would’ve been elated Students staged passive resistance With sincerity and honesty Students won You didn’t have the heart to even give that victory to him You staged a drama, broke his head and made him run helter-skelter on the roads Because my fishermen brothers gave them water to drink, you destroyed them This is vengeance and violence perpetrated by Tamils on Tamils Betrayal inflicted by Tamils on Tamils We cannot forget this I can never forget this This is for sure, bro My motherland has life Many good souls have shed blood on this soil Mother Earth is most patient If it snaps it will result in tremors The bad will always go in and only the good will show Mother India will sift and sieve her people and bring her leader to the forefront That is the present scenario Here, now, it is happening It is s(h)ifting How many white dhothis your brother has? Maybe 300, why? Starch, iron and store them Look for some other job Bro, you have your facts on your fingertips Your enemy is same as mine Join me, we can close his chapter I think ‘Enemy’s enemy is a friend’ as a proverb is totally wrong I don’t see anyone as my enemy Don’t make me a scapegoat for your intoxication Brother – Take care – Okay, bro I know to take care of myself I know how to deal with him also He will send him in a tizzy fit When he is running in circles we will close his chapter – Good morning – Please come Come, brother Come in, dear Go inside “Like the golden sun luminous I will be back as your baby precious” “Crossing many births indeed I’ll come to do many a good deed” “In my heart a picture new I will paint of both of you” “In a home ringing with laughter I’ll be born again as your daughter” “All the love you have for me I’ll gather in my heart safely” “Good as gold I will be Earn name and fame truly” Aiyo! My baby?! Don’t cry Try to sleep Here Give it to one who takes a bribe Pinnacle of honesty? Come what may, you come to collect your due promptly – Haven’t you taken action on Vishnu? – True that – Arrest him under section 307 – True that You let him off in your brother’s case Let him count bars and rot, sir – Lighten his heart – True that! Why should he lighten my heart? I have my own methods – You stay here – Okay, sir – Rahman…? – Sir Find Vishnu wherever he is – Will you buy me tea? – Go drink Hey! Wait

Vicky, call advocate Mohan Vishnu, come here Call the advocate Vishnu…? Don’t go What, sir? – Get on the bike – Why…? Just do as I say Sir, a policeman just took Vishnu Will you come fast? Where are you? Why are you puzzled? This is my house Minister Narayanan hasn’t filed any complaint But he wanted you killed unofficially Till I let you know you’ll stay here The way that man is too calm I feel he has an ace up his sleeve I can divert him He need not commit any new crime Many of his old crimes are buried deep – Let us dig them out – I’ll also help you – What…? – He has absconded! – Nab him at the earliest – Okay, sir Sir, there are many good people with me I’ll change his direction So soul satisfying “Good Samaritan, volunteer Humanitarian, do-gooder” “Good citizen, loyalist Patriot, nationalist” “We will rise in a nano-second to help the poor we will respond” “All men are born equal We arrive at this conclusion natural” “In undiluted affection is a zillion joy and satisfaction” “To relieve others’ misery the world will become a sanctuary” “If the speech impaired can talk many heads will roll on the sidewalk” “When questions are asked mistakes will be unmasked” “When a revolt is the need of the hour even the sea will turn into land to favor” “Whoever opposes this endeavor will become lamb for the slaughter” Who is his auditor? Everyone is aware of only Sukumaran But there is an unknown entity His name is Kumaresan How do you know me? It isn’t ethical Please leave Sir, my situation is such- I told you to leave a while ago – Sorry, sir – Get going Sir, 1 minute Will you come inside? – What…? – If our child and I are alive it is because of him We are indebted to him We should oblige him Details of his property abroad I’m also aware how dangerous it is to be an auditor for a man like this That’s why I’ve taken some footages without his knowledge This might also be useful for you Our village officer, tahsildar, revenue inspector Local inspector If we get the support of these 4 men you can achieve anything you want Imagine, we can’t achieve this much even if we knew the Prime minister! I click my fingers, these stooges will come running They will sell their souls for money Grease their palms more than your monthly routine He can’t be cruder than this I saw videos even more disgusting than this Shall we send this video to those 4 officers on whatsApp? He has spoken ill of only the women at home We’ll send this video to them Only if they react, these officers will change How can he malign us like this, ma!

Should I be humiliated for your misdeeds? Get out of the house If you come in this broomstick will speak! Surili Pandi, it’s in our whatsApp group My wife, children, relatives No one at home is respecting me Past 2 days I’ve been staying in a lodge My mother is waiting to thrash me If he bribes us, can he let his tongue run? If we allow him to steal 100 bucks he’ll give us 10 bucks We teach him which hole to enter and exit to deceive – Can’t we plug those holes? – True that We will plug all the holes and loopholes – We’ll show him our true colors – True that! Uthaman, you are awfully quiet? I am very upset, sir One who greases the palm will deride the hand that accepts We heard this and so we react to it There is also information other than our grapevine Words fluttering in the breeze What is his problem? Inform those 4 officers I want to meet them The way my children look at me with disgust It is such a disgrace My wife wants to divorce me Hey, Surili Pandi Talking to the car, huh? Wasn’t this month’s earning enough? What’s up with all of you? You took the bribe unashamedly, eh? Not enough, huh? If you need more, why don’t you just ask? What is this, Uthama? You raised your hand at me Is it an arrogance born out of affluence? Why are you straining yourselves? This won’t be enough for him There’s something else Turn a deaf ear You’ve only seen our Hyde side? Haven’t seen our good side, right? Wait and watch You will reach your all-time low We are the machine for the Govt It can spin this way The other way as well – Rahman – Sir…? Yes, sir Hey, scoot Don’t get beaten to death Just leave Get lost, I say What’s happening here? – Did they really hit him? – Yes, bro I told you so He will dig his own grave Be vigilant, our time has come He is willing to surrender – Why? – When I was with him I had ‘taken care’ of 2-3 Govt officials But there is no evidence of my hand in it If I surrender now he has to be arrested, right? Please go You gave me back my life As long as I am alive I’ll be by your side We can bring him out as soon as possible, sir ‘Judge M.Parandhaman’ Singam

We are jobless now without our ambulance I feel terrible, Singam My stab wound is our only ‘reward’! Things are falling into place Definitely our evidence will knock at honest doors A good officer will come, Singam “If an order I issue” “And that is carried out true” ‘The hero who enabled us to regain the gateway to the ‘Jallikattu’ arena’ One who rebels will never reap the rewards of his revolt! Only our nation is known for such disgusting self praise! Good morning Whether you brush your teeth or not… you turn up here in your politician’s uniform! You won’t benefit one bit I’ve been struggling for 6 years Trained well to show your 32 teeth! He has a fine sense of humor! Hello, bro How are you? I’m doing good Is that a new model? – I bought it yesterday – Didn’t you buy anything today? The jewelry shops don’t open so early, bro ‘Why don’t you go sleep in the store?’ ‘Where’s Mrs Shorty?’ – Coffee, madam – Stir the gravy Here she is Hello Ramar What brings you here so early? Why won’t you ask? I’ve been coming here every month for the past 6 years Did you give my wife the promised jewelry? If you give my 15 sovereigns of gold I can develop my shop, right? We will Don’t worry Now go and come back next month Aunt, your dialog is constant You don’t forget even 1 word – You won’t believe me if I tell you – Can I ever digest your lies? – Okay, tell me – Party, public life, people My husband has squandered all his wealth I believe you! We are going through tough times Even I’m finding it tough to hear We don’t even have money for our breakfast today I’m planning to buy the batter from Balaji’s shop to make ‘dosa’ Madam, do I make turkey fry or turkey gravy? What am I saying and you- Bloody ass! She lies through her teeth And so flippantly Look who is here Crook of the decade! Who let him in? Muruga, switch on the TV He is always flustered! ‘Bakery Pandianar loses his post as minister in a sudden twist’ All the respect I earned has been lost due to his greed Rascal…! I’ll kill you Did I swindle your wealth? All intact, isn’t it? Saw the news on TV? All because of him Lost everything World war 333! They will cross swords now – Get out! – ‘I’ll come back next month’ ‘Don’t step into my patio’ This is even more sensational Who is this? Mr ‘Ilaikadai’ Ramar You are under my control – Sir – Yes? You’ll get zilch inside Mr Pandianar? We are from the Income Tax department Give me your phone And your phone You? – No, sir – I don’t have a phone Switch it off There’s a raid now in 11 places you own Full-fledged wipe out, huh? Including your leaf shop! Sir, I’m quite a pauper – Give me your phone – I don’t have a phone In your waist That’s been switched off 6 months ago ‘What is he pressing?’ Give it back My dear fellow Tamilians Sensational news for all of you Are you ready? Make it ‘live’ now Shut up Rajendran, count the family members Arrange breakfast for all of them Get it from Balaji’s shop Give sir the tablet he takes before breakfast Order turkey ‘biriyani’ for lunch – ‘What research!’ – It should be hot ‘They printed this recently?’

Even the ink hasn’t dried as yet Hoarded it in wads so soon Wretched fellows! We stood outside ATMs dawn to dusk Even if you had given 1 chain I would be settled for life I asked for only 15 sovereigns of gold The reason is only channel which excavates the truth Truth TV We deliver Truth door to door With cameraman Tamilthondi This is anchor Aryabalam Okay, Alamelu? He isn’t sharing the News with us Self praise is recommendation should be his slogan! Mr Pandianar? Give him the 3rd degree, sir When you filed your nomination in the last elections… …your declared asset was worth Rs 26,670,432 But now it is 40 billion approximately You’ve earned so much in 3 years and 6 months What’s your monthly salary? 32,000 + allowance What does your son do? Business – What business? – Pulling wool over everyone’s eyes 3 and ½ years ago what was your family business? Bakery Does he look after the bakery? He doesn’t even look in that direction Narayana school Narayana college Narayana hospital Narayana mall Narayana residential tower Narayana chemical factory Narayana marriage hall Narayana theatres Lord Narayana! All these have sprung up in just 3 years 6 months 400 acres of land near Kovilpatti in your wife’s name How did you buy that? Even I knew only now The coir factory near Sholavandhan is in your daughter-in-law’s name – Source? – In her name too? Are all these from the bakery’s income? Sir, you are asking me all these questions Ask him a few too Shut up 5 of your family members hold accounts in 11 banks Each account has millions How come? – Sir? – Yes Why are you including me along with them? I lead a very simple life, sir Integrity matters to me – Mr Integrity – Tell me, sir In your name alone in Indoran Bank you have a deposit of 776,600,000 In my name?! 20 kg of gold biscuits is deposited in IMI Bank I don’t even have money to buy biscuits for my kid Think I’ll buy your story? – Shut up – Sorry, sir – What else, sir? – 7 stone quarries in Melur In my name? Last year you’ve paid income tax of 26,800,000 You mean ME? You own 7 bungalows under the sea in Dubai – In my name? – Yes Sir, I don’t even have a passport They’ve taken it for you – In my name? – Yes I should strangl- You pothead! Shut up Sorry, sir All your activities are being recorded on camera I dropped it, sir Sir, they told me about this 6 month ago I’ve never set my eyes on this hoard till now Hey! Bro-in-law Bloody buffalo! Will you eat all this? You can eat only what your stomach can hold Otherwise you’ll end up with hiccups Relatives, servants, cook Buying properties in all their names Dog in the manger! Don’t tell them nor enjoy all this And then 1 fine day die all of a sudden The whole wealth goes down the drain Why can’t you distribute it to people while alive and share their joy? Won’t 15 sovereigns of gold do for a man to lead a cushy life? Sir, I haven’t taken anything from them Except my wife Look at this female She is Uncle Scrooge’s sister! She’s supposed to be my aunt My father’s sister and my mother-in-law As soon as they became rich overnight they threw me out on the streets, sir Sir, maybe I’ll bring my wife and leave her here I feel ashamed to be married into this family with no values Mr ‘Ilaikadai’ Ramar – What? – Close the door – Come and sit here – They’ve found out However well I perform they won’t let me go My dear fellow Tamilians You are watching truth ‘live’ now The reason is only channel which excavates the truth Truth TV We deliver Truth door to door With cameraman Tamilthondi …this is anchor Aryabalam Alamelu, are you there on the line? Who the hell is this Alamelu? Why are you torturing her?

Fax all the details immediately Amudhan, did you count it? How much is it? More than 3 billion, sir Pandianar, it was announced 7-8 months ago this is not valid tender Why are you still hoarding it? You won’t believe me, sir Say it in a believable way He will fall for it, uncle Can you come a little close? My son and wife look at it daily and cry He’ll buy this! – Sir…? – Yes? Leave behind 4-5 bundles, so my aunt and her son can cry from tomorrow – Shut up – Sorry, sir Pandianar, how many vehicles do you have here? Whatever is parked outside That’s all Don’t lie, sir has caught us by the scruff of our necks! You are such a wim- Just shut up! Shut up back to you Don’t keep yelling Sir, imported cars are parked in the rice mill go-down 14 bikes, 2 tempos 6 Indian cars 4 imported cars None of these are accounted for To top it all, you’ve usurped an ambulance needed in emergency for the public That’s the beginning of our bad time He kept his hands on the ambulance Your feet stepped in Rajendran, we can look into the other formalities later Release the ambulance first Can you buy me some tea? Go, drink Hello Which area? Come Vaikundam, let’s have a glass of tea Don’t go on a trip Roll in a tea shop all day Whose signature is this? You should be- Signed M.M.Pandianar He could forge my signature even as a student I’ll butcher you – Shut up – Thank you, sir 2 passports 2 licenses 2 voter ID cards What is this? As Narayanan and minister Narayanan – Rajendran – Yes, sir Collect all the documents he has signed in the last 3 years and 6 months Send it immediately to the forensic department Wherever a possibility send it to all the departments What happened? I was wondering how he didn’t try this trick for so long Rajendran, take him to the hospital Please call the doctor You’ve disclosed everything It’s paining Come…come along Careful, my son Pandianar, he is not your son Your sin Sir, take me to the hospital too ‘Ilaikadai’ Ramar – Sir…? – Sit down He found out I am a bad performer again Whatever the body language I get caught ‘This politician too has got the inevitable chest pain’ ‘Our analysis-paralysis’ Zoom in, zoom in ‘We are staking our lives following him all the way’ Alamelu, if you notice ‘…minister Narayanan is holding his hand to his right’ ‘…while the heart is to his left’ Circle this in red and relay this to the public, Alamelu ‘I wish to record something else too’ ‘They are least bothered about it’ Watch your step, sir 1st time I am actually signing, sir Be truthful to the people who voted for you, sir – Sir? – Yes? I came here only to try and develop my leaf shop But you made me sit here all day letting all the leaves dry over there, sir You’ve co-operated well, Ramar We will meet again Meet again! – So uncle – Tell me When you were Pandi you ruled your roost As soon as you became Pandianar… …you’ve become the patron of ‘anar’chy! Aunt Are you still here? This is my hard earned money It will stay with me I’ll get batter from Balaji’s shop Let us all eat hot ‘dosa’ Okay, dear son-in-law After squandering everything they bond with me, shamelessly ‘Minister Narayanan is entering the hospital, Drama King that he is-‘ You can’t go inside No permission We are from the Press, sir Alamelu Tamil, just shoot this – He’s acting, sir – I am fully aware too Timber merchant Babu will be slapped with an arrest warrant We should thrash him, sir Will he go to the hospital and sleep peacefully? We shouldn’t let that happen Who is most loyal to him? Someone called Murugan, sir – Which caste? – Ours, sir

Get hold of him for me Not a single channel is showing any interest in him Only we are following up without food and sleep Tamil, we should carve a niche for ourselves Only then can we make a mark All this is a protest for our future Drink up the tea But let me tell you this, Tamil This chap is a big time fraud Somehow we should telecast this to our viewers with evidence For 15 years you’ve served him What did he do in return? He won’t do anything Because you aren’t from his community Ravi, from this very second Murugan is the new secretary What should I do, bro? Come here We know he’s acting But we have to stand guard What to do? 33 cases have been filed against you 3 with an arrest warrant If you get caught, that is end of your freedom I’ve parked a car at the rear Stacked wads of cash Try to come out somehow Come soon Alamelu, just switch on the ‘live’ camera feed Minister Narayanan who was admitted in the hospital is escaping in disguise Don’t stand here He has escaped Are you on line? I’ve got a sensational news for you Just switch on the ‘live’ feed ‘My dear fellow Tamilians’ Bro, I helped him escape Ravi, get all our vehicles out on the road ‘My dear fellow Tamilians’ ‘Now it’s our struggle to show you the face of minister Narayanan’ ‘Zoom properly, Tamilthondi’ ‘He’s crossing us without getting caught while continue to chase him’ He shouldn’t leave our town Issue a stab at sight order – Okay, sir – Make it look like an accident ‘Alamelu, if you notice…’ ‘…Minister Narayanan is driving against the traffic on a crowded 1 way road’ ‘We are also following him for the sole reason to expose him’ ‘To bring the real truth to your doorstep’ ‘My dear fellow Tamilians’ ‘People who misused public money have never led a hassle free happy life in history’ ‘Good and bad not given by others’ ‘Do Good To Avert Bad’ – He’s still alive, bro – What are you saying?

Bro, the ambulance has left Knock down the ambulance ‘Record a testimony for the statement ‘I lived’ ‘With friendship as our bond, P.Samuthirakani’ subtitled by rekhs assisted by harini&seth “Patriot, honorary helper Flag-waver, volunteer” “Bleeding heart, altruist Humane being, philanthropist” “On earth as a variant change is the only constant” “Friend, join my battle to win Step forward to fight every sin” “Bring your armor of bravery Along with our armory” “Voluntarily, no doubt Wastage will be wiped out” ‘Come into the inner ring’ “We will swirl in this world unmarred like the wind with no holds barred” “With helping hands and kinship we will reach out in friendship” “Not tempted by needs selfish” “A Good Samaritan without blemish will rise for the world to cherish” “Patriot, honorary helper Flag-waver, volunteer” “Bleeding heart, altruist Humane being, philanthropist” “Soul-satisfier The ultimate volunteer”