When Macaws ATTACK! Training Them NOT To | Tusa vs Jinx

hey guys so I’m gonna try something I don’t know how it’s gonna go but I wanted to show you so we can all learn basically for those of you that have followed us a long time you know that we have three macaws two of which are brothers and our Camelot macaws and one of which is jinx he is a blue-throated macaw what happened with our flock dynamic is that when we got all three of them we trained them all together we housed them all together and and everything was great and fine of course because young birds are great and fine however as life progressed jinks are blue-throated macaw really thrived in the show environment and so we used him more and more for more complicated tricks and interactions I started using him in the one-hour pre show at the circus whereas I didn’t use common in Tusa comment and Sousa tended to spend more time together whereas jinx spent more time with us that’s just kind of how the natural progression happened he just is a show bird he loves being in the show and he is so good at it that we just kept going with it comments are also great show Birds but we didn’t socialize them as much because we were focused on their free flying aspect and we really didn’t want them landing on other people so we intentionally didn’t socialize them as well as we did with jinx and kind of what happened is calm entities that became more bonded with each other whereas jinx became more bonded with us and so even when we put comments in the show we usually have them in kind of in the show together so we put them on the cruise ship they were flying in as our finale – so is flying and landing on Dave and comet was flying and landing on me but they were flying in together and then even on the circus I think gosh how did that go it feels so hyung ago comet appeared with Dave and then Dave would fly him to me and I would fly to said to Dave and he would have both of them and and run off with them and so just like the interactions and everything that we did was kind of pair and comment to sit together just because they liked each other and they’re more they do the behaviors together and jinx was kind of solo and what happened one year was they were housed together in Jenks when after twosome and he hurt him pretty bad in the face and ever since I’ve housed everybody separately but when I have to house two together I usually pick comment and Tusa and they’ve always done well but comet and jinx have done fine as well it’s too sudden jinx that seem to have an issue and it’s really drinks he goes after Tisa so then this summer we spent in Moab and Jenks went to flying colors aviary and hung out for the summer while I had all the other birds and I slowly took the birds up to Idaho that weren’t in the show and that included comment so we were just using Tusa and Cressy and when I brought Jenks back basically this fall or end of the summer Hammond – so were great they got along well there was no comment to change his dynamic and they were buddies and I remember saying in the videos I’m like man if I get home and this changes I’m gonna be bummed out but I’ll also have something to film and you guessed it I have something to film so what happened was I housed all the macaws separately and the dynamic stayed the same it was all good but then I really needed to house my three medium-sized birds separately and I’m basically short one cage so no matter what two birds have to be together have to be housed together so hopefully we’ll change that soon but we’re kind of having a space issue so what I did was I chose comment JUSA and I put them together and it totally ruined the dynamic so jinx is now an outcast again and I’ll show you what that looks like it sucks Jynx flew over don’t say be ready to go but whichever two were together happened only you got against comment comments like the one that can get along with both genes Chanti so so what I’ve decided to do is work with them and show you guys what it looks like so I’m gonna bring all three macaws in I’m gonna put them all on a tea stand like a perch and I’m going to reward them for just being in the presence of each other and being nice you’re gonna see some insane body language I’m sure from mostly jinx

uh-hum wings go out feathers go up eyes pin he gets pissed and what I’m really gonna try to avoid is having them go and attack each other I’m hopefully going to be able to house not house but like position them close enough that you guys can see everything well and we’re just gonna go for it and see what happens so okay gonna grab the birds be right back alright we’re gonna start with jinkx cuz he’s gonna show them body language when the others come in and then I’m gonna put comment in the middle because he’s kind of a I might have to back them away comment hey back away a little bit everybody’s a little light comes down they are all gonna get an almond but we’re again we might have to wait a while Wow good boys good boy yeah hey Jinxy let’s do this ya know so jinx got a little heightened seeing the other guys get an almond – so what I did was cute a behavior where I know he wasn’t angry doing it and it distracted him enough I was able to capture that good consent emotion and give him a treat after all oh boy hey there was a girl that said that she never sees our Birds poop on video so that was one if you missed it okay so they’ve all just switched into training mode this is good I don’t know if you see it but they’re all waiting for me to cue them to do something so what I’m gonna do and you can see nobody even cared good comment I’m just gonna wait they’re far enough away that like they would have to jump at each other to make it not work comment I might have to but it would be HUGE if they stopped doing this right here comment wait oh good boys so what I’m realizing would be even more awesome here since I have three birds we too have at least two people so one person could reward jinx and one person could reward comments you said because what I’m having a problem with now is that they all get pissed off that everybody what about you you want to give it well I worry about you doing it kiddo because they’re a little bit mad with each other and I don’t want them to accidently bite you I’d be okay if they bit dad but not you nobody likes to get bit but I’d rather have dad get bit than you dad’s been bit before and it really hurts your feelings dad can separate it a little bit better than you good boy try this aha okay so what I did was I had two almonds in my left hand one almond to my right and comments are pretty good with

each other they each took one and jinx took his and they didn’t even know that everybody got rewarded so who needs dad we got it I know I’ll have to pick it up after can I show everyone your painting yeah since the guys are just eating their treats you guys can see what Capri is doing she is painting over here while I’m training look super pretty kiddo oh really all right what I would like to do is move everybody a little bit closer so we’re just gonna move closer to comment oh you are fine to go closer check that out nobody even cared Oh can tell Jenks is uncomfortable because he’s furthest away from comment he could possibly be good job guys yes yes can we all give aways we all give aways comment you’re just crap let’s give a week wasn’t as good as I want it comments you know if you’re like get me out of this let’s switch places and see what happens that’s what I was afraid of so jinx actually jumped after Tusa I don’t know why it’s so big what’s yousa as you can see the comet was more of the aggressor now they’re teaming up ya have to separate you guys all again go to the middle the side for you yeah comments really with it you you went after his brother buddy you can’t do that okay so you can see you switching the dynamic to the access problem birds who are to send jinx they’re not ready for it and comets aggressive aggression is just simply coming out of the fact that protecting his brother we’re just gonna have to wait for you guys all to calm down for wings to go down for feathers to chill out you know we’re gonna wait so you’re being very good too so go going to Papa you okay call me you all right I’m not calling you stay there your little antsy buddy oh boy Jinxy oh boy – waiting for you to chill out you calm down for me I don’t know if you guys can see it that well but comments kind of twitch in his wings he is not a happy camper so I’m just kind of wait the other two are really good right now though oh what a good boy go man go boy

okay well hopefully this is helpful I’m ending on this one because as you can see it gets really intense really fast so it’ll be interesting to see also since to send jinx are really the ones with the issue to just work with the two of them and take comment out of it so we’ll see what happens I’ll give you guys an update so comments over by me if you want to see he’s over here I know you’re upset we’re gonna go put comet away see how this changes things those are both being very good it’s okay Jinxy wait for me good all right so you can see hopefully you guys can see if Jinxy jinx is the aggressor he is literally waiting to just fly at yousa so I’m constantly happy to get his attention Jinxy to get you at all all the time so do you mind if you have a question or like a comment one of them can get really hurt so jinkx is mad right now because I’m holding to sir and what I’m gonna do if he flies at him is I am going to pull Tusa out of the way so that jinx can fly into whatever is behind us you know comments word for you don’t even so jinkx came after us but he didn’t get to suck okay I’m gonna hold on to you instead we’re gonna try it this way since jinx is the aggressor and chooses not I’m gonna hold on to jinx so that he can’t attack do so and jinx is asking to go to my other hand because he knows that I don’t ask him to do anything on this hand so I will just I will not let him get you buddy when I get you good boy good boy No

good boys okay so this is a lot better I can control the aggressor good boys and even getting them a little bit closer without them noticing thanks I’m gonna grab some more treats cuz my staff well that wing twitching from jinx is super good that is him being very very nice hey king snake yeah yeah but they got to earn the treat by being nice is Jinxy being nice okay that was good you little bugger he took the treat I had for deucey hold him a little bit lower what I want is for drinks to associate to you so positively this next time I’m going to try getting two so the treat first and then jinx so that worked a little bit better I’m holding him just far enough that he cannot actually get to so which is making it so the two-step feels safe enough he doesn’t have to fly away I know you are so good maybe is enabled okay oh my gosh so that was super good that was Jinxy looked at Tusa he totally had the means to do his normal mouth open at you and he chose not to

they’re getting braver at least two says getting braver is being willing to get closer to job sometimes jinx thinks that he gets rewarded for kind of like doing a preening motion just interesting I guess I could use that you guys are being so cool you I can tell Susa is really uncomfortable so I’m gonna back off a little bit that was or he’s just anxious to fly because good boys good boys creating the time clicker Oh job yeah Oh super pretty completely mr. picture all right so I’ve given the boys a chance to just hang out and be content and they have they’ve been great they have not done anything to each other another session see what we can do Jinxy good No gonna have to hold you okay we’re gonna go back to holding cuz that’s fun you can see the jinx is trying the things that you learned but he’s a little too heightened oh you’re doing all the good things but your heightened your emotional state is not where I want it which is more important right now so I don’t know if you guys can see this but he is super twitchy so he’s like all robotic and stuff which I don’t want it means that he’s excited she was doing everything right he’s in the right state but Jenks is a little too heightened and I don’t want to click because I don’t want this emotion captured I mean really content happy don’t care emotion no you want to

go on my other side I broke that wrist so it gets old good that I wanted you