Zoom H6 İnceleme Sonrası Tüm Merak Edilenler (Soru & Cevap)

I’m playing right The friend next to me misses two notes Friend next to you Hayda says Mr. Mehmet Welcome to the broadcast I entered with this beautiful music that will answer your questions Released about Zoom H6 You had a curiosity Questions came one after another came both from Instagram and from YouTube I prepared a short video for you to wait for your questions so that 35 minutes I shot it in a long detailed video, but I still saw some question marks left in mind Zoom came on h8 by the way Of course where did I come to shoot on your review came to zoom himself did not come home I do its review on the web and try to inform you in detail, but Primarily with zoom h 6 Those who want to buy You know there was a new generation this Black thing associated with it About those who want to satisfy their curiosity I started making this video now by the way You saw the room layout changed again I plan to make more light videos a little more Even more I’m in a comfortable environment right now That’s why Whatever you have in mind Your questions You sent me to sleep now Now I’ll move down from the top rated I will read their names, I will read their comments. Now I am moving from top to bottom, now Sinan Han said that I am Beyci I follow the Hello channel with pleasure My question is Zoom he 61 without connecting IPhone iPad keyboard, ie without connecting to the recording program He he gold with his microphone Or with this Go with your microphone, brother, I get your recordings so low on the volume. Wear your microphone E6 7 level So if you’re hungry for a click it will peak Loved as high as possible Sinan Bey Even though I have adjusted it, when I plug the SD card into the PC and listen to the recording, it can only be heard at the last sound I can listen to the recording if my 2 questions I want to use He 6 with an iPhone phone Video logo on iPhone’s camera with h6n hood microphone I want to shoot. Consider making an annotated video about this. Thanks. Let’s summarize now Maybe not an annotated video We can create a usage scenario about it so I am on my phone I wear Zoom H6 It’s really about how our voice went to our phone with an apparatus About how the sound went on my tablet Can enter details There is a cable related to this also As for the place Basic About how to connect Now it’s about not getting the first signal you mentioned Actually When I look at it, I’m also my last record Where about 7 when I enter a channel I got the level of the seventh But it’s actually Let’s take 7, here if we get 5, it will stay low. 8 is the best situation Not Because depending on the rotation of the sound in our environment We know we can’t turn on much more. By the way, are you the headset? Even emoji Whether we hear the sound louder or louder Can change So I do not know how you recorded it on the sound source Instrumented, that is, the source sound As close as possible e.g If you If you use Already right across from Record at angles or slightly wider or narrower Record 90 120 degrees In this way In a way that you can see your guitar Your milk You placed your theme in time, Taboo is in it Included in the piano when you hold it down When you hold You get the sound in good shape but maybe what we skipped here What if we ignored the tandoori places and haven’t seen it because we haven’t entered the settings in detail yet? Burner compressor limiter settings Something standard is set and A limitation that you do not want is a She’s on the limit and her voice Open the certain limit as much as you want I think it’s about Of course, you can also get your details about the headphones See the details of the headset, if you want omage If it is loud, the sound is less likely to sound I would like you to look at him, brother, thank you for your ending Erkan Şamcı said that I am the only one How can we record guitar and piano? Can we use effects like veriboard?

I sent an e-mail, I guess the mail is already old Shule Recorded guitar and piano just now While answering Sinan Bey’s question As I said These are microphones Microphones referred to as x y 91 A 120 degree So it’s recording My guitar is here This microphone too When I put it like this Don’t play in that position, so get the looked angle It would be good to have On the piano When we hold this from the hill If this is a grand piano it can be held from a slightly different angle. Of course I recorded the piano in the scale, I had you Dandini before You are German and I was at my level the last time I recorded a piano It was at level 8 But as I said, your piano The stealing is roaring, the environment it is in changes the job so The piano is recorded at 7, six in Classical guitar There is no situation that I can say that you can record comfortably By the way Mr. Erkan A World 1 inside this device No status You can’t give a special efix effect That’s why you saved it as SSH Think you get it raw at best and Take it out So The next time you throw it in, the necessary effects there So when you make the adjustments You will have a wonderful record If I don’t remember wrong please So fix it It was like Rivers were on the H5 model, but If I totally think it is because it will be limited in dogs 60’s and this processor is all right Good vexed voice Intended for recording Did a study It’s ok for me But you may be thinking What about me? Let me record the sound, record the instrument, add it to its effects Let me send it The thing is not very solvable in this because It has a tiny screen, you add it to the effects, like how you adjust the proportions When can you have a stone so he will worry a lot Not the details, actually let’s say from my point of view Of course Thank you Mr. Erkan for your end Mehmet Ali said hello. Thank you, the minstrel said hello When we connect it to the machine, there is a deep noise Best virtual corner lock laws How do we connect Zoom H6 Thanks now Secrets at the entrances of the machines in case it might be 1 Stereo In other words, double-lined cable is used But let me answer him in the meantime, when we will enter the phones 3 stripes With cables Here is this style Even with cables going like I tell you right now Let me tell you the model Rodin Sj7 Goes from terrorist I used a wireless lavalier microphone, this is the red cable you will immediately remember What sc7 With it you can connect to your phone, one or both parties have a request Also with cable I’m tied to the sea If you use a wrong bow, roddick sound is the reason why we can think so, but My advice to you may be this again If you remember my review The camera was already shooting me With Zoom H6 I made all my recording so It eliminates the need for the camera to stay on the camera, for example the microphone is here Let’s do it like this My microphone is recording me here whether I recorded it here or I recorded it here I put it on the top now If I need to move with the camera, the staff will take it here I’ll take it here maybe I want to save something from the top so Save this externally Look like I’m doing right now e.g. it’s recording my Voice on another machine right now Camera just me Becoming a reference So to sync that sound Two voices Of course, my advice is still up to you Zoom H6 ya Record your normal voice as you wish, but Record your voice and watch Synchronous Olive. No need to deal with cables and numbers. By the way, pass it in the phone I said Put my phone down Interview your Zoom H6 the way you want it or record an instrument it doesn’t matter After that It synchronizes so easy There is this, by the way Final Detail about sync in my video You can easily do your job So so We will have a problem If there is no situation, let’s say that you cannot find the cable you connected but still did not enjoy it

Why You May Think By The Way There is also that my lamb He gold is a datacard in itself It has an input, you know it gets all the data here Now do it Why when you bind to the limit This processor on itself doesn’t have any jokes Your assurance makes your camera point On you It becomes a sound processor that is so beautiful What happens to a person with 10 points Processor that processor is unpleasant or bad What happens is 5 points dropped 4 points So again Came to the same place External recording will be fine in the cold Kenan Beyciğim He said we can’t use Unfortunately we don’t have that much money Currency has risen so much Taxes soared I want to make a detailed video about them By the way, this device is around a lot in second hand So you can think of them too Almost Believe 40 50 pounds to the hundred Proportions You have the chance to buy at a discount and most of them are clear, we can think that at least If you absolutely need to be more reasonable Maybe it’s an opportunity for alone Did it add to the place that we can get more suitable Is there anything we can use There are many So if he goes longer he has kebiri h4h 5 But it’s about your job Zoom H6 fully If you are totally okay For example Multiple entries This is what I do in the sense of being, but Hi5 doesn’t see Because it has 2 inputs I 4 When i will use I’ll need individual devices but Voice recorder only record my instrument or let me record an interview, chat a YouTube video When we say My hanger has dr5 has value 40 existent has r07 Like Zoom said there are four and five each I guess there were both Yes There was also Zoom H2. I couldn’t remember if anyone knows It will also solve your business easily Mr. Mehmet Yaşar Nalbant said that dear Sercan Hodja, this device is your video about 3 days ago Bought after watching in depth Thank you good bye use So about You have 4-5 months of experience right now Case Looks good An easy-to-use device like 18 solved everything great But the questions I should ask you are I wear an acoustic guitar now when we record vocal I mentioned in the video But whichever microphone I use while recording this card, I can get more efficiency Let’s go step by step Now On this microphone It’s over Different artists try on different positions. Which one sounds good to you? I can say because you also know that it is such a long Turn to me in the shaky version It takes where you look This microphone’s joke Say it Taking at this angle 97 120 degrees The joke of this microphone Straight across And take it left and right In front of you It is 180 degrees to pick up all the sound in the 180-degree range Hence there The effect In front of the microphone A little when you act as position You gonna listen man It might be a little bit unappealing but stay back further Stands still Your record When you take it with Muslims Microphone available with MS It can be very productive I recorded both of them are very enjoyable She knows well, says horse different That’s why It’s a little bit up to you it’s not a situation I would say much better than both really Very good microphones Height and height with mouth during recording in 2 questions How much should be the height and distance with the mouth Look from the distance in the mouth Like urine As it is now so this too Microphone About 4 Parma If the signal is too strong You do not open Ideal distance to sing a song right now but A new post profile type you have been using for years I’m a little far away, I don’t show

You put the Epo filter here and it’s already 3 fingers It is behind, of course, completely sticking from the microphone Even then Four or five fingers when you come back Almost a Up to an inch Tablet Almost that much 20 centimeters longer You stay far away, this is an ideal distance but This still From time to time I get questions How many inches should be exactly Exactly At what level That it must be in your sight Solar comes in. There is no correct answer I have a think Do you think Civil Because This environment It’s a bit too much acoustics. I have to get the microphone closer so that it doesn’t take the battery, but we got far away Of course it could be so It’s up to you actually but Just like that, four five fingers Ideal for recording The whole question has come, Mehmet Yaşar Bey Wear your feet for this blood. Mention your feet for height and distance This is yours A little Come I used it at 7 but There is a little more in use on the other side of the room Much The voice was spinning I did not want that voice to enter the recording again, so I brought it to six, but this 6 out of 7 is not the correct answer Trust your ear again like I said because after a while Your ears will start to make very correct decisions in Everything You Listen, Because Now adapted to the work and run Expert You make it because Because When I watch Gökhan Türkmen acoustic cover videos I have the sound output I want. Using Zoom H6 you can see from there So Maybe you are applying compressor on it later, stop applying dimitr, you know, in this device Trucks have compressors so Interestingly me I haven’t used anything very nice in my video I just made this pen Nice one I think a nice I burned the signal level I was done Many people like that level but thanks to As I said, this is nice for me, it may sound different to you, you adjust it to the level you want But of course he The level that we call Pique does not explode because you When you discard the information, Wear it compressor limiter River Cruise anything you want He is constantly On you The signal level will swell and no longer Much more Will the high income be high? When you reach a level where you can’t move over the sound You will be back in the arugula recording you won’t be able to restart it So too As possible So loud that there is no noise but You have to record it in a way that is not too low to be heard To save us as clean and high as possible When editing our records later It will definitely work for us 4 questions Finally, after completing the recording, I can simply select which effect edit settings from the incubator I should use Thank you very much in advance, I follow your work carefully And their friends suggest they take it without thinking I suggested Quite a The information that it was sold has also arrived I can say that What about As I just counted You can add a little kiss like a blank so it’s like a blank It doesn’t have a mathematical formula, it actually lives A pinch of pepper, a pinch of dry Magic formula to us Because actually it won’t reveal You see me stop in some of my videos Yes hello I say we are recording right now I play it, bring it, I say it’s over, there is nothing on it, I just add nothing If the sound level is low I increased it a little then Whatever the continuation Go on Thank you for your questions anyway Very Most curious questions You are well ranked Mert Bey said, don’t put the expense, We are Sercan Bey. Yes, this is done without an end These are not happening When we try to do good a little Unfortunately it is expensive Ecem Büyükdemir bey said that I also commented on the previous video, what I am curious about is the monitor when we use it as a sound card Is it possible for us to get a minico, if possible, how? I can Now This is what I mentioned in the video on this device I think there is a deficiency in the new one We will see how they did it to tv8 Over

There are 2 details about giving out sound One of them is the speaker on its own. This is at least recording audio. You hear the sea but Of course this is a Can’t be the installer What is it Line 6 varjan Line bottom One is a couple That For you to connect a pair of speakers 3 people, two speakers in the list If you are connecting a stereo speaker, you are connecting the speakers you have entered separately Hearing is like 62, but Two speakers let me get out there There are 2 speakers next to it. I am connected to 2 plus 1 or different speakers Me a Box Maybe you need to have it done So your output can be in a box this amount of course You will enter somewhere A mixer with more than two outputs or It will be like an external sound card But of course this sound card will be a little pointless anyway, so Output Two separate installers A wiring to separate Get the job done or occasionally like I said maybe Splitter Using a device such as a mixer such as I would do the job better but a direct earpiece Or when you exit the monitor I think it is a bit of a nuisance to get into the tiny place because there is a lot of weight The circuit here is a little bit of the card inside Physically I think he might sting I think a lot frankly Actually I think I can either plug in my headset or remove my old card and put it in my computer, but A comfortable Desktop audio Use of Duty does not tire because When you see I put my hand right here I want to adjust the sound, not possible The main exit is from here Touch to touch Setting the memory part A little hard Either actually Can be used as a dress card But a sound card Is it Of course sound recording drama When you say I’ll send all the cards I have, just use this as a sound card It takes a little patience He can say comfortable to use like other cards Uğur said that work Thank you Mr. Cem For your question, Mr. Uğur said that Mr. Uğur Deveci Hello, I am Uğur from by4 channel, we have a channel that produces content on music and cinema for a few months He first released a series The biggest problem in our series is loud unfortunately Already Productions are the most painful in the post-production part Good bit Sound subject Brazil is a pretty sound subject Professional equipment as it is not enough Boom We couldn’t use In this From the hill Without ever entering the frame It 8 microphone review You’ve seen it in 8 microphone review videos Tpd There are these microphones like this that are held and used as jokes Where did you see the elephant? Who had Talking about him Mr. Uğur Slightly expensive dao tools We didn’t use it, we just worked with the 90-120 header of Hey gold, so he talks about it Mr. Ugur Why is this so Snap Snap Set it in that position that’s when we do On himself Worked with 90-120 cooks It Was Not Very Sufficient Outside Unfortunately, he cannot focus because he is not such a joke 120 degrees 90 degrees Since there is a large area to record quite such a sound source in the middle Some Don’t stay weak I think Now we will start with the shooting of new projects I in addition to the H6 Shotgun microphone for sgh-6 h-6 The microphone I’m talking about Linked If I take this title, if I wear the H6 in a long Monaco, do you think this can get performance You will definitely get that You probably already started your project drama Maybe for other people who want to get information Beneficial This microphone is already up like this So let me call it a shotgun microphone Whatever he sees across You can register You can use it comfortably Is it from the environment too much from the environment Especially from the sides And of course from the back won’t get too much noise Focusing on the counter is already directly like this rifle microphone In all projects This style is very comfortable especially in outdoor shooting Sees your business easily I hope it was a good project record Zorbey I await your return if the video coincides

Ecem baby Left a comment Mr. Sercan, I am very happy in advance that it will be a video that will be a Derman for everyone. Thank you Izenergy can interpret Thank you for me I have riding questions, how do we connect it with an iPhone, that is, video and audio sync, and how is the quality? As you said let me answer right from here so this is beautiful We use a microphone but The headphone output of this I put it on the phone and its So the sound Of the sound processor I don’t know how right it is to rely on your skill so this is definitely us You say I will stay on the phone and I will not do it any other way Yes you can You fine tune the signal level Be beautiful So he thinks to be used comfortably One live to a broadcast just done this way I haven’t been so comfortable now hold the phone So but Of course it can be done if this is the only solution we have I don’t prefer much Since there is no feature such as ribwort on the 2nd part, it comes from an external amount Registration Both there How to do I just said Telephone You can get the job done with its cord So the converter is with sj7 with rose’s table Of the device Since their names are not particularly like Berk, how do we get the recording from an external quantity with good quality? All channels through the mixer also Treble settings i.e. equalizer Would it be more useful to do Feature-like Reebok above the eye, recording volume from mixer Now Cem’s other point is that In Niksar How do we do it when we transfer a sound that is outside in the mixer to this Yes We will enter from here with Impo dust, you already know that Combo entry is both diarrhea and Direct You can enter line cables In this The recorder’s sound is on the mixer, you can send it first about the clip but Just me Earlier As I mentioned some videos How effect If you overwrite the record because you are limited in a word of 3-5 on the mixer Recording in a shaped way You gave too little, and it is not possible to change it later because Its Principal duty If you get your raw record well In a way that won’t peak too much Exploding then Him-her-it On the recording software Of course in a comfortable way Let River bless me and you will do your job comfortably as you can arrange its service So he You never need to enter the river bastards Seyfi Bey says Seyfi Durmaz has increased his voices of expense while watching the video Those who are in the expense are crying right now Seyfi Beyciğim because Something like 4000 happened Mert Bey said, I will have 2 questions, especially between 5 and hy6 Niksar youth, Is there a difference in quality? 1 has 2 and one has 4 entries I recorded it as well but got the same result I suppose instead of H6 h5 except the number of microphone inputs and color screen and so on Are there any big reasons to go now Mic input number is already I also choose the reason I created colors Color display It doesn’t matter I don’t even look at your screen V There was a detail that I mentioned to you before. Now I’m mike turn to me Is Heidi doing it I pressed the recording What happened? Screen stuck here If I could lift the screen like this, if it turns to me when I lift it Or Let me see where the screen is, at least with a microphone. So I I placed the microphone on the stand, I pressed the recording After that, he tries to see like this from above Customer screen What will i do Turn on Selfie mode and Hold a mirror I will see if the signal is loved, will I enter it a little In other words, you must have someone with you and put the person in the recording mode I think it’s unpleasant but Setting everything in the way I set Then Returned I saved Like Can be It was my reason for preference. I also said that my main goal was actually this Record podcasts I go like 4 microphones. Here are 14 on the headphone outputs I distribute Monitor Maroon Inside the monitor outputs Can be used in refinery

Divides the inputs directly into four by five Coat There are also duplicators I may not have said So he was the person to buy 6 but let me enter 4 channels Here is a stereo recording like let me take off the microphone If you don’t have a compulsory need H5 is both full You can use it like you can sit with a smaller one I think you’ll be comfortable Emre Bey said, Thank you, by the way, for your question Both there Did you miss it? Purpose of use First of all, single channel voiceover as an extra instrumented performance recording Or when multiple microphones are connected Or direct interviews where the device will use as an internal microphone You can already use 15 of them as a sound card H5i Multiple microphones Two You can use it if it’s convenient for you You can already use 12 microphones Instruments So always get work Pepee more reasonable As price Emre Bey said that What are the settings of the compressor limit in the Zoom H6 menu, where and how to use it Right now Is there Up the hill I’m putting the other video He explained in detail on yogurt There I put the compressor limiter settings below or its link, I try to put the minute Compressor limit has settings, overall ambience for vocals for drums There are also dimmer settings for Not to go above a certain level Raising the voice below a certain level and making a We use compressor and limits climate trucks if they want to bring them to the worker By trying and wrong I don’t say by mistake, taking notes by trying and learning Yes, this compressor is now this Where is this compressor you can proceed step by step like this It was the best education because Unless he lives Here right now Should I apply a compressor, should I apply the limit here? Experience as excitement what you know or mine now You may not necessarily need to use the drum compressor of the drum recorder This is a beautiful percussion from Doğanlı who is about Snow With complete deletion You can announce So too Its a long The subject is actually So I can give you a link BIM Thank you Emre Bey for your end, Fatih Bey said that my teacher, I bought the Behringer 1202fx mixer Best wishes but The question is not the subject of this video Writing a comment about the place of interest gives you a quicker response I can say good-bye, I will use it for the baglama vocal recordings You can use No problem Izmir said on the agenda, Hello teacher We Web TV Zoom H6 Rode wireless Go 2 for live streaming on Facebook and YouTube 2 units We got your absence We want to connect the program to the laptop So He said that you can use Zoom H6 as a microphone, how do we broadcast live How do we synchronize? İzmir Those who listen to love can do 16 You can use it as a sound card or as a microphone, so It has its own microphone too, because the microphone is used as an external microphone to the microphone already Wirecast it in software Even Your long program Not a thing You can also do this in the Zoom program with the device Now, the feature of using ozma sour as a web camera has come, but I do not know that I appear in every program You can show it in the Obsede Of course This Show it as a sound card Near you Rode wireless Go game Output Enter the signals above this, input the signal inputs So It’s the microphone of both With this microphone in your hand Go to the sound card The sound card is also the main Since it will be used as a sound card, I am not in the software on the obiyes Ozme is years old you can show it on obiyes Job done You make it very very comfortable Ali lukewarm said that Is when we connect an outside microphone You akege PS3 48 volts or 40 for this microphone or guitar 4 Volt Do we need to activate now what are you going to do for it? Fake GPS 3 copied my post Ask here I pasted I said enter Hey performance, behold, the microphone is over

No Phantom Power on dynamic microphone I closed the tab The answer is that you can find these easy, you write that the worst don’t you know for example the dynamic microphone’s Phantom power You don’t need You write Phantom Power next to it, it’s not already there, writes Another question is, Alibey said, for the song or sound recordings I will buy in the device Is there any iftar? No The type you will receive Have user manual enter it No need to enter page by page Enter PDF Write check, write iwork If not, there is Not already Come on, I explained it in this video Already many So type Zoom H6 divert and press enter when you face There would probably be thousands of information Even let’s see what happened together Zoom H6 Driver Printed Antara Something called Zivert demo video comes out Don’t be fooled, cover it like the name of the channel By the way, for example Zoom H6 Liverpool I wrote what Zoom The first Survivor Turkey Is there Zoom H6 department asked all over the world Look at the user manual Gürler is already Let’s download the user manual There is no ediver in this device, no training, compressor, limiter, professional Just take the sound anchovy A useful one Say well think So the River 1000 doesn’t Don’t be upset because it’s not a situation to be sad So there are no dogs so Do not be bored Ali Bey, thank you for your question, Arif Eren Bey said, with the Microphones of Ruhi 6 out of the box Is there a big difference between an external condensed microphone, but love the style of the seminar from the subject with the microphone that comes with the Zoom H6 Of course these are condenser mics So Phantom Power needs But these verses already Since it is installed as such a switch on the device, Fun You do not need to activate a menu in it as a Phantom What does it take? You will hold a microphone with 1 Phantom Power here Then it’s in me You need to activate Eve On another microphone Rode nt1 l11 if there is an opportunity to compare with Rode NT USB I could not see a special difference Meat is slightly brighter than each other maybe one is a little darker But this Tasteful Who matters Or how bad was this? This is how wonderful I will be asked We left with secrets I don’t think there is a difference but Go and of course I’m not talking about noyman u87mg c414 hand they With serious capacity microphone NTV ones two Nevit Lermi Comfortably Opposite Actually Thank you for your question The next question comes from Omer Bey, if you get a punishment, you will not hear the voice Do you shoot a 1000 documentary or the sound of the city? I don’t know if you will It should not be taken just because I will work on YouTube or just 2 songs that’s it Mr. Omer So the summary of the work I bought this device We’ll do it in 4 days, friends Hello to my channel, welcome to you now I will asemere Worthy You now I will read poetry Come on, What about 4 thousand liras for this? So you get one lapel microphone His job is already You can easily solve So Like, it’s not a Prestige issue, so if they don’t see the Zoom H6 I can S s Tongue So Do people pay his money if No An important place in what you do If covering It will cover Easily Of course you can use but So One at work at the beginning of 40 years That’s because I play vocals on my guitar player 2-d Let me tell you rather than buy the device You get a much more reasonable sound card, get one condensate one You get cable You get a stand Maybe half the price for the kid, maybe you can solve it for less At İŞKUR So If there is no iPhone 11 People that I’m tech savvy They don’t think If you don’t have a claim like Do something like that if you’re doing sound work So there is no such thing as whether it will be Zoom H6 Zoom H6 How long is it to Uludağ? It has been a year, maybe you haven’t done a sound job before, I have been doing it for years Is this me Do not think of such a thing that will make you have plastic Thank you very much Omer Bey for your comment Beautiful was precious

Now we come to our other question The minstrel said that Let’s say we put a microphone to an extra example channel in the video you will make What should we do to give refik So like Now this is not about ta11 Zoom H6 but it is not record we got these We have opened one channel now, in the channel we opened, just next to the village petrol There was a letter e next to the channel. What do you do? Already this It’s not a situation about the use of the microphone It’s about your program dominance So you bought the car You are not ready to use it right away. Actually If you do not know A little Drive forward You may need the technique So too You add effects, so you wait for Züber, you add the Cruz compressor limiter according to your head So You will use cubism at the point where you say what we should do, write lessons in the branch There are too many Turkish videos The English Want to see even more Global Very English because it is visual You don’t need to be a judge, they already show you Poultry LED signal Write your branch 101 101 is the first beginner lesson Love minstrel Easily Publications You can find And don’t think like anything I do this I need to get 3, if I get 4 this is ok. After half past 3 If I get it, Abu is not something that can be memorized Try Boz Yanal’s You say this sound isn’t right This thing You will use unique When I said get it 4, I mistakenly said take it to 12 and it came out of my mouth and it didn’t notice Life, billah, will you be 12? Let me see if No already 10 Even life, you will bring this setting, try it Hear it too Act accordingly nothing you will do Does not break the menu of the device Most of its contents You delete You will use it carefully, it will not be a problem, after all, you will get what you eat The computer already do this tomorrow Also a cell phone Do not think about what happens if I press this menu, let’s see what happened You write to Google, the job is solved Don’t even worry about these Mr. Kutay said that Let me ask how it is for a Converse microphone in the middle like a mountain with a round head that comes next to it, and I said Tesek Just As i answered A very similar job can be done according to the integrated Thank you for your question Life is life Name user Hello! Phantom Power part of the device has created serious confusion In which situations should monopole be used only when we wear a conference microphone? Or should it stay open all the time Now here you are the door, there is nothing confused, in fact, if you have condensate microphone, you will use Phantom Power You put on a dynamic microphone and you get condensed microphone The Phantom Power you set for is left turned on It’s no problem ’cause he has no situation to see him anyway No problem Martyr Akdeniz, you put on a good guitar When I put the temperature in the instrument again, no problem, but anyway It has such a beauty Because you gave the channels separately, so you know, I gave Phantom Power to a channel I’ll put on a condenser microphone Continue for two three to four for example Old, was it turned on? Was it closed? Don’t think about where I can find it from the menu If you make a habit of it Hymnody Mr. Çevik Demirci said that I would get a cable suggestion to connect the H6 to washing Yes Rode sc7 Also, can you suggest a cable that will not distort the sound in the same way that I will connect the guitar to Hey six Actually, there are too many cables. I am currently using dirty instrument cables at home Schulz has cables. You give it the planet. You have cables. There are no quality cables Smooth trouble free Tables Comfortable comfortable We can make Malik your source Thank you for your ending That crane 007 James Bond said What top-tier H6 when shooting Canon dslr video Condense microphone goes well When shooting video by Canon law H6 whatever I know So as follows if If you use the microphone that is funny, you can use it comfortably because it focuses where it is looking Disconnected especially Zoom H6 Either something is not connected anyway, just in that question

I think I missed a little bit Master rodent goes to dinner I am connected to it, you know it needs to be connected to the computer, you can not connect to 170 anyway Microphones on it Is it enough in Adobe Premier to merge the video on the right with the Vav recording on the hy6 so that you can use it comfortably? Of course We all do that anyway, what I recorded on camera Right now From that too This is already in sync sync what I save from this machine Does this merge reduce the wav file quality? No It’s not relevant because one of them is video You are not interfering with the same voice, because What should I do when I combine the wav file to the video for the woman not to reduce the quality? You don’t need to do anything Attachment at the bottom Electric power Cables Not coming out Electric cable There is nothing because Have language It has normal 100 cable so there is no adapter plug already Is there Let’s see No 18 already Not because it took off on the cable These are said to be charged, there is nothing to spend I did not take it forward, now one and su kavlus Village official Power cable Is it necessary to plug the battery in the socket at the same time? Is electricity enough with USB cable You get 5 volts Of course enough When we’re done with the H6 do we need to charge it like a phone? Unrelated So Since it does not give energy, you are already running on battery by the way, even if you do not want to run on battery You work with cable All of these already So you opened a video but you can find They are showing the moon full already Let’s say I have 6 Said Orange 007 We buy a condenser microphone They say There are cables I don’t know well Let it pass sound, etc. What are the best cables? I just counted cables FMC When you ask a question Open Open Without using abbreviations After all, the person who will read the question will also read them Wide wide After all There is no character limit, so it was probably written up to 1000 characters, which is the most he makes it quite long You take it easy Abbreviations Dot and tell this reader a little confused Is the contents of the mic pack insufficient? Is it not enough for professionals? I do not know what are the cables for good sound recording I did not understand Finally, in case I come to you a video of video with VAV external condenser merging video plus vase-less style Already came Just came first If you look you will see And what video video editing will you say will come, of course, where will the synchronization enter the final? You can look at the video I’m telling you there how you inhibited I have done G62 formatting card in use Failure to register without States You will format that On the device Let the device see the filing system This time There is a formatting order for sorting the related files so there is no case of throwing wrong folders with wrong files You have to do it I don’t know what look, look, plug-in and so on I guess you wrote what on your mind as far as that No wedding dress situation, let me find a poem about the computer We are talking about the physical microphone we hold in our hands, I think one of the most important ones The problem is removing the card from the ziplock slot for PC transfer after recording is finished PC direct throwing method I don’t know if you guys use this device but The device has a USB connection You see friends when you get a beardless computer USB If you don’t want, you can open it here You do You take out and plug in Datacard Let’s say you didn’t get a punishment, you don’t have it Open the user manual like I said one Take a box opening video Well, open it to yourself, there is even my Turkish video so I guess you didn’t watch it Everything is showing there already Well that’s not a problem so For what you have already done You throw it to the computer E a bother Religious How many seconds 3 seconds is over so What will be more protein like this

If there was something you could throw out but there is no It’s too slow anyway Bluetooth PC Direct discarding method to record 9 sequences without removing the card when a recording is finished Making the record New folder settings You have finished recording When you record the record, we stop it, and when it passes to the other nest That’s what you do when you create a new project As I understand your questions These answers I can count Thank you For your questions, he said dot berkmen bey I said sir, but sorry Well she is A. berkmen said that I wonder if it can be used as a sound card Yes used I’m telling in my video Compatible with luk Yes I am telling See what a beautiful surname Mehmet is Mehmet said in a dream, Mr How to Zoom H6 Computer We are promoting, you see Can we record 1 channel? Yes I explained Sometimes it causes problems No it does not remove it at all as you put it on multi-track When you open it, he sees all channels as a joke but So subject sees Stereo if you check Whatever is on this device Never like that Channel You transfer something directly to the computer without having the chance to choose a channel I’m playing right, the friend next to him misses 2 notes Friend next to you Hayda Says Mehmetbey Can is his head, so I know first by playing the guitar and then by reading or recording another instrument Think like a sound card, you play your sound card, it ends next project Head Think about it Birol Trabzonlu bey said that Melo Laser Mosque First of all Thank you for your efforts Thank you so much It’s a nice informative video, I guess I’ll have a question for you, many friends in my situation may be wondering the same thing Let me guess the cable could be the sound card microphone input and Liverpool 1 Reading right now is reading for the first time I did a little research, but I could not find a complete answer, but it would not be an absurd problem. I am writing with 27 on the video I want to record with guitar or other musical instruments as you do First time marry equipment and for people like me I searched and I usually saw on your channel in different sources and this lazy foxtrot presonus Like Sound cards of various brands are now recommended ear sets are correct However, these sets are of similar quality in headphones and video Using the Zoom H6 combination In terms of sound card and microphone performance How do pros and cons It is different in the future process. Can I use it with a microphone. Very good question Except for the questions I guessed, but it really actually makes sense and I think it is also 1 question to be curious about In other words, packages are the weakest link in registration packages The microphone becomes the headset, usually the locomotive there and the proposed device Sound card The processor inside this sound shell is already competing with many sound cards There is a Fox rider presonus What is it Emel zübeyr’s Gert askam Same quality work as these A model The situation in this Installed on a soundcard with a microphone Two microphones depending on the situation Don’t stop actually So this Easily For example, I have a Samsung sr850 in my head right now Connected to the mixer I attach this to this I’ll spend it if you want a microphone but I put it on it It’s a combination that I want and choose Actually, that’s why It might be better at times but the microphone on it is a very good one My teacher wouldn’t have bought a microphone No way An Epic Of course doing business with a headset Normal microphone stand with tripod stand does not happen to this You can solve his job Thank you a son For your nice comment or question Derya Haydar Sir said only my teacher, I will be glad if you answer that will have only one question What should be the highest capacity and most compatible SD card you recommend in H6 Super question Because I have lexar brand Micro 64GB x class 10 13 and u1 cards accepted Mahdi Interesting he did not accept The cardboard I use right now because NX Run I wonder why he didn’t I lx1 that fast

Lexar 600 I think 44 of them. Let me see now 667 There was a missing card in the camera now if I don’t remember correctly, he couldn’t recite it But the thing should not be klason I especially preferred it already vo3 It also happens Very interesting. I don’t know why it didn’t happen If you have a chance to try the follow up on a similar card, or I want you to see what is compatible when you insert another card Just me Now I used and i am looking Use a few cards, let me show you immediately Like medicine box Dada medicine In the water Feature You are in the thing right now On the machine e.g There is this 1 here class 10 16GB toshiba’s exceria Has card After that, Samsung’s 11th Evo Plus has 32 633 customers at Nex 633 V10 32 There is also a 64 room on the machine Brother must be all of them I’m sorry so why so Interesting Thank you For your question Let me tell the party a question, can we change the location of the grave to love first because it stays upside down Mr. Seko Let me see If you take it out, the whole melon system in it will end, so Isn’t there any Desert I wanted you inside Though they thought about it somehow, when I look at it now I saw it interesting but I didn’t think it like an opening flaw I wish we had the chance to take off the jewelry and experience such a We would make its reflection, wouldn’t such a thing happen? Giza approach but Thank you Şafak Yaşar The answer to my historical question Please give me friends Do you have H6 daffic No No Dawn, I don’t have it, they didn’t put the inside of this tool here I put everything, I put the diberti No Nevsehir There is no other model in it We throw Inna program and make the effect. Unfortunately, those who said yes, there were those who said there are There is no such thing because so inside Mr. Şafak thank you Your date question Answer No There is an answer but nothing Liberte İlker Öztürk Bey said, Hello, how would it be great if we got Sümeyye 6 and recorded Classics? Classical guitar flute violin whatever Whether you stay in this or chat or joke You make all kinds of records I definitely recorded the piano for Izmir I made an engagement Save a lot Huseyin from us Thank you. Good brother Hüseyin said a bother. Hello. Hello. I want to buy this tool But I also have an iPad, how can I record via garageband USB camera adapter When you plug in your cables Turn on USB of it when plug in with converter Channel You have the chance to see channels On your ipad For example garage in a chewbeads program I could not remember but in I guess Emir channel did not see Channel, 2 Channel 7 see a channel You sign up that way because I Garage so I recorded it on the phone but You say I want to show all channels, but there is a different program, I send it to the branch with fog, here is the chance to see multiple channels Is happening E of course it can be done so For example, we deleted the garage Mancini keyboard I want to make recordings Midi Keyboard Can I connect iPad also from Mizu Mazlum. No, you are not connected because it is an essence Was it someone outside? No connection You have to use something external for him, but It is for you to hang out in the same place immediately How do you tie it up and save it in shit Then take out the music Keyboard sound recording You plug it, you connect it, you save it, but You don’t need it to use a mini keyboard anyway, when you wear it on the iPad, without any delay You can easily use it not like a computer because Thank you for your question Doğan Kayacık bey said hello brother greetings I have a few questions, I would be very happy if you answer me

I’ll be self-financed for my first day I want to buy a sound set I don’t know what to paint in accordance with my iron I will pass on to a friend, do you think it has something to do with this video Another Because there are so many videos about this anywhere you can ask But recording devices are very expensive, I know they are suitable or something So the answer to these questions you gave is I know the answer to the question, but Other Especially I do not want to be disrespectful to those who write questions under this video Dear Doğanbey So I’m passing this question Sorry because You have to ask the right question in the right place at the right time, so if you write under the video you find When I don’t get an answer, please don’t be offended Savaş Bey said that the new version of the 2020 Zoom H6 is only in the Zoom H6 X microphone available No dowry No cable No old card No wind breaker same price Isn’t this a disgrace So It also does not give He said that it is probably sold well after that Does not give it He wasn’t here with you anyway What he wrote was not in the version version abroad in Turkey gives it Ya Bari Mercy Isn’t there anything? Give the box anyway Messy So it has a box I can’t even place it properly, don’t give it either. Give it to a cardboard box Sponge marya Sponge how many lira AliExpress for 2 dollars You buy 10 I gave it to you, you don’t have it Black version of what made the same price What worked Brother a little black Then okay, let’s give it 4000 liras had done this stupid work the other day, a friend bought it Brother, I watched a video from you, he said I went and bought it Then He said I returned or I’m sorry myself I felt responsible like I wouldn’t know so guys It’s very nice anyway, I think so because it sells a lot But you will give shaving grain like this. I do not know what the sponge is, they said send it with the box It So troubled I’m thinking about buying it but now I’m hesitating so that’s okay Microphone Either make this the Light version Put that in He did not put the other one, the brother did not make 4000 Well I did 1500-2000 Now you put it, you make it the same price What happened I now I am lucky because I bought it 3 months and 5 months ago. Is it a shame that the other one is unlucky? I’m calling out to you Already I shot 250 videos I got a message They got the by-product about buying the product. Thanks Sponsored me I have nothing 600 thousand liras Only mine In a 35 minute video I have an earned income According to my husband, there are 600 thousand lira of aviators Turkey The relevant firm is already Does not address I went too Of course I added it to the cart and bought it What will happen Anyhow We are going to buy these products. Ala Sercan has come. Do I have a discount for him? Of course Or use it Bari There is a user experience, so did he listen to a request from a person? You didn’t add the microphone, how many dollars, for God’s sake, 50 dollars is 100 dollars, or then the price is regular according to him Anyway, it is already long after that, it won’t write anything to me anyway. Have they written so far? I’m annoyed now Do you think I could get someone with a microphone Yes, I am actually using it. Look now Zuma for getting angry I’ll throw this product Of course I will not throw You can also do this very comfortably We use your registration comfortably Emre Beyciğim, unfortunately, such an unlucky situation Put such a sponge with a 2020 model, look, now it’s a laugh again I’m annoyed Kalkan ofişıl said that for Of course, Şerif Kalkan, just hello my teacher, I am 6 I want to connect the phone.So I want to hear the simultaneous sound while recording video from the phone I am sure who is possible I mentioned cable You can La I mentioned if you watched my video already in vain but You can do it at the same house, again, I mentioned the details Mehmet Yüksel said, “Can we delete the recording we made on the device? Of course You come to Folwo When you enter and delete the project, you know Listening If by the way well, of course your data card is not erasure protected if not write protected Atamert asked that Mr. Atamert said that “ Hello ” the microphone between the microphone

I just explained Phantom power when connecting electric guitar and acoustic guitar positions How many volts to adjust It’s a completely wrong question Not on instruments Two ends on both ends, namely Phantom Also shoring are tried on the cable When we plug in cables we call toys Phantom Power works 12 24-48, but 48v works Fun That’s why microphones that work with Tom Paul Acoustic guitar electric guitars do not require Phantom Power You have nothing for your family honey How to play the guitar like Mis Goes like a drink Emir said that It is not for everyone to examine with this right of health for your labor. Thank you very much. I am very honored I have a question to make the best recording, you can record guitar plus vocal with a lot of guitar Plus 2 is vocal recording with Emik 2i just the two Guitar vocal recording with Ümit 3 Guitar artist with jack Transaction recording Combo acoustic guitar amp bulb with a microphone Bull Signal live Two em2n indifferently which of them is the most efficient recording I love it Emir is here I’m pretty confused there Something happened I’m thinking I’m answering Listen You plug in the jack You hooked the channel I can say it’s nice, you wear it comfortable with the microphone on Even if you stand still, of course, if you do too right-left, the balance of nostalgia will be lost You can use it easily but So if you want to record at the same time while doing guitar vocals If I have the chance to record separately, this microphone will also take the guitar you put on Make it even more comfortable Bukani does You can use it comfortably It could be something I relaxed I think you will use it that way I do 58 I mean, this microphone is a little trotter You wear the worst one in front of you, you wear it pop way I don’t know if you got it because You used to say that there is no this We were saying Maybe you bought it I don’t know so when you will Martyr Akman It would be good to wear a joke You can put the microphone on the guitar amplifier and record the end you got from it It’s not much better, but I shocked it to be more practical, you put a microphone comfortably You saved it, it’s gone We can actually think A little of your To your taste A little bit of your taste Because recording the incoming sound from the amp May be nice enjoyable I guess if it was absurd, excuse me, the story is good fun just now Already in your comment Comment It was the most beautiful for the sake of You bought Zoom H6 super new bought and for the first time in my life I will go to the registration process super Of course I am giving you a little late answer but By the way maybe this E has been unlucky to experience Dila Of course, if you send your recording, I would like to listen to what you recorded We will see if your place is available, I came to the page It’s been a little long, I guess it’s been an hour and a half or so But such questions and answers begin and end like this Who called? I don’t know what to listen to but Zekeriya readersoglu Bey said that Sercan meses card has a mixer in it and is there a model that can record? I wonder if even my member team has the infrastructure stolen like I’ll record Ayşe is not what’s in it Mr. Zekeriya For example, here is the bride He has such things So both yuesbi den computer You send signals, not sound cards, but you can send the sound on the mixer all over there Quick series On some There is a usb-stick login to the system from there You can send signal music Tuna Sarıtaç said that would you like the 652 audio interface Line 6 mixer feature for the shingles Audio interface Line out mixer Now like Line of mixer It’s not a situation like that makes the man like these normal speakers You can get out I’m throwing you can hook it up to an amp When we say audio interface, it is already the sound card task Means to see Over here dc5v

USB writer When we plug the USB cable into the throttling, you use it as a sound card when we connect it to the computer Inputs on microphones All the signals coming from our computer Channel Channel separately Part makes parting This is it You said interface audio interface Sound card He shows his mission It actually has a feature Let’s say we play guitar and sing independent from the shore. In this case, is it possible to get SSK Fidan? Yes brother Its normal output is already here. When you turn on the microphones, a signal will come to your ear as it sounds Have you bought a sound system amp, but you can send your voice Which Turkish towel if possible a normal Stereo cable 2 double stripes to the body Since this is a little 13 3 millimeter cable You provide To fit the memory You can use it in distance You gave your informative videos and this opportunity stalkie Thank you very much, thank you or for your color in your question You said how the settings should be Actually, there is no such thing as a setting Good night to our sense If you do not give an exaggerated peak value, the burst level will be reached The signal will work for you Signal level SMS Sezgin said that the ixia microphone is connected to one of the other 4 channels When people wear lapel microphones and record, does the sound from 2 microphones combine in one file Or are you from both microphones being recorded separately This Now on That It is understood from the buttons, what varre there is, so there is left-right there is 1234 Which one you press and which one you activate will throw it as a separate file So too 4 already If it’s going to throw it as a single file, it makes no sense to input so many entries We plug in all the files, all the cables, start our recording When our project is over 1 as 1 2 3 in file He’s putting in front of us as 34 liras already I agree We have households It becomes an audio file, we can see our work separately through them 26 I put on the Xlr lavalier microphone and as an apparatus, I put the minus sound capsule on the front part OK I exit my camera from the bottom of the line and shoot video Can be The result is like this. The sound I get from the video I shot is of good quality, but comes from a single speaker It goes like this Good ear If you exit the output, you leave the TV Line It doesn’t matter much when you leave, but You may not have used a stereo cable now, of course, use the cable to know You said I plugged in the cable But it’s actually a little bit for me It matters You connect it that way, you get a stereo recording So you cannot hear it from one side, the measurement is throwing it, so probably the left side He’s coming He’s coming from his channel But sound recording Zoom H6 Zoom H6 or Or I look at the sound there because it does, it comes from the speaker too And two of them are Yours I have to understand and edit Well of course now you get the correct recording on the Zoom H6, but unfortunately, because we made the output wrong For doing wrong The sound is not correct. Actually, you can solve it Actually If you can already sync I said don’t mess with cables, record it directly as I said at the beginning of the video Still get your job done but you do not necessarily want some of their words wired bisteri Don’t have a chance to fix the sound recorded in the video? Where do I go wrong? You may be doing wrong with the cable By trying and wrong I think the next time it will do better, I can say the right cable is the right settings He said that Mr. Şimşir, Mr. SMS Sezgin, Mrs I didn’t know Thank you Uğur Şimşir said that we can connect it to the phone, I told you Who will see again Channel named said that what exactly is different with 2 microphones? I told them Ersin Tunç Bey said that my teacher swimsuits I bought this device for you through the mask version and sleeves for oats and coop Yeah I got it out too But can’t find out what version these are Usually it goes like this Current at the moment When you bought us last year, you will install this year You set up It’s up to date and at the end you download it What if I bought 8 I installed No 8 so don’t say how to use it anyway I I bought 8 and when I will install it, I installed the 10th version Don’t get stuck for it Which version do I use? Every version as I said arms So the most current version

I hope it’s informative You said could you help the manager? Thank you for the post, Mr. Ersin He said good, Hello, use Zoom H6 as a sound card because we downloaded the long drivers, I downloaded the long dream tape Dad, let me buy a multitek, what a promotion as a sound card Also I introduced the poultry as my valid sound card, as I opened the super coop. Zoom H6 nopel without any recording Connected to Zoom H6 I get a sizzling noise in December from the headset when I pick it up Now what you have when we show it as sound card or as sound card Whether this is at the entrance and exit Now The voice went into this Will come out of this Where will it come out from here? Since this speaker with microphone is very close, a feedback will create a crow or To school You now condenser. Of course you turned it on The world will come out of here too much, You will come from the headphones So that the returning situation In order not to create Monitor part check You should It will be solved if you shorten it as much as possible, so that there is no feedback, because When we use a normal sound card and microphone combination We don’t have any problems Secondly, what did you look for? Fix it again? New member can change your cable Sometimes the cables that come with it are in the devices Isn’t it very efficient Feedback that you call constantly crowing So I hope you solved it because the monitor is on. Apologies during this time This is something to be solved very easily In the same way, the sockets in the house are grounded, researching on the internet, someone who encounters the same situation is exactly Last posted in 2010 and then shot the video, I leave the video link down Splatter first not coming in site mod On the other hand, one has a higher signal and one has a lower signal Let me take a look right here Link of the video They have sent OK It It is caused by the facial cord, it was a problem for me because it could not transfer energy correctly Time had been on its own cable, even jumps Be long your own cord I don’t know what USB is passing by A different towel user passed, and then it did not happen again, but the elephant is also crowing from the ankle Thank you for your question, Mr. Atamert, goodbye use your device Lip TV He said, Hello teacher, Thank you very much, brother, but I have a question about this device, but I could not connect the phone I mentioned I mentioned it, don’t tell him At the beginning of the video Probably Lip of list TV is informed You have come this minute Thank you Osman Can Üstündağ my brother said hello First of all, I congratulate you, I want to ask a question Thank you Echo setting when M6 is recording Sorry not I wonder if he’s directly recording Yes Or can we give Eco while buying? And the last question came, those who listen to you It’s been 1 hour 33 minutes. Of course it was. I don’t know how many minutes it will be. One hour 3 minutes If you have come so far I want the thing alone for me Well I am fine Get a bond between us Type zoom h9 If you type Zoom h9 I Know The video you listened to until this moment Not h8 but h9 Something that doesn’t exist, people will look and say what this is hy9 They will search and then they will look for Kiev Video watchers Yavuz Burak Güzelbey said Hello. We are very helpful about the product in your previous video Thank you. Thank you How happy you are to benefit 2 or I want to start a Podcast Was it my old? As Bolkes is a natural chat recording intended, it can be used at any meal at home or outside, or Environment An institution that won’t distract too little will be easy It is absolutely obvious that you can record 2 latches When it’s like a bazaar It’s in trouble, also environmentally At this point, how do you suggest the most appropriate way? You can either connect several microphones to Zoom H6 or An external Shotgun microphone you put in front of us, so you will only shoot this area If zoom goes over H6 You put it, finish it on the pose In that As X and your sheep will be a little wider, maybe Of course if the microphone available now is as wide as it would not be very accurate

You can comfortably get the voice of your location on your router If you say I’m connected to another microphone from outside, of course it is Again enriches the business Diversified Microphones from above, hats, whoever Separate lapel microphones, he thinks it will be a bit costly Connecting a single system is a bit like It can be forced and of course It will be in cheesecloth At first I thought to buy 23 lapel microphones and connect the computer to the phone Now this device And I also got the impression that an ambient sound receiver apparatus would be enough. Absolutely true I already bought it for him That’s why I used celebrate in some videos I read in interviews that it does not record in the same quality as the second microphone 2 microphones Is this the second microphone we plugged in, not the second microphone? Maybe not received the same quality but received the same level because this is a Condenser microphone The other microphone you connect and use is dynamic. Its wait a little longer. It is necessary to turn it up Gotta know the microphone It is necessary to know the experience of the habits of the user So I can tell everybody like he can’t drive the same car at the same speed because Touching a small thing there can totally change the job By the way, don’t get it wrong, it’s just a habit He I can fix In general, it provides information for one-man recordings in podcast videos or articles Podcast Of course they do it by one person This is me You have one more than this. For example, if we were going to make a Podcast with you Let me give you the microphone. It will not be very comfortable Microphones will be too Absurd to focus on anyway We need to focus completely inside I’m confused by the results, never get confused with this device We solve it easily, but don’t put it too far, it will get the sound of the whole room because it’s a little bit unpleasant Regardless of the device, I am also open to different suggestions 2 person Can use comfortably You think if it’s wireless There is a microphone set called 500 so Two lavalier microphones wirelessly That’s rotraut Wow you can use the disco or Wireless lan Even if you say it would be a little exaggeration Separate Microphone mi keyboard 1 month’s brand More precisely, the multimedia brand of the month There’s something to the keyboard Two separate lavalier microphones This We connect a single link and takbir You wear me this is the most practical Used on my B12 video Let me put it over there soon Gets shaped You use something like that talks on both sides You make the record an agriculturalist, but There are disadvantages of using two microphones, of course Of using at the same time Since the two will receive sound from each other, synchronized and We do not want in that environment Preventing the effect from occurring Talk to shut yourself down, talk to turn yourself off, It may be difficult but He’s a little bit of you now Depends on your inner experience you will do then goes smoothly so I have a few microphones After watching I’m waiting for something like this, I put 121 nice microphone put it on the top Both of us All three of us take Once they experience It will be a reason to choose and have a very technical knowledge That’s why I think you’re confused Do not bother, do not bother Because These technical jobs develop with a little bit of work Here you get a car, you drive a little bit, then right in advanced driving techniques Things develop a little and Kenzi you say better, you do better work more Even more You make concepts But of course there is The joy of your work at first Your job you don’t know to do When he combines with his distress, I’m sure that joy goes away So too Step by step, it is very simple, what do we need, let’s put on a lapel microphone Let’s get the condensed microphone, if possible Go like this Thank you very much. It was a good question When I started these things too Originals about buying this device You have explained it very well. Thank you Thank you to everyone who asked all questions, very full There were about 1 50 60 questions, these are 35 of them I tried to answer some questions that are not related to the video, but Please Whether on another channel or on this channel

Asking the relevant question below the video Provides return Going all kinds So It gets irrelevant because here’s asking a microphone under a food video Asking a car under a camera, that is, asking the question we found where we found So if We will do research Since you need an answer to the question, then the right step is I suppose to throw I think it will be more effective Thank you for yourself, join the channel feature has come and I mentioned it in the last video Deck As much as I can come More efficient for you to improve your concepts You know I don’t have a sponsor After all, they work more efficiently Moving forward I am planning Already in the meantime I share them with you See you in the next video You can open bold notifications. If you are not subscribed, you can The more a museum To create better concepts if we interact We aim, we work accordingly. Of course we can From my private life and We take time with you from the busy schedule I hope it will continue to come and take good care of yourself, goodbye You would ask these questions 2. Fortunately we are together Take a good look at Gamze. We are heading towards 20000 subscribers. Let’s see 20 of them 30 We’ll see how forty will we see, kenzie look very well goodbye Goodbye