Bringing Home Two New Birds | How to Bond and Tame A New Bird on Day One

oh my god I hear a lot of noise you guys got it out already I thought this would be like a huge process okay so George is gonna be pressure washing it okay the neighbors are gonna be like what the hell is happening all right put him in the sink we’ll put them in the dishwasher this cage is outside already I brought this up so you can have more soap [Applause] George’s pressure washing the cage you want a knife what kind of knife you want the Cutco scissors the cut Kouzes I don’t know if you guys noticed but like three different phones what you can’t go always wants to go outside okay guys the birds have started screaming like calling cuz they want some attention I had to leave them in here while George pressure-washed the cage because in case they panicked I want them to know that they have something familiar around so although if these were new Birds I would take them away from their territory and train them I still want them to know that something familiar has come with them so it’s not 100% change okay so I think George is done pressure washing the cage I heard him come in in the meantime here’s why I wear a robe it’s relevant first of all I’m always cold but second of all so much more comfortable to carry the birds on third of all if they do have any accident on me any kind of potty or anything which they actually really rarely ever do ever ever ever it’s so easy to come off it like doesn’t stick because it’s just like stands on the fibers of the Rope okay I don’t think he’s done Wow okay so he’s done with this part but he’s pressure-washing all the pieces inside it looks like he washed all the toys it’s probably about ten or I may be way off on that it could be earlier if I actually started watching ants videos at 7:30 this morning yes thank you might be Bustos for commenting on my page now I’m watching ants okay so it’s actually 9:40 p.m. and I realized it’s the birds bedtime so I’m gonna get them ready for bed while George finishes after washing Thank You Rocky he’s watching TV I don’t know why he’s I’m coming so when he’s done with that I can focus on those two birds and not worry about like any crossing of anything now George is doing an answer scrub bird safe I’m sure that’s come out that cage is shaping up though okay who did that you okay are you ready for bed George was doing the second round of pressure washing after he soaked down and scrubbed the cage it’s probably 10:30 now maybe 10 15 takes us about half an hour to get them all ready for bed I don’t know if you hear all the crunching behind me but that’s them all eating I’m getting all these toys I’m gonna put them in the dishwasher yeah I cleared the dishwasher so oh there’s one more toy that’s very important because they use it to step up okay is it dry okay good good news look we have one more of these it was like perfect I found it hiding for those of you that don’t know what this is this is what I line the cage with it’s like my favorite amazing perfect thing you can put them anywhere the bottom of the cage under the cage inside the cage whatever we’re gonna put them in the cage right now what’s your problem you know what I heard that people like to see your crankiness yeah uh-huh heard that today okay so I’m gonna cut this like this I think and put it in their cage so I could have one for the top and one for the bottom I want to put it inside if they’re good with inside and they don’t tear it up and I love that then the bars won’t get dirty some of our birds have

to have it under under in the trunk of my car she had given me food and stuff but I feel like we should just give her anymore our food right away I think I saw like I didn’t see exactly but I did see a lot of sunflowers he’s in there I’ll put food in there I think I’ll put some pellets in there too Tom’s food yeah well Hellmuth Tom’s food tops tops oh yeah this is good the tops food there you’re gonna be like dang this house is healthy her house has been gluten-free for 27 years yeah she had a beautiful house very clean very beautiful everything oh she’s just sick she doesn’t know what’s wrong that’s why she’s panic I guess what happened is she gives the bird so much like love or that she she can’t like she’s a good bird person so Shri she had a budgies I know these naughty Birds they’re now calling me want to come out hey guys I got one I’ll show you all right guys Patti you know his face looking a boy/girl no way yep so who do you want to get a bigger nose to a fair beacon okay she was just artwork go on oh yeah hi that’s Nellie I know yeah she like lets you touch her beak and everything hey Mandy okay you want to give me Nelly let’s get your friend or out yep everybody what happened oh she ate it she ate it she bit his toe hello there oh he’s doing that he’s kind of in a Picasso see how he doing with his face it’s okay Chuck smart he’s a little worried it’s okay buddy hey no he’s liking that I’m gonna step up oh my god you’re sweet I don’t think his Nell wants to grow out though it told you got a piece left what’d he do to you she ate your nail she took a bite out of it yeah you’re being stupid Oh Monty do some makeup all over my face so she has a stance that’s a little more forward do you see that he stands out that yeah he stands tall with his big nostrils I’m telling you she was really good with them what she gonna she got him from somebody who had him I think what she said is they might be eight or nine years old and then she got him from

somebody that had him for three years and they were so ignored that that’s why this one says Natalie neglected clear as day looks like the only thing she says they look like they could be two characters I know what they could be still no we can’t we don’t have the resources because they’re like little twins so like they’re like a Teamsters yeah you’re fantasizing you want every bird they are cute all birds are cute yeah wow you guys are really bonding no I don’t know I didn’t here’s the thing I didn’t want to be the person to put them in there because I didn’t want them to associate me with going in there do you know what I mean she did but then I actually needed to help one of them I hope to get him in there do you think he’ll let me get some too mm-hm okay guys so here’s what’s going on if he’s bonding that well with more tea or move on here he is bonding that well with Monty then he has to give me Monty and we have to switch equally so that Monty doesn’t just only trust George so that’s an important example of socialization so with birds even though you’re like really at it and they love it then when you rest your hand and come back out too fast okay what I did is I was reaching oh really come on you’re making new moves already you can’t be making new moves already we kind of moved fast over here no can I get a sniff or like no are you knocking or kissing so Jenna has no idea that I have these bird what were you thinking when I came home with that cage I kind of figured you’re bringing the birds I didn’t think that you’d go with Tracy hmm hey I’ll go with anyone if I mean I guess Tracy is the muscle man oh yeah so new movements are that’s why you got to get comfortable when working with a new bird like this floor is not comfortable for me right now you just stand so tall he needs a little bit of feather if ik though hey look at his feathers okay you should see his face though did you see how he stretched his head yeah okay so here’s what happened your mommy’s a little sick but she loves you okay now I’m gonna love you me no matter what happens you’re gonna go somewhere where somebody loves you you’re not gonna get separated from your girlfriend so don’t you worry now does he understand English or do we need to say in a different language oh no it’s the cheese speak English can I pay you like George dit so never comes fast around their face you already trying for that huh hey there he’s coming down his eyes are getting beauty oh he’s like liking this from you he’s pretty he seems like he’s plucking that he might have been nervous because he knows there’s changes in this house or maybe he knows that there’s something wrong with his owner are they talking each other yeah he’s like how you doing oh you’re hungry okay let’s give him some food no no no no no don’t go first she wants food from him you see what’s happening yeah but she said that they do this like when they’re on good terms oh but sometimes they fight and you have to separate them because she wants food okay so let’s feed them let’s give them food all right let’s put them in the kitchen you get the food the food is there artists good oh they love pistachios did we get any pistachios in there okay here’s what I think she said they fight occasionally and need to be separated I think I might be able to fix that by putting an extra food bowl in their cage so that they kind of feel like they have their own section that’s

gonna he took a piece off the middle maybe he needs it driven no there’s a chance they need it open are you doing okay that was it I told you okay she found something interesting in there what is that oh I think she’s like never mind pistachio what about all the stuff that goes in their cages maybe at least the other purchased they might have need to sleep on their own thing that’s why I think someone needs a stand to go back and chill yeah so the dilemma is that everything’s drying and our washer takes a long time we want it to be thoroughly clean but some birds like are really particular about what they sleep on and they love stands and the opposite way imagine there’s one long stick like what they have some birds like that to go then perpendicular what’s going on do you miss George now his first scream happened when George left the room so there’s a chance that he’s already feeling better with George around she is responding to him screaming wait I think I think he’s screams because you left the room Shh is that gonna like create potty on this stick we just got it super clean II though no and also can he walk by it to get in his water I don’t think that’s right they’re not gonna feel good walking under that no no look at him he’s already look at his body language Oh put it the other way no no the other one yes no no but they do that’s how Cody and Leo sleep this is how Cody I’m Leo stage is set up okay guys so you want to make sure that they have enough space here for their tail to walk and if it was going the other way it would scare their head as they’re walking by or you have another one there I don’t know they like bananas though so tomorrow we’ll give them some banana yeah he went up there I know it they need that spot here’s a real tester if they’ll come to me from inside the cage will you step up wow that’s amazing she didn’t say anything but I’d like to practice I’m getting covered because these guys are loud no with that that doesn’t cover them at all okay I didn’t need more light part a little more okay George won’t let me have light because of the Wizards unemployed it’s going to bed but anyway I just want to thank you guys for watching this episode trying to make okay guys I love you you