Moscow, Idaho – State of the City Address – 2020

welcome everybody and for those of you that know me we’re gonna have a good time aren’t we huh there’s a bunch you got there right now for those of you that do not know me brace yourself yeah because you’re gonna hear some things this is about our community in our area I always have a fun time and there’s no reason that we can’t have a blast doing this today so we’re gonna talk about a lot of things and I’m gonna have some time at the end to answer questions but for any of you for the bosses out there you can take all the time you need today for those that are working for somebody if you’re late getting back to work tell them the mayor kept you here because whenever I get a group of a couple hundred people we lock the doors I don’t have that very often so I always take advantage of that every single time I get a chance because we have a fun time we need to talk about a bunch of different things anyway welcome and good afternoon folks let’s go to the recently elected officials how about now okay here we go here we are this is your council for 2019 here I am in a golf cart and having a blast look at this guy he’s got the biggest smile thing what do you guys think he’ll look good though this ladies and gentlemen is the team and I refer to city councillors as team and I got criticized here a number of years ago somebody said one world where you call them a team because after all there’s six of them and we make all kinds of different decisions and choices to do with our municipality so how can you possibly be a team where you’re going to see it when we go through the theme and we talk about things like strategic planning priority based budgeting collaboration partnerships so on and so forth I consider that team because we got to remember something no matter what it is in life we do we’re doing management things and we’re going to talk about a bunch of different things but we’ve got two new ones Sandra Kelly is out there somewhere and I don’t know if Maureen is with us or not would you two please yeah there’s we’re eating their sandwich stand up serving you to look at these two ladies right here and I’m blessed I guys share with yeah I mean I got five women little most ever on a City Council I get a chance to work with Arthur then he’s at here as well were you at art he’s back there and he can handle it – how about that art what do you think anyway folks these are the voices of our community these are the folks that make it happen for us and I’m glad to be somebody that can not only help matter those but we talk when we work together we get a lot of things done as you’re gonna see as we go through our slides and of course as we go along partnerships and collaboration we talk about these things here I mean if you look at this university by oh hey University of I know they have been the 800-pound gorilla here in Moscow forever since 1889 one of the things I’ve always said ever since I’ve lived here in Moscow is that we’ve got to be able to help our university University was doing pulling the whole wagon ladies and gentlemen back in the day and we needed to be able to change it and have a paradigm shift as we go along and evolve through time and you’re gonna see some of those things as we go through today with the University of Idaho who I am fond a very very fond of strategic planning support van whole town block party and mayor’s golf tournament which we will have another one on August the 14th sign up early that’s going to be coming out and that goes to a local charity folks one of our nonprofits we have a good time with that last year was Family Promise to the place that we gave town is a good time later County these are you folks are gonna see as we go along or late talk county oh my gosh coffee with a cop that’s a pretty cool thing Fraternal Order of Police but I got to share something with you we got all our county commissioners here tom lamar odom McGraw kathan the fortune and we work well with our County our County ladies and gentlemen are great to work with and the reason they are is because we get a chance to say let me talk about things we make things happen for our community when I’m talking about the community I’m talking about our whole area and you’re gonna see some of this spill over into the state of Washington which is just part of the plus like us but anyway lato County oh by the way they wrote a wonderful article in the paper signed by every single elected official la talk county the Commissioner is BJ Swanson our sheriff our Assessor I hope I didn’t miss anybody but they what wrote a real well drafted letter to the editor talking about tax reform and that’s really what we need not tax cuts we need tax reform in this state and so I couldn’t I thought it was one of the

most wonderful letters and write hit right to the spot so kudos to the men and women that wrote that I thought that was excellent I just wanted to share that with you these guys are part of our partners these are all collaborative and of course the Moscow Chamber of Commerce holy smokes visit Moscow we’re gonna talk about cusp and we’re you’re gonna get to plug in last on this as we go along Jenny smart transit PEP Housing Studies Pullman Regional Airport see this here this is a mistake since pull in Moscow and you’re on this side of the fan sits Moscow Pullman let’s get that right switch it around Tony being our executive director at the airport who’s done a wonderful job he knows that and he’s great about any time he comes over he talks he makes sure he gets em in front of the P so we get this thing right but this is a work in collaboration we have fun with this this this runway taxi thing that we’re gonna be going on oh my god oh by the way and we’ll talk more about the airport because I got a slide on there I want to get in deeper on that so I’m just giving you kind of a taste of things police based aquifer community I mean our team goes on and on and on and I refer to team because all of these are part of the team we’ve got to be an army I can tell you one thing ladies in general when it comes to the state of Idaho our city our community we not only need to fight for every single thing we got is their god-given right to have that happen to us but we’re working together because whoever makes a difference in this community in this county is gonna be us the people in this room us not to ladies on us and that’s a big thing I’ve always said that I’ll continue to say that and so are amongst friends and how we do that is through collaboration and partnerships it just goes on now this huh I love this words ability Garrity you here somewhere raise your hand will you add Garrett Gabby’s here somebody from the newspaper stand up gear he’s way back there see that good-looking young cuss at the dark here that’s good this guy this guy writes good reports he covers city council meetings he was there last night he covers a bunch of things and I want to share something with you I’m very very proud of the paper and I’m talking about Nathan Alfred bloody Alfred and the gang talking about civility civility in politics I mean I hate the word politics even though I’m a mayor that may sound funny but you know we can we use a lot of this in our country ladies and gentlemen what do you think do we need that this if we don’t have that we’re never gonna work together so anyway I’m so proud of that Garrett and I hope you put a plug in for us on that and pass that on to Nathan its Butch as well because that’s a big deal for us you don’t ever get anything done when it’s me against them or them against me it doesn’t work and so we need to find ways to have partnerships collaboration work together to get things accomplished and that’s how we do it in this area we call the Palouse anyway more of that is we call along so oh by the way Jim Keaveney she’ll give me the high sign when I run out of time cuz I’ll keep you guys here until 2 o’clock I love this sort of thing are you guys getting excited and warm out there when you get done eating a lasagna your sugar levels gonna go high I’m not gonna let you go to sleep I got this laser pointer I can zero all right in on it goes all the way back there ok we’re gonna have some fun here we are this was a good day back on October 10 10 10 at 10 at 10 a.m. there was a bunch of us out there very very cold there’s my counterpart from Pullman right there there’s our executive director and there’s a whole mob of people cathy McMorris Rogers that was a fun day I don’t know how many people in this room were here at that function this ladies and gentlemen is a big deal for us we do not have a water system we do not have a rail system we do not have a freeway this is the future for getting in and out of the Palouse and it’s very very effective for of course Pullman as well as Moscow and by the way when we had the state line out here we’ve got to work together get stuff like this done and this is a big thing for us this instrument landing system that has been a huge huge hit and it’s gonna work wonders for us and we went through some pains getting this trips back to Washington DC talking to senators from both sides of the fence Crapo and rich from Idaho Maria Cantwell from Washington Democrats Republicans and by god we got it done because they work together on it it was a pretty neat thing to do and it was an amazing thing for him for me to see because I had people from the FAA say I don’t know how you guys do it and I say don’t what what do you mean this has never happened between two states two counties you got two different cities you got two different universities you don’t why that is is because people fight that word civility means a lot little teeny word but that’s how you work you gotta have partnerships to make

things happen and you’re on the Palouse folks if we don’t do that oh my god it’s like banging our heads against the wall we’ve got to make it happen and guess what it’s all about us but this I don’t even know how many people were there 500 maybe tell me what you think I couldn’t believe how many people I saw it was amazing there’s a cold day too by the way very cold but I’m gonna give you some numbers that you guys don’t have oh by the way on March the 20th the five flights that we have coming in here you know that 5 a.m. morning killer anybody fly on that besides me and not a killer you get up about 2:30 in the morning it goes somewhere does feel like you’ve been on about a two day toot somewhere holy smokes well guess what on the 20th we’re gonna have to morning flights at 5 a.m. and but also a 7:20 a.m. one what do you think about one supper will that work a little bit better for you guys that are not eager about getting up at 2:30 anyway we got 5 flights a 5 a.m. is 720 flight and man when this will run these 5 flights until we get into the summer and then of course we dropped out before because we don’t have the traffic in the summer the university as it goes right back to 5 and if all now with that being said this guy right over here Tony Bean we need to flight the boy see we all know that right Hey so Tony beans working on this and one of the things I’ll tell you about bill Lambert Tony knows this because I tasked him at all times I never ever ever ever give up and every one of you out here in this crowd need to have that same same thing you never give up until the last breath of your body expires and then we go wherever we go right well this Boise flight that I’m talking about we’re hoping it happens Tony’s working hard we’re working diligently on it and we’re gonna keep pounding away on it because it’s something that we need we needed on this side of the fence and that the guys who were there they all know we don’t need we don’t need more than five flights back to Seattle but hopefully we’re working on the flight to Denver – and I think that may open big doors for us and that’s something that 2020 without more information to come and of course Glen Johnson he’s the chair of the airport board I’m the vice chair of the Airport board we’ve got several of our Airport board members here in this audience today as well and we’re all working diligently on this it’s gonna be something that happens to us but I want to give you some numbers and I’m not gonna give you every number but starting in 2017 or passenger count out there was 79,605 2014 83,868 2015 99,745 here’s amazing one last year 2019 138,239 passengers I mention that because yes they did cancel some flights in Lewiston however we have been growing 15 to 20 percent year over year over year whether that happening where that didn’t happen and so that’s an impressive thing for us to see and talk about and there’s gonna be more on that by the way I sent February the 13th which was just a few days ago the T we have full TSA check here with and what that means is back in the days you used it every time you had a tablet or a laptop you had just pull it out of your bag to stick it on the counter and run through separately you won’t have to do that in future and that a good deal for once that’s a victory for us yeah that’s a victory for us and by the way those of you that do not have TSA PreCheck we’ve been having diligent programs about getting folks going on this thing that’s 85 bucks for five years I highly recommend you and there’s gotta be some classes coming up not classes that’s the wrong way session so everyone said we can go in and get signed up for this thing Tony you got any idea when that’s coming up summer sometime right March 2nd through the 6th Oh coming up soon for those you don’t have but this kind be kind of an ongoing thing I just got the high sign folks I need to move wall that’s good in economic development hey I told you I could keep you here till 2 maybe it’s gonna be 3 I don’t know we got a lot of stuff to talk about economic development putting the pieces in place putting things together and I just want to share with you one of the fun things here and I’m gonna talk a little bit about mzm and talk about them a couple of different times because here’s a new facility that has been built here in moscow and it’s an opportunity for so many new jobs here they start off when they moved in the old Daily News of 100 employees there went up to 175 they’re trying diligently to get up to 200 employees because when they do finish that building that’s gonna house at least 500 people and they will someday have 500 employees there those jobs ladies and gentlemen open up opportunities for software developers engineers data science

economists sales reps and more this is such a huge important economic development part of our partnership here in Moscow and it affects the city it affects the late talked County it affects the University of Idaho it affects the Moscow chamber commerce because it turned it down affecting this is huge as we get more and more businesses and these are good-paying jobs ladies and gentlemen maybe we can keep some of these kids going to school here that are graduating from these universities staying here and working in these companies raising their families getting things going to me that’s economic development and that’s exactly what we need to push our town forward push our area for it we need that type of growth that’s a big deal for us anyway we talk about these different businesses and different partnerships will this continue absolutely well I’ll also want to talk about cap partnerships for economic prosperity and that ties into business and government and education and community leadership and what that is and that’s something with the University of Idaho leeteuk County the city of Moscow and the chamber working together to get a variety of different things done let’s bring it businesses here looking at new businesses look at new activities as well as we’ve got a housing study working on housing because that’s something that’s one of the challenges that we’re going to have in the future anyway we’re moving along we’re making things happen now I’m zipping through the stuff some of the stuff I’ll hit several times as you see but how do we get this the strategic planning this has been kind of a fun thing because these are some of the examples you know this is all a textbook stock mission statement research data organization history identify opportunities development long-term goals development objectives development actions and strategies and here’s how we go through a bunch of those different things that we’re talking about sounds good sounds really good on paper but that catches is if we really make it happen the catch is is if we work together to do those things and not just talk about it we started this process five years ago strategic planning priority based budgeting and ladies and gentlemen it works we’re going to show you examples of how it’s worked because we’ve identified some areas that we need to work on over the time so with that bear with me as we go along we’ll identify some of those things as we go here but I want to talk about parks this was our last one these are some of the parks that we opened my tiny park Lola Clyde harvest Park a hall a fun thing and bioware but Tifa Thani when we opened this on October 3rd he told me he’s been trying for years to get a park this is one of the developments he didn’t he’s does a development he’s actually out of Pullman and so he says I’ve never been able to get Glen Johnson the mare over there and that team to get me a park and I said well you tell my counterpart Glyn and my friend that this is itani Park one and when he gets a park over they be a tiny mark two will be one that way to my god I don’t sound like I know you got a quite a kick out of that but these neighborhood pocket parks and rec parks when we put in with his playground equipment this is a big thing for us because we put five of these in over the last several years this Lola Clyde Park my god I got to tell you well we’ve had that for I don’t know two decades that property and find it clogged down a playground this was a cow pasture we had to do some right now buy a PCEI and so we’ve got this developed that we’ve got this so we’re gonna have an opening this spring coming up because got too late in here for sale got too cold and dark too early five o’clock it’s nobody’s havin fun when it’s 25 degrees in five and dark so we’re waiting till this spring to have some fun with that this here but it can be used right now of course Harvest Park is gonna be one of the fun that’s our edible part coming up with the partnerships on Indian Hills area and the fruits of that really are not going to happen for I don’t know maybe 8 10 years 15 years but the fun thing about that as that develops in the edible force for us which it will be fruit trees berries all kinds of different things that is going to be a huge plus for this community and so I’m kind of excited about that now this is gonna grow as we grow older let’s go to grow and mature as we really get your it’s gonna be wonderful so with that sand I got to share something talking about these we have our own in-house guys to put these things together through strategic planning Calvin Macey is our head person makes this thing happen I’ll Parks and Rec he is a certified playground put her together I guess how you would put it how’s that for a lack of a better word but let me tell you why every time we put one of these things together we say between 15 and 20 thousand bucks every single time well and this was number six Lola Park I think Lola Clyde was at six June or five five or six so think about

that might not seem like a big deal but if you put five of these things together and it’s twenty thousand bucks that’s 100 grand and that’s a hundred thousand bucks that we can use on something else in our community that our taxpayers are paying for I love this stuff sometimes I get off the beaten path here I get so excited about things we’re gonna move on to the next thing oh my god here’s some of this stuff look at all this here we go this is what we spent on roads and streets goes along and all of a sudden boom boom boom boom I’m gonna share with you this is part of this as a state as wisdom finally found out that you could give us a few more cents per gallon on gasoline to help us out which I really am thankful they did what a Manitou is I think about 225 thousand bucks a year for the city of Moscow but you’ll see this was kind of the average right along here about maybe 300 to 350 and this thing popped up right up it said they like 6:30 and then we went up to 800 closer to 700 800 thousand and then this guy this was a moon shot but this right here this big off colored one well one this is eight hundred thousand in our own budget but I gotta share with you that other part was a grant a Community Choice grant and that hopefully I didn’t break that gen-i flop around I do this all the time this is usual this part here folks that’s four hundred and seventy seven thousand dollar ground we’ve got for paving for sidewalks and for different things in Alisa Anderson is she here at least a year somewhere hard grants right right back there he’s getting some of these things for us yeah exactly I remember when she was hired I was on council and I talked to her one day and I said all I care about is you make more money than you earn for us in other words you get more grants at the cost of pea I’ll be happy well man I’m telling you what folks this is just one we don’t pay her four hundred seventy seven thousand dollars I guarantee you that good job ALISA I have fun with this this is a good time my god you know our happy three hundred fifty thousand dollars they talked about we have averaged back in the day we were doing this at 350 we’ve been averaging three hundred fifty thousand dollars on the street treatments including a slurry seal when they asked fault no relays and those are some new programs that we came with Tyler Palmer and his gang the street guys have figured it out now one thing I want to make sure to share with it as the mayor I don’t know how you do this what I like to do is give city supervisor Gary Riedner councils like to do this too through our strategic planning some of these things we need to get done and how we can spread the Bucks make them go further I always had this vision I’ve got no idea in God’s green earth how you do it but you got to get it done and so you have to have a team that gets that done for you ladies and gentlemen the city of Moscow has a great team that figures this out for us no different the later county with a team that they have getting things done for them that’s how you get things then you combine that and appaluse it combine that in our region and that’s what makes our community great have you noticed I plug to put up a few plugs in folate or County a lot of those people guess what city of Moscow are we part of Latah County yes now you know some cities in some counties have a terrible timing they don’t like each other and I can’t imagine that jeez you know it’s like can you imagine inviting a relative at Thanksgiving it really didn’t care for are you gonna have a good time I’m gonna burn the turkey the potatoes will be lumpy and engrave you being lousy no you work with people it’s about people this is a lot of people business for all of us I don’t care what it is you’re seeing the management side of me coming out because this something was something with me as a big deal as a manager if I you know why are you so folks if you don’t love the people you work with the first thing you need to do is when you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and see what you see because when you go out the door your front door that’s what everybody’s gonna see is how you look and I had a quick story one time I had somebody send me this in my Safeway days we’re in an intense thing a tough time at forests and I had one of my employees there he does everything okay with you I said geez I guess so what do you mean she says you don’t look right and I said I don’t she said no you’re not the happy guy you usually are what happened to you well I got to tell you share something

with you ladies and gentlemen I had tough Casca laying off 30% of my staff think about that 30% your staff well you people are business people in here dado equated to is about 45 of my Safeway employees at that time and it’s because we had a new commander coming up collaborative sales are saying what God chopped in half and when you’re in the business especially a retail business and a business with a small margin like a grocery store your labor is your biggest expense you have to move in for something and you got to do things quickly now the rule I do I bring that story up ladies and gentlemen our friends here at the University of Idaho are going to a similar thing and they need our support president scott green is doing the best he can and his team up there will make it happen now some of these things are painful ladies and gentlemen there’s no doubt about it but sometimes you get things dumped on you that you didn’t have before and you’re the person that has to answer that call what’s the only ring I bring a reason I bring that out I’ve got full faith in president green I think Scott’s gonna do a wonderful job for us here at the University of Idaho in fact when he was one of the five interviewees here I wrote a letter to the State Board suggestion when he’s the guy to get because I think this guy’s a number guy mb8 Harvard and one of the things I love is numbers and I thought if there’s a financial thing that needs to get in order he’d be the guy to get it done for us so I just thought I’d share that with you it’s tough it’s not easy and these things happen okay let’s talk about our fire department oh my god this is our fire department city supervisor eating here about I don’t know four years ago CID me well we need fire trucks they’re all one do at the same time we’ve had these things about 20 years and the wheels are about ready to fall off him he didn’t say exactly that way but that’s weak Matt that’s how I took it and so I said well what are we gonna do he says well we offer bond I said why in the world would we go out for a bond why aren’t this why isn’t this part of our budget process if we know we need for fire trucks well I know first off why in the world are we buying all four at the same time so all four of them die at the same time why aren’t we buying these things like every three years how about that idea a new fire truck unless we’re get out of our budget and that’s exactly what we did interesting think look we went blank gin anyway the reason I’m telling you this story is we had some success here we were able in 2018 we got some grants one grant we bought one fire truck fire truck number 26 we replaced and then our intention was to wait another year or two years and good and works getting another one these things are five hundred forty five thousand bucks peas by the way well the next year came up and we had a chance to get a community grant I don’t remember the name of it the facility belmont block ramp and they were willing to give us two hundred and eighty-nine thousand bucks for a five hundred and forty five thousand dollar vehicle so in other words if we’re out about a quarter of a million bucks we get a second truck it’s like buying one and getting the next one for half price I mean I’m a grocery guy I mean that is a retail thing well yeah yes does that sound good yeah so by doing that we got a grant thank you and Lisa back there again and so we got two fire trucks in a row and see two hundred eighty nine thousand bucks not to me well I look at I look at that we save our city and that’s our customers out there two hundred eighty nine thousand dollars because two years later we did about one of these things anyway does this make sense to you guys this is how you do it through strategic planning prior based budget and you get the team thinking and you get the team working so they’re the ones that figured it out would I have any idea about this grant absolutely not but that’s why you have people underneath you looking for these things all the time and it called opportunities we all need that and our organizations don’t care what it is anyway I want to tell you a fun story when we got 26 when 27 joined 26 this past year 27 was a an obsolete truck for us cos we couldn’t get parts for it anymore it was custom want to work on this thing so on and so forth so we sold our fire truck to our friends in Genesee somebody from Genesee backed up for one dollar one buck Earl bana one dollar well here I want to share it to you in the state it was their laws you can’t give something like that you got to charge them something for it did you lose the gentleman know that you’ve got to charge them a fee or a price or something so we charge them one buck to make it legal boy I tell you what is it not a bunch of baloney but it is what it

is I’m not kidding and Genesee my friend Steve Oden Berg who is a mayor there they just got done building a fire station a new fire station small community one of our friends one of our neighbors partly talking right so we help them out and when they took this thing and they got this thing parked backed into their nice new shiny fire department and the city of Genesee is very proud of it now how do you think that those folks in Genesee feel about us and Moscow let me tell you what folks you can catch a lot more flies with honey than you can vinegar don’t ever forget that that’s a simple statement but I believe that they love us and we work in partnerships and the thing of it is is someday we mean either your help and they’ll be there johnny-on-the-spot if we do I can guarantee you and of course we’ll help them as we do others because that’s how we work in this Palouse region of ours and it’s great but the thing of it is these fire trucks as we go along now if we can buy another one work out a way we can get another one three years and another one in three years as we start we’ll start weeding these things down so that they’re only about ten years old when we replace them if we do it right and then we can sell these things that was some real value – somebody will give us some money for it and maybe we can cooperate bucks of what we spent will lay that on another ones that makes sense you guys that’s what we’re doing oh I love this stuff one dollar okay well you guys I told you you’d be late lock the doors don’t let anybody out let’s move on quick we got to get into some of this stuff what what’s next-gen oh here we go now thank you very much our Police Department the cost estimate on this thing is seven point eight nine million bucks the bond passed I’m gonna share with you now I’m gonna brag a little bit let’s go to the next slide Jim because I think you got that bond thing up there the price oh here we go this is one of my favorite things we told everybody this is what it was gonna cost you this was ten million bucks a 2.21 percent interest and this is what I cost you if you had a $200,000 house 84 bucks 300,000 168 so on and so forth here’s what we got for was one point two seven percent the lowest bond that we’ve ever got in history of Moscow and this is what these costs they on to so if you have a $300,000 house instead on 168 s1 6400 to 41 so 243 well the difference here is so if you have a 350 you split the difference ruffians 200 bucks what this is done for us over 10 years on this bond the saving us 100 grand a year what do you think that hundred thousand bucks part work ten years are you gonna save a million bucks this ladies and gentlemen to me is where the tire the rubber hits the road because that’s a million bucks over ten years we can be spending on something else infrastructure or whatever in our fine community to make it happen for us that’s a big deal to me it’s a big deal and so that way that’s what we’re doing and by the way I’ll never live long enough to see if this one to 0.27% has ever met but some of you in the audience who live in other 50 60 years I’d bet you right now this will be the cheapest one we get amazing 10-year bonds saving a million dollars okay let’s move on what’s next floods oh one of two weeks ago I was happy when I didn’t flood waits burglar Walla Walla flooded I seen the whole Mill Creek hey used to live there I swear it’s born and raised in that area and my brother called me up from down there everything in God’s green earth was flood and he says you flash flooding up north they said No thank God because usually we do we’re the ones that flooding you guys don’t thank God we cross their arrows on that one oh we made it so hopefully we got a few more months under our belts and we won’t have this thing happen to us this year but anyway the flooding in Oh 9 let’s move on quickly Jim because we got this disaster declaration all this stuff we’re going to talk about the 6th Street bridge we talked about this in council last night though I’m doing pretty good 1229 please feel guide sometime anyway that flood that we had and all the different things we were able to result in a federal major disaster declaration for the state of Idaho to assist with recovery efforts whatever that may mean folks city received FEMA and other insurance and we had some things going on to make a long story short and cut to the chase of things 6th Street is a major collector Street and state of idle and so the classification for that does not fall under getting grants because it’s a major collector no isn’t that something god what would it be if it’s an arterial nose but anyway that bridge gender we have a going basis at what

that thing looked like you can see it right down there the integrity of this thing right here that’s three big culverts that was put in by late talk on e when this was later County back and we’re guessing around 70 years ago we know it’s over 60 years old because you can’t put culverts like this anywhere in a city I don’t even we can do it in the county more but maybe you can anyway folks this thing needs to be replaced it’s going to cost us a million bucks now what you’ll see on our strategic planning this thing is gonna be a high priority because it’s gonna take a couple of years for us to get this thing going and get it done but the council and their wisdom passed this thing last night that’s exactly the right thing to do we need to make it happen for us because that this thing goes out holy smokes I don’t even want to think of the calls the City Hall because this thing’s something we need to fix this is a safety issue and we’re gonna get it fixed Council is made a good decision on that last night we are going to get $150,000 we think we got a bonding for that a grant for that sort of hopefully making that happen for us anyway we’re going out to bid this thing and we’ll start this process in January at 21 so it’s going to be a year from now but it’s coming and we’re gonna get whatever grants if there’s anything in God’s green earth that we can make happen for us ELISA is gonna birddog this for us and that’s exactly what we need her to do to do the best we can to get whatever it is we have but we need to work on this well what that may mean folks is we me shallow summer Rae Street spending on some other things for a few years until we are caught up but the good news is we’ll stay above our average well we used to be how our average will stay above our average for dealing with streets because we know we need to continue working on that program that’s never gonna go away anyway it wanted to share that with you okay let’s go on this looked kind of like a mountain range when they first saw it going up and I thought I bet I look steep ski slope over there well that’s not what it is this is commercial and residential building and permits and monies that are coming in Jen go to the next slide here that just shows you over a period of about 20 years kind of the ups and downs and ups and downs anyway here we go you can see this this kind of shows you this is a little bit better this is how we this over here distance commercial this does not add into the MZ that is going on that will show up in 2020 numbers but generally we go up and down kind of how things are going but we’re plugging away and we’re making things happen last year was a decent year for us I thought that was pretty good our building and their careers and things keep going keep plugging away and we need to make that happen for us we need to continue that forest working for us and I think we will you know we’ve had some of these tax breaks that the federal tax breaks we’re always looking at opportunities taps looking at those opportunities and we’re working together the chamber on this that makes it happen for us let’s go on here let’s see what do we have here Jen oh this this folks is the total Awards of grants you remember that one I showed you the 1.4 million and the four hundred seventy seven thousand we got for grants well here you go right here this is where it was this is some of that grant stuff that we’ve got for a number of different things federal grants 1 million 44,000 hundred and 69 bucks this is something I thought we keep working on plugging away making it happen it’s our god-given right to get every single dime weekend and so we’re going to keep after that okay and you can see is and I’m not gonna go through each one of these what we got these different awards for but we’ve got all kinds of different stuff well I know one of the things that we didn’t put up on this slide is the underpass from highway 95 and where highway 8 meet we’re looking at that and we’re hoping to get something there so we get an underpass so those kids are from identity they’re walking underneath it’s they’re walking across so keep the traffic flow going and that’s something we’re working on we think maybe we’re gonna get that in the next several years but it’s coming we’re working hard on that yeah okay Jen let’s go to the next one here we go this is the plastic ladies I’m having sympho Catherine Bonzo oh I doubt she’s here she’s Catherine was a former counselor that’s her right over here a week I loved I’d nickname or queen plastic buy all hey you know we went through this recycling thing where most the plastic we couldn’t recycle anymore there’s a terrible thing we had

to change our whole recycling thing while she figured out a way that like grocery sacks sacks that are like inside cereal boxes sacks that are like cover bread and stuff those types and I don’t know the guy they call him one through seven I couldn’t tell you what a one was 107 was but she knew this and she started this at her school Moscow stir about saving it and they were in a competition for sending this into Trek’s well these of Francis Thompson’s here and this is Kelly when our environmental lady that works for the city Kelly Cooper anyway to make a long story short they got it established at every first Saturday you can go down to the Recovery’s earth the recycling center and you can donate that plastic that plastic is a big deal because it goes to trucks so they make different kinds of materials out of that tracks and just to give you an idea in January they collected 724 pounds and in February 966 pounds someone got on for two months a lot folks you can do that on those first salaries every month of 1935 and trucks uses that stuff for composite decking I didn’t even realize that until Katherine was the one that looked it all up researched and got it going and her school was thing got him an award back in 2018 for this thing so she’s the one that really started that these little things make a community folks and so I’m proud of what they’ve done and make this happen for us and we all can learn something by that because it takes I keep saying we need an army we’ve got a village we need all kinds of partnerships and these things okay census the census is coming out I got sure with you ten years ago the worst County and this is not a dig on our county guys so don’t take this personal our worst County in the state was laid on Washington’s worst County was women County and basic is because we did a lousy job counting students so it wasn’t the nessam necessarily there’s regular folks but we need to do a better job of that because I’m gonna share with you some of the things that it affects the census you know this is part of the thing for our infrastructure it has all kinds of things that do with highway planning federal transit community development rural water waste disposal systems I didn’t even know some of this stuff it’s amazing but these things is census is very important this is gonna be the first time it’s gonna come out you’ll get it online fill the thing out it’s not a jokes it’s all somebody trying to hack into you there will be census it’s coming out fill it out there’s gonna be three ways they do it that’s what will be the first one and they’re hoping they get a 50% return rate on that which would be kind of neat is you can get it right at your own convenience in your home on your own computer the second thing will be a mailing like the that’s what they used to do but can you imagine in America if think about the paper of these things that used to be mailed out every single one of them ten years ago if we saved 50% of that America tell me trees I would save I’m not necessarily a tree guys I like to climb animals Planum as an adult but I got shared with you that’s a lot of paper and so maybe we can get that thing cut down to 75% who wouldn’t be a big deal for us we need to make it happen because this thing affects schools that affects highways it affects all kinds of different funding projects for us and so that’s a big thing for us so when the census comes out and you’re gonna hear more about because I think it actually starts it said April but I thought it was supposed to be in March this is April 1 1 starts Jen does anybody know ok hey some of the projects these are some things coming up see in Maine this is gonna be fun C and Main the art thing that installation that ribbon-cutting will be during a hall Art Walk oh by the way which is June the 18th of 2020 and we’re really working hard folks we’re really working hard for an entertainment plaza district in our town more on that to come when we get that out it’ll be exciting thing I’m looking for but here’s some of the other things come up Jim Lyle Rotary Park playground equipment and remember we’re gonna replace that Calvin Macy and his gangs we’ll be putting that in save us another 15 to 20 thousand dollars just by the way a street oh my god well we’ll come back to that and we’ll come back to the storm of utility because these two things I need to spend a little time on a street we’re gonna finally fix between a street and Line Street that real narrow skinny part you guys all know what that’s all about don’t just nice and small as a nightmare to get through that’s going to become a t-intersection so when you go down a street so it goes straight down it you won’t have a stop sign Errol on line the reason for that

that Street to the right will be elevated up so when you come up a lined street from the University you’ll come up you’ll come to a tea section and that’s gonna be great because I remember when we first stopped talking about this folks this a street my god 30 years ago that I know of my kids were in grade school in the Bothan for we’re getting there sometimes it’s an inch at a time but we’re making it happen and this thing this whiting and reconstruction this is going to be a big thing from a speeder Singh Drive to Cherry Street line is circle dry circle drive will be elevated up and it’s gonna start right here February 24th tree removal so you’re gonna see some stuff happen now here’s the catch May 18th right after University that thing is gonna be closed for construction and the good news is we’re getting something done the bad news is we’re gonna hear about it so brace yourselves I say like to look especially those guys who don’t know me because it’s going to happen cuz we need to make this thing and get it done and it’s not gonna be done until on the fall a 2020 and I don’t know what part of fall my guess is probably mid to late fall it’ll be done but we’re gonna have some headaches because we know what kind of bottlenecks that’s gonna cause but when it’s done it’s gonna be great anybody in here looking forward to this all right do you all like going down that skinny road we almost have to take hold your breath to get through for two blocks you don’t decide so I’m somebody when it’s finished who said that you’re right when they finish early the catch is we got to start it before we finish it and so we’re gonna start it on the 24th that’s the good news so for every day we’re gonna be closer to the end of this thing oh my good well listen you got I believe in having fun with what I do not everybody likes the same kind of fun I do you know and they share that with me frequently by the way and I’m okay with that because you know I’ll go back to that word civility and I gotta be civil to when I hear things oh my god you know a New Year’s resolution be careful don’t swear so much kind of calm yourself down bill you can still go in 85 miles an hour if that’s what you decide to do but be realistic in what you do so anyway women we’re moving forward now here’s something that’s gonna catch everybody’s eye we worked on this yesterday council had a Moscow stormwater study and what this is folks you are gonna see a fee there’s no doubt about it but I want to talk to you a little bit about them I’m going to spend some time on this in October 2019 the city of Moscow is issued a stored water stormwater permit by the United States Environmental Protection Agency via the EPA that required and mandated a program and it was not optional so here we are we’ve got to figure out a way to comply with this order than this permit that permit was issued that permit is good for four years and basically this is a stormwater sewer system a collection of various structures including retention basins ditches Street gutters curbs storm catch basins underground pipes designed to gather stormwater runoff from build up areas discharge them into local streams and river and of course we’ve got to make them cleaner than what they are you know this has got to be separate from our sewage system and it’s completely different from the sewage system treatment facility or a private-sector system and what this is gonna there’s gonna be lots of education coming up on this folks well well this is gonna boil down there this is gonna be at a fee basically if you own a house in Moscow roughly this thing’s gonna cost you nine dollars and 33 cents a month and that money goes to this program and this program only that’s not a fee that the city of Moscow wants to dump on everybody it’s something that we’ve got to do by a mandate from the EPA Council work done as we saw to our presentation from aspect consulting and there’s gonna be all kinds of different meetings that we’re gonna have we have evening meetings so if we can educate folks because it’s gonna affect commercial as well and so we’re gonna be there’s gonna be a broad spectrum throughout the coming up this spring I don’t know the schedule is but I wanted to share this with you because it is coming forward nobody likes new fees we get that I don’t like new fees an accident kind of had a stomachache when this thing came in front of us but I’ll tell you something I was on council in 2007 we got fine one hundred thirty six thousand bucks four hundred thirty thousand bucks and we really animus because of the this run-on thing and we knew someday we were gonna have to fix it and the EPA at that time really didn’t know what well we needed to do in

order for us to fix what we knew is gonna come down the road so here we are twelve thirteen years later and we’re fixing that problem and I can remember Ben as a counselor always wondering one like I always wanted to I felt like Wednesday hammer gonna fall Wednesday hammer gonna fall so when you see this come up folks don’t be upset with the council you can be upset with me I’m fine with that because I’ll talk you through it I like do I like to talk anyway all of you by now should know that and recognize that but this is something we’ve got to do and you know what ladies and gentlemen it’s the right thing for a community to do it’s the right thing for us to do we need to be up on top of this and we’re not the only ones lewiston’s on this I know core lanes on this and so what we’ve done is we’ve used some of their what some of the things that they’ve done so that we can make it better this used to be four cities that were 50,000 and above them populous and that has dropped down and now the CPA mandates gonna go for cities over 10,000 so this has finally got to us and we’re working on it but I wanted to share that in the forefront because this is something that we’re gonna see in the 2021 budget won’t take effect until October of 2020 but it’s something we’re gonna educate folks on between now and then so everybody knows that don’t want it to be a surprise one thing I love about our community I know about our community they hate surprises they hate surprises it’s not like having a birthday surprise or I knew your celebration it’s a little bit different than that and so we need to work together on this to make it happen and I’ll by the way I want to put a plug yet and this has nothing to do with the storm water thing but our friends equipment and the different things that they do for our community I just wanted to share that with you these guys deserve a lot of recognition from us and so they’re modest and they wouldn’t want me to say that but I threw that out there I wanted to say it because when I talk about partnerships and working together and collaborations and teams they’re part of the team that helps us through folks yeah please okay last but not least Jenny Ford where you ad where Jenny you hear she laughed she’s the first one to leave I told her not to leave she’s the boss oh there she is oh I thought you’ll laugh for crying out loud I said she’s the first everywhere else is in this room I’ll save the best for the last I wanted you to see this because the Chamber of Commerce thank you very much for inviting me here and let me do this Jenny anytime I get a chance to talk a friend of a couple hundred people it’s a big deal for me because this is about our town it’s about our cue me about our county it’s about us on the Plews and I know within my heart the only ones they’re gonna save us here or us and the only ones that are going to ever be able to work through our problems is us ladies and gentlemen nobody else us always keep that in mind but I got to share with you community the cusp for those of you that don’t know it cusp is its community university strategic partnership in what that is that results in town bound business partnerships and we work together and I mentioned a number of collaborations and partnerships and like I said our Chamber of Commerce our County Commissioners our whole County the University of Idaho of course our city of Moscow and that even to some degree with the Moscow School District but this began is our branding project and we’re seeing results of this and what the whole idea was is to promote Moscow to visitors potential students new businesses and more and other things and the progress includes visit Moscow ID comm website and by the way Jenny is Stephanie Allen here okay I want to put a little brag but Stephanie works for the for the chamber and thank you Stephanie Allen from the chamber who’s leading this effort to the Idaho Department of Commerce Idaho Tourism for their grant funding support on these projects as well Stephanie she’s just a dynamite young woman he was extremely bright we all lots of bright people on in this room and in this town but that she is got a lot of energy and I really I really get kind of a kick out of it because she challenges me and I think that’s great because I think all of us in our lives ladies and gentlemen need to be challenged from time to time but she’s us she’s really she’s one of the things that we’ve got going here in our community it’s awesome besides a lot of others and a bunch of you out there now I’m going to open up for questions ask me anything you want come on don’t be afraid Shelly okay the question was what about third Street will 3rd Street bridge well

that’s an interesting thing we’ve got a bridge there but of course it’s a bike bridge and a pedestrian bridge and I as the mayor I really didn’t want to write their full-size bridge it did everything a multi-modal Brist that conveyed all traffic when we first studied doing that we came up with a price that that bridge is gonna cost five hundred eighty thousand bucks we were able to budget that manage it but the saw our truth is is when I got to become a million dollars we couldn’t justify down and shall we now will it ever happened I hope so someday I don’t know I can’t tell you that but the thing of it is it’s in one of those spendy things that we know it’s good that’s why we know the 6-3 bridge is gonna cost us a million bucks to replace so first things first we need to get six done and get that going because what we can’t we cannot have in this town is two three streets that cannot get there sixth right now so our important endeavor highway the way I understand they’re gonna start to spring on thorn Creek into Moscow they’ve got property rights and they’re going and full blast ahead and I think that’s great we need to get that four line that was another thing that’s been decades in process I didn’t have a gray hair in my head when they first started talking about that anyway more questions Jennie Shirley green I’m with the Moscow Church of the Nazarene been a member of the chamber business and in the community forever but the question I have it’s the sixth Street bridge is going to really impact our access to our facility we do own the whole block but we only are allowed to have one sign on the whole property how how long is this going to take and are we going to have some flexibility to direct people to other access points at our church thank you for the question Shirley the good news is you have some time because the thing won’t start until 21 but when that comes bill bill Knapp’s office has who you need to get in touch with and he’ll be having all the lidge’s of things you may be using Michael ray and so but anyway then it’s going to take a while to get that thing built but we know we got to get it built we don’t what we don’t want is to have another event like we did last April 9th and then we’re really in the soup and you got a big hole there that becomes not only a danger for us but it it just becomes a mess and we know we got to get work done oh we’re gonna get it done we got to move forward with it come on more questions you’re too kind to me well it’s only to come on answer more questions boy you let me off the hook how much time ago talk to Lucy it’s only a 12 53 Jen so how much month look at you been a good croupe a good group out here a part of the army for our town we all live here in this area that pollutes whether you live here in Moscow whether you live in Pullman we work together get things done ladies and gentlemen our wonderful University they need as much of our support as we possibly can give them and we need to work together so when one of us is down we need to be able to lift the other guy up ladies and gentlemen and I don’t care who you are or what you do that’s how we need to work thank you very much for your time it’s been a pleasure for me to get a chance to talk to you and thankful city staff for putting this presentation together for me everybody have a good day