OMG!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE Jinx Taught Morgan THIS!

– So, I wanted to give you guys the latest update on Morgan Morgan gained a lot of weight (laughs), and she’s incredibly heavy right now So, she, I brought her out for the first time to do a session, but Patty had already fed her, and, um, I decided to just try anyway, and just see where she was at enthusiasm-wise, and just kind of overall mood and get a get a reading on her basically And I could tell, just based from the touch training that she wasn’t interested in training and that she wasn’t going to be responsive Um, so I brought my macaw Jinx out um, because I figured worst-case if she didn’t want to participate he probably would, because I’ve been training him more recently and I figured he would be excited by it, so it wouldn’t be a loose situation it would just be more of a Morgan-fail day (laughs) And when she took a couple flights I could tell just how heavy she was So she’s not in the right set, like, not set up for success to be training right now So I need to get her back on track with her two meals a day, get her back on the BirdTricks diet and that sort of stuff So I will be working towards that, but anyways, I wanted you guys to have a heads-up on that so you could understand the major change that you’re going to see in Morgan the lazy-bird here Um, but at least you get to see Jinx excel, and the cool thing is, in the end, Jinx totally ends up training Morgan for me I did not do anything, he is the parrot trainer (laughs) parrot in this video, which I’m really excited about So, um, yeah, enjoy the footage (Whispers) Okay Jinx-y! (Click) Good boy Jinx-y! (Click) Good boy Morgan! Morgan! Jinx-y! (Click) Morgan! Jinx-y! (Click) Good boy Morgan! Good boy, Jinx-y Good boy, Bubs Jinx-y! (Click) Good boy, Bubby Morgan! (Click) Oh, you’re heavy Morgan! (Click) Jinx-y! Come on! (Click) Morgan! (Click) Jinx-y! (Click) Morgan! Come on! Come on! (Click) Good Good Jinx-y Good job! Jinx-y! Good job, it’s all right Op, you missed one, get you one Good job, guys (Click) Good job! Jinx-y! (Click) Good! Morgan! Come on! Jinx-y! Good boy Morgan! Good job, little jackpot for you Down immediately, don’t worry about him Ooh, hey Guys Guys and gals Remember it? Nope Come on! You and I’ll work on your new thing, how about that? So, I’ve been working on with Jinx, only one time,

his head-nod, so, or his head-shake, I should say Okay – [Jinx] Bubba! Bubba! – Oh, but here comes Morgan (Click) Good job – [Jinx] Bubba! (Click) – Remember? – [Jinx] Bubba! (Click) – Good job (laughs), it’s scaring them, because they aren’t expecting– (Click) Oh my gosh, she just learned (Click) (Click) (Click) So trainer geek-out moment, um, and I’m not ashamed, but literally, Morgan was very uninterested in training I don’t know how many of you guys picked up on it, but like, her slow-mo character was just like, not interested She was willing to do her favorite flight a couple times, but it was like, nah And then once I started training just Jinx and ignoring her she started becoming really interested in how he was earning treats without flight And so as she heard the click she became really interested and even startled but that was just more exciting and more interesting to her So, throughout my session with him she would come close and stare at him and pin her eye and would just study him and what he was doing, and then she would kind of walk away, and then she would walk back and just do it again, and this time she picked up on exactly which behavior he was doing that was earning a treat, which is amazing, and it’s observational learning It’s where one animal literally watches or observes to learn Um, I had this with Bondi and Bandit with the “Rock Out” Bondi I taught the “Rock Out” to, Bandit just watched and mimicked So this is a very, very powerful training tool as you can see, um, I’m going to show you and continue with the footage, but I wanted to make sure you guys saw how subtle it was that she tried it and got a reward (Click) Holy crap, I can’t wait to look at this video She just used observational learning (Click) Trying to figure out what Jinx is doing to earn the treat (Click) He just figured it out Oh my gosh, I have to get a different angle for you guys Okay, I’m going to video tape straight on – [Jinx] Bubba! – [Jamie] (Blows) (Click) – [Jinx] Bub! – [Jamie] Gonna see if he’ll do it without me blowing (Click) – [Jinx] Bubba! (Click) – [Jamie] Ooh, she got mad (Click) See if you want to earn one? Oh Yep, Jinx-y knows it (Click) Good job Bubs – [Jinx] Bubba! – [Jamie] (Inhales) – [Jinx] Bubba! – [Jamie] (Blows) (Click) – [Jinx] Bubba! – [Jamie] (Inhales) – Bubba! – [Jamie] (Blows) (Click) I’m not even hitting him with air now Ooh – [Jinx] Bubba! – [Jamie] (Blows) (Click) Okay, last one – [Jinx] Bub – [Jamie] (Blows) (Click) All right Bubs, good job Oh my gosh, you guys have to see this Okay Should not have put all the treats in here Did you guys see that? Jinx just did it without me having to blow at all Okay, let’s wait – [Jinx] Bub!

– This is the begging phase This is what we look for to add a cue He’s just doing it without me having to do anything, I’m just getting the head-shake Good girl! You see her just watching him? Trying to figure out why – Bubba! he’s getting treats – [Jinx] Bubba! – [Jamie] She has it partially figured out That’s just the clicker (Click) Good job, you guys both got it that time This is cool, I didn’t do anything All I did was let Jinx teach her She really taught her, she watched him and figured out what he was doing to earn the treat Let me see if I can get more video of this, all right Yeah, you too, Morgan I need a different angle I want you guys to be able to see both of them Good girl – [Jinx] Bubba! – [Jamie] Come on, girlie – [Jinx] Bubba! – She was more comfortable doing it on me You can do it on me – [Jinx] Bub! Bubba! – [Jamie] Waiting for you both Good Good Did you guys see that? That was awesome (Laughs) Good. I gave her a big one All right we’re going to end it there Up! What the heck? Can I put you away? No? (laughs) He’s like, “No you can’t put me away!” Come on, Bubs! Let’s go