See how Oracle Cloud Technology provides innovative HR Helpdesk Solutions

good afternoon everybody my name is Luis Granger from vision consulting and thank you for teaching us this afternoon on this webinar to see how an Oracle cloud technology provide innovation with HR helpdesk solutions so in terms of this webinar hopefully at the end of it you’ll you’ll learn how you can optimize your HR helpdesk solution across a range of different channels and and see how a solution such as the one you’re going to see can really help your business now you’ll probably know that this event is Fox Fusion consulting and County Council so it will give you a real example well how an HR helpdesk solution has been implemented we have Oracle Service Cloud and you’ll hear from Kent County Council today on their experience in implementing that and their journey with service club and at the end of the webinar there will be an opportunity to engage with myself who have been involved closely with the Kent County Council implementation and some of the experts from Kent County Council as well just a bit of background about myself as I said my name is Lewis Granger I’m a seer cloud consultant at BOTS fusion consulting so I specialize in service mal and I’ve worked very closely with Kent County Council throughout their journey in implementing the HR helpdesk solution so in terms of agenda I’m just going to give a very quick introduction to BOTS vision consulting and then we’ll move on to see the HR experience solution and she’ll get to see service go hands-on would be a chart functionality added to it and then we’ll hear from Kent County Council we’re hear from Richard Vince who’s the professional services manager who talked you through their journey and finally we’ll have a question and answer session if people have any questions throughout if you could cut them the chat screen that would be fantastic so an introduction to bottle-feed something we are a delivery focused organization specializing across Oracle’s customer experience cloud Siebel and business intelligence with a main focus on service sales and marketing business domains we have a first-time great approach to our delivery so this is from engaging with the client on day one running a workshop gaining an understanding of requirements how they want systems to operate and fit in with their current solution or workflows and then finally all the way through to the end of the project and this really enables successful project outcomes and one of our key differentiators is that we genuinely care from the success of our customers projects and we found that our key clients such as Kent County Council have been working for us long term so some of our customers on this slide you should see that we’ve got customers from a range of different industries and again that’s across the CX cloud caught by the area as well as Siebel and business intelligence so in terms of what you’re going to see today the Box fusion EHR experience I want to introduce you to our actors for the day so firstly we have Charlotte Jones who has very busy lady she has two roles she’s a support worker and the carer so her life involves two different jobs so the HR solution needs to take that into account and then we have Ted Smith who’s the trust manager at red Ridge trust so this is the trust that Charlotte Jones works at in one of our roles and once we’ve seen me end user journey for these two finally we’ll move to Jason field who’s our HR agent okay I’m just going to switch screens so this demonstration will be divided into three parts firstly we’ll see the employer self-service journey of Sharla so shoulder is going to log on to a self-service portal and she’s going to create a request to purchase an annual leave buyback before we run in for the demo I’ll just highlight that this is a very quick overview of HR helpdesk related components with current Oracle Service Cloud we’re looking into doing a more HR helpdesk focus event in September again in association with Kent County Council also if you haven’t seen service card before again I’ll highlight that this is going to be a very HR helpdesk specific demonstration but feel free to contact us after this I’ll put my contact details up at the end and we can arrange a more bespoke demo for you so going into part one of the demonstration we have the self-service portal here so this think of this is an extension of your main website support website if you

like and this can be branded in aligned with your current branding so Charlotte’s logged into the self-service portal and again I’ll mention the branding you can align that to your current business branding and I want to point out a few of the items on this support line page here so in the center we see featured self-service categories and this relates to the knowledgebase this is a key product differentiator for service cloud it allows an organization to upload a bunch of content that can relate to their their business needs and what their customers want to look at and they can use this on the self-service portal to select customer inquiries away from the self away from the HR helpdesk and give the customer a you know an immediate resolution to their issue at the bottom here we have a most popular answer section and this is the system learning how customers how end-users are using customer portal the self-service portal so whether they’re finding we have at the top here the most popular answer is notice period potentially a lot of people are thinking of jumping ship when we have some more answers here about annual leave buyback scheme which will jump into shortly I have the right hand side we have a more manual insertion of the most basic tools this is a standard search and so we have this tactical messages widget here it’s allow the organization’s asked messages across to end-users or whether there’s a particular event so for example here Kent County Council run payroll so they might want to reference to their end users that there’s a particular and deadline I’m not relating to payroll and they can input this through the age investor in HTML there’s no need to go into the code to write these messages and then finding the bottom right here shall have access to our important context contacts that relate to her role so we can see the tactical messages coming across here again we can have links within these and we can customize these according to the contact so as we saw earlier Charlotte has multiple job roles so she’s a support worker and the carer so Charlotte may have an inquiry that relates to either one of those role and it’s really important the HR helpdesk that they know what role that that particular inquiries coming from so this is something we put in as part of our HR helpdesk solution the possibility of having multiple roles so shelves just going to change her role to the support worker rack and then she’s going to use the feature of the self-service categories widget to drill down on the annual leave category because she’s got some concerns around that and some potential questions so she’s gonna try and source an answer online so within that category they’re free knowledgebase item so she’s no drill down on one that says an annual leave notice period and this is a standard text answer but images and videos can be embedded within these answers and what Charlotte’s gonna there is she’s going to read that answer and she’s going to provide feedback so this is really great for the organization HR helpdesk in terms of reviewing their knowledge based material basis of what their customers find useful so Charlotte’s just gonna provide some feedback in doesn’t always have to be negative of course she might write it five stars and in that case this additional information dialog box wouldn’t pop up so another great feature of service cloud and to do the knowledge base is how itself learns but it’s seen here what other customers find useful relating to this particular answer and as Charlotte’s got two jobs she accrues quite a lot of annual leave and she saw Erica I might be interested in buying back some of that lead for this particular rod so she sexes the annual leave buy back scheme answer and that text for another bit of content we can see here we’ve got an image this time and the same options we have the life and we’ve in this piece of content there’s a link to an online form and this is another part of the HR helpdesk solution these he forms which are built with Oracle policy automation and these allow you to be able to complex web forms and very easily through nice natural language using Microsoft Word so building these forms doesn’t take a lot of complex PHP code for example it’s a really easy maintainable and scalable solution so if you’re in an organization which legislation changes really quickly for example if it was a vetting process then it’s really easy to modify these forms to to associate with that new legislation so this particular form relates to buyback and Charlotte can see some rules here so she can see that she started working Rivage trusts in the first of January 2013 and she currently got five days leave balance left so in the background the form calculates the charlotte is allowed to buy back four days depending on certain rules so Charla hadn’t quite seen this and she would submit she’d like to buy five and she gets an error message they’re saying okay Charlotte you can only buy four days late so I’ll that expands the areas there which relates to the conditions and how the rules calculating is like okay I can only buy four she selects

four and that submits a query to the HR helpdesk it will also send out an email to our manager which we’ll see shortly said in part two notifying him that he needs to approve or reject this request so Charlotte has a confirmation here with a reference number of her particular inquiry and she also has this another great feature of quasi automation a hard copy of the request so she can open up this PDF document and she can see what she’s requested so she has a copy of that so moving on to part two we’re going to jump him for Ted shoes so if we remember Ted the manager of Charlotte in that particular role so we’re going to look at his approver turning he’ll start off in his Gmail inbox and automatically by the system once that retrieves that enquiry from Charlotte to buy back leave Ted will receive an email and that’ll say the following across inquiry requires your approval and that will give Ted a link to the task details page on the self-service portal so Ted Smith logs in and Ted as we saw with Charlotte concedes particularly the job role there so he’s the trust manager at red Ridge Trust he selects my account my dashboards page this will take him to the area of the application the area of the science where he can see all of the information relating to his current tasks and this current inquiry so we can see here the inquiries raised by any section that Ted’s asked a question to the HR helpdesk about contract extension also it Ted to the approval for red bridge trust we can see there’s a section here called inquiries raised within my organization so here’s an overview of what everybody is asking obviously this is configurable and is not desirable for everyone within the organization to see everything and that hasn’t Ted has privileged access he can see them and finally the my fantastic ssin we can see here that approval leave buyback request and that’s the one that came through from Sharla so Ted can drill down on that and you can see some information here about that and you can also see the PDF form that Charlotte saw so we can see more information about their request and if this was a more advanced form such as a contract extension a salary assessment changes the personal details for example Ted would see more information here these forms are great because they allow you to build these PDF responses to the customer or to the approver and you can really build some complex legislation and validation in that the performance do the validation and take it away from the HR of that so once Ted has looked at about content you can choose to approve or reject this particular request so in this case he has approved it so Charlotte will be able to buy back her annual leave now ad heads on the portal we thought okay I’m here now I want to ask some information about my notice period we’ve come to be asked a question page which is another channel for inquiry creation so this would be obviously aligned with things like email than phone also social channels as well so you typing the subject and the question again he’s asking about notice period and there’s also the possibility here for hims and that and attachments of sport is inquiry and all sides of categorizing acquiring and while women show you now is a great feature called smarter system which is I like to think of it as the last minute deflections all the way from the HR helpdesk so it’s going to the system is going to read heads requests and instrument say okay we haven’t quite submit your question we want you to have a look at this content if you haven’t already and see if it helps you and this will give him an immediate Ted sorry and immediate solution to his enquiry so Ted seamless nice place inquire information here now you saw okay that’s really helpful my questions been answered and that has therefore been deflected away from hair – I’ll help desk so moving into the third and final part of our journey the aging journey we’re going to join Jason field who’s our HR agent and he’s going to be using the service club agent desktop so think of this as your sort of internal application the agents will use to respond to customer queries and cases more complex cases as well so from within the desktop Jason’s going to drill down onto his inbox so this is where all of his work arrives so think of this as an email inbox for example and we can route items to jason’s inbox depending on these skills and whether on his workload as well so we make sure we have a nice balance of workload across all ages when jason drills down into this particular inquiry this opens what we call the workspace and to the bottom right here we have the fred so we can

see the automated response that Charlotte received when her enquiry was approved so we can see that the reference number here has been approved so she got her buy back but jason has a couple of items to tidy up in this enquiry before it can be considered as closed so we have the category field here’s where we categorize the requests through the portal and we also have a tasks tab here now this brings us into another element of the HR helpdesk solution that we have which is be able to make past generation this is a great feature of when the inquiry is created depending on the category assigned to it it generates the number of tasks and help the agent solve this particular inquiry so it makes them more efficient and it also reduces training costs operationally because Jason now has a list of tasks he has to complete you know he hasn’t doesn’t have to relate to training material or procedures for that so Jason is able to drill down into the tasks and view more information these tasks may be one that completed internally within Service Cloud or externally on another system so as Jason goes through these tasks he can mark them as complete and then finally when he’s completed all the tasks he can send the final response to Charlotte so he’s going to use some standard text here to make the response more efficient and he’s gonna add little personal notes at the bottom there as well and these Fred items are all recorded on this incident or inquiry object so the agent open this up next if it’s reopens we’ll see all of this communication history they won’t have to go into separate records so Jason’s just finishing up here with his response telling Charla he’s processes the necessary documents he’s click the send them Save button which Prime’s his response checks the disposition so it’s defaulted there’s first-line resolution and save the record and then Jason can move on to his next inquiry in it Inbox now we’ll move back to Charlotte Inbox so Charlotte who we started the journey with she’s had an email from the application that says shot fish are thankful through inquiry and then we can see Jason fields message here we can also see the administrators message which automatically sent Charlotte an email confirming that her requests have been approved demonstration that’s all I have for you today as I mentioned previously it was just a quick overview of the HR experience we’re looking to organize an event in September so check your inboxes for information about that I just want to summarize some of the functionality that we saw today so firstly we have the OPA generated a forms so this is where we saw the buyback form and I mentioned the couple of other items such as contract extension salary assessments betting processes that these eforp’s can be used for and these e form is great because they are maintainable by the customer they’ve owned involves lines and lines of custom code and they can be embedded within the self-service portal as we saw as well a great aspect was that a file can be generated at the end of the interview it’s called in OPA so the customers recollection of that then we saw the job real functionality so in-service card out-of-the-box contact can only be related to one organization and particularly at Kent County Council this was a bit bit of a problem we have to get over because they had people such as Charlotte who had more than one job run so we build that functionality into the systems we saw Charlotte change her job role so then the HR helpdesk would know what job role that inquiry come from then we have the task generation so this was when Jason selected the task tab on the enquiry workspace and he could see a number of tasks that been automatically generated by the application which were aligned with the particular category so how we will categorize that piece of work so that would really help Jason to complete that piece of work as quickly as possible we also saw the customer approval process so after Charlotte had sent that request off her manager got an email and he could go on log on to the portal and accept or reject out the request and finally we saw that customized self-service experience so that’s the branding of the portal to align it with your organization’s branding and we saw that we could change the job rail and the approvals could be completed online okay I’m going to hand over to Kent County Council now so with me today I have Chris Steele who is the systems development manager and I’m going to hand over now to Richard Vince who is the professional services manager at

Kent County Council Council and after Florida quantity says I’m here to talk to you today about our experience in Kent County Council in implementing service cloud and a board is an advanced in football into the tropical fern tourism right now at any point as that was the men first picked up the product so my main focus today is on how we use cloud technologies to help drive innovation of the sector we’re a big believer in innovation within the business services center you also hear reference to the HR business centers during the course of this and just to say the whole point of this presentation is we’ve completed a major face on a journey with this but we are actually developing the products on an ongoing basis so every told you a little bit about what I’m going to cover off in the next 15 minutes or so I’ll give you a bit of background on KCC in BSC so you’ve got almost signed it for the context of what we were trying to achieve and what services we also talked about the reasons for my groceries just to be absolutely clear we already have systems that did call management and some degree of customer relationship management prior to getting service cloud we just wanted to move on to something mr. Kay did not go through however talk to you about the project which obviously will be completed with box fusion talk about the objectives that we were trying to achieve the benefits have already reached and then talk about where we’re going to go on from there and then okay so Kent County Council it’s one of the largest you care for sis it’s our authority there are larger unit area cities to London boroughs and suchlike and we support 1.4 million residents the current budget at 1.8 billion pounds a year so obviously we’re dealing with student government cuts we work in partnership with 12 district council – it makes 9 Paris and Town Council’s so a part of a big group has called them a happy family but a list Confederation of warring tribes is probably better we also provide support to schools or to other private and public sector customers which means we’re dealing with somewhere in the region of 900 partners and customers just within the areas that are currently covered by service clap and we have end-users for our agent payroll services the original focus of this project of around 19,000 people we have an objective to five twenty five percent of support classes available manner of the next three years to be completely ice that’s what folks go into the whole council’s budget but the frontline services reason is KCC is the public are obviously ones we have to maintain the level of service on and probably seem to be making swinging cards conversely the back office can’t get away with it either so it has to be more efficient more effective more creative with Howard delivering our solutions the Business Services Center was formed in April this year and it’s from a combination of various different areas of IT HR and Finance within the authority our implementation of service levels in the context of HR where we already have an HR business center which is what has moved into the business services center and where we already have a relationship with core management systems within that a child help desk we were handling around 70,000 phone calls per year the initial 24,000 enquiries by re now that’s a large number but then that’s in the context of this processing maybe 70,000 assignments across the 21 payrolls a month so just to put that into contact when we talk about assignments we’re talking about jobs it’s a jargon and that system job of the jobs because people in local government entities hold more than one position within the authority they’re all different have their own different quirks or so from a complexity handling you you’re having to deal with the fact that they have multiple roles which have multiple different rules different managers those kind of things we’ve got out of the way we do it we’re not only providing to the internal KCC customer of interest to people outside the organization where the past the service of the whole whole gamut including things such as DBS checks to our own in-house system provision of payroll Bureau of variance of federal services and that’s been reflected an industry recognition peril we won the payroll world award for best payroll provider in 2014 and we’ve got payroll assurance and Charles Mok accreditations or general running of the payroll but also our development of members in addition we’ve gone about extra month of our backs bureaus whole Center is built around and all commercial mindset around making sure that the customers are supported and we’re providing the best service possible we’re already using a legacy system that was a reasonably functional call

management system but we had we were point towards the end of life on the contractor that project product and rather than looking to either Reaper or simple market test we wanted to go to something that would actually Texas step forward and this was a number of reasons we were concerned about the lack of security replacing self-service or portal functionality with branding on the existing product let’s put that into context obviously the vast majority of CRM alcohol management systems are either fully cloud-based or have an external capability but we’re required within local government as all public sector workers are increasingly private sector and public sector issues to comply with those series of fairly strict security standards understandably we’re doing the very sensitive information balanced public these currently known as BSN Cotto ones that are existing systems capable of supporting so though we could have a portal on our Intel instruction we couldn’t push it out into my client now KCC has made what a big strategic change of direction towards what we call the commissioner commissioning carry involved big Commission of internal work but it also caused increases and karma shapes for people who are not employees or not encounter council organizations and so the ability to have systems that support people outside of our infrastructure is artillery ki blast as I mentioned we’re a commercial interests we have various brands and want to be able to make sure we can present something that looks at the star is appropriate and actually has the appropriate band on Randall’s where people know that they are into the pipeline but even then even we will hear in our own town self-service portal it didn’t allow us to handle production the way we wanted we’re going to handle on max everyone’s having to submit individually so there were our efficient system it was just as much effort from our end as it’s honest I had a phone call that our services are devolved as I’ve mentioned already we have an increasing number of external clients and their customer expectations are high we need to make sure that we’re generating income having a very efficient service level drop because otherwise you lose your customers we often find that in the commercial environment you give the operations that are closely linked but we get exactly what it doesn’t in and that’s not about that retention thing because they used to turn into customers via people will extremely expensive and therefore look to actually encourage people to believe they’re part of it possible a bigger service of all special service we honestly think you can do both but it’s a ram being the most effective service provider possible making the customers feel as supported as we know we want intimidation there’s no such thing as a captive client so mention KC season commission services we have to have our internal customers build they’re being supported otherwise the whole employment engagement their heart’s feeling part of King County Council is damaged and that’s not good for the authority as a whole we were also looking for an opportunity to reduce the number of systems across the business services set so the IT finance function is moving in with the HR functions there were a number of different core management systems so when we went out to look at this particular implementation wanted to be absolutely certain but it was something that could potentially be scaled up so the use of those areas as well single system that client data huge amount of insight and intelligence that can come from that but also simpler in terms of maintenance training etc etc so we elected to go with the service cloud system and with the implementation corner of box fusion so just a quick out on box fusion we found to be genuinely consultative partners and the web consultant gets thrown around and in with a lot of partners it means that someone turns up asks what your business processes are and then churn through delivering them Otto knew why they can’t be delivered the blob diffusion it was very much a place of us working with them to dig down into what we were trying to achieve whether there were better ways of achieving their unique perspective and experience combining with ours to come together with full business requirement actually then trying to development something as good as or better than we divisions when selecting the system we’re extremely pleased with the relationship we have with them during this implementation project and their own relationship so please one was the replacement of the existing system and service users so the HIV disease capacity for handling calls and shall be said this is not a Zonk for link replacement one of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re replacing the system is to say initially we’ll get it to do what the last one

dead and then we’ll develop it the drawback without it if you genuinely replicate the limitations of the service you already have other processes or procedures then what you end up with is a system that people don’t buy in they don’t find the benefit of it they can see there’s a lot of unexpected replacement system for no end result there and so even if the intention is fully just getting in and then start to maximize the the abilities of the new technology you’re left of situation where people Ares with the software where they’re not asking so although this space woman’s our replacement the existing system of service users this was around replacing this stint service provided rather than necessarily the way it was a round of viewing things like asteroids it was around reviewing workplace and automation the handling of queries we only have ten weeks to do the implementation before me under the contract Louis was obviously a fairly tight timeline particular as you’ve seen from the timeline on the right-hand side of the screen it included the Christmas period versus aw it’s fun we have multi consultant but in addition remote support overseas there was a dedicated KCC project eight once again it always seems like a lot of money to free someone off doing the day job from the business but you have to have them be in your project team must have that intelligence and that drive and that understanding of how it will actually help the system partner and they also a great job we also implemented on the basis of knowledge transfer so did not to be able to keep the system taking over by the time box use that left us with with our beautiful shiny new service hat instance but to actually be able to have us go around exploring how to developments on the developments all ourselves it gave us a better understanding in obsessed with the business and requirements where we do need to go out and it means that we’re constantly finding new things we could be doing with the system so it becomes an evolutionary process as well as to face it how we kept the stakeholders involved in the outset it is no word Elias so that when this system transferred over both in terms of the front end users and in terms of our back-office learning a new system I had comment saying that this was the easiest and simplest fastest I’ve ever had make it already to see the benefits of the new persistent so is accessible implemented inside for January 2015 and then closed the limited system down in February moving over a small amount of history but largely speaking it was around making so we have an archive about history it’s like so this is the unified system provecho business that’s been put together so you’ll see that the in color is and the e form submissions come in a lot by the system so just a quick mount on Yvonne capricious they are where we have a system for capturing data that otherwise would not come in through cell service they have a fairly extensive self service offering on our Oracle platform and on our other platforms were increasingly to self-service but there’s still some areas where either because there would be developed or ballistic capabilities with novelty good simply because of the requirements of the customer we are not able to do the variable by self service so there we have an e-form front end portal that we’ve built independently we also have some spreadsheets for get submitted regardless of the route through which they come in if they do not come in through self-service since as do all of our inquiries we then got the single unifying systems out there in the center of that screen which pulls together all of the intelligence on customers and we can then also allocate our work to the appropriate queue the appropriate income beginner there’s a strong liaisons can help there’s been operational for business because they can see what each other is working on for a given customer there’s also the possibility to change tracks there are a number of occasions where what start is an inquiry turns out to be a request for work to be done and there are also occasions about what starts as needful actually an issue to be explored and they just want to change it by submitting a form we can now jump those tracks we start getting a lot of benefits out of that there’s improved tracking within the system but the customer experience is also unified there’s an increased chance for members of the team will know what is going on with a big area customer called through we can see the chases we do things better questions we’ve worked on our people out in the field can log in and have a look at see what the latest communication is the issues that might get raised or they go and have a meeting with the team because of what’s currently in train and word we’re all so together I get enhanced MI out which we were able to evidence those that were providing those and turnarounds and do performance monitoring the biggest benefits of these kinds of systems and procedures

makes the best of having previously not been one is absolutely fantastic in terms of drawing the system’s together scene with overlaps integrations art floats between all of our various platforms they’re smarter users of Management rummaging around in the admin section of the system we can also give people an access directly reflects what they need to do so gives them access to all the areas that they need to use they’re not spending their time going to someone else asked me in vacant Dickey they’re actually necessarily giving them access to a whole load of stuff they don’t want which apart from the security to because also means people are waiting through fast menus unnecessarily it’s a lot easier to put together a proper profile we’re really excited about what we could start doing we’re exploring our options around potentially yes I’m interacting with some of our finalist scenes here’s looking at the ITT help desk to see whether there’s any benefit in transferring over onto that there’s a lot of work we want to do where we’re saying we have put in an HR system but that’s not what it is is a customer system one of our bigger ports of call for development in the future is looking of the business opportunities we can use this as a crude customer relationship management system picking up hot leads seeing about the customer care side thanks to when they received the courtesy calls when they had all meetings from people just checking up on account management meetings checking up on the quality of the service provided let us see how recently those have taken place understanding the issues that were raised from most people going with a lot of knowledge and persistence services providers that work so what are our next steps this month we’re looking at bringing on phase 2 which is some of the further developments other automations improvements some of the MMI we are also looking at onboarding be remaining teams within the business service center as I mentioned we’re so these are appropriate going to a single system using the best service we then want to explore the portal the knowledgebase is something which we didn’t have the time to develop phase one and it’s where we potentially run risk of coming a cropper of that loss of momentum thing I mentioned earlier now this basic oh they are a huge amount of essa’ and I don’t think anyone really appreciates the amount better that’s necessary to get them in place it’s worth doing you may not be able to do it in time of your initial implementation in fairness service cloud Kabong adobe has a lot of benefits in terms of the ability to use the raw data but it’s very important you put it together minimize the audible contact I’m in Sedalia we have a system for refunds and we’re self-service continues to not be an option we’re looking for people to actually use the front end portal or service that we put it Robert not system that information through to Nina and that big issue of handling information system was obstructed in that way hello did Robin additional hands handling it will stop treating on individual basis as I mentioned we’re looking at the business business development actually taking past me in terms of onboarding business sales and that critical thing that people being able to go in and meet a customer knowing what is going on with everyone accepts that every so often you won’t be 100% up-to-date with all the communications you’ve happened a large or not after the chant if you turn up to

a meeting that’s a town meeting and you don’t have the relevant knowledge because it’s been a couple of weeks so if you can make sure they’re able to put that up through Central Delhi embrace them the level of customer service and present so the site we’re still developing we’re still progressing so we’d love to invite you to come loose in September see how we got on the implementation and see where we can find also the box we’re really grateful for the opportunity to talk about what they’ve done with us and what we’ve implemented today thank you very much for listening thank you very much – Richard Vince for delivering that overview of the HR helpdesk implementation at Kent County Council so hopefully you found that very interesting and great insight to what has been a very successful case I’ll help desk implementation so we now move on to the question and answer session and I can’t see any questions in the chat section so please if you have any questions at all for my or I have alongside me Chrisman King County Council then feel free to add them to the chat section if there aren’t any questions there Chris actually has some really great questions prepared which we can run through in terms of delivery expectations and any problems they have come across when implementing this solution so I’ll hand over to Chris now there doesn’t appear to be any questions on the chat questions so normally the pilots how much does it cost and obviously we can’t give the exact details due to commercial sensitivities and it’s a bit about how I miss a piece of string but Oracle’s like wheeler to quite a few systems and we chose Service Cloud and Oracle’s licensing model has is quite interesting in the you have a set amount of users or sessions depending on what you buy over the length of the contract and you can as long as you use off those amount by the ends and it’s fine if I give you example if you have a hundred users over 24-month contract you have 2400 user sessions and over the length of the contract which means you can use if you only knew ten in the first month that’s fine you’ve still got two thousand three hundred and ninety two use of the letter to contest it means you don’t have to be every month watching how many users you’ve got on or using the system and if you in peak periods like we do then you can obviously put more people on to help out and then have less the next month so it’s safe to sort of worrying about it and then to overall game you can you know the licenses be users opae sessions as you’ve already talked about costumer a lot and also check things like chat licenses so it really kind of depends how you want to use it and how much you want to use that I suppose it’s very scalable another question about one of the things we have to consider when we implemented it was whether we route all of our inquiries as we call them instance but of your M flavor into one mailbox or not we have a quite a diverse range of customers and they all and currently have different mailboxes with different contact routes for different types so we do a lot with schools and with different organizations to January have different email addresses we decided partly to visit the speeds of the implementation and partly to keep them being simple we didn’t want to cut didn’t want to change our contact stresses for everybody into one email address and so we kept them all separate and we managed to do that where I was called Transport rules which is a real was a real good thing that’s because basically it was something that we implemented on our mail exchange so everything that arrived into our our mailboxes could then be automatically forwarded on into service cloud so the end user didn’t see any disruption to service didn’t need to change their email address to do they were emailing to and actually when we’ve got them in service cloud it and they were just quite an easy way to then divvy up that those inquiries into what water service how to calls queues which is kind of like a mailbox in Outlook as it were and we’re kind of already touched on it and what was our biggest challenge and I think generally whenever I put in a system here it always the biggest thing that reads it said is multiple roll with job assignments and whatever you want to call them and it was it was no different with with Service Cloud the solution we came up with I think was very good and quite still basically all I need he did have a slight repercussion on the data loads of the information because that made it somewhat more complicated in terms that we had we have two different sets way to Ohio systems is we had to

get information from two different places which is never ideal but because of the multiple job roles and we had to load the data in and then also thing loads and laid out and circuit cards have been loading the next slot so there was a little bit of you could repo carry around it but in the end it was a very nice solution to be able to get all your information into one system okay thank you very much Chris actually that was an invaluable insight as there aren’t any questions in the chat bar I’ll wrap up hopefully you’ve all found this webinar really useful in terms of you know how you can implement a haechul health their solution and hearing from King County Council’s a customer that has experienced this journey hopefully that’s been great insight and you know you’ve picked up some really good information from Chris and from Richard so as i’ve mentioned previously look out for the follow up event to this in september i’m sure you’ll hear from us shortly also feel free to contact me on the details shown on the screen either by email or by phone I’d like to say big thank you to Kent County Council for engaging with us in this session always a pleasure to work with them and yeah that’s it really so thank you very much for joining enjoy the rest of your day and speech again soon hopefully thank you