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STAR MEDIA PRESENTS BASED ON TATIANA MOSKVINA’S THE CRIME OF THE SUN SOLSTICE Dad! Are we going? STARRING ALEKSANDR KOBZAR ALESA KACHER I shouldn’t have gone with you Why are you taking me there? I have negotiated it masterly, Kostia I said, my cousin who lives with us needs some polishing Irina Leonidovna said it was OK. So don’t sweat it It’s really awkward. A tutor going to his pupil’s grandma and taking all his family with him, plus the cousin Right OK, everybody, hop in WRITTEN BY YELENA KARAVAYESHNIKOVA Her children went to Germany for 3 years So they had to hire a tutor for her grandson A male tutor! That’s unusual No, it’s a right thing to do A boy needs a smart and strong man around Irina always knows what she wants, and gets it Remember Pushkin’s verse? Monsieur… what-s-his-name, the mediocre, reluctant to exhaust the boy, treated his lessons as a ploy Our Mikhail is far from mediocre! He’s smart, calm, and strong. Also, good-looking Isn’t this too much for one man? You never brought me flowers like these Are you saying I never gave you flowers? Not like these! It’d never occur to me to give you a chandelier wrapped in cellophane Dad, what’s a chandelier? Sure, anything will do for me! Besides, we don’t have room for such bouquets at home What’s wrong? We are going home Right, Misha! Let’s go home Dad, I want to meet Matvey! You promised me Misha, what did I say? Lena, either you shake off your mood or we’re going back I’m not listening to your nagging Misha, come on. I didn’t mean it Masha, you promised to sing for us

You have to stick to your word Some people are lucky I’m just saying! Is it somebody singing or is it the radio? Misha, what’s wrong? One, two, three, lighten up, Christmas tree! Wake up! Freeze! You’ve intruded a classified facility Get out of the car, nice and slow Hands up! Don’t do anything stupid OK, got you Dasha, this is Matvey We have a pond with ducks in the backyard. Wanna see it? Sure Let’s go! Dasha, no! You’ll fall down Let her be Irina Leonidovna, hello Hi Meet my Lena This is for you Thanks. They are beautiful This is Kostia, my cousin I told you about him Nice to meet you We heard somebody singing It’s Masha Come inside, I’ll introduce you Albert and I are going to Italy again this year And we’re going to Berlin Thanks After that – it depends on Matvey’s parents Thanks Masha is a genius, a unique talent She has a 5 octave range She can sing anywhere In a bar, in royal opera, on pop stage, even at the beach The beach is definitely better Who can appreciate a good voice these days?

Two and a half men That’s funny. Most tutors are women You could find job at a college or high school This pays better We have to pay the rent Lena is out of job so far I spend days with Matvey and work evening shifts as a guard at a cafe So I only have spare time at nights I’m working on a sort of a novel A love story? There is love in it, too. It might be good Do you perform somewhere? I’d like to come I’m singing at the Free Opera We are performing Carmen the day after tomorrow. Do come – I’ll book a seat for you – Free Opera? It’s a half-amateur theater in the South-West How many seats? One, please. Somewhere close to the stage, if possible What’s it you’re talking about? Mikhail is writing a novel Really? They are normal people. No snobbishness And this singer – she’s like a fairytale character Which fairy tale? The Firebird Stop swooning! OK, she is lucky to have this gift But it’s bad for your personal life All female singers are unhappy I read a book about Maria Callas. It’s a nightmare Right Never let yourself stand out, and you’ll live 100 years These talents are nothing but troublemakers I can see what you’re thinking about Why don’t you tell me what it is? There’s only one thought in your head, and it’s auburn! Wow! What are you doing with this tutor? I wanted to make you nervous I know you will dump me sooner or later But it won’t be easy! I’ll fight for you! I’m a small but mean beast I’ll eat the tutor alive His wife is probably nagging him on the way home First thing tomorrow she’ll go to the beauty parlor, to fight for her Mikhail She’ll win In the end of the day, yes But she’ll end up with a cripple You’re my beast! I’ll drive us into the oncoming lane! Mikhail? What do you want, my dragon? Tell me… What if one falls in love with a woman like her? What if I do? She needs something special, doesn’t she? She needs money. Lots of money. And she’ll find it soon She’s not like that She is, too You bastard! You’ve fallen for her yourself How do you know what she needs? I know I know

I see people in Kerzhach still dream about fair ladies They do It’s an unhealthy dream. Suppose you demonstrate strong will and become an oligarch, a soccer player, and an artist all at the same time You win your beloved and find out that she’s an easy girl Wouldn’t you be traumatized? Anyway, while dreaming about my fair lady, I would work and strive to my goal I would go forward, I would believe, I would be in love! Is it better to spend all life with someone like Lena? I’d be bored to death Let’s make a deal, cuz This was the last time we discussed Lena’s faults and virtues Good night – Mikhail. Polina, hi – Hi Mikhail, do me a favor, cover my shift tomorrow I really need it – Tomorrow? – Yes I can’t I swear it’s an emergency Be a good friend! Pasha, I have an emergency tomorrow, too You? I can’t believe it. I’ll have to talk to Sania, then Is your emergency pretty? Go to hell Misha, are you going on a date? You should take a break from family once in a while How long are you going to pretend to be a perfect husband? I’m not pretending. I am who I am And it’s not a date I’m going to the opera. Carmen It’s wrinkled, as always I can’t button it Lev Davydovich, we are performing without the second violin I remember Igor, you haven’t fixed the curtain yet Misha, if you screw up with the batten again, I’ll kill you Yes, Lev Davydovich – Hello – Hi Girls, may I? No! We haven’t finished yesterday, Masha You’re wrong. You need anger! It’s a primeval world Everything happens for the first time here “They are whole-hearted people; ” people made of wood, of stone, of fire! Carmen hates weakness She hates everything petty, pathetic, wishy-washy! I don’t know. Carmen is a nice girl. She loves everybody Anyway, you don’t burden your prima with concepts “I’m a simple person; all I want is sing in tune.” Do me a favor, give me more anger! Just a shade! OK, you’ll get your shade Thank you, milady. I appreciate it Act warning. Please go to the stage Thank you! Thanks!

Take your time in this place They will start as soon as you’re ready. You win! Let’s argue tomorrow at 11 Thanks Masha? That’s a spirit. You promised, and you came. My respect Can I take you to dinner? Are you driving? Yes Let’s go, then Where are we going? There’s this place I like on Leningradskoe highway Thank you. Bye Do you live in the neighborhood? No, across the city Good. The farther from the family, the better Speaking about families: I almost forgot Hi, darling. I’ll stop by at this place and be home in a couple hours Or in the morning, if you don’t stop nagging me Or never. Bye That was brief and clear Was it your husband? That Yura, who was with you at Irina’s? Yes. He’s not my husband, though Sort of a husband? He handles my affairs Sort of an agent, then I need peace. Peace and freedom. I can’t love anybody Me neither What’s this about? Is this the tutors’ ways? Making moves on a tired and hungry singer! Shame on you I’m very sorry. Let’s go No guts, no glory. One more glass Waiter I can’t drink beer at all. It makes me gain weight at once They say singer’s voice needs nutrition You should sing in a theater. A real one You think when you have a good voice, everybody drops to their knees immediately? I’ve been to tons of auditions One needs connections You? With your power? I don’t have power. I have a gift You? You can smash a person without noticing You like to think that I’m strong to get it off conscience No Are you a loyal husband? Yes What are you doing here, then? OK, I’m not loyal to my wife. It’s wrong. So what? Misha, you know this isn’t what we’re talking about We both know it Anyway, I’m tired. I have to go home. Let’s call it a night Check, please Thanks for the beautiful evening We shouldn’t do it again Misha, don’t Which is yours? I’ll walk you to the door

Please don’t. Yura likes to look out the window to know who I came with and where from Is that so? Good luck, then Why did you turn off your cell? How many times do I have to tell you it’s not about jealousy! I have to protect you, do you understand? Are you hungry? I had dinner with an admirer We actors have our little perks Put these roses in a separate vase Who is this admirer? A young man? Not too young Does he have money? I don’t know Where did he take you? What do you care? I’m going to bed You forget that I’ve just performed Carmen “Leave me alone; I’m on my last legs.” Can I at least kiss you before bed? Goodnight, baby Yura, what if… What, Masha? Is anything wrong? No. I was just thinking What if we have dinner tomorrow at some nice place? Sure. No problem Good. Find something interesting OK, I’m going to bed Misha, I’m sorry. I fell asleep and didn’t hear you come How long have you been home? Not long. Where is Kostia? He went home to collect some papers. He found a job Where? I don’t know. He was very secretive about it Don’t you see anything? You’ve had your hair cut And dyed Nice. You look so fresh You like it? Yes, a lot Misha, why have we become so down-to-earth? Why don’t we do something fun? You silly girl with dyed hair Let’s have dinner tomorrow We could take Dasha with us I’m with Matvey till 4 PM After that I’m all yours Misha, do you love me? I do

Hi Hi. Dasha Hi Mom, can I have some beer? No Why? Why you can and I cannot? Have a sip Are you crazy? Let her see for herself that it’s not that tasty Why would you bring me here? It’s an ordinary pub. Hi! Is this the singer we saw at Irina Leonidovna’s? Yes Dasha, please sit down Daddy said I could And I say you can’t I’ll be right back It was Gertsel, saying he’s sorry We had a fight at the rehearsal Have you made up your mind? Yes. I’ll have pork chops I’ll be right back What the hell are you doing here? Can I see you tomorrow? Yes. After 8 PM This was crude No imagination at all. You need audience His wife is here, and his daughter, too. You don’t care! I told you she’d dye her hair Guinea pig I’ve been waiting for you for an hour What happened to your cell? Why were you waiting for me? I’m stalking you You want to get me cheap Are you a high-maintenance girl? I am. I don’t take money, though What do you take? Life You can have it. It’s all yours You have a long life line But you’re not going to give me anything Never mind Let’s go to my aunt for three days! I want sun

I want to go to the Crimea What? Are you chicken? I’m thinking. We need to organize it Besides, there’s money question I forget you’re a poor tutor If you keep humiliating me, we’ll have to finish this That’s cheeky! We haven’t started anything We’re caught in this already. It was inevitable You sleep so quiet, like a bird I kick, turn from side to side and speak languages in my sleep. I’m a restless partner Kick all you want I need some sleep I’ll say you’re my husband. My aunt is OK OK, husband it is. But you have to listen to me, then Don’t I? Aunt Galia, we’re here Masha! What was that cable about? “I’m coming”! When are you coming, what flight? Nothing! Galia, dear! Let me look at you. You’ve become even prettier, you bitch Who is this? My husband, Misha Nice to meet you. Galina Mikhail You could have written me about him. Let’s go to your room I’ve cleaned it up Come inside. Don’t be shy Well? My sweet old room. I can see it with my eyes closed when I’m in Moscow What stops you from coming? OK, get settled. Lunch in an hour. Have some rest Why are you looking at me? Your eyes are so… You’re glowing My home is the sun! Eat, my dear girl

I can imagine what they sell in Moscow supermarkets Frozen trash! Eat When will we see you on TV? Forget it, Aleksey Ivanovich It’s not that easy to get on TV God knows what they show us. Those girls in underwear No voice, no looks Does your mother call you? Sometimes Did she at least come to your wedding? There was no wedding party, aunt Ksiusha We married at the judge’s office So you haven’t seen your mother-in-law yet. Too bad One should pay to look at this woman Inga, my mother, got married and moved to Israel Do you like my wine? It’s great. I could drink a whole pail I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s tricky The trick happens when you drink your third liter It comes to your head, and you’re as good as dead Masha, will you sing for us? We remember you when you were this big You’d always sing that song about mother How does it go? The sun comes up… Your mom will smile I’ll sing you another one My boyfriend walked me to my house, holding my hand all the way Because of his goddamn love my hand hurts like hell See? Now we’ve had something like a wedding party It was one-sided. No guests from the groom’s side I’ve told Yura He will clear the apartment by the time we come back Misha, you shouldn’t think that… We’re grown-up people What are you babbling about? You’re free. You don’t owe me anything Free? What do you mean? We come back to Moscow and go our separate ways Why would you turn out a useful person, then? Poor Yura It’s my business I stay away from yours Masha, I don’t know anything. What shall we do?

Nothing. Let’s get up, look at the sun and melt in it It didn’t work. We didn’t melt down We’re too solid Well, Misha, have you visited your mother-in-law? Yes Have you fought? No. Why? You look gloomy – How did you find me? – You told me yourself – I forget – No wonder Looks like you suffer from short-term memory loss Masha, I didn’t have a chance… I had to have my car fixed Then my cousin Kostia came back. I sent you a text You didn’t even call! You’re too much of a coward for this Why call if there’s no chance to see you? I was going to sort it all out and come to you Why call? How about finding out if I’m still alive? Besides, where were you going to come see me? Your place. You said you’d dumped Yura Why would I ruin my life like this? – Oh, that’s how we stand – Yes, that’s how we stand Excuse me, then. I’m working Don’t you ever do this again, or I don’t know what will happen to me. I’ll die! Do you understand? Why don’t you answer the door? I was asleep Come on, Masha. I don’t need these tricks of yours

I’m doing all I can and even more It was so beautiful. It always is, in the beginning And then it turns into trash That’s what will happen with us It’s 3AM, I have to be up at 8. Why did you come? I was worried about you I thought you were alone, crying I wasn’t crying Baby, don’t be mad at me We’ve started on a high note We have to be a little simpler, more down-to-earth I don’t need you in my life. I need a reliable man, one who will take care of me every day I need to pay my rent, buy good clothes, make my career As for the bed… You wake up and you forget everything Masha, you think I need you in my life? I have everything A full set So let’s break up Well said, Masha I love Dasha. She’s too young We don’t have money for an apartment. Lena doesn’t work How would I leave her? I understand Just remember that what we have is very serious It’s dead serious. I know it What does Kostia say? Did he find job? He says he did There’s an opening in the neighbor school They need a junior school and daycare teacher. I’d like to take it What do you say? We should think about it Misha Are we OK? We’re fine Masha, you’re awful today You have a premiere tomorrow

Are you sure you can sing? There will be experts from the Golden Mask there I’m sorry, Lev Davydovich Of course I can sing tomorrow Masha, can I have a minute? Sveta, 5 minutes break What’s wrong with you? Is it a man? Yes Is that serious? Yes Too bad. Is he married? Yes An actor? A musician? No That’s even worse Masha, you’re not an ordinary person You don’t need anything ordinary This is your realm All that is not for you It’s sorrow, humiliation, broken heart Every time you stuck your beautiful face in it, somebody will give it a blow. It’s a law Only those who can’t live there are given talent Do you believe me? Masha? Yes Don’t worry, Lev Davydovich. I’ll sing OK, we can start now. Ready for takeoff! You’re so cheerful today I’m always cheerful when it’s sunny Well, Kostia, take good care of the apartment You never said when you were coming back I will come back, I promise Masha, I’m so hungry. I’ve been driving for 6 hours You’ve obviously cheered up after sending your family to the country Don’t start it I’ll have some free time in two weeks Let’s go to the Crimea Yes or no? Tell me Honestly, Masha, I don’t have money But I’ll think of something I’ll have to go to Dad’s He always has some savings Why don’t you come with me? He’ll like you, I know it. He lives on a farm There are bunnies! Why not. I wonder what you’re going to tell him about me I’ll say that I love you. He’ll understand He used to be a ladies’ man, too. Even when Mom was alive

So infidelity runs in the family My dad was an orthodox Communist. When we, so to say, lost our way, he decided to separate himself from the state You can die without me in the world ruled by cash “You’ve betrayed your fathers and forefathers” At least he seems an honest man So, how about our plans? I could go tomorrow. You? I’m singing Carmen tomorrow After that, I’ll have a 5-days break By the way, your cousin has been frequenting our theater lately He stares at me and brings me flowers Kostia? He never told me See how you affect Vladimir boys? Kostia, people saw you at the Opera You’ve become a fixture there How do you know? Are you seeing her? I’ll let this subject drop It’s you I’m worried about You used to be light and cheerful, and now you’re dark and sad. Tell me about your job It’s a sort of a security company The guys are only starting What’s the name of the company? Do they have a license? What are you doing for them? There’s nothing to tell yet Where does she live? Have you been to her place? Kostia, your passion is doomed, believe me Yes Misha, we’ve got a problem. Mom is coming Whose mom? My mom, from Israel. I don’t know what she’s thinking She’s coming tomorrow I have to meet her. I haven’t seen her for 2 years Then we’ll meet her. I’ll come get you Thanks Is that her? No, bro, that’s not her. She is inaccessible for mortals Just don’t mind her. Mom likes to shock people Just bear with her Mom! Baby! Your prodigal mom is back. I’ll call you back! Shalom, Russia Masha, oh God. Why are you so skinny? Mom My God, who’s this? Is this your husband? Are you crazy, marrying such a handsome man? What’s your last name? Trofimov What? Trofimov Is he Russian? Pureblood? Yes, mother Not a drop of healthy blood in him? A Polish grandmother, maybe? A Jewish grandfather? No, nothing. What’re you gonna do? Inga Birman, artiste I mean, former artist of the former Soviet Union Come on, mother Yes, the carriage of the past. You can’t go far in it, as Gorky wrote in his play The Lower Depths You remember it, of course Vaguely Masha, your husband is an ignorant, illiterate man He is literate. He’s a teacher by training That’s even worse Misha, I’m awfully sorry, but how do you make your living?

I sort of have a job How much does it sort of pay? Is it an Israeli custom to ask about your son-in-laws salary first of all? Yes. We, Jews, always want to know who supports whom Mom, that’s enough. It’s all a one woman show Mom has no Jewish blood in her Ukrainian on her mother’s side, Polish on her father’s Blood doesn’t matter This is my nationality! This is my Israel! My Yakov Birman and his 300 relatives How is uncle Yakov? Sending his projects to Israeli papers: how to make the Promised Land a super-Promised Land The power of habit, you know How about you? Are you performing? Don’t sleep together tonight. It’d make me nervous You have to deliver this thingamajig to this address This, too. Put it in the attic. I’ll give you the key What’s in it? Presents from Santa Claus To blow off noses for nosy Parkers like you Take the money and zip your trap. OK, like the Yankees say? Daddy! Dad? I’m here This is a marvelous estate! Misha, is your father a prince? Something like that. Dad? Hello Drive in Daddy, meet my wife Masha And this is her mother Inga I know. I read your cable. Come inside Put your stuff in this room, and Inga’s to the next one, with the mirror. Lunch is waiting He’s so stern. I almost froze Misha, why didn’t he say hi to us? Greetings are for pussies You’ll get used to it It’s all home-grown. Help yourself The sausage, too? Dad keeps some pigs. He makes his own vodka, too This one is from veggies, and that one – cranberry Sour cream! I have two cows. Yesterday I caught a pike in the lake I’ll cook it for dinner. Do you want to go to the sauna? Oh yes Now, tell me why you’re here I need money. 30,000

Why did you lie about the wife? It’s for her mom’s sake Dad, please try to understand I fell for this woman Do you need money for her? We want to go to the Crimea I see. You’re going abroad Your Masha is pretty And girls like Lena are dime a dozen You can do better than her I’ll give you this money I’ll give you more than you ask for You’ll take her to the Crimea and then buy her something nice as a farewell gift A ring, maybe, or a brooch They tend to cry less if you give them a ring You’re up early, beauty Good morning I feel like I’m in a fairy tale I walked round the house and found the secret place It’s my wife, Polia Is it a memory nook you made here? It’s a grave You buried your wife here? Can you do that? No, Masha, you can’t Of course you can’t. Russia is a bureaucratic land When you’re born, they put a tag on your hand When you die, you have to lie in the land allotted for this purpose I came out of the crematorium with the urn, and suddenly I thought: to hell with all that I’ll bury my wife in my own land. You won’t get her! I won’t give you anything of mine anymore You’ve gone rather far in your war against the state If I buried her in the city, who would tend to the grave? See? Here, she’s always close to me Did you have a good life? I can’t even start telling you Sometimes I’d be silent for days, and she kept smiling She never pried into my life She was a merry woman! Ginger! Come here, Ginger Here. Take it. Isn’t it good?

Dad, we’ll probably leave after lunch You can take home some dill and radish with you Farm cheese, too I’d love to I’m impressed by your farm I myself don’t have a green finger Sometimes I think if I plant a beetroot, it will grow into pumpkin Or won’t grow at all You’re good at growing children, though. Look at Masha No, Masha is a God’s gift There’s nothing from me in her I didn’t raise her: she grew up by herself Children don’t grow by themselves If you withdrew from her, somebody else must have taken your place I didn’t withdraw. I just didn’t hover over her She was growing up freely What? Here. Take it Ivan Petrovich, I wish you all the best, and thank you for the son. We’re family now Family? Dream on, old woman I’m not your family Did you call me an old woman? That’s who you are No floral pants or smocks will change that, old chatterbox! Ivan Petrovich, what’s wrong? Dad! Your dad is at home here, on his own land And these people! You moved to Israel? So stay there! Instead of screwing around, you should have kept an eye on your daughter. Family! Father! Look at yourself, you schmuck! Me, an old lady? I dress as I like. And I won’t be bullied, your bastards I’m not an old lady, I’m a charming woman in her golden years And my daughter is a genius, a beauty, a clever girl She’s too good for you Go to hell, you old fool! Get out of here, all of you! I’m not going anywhere until I have something to eat Why are you doing this? What’s wrong with you? I’m not used to being around people I’m tired of you as if you’ve been here a year, not a day! I don’t see any people around Does anybody live in Russia at all?

We’ve seen a Russian man today He’s a nice guy. He just got barbarous from living alone If I had a little more time… I got it you haven’t registered your marriage? We haven’t got to it yet I see What do you see? That you’re a fool Where are you going? Stop falling apart! If you burn down our house, I’ll kill you Misha, are you with her? Who else? Him? I want to die at her feet I can organize it for you when I’m back. You will die I made scrambled eggs with vegetables: tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers What? I don’t like fried tomatoes I didn’t know that You could have asked Masha, get yourself together. Control yourself It’s your phone Yes? Lena and Dasha are in hospital. There was an accident… In the country… Damn it! How is she? Just a small concussion and a bruised arm We were in the back seat. She hit her head, and so did I How are you? Does it hurt? Not anymore. Now we’ll be all right. You’re here These bastards, Friday noon – and they were drunk already! The brute on the track…

My mom… She died on the spot, without regaining consciousness Come on. Hush Uncle Tolia, too! And we were in the back seat Misha, what are we gonna do? I know. The main thing is you two are alive I can’t get rid of this picture I still see it in my head I know Misha, your phone I’ll call them back Let me take something else I’ve got it Kostia, are you at home? Kostia? Misha, come here Dad, look what I’ve got Where did you get it? Did you buy it? Where did you get the money? Who died and made you rich? Misha, are you with her? And she’s with you, right? Where’s the money coming from? They told me to deliver a bag I did. Then I saw it on TV What did you see? Yourself? The same street and the banker who was killed The same street where I delivered the bag to They set you up, you patsy! You’re an accomplice now! It’s at least four years’ term Maybe they won’t find me You wish. So you’re celebrating with this money? That’s where Dasha’s presents come from! Idiot You’re a hopeless idiot I didn’t know First they paid me and then gave me that errand I didn’t know I thought it was something about private investigations Don’t shout Cousin, you’re a fool I feel awful What if I go to the police myself? Will they arrest me? I guess so You wanted easy money, easy life? It’s my fault, too I should have seen that something was wrong But I was too busy with other things You really think they will arrest me? I didn’t know anything! Crying won’t help. We need to make a decision Right. A decision These are cool One pill, and you’ll be watching cartoons for 24 hours How much? 500 rubles How much for all of them? Yes, I’m listening

Inga? What happened? Is she at the hospital? Is she alive? I’ll be there Hertsel You talk to him Lev Davydovich? Yes Masha can’t talk right now She’s asleep. Yes How did it happen? Don’t lie to me! Did you try to kill yourself? No I just wanted to feel happy Even if the happiness wasn’t real The pills were probably fake. Or maybe I just OD’d Forgive me if you can I’ve failed this test I can’t deal with everything and everybody at once You should have called I couldn’t You very well could I know why you were doing this You decided that it was God’s punishment to you, for me That your family got into that accident because of me Right? It’s me who is dead The Masha you used to know doesn’t exist anymore The poor thing died in pain. Now I’ve replaced her Masha, I’m a jerk. But what can I do? I’m responsible for Lena, for Dasha They don’t have anybody else I decided we can’t see each other anymore I can’t cheat on my wife, who has recently lost her mother, for my own pleasures So that’s what I am: a pleasure It doesn’t matter anymore, though Masha, you’re not yourself I’m scared for you Don’t be. You don’t have to worry about this new Masha I feel sorry for the one who died, though She was a nice woman Well, go. Go!

I’m listening Can I see a detective? Which one? Any one The detective said if I hadn’t confess I’d be an accomplice But since I stated that I was a hired help, unaware of their criminal intents and was used for individual errands, I’m just a witness Are you scared? No I spent all my ability to be scared when drinking under this table Come on. Cheers You drink too much Yesterday you came home drunk, and now again Lena, stop lecturing me Don’t get on my nerves I’m sick and tired of this shit I’m getting on your nerves all the time lately. Why is this? I never loved you, that’s all Nonsense, Misha Dasha! Good morning We’ll celebrate our success today I wouldn’t call it success You should. This isn’t our home country Here, with some luck, a talent can find adequate reward It’s a victory, Masha. I must say I was worried about you

After that… thing you couldn’t control yourself for a while Way to go! You didn’t fall for it For what, Yura? Love is a bitch It takes everything and leaves, and you stay alone – pathetic, lost, as if you were mugged at a train station Yura, don’t talk about love It’s no use, whether you have it or not I want beer Whow do you say it? Beer! Zwei beer I’l learn German, I promise I’m a quick guy, you noticed? You’re my little cockroach I’ll go get us some beer Hello? Hello?