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Star Media presents Oh, God! You should have been in school long ago! – It’s time for you to go to the university! – This is none of your business! If you can’t cope with the kids then leave! Who can’t cope with the kids? I’m sorry, Yelena Vasilyevna, but I’m a nanny and not a survival school trainer! Masha, how are you dressed? Didn’t I tell you that one can’t mix more than three colors in a dress? – Who dressed you? – Nanny did! Angelina, I’ll need you when you come back from the institute God, I’m still here! I’ll go mad here! Yelena Vasilyevna, I’m tired! They are torturing me! It’s your job! We caught you! God, how tired I am of you! Do you know what people do with horses when they get tired? The weather is beautiful today I’ll do everything I’m satisfied with everything The people around me love me Everything is fine My life is a success What is going on? THE HOUSEKEEPER Ilya Glinnikov Alika Smekhova Konstantin Milovanov Polina Vorobyova, Sergey Veksler, Valeriya Gulyaeva Pavel Bessonov Mikhail Tarabukin Damn it Idea by Nina Belenitskaya and Andrei Zakharyev Created by Vyacheslav Durnenkov and Maria Zelinskaya Directed by Roman Barabash Director of photography – Alexander Sedov Sofochka. Sofa! Art Director – Alexander Zaslavskiy Sofochka! Music by Oles Korovnichenko Executive producers – Yuriy Minzyanov and Vlad Ryashin Sofa! Sofa! Come to me Sofa, come to me Hey, give my dog back You should say “hello” first. And “thank you” next Sofa, come here You’re Sophia, aren’t you? Nice to meet you, I’m Alexei You may call me simply Lesha Sonya, what is your owner’s name? Give the dog back She chose me herself. Am I right? Am I right, Sonechka? How much do you want? You like commerce, don’t you? Then just kiss me Kiss you? Did you see yourself in the mirror? Brat Is it that bad? Thank you Hold her – Hi – Hello Look, did you do the homework? I didn’t I’ve been watching football all the night through Zhenya, you always know everything Tell me, who is that novice? That one? That is Angelina She came from some London school Something didn’t work out there I’m not surprised. She is a classic bitch. We should show her

Half of the year is like her You can’t change everybody I wasn’t talking about everybody That’s it, Masha. Stop it! Children, stop. Masha, don’t do it! Masha, that’s enough! Vanya! Stop! Masha, Vanya, stop! It’s time for you to go to school Stop! I’m tired That’s it. Bring your children up yourself Children, good bye. Shoot here Don’t let the dog stand on the floor. Her paws will get dirty Look, the novice is here Can’t you see that she is thirsty? Guys, why are you looking at me? Go and bring a bowl with water Can I help you? – You again? – Sonya, honey, I’m glad to see you too Come on, let’s drink some water You’re crazy, aren’t you? Only in your presence. Otherwise I’m the pride of this year I thought you were a local clown – How much do I owe you for the water? – The price consists of 11 numbers I don’t get it It’s your phone number Take my rucksack Where are you going? Sophochka… Guy, you… Why are you shooting? Get off Guy, stand up. Hey, stand up Guy, are you alive? Guys, what’s the matter with him? He must be taken to a hospital Step side. What did they do to you? I told you that girls won’t bring you any good Take him by his hands and legs and get him in the car Come on, help them. Move it Sophochka. Sofa. Close the door But… – I told you to close the door – What about me? You’re staying here. You Sonya What? What did you say? What? Where am I? What has happened to me? What is my name? I think your name is Lesha Look, Alexei, I didn’t want to run your down. I didn’t, honestly Save your explanations for the authorities For what authorities? For law-enforcement authorities, of course. Don’t you understand? You’ll have huge problems now How much? How much do you want? Do you measure everything with money? What if I lose capability? What if my state is serious? I can feel that my hand doesn’t work right So? What do I do now? I don’t know but we can’t go to the hospital You’ll have to tell everything there And you’ll end up in prison We can’t go to my place, for you’ll have to explain everything there too, and you’ll get in prison. There is only one option Let’s go to your place Am I right, Sonechka? Sonechka doesn’t want to go to prison It’s damp and cold there How are you driving? How are you driving? Mum, I don’t know. He is some clown from the institute – I run him over – Look, how were you driving? I don’t know how it happened, I really don’t What do you know? You live without any problems Your dad has spoilt you When I was your age I gave birth to you All right, this is not the best example

Mum, why talk about this? You better help me Can’t you see, this is a problem Why did you bring him here at all? If he were some mouse, or a kitten, or a puppy… I don’t know What did I have to do? All right. All right I’ll sort it out now Your name? Lesha. Alexei Lesha, Alexei, how much? Years? Look. I feel unwell. Let’s play questions and answers How much money do you need to forget this story? – Money has nothing to do with it – What does? I need a permanent job… for at least a year I may be a guard… or a gardener A gardener? You’re a gardener now But let’s forget this story. Is that OK? Thank you very much. You can’t imagine how good it is to have permanent job I don’t want to imagine that Yes? Hello, Zhenya? You may congratulate me – I’m now working at her place – Have you said everything? Yes Her dad became a leader of confectionary business He is breathing in Fishman’s neck now But there was some huge scandal with the shares So don’t count on a stable salary Lesha, they are the Aistovs The Aistovs? Yes. So tell me whether I should congratulate you or not – Does your head still hurt? – What? Does your head still hurt? You know, I don’t want to work anymore I consulted with my doctor We decided that it’s better to write a report. That’s it Look, sonny. Agreement is more valuable than money If you tell anybody about it, I’ll show you. Is that clear? Perfectly clear – Give him the money, mum – I don’t need your money He doesn’t need the money He is the only person in the world who doesn’t need money What does he want? What does he want? A job. He needs a job We’ll give him a job Tomorrow you’ll trim the bushes about the house, gather the fallen leaves and dig up the earth around the roses. If you are good and do all the work to the end you’ll have a chance to admire the ball through the palace window You’re a poet – Mum? – Yes? I’ll be home late I have problems. Come on She has problems. I have problems, he has problems, everybody has problems Where is a person who must sort all these problems out? Many people think that it’s absolutely impossible to do business honestly I have grounds to disagree Let’s talk on these grounds after a short advertising break Stay tuned Attention, one minute before coming on air Guys, has Tikhonov come? He failed to come from London We’re trying to set up connection through Skype What’s the matter with Tikhonov? Can’t he really come? Thank you. Thanks. I can’t be sure, but we’re trying to get to now We’re getting to know. Good luck It’s a pity that Igor Valentinovitch is absent I’d ask him a few personal questions Mr. Aistov, I’d like to remind you that today’s program is dedicated to charity and the large businesses’ assistance to our compatriots I understand everything But Mr. Tikhonov’s deeds only help himself The interests of national confectionary industry are not one of his priorities, unfortunately Attention. Ten seconds to coming on air Respected TV-audience, let me remind you that we’re on air We managed to set up virtual communication with the second guest of our program. Unfortunately he failed to come to the studio because of stewardesses’ strike but he will talk to us right from London Igor Valentinovitch, good evening. Do you hear me?

I can not only hear but see you well Good evening, dear audience Igor Valentinovitch, the scandal abound the sale of the shares won’t calm down In fact, it’s escalating You can state your position now taking into account that your war with Aistov’s empire is the hottest piece of news I wasn’t the one to start this war Let’s make a TV-ring Aistov versus Tikhonov With pleasure. But only if you give me real boxers’ mittens I’m a large-scale businessman I don’t fight with paupers Let’s start answering our TV-viewers calls, then You don’t look too well Stop it Lena, I understand that you have a creative crisis But you shall brace yourself somehow You might infect Lina with your depression This is a bad example Is coming home in the morning and making me solve all the problems here a good example? Yelena, don’t make me laugh What problems do you have? Did you nail break? Or was somebody dressed in the same dress as you at the fashion show? I think you never talked like this with your ex I have a child from her, by the way. And don’t forget — she is not worse than your children My children? They are our children, Aistov. And you owe… I don’t owe you anything, Lena You have everything… even more I came to tell that you our daughter ran a boy over yesterday Lena… what are you saying? She ran him over, brought him here and made me solve this problem What did you do? I? I hired him as a gardener to make him shut up So he is alive, isn’t he? Like Lenin. He is very lively We don’t need any talks now. Am I right? Dear friends, the evaluation of the competition works of the students of our institute will start in a few minutes Please sit down Yes? Hello, where are you? Will you come? Katya, don’t worry, I’m coming. The jams are terrible Maybe I’ll be a bit late All right. Then come right up to the big hall The main thing is not to worry Everything will be fine. I kiss you Having analyzed the works the competition committee came to the conclusion that they were done on a high, professional level That confirms the quality of preparation of our institute’s students As a result, a number of construction companies got interested in our students’ works. That’s why the terms of awarding the competitors were changed this year The authors of three best projects will have a chance to realize them I wish I had a magic wand, a golden fish and a genie in a bottle It’s all right. I think you’ll win So… What do you want to say? Nothing. I have nothing to do with it, Katya The jury of our competition chose three best projects In nomination “Civilian Construction” Artem Shevchenko won In the nomination “Industrial Construction”

the winner is… Sergey Lavrov In the nomination “Landscape Design” the winner is… Ekaterina Martynova Say a few words I named my project “Nadezhda” in honor of my mother I hope she’ll be proud of me. I hope that my project will let the owner of the house look into the future with hope. Thank you I don’t understand. The time of the dinner was known a week before The guests are practically on the threshold What is going on? Where is Roman? I don’t know. Roman Alexeyevitch said that he was coming – Where is Viktor? – I’m here Viktor, what is going on? The guests will arrive in an hour, but nothing is ready You lost control over the servants completely Let me specify, madam — I’m not a housekeeper, I’m the assistant of Nicolay Konstantinovitch The problems of table-laying are outside of my competence Is the enormous salary that my husband pays you within your competence? Viktor, you must either find Roman or lay the table yourself All right Move it, move it Yelena Vasilyevna, the dishes are all from seafood Only Roman Alexeyevitch knew how to lay it properly – What is it for? – I don’t know – What is this? What is this? – I don’t know This is a lobster fork What? Do you have problems with laying the table? Yes, we do Let me do it. It’s very simple. Here we go A plate for the main course, a plate for the desert A fork and a spoon. A knife for the dessert… of course The glasses… for wine and champagne – How many people are we having? – Twelve Twelve. For the escargot And this is for the sauce The last stroke. Here we go Wow. Did you work in a restaurant before? You may say so Alexei, I have a question… do you know the wines too? – Show them to me – Are you serious? Of course I am. Why not? Let’s go. Repeat his actions and lay the entire table – Move it, move it – Did you remember everything? Bye Flowers Belka. Well…Belka? Where are you? I’m here I’m coming. Well? How did it go? Well… I didn’t expect it myself I got a great job A real construction company will finance my project It’s all written here My congratulations. Now you’ll leave our shop for sure No. I’ll only work on vacations The building is not even ready yet I envy you, Katya I told you to enter the institute, didn’t I? I wish I could marry I want to marry an oligarch Or a small, bald, dumb and deaf sea captain How will you study now? I’ll study when I’m free from grass-mowing I have great prospects, though. I’ll become a courier… like now, when I have to get flowers for the dinner table Don’t overwork It’s very good to be a courier, Zhenya They send you wherever they want, and you go without thinking about anything. It’s cool We need to talk Good morning to you, daughter. How did you sleep? Dad, I have no time. I’m late for the institute How are your studies, by the way? Have you gotten used to it? Dad, what did you take me from London for? Local guys are all fools I want you to study and to work here, in your native country Me? Work? Dad, are you affairs really that bad? Is that what you wanted to talk to me about? Dad, I want to go back to London. Immediately Lina, I need to answer a call, don’t you see?

You never have time for mum and me I’ll call you back. Lina, I heard you. I called your institute They said that you study as badly as you did in England Therefore I decided to throw you a life-buoy Thank you. Will you talk to the dean? No. I blocked your credit card Nothing stimulates business activity better than lack of money Go, otherwise you’ll be late A man, a Muscovite, 34 years old, dark hair, hazel eyes, who has neither debts, nor alimony nor loans is looking for a beautiful, charismatic and… thin girl How can one tolerate it? What do plump girls do? Look, this one is for you. A lonely old man doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and sleeps on his side I’ll bite you Look, Lesha, I’m sorry but your Angelina seems to be a no-gooder who lives at her father’s expense You are jealous Oh, stop it. I like a different kind of girls A bit cleverer, a bit more beautiful, a bit older and… I remember. I remember your “and” Stop it. Will you be reminding me of that to the end of my life? How can one marry? Who is writing these announcements, Katya? What is YSNGP? Hello YSNG means a Young, Shy, Nice Guy. He is right before you Is that you? No, of course not. It’s him. Look attentively He is a young male, a brutal Casanova Catch him and hold him right now Well, I don’t know… What is there to wait for? You shall act here and now, for tomorrow may never come By the way, he doesn’t like thin girls – Is that true? – Present yourself. He is Yevgeniy Yevgeniy Nice to meet you. Belka Yevgeniy is a student Show your record book Zhenya, be careful I can see well, thank you. Cool The Institute of International Relations Can I help you? I’m afraid we won’t be able to help here Yevgeniy is an old bachelor who knows no words of love They have found each other Stop fooling around. What do you want? I want to find love to the rest of my life I came to get a great bouquet Then let’s go there. Come in I have 35 bouquets, two boxes of Dutch roses and two boxes of greenery. If you want some exclusive flowers we may call the Netherlands and they’ll contact the suppliers No. I need the flowers here and now. And you’re dragging it out Yes, I am. They need time to get acquainted It’s very hard to find a decent guy nowadays Girl, you’re flirting with me. Let’s get acquainted first My name is Alexei. Simply Lesha for you My name is Ekaterina. Simply Kath for you Katya. I think all my previous life was in vain I see. To tell you the truth, your bouquet is there Belka is Bella. My granny called me so in honor of her great-grandmother. But I don’t like the name “Bella” It’s too official. Bella Belka is more lively, isn’t it? My name is Yevgeniy, by the way I know Girl, I tell you for the hundredth time — I need to unblock my credit card The only person who may… This situation is not standard, lady Lena’s dinners are always so rich What a pity that I’m on a diet Everybody is on a diet here, dear ladies Those who want to eat and not gain weight should place a diamond in the mouth – It satisfies hunger – How interesting I also advise you to grind half a gram of gold into a powder, add it to a pinch of flour and swallow Gold will be dissolving in your stomach for two months cleansing it. You’ll shine from within, ladies Look, how do you like this guy? You know, the dinner wouldn’t happen but for him

How can he be so good at both choosing wines and working in the garden? Aistov, you’re so suspicious Maybe he is universal It can’t be Alexei, I’m sorry. Where is your daughter Angelina? The only person who may unblock the transfer operations on your card is Nicolay Konstantinovitch Aistov, therefore… Very well, daddy – Let’s drink for the hosts – For the hosts of this house Do you give out free advice? Maybe you will give me some. I need one terribly Buy an opal. Opal is a stone of passion It kindles the inner light Maybe you’ll give it to me as a present? I have no money I will when I become the senior gardener From this moment on this is a dance evening I beg your pardon Caught Bravo – Alexei, see to the children – As you say, Yelena Vasylyevna Hi, guys – Are you having fun? – We are I see. I can see you’re having great fun I thought children are never bored, especially if there are lots of them together. Am I wrong? Shall we play something? What? Hide and seek, for example Are you children or not? Who are you? A maid? Get out of here Who is it? Whose friend is he? Listen to me attentively and pay notice The one who says anything will get a control shot into the head. Do you get it? I got to know where real treasures are hidden in this house The one who finds them first can take it Therefore learn the hints, read attentively and go in search of the treasures. Do you get it? Aren’t you joking? Is that for real? I’d like to see your father. “Aren’t you joking? Is that for real, bro”? Is the treasure somewhere here? Yes, in this house. I love your I-pods and I-pads I’ll have to take them away to make the game honest And the main thing, my friends… You only have thirty minutes. Let’s start Why so little? Am I limited in time in my own house? Will the girls get the head start? No, the girls won’t get the head start The rules are honest and even This is a joke. I can feel it All right. As you wish One, two… Look, they are playing all together

Don’t do it High spirits is the main treasure We shall live in the present, shan’t we? Mum, can we stay a bit longer? No. It’s too late, we must go home Just a bit Lena, loan us your baby-sitter for a week-end Look what Alexei has done with them I’m seeing that for the first time I can’t take them away from the computer, and now… It was a real children’s holiday This is absolutely impossible. I’ve been waiting for him myself and hired him for huge money Really? Yes. He is universal You’re very lucky. Good bye Bye Please… He will marry me Did he say so? Of course he didn’t What man can say that? Men are extremely indecisive But Yevgeniy thought so, and I knew it at once Aren’t you hurrying the events up? If you don’t hurry them up you might be late And stay alone for the rest of your days Yes? Nicolay Konstantinovitch, did you call for me? Yes, Alexei. Come in What is your surname? Agafonov Right. Something doesn’t add up – What do you mean? – I made inquiries about you You’re the best student of your year Yes, I study well Very good What can you say about the market volatility? In what sector shall one buy shares? Traders use volatility to evaluate changes on a concrete date Name the date, and I’ll give you an exact answer What companies are you interested in? Raw materials or energy? One shall get as much information as possible before buying anything – The best info comes from inside – Do you mean criminal information? This question is philosophical. Some call it “corporate espionage”. Some use a heroic word “reconnaissance” And you’re working as a gardener, aren’t you? This is for the start I plan to make a breathtaking career with you You’re an interesting guy. Don’t you want to tell me the truth? I don’t. What for? But I know one thing for sure — I need money Angelina recommended you, didn’t she? She had convincing recommendations My wife likes you. You’re great with kids, although all nannies run from them I have an offer to you Will you be our housekeeper? This position is vacant I don’t want to hire a person from outside I’m from outside too If you don’t cope I’ll fire you You have five minutes for thinking it over I agree Guys Look, who sells diploma works in our year? What do you mean? Do you need a “C”? I need an “A” Only Leshka Agafonov The one whom you ran over He is going to get a red diploma But he doesn’t sell works We’ll see So? Lena, you should start doing something May you will care for the kids? Nanny left, a director of their school called me and complained She says they are playing truant I’m not a nanny. I’m an actress You know that they didn’t give me the main part Whom will they shoot? Eleonora Polonskaya. She has talents She shakes them in the frame… shaking the sand off She is not that old, is she? Are you saying that to me on purpose? Think about one more thing — where to move from here If Tikhonov presses on me, I won’t be able to pay for this house

Look, let’s celebrate your birthday in a family circle I don’t want to see all those faces Stop it, wife. Stop it. No, the dinner shall be grandioso… I want people to remember it. Do you understand? I want them to see that the Aistovs are still flying high and no one can bring them down. Grandioso… even if this dinner is the last – Yes? – Lesha, this is me Angel? Nice to hear you You may call me so if you want to. When shall I come to get you? To get me where? Where you tell me. Or… did you change your mind about inviting me to the club? Look, let’s meet in the evening Your mum asked me to do something Can you imagine? I got a call from a shooting crew. They offered me an episode An episode, a part of a maid of the main heroine I don’t know what to do. If I refuse they won’t call me again If I agree they’ll say that I fell too low Did you agree? Are you mad? Do you see me in tan episode? They say there are no small parts Only those who never had a main part say that Do you know how many main parts I had? Look here The guys at the TV-studio made this for me. Do you like it? Sure. Is that you? And you too? Aistov doesn’t believe in me Yelena Vasilyevna, can you send these materials to my e-mail? Just in case. I’ll look them through when I’m home I didn’t like you at the beginning I thought that you were a dowry hunter Yelena Vasilyevna, do you want to hear the truth? I am indeed a dowry hunter I hunt for your daughter And you’re assisting me in that I knew at once that you have a good sense of humor You know, I can feel that you understand me Let’s stop here. Park the car People from the theatre think that the more vulgar the better Is that right? We shall bring the audience up People watch absolute trash. And the cinema The cinema is… The actors shall search for themselves I’ve found myself. You see, I’ve found myself Oh, how great It’s time to go shopping – Hi to everybody – Here are the clothes Hello. Calm down – What is this? – I beg your pardon What kind of pornography is this? This is the last collection Girl, this is the last collection of pornography Where can one wear this? I know I’ll go to the theatre in this Yes The theatre. Do you love the theatre as much as I love it? – Stop it, Lena – Shall I stop? Of course. We’ll take this We don’t have clothes for the theatre – We’re buying – Yes – Yelena Vasilyevna? We shall go – What? – Where to? – There – There – Pack the clothes, please In a packet with holes The reeds are rustling… Be quiet, please Lesha. I’ve forgotten my fur coat in the car This is not important. The main thing is to keep the reeds from rustling Where is everybody? Where are they? Be careful. A step. Another step. Be very quiet now Forget the details Be quiet. I beg you to be quiet, Yelena Vasilyevna I feel unwell, Lesha. I feel unwell

Everybody is not too well nowadays The reeds were rustling, the trees were bending, the night was dark. Right I feel so bad, Lesha. You know what I wanted to tell you? Aistov is slipping away from me Sleep, Yelena Vasylievna I look at him and wonder — who is that man? Stop it, Yelena Vasylyevna Aistov is a good man He is good, isn’t he? He is And my small children… they are already pupils Your children are great Yes, the children. And my daughter She is so big. My daughter Angelina is great I know. Sleep, Lesha. Sleep Yes, I’m going to sleep I’ll repeat one more time — these papers don’t exist Stop panicking. If Tikhonov had them he would have done away with us long ago Yes, of course, Victor — my right hand and left too He is informed of all operations Without it, I’m dead Well, what do you think? I came to you at dawn to say that the sun has risen. Hi I’m very pleased… especially taking into account that it is evening Look, I have a feeling that I’ve known you for about ten years. Have we met before? No, we haven’t Are you studying? I’m trying to. Job takes much of my time What about Belka? I let her go. There she is Wow. A pupil excelled his teacher. It’s great Their lips will get dry, though I kissed for the first time only at the third date What did you want? Oh, yes. Where do we study? I don’t know about you I study in the Institute of Architecture I want to become a landscape designer The software is too weak. You shall add some more memory… Well… You’re a future landscape designer. Very well When I start building my palace I’ll call you I hope you won’t start this week. I have seminars I like chatting with you. But I need a bouquet. It should be… Not standard and with love Exactly In a moment Here you go On the language of flowers it means: “Honey, I’m happy” Does your beloved understand the language of flowers? I doubt it. But I’m sure that I can teach her All right. I’ll bring you the change No, no. Take this. This is for you This is a fiance’s bouquet Very good. It means you’ll get married soon I can’t see your hands. I can’t hear you I’ve never been here Do you like this place? Look how cool he is Yes, he is cool Do you have a lighter? I don’t smoke Cool. Let’s dance Shall we go to some other place? Sit here alone, then I’ll have fun on my own Girl. Girl, what’s the matter? I love you too I love this girl Stop it. Let go of me She is so passionate Damn it. What are you doing? Look where you’re going

Take your hands away. You’re drunk Who is drunk? Am I drunk? Yes, I’m drunk But I’m not as drunk as you. Let me drive We’re both drunk. We can’t drive in such a state If the police stop us we’ll have problems Let them stop. If the policemen come I’ll make a police turn. Watch me Lesha, hi Hello You shall work less. I’m tired of lying about where you are Did you read the last “Forbes”? No. I’ll buy it now. Why? Look up the letter A. Is Agafonov Alexei in the list? Shall I start laughing now? I’m not joking, Zheny I need there very much You could come with a placard — “We slept” I think what happened between us yesterday is not that vulgar By the way, I forgot to tell you that your father appointed me the housekeeper. Take this Congratulations. You’re making career fast Take the flowers away, fool I don’t want the entire institute to wonder where I get good diploma works Angelina, I just wanted… I told you to hide them Or better throw them away Get off me. We better talk at home Lesha, give this to Belka Zhenya, you’re luckier than me now Everything is clear in your life I talked to your lawyer, Nicolay Konstantinovitch Tikhonov refused all our offers. He is going to sue you He has found the documents Vitya, what documents? It happened a hundred years ago A hundred years ago? All right. Here are the copies By the way, I got them risking my life Wait. My lawyer said that they don’t exist anymore Why do you still trust him? He felt that you’re going to lose and… I’m very sorry You’re sorry, aren’t you? Why did you keep silence about the documents? Do you understand that this is the end? I’ll have to fire all of you Nicolay Konstantinovitch, do you know what a farewell bird dance looks like? What? It looks like this. Like this. Like this Vitya, are you all right? I’m perfectly all right I say goodbye to you Tikhonov offered me a job… and an adequate salary So thank you for all these years – Get out of here – With pleasure Get out And don’t you shout on me Don’t think about anything. It was a normal working situation I don’t think at my working place I do enough of thinking at the institute My birthday is approaching I’ll compose the list of guests Do you know who’ll be the first in it? No Tikhonov. Of course he won’t come But I want him to know that I’m not afraid of him I have an urgent task for you. Do you know a flower boutique in the Sadovaya Street? Of course. We buy flowers there Go to the car salon in the Pushkinskaya Street. Look Look here. Take the car and drive it to the flower shop. And…

Lesha, I don’t want anybody to know about this task Yes, of course This is all Yes, mum. OK. Bye. Oh, you’re eating Lesha cooked for us How great Mum, if Lesha is so great let him stay with us for good What do you mean — for good? Everybody will feel better then You, dad and Angelina. And we too Right I’ll think about it. Hello? What director? Yes. Yes, I’m listening The cookies are very good I have never tasted such cookies I like them too. My dad got them as a present Who is he? How do I say… Don’t tell me if you don’t want to I believe that one determines who one is on one’s own, not through his parents Do you really think so? Yes. Parents are a good foundation But one shall build the house on his own Describe your home for me I don’t know. My mum and I were always renting flats Therefore I don’t know how it feels like to own a house Try to imagine it. Close your eyes and try to imagine your house I’ll try Try, try it In a moment It’s not big, one-storied and very light There are few walls inside, there is much light There is a garden in front of it There are beautiful flowers there, and paths with small pebbles… white pebbles. One may walk on them barefooted The ocean is behind the house. What are you doing? The ocean. Your phone is ringing Hello? Hi Listen to me. Look out of the window. I have a surprise for you In a moment Is that for me? I’m scared when you’re driving your old ruin along our roads Do you like it? Stop it. I know that you have problems now. What will Yelena say? I congratulate you on your victory in the competition This is the best present in my life Don’t get hurt, but I can’t take it Why? You know that I must achieve everything on my own – I kiss you – Bye May I ask you something? You’re scaring me I saw the photo of the man who sent you this car And? This is none of my business, of course But I just wanted to know… why didn’t you take the car? You wanted to ask something else, didn’t you? All right. Who is that man to you? Are you ready to tell me who Angelina is to you? Wow I’m sorry Do you want to get to know all my secrets? Isn’t that too early? I understand. I’m sorry Were the cookies tasty? – Lesha? – Yes? Can you help me move the flowerpot? I won’t cope on my own Do we have some more tea? Can you imagine, it was when the Dow Jones index fell And what happened next? Next… it rose I’m writing poems Really? Do you want to hear some? – No – No? I didn’t know that flower business was that hard But it is

I can see that you’re not overworking at home Angelina, please meet Katya Katya, this is Angelina Why do you think that I’m interested? Why not? Maybe you’ll need flowers one day So he lacks money to pay for my studies but he buys you cars I didn’t ask him Ask him. Ask. He is ready for anything for your sake… even at the expense of his own family Why are you standing? Let’s go I don’t understand anything Yevgeniy is so cool. He is so clever. He is studying Spanish – He is so cool. You can’t imagine – I can What is wrong with your mood? Did Alesha leave with somebody else? Whose car is there by the entrance? Let’s work, shall we? Al right Why are you keeping silence? Why did you behave like that with her? I’m sorry, honey. One can’t communicate with such people in any other manner. They should know their place Do you know your place? Yes. And I feel great there I take everything that I want from life I want to go to the club at the moment, and I’m going there What kind of music do you like? Beethoven. “The Fate Theme”. Have you heard of it? – Are you joking? – I am I never joke. Only weak people hide behind the jokes Do you think you’re strong? Look at me. I can do anything in this life I think so Thank you, girls. Thank you It was Glam and his show-ballet “The Sexy Tigers”. Come to our concerts. Is that you again? I’m sick and tired of you Look, that guy is handsome Dance with him Get off You like cool guys, don’t you? Who are you to control me? You’re nobody. You’re our Cinderella I sent the diploma work to your e-mail. I did as I promised When you need the next one you know where to find me What did you need that for? What are you doing here? What a pair. Uma Turman and James Bond Are you leaving? Yes, I have problems in the institute. I must go Why are you lying? I’m lying, aren’t I? Does it look like I’m lying? Each person uses up to five per cent of lies in this speech This is what you’re doing now. You don’t even notice it Everybody lies. That’s why people forgive others for lying Only children tell the truth And they get punished for that When children get older they start lying too. Like the adults What are you reading me this lecture for? It’s because you’re lying to yourself. This is the worst case Just realize what you really want

Everything is so confused Sort it out. Ask direct questions If a person tells you the truth you can trust him If he lies hit him in the eye What a fool The autumn has come, the flowers withered I don’t need anybody except for you… Don’t take the roses; the client host doesn’t like them How do you know? Don’t tell me, I understand We’re adult people Aistov is my father Of course he is. And I’m your twin sister Stop it. Is that true? So your dad is a millionaire, he is eating sweets by boxes, and you’re making bouquets at nights. It can’t be It can, as you see Why are you so sad? I am not. I’m just thinking about whether to go to his jubilee Of course you shall go What is there to think about? I’ll call my friend She works in a boutique We’ll find the best dress for you Big earrings, high heels… you’ll be the best What for? What do you mean — what for? For him to see For everybody to see that you’re all right March forwards. I’ll finish these bouquets myself I remember that he doesn’t like roses Good morning. Happy birthday. Congratulations Thanks. Thank you. You’re spoiling me Do you like it? I do. Why did you get up so early? A director called me and offered a main part in a movie based on Joyce. It’ll be a bomb You see. My congratulations I believe in you My agent is Alexei Agafonov He convinced the director to give me the main part I don’t know how he did it This is a letter from him. Read it “Thank you for everything It was nice to work for you But now… in connection with… refuse to…” – I didn’t understand. Did he leave? – I think so We shall do something We won’t cope without him Do you think it’s strange that we can’t cope without our gardener who only worked for us for a few days? Don’t you think it’s strange that you hired him as a housekeeper? Did you forget? I did Good afternoon Please sit down. For those who might be interested… Lesha, you can’t imagine how cool she is She has cards with actors starting from the 30-ies Is she a Duncan McLoud? Will she live forever? Her granny started the collection How is Aistova, by the way? Did you quarrel? One may say so. The love was without gladness, so the separation will be without sadness I don’t work for them anymore Yes? I’m listening Hello, housekeeper. I read your letter Hello, Nicolay Konstantinovitch Yes, I’m leaving – Are you running? – No, it’s not the case I haven’t drowned yet I do it for personal reasons I never thought that I’ll ask anybody about anything But I ask you to stay For personal reasons I need to concentrate on my fight for the company and not on the house Since you arrived everything came to normal Lena… Yelena Vasilyevna is reading Joyce Masha and Vanya adore you Their friends call them all the time People offer me money for you. Can you imagine? Their children drive them crazy because of you

So… help me, Lesha You see, Nicolay Konstantinovitch, I came to work in your house not because of the money I guessed it at once I saw you dancing with Linka May I ask you a direct question? Like a real man? All right, do it What relations do you have with Katya? Good. Normal. Ordinary relations What relations can there be between a father and a daughter? What do you mean — a daughter? Yes. Katya is my daughter from my first marriage She lives separately and has her other’s surname Wait, why did you ask? I think I’m in love with Katya It might be none of my business. But sort it out first Do you think you’re in love or do you think you’re in love with Katya? What about Angelina? I don’t know about Angelina I don’t know anything now I need to sort it out Let’s do it this way. You’ll help me celebrate the jubilee and then you’ll sort it out as long as you need Is it a deal? You can tell me all about it. I’ll keep it secret They say that Aistov is a bankrupt His affairs are going from bad to worse What are you saying, Diana? They say that his assistant Viktor left him for Tikhonov Can you imagine? Zhenya, Belka. What are you doing here? Katya invited us. So you’re working, aren’t you? Don’t envy. There are better places Belka, do you remember the YSNGP? Yes. Young, Shy, Nice, Perspective – The key word here is Perspective – Right – Katya – Hi Hello Thank you Thank you Hi Hello Hi, Happy birthday. I made it for you myself Thank you On the language of flowers it means “I love you, I kiss you, I’m grateful for everything, Your Katya” Thank you. I hope this time you’ll stay till the end of the evening? Sure. Otherwise why would I dress up? Is it OK? Do you like it? Honestly? Alexei? What shall we do? The director is calling all the time Where will we take the money? Yelena Vasilyevna, wait. It’s not the end of the evening yet It is evening. Lesha, look out of the window It is already evening Have patience. You’ll understand everything soon My friends, can I have your attention please? I’m glad to see you at my birthday party This age is considered to be the one to make some conclusions, and to look back. I think I achieved a lot I developed my capital, I increased the capacity of my industry, I was working on organizational problems Unfortunately I often lacked time for my wife, my kids and for myself. But I’m looking forward with hope I still have where to move I want to say that I consider my children to be my greatest achievement in life And now I’d like to invite my eldest daughter to dance

She has dressed up. A daughter I was wondering why you’re friends with that saleswoman You’re cunning. You started to court both of us You knew, didn’t you? Tell me that you knew I didn’t. She has a different surname She has her mother’s surname. She is so proud She wants to achieve everything on her own So she is selling flowers I think she dances very well Hello, Igor I congratulate you, Nicolay Please meet my eldest daughter Katya. My heiress She is Nadezhda’s daughter, isn’t she? She took after her She is so adult. A real fiance I’m here with my son too Lesha? Where are you? – Lesha, what’s the matter? – Get off me – Lesha, your dad is here – Take your hands way Lesha, come here Hold this Here you go Dad, I asked you not to do it in everybody’s presence Are you surprised? You’ve always been a master of surprises I was shocked myself when I got to know that my son was working for you. And he was doing well He decided to help me ruin Aistov’s company He is the one who arranged your assistant’s leave and the search for the documents What did you come for? Did you bring the customs office representatives? No. He grounded… …economic benefits that will arise from merger of the two companies I don’t get it I don’t get it myself yet But it’s beneficial for both of us, isn’t it? It is, without any doubt Do you see? According to his variant of the merger each of us keeps his status and money I was thinking about how to swallow you and earn more money And he worked out a way not to swallow you and to earn even more Twice as much Will you show us your calculations? Let’s not do it here and now. Later All right, let it be later. And one more thing This is my birthday present for you Thank you These are the papers that you lost Thank you Will I get something to drink in this house? Otherwise I’ll leave It’s your turn now, Yevgeniy Lesha, I don’t understand What is going on? Yelena Vasilyevna, everything is clear If we make two companies merge into one concern, Aistov will be happy to give you the money for the movie It’s clear, isn’t it? Dance, dance Katya

I didn’t understand Did he say that you came to my father’s house using Angelina to spy for your dad to make my father a bankrupt? To tell you the truth… yes, I did So you’re a bastard, aren’t you? I was helping my father I think you’d do the same if you were in my shoes Besides I didn’t know that you’re Aistov’s daughter So you may either forgive me or hate me Forgive me Shall we get acquainted again? – Alexei – Ekaterina Nice to meet you. Here we go Sonechka. Shall we get acquitted again? What is my dog doing here? You left me too, didn’t you, Sonya? Agafonov, you have your mother’s surname too You did well. Tell me what to do to be as happy as you are My father appointed her his heiress I’m sorry; I don’t want to talk to you Why not? Did you decide to offer Katya to marry you one-in-one? This is none of your business Will you tell my dear sister how we fucked in my car? Do you want me to tell that to her myself? In details She doesn’t know about that, does she? Katya What do you need her for? I’m afraid you won’t understand Katya. Wait. I love you, do you hear? Lesha? Oh, my God Lesha. Lesha, what’s wrong with you? Lesha? What? Where am I? What has happened? You’re scaring me What is going on? Who are these people? They are… relatives Relatives? I don’t remember so many. Are they all mine? Do you remember me? You? I remember you very well I’m married with the most beautiful girl in the world She works in a flower boutique. We have three children and a small dog. We live in a small light house on the ocean shore. The flowers grow all around it, and the paths are covered with white pebbles And the ocean Beautiful dreams Marry me Yes, I will They are great for each other