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The country is free but, not us Let us talk it out with father! Brother, if I would know we would get late, I wouldn’t join you all – Hey, I made your life and you – Brother! Father, you?! Where are you coming from in the middle of the night? We went to celebrate independence of the country The celebration you people have is not of independence it is of destruction! We are destined to destruction, father! The destitute children of a rich father We live off your money then how can we celebrate independence?

– What are you saying, brother? – You don’t interfere! Why shouldn’t I? You insult father and you want me to hear it quietly? What has father not done for us? We have a bungalow to live in, a car to go out in good food and clothes – What else do you want? – Shut up! – Will you shut up or not? – Brother, you… . ? Just a minute! …What do you mean? What are you trying to say? Father, we cannot lead a life based on your boring principles! Tell me clearly, what are you trying to say? – Father, you – Let me explain ! Father in law, if you really love all of us and if you wish to see all of us happy then please give us our share of property She is right, father We lived enough under your guidance, now we are fed up! – Give us our share so that we go our way. – Let me explain If you want us to live peacefully then make equal shares of this property and give it to us, that’s all Let’s go! Please forgive me, father I never thought Govind, his wife and Sunita would think like this! – Or I would never – Never mind, son Son, even if you have a problem with me then tell me now No father, I will die but, I will never misbehave with you ! Nor will I ever raise my voice and talk to you ! Enough master, don’t think too much about this incident – Please rest now – You do one work Go to my friend, Advocate Batliwala now and tell him to come here tomorrow morning Why call him, master? I will write something and give, tell him to get a new will tomorrow Welcome Batliwala, I was waiting for you – Have you made the paper? – Yes, I have made as you said But, come here for a minute think about it again, perhaps, you may change your mind What are you doing, Dhaniram? You want to become a pauper? Giving away your wealth to such children is causing harm to them! Think about it once again! Yes master, he is right, think once again! I have thought I know what I am doing! – Dhaniram, think again! – I have, you read out the papers! Okay then, listen to your father’s will he has decided to go out on a pilgrimage So, what’s new? We all know about it! I know that you know but, what you know is not enough to know! Now, I will tell you more and let me do my work systematically! Govindram, Dhaniram’s eldest son Sunita, his eldest daughter and Rohit, his youngest son who is not present here and Arti, who is Govindram’s wife Govind gets the responsibility of the factory and 1 million rupees! 1 million? ! Thank you very much, father! – But, what was the need for this? – Right, why did you give him? – Alright, I’ll take it back – No, father wants me to keep it Son, you can go and sit Sunita gets the old bungalow and this 1 million rupees cheque You have given that old bungalow to me? – No, it was for me – Thank you, father! Now go and sit and don’t waste my time Sit down or I will take my fees out of your 1 million Rohit gets this bungalow and 1 million What?… Married? ! You married against my wishes? You are a girl and before taking such a step, you didn’t think whether your father approves of this marriage or not? What was the need to ask you? If I would ask you, you would give only one answer that, Shashi is worthless, he is jobless and you don’t like him! He cannot be your son in law! Inspite of knowing what I feel for him, you got married to him? Father, children can eat and wear clothes as per their parent’s wishes But, not marry as per their wish ! The man I thought was good enough for me, I married him Because, I want to live my life with him, not you ! Child, it’s the 1 million in your account which is talking! People suggested that I should make worthless children dependent on me

They will pretend to be decent but, they will be under control And if I give them wealth, they will be worse than an old enemy But, I did not listen and I am paying for that mistake Father, you can think what you want We came to seek your blessings, if you feel like blessing us it’s fine or we are going to our own bungalow – Which bungalow? – The one which you have given to my wife And with your money, I will start a new business So that, I can be a richer man than you ! You cannot step in that bungalow, Shashi Why can’t he? He is my husband if you try to stop him, you too will not be allowed to step in there! Let’s go, Shashi! – Come darling Dhaniram, I hope now you realize the mistake you made by giving your children your property? Now do one thing, from tomorrow, handle your business on your own You are right I will go Wait here, sir. You cannot go in Are you in your senses or have you lost your mind? You are stopping the owner of the factory from going inside? You were the owner of this factory But today, I am the owner – Is it? – Yes, only me! You have handed it over to me, my time is very precious that is why, don’t argue and waste my time – Watchman, show him the way out – Yes, sir Son, it’s not your fault, it’s my fault I tried to sow thorns with my blood on the soil of respect In the process I forgot that thorns can only hurt they cannot give out fragrance God bless you, son Arti, my child, come out for a minute Come and hear what your husband has done Do you know how he has behaved with me? Arti, my child Whom are you calling out, master? Your daughter in law has left – Where? – Your daughter, Sunita had come here She took her along Now, they all will live together in the old bungalow Lakhpatia, suddenly this house looks so lifeless They rejected my love and have gone away with their wealth? Sir, I don’t know whose evil eye has been cast to this house? We have to save this house and only one man can help us and that is Maniram, I plead to you please get him here, only he can teach a lesson to his children! Alright Lakhpatia, I will go to Maniram tomorrow Barkha, you are the wheel of my life! I swear, I have never seen any other woman till date In the 25 years of my life, you are the first girl ! – 25 years? ! – Yes, I am 25 years old but, I have matured in the heat of love that’s why, I look older This man is forever chasing women and dreams about them Sir, if you have stopped dreaming then will you please wake up? Hey, wake up! – Is it morning? – It’s afternoon for the rest of the world! Are my medicines ready? – Yes. – Then give me the tablet which will make my face glow! – Here! – Give me the pill to bring back the vision of my eyes – Here! – Give me the pill which will make me feel young – Take! – Give me the pill that will take away my old age! Here! Now, should I show you the next pill? Here it is! Why are you showing me the face of this woman early in the morning? This lady is your fiancee since past 20 years She calls me everyday to find out if the old man is at home? – Old man is her father! – But, she says it’s you! Don’t show me her face and tell me, did any of my girlfriend call up? Well actually, hundreds of girls call up in the day – You have made me so happy! – Have some shame! You are 55 years old, leave these evil practices! Why, what is the difference between 55 and 15 years? Both have the number 5 in it

I am still a child, I yet have to see my youth ! Okay then get up and get ready, your girlfriend is supposed to come Take me along, like a fragile flower! – Get up, my rose! – Move! – How do I look? – Horrible! – I look horrible? – Yes! – Now go and bathe – Bathe? I should bathe after putting my wig and these false brows and mustache? You should wash your body everyday, even if things are fake! – Go and take a bath ! – Thank God he is not my father in law Actually, he is envious of my youth! Coming ! ! – Is Mr. Dhaniram at home? – He is waiting for you Liar! Hey, old man ! Your mustache! What are you doing? The poster of love had come out, I was sticking it! You are very disloyal, you did not even call me once! I tried many a times but, my phone was not working I was getting a wrong number but, I used to talk to your picture – The phone is ringing, can I get it? – Go ahead “I am still very young” Hey, old man ! How are you? – What happened? – Nothing Wrong number! What’s the matter, whose call was it? Rita darling, let’s decide one thing today – Is the old man at home? – What? Have you gone mad? It’s some lady, whenever I speak she says is the old man is home? Don’t ever talk to her, she is actually an insane old woman ! Insane old woman? But, she asks me about some old man? – She must be asking about my father – Your father? In his youth, she was crazy about him – What are you saying? – I swear it – She wants to marry me – At this age? – Yes. – Then why don’t you complain to the police? If I do that then our family name will be exposed to the public – What? – I mean my father will lose his honor And if I lose my honor then our love will also lose its honor! I hope you understood? The only way to get rid of this old woman is that we get married – Married? – Yes, my desire of 55 years will be fulfilled ! 55 years? What is your age? – 25 years – Then why did you say 55? I was born 25 years back but, my desires were born 30 years before me So doesn’t that make 55 years? – So, shall we get married? – Okay, I will talk to my mother Don’t talk, just get her here, I will marry her – You’ll marry my mother? – No, get her here, I will talk to her The bride is here but, where is the groom? – Get the groom quickly – I will get him Tie the turban, what are you doing? The bride is down there and the groom has still not come? This man cannot tie a turban on my head! What can I do if the turban is not getting fixed on your head? The minute I try to fasten it, it slips off! Okay, fix a nail on my head and then tie around it! And you told me that you’ll get me an oil which will grow my hair? You took 50 thousand from me but, where is that oil? – Maniram, we are late. – Do you want me to go down with a bald head? She will run away, she doesn’t know that I am bald Sir, forget the turban, let’s put some flowers around your head I wonder how that will help, she will run away seeing me! Where are the flowers? ! – I gave it to you? – No, you had it! The flowers are not here! I don’t think I will get married today! I think I will die a bachelor! Just a minute

– What is it? – Wake up! Damn you ! Your fat body was on this flowered headgear? So what, it is meant for an old man I will hit you ! 20 times my marriage has been canceled & 18 times because of you ! Last time, you stamped the bride and she reached the hospital And prior to that you slipped on a banana skin and fell on the priest he had to be carried to the crematorium If today my marriage is canceled, I will feed you with gun powder and make you sit on an oven then you know what you will face! Hurry up Maniram, we are running out of time You thought it was a duster? How can I put this smelly flower on my face? – Damn you ! – Hurry up or you will miss this marriage too! Cruel man ! – Let me help, sir – She doesn’t know I am bald If she knows, she will not marry me Hey, I cannot see anything ! Let me get married, I will always be obliged to you all ! Is the old man at home? It’s some lady, she is asking if the old man is at home? Keep the phone! She is a very wicked woman ! – She has canceled my wedding several times. – We all know! Shut up, you know but, he doesn’t! Her name is Rani, I’ll show you her photo, don’t let her come inside! – Guard the house fiercely – You don’t worry, sir We will keep a watch on every woman who comes in this house – What for? – For your sake, sir – You want to break my marriage? – Let’s go! Come on ! – Stop pushing me! – Come on, stand up! Wait, I have just sat down, how can I stand so soon? – Are they your children? – How can my children come here? Father, are you playing marriage game? Are you mad, I am not your father, you should wear glasses – Father, can I eat that? – They are your children, you are married? Of course not, I don’t even know them! Don’t you know us, father? – Who are you all? – Father, I am your Munnu – I am Sujju – I am Aalu – I am Raju – I am Sita – I am Geeta – I am Pappu – Oh, God ! This is a sin – What sin are you talking about? – Who are you all? – Father, mother is calling you Then why don’t you take your father, why are you taking me? I cannot wait at such a place and taint my religion! – Hey, priest! – Father!! Hey, you think we all are singing in chorus? Shut up! Cheat, fraud ! Let’s go, child You crook, scoundrel ! ! – Hey, listen… mother in law – Father!! What is it?… Go away from here! Wonder from where they came and ruined my wedding! Should I let the decoration be there or remove it? I asked because, it has been here since many years Very good, children! Is the wedding canceled? – Yes! – Here, take this! – When should we go again? – No, you don’t go there Or that old man will seize you, now you go! – Is the wedding ruined? – So, you are happy? Whenever I come here to fight, you come and seek my blessings? – You are my lord and master – I am not lord and no master! Of course you are! I am still wearing your engagement ring Throw it and listen to me, I will not get married to you! What warning is this? Will you marry someone else in this old age? I spent the entire youth on you but, what did I get? When I came with your proposal, your father wanted to kill me! He ran behind with a gun, bodyguards and dogs! Good that I wearing a tight pant or the dogs would have ripped my flesh ! I ran away from that city and came to another city I was starving when I thought of doing a business I started a business and earned money and kept earning more and more You stand straight, don’t move! I am narrating a story, not playing some music! – Go ahead. – I earned money but, I lost out on 20 years I had money but, I lost my hair I had wealth but, I lost my youth And inspite of all this, you still want me to marry you? But, why are you punishing me for my father’s sins? When I came to know that my father chased dogs behind you I left his house and wore this wedding chain in your name

– I kept waiting for you! – Why did you do that? Because, an Indian woman waits all her life for the man she loves! I don’t want to hear these film dialogues I came here to warn you that I will never marry you! Let me see how you don’t marry me, senile old man! – You caught me by my collar? – I have just done that much Once we are married, I will even catch your neck! – You will catch my neck? – Yes, what do you think a woman is? I will chop you into pieces and feed you to dogs! – No, I will eat it myself – You will chop me and eat me? Now you wait and see how I get married to someone else! You think you can get married with these fakes brows and mustache? – Do you have a mirror? – Don’t see or you may get scared What?…Your father called me home and insulted me, and you took out my brows and mustache, now I will get married – You wait and see – I will see how you get married ! For the first time, this turban has fitted my head I think this marriage will not be canceled Sit down…start the rituals Why are you sulking? Very good, Maniram! Batliwala, you are here?! Yes! Are you shocked to see me here? Obviously! Actually, I am doubly shocked today You have come here for the first time and my wedding which is canceled several times, is taking place today Good, you celebrate, one brother is in problem and other is enjoying! Who is in problem?… Dhaniram? Yes, Dhaniram. He may be my client but, he is like my brother And inspite of being your brother, you don’t care about him But what sorrow could he have? He has children he is the most happiest man in this world Maniram, you spent your life chasing girls and trying to marry them You don’t know what is the joy of children and when they grow up and snatch that joy then what that sorrow is? Stop these riddles and tell me what happened to my brother? His house is ruined, his children have left him! Batlivala, are you with me? At every step, every moment! Then let’s start our battle against the wayward children of my simpleton brother! You go now, I will reach Mumbai tomorrow Hurry up, we are running out of time No priest, this wedding is canceled What?…You are canceling your wedding? So far, people have been canceling my wedding but today, I am canceling my own wedding Here, take care of my things! Hello – Is the old man at home? – There she is! Yes, he is at home! And today, he has canceled his own wedding Master, your brother, Maniram is here – Who has come? – Maniram! Maniram? Where is he? Downstairs, in the living room Mani! – I have met you after ages, Maniram – Yes, brother I was running after so that I did not realize when I reached 55 But when Batlivala told me you are unhappy, I came running here! Don’t hide your tears, even your shadow looks unhappy! I am tired, brother…very tired And I am tired of explaining things to you Times have changed, dear brother Before, people used to do anything to repay the favor done on them

And today, if you do a favor on someone, you will get in trouble! Anyway, I have heard the story about your son, his wife and your daughter But, your younger son, what is his name? Rohit! I heard that he was a nice boy Then how come he also left you? He was in love with one girl her name is Sonia “I behold you in my dreams” “I behold your fragrance in my breath” “Don’t leave me and go, don’t break my heart and go” “Come close and tell me once “I love you.” “I love you.” “Since the time your love has nestled in my heart I live only chanting your name” “Since the time your love has nestled in my heart I live only chanting your name” “O my soul mate, don’t go away from me or, I will die, I mean it” “I love you – I love you.” “I love you – I love you.” “Since the time your love has nestled in my heart I live only chanting your name” “O my soul mate, don’t go away from me or, I will die, I mean it” “I love you – I love you.” “I love you – I love you.” “Since the time we both have been in love. we don’t bother what the world will tell us” “We don’t care about what people say” “We have to live and die together” “They may watch us, there may be obstacles in our path but, we will still love each other” “O my soul mate, don’t go away from me or, I will die, I mean it” “I love you – I love you.” “I love you – I love you.” “Sometimes I think that if I wouldn’t meet you how lonely my life would have been” “I too have not got you easily, my dear I lit several lamps of hope” “In the solitude of my life, I have cried all alone

I kept waiting all along for you” “O my soul mate, don’t go away from me or, I will die, I mean it” “I love you – I love you.” “I love you – I love you.” “Since the time your love has nestled in my heart I live only chanting your name” “O my soul mate, don’t go away from me or, I will die, I mean it” “I love you.” Look! … Did you see? Listen, I am in a very bad mood today You don’t say a word, you see how I set her right today! She is a young girl, not a child, talk to her nicely! – Don’t hit her – I know what I have to do You don’t have to teach me, you just keep your mouth shut! – Don’t wag your tongue too much! – I think she is here Wait! Let me get her here – What happened, father? – I hurt my nose – Your nose? – Damn my nose! My heart is burning and you are talking sweetly to douse the fire? Answer the questions I ask you! Not now father, ask me in the morning, I am very sleepy now You are sleepy and here, we have lost our sleep! Nobody will sleep tonight My first question It’s quite late now, you can ask her tomorrow I warned you not to wag your tongue! I told you that if you did so, I would cut off your tongue! You go there…come on ! Now answer all my questions correctly! On the pretext of going to college, you went with that goon what is his name? Rohit You need not smile and tell me his name! You left the house at 8.30 in the morning with that Rohit and you have come back at 1. 30 in the night now I want to know where you were all this time and what you did? I want to know all the details – All the details? – Yes, I want to know what happened every second! Okay listen, in the morning, when I sat on his motorcycle Rohit rides the motorcycle very well you should sit with him, he rides it better than a pilot riding a plane! – What are your saying? – I swear upon you, father In a traffic jam, he goes through small lanes, over the cars amidst houses, he rode so well that you would have surely kissed him! Besides, he is your fan He says that there is only one good lawyer in this city and that is Mr. Chaterjee And the rest are all useless Wow! … Did you hear that, useless lady? People go out of their way to praise me and you keep fighting with me all the time Tell me more, child – Can I go now? – Of course child, you must be tired Everyone is sleeping Thank God there is food Lakhpatia, is father asleep? Yes, he is sleeping Was he asking about me? Well, yes… he was asking He was saying that you’ve grown up now, you go out in the nights and come back late, he is very happy with you! – Happy? – Yes

What are you saying, Lakhpatia?… . Father?! You? ! …I had gone to my friend’s place for a party I got late there and then my motorcycle broke down and I had to push it and get it back home What is the name of that girl? – Sonia! No, there is no girl – Where did you meet her? – In a disco No, in the library, I mean the college library Tell her to get her parents here, I would like to talk to them – What for? – You will be punished! – Why? – You both have committed theft – We did not! You discreetly go out middle of the night, isn’t that theft? – I will punish you in a way you will never forget. – Punish me? – What will you do? – I will…get you married ! – No, don’t do that – No? You’ll get me married? Marriage! Marriage! Rohit! Why are you so excited that you are carrying me like Tarzan? First you tell me why you were running this way like a fairy? When I give you the news, you will feel dizzy and fall down And with my news, you will fly in the air like a rocket! – Is it so then tell me quickly! – First you tell me – No, first you say – No, you tell me – No, first you. – Listen, by doing this we will waste time Let’s write our good news on a chit and exchange it Then we will see whose good news is the best If that is so then write You also write “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “O my dear, we belong to each other you can take my life whenever you wish” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “O my dear, we belong to each other you can take my life whenever you wish” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “In your absence, everything lacked in my life” “In your presence, there is spring in my life” “The flowers bloomed but, had no fragrance my heart never felt any desires there was a feeling of restlessness within me” “Here, I come, O my love” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “I met the Almighty when you came in my life” “A lamp of love lit in the darkness of my heart” “My heart is lost in your love” “I have fervently prayed to God

to grant me the love of my beloved and my dream has come true” “This is my promise to you” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “Adorn yourself with love now” “This is what I desire” “I don’t need anything else, keep me in your eyes always” “I am incomplete without you” “O, come into my arms” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “O my dear, we belong to each other you can take my life whenever you wish” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “O my dear, we belong to each other you can take my life whenever you wish” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my heart, I will give it to you” “If you ask me for my life, I will give it to you” – Welcome, aunty – Get down quickly – Greetings, aunty – God bless you, child – Hello, uncle – Be happy, child Welcome uncle, this is my tiny abode Tiny? This is big enough to make a High Court! You can’t win a single case and only talk about your court and cases! – Why do you ridicule me always? – Then why do you say such things? – What did I say? – Uncle, please sit down Sit down ! – Son, where is your father? – He is in this room He is here I am sorry, I was late, actually Dhaniram! Avinash Chaterjee! You? ! – I am sorry, sir – How dare you step into my house? I did not know that Rohit was your son Now you know that Rohit is Dhaniram’s son? Before I cross the limits of decency and misbehave with you get out of my house! – Come, child – No uncle, wait – Come on ! – But father, what is the matter? You cannot get married in this family, let’s go! Uncle, please listen to me! – Rohit! – What did you do, father? – I wanted to do a lot more But since they came with you, I controlled my emotions or else, I would have thrown them out! Why, what is the reason for this hatred? You need not know the reason I need to know father, this is a matter of my life! Rohit, it is a matter of my honor and if you care for my honor then you will forget about that girl Remember, that girl cannot be my daughter in law You will not hide anything from me, father! You will have to tell me the reason why Rohit’s father insulted us and asked to leave? – I said there is nothing – I know there is! – You will have to tell me – What do you want me to tell you? 20 years back, he came to me with a case he wanted to win the case but, I lost it

since that day, I have become his enemy and he started detesting me Such a big insult for such a trivial matter? No, I am sure there is something more to it – Am I lying? – No! But, the reason cannot be just a case Yes, the reason is just a case! You don’t unnecessarily argue with me! And listen you both, Sonia cannot get married to Rohit! She will never get married in that family! Sir! You really have no dignity, inspite of hearing abuses you’ve come back? Sir, I have come here with a request Alright, tell me quickly! Forget the idea of getting my daughter married in your family I don’t think I am suitable to even step into your house I just have request to make please don’t tell my daughter and wife about my crime Please, for Rohit’s sake! – Hey! – When a man falls in front of the world, he somehow lives but when he falls in front of his family, he cannot live! Forget living, you are not worth being called a human being You have already fallen so much that the skies can never reach you! But since you spoke about my son, Rohit that is why I will not expose your wicked face to your family I will not let out your secret, you can go Thank you very much, sir Hey, come on Let’s go in Look who is here! Rohit, you?! Where did you find him? The poor guy looked unhappy so I thought of getting him here That’s nice. Sit, Rohit Rohit, tell me, what is the matter? Brother, I don’t know what I should do? Sonia’s father has imprisoned her in the house And you know how father is He has imposed restrictions on me Rohit, slave are the ones who are imprisoned if today, you get imprisoned on your father’s behest then all your life, you will be his slave – Then what do I do? – Rebel ! Tell the old man that you will get married to Sonia Tell him that no power in this world can stop you! Brother, I cannot fight him Here, have this, you will fight like a lion when you drink this! A dumb man begins to talk when he drinks this A blind man can see, a deaf man can hear here, have this and make the decision of your life – Come on, drink it up! – No, brother Drink it in one go! Rohit! – Where are you coming from? – From a liquor bar Shameless boy! Have you lost your respect having alcohol? Have you lost the love and respect for me? Father, if you would really love me then you would not be against Sonia and my marriage If you would be sober and ask me this question decently then perhaps, I would give you an answer But, I don’t like to talk to a drunkard You will have to tell me, father – Or, I will – What will you do? I will leave this house your father taught you how to walk and now when you can walk, you are threatening me to leave? This is the matter of my life, father

In a few days of meeting that girl has become your life and this father, who sacrificed his life for you, is your enemy? It’s not about that girl it’s about the secret which you are hiding from me What is that secret? I cannot tell you Because, I have given a word to someone and I cannot break my word Alright father, you stick to your words I will stick to mine You can keep your house and your words I am leaving this house I am glad that you left father’s house, Rohit I was sure you would go through the same things we have That man is not our father, he is a snake! And that house is like a prison It is besieged with the bars of restrictions! That is why, he has come here breaking all the restrictions You should never go back to that asylum It’s fine that he has got out of that house but what about that girl who is imprisoned in her own house That’s bad! You do what I had done You elope with her and get her here… and get married to her – Elope? – Yes, elope! But, where will I elope and go? I don’t even have a roof over my head Hey, isn’t this a house? You will stay with us, in this house You think I am like father, I am your elder brother! I am your sister in law – I am your sister – And I am your brother in law Don’t you know since how many years he is rotting here? Why do you worry when your family members are with you? Go and get that girl here – What are you thinking? – Yes, get up and go Go – All the best Wait! You cannot meet Sonia Why can’t I meet Sonia? Because, you cannot marry Sonia and your father has decided that! My father is nobody to decide for my life I will meet Sonia that too, right now! Let me see who stops me Oh, so you have resorted to these means? Listen, we live in this building You better leave from here or else – What will you do? – We will show you right away! Hit him! Will you ever come here? You want to meet Sonia? – Do you want to meet her? – That’s enough ! Let’s go “Let us leave this world, break the shackles of norms let us go far away for, this is not the destination of love” “Why should we fear the world?” “There is no greater strength than love” “O my dear, come into my arms” “Let us leave this world, break the shackles of norms “Now that you are with me, my dreams have come true”

“My life is full of colors, my moments of love are full of joy” “Now that you are with me, my dreams have come true” “My life is full of colors, my moments of love are full of joy” “Why should we fear the world?” “There is no greater strength than love” “O my dear, come into my arms” “When people fall in love, why does the world envy them?” “I have read, you have heard the atrocities mete out on lovers” “When people fall in love, why does the world envy them?” “I have read, you have heard the atrocities mete out on lovers” “Why should we fear the world?” “There is no greater strength than love” “O my dear, come into my arms” Mr. Dhaniram, we are ruined ! – What happened? – Your son has eloped with our daughter – You mean Rohit? – Yes We are disgraced, we did not complain to the police because the world will know and if once our girl is defamed then nobody will marry her and she will be a burden on us! I know where he must have gone after committing this disgraceful act! You don’t worry, come with me Congratulations, dear brother, you are married now! – Isn’t it great? – Our foes must be seething within themselves! But, our luck is with us Let the enemies feel hurt! Congratulations! Congratulations! Come closer Did you hear your brother’s tale of tragedy? I did…when a tough man like me can cry

then my brother, who is so simple must have gone through hell ! That’s fine but, what do we do now? We will teach those rascals a lesson We’ll make them realize that inspite of growing old, he is their father not their slave! We will crush their pride and make them bow No Mani, don’t hurt my children Your children are so cunning and you are yet siding them? Irrespective of what happens, they may leave my house they may leave me but, they cannot go away from my heart They live in my heart! Don’t talk rubbish Dhani, I don’t care where they live they don’t deserve being in jail and you are keeping them in your heart? – But, Mani – I don’t wish to hear further! The truth is that we aren’t destined to have the joy of children I don’t have children and your children have left you ! The way I camouflage my face to look young you camouflage your sorrows and think of some other way What can I do? You lived your life the way you wanted but hereafter, you will live the way I want I don’t understand? You won’t understand in a day, it’s too fresh but, your children are bound to remember me for their life! But please don’t mete out any atrocities on my children You be quiet and let me do my work! Now you go… let me prepare for war! Please go! Okay, so tell me your plan We have to reform the wayward children of a decent father – Right! – But, I am new in this city and you live here – That’s right! – So we have to transform Dhaniram into a new person ! – Right! – So that when people see him, they don’t recognize him! That’s a wonderful plan, now tell me where do we begin? You don’t worry, I will arrange for all those people you’ve asked for I will get them in a snap of a finger! Mani, please tell me why did you get me to Batliwala’s house? I will, you first sit Now tell me Come… Maniram, I have got these people as per your requirement They will work their wonder on Dhaniram…I’ve to go to the court – Just a minute – What is it now? I have work…get this photo printed in the papers that a 55 year old wants to get married and is looking for a bride And give the address of your office You mean you want Dhaniram to get married, have you gone crazy? No. .You do as I say, get it printed! But, what will you achieve by getting him married? I will not achieve anything but, my brother’s sons will get a shock! When they will know that they will lose their share in the property when a step mother comes in, they will be shaken up! You are right Maniram, I will get this printed ! Who are these people? Why are you smiling, answer me, who are these people? They are the mechanics of body parts What do you mean? The way a mechanic repairs and colors an old car and makes it new they polish an old man and make him look young! You mean you want to look young at this age? I already look young And I will look young even after I die They have come here to make you look young – What rubbish are you talking? – I am not talking rubbish ! I am just showing you the other aspect of life When you will look young, you will fall for a beautiful woman and then you’ll get married – What, marriage? – Sit down – What do you think Sit I say! Don’t talk more, I think it is my duty to do so! Don’t argue with me and do as I say – I will never do this! – Let me see how you don’t!

– I will never do it! – I will make you do it! – I will break your face! – Go ahead! – But please don’t break my heart – Listen, Mani – Dhani, don’t be adamant – You are not doing right! By not listening to me, you are not doing right – What will you do? – I will make them attack you forcibly! – You cannot do that! – You think so? – I know so! – My men – Yes boss – Attack! Hey! …What are you doing? Leave me! If you have to fight your boys, you have to be a boy yourself You have to forget you are 55 and behave like 15 years old ! Remove his shirt! Pour the oil over him Stop that! Maniram, here is your old brother who looks very young now! Mani, what have you done? Don’t say anything, I feel as if I have already won half the war And hereafter, if I do something, let me do it, don’t refuse me I plead to you ! Oh, my! Times have changed, a father is pleading to the son? Hey! Who is a father? I am not his father! I am his brother! … Hey! Do I look like your father? – Rani! Rani! – Okay bye – What is it? – You are finished – Why? – The dream your nurtured has broken – What are you saying? – Yes, Rani Your Maniram has changed his looks and is getting married! – What are you saying? – Yes! Look at this pose here! Oh ! So the bald man has got a new wig? Has changed his name! You may change as many guises you want, old man I will recognize you in every disguise! I waited all these years and now, he is getting married to someone else? Watch out, old man! I am going to create a havoc in your life – Guddi, get ready – Let’s go! Hey, look! A 55 year old man raped a 20 year old girl Wonder what’s wrong with these old men? Read the news, your father is getting married at the age of 55 – Married? – Yes, he is getting married He is getting a new mother for you ! – Something is wrong with this age! – Let me see, brother! It’s so shameful ! How can father get married at this age? Forget how shameful it is, we are not concerned with that! We have suffered a loss, we will lose all our money! When that woman comes home, she will become a heiress to his property! And we were waiting that he will die and we will get the property But now, some strange lady will come and take away our share! Let me see how that old man gets a wife in this house! Maniramji, who is this? It’s me Lakhpatia, Dhaniram! Master! …What happened to you? How come you are looking so young? Ask me, I’ll tell you Your master is going in reverse, he was old but now, he has become young! What have you done to me, look at his state!

– What are you gaping at? – I am looking at his transformation Now come to the point, why have you come here? I came to tell the master that his children have come to meet him My new master looks like this! I knew when they would read your marriage news, they would come here But, seeing his new form, they will run back home! But Dhani, remember one thing when you meet them, you will not display your decency or affections! You will do whatever I have made your rehearse Don’t yield to their demands on seeing them! Act strong and give them the taste of their own medicine! Did you understand? Atleast acknowledge! I will be watching you, here, wear this Tell me We haven’t come to meet you, please call our father We would like to talk to him Laxmi, can you see this son who doesn’t recognize his father? – Father?! – Oh ! He really is my father in law! Right, he is father! Strange! He has become young, I look like his father in law! Tell me… what can I do for you? Well,. .actually,…why have we come here? Oh yes, we’ve come to say that whatever you are doing is wrong! And what am I doing wrong, children? The entire world is ridiculing us Rohit’s friends say that his old father is getting a new mother! Then call all those people who are laughing and ridiculing you let them decide who is old? By changing your attire, dying your hair your age will not reduce, you still will be old ! Father, I don’t think it’s right to get married at this age We cannot face anyone with shame I wanted you all to bow down with shame! I wanted to hurt you and make you realize how bad it hurts! Children, you started this game but, I will end it Let’s go You go Just a minute, stop flirting and come to the point this is a serious matter I have come to fall in love with you And I have come to steal your heart And I have come to make a place in your heart And I have come to overpower your heart! Just a minute, let me finish You would be husband’s age is Lovers fall for the person, not their age I don’t think you are that old – It’s not my age we are talking of – I’ve already fallen for you ! – What are you saying? – I am injured by your looks! I don’t believe this! – Are you really mine? – No, you belong to me – No, you are mine – No, you belong to me! – Move away, you are mine – No, he is mine! I don’t belong to any one of you, it’s Dhaniram’s marriage, not mine Where is he? Hey, move! Hello!

“I am sweet sixteen” “I am sweet seventeen” “And I am eighteen, my love” “I have started my nineteen” “I am twenty, my dear” “I am twenty one, brimming with youth” “I don’t want to get into this age hassle” “I have passed my age, I cannot fall in love now” “Leave me alone, let me be” “My friend is naive, he is 55 but, his heart is 15” “He is 55 but, his heart is 15” “I am sweet sixteen” “I am sweet seventeen” “And I am eighteen, my love” “I have started my nineteen” “I am twenty, my dear” “I am twenty one, brimming with youth” “I don’t want to get into this age hassle” “I have passed my age, I cannot fall in love now” “Leave me alone, let me be” “My friend is naive, he is 55 but, his heart is 15” “He is 55 but, his heart is 15” “Leave me alone.” “My youth thirsts for you” “Make me the queen of your dreams” “A man has married at the at the age of 98 then you age of 55 is nothing compared to that” “Don’t talk about them, such old men must be courageous” “They have put a noose around their own neck” “I will make no such mistake, I will not hang myself” “O Almighty, save me from these maidens” “Why don’t you speak good words for a change?” “He is 55 but, his heart is 15” “He is 55 but, his heart is 15” “Don’t play the game of hide-n-seek with us”

“Come and get me in your arms” “You must have everything in life” “Your wife must have all the qualities” “Why are you fooling me? I will make you bald” “I don’t want a wife who says, hello, hi, bye I don’t want the one who uses makeup on her face all the while you all may be young and she may perhaps be old that one will be my wife” “My friend has spoken the truth” “He is 55 but, his heart is 15” “He is 55 but, his heart is 15” “I am sweet sixteen” “I am sweet seventeen” “And I am eighteen, my love” “I have started my nineteen” “I am twenty, my dear” “I am twenty one, brimming with youth” “I don’t want to get into this age hassle” “I don’t want to get into this age hassle” “I have passed my age, I cannot fall in love now” “Leave me alone, let me be” “My friend is naive – He is 55 but, his heart is 15” “He is 55 but, his heart is 15” Batliwala, my brother is not falling in our trap – Yes, he ran away – I think he doesn’t like such girls Look for a simple girl who does not do too much makeup and lures her with her simplicity – Where will we find such a girl? – Think of something Alright, let me think Okay tell me, will a married woman do? Are you talking about a woman or a car? – I mean will any girl do? – No, an ugly woman will not do! I don’t mean she should be very beautiful but, not ugly too! She should neither be very tall nor very short Neither very thin nor very fat! Get someone like that I meant, will a divorcee or a widow do? A widow will be perfect – Infact, get two of them – Why do you need two? One for him and one for me You don’t talk about yourself now! Even I am 55 but, still unmarried Several times I went to the wedding dais but, the rituals were not done There was always some problem, one was canceled in front of you ! – Stop it now! – Alright, don’t get angry Look into your diary, you may find some woman! There is nobody in this – Who is she? – I forgot about her What??… 55 years? You want me to marry an old man of 55 years? Although he is 55, he is very sweet He is not as old as he looks, you’ll understand when you meet him Excuse me, I am not going to marry an old man of 55 years! I said get out of my house! Don’t you ever send me here, she has refused You could not even convince one girl for marriage? – No, she refused ! – I will go and try – How will you try? – If she does not agree, I’ll fall at her feet – Go, try – Pray for me – I am Maniram – Please come in

Get out! He thought he could convince me! – So did you convince her? – She didn’t give me a chance Don’t laugh as though you managed to convince her and I have lost You wanted to fall at her feet! – Where are you going? – You both are not going to leave me alone so, let me try myself Don’t go brother, or she will slap you too! – Hello, my name is Dhaniram – Hello! Oh, so it’s you?… Please come! Wonder how many more will come? Thank you very much – Are you happy? – Of course! – Couldn’t you do this? – What about you? How did he convince her? Is she alright? They both were mocking at me Maniram, why are you sulking? Because, I feel terrible How did my brother convince that girl? I have spent 30 years wandering around women and I could not manage to lure a single woman And this man managed to hook her in a minute? Forget that, should I get your breakfast? Sure, lace it with some poison or go and ask my brother how he managed to get that girl? That question is eating me out, will you ask him? Stop it, I am getting a headache with the same question ! My heart hurts thinking how Dhaniram hooked that girl? – Oh, my God! – I should be saying, oh my God! Love and romance is my forte this Dhaniram is a decent man, how could he hook her in a minute? How are you, Maniram? – Hey! What’s his name? – Dhaniram! I know it! – Where are you coming from? – We had gone to the Registrar’s office We got married You got married? ! Yes and now we are tired, we will go and rest for some time Did you see how he is giving me one blow after another? He lured that girl and now he has married her and I couldn’t get anyone! Don’t whine, you will also get married Wonder when? I think I am not destined to get married at all ! I have chased girls the way a cop chases a thief And if some girl gave her consent for the marriage then that Rani would appear or she would call up and ask is the old man at home? Hello – Is the old man at home? Damn you ! Won’t you ever die? I spoke about you and you have called up? I will die only after I kill you, old man! I will not let you slip away that easily I have come here to ruin all your plans! She has reached in Mumbai, she will finish me let me wind up Dhaniram’s work and leave this place! Okay, send Dhaniram and his wife to meet his children tomorrow – Why send them there? – To break the enemy, they have to meet them You take a pen and paper and write a letter that I dictate to you and the style I narrate it in, go and convey it in the same style You tell me, I will write My worthless children ‘ My worthless children you will be glad to know that I have got a step mother for you you did not make me a part of your joys, but, I will surely make you join me in my happiness. ‘ ‘ Tomorrow, I am coming to stay in your house with my wife

I hope you will welcome your new mother very warmly. ‘ Will you? Lakhpatia, tell him that nobody will welcome him here He should not take the trouble of coming here No Rohit, don’t say that After all, he is our father, let him come if he wishes to Alright then Why did you say that, brother? I am right Rohit, we will have to welcome them! Then you do it but, until he doesn’t tell me the secret of his enmity with Sonia’s father, I cannot live under the same roof with him Come on, Sonia ! Whatever your father is doing whether it is a pretense or truth but, he is doing the right thing That man has always been generous given away with both hands! He has always given joys to others And in return he always has been cheated He did not get a real friend or true love anywhere How do you know? What do you know about him? Son, I know a lot, I know him when you were not even born I thought that I would never tell this secret to anyone that, why he hates me so much and shares this enmity with me But now I cannot remain silent Because that secret is ruining the life of my daughter and her husband Son, the reason for which you left your home I will tell you that very secret This incident took place 20-22 years back I have told you not to call me up in the office meet me at home, if someone overhears, I’ll be in trouble! Yes, your stuff will reach by tomorrow night It’s not easy to slink out goods from the factory It takes time and if Dhaniram sees me, there will be a big problem! – Henceforth, don’t call me! – Henceforth, you don’t come here Dhaniram, you? ! Is everything alright? – When did you come? – At the right time! You thief! Get up from there and get out of this cabin ! Dhaniram, whom are you talking to? I am your partner in this company, not a peon You don’t deserve being a peon, I wonder why I made you my partner? Cheat! You could not digest the money earned with hard work that is why, you are stealing goods from the factory and selling it? You take the payments from the party without informing me? If I want, I can send you to jail on these charges! But, I won’t do that, in lieu of our old connections I will do only one thing I will alienate you from the partnership right now! You cannot do that, Dhaniram! The court does it and this decision will be taken in the court! Oh ! So inpsite of committing an offense, you’ll go to the court? Alright, now I will see you in the court! Yes, we will meet there! Sir, I have read your partnership deed and other factory documents It is clear from them that the plot and the machinery set up in it is owned by you And Malhotra gave you five hundred thousand cash for raw material that is why, you made him your partner Right All you have to do is give back Malhotra’s money And the partnership will be dissolved I am willing to give back his every single penny! I am willing to sell my house and plot or go through anything for it! I will have no business with that fraud ! Then you make the arrangements of returning his money immediately! You will win the case Thank you very much You wait here Mr. Chaterjee? – Yes, tell me? My name is Ramesh Malhotra Oh, so you are Ramesh Malhotra? What are you doing here? Go back home, we will meet in the court tomorrow morning

Sir, you will benefit from this, listen to me! What do you mean? I want you to leave this rented flat buy your own house, get married and enjoy life And I think, one needs money to get all these pleasures And I guess, two hundred thousand should be fine Isn’t it, Mr. Chaterjee? What do I have to do? Mr. Chaterjee, it is a very small thing you get the original papers and deed from Dhaniram and give it to me so that I can prove in the court that he is not my partner he is just an ordinary clerk Malhotra, I cannot deceive my occupation! Nor can I cheat my client! Oh ! So you will not cheat for the sake of wealth? But I think, you will cheat for the sake of your life! – What do you mean? – I mean… Please explain to this lawyer what I mean They both are very dangerous! This guy has committed four murders and the other one has lost the count of the murders he has committed He is fond of murdering people And Chaterjee, until my work is not done these two will stay with you like a shadow of death ! And don’t try to outsmart me Or, people won’t even find your dead body I want those documents by morning, at any cost! Hey! What brings you here early in the morning? I came to tell you that you have almost won the case – You please sit – No, I am in a hurry I came to tell you that you don’t come to the court today – Why? – It doesn’t look good when decent people come to the court You go to your factory I will tell you the result of the case over the phone But what if I am needed there? Why will you be needed? What am I for? But yes, I need the original documents of the company Perhaps, the judge may demand for it Please give those documents to me Alright, I will get them The original documents and the deed is in this file It’s my whole life’s earnings so please be careful I will take care of it more than my life You please don’t worry I will leave now Very good, you have actually got the original papers Very good, Chaterjee! Dhaniram, your destiny burns here! Malhotra has won, Dhaniram! I have won ! This was the secret your father hid from you I committed such a big mistake? I was instigated by people and I left my father’s house? Anyway uncle, you just tell me where will I find Malhotra? Malhotra was paid for his sins a few days after that incident Workers went on a strike, they burnt the factory there was a big scandal and Malhotra ran away from the scene! I came back again, I tried my best to look for Dhaniram But, I did not find him anywhere And the other day, when we met suddenly I could not explain anything to him Son, go back home and fall at your father’s feet and apologize to him He will surely forgive you Go, my child ! – Who is it? – Father! ! I am your son who has wronged you ! I am the son who doesn’t deserve to be called your son !

Father, let me be at your feet I cannot show my face to you ! Get up, you made me cry while going, will you make me cry even now? Am I destined only to crying? Get up! You left me all alone and went away and I felt as if my life had ended Father, I will never leave you and go You have returned back and I feel as if my life has come back! A father is going to fight a battle with his sons! I hope God is with me! Lakhpatia, have you kept everything? Yes, master – Okay, sit inside – Hey, old man! By changing your attire, you think that you can dupe me? In whichever disguise you may be, I will recognize my Maniram from far! I am not Maniram, I am his brother, Dhaniram! You have a new woman and attire, so you think you can have a new name? – Sister, he is not Maniram – Hey! You don’t interfere I will chop you into pieces! I’ve been waiting since past 30 years and you will get married to this woman? – Hey, listen – I will pull out all your hair! What have you done to your hair, why don’t they come out? They won’t because, they are my own hair! – Your hair? ! – Sister, he is not Maniram! – I think you are right – But, what is the problem? Maniram has harassed me so much that… let me straighten your hair – It’s okay – Please forgive me! Maniram has harassed me so much that I vent out my anger on you ! – Please forgive me – It’s alright, forget it! Just a minute…can you tell me where I will find that old man? You mean Maniram? Don’t spare him! – Never! – But, don’t tell him that I told you ! He has gone to a club with a girl I will not spare him now, I will teach him a lesson! – Please forgive me, brother! – It’s alright! – Now Maniram is dead! – Who is she? There comes the old man ! Fatty, are you ready? Madam, are you Ms. Rita? – There is a call for you? – How come there is call for you here? It’s very hot, can I give you a cold napkin? Sure! There was handsome gentleman with hair and mustache, sitting here Where has he gone, uncle? Aren’t you ashamed to call me uncle? I am the same, darling ! – You are the one? – I am not? Let me see! My hair! ! – How was it? – You’ve done a great job by bashing up that old man ! These people are tearing each other’s clothes?

Before our clothes are torn, let’s run away from here Why are they so late? There they come! So finally father has come! One..two..three… play the band Enough ! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! We welcome our dear father! And we welcome our dear father in law! Father, you have walked up to this house and I felt as if that God has come down to bless his worthless children Is it?…I like that! Father, thank God that we all have united once again ! Father, on this joyous occasion, I’d like you to meet my partner What partner? We are planning to make high rise buildings on this plot We will earn millions of rupees! Oh, you mean that this love is being showered because you want the plot? I was wondering how bitter people like you were talking sweet words? By the way, who is your partner? It’s me, Dhaniram! Who else can give such a good guidance to this child? Congratulations on your wedding, Dhaniram! After biting, it is better that the snake hides himself in the hole or he can get trampled ! Keep your hands down…on this occasion of our second meeting I would like to give you a present which you will remember all your life – Father! – You are his partner Do you also want the same present? When I get slapped, I charge it to my enemy account So that I can return it with interest at the right time Anyway, you are on your honeymoon now you enjoy yourself, I will deal with you some another day Listen to me carefully until your father is alive, we cannot do anything That is why, there is only one option Your father should be finished – You mean murdered? – Yes, I mean that! Let’s kill him and you have to decide that right now! Or else, he will make you all his slave You will be like his tame dog and you won’t be able to do anything ! Therefore, let’s make tonight, the last night in his life! Tomorrow, when the sun rises, there will be a shower of money on you! – But… – Don’t you want to do partnership with me? Don’t you want buildings on this plot? Of course, I want! What are you saying after investing so much money, will I let it go waste? So tonight when your father goes to sleep he will be carried straight away to the crematorium He has united with Malhtora and wants me dead? Yes, they have planned to kill you when you go to sleep tonight This Malhotra seems to be a very evil man

When your own child is evil then why complain about others? I have seen conscience being killed in the greed of wealth but, for the first time I am seeing a son trying to kill his father! But, I will not let this happen Nothing will happen to me, you don’t worry! We will teach a lesson to Govind which he will never forget Very well, father! Malhotra, this job should be done tonight Don’t worry, it will be done today Dhaniram’s life will end tonight We just have to think how, when and where to kill him? I will tell you that! Only I can do this work! – How? – Count me amongst you I will solve all your problems in minutes! Sister, we didn’t understand Mr. Malhotra, you want the land and you want your father’s property And as a wife, I want my share You mean even you have been eying my father’s wealth? You thought I eyed his face? You think I have married a 55 year old man without a reason? Oh, Malhotra ! We did not think of this angle! Okay tell us, what price do you need for your husband’s death? If you agree then shake hands Hey, kiddo! Just a minute! We will shake hands only when you kill your husband – Do you agree? – I agree! Now shake hands with her Now Dhaniram’s fate is decided ! “I love you! How do you do?” “Whom are you thinking about?” “I love you! How do you do?” “Whom are you thinking about?” “I am young and so are you “I am young and so are you let’s enjoy love, I am here for you” “I love you! How do you do?” “Whom are you thinking about?” “I wonder passion the rain has awakened in me the sleeping desires within me are stirring up” “If you and I, unite and become one then there is no harm in it” “I am young and so are you let’s enjoy love, I am here for you” “I love you! How do you do?” “Whom are you thinking about?” “Let the fragrance of my breath

mingle with your breath” “Steal the color of my lips with your lips” “Come close, O dear, I am yearning for you” “Come close, O dear, I am yearning for you” “I have been calling out to you” “I am young and so are you let’s enjoy love, I am here for you” “I love you! How do you do?” “Whom are you thinking about?” Come on Govind, pick up the corpse! Wait, I will take care of this dead body Look here, there will be a 25 storey tower on this plot And here, there will be a huge park Here will be a gymnasium and here will be a swimming pool And there will be a shopping center on this vacant plot So sir, isn’t it a nice plan? The location is ideal I am willing to invest money But before starting, you must offer prayers to the Almighty We will do that but first, you tell us sir when will we get the money? Mr. Malhotra, money is nothing, I carry it in my pocket When I have liked the project then money does not matter It is like dirt – Money is like dirt? ! – Yes, it is! Sir, can we come over to collect the money tomorrow? Come and collect it tomorrow morning,…I will leave now! – Good bye! – Good bye! So Mr. Jhunjhunwala is investing money on that plot? – He won’t invest – Why? Tonight, we will take him to task and he won’t be seen tomorrow Why is it ringing before time? This looks fine…strange! What is happening? – Mr. Jhunjhunwala – Who are you? Mr. Jhunjhunwala What is happening here? No, no, no – Who is it? – I am here! Come here Sit down… . my name is Dhaniram You are making a tower on my plot? If you make the tower, I will come in the night and kill you! Now, get up! Run away Uncle, that rich man is in a bad shape

He is screaming out that he will not invest in that project I will not invest! ! That financier ran away but, who will invest in our project now? We don’t have to worry, Mr. Malhotra will invest Child, when did I refuse to invest? But, before making an agreement, you should have told me that your father would keep coming here as a ghost And who will invest on a haunted plot? My financier, Jhunjhunwala, ran away fearing the ghost! Forget what happened, tell me what we should do further? Alright, I will invest 20 millions That’s all? Mr. Malhotra, when you came to see this bungalow we made a deal of 50 millions what about the other 30 millions? We will take a loan from the market Not we, only you will take a loan It’s our land and your money! And Mr. Malhotra, if you go back on your words then we will have to sell this plot to some other party Priya, let us the idea number 2 Tell Malhotra that your old lover can invest 30 million in this project if you tell him so – Who is that? – A rich French businessman, Mr. Mitron! You mean you can help me to get 30 million rupees in a day? Mr. Malhotra, you don’t know me very well I have a collection of lovers They belong to different strata And I use anyone I need at anytime! Priya, you are an amazing person! We can get together Mr. Malhotra, I am too expensive for you ! I eat and drink money! You were talking about helping me in finance? I can finance you, I have a lover who can spend millions on my behest But, I must get my commission too Of course! We both will share the profits equally! Alright, you can come with me tomorrow with your partner Mr. Mitron, they are my friends, Mr. Malhotra and Mr. Govind How can I help you idiots? Check your words! Sir, actually, I want to break down my old bungalow and make a multi storey building on that plot And for that project, I need 30 million rupees Only 30 millions? You are with my her and are asking for pittance? I can throw 30 billions at her smile! Don’t do this, you’ll spoil my carpet So, can we get 30 millions? You will get it… but, you have to complete some business formalities Give me some guarantee and take the money Sir, I have a factory but, it is closed Is that factory your own? Yes… no…well Sometimes you yes and then you say no Sir, actually that factory belongs to my father But, my father is not alive Oh ! So your father is dead So, along with your father, your brain too is dead?

One day, you too will go! I will give you a fantastic idea – What is that thing called which is read in the morning? – Newspaper! Give an advertisement in a newspaper that very cheap flat at down to earth prices are being sold the ones who will buy will benefit and the ones who don’t will lose! After reading this, the public will go crazy and they will give you money and when that money piles up You are amazing ! Get away from me! …This isn’t my idea when I see a fraud like you, I automatically think like that! We didn’t think of this! We don’t lose anything and yet, gain! Here is my twenty thousand rupees This is also full – Here is my money – Sorry, there are no more vacant flats Friends, all the flats have been booked No flat is vacant, you all can leave now Not a single flat is vacant Cashier, how much money have you collected? 250 millions including cash and cheque Wow! Mr. Mitron’s idea is indeed very good We need 200 millions and we have 250 millions! Govindram, deposit these cheques and cash in the bank As the cheques are cashed, we will start the building work – So they have taken an advance for the flat from the public? – Yes – What else? – They collected 250 millions And they have given 150 millions towards cement, contract and steel Which means, Govind and Malhotra don’t have the complete amount? I think so That’s what we wanted, now begins their destruction! Now you place an advertisement that opposite Magnum Tower a new colony is being set up and the flats there are less than half the price of flats in Magnum Tower – But, who will make this colony? – We will! You mean when people will read and know that flats are in half price they will ask their money back! – Right! Malhotra, did you read the newspaper? Whoever has placed this ad is either an old enemy or he is a mad man – Mad? ! – Yes, mad ! Why will any sensible man sell his flats so cheap and incur a loss? I think there is no point working on this project We will have to return the public money What rubbish are you speaking? How can we give back the money, we have given it to labor contractor architect and also for cement and steel Malhotra, which idiot will buy a flat in our tower? There are flat being sold in half the price in Bajrang Colony Who will buy our flats? I am calling from the office, give the phone to boss, hurry up! It’s the cashier’s call, he wants to talk to you! Mr. Malhotra, hold the line Sir, please come here immediately, thousands of people have come here! – Everyone is asking for their money back. – Oh, my! This is what I feared ! You stop them there I will get Malhotra along Sir, please come soon or these people will trample me! I said I am coming ! Be patient! My boss is coming ! A huge crowd has gathered in the office they are asking for their money You come to the office immediately Alright! Govindram, I will not return the money to you nor to the public! The game I played with your father years back I will play the same trick now! Return back our money, we don’t want the flat! – You all are thieves! – Give the money or we’ll burn down this place! Yes, we will burn it down ! You will get back your money…today! But for that, you have to give us some time As soon as my partner, Mr. Malhotra, comes here we will pay back your money Mr. Malhotra is here! Hey! Please be silent! You all will get back your money

You need not worry we will return your money I am taking my partner to the bank meanwhile, you wait here we will withdraw the money and give it back to you ! Govindram, let’s go to the bank, we have to return their money – Alright – Let’s go It has to be heavy, it is 250 million rupees…watch out! We will return their money Keep it on the back seat What nonsense is this? Who are these people? All these are my goons Govind, my child, elders are never wrong Your father, Dhaniram, was right I am worse than a snake! I was waiting for this day that when I will get the money in my hand and I kill you the next moment! No Malhotra, don’t do that! You are my partner and we have to return this money to the public! – No! – You can take my share But please don’t kill me Malhotra, I have a wife I have a family, what will they do? I have to shoot you now! When I didn’t spare your father then what are you? Hit him a lot! When you couldn’t be loyal to your father, how can you be my partner? Let me put a ‘ the end’ to your story! Who’s that? I killed you? ! Your mind was dead and you thought I died – Dhaniram, you ! ? – No, he is Maniram! Speak with respect, I am Maniram! When I light your pyre, I will get married around that fire Nobody can burn me so easily! I will teach you… Hey! Let’s run from here! Father, you were right this Malhotra has destroyed me! He has ran away with the public money I am ashamed at my behavior Didn’t you want to kill your father for this wealth? Would it be fine that I would die and you would get my wealth? I don’t want the wealth, I want to be with you, father! For me, you are my wealth, please forgive me! Hey! … Leave me! Hey, boys! Get hold of him! Hello, Tiger. Get your men and come to Versova, Yari Road I am in trouble Driver, move him away! Hey! Someone move him, where did he come from? Move away! Help! … Driver, you idiot, blow the horn ! Where did Malhotra go? Sister, have you seen Malhotra?

– I don’t know – Do you know his address? – I don’t know – Let me tell you ! What a pretty face! First take it from me Here come my men! Where did these black monsters come from? Get up! – They are hitting me, what is this? – Pills for loose motions! – Is there anything for strength? – Here it is! – How many can I hit with this? – Four at one go! – I’ll have all together – Don’t have them together! – Has he taken some pills for strength? – Yes, he has – Even I want it! – No, don’t have this! Don’t eat, it is for loose motions! Where are all of them? Oh, my! Again??…Where do I go? What shall I do, the water is over I have to run away from here – I was going to the bathroom – You are fine here Dhaniram, I am glad you are here, please save me, I’m your partner You are not a partner anymore! – Son, explain your father – Yes, I will – You swine! – Hey, talk to him! – Hey, I have blood pressure! – So what?…Take this! – I have a heart problem too! – So what?…Take this! Why isn’t the rascal dying? Malhotra, you? ! – What are you doing here? – I was ruined because of you! I incurred a huge loss because of you! I will not spare you ! – Ghost! – Jhunjhunwala, did you recognize me? Ghost! ! Forgive us We have not do anything Forgive us, we have not do anything Don’t hit us Come with me! …You can talk in the police station Sit quietly! … Hold him! Govindram, you’ll have to come along for cheating the public! Father, please forgive us!

We have made a big mistake! I am getting married for the last time and today, if I don’t, I will never get married And before that woman comes have a vigilance at every nook and corner Nobody should be allowed to come in Until the marriage rituals are not over, I want tight security! – Will you wear a hat? – I cannot tie a turban Never mind, you go now Priest, come on, start! Hurry up! – Sir, there is a call for you – For me, who is it? – Some girl wants to talk – No! It must be her! Sir, there is a woman at the gate, she wants to meet you ! There she comes, don’t let her in ! – Priest, you hurry up! – Okay, get up both of you ! Sir, that girl is forcibly trying to get in Ask her to leave…you hurry up! – She is throwing stones on us! – Then bear it! …You hurry up! Sir, she has broken down all the glass panes Oh, God ! … Hurry up, she is throwing stones in my house – You marriage is over – It is? That’s great…congratulations! You are my wife and I am your husband Our love has won ! She lost! You are right, isn’t it, dear husband? Don’t do that! What are you doing here? When an Indian woman falls in love, she accepts that man as her husband I don’t want to hear these dialogues! How did you get in? – Who is throwing stones? – My fat friend, Guddu is doing it! – Why is she doing that? – So that you don’t doubt me! Oh, my! My life is ruined ! Priest, can you break this marriage? Mr. Dhaniram, please permit me to leave I am leaving What do you mean you are leaving? My work is over, I am going You are Dhaniram’s wife! No, we did not get married All this was a mere pretense I wanted to reform my children but, within my limits If I would get married then how would I reform my children? – You are right – Are you convinced now? I am thankful to you for helping me, I will never forget this favor! Ms. Priya, just a minute What is it? – Will you agree to what I say? – Tell me, Mr. Batliwala? – Tell me – Will you marry me? What?