2020 Lexus NX 300 F Sport: Is This Just A Dressed Up RAV4???

hey everyone it’s Ben Hardy here and today me going over the all-new 2020 and x 300 F sport I absolutely love the look of this car distal portions everything on it are absolutely perfect but as always green do quick walk around on the car there and take it out see how it drives a big shout out and thank you to the Larry CH Miller Lexus here in Murray Utah for providing us with the NX check out their entry in the link below if you’re in the market for a new Lexus under the hood here of the NX we have a turbocharged 2-liter 4-cylinder that goes through a six-speed automatic transmission fuel commies 22 around town and then 27 on the highway with power outputs being tuned in 35 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque now we’re gonna go over things on the front end of the NX and I’ve got the lights on so you guys can see what those look like but I love this little line that comes through the hood kind just makes it look a whole lot sporty-er and then we can see here we’ve got the full LED accent lights to go down below just kind of like a check mark obviously matches the Lexus logo and then you see the projector bulbs are just above those and ynx a little kind of fog light action that’s happening down there Lexus is signature spindle grille obviously with the Lexus logo in the center which that logo by the way doubles as the sensor for the adaptive cruise control but here’s kind of one more look at the front end and I’ll kind of give you guys a look like heads on so you can see what that looks like as well on the NX now coming around to the side here we’ve got 18-inch rims with 225 millimeter tires in the front and the rear as well got a nice little F Sport badge but back to the rims I love the look of them you can see the brake calipers pretty well but just a silver with kind of like the black accent inside the rims just makes it look like they’re almost floating pretty much and they kinda look like little blades but if I take a couple steps back here we can see kind of like a full view on the nx300 f-sport of the chief up here for the NX there’s got to come functions you get your unlock and your lock and then you’ve got obviously the button to sound the alarm Lexus logo on the back and this does come with remote start so pretty much is it to press the button twice and then hold it down is what I found makes it work every single time and unless the lights will blink again and then wait for it and then it’ll start up and you’ll get that 2 litre 4-cylinder come to life out of both of the exhaust tips and then if you do want to shut it off again all you have to do is just hold that button down again and then the annex will shut off now I’m going to come to the back here got this little button right there to open up the rear of the NX you can see there’s this built-in cargo cover which i think is a nice little touch obviously that hide your stuff that you’re putting back here whatever you want to put back here you’ve got little floor minutes in the rear as well and then they also do say app sports and X on them so obviously they’re custom-made for this vehicle I really like this accenting here as well it’s a really nice good-looking touch and then if we move all of the floor mats when sander here you can use part of this as like storage all that kind of stuff so nice that they give you that in the back and then obviously when you want to put it down they give these little handles but notice that those they work ok but it’s easier just to grab kinda like the bottom here of the little hatch and then you just drop down here is the full rear view of the NX can go over elements on it obviously got that Lexus logo there in the center the F Sport badging down there and then on the other side says nx300 I love the taillights on this so if you kind of zoom in on the taillights he’s kind of like nice again LED checks to match the Lexus logo you notice that Lexus does that on all of their cars and I think it’s a really nice touch and then obviously I already showed the exhaust tips but dual exhaust at the rear of the nx300 now opening up the rear here of the NX this one has the red interior which looks really good it’s a nice contrast with the white on the exterior but they’ve got this nice kind of touch right there that goes all the way across and get the nice leather padding more leather down here with some nice stitching and then you got one of the window controls couple speakers for the sound system and then here are these seats I think they’ve done a really good job with the interior here so we do get some nice red accenting but it’s just not all fully red so it’s kind of nice horse not overwhelmingly red the actual parts of the seat right here where you sit in very very comfortable it’s got nice support and then you can pull that little center console thing down so this is for the cupholders no let’s you press that little tab right there and that’ll kind of all pop out obviously it’s wrapped in plastic for the first owner the back passengers do get some little vents right here pockets on the backs of both of the seats and then legroom is pretty decent again this is you know supposed like the rav4 will the lexus version of the rav4 essentially so that has the same amount of leg room as the rav4 in the back now before we pop in to the front and show you a couple things so first and foremost you can see that the mirror does have the a little blind spot monitor and will car there on the side do have Kia sentry so one touch that locks it and then the mirrors were

powerful too right in and then the unlock expert hand on the back the door handle and then the mirror will power fold back out now fully opening the door here in the front you can see that the panel is actually really nice so we’ve got this nice red contrast stitching that goes all throughout then you’ve got a another nice little panel piece again the black leather in the red contrast leather just blow it all of your window controls right down here door lock and unlock near controls the memory seat function another speaker for the sound system now the front seats that go a little bit crazy with the red but I absolutely love it you see the headrest up here kick pretty plush and then I got nice perforations all throughout they get the black accenting on this so it’s kind of like opposite from the back power adjustments on the seats are all right there on the side the pedals are actually really nice looking I like what they’ve done on them you got the little hood latch right there your light controls he’s staring willing and see that got a little blocker right there that’s the blind spot monitoring system and then the steering wheel is going to be power adjustable and here’s just one more look at the front before we pop inside now the annex has a push button start so just put your from the brake push to push start and then everything will come to life everything will just as well like the seat here will adjust in your driving position the steering wheel will adjust and then when you turn it off so like if I turn it off here you’ll notice that the steering wheel goes away from me and the seat backs up so it’s easier to get in and out of the car here is the steering wheel in the NX and actually really liked the look of it so again Lexus logo there in the center this is for the center stock we’ll go over that in a minute in the pages button for that that’s your lane departure assistance that is obviously your Ford collision warning F Sport badging at the bottom of the steering wheel right here voice commands and then your different modes for the radio all that kind of stuff nice paddle shifters to shift the gears yourself on the back of steering wheel I like the grips here so like this probably start wheels grippier where you’re gonna grab onto it and this parts a little bit smoother so it just looks nicer nice red contrasted stitching your stock for the lights turn signal and then also flashing the high beams and then this stock over here is the windshield wiper stock here is our gauge cluster which is actually pretty simple but I’d like the look of the gauge cluster so you got your RPMs on the left side on the right side you got the speed and then again like I said there’s that little page you can scroll through with a little thing on the steering wheel just to give you different bits of information on the NX and then you can kind of zoom out to see all the pages so pretty easy to control for the center stack and nothing too crazy about it or centered infotainment screen happening right here and by the way you do control it with a little lexus pad just so you guys can kind of see how i’m controlling this definitely takes a second to get used to I really like the new rx in how they’ve kind of made this into you can use the little keypad for it or you can use it as a touchscreen so I think that’s a little bit more user friendly but this has stuff like you know the radio you can do the navigation all that kind of stuff it’s pretty easy to do so like if I press a map button it’ll pull up the navigation screen on it but yeah kind of a combination of the keypad in the buttons it’s definitely the best way to navigate this screen but while we’re on the screen that’s actually popping the back up camera so a little backup camera right there and you can see that I can change between the different modes just pressing that little button right there and this kind of sounds like feedback I’m like an older video game or something like that but other than that it’s a pretty standard infotainment system most Alexis’s are equipped with this currently now I wanted to show this whole kind of center area on the – I like the vents just up above and how the push button starts right there but these little controls for the climate controls they have a really nice feel to them so it’s just letting you have to feel in person that little clock in the center is a nice touch you get the heated and ventilated seats the hazard lights right there in the center that I almost pressed by accident down here actually get a CD player and there’s all the controls there for the volume controls on the radio and then here is the full kind of like center console area we’re gonna start the storage and then we’re going to go back up to the shifter and all that so with the storage you can pick this up and you can see that there’s a couple little charging stations within and then you obviously can move this and this is a mirror so that you can look at yourself so if we angle this right you can see me with the camera not exactly sure why they have that but I mean it’s a thing you can just look yourself in and driving your NX couple cup holders right here there’s that keypad for the infotainment system and then the buttons forward to your map menu and then back button and now it’s getting all this fun stuff so here’s the shifter for these six-speed Automatic note that does have a manual shift mode again you can use this shifter or you can use the paddles on the steering wheel when you’re in that manual shift mode you’ve got the drive modes right here so those will pop up here in the center stack so you can see that if I go over to eco it’ll kind of change the look of the screen versus sport and then I press it in for normal doesn’t really change the gauges just changes the look on the screen and then you got your parking brake here and then the auto hold button is just that little button right there so we’re gonna start at the bottom then go up on the – the glovebox

Jack ship – press it in I’m used to like a little handle grabbing so it’s kind of takes a second be used to but lined with felt decent amount of storage space if we close that up we can see that we’ve got this nice red stitching and then the nice soft leather on the – the leather appears little bit harder to the touch right there so the stuff that’s closer to you is definitely softer than the stuff that is further away and then that trim piece right there is a nice little touch now we’ve got our controls for the center and it is just a regular set of fully black headliner light controls up here other than that I mean there’s nothing special nothing quirky nothing weird going up top and that’s all now that we are done with the interior on the NX 300 F Sport R you are all wondering the pricing on this so this NX 300 F Sport stickers for about $47,000 a 40 type of market adjustment which is just a little bit more expensive than the most expensive packaging on the rav4 so yes you are paying a premium but then this interior is so much nicer than the interior on any rav4 currently just saying anyways that’ll being said let’s take this NX 300 F Sport out to see how it drives so let’s talk about visibility here in the nx300 f-sport before we set off this bill over the hood it just kind of slopes right down really easy to see out of and then visibility through both of the mirrors and then the other mirror as well and then visibility throughout the rear definitely gets a little bit tight with the sloping roofline design but it’s not bad by any means and obviously the blind spot monitoring systems gonna help out with all of that and let’s set off now initially setting off here in the nx300 f-sport let’s talk about road noise and ride quality and rim to the road noise it’s actually pretty minimal I don’t hear a whole lot coming from the tires I actually only even hear a whole lot coming from the exhaust it’s just a pretty nice insulated cabin where there’s not a lot going on now in terms of the ride quality this is actually very very smooth I’ve driven a couple of the rav4s recently so I drove a limited hybrid and then I also drove the rav4 TRD and this actually feels smoother than both of those offerings now we’re just taking a turn here and the steering on this is exceptionally light this demo is actually a little bit on the smaller side like the gripping on it is perfect but I love the size of the steering wheel I don’t like big massive steering wheels so this having a smaller steering wheel in a very light steering rack makes it a very comfortable experience to just drive around now we are gonna shift over into the sport mode and get a little acceleration here at the nx300 whoo get a little bit of turbo lag there but wow that actually shifts really quickly I was pleasantly surprised by that but I mean in terms of the acceleration it’s more than enough power it’s definitely quicker than a rav4 by a long shot I’m at about 4,500 feet elevation and so the rav4 being naturally aspirated whereas this is turbocharged this is already gonna do better but then it has quite a bit more power and torque so it just does substantially better overall now I want to sum things up on the NX 300 F sports so first off I love the interior on this I think it’s a very nice well put together interior but everything also with Lexus’s reliability is known to be super durable and you know this is the car that’s gonna last for a very long time but does this differentiate itself enough from the rav4 I would definitely say so it has a more luxurious feel to it from an aesthetic standpoint yeah it looks significantly different especially compared to the new rav4 so it kind of has obviously it has its own you know look the Lexus brand’s look but I mean just as like overall packaging this isn’t just kind of like a luxury rav4 it really is its own car and I’m just glad that Lexus made it cuz it’s a it’s a cool car now I would say this definitely you know if I just wanted like a comfortable good gas mileage SUV that was you know a little bit sporty and fun to drive then this definitely be a good one because I know that it would last for a long time and you know it’s just a really solid package as like an overall package and there we have it every one be 20 20 X 300 mm really cool SUV obviously if you want a reliable luxury SUV it’s a great route to go that’ll being said though again a huge shot on thank you to the Larry H Miller Lexus here in Murray Utah for providing us with the NX if you’re in the market for a new Lexus check out the inventory in the link below I will see all of you in that next video