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Go ahead Cemal eye of a tiger start Siddik who whistled? I whistled, so what? Leave Bunyamin, it doesn’t count. Siddik will give the signal Go ahead go Cemal Put your hand down! Come on, Cemal, come on Dad, don’t shake me like that! If you had such a child, you would also be happy And my children are not boys? Yes, but mine is a real lion concentrate Cemal, Cemal! Siddik, what is going on here? arm wrestling, focus What are they fighting for? put it down here lift your legs Cemal! Sleep like a lion, I think it stayed wintering in summer I’m so angry that you better take care of yourself The most important thing now is that the boy passed out and you guys argue ..? Yusuf, the boy really is like a lion Cemal, open your eyes What if you became depressed after losing? and then immediately fell asleep from depression Don’t joke about my brother! Are you talking to me? Probably everyone in your family is depressed you will see soon he is still arguing Why did you do that to Cemal? And why did you come back? Wait a minute, speak calmly, without nerves You set up a trap for him, right? what trap? what are you saying? so why did he suddenly pass out? maybe I squeezed his hand too much and the blood didn’t get to his brain Kaan, don’t kid yourself If I’m not kidding, you talk so stupid that there is no other answer stupid was the fight in the square what did you want to humiliate him? Nihal, you can take your sister away from here, because I can’t take it anymore well Come on baby, you will talk when you are calm I’m not going anywhere, first you will answer my question, Kaan

Will you believe me when I tell you the truth? You won’t believe … so why do you ask? ok i will believe in that case listen Your Cemal visited me this morning with the mayor They wanted to get something out of me They probably know you were in my house at night well? and When your Cemal saw those protein powders got me into a fight with “who is stronger etc.” I was irritated and the head of the commune turned everything into a duel, of course I did not refuse He probably trusted too much, now everything is known Are you going to leave me alone now? Kaan, can we talk for a moment? bright sit down nihal I will always talk to you, at least I will be with you Get up, baby, that’s enough Maybe you have to let it smell like onion Siddik, go get some onions And is there an onion here? In that case, bring the onion from the store it’s over Isn’t there an onion in the whole town? find some Niyazi, make an announcement, maybe someone has onions What are you talking about? … What, will be the announcement about the onions? What is this conversation? Make room for me What is it supposed to be? The onion scent will wake you up do not laugh Cemal! What happens? how you feel? This man’s breath has strength Well done hikmet What about grief? You won, you won the doctor put your hand on the table and you passed out, and your father got mad Yusuf, don’t bother me! If you trust so much, the table is there, come and settle don’t make me break your hand We will see who breaks his hand Back off! give me this What are you going to do with it? your father will need vitamins, let him drink no way give it to me I will not give I told you I will give I won’t give it! What do you want from my wife, huh? shakes me because he wants my juice Give me, it’s terribly hot no don’t drink it Don’t drink Bunyamin! leave it alone that’s probably not cool What do I not know if it is fresh or not? Good darling You did it well don’t drink it it’s not cool I know I’ll be fine there We all know the rules of this fight When Siddik gives a signal, the duel will begin Let’s shake hands no Siddik this time it’s really a whistle I will learn on time Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you for an hour! I talked a little with Kaan What were they talking about? never mind since it is not important, what could you talk to him about? Honey, Kaan is also my friend, I know him more than you, why shouldn’t I talk to him? well tell me what they were talking about never mind Go Go Bunyamin, what’s up? Do you want to sleep? The sun is heating me up a lot, soon I will faint Listen, come home, Have you gone crazy, sleeping in the day? the house is empty come on And won’t we see dad how he fights? Listen, this is our chance, the house is always full of people, and now it’s empty, come on Really? very serious Quick Quick? What’s going on? It’s Bunyamin passed out Get up! Hikmet, blow the onion in your face What happens?

I thought I saw the devil Nurten! go crazy Whoever gets up from the table loses the game If you are a man, put my hand on the table Don’t wear high heels here, I beg you I did not bring other shoes come on there is a straight path The town is pretty, but you can’t wear high heels What are you sighing about, what happened? I still think about Cemal, I feel sorry for him, the boy passed out you can call? how? … call him give me my phone Hello? Hello cemal hi Gul you feel good? I was worried Hello? Can you hear me hey hey everything is fine with me Can we go to Aşkyaki tonight? We’ll talk a little aa, Aşkyaka I’m busy now hm well in that case on another occasion See you Good, see you later I do not want to go he rejected me Don’t think like that, it just has something to do with it Bunyamin, do you really want to sleep? I’ll probably pass out here soon we are here, there is not much left back off I’ll go to bed here, it’s hot in the house He lay down on the stairs! Shall we leave it? Leave it, leave it there like an animal What’s going on here? What’s going to happen, why don’t you explain it? I’m not saying anything wrong Where do they come from? from the square Dad is fighting with Husnu How so? … I have to go Grandma Can you give me my tablet now? wait a little I am milking the cows That game will not end, and I need it. I will cook What are you cooking with this? spaghetti Spaghetti? After all, the Sípalar (donkeys) are there, they have not gone anywhere What’s up grandma? Don’t worry, I also know what spaghetti is I ate it once So I know it goes straight to the stomach But will you cook it now? I did not like anything I want to make pasta, I need the tablet, I will look at it while I cook give me give me Will you learn to cook pasta from the internet? Come to the kitchen, I’ll show you how to cook, come there’s a closet, open it there is a white bag, take it out Is? if there is pasta Now take and put a lot of butter in the pot Lots of butter Grandma, this is broken They are not broken, I broke them with my hands Go put a lot of fat on the pot Butter first, then put the pasta in the pot as much as you want Stand back tea! How are they? Whoever loses will have to pay for all these teas! Will you scare us with tea? it will never end you my lion daddy came to support you go away Güzel Köylü, love between the country and the city you

we are already here welcome How was the arm fight? … Did Cemal win? no the dentist won Was Cemal defeated? If he lost The dentist was stronger, huh? listens We are going to invite him to dinner, he will check my teeth by the way but you didn’t put your teeth today Why should I wear them? Why put them on? Do not worry, we invite you, he will come to see your teeth Does anyone know how to make this broken pasta? broken pasta? Now i can’t I must feed the sheep they are hungry listens Take the food out of the refrigerator, we have to give it to the dentist Well, Sultan, we will prepare everything work a little where are those sheep …? Do you see the girlfriend no Look here Is that a girlfriend? no This girlfriend comes out of your house Oh let’s wait soon girl I say in two weeks and you say three no let it be like you say the girl is very lucky Kamuran to be taken out of the house by bus OMG There is also a path ahead of the bride It seems like a long way to me Does the groom’s family come from far away? From afar … After all, we have to come by Kamuran’s hand Is that so? Perhaps together with Cemal they will go to Istanbul or maybe they’re going on a honeymoon Let it be so My friend welcome good morning welcome I think I have not arrived on time No, we have only added one dish for you We’ll eat first and then look at my teeth, huh? thank you very much pretty lady No grandma, our dentist maybe we don’t talk about more than one dentist, just “Mr. Kaan” You must call me Sultan Ana fine as you like I will also talk to you, like Kaan, I will not bother to tell you sir I feel like I’ve known you for years, do you believe me? so that’s why “Kaan” ok, from now on I will tell you only Nihal well great I invite you to the table Gulsum, come on, love the doctor has already come you go down too Thank you son you’re welcome you sit too welcome Thank you All the people came to you for examination, and I did not succeed I think it’s better It wouldn’t be nice for a woman like you to bother standing up I better have come to you the doctor is very kind everything looks great please start ahead maybe salads? thanks i don’t want You make a big mistake, it really looks great thanks i don’t want and you Sultan Ana ..? No, I prefer to start from the middle of the table Nihal? question tell me when to stop Thank you Sweat? oh, thank you

then yes This is the last call to prayer this duel ends in a tie look now Ok let’s go It does not let me go It does not let me go why not? I do not know I can not let go! Celal, Cemal, help me slowly free us let me go I can’t drop my hand I can not do it Come on, Dad, I’ll help you go home I can’t put my hand down It would help you, but then you would have problems and me Husnu, what happened to you? You look like the statue of liberty nothing like that, nothing Why are you like this? like what? like the handle of the water pump Not only our father, Yusuf also has a bomb handle why? never mind Where is Hilal? Call her, I’ll slap her In that state will you hit her? I will get it with this hand Why? Because that herpes that she has Kemal, Yusuf’s son also has it on his lips! Call her fast, I’ll hit her soon It is not possible, because Kemal was with me last night as well? yes … we went to the river AND? with my friends and then Kemal joined us AND? Mansur played songs for us AND? and shook the guitar, finally hit Kemal in the face truly? yes You see, there’s no point blaming the girl Come on, Dad, we’ll help you with this hand Because your hand is like a shovel stick Have you ever taken a stick like that? never do you want to take it? Cemal, look at this hand, see what’s wrong with it Celal, bring the olive oil What did I do? I fell asleep here Nurten! What happens? What happens? What’s up, son-in-law? I fell asleep on the stairs like a dog Nurten, aren’t you ashamed? What kind of wife puts her husband to sleep like a dog on the stairs? You fell asleep there! you told us not to pick you up easy, golden girls everything hurts me now and what happened to you? this is all because Husnu challenged me to a duel, we were fighting with his arms my dad almost won, if the cry of prayer had not sounded, he Okay … come on dad Damn, my hand stayed like this our family has some bad charm Dad, maybe we’ll call Cemal, look at your hand No, and she keeps saying Cemal and Cemal Haven’t you been smart yet? calm down, don’t scream like that go and bring me olive oil bring it For what? bring it, I know what to do. I guess I wouldn’t take it without knowing how to do it? oh Cemal … I’m really better slowly Now, let’s keep it that way, the oil will help and in a few days the hand will be like new

Thank you son Well done my son God bless you baby Dudu, make me a cup of coffee, I haven’t had a drink all day, my tongue has dried if you say so i will do it right away Dudu Take this donkey too, kiss me, I think I feel sorry for him I will wash my hands and face thank you baby I think I have tensed my hand too much but now it was better for me Who’s there Hilal, shall we talk a little? We talk brother Now explain to me what happened to you in the war Don’t be afraid, I promise you will stay with us Dad told me to go for a walk, right? And when I walked, I saw Kemal and then we mounted Bunyamin and suddenly Celal called He told me to come home immediately, because my dad asks me, I was scared and how I got mad at Kemal pressed the brake in place of gasoline and then hit the dashboard together It was like this Okay, now you have to be more careful And you don’t have to eat a car with Kemal anymore nothing will happen I told my dad that Kemal was with us on the river, don’t mess it up I listened to you thank you brother, do you want to lie? I would never lie to you brother Well no, I’m talking about that This olive oil will not come off, so it is best to do it without a shirt beware What are you doing as much as if you were to participate in the fight on oil? All parts of the hand are connected, greased in front and behind Okay, but it gives nothing, the hand is still standing I beg you, don’t you trust me? well well There is a technique, but I’m afraid something will happen don’t be afraid give I laughed? we go I did it several times, but do it now Well I did it! Give me five, dad! It would have nailed me, but somehow I can’t, I don’t feel anything how is it wait a minute Wait a minute what did you do Father What did you do to me with your hand? You got your hands father sheriff Cemal, come on, come in I came and went, and even sat down, thank you very much It is good for you, first you put me in a stupid duel before the whole town I got mad, and you sit here comfortably What seat Can’t you see what work? How could I know you would pass out? Overall, I wasn’t expecting it, I suddenly passed out You see, and I know why, they are definitely Kamuran and Nurten but how is is the “doping” that he gave you I wanted to give this juice to Yusuf, but they didn’t allow it and then Bunyamin … drank it and passed out like you that’s why I passed out what you think? I will let everyone know soon Sit down not now If you go now, they won’t admit it I will fix this for you, don’t worry and do not forget these words: the one who gets angry sits to his detriment It doesn’t matter, you better tell me how things are going with Gul, what she said on the phone Gul Gul invited me to Aşkyaki You accepted immediately no … i said i was busy God damn you You’ll never be smarter, huh? So what, I was supposed to leave my father alone during the duel? You could go, it ended in a tie, nor did they move, like statues it was so Okay, it doesn’t matter, don’t waste time, immediately invite Gul to Aşkyaki Now? at night? well, it’s night … This way you give him your jacket, it will be a romantic moment think no I dont think so Stop fucking around, Cemal Now it is clear that you cannot do it

You better call Nihal, all four of us will go, it will be easier Brother, you have completely overcome that shyness Yes, that’s it thanks to Hikmet’s medicine call, call who will answer you I will answer Yes I’m listening good evening madam nihal it’s me niyazi village chief oh hello honey how are you Fine, but even better when I heard your voice. ‘ I’m bothering you, because maybe we could go together for a night walk to Aşkyaki It would be nice, but Go and tell Gul, Cemal is with me, we will all go together Thank you very much, but we cannot go Why? why We have a guest tonight, that’s why But thanks again, you are very nice, have a good night really? .. Madam, you are also nice What did she say what did she say she said they have a guest but something must happen there because I stuttered who is that guest .. how will we find out? I don’t know, we’ll go see What do you say? What a shame …! Just shame and shame. It would be a shame to be under the covers after 12 at night So what, Grandma doesn’t consider me her husband? I can visit it Go Go What are you doing here? we were sitting I’m very bored, let’s go to the river together, to have fun You go, we go with Sultan Ana Are you still taking care of your granddaughters? Go where you have to go, and so I close the office You changed my office to a cafeteria something happens to you lately here is the state building Thank you very much So am I going to look at your teeth, Sultan Ana? Look at these I’ll take out my instruments I am getting married soon, there will be a wedding I don’t want to have a bad smell in my mouth truly? so I have to be very attentive But don’t worry, we will arrange everything before your wedding You will have beautiful teeth for your husband hopefully who called? the head of the commune, Mr. Niyazi why did you call? Cemal invited us to Aşkyaki, but I told him we had a guest no Okay, so Cemal wasn’t offended with me only Cemal and Cemal than? Isn’t that the dentist’s car? Okay, yes Is the dentist your guest? I do not know I think Damn, the boy won the duel and came here What do we do? Lets go to the river? You speak well, friend, only that river can refresh us look at this nut What is it supposed to be? so huge no, wait what’s up … this is the first time it’s happened to me works? Do you need two efficient hands in your old age Are you kidding? God damn you, you broke my father’s hand! What did I do? I pulled him lightly and his hand fell Can we go to the hospital? You see, you didn’t hear me calm down there now after the hand You didn’t listen to me, we could call Cemal, he would help him immediately let’s call Moment, don’t call, I’ll go get it let him call Come on, leave your family alone Go now, go! wait Really, the hand doesn’t work Give me a shirt, fat man. Don’t be scared please What are you doing? I’m checking it, I’m fine now

my father lost his hand What’s up? … Didn’t it go well with the ladies? Siddik, I’m not in the mood, don’t fuck with me tonight Well Niyazi, you sold us for two women do not talk to me you’re not in a good mood today All because of the pain but it’s a pain of love They’ll want a song about trouble soon Well we want a song Play something melancholic As you say I have to touch, I will touch it but no .. i am confused with your problem Well no fuck you Or touch something, because I can’t take it anymore Sultan, I have to congratulate you, at this age you have teeth in perfect condition Thank you very much you have good genes my sweet healthy as a fish scratch where should i scratch? I’m asking you one thing, if you need anything, I want you to know that I already live in this town, Welcome again, thank you very much bye Bye Nihal thanks good night Sweat but … he’s a good boy educated, have a good job he became a doctor and a good man And why did you come here? Because he is dedicated to working with all his heart. Serve the town for free it’s not like that? I have to pick my apples! give me this Oh my will rot in my eyes right now Well done, sweat, grandma, you’ve already infected her Well, play for hours without a break she is already drawn too Girls, I really want to sleep Kiss good night Goodnight Cemal, something happened to my father, he can’t move his hand, come see What is wrong with that? I do not go anywhere I tell you, he can’t move his hand, look at him I say I’m not going! He will also be your father-in-law, come on How will my father-in-law be? I’m not going I will pull you Bunyamin, what are you doing Bunyamin, I’m so sad that I threw you into the river recently What did you drink, what happened to you? What will happen if you go for two minutes Forgive me What did he drink? Let’s go for two minutes What are you doing, leave me alone? The man is sick Forgive me forgive me are you crazy? Back off! Did you throw it away? Güzel Köylü, love between the country and the city! Good morning brother good morning Is my music ready? Done, especially it arrived in the morning and downloaded from the internet but I already have enough of this You can bear it somehow, huh?

I think Do you know what to do this time? Tell the girl you love her! Mayor, I won’t be able to do it again Let me Well, little steps, friend You will invite the girl to a nice place and they will spend time together I’ve already invited her, let’s go to the barn together to the barn? What are you, some cattle? How to be romantic among so many cows? Invite her to a nice place! you keep saying: invite her somewhere nice, and could you do it? because I don’t see it I can do it, I just have to open myself even more Well open up … I’m running away, see you Do not run away Grandma Gulsum, where are you going? I’m going to the barn and you will not go anywhere else? I have not gone for a walk, but maybe today I will go, I will see how the staff is there in the end i am the boss Are you going to the barn too? What do I have to do in the barn? I have to go to Muğla, resolve some issues at the bank. Is there a minibus here? Surely, it leaves the plaza in half an hour That’s good, I’m leaving wait i go too I picked fresh peppers give me give me What’s up, son-in-law, the holidays are over. But it flew quickly Well, he shot the whip Maybe you should take a few more days? How should I take them? I found a job at work and I still have to go to Konya for my cousin’s wedding, I have two days off Don’t listen to your mother, take care of the job thanks Dad One thing worries me, your hand hangs … Did I break it or what? For this Cemal, he doesn’t even care about our dad Great lord, you have us all in the ass What is not so? I’m leaving, don’t wait for me see you in the afternoon bye Bye Where did you get it from? you know my younger brother, Celal, he likes music, it’s his, I borrowed it let’s use it together That’s great I also have classical music, downloaded from the internet, I have a CD great! In that case, let the cows listen immediately Sorry Please go ahead I wanted to ask you something safe – Where do the minibuses to Muğla come from? – minibuses to Muğla .. from where they go …! how exactly is that place? I mean I’m going to Muğla, I can give you a ride if you don’t mind Oh dear, it’s great, it’s very hot. Thank you very much in that case please I open watch your legs What happened, why did you call me suddenly? so you still have my phone number … you haven’t forgotten me I have not forgotten your number. tell me – Come to the commune chief’s office at noon – Reason? a letter came for you, they wrote your name and surname, come and bring it All right, I’ll send Ayten with Kemal Come in person, it can be somewhat suspicious – How do you know they tell me something? Whose letter is that? They did not write to you about who, only that it is for you So I say it may be somewhat suspicious Well, I’ll go “transport between cities”

Good morning, we have a package from Istanbul is it dental equipment? if there is a chair and the like ok bring everything Why did you press the horn now? Probably some cat was on the road, didn’t you see it? cat? I did not realize did you like my horn sound yes very original Thank you very much In that case, I will press again Now this The music is also very beautiful, happy We Konya people are very happy I am also like that, I love joy If so, then you should stay with me because I’m the happiest boy in this town Where are my 50 grams of pores Even if I burn three candles, I will look for a Konya resident come on my Konya resident colleagues, where is she going so fast? Let’s not let it get lost again Do you speak well, maybe we will follow her? It will be better to follow it, because then we will not find it anywhere I better not see them If not grandma .. she will get mad Hikmet, take care of the cafeteria my store too I mean, you say they will give more milk Let’s try it, see it This bigger cow will dance to this music So so laugh since yesterday you are sad Such a face doesn’t suit you at all you’re right maybe it’s a shame to ask but, why are you sad? It doesn’t matter, it’s just that It was so, but it has already happened perhaps the best answer is that “nothing” what does it mean? The story of a broken heart is short I won’t ask what happened I will not say anything and the story ends no … I didn’t think you were such a poet you You still haven’t met me Hey, listen, what is Sultan looking at? colleagues, that’s Cemal’s barn Why won’t it come in? Hey, you can listen to some music from there what’s going on? I’ll break something soon out of curiosity, I have to go see What is that? … They made a wedding room with the barn

your mansur they’ll make you play here soon Well … what the hell? Every night I play for my friends, now I will play for the cows Oh, Cemal we’re Please go ahead Thanks my dear You’re welcome Look, all the banks are on this street, yours too, on the corner ok i can see You were very cool, thanks you have a good day watch out across the street Well, it’s a sweetness I’m not kidding So delicious hello .. no, I will not go, I take a day off I still have a vacation to use, I have the right to do so what are you asking … what talk ?, hang up! Grandma, where have you been? I was worried, I was looking everywhere and I couldn’t find you I was doing morning sport I have a wedding soon … I said to myself: I must be fit You could have told me Girl, you slept so sweetly I had no heart to wake you up What are you watching? istanbul pictures OMG … only Istanbul and Istanbul. tell me what’s up but I do not know where to start just getting started Grandma, imagine a huge river But it is not really a river, only the sea anyone who sees that strait is delighted There is also Kiz Kulesi, a must see, a great view Kız kulesi? oh hello sir yusuf Thank you Come sit down Yusuf, how is your hand? well well because at night it stood out Yusuf, let me kiss your unconquerable hand I tell you I want to kiss that invincible hand, and you give me your left hand kiss this! do not get mad kiss Yesterday Bunyamin gave me a massage and I damaged it a little It is normal Oh Husnu, welcome Welcome Oh Husnu, what happened …? After that duel yesterday did you have to tie your hand? no It has nothing to do with the arm fight How not why, why? in the afternoon I got very angry and hit the wall with my fist I think my hand has moved a bit on the arm Cemal then insisted that I tie this hand. And I did it and that’s it safe We won’t say anything that might bother you and what’s wrong? Nothing of that “nothing, nothing like that …” Tell me, if something happens, I will not be angry I do not know how to say it Should I speak? talk Talk Cemal made a wedding hall in the barn What does that mean? You must repeat it twice, otherwise it will not understand says that Cemal made a wedding hall in your barn and why are they laughing so much ?, nothing more than “ha ha ha” I’m listening to you, I’m not a grandfather I’ll go see what’s going on Hi husnu Just don’t tell me you arranged a wedding in the barn!

Celal Ayten I was afraid you wouldn’t come I barely escaped my mother Ayten While I was waiting for you, I saw it Can we swim with a water bike? Celal What if we fall into the water? Don’t be afraid, I won’t allow it, trust me OK I trust you we go Oh Mrs. Nihal? how lucky we met again yes How are you, my dear, did you fix everything? I did it, no problem great I got the message that I have one more day off. If you have time, I will show you Muğla Good darling In that case, we will go to Akyaki, honey We will be here often, but there is the sea and everything well it could be But we have to walk a little, the car is at the end of the street alright come on come on What is it supposed to be? classical music for cows for cows? And do cows know music? they just moan all day better sing for the cows Turn that off, turn it off wait a minute, who’s it all from? Of the grandmother This is ours And to increase the milk production of the cows, I will allow them to listen to classical music milk production of cows? And is it effective? We are testing And didn’t you tell me to implement my ideas here? I said that? well you said it … dad in that case ok Do what you have to do What we don’t know about, are cows supposed to know? but you have silenced my father Normally he would speak forever, but you have silenced him, congratulations You still haven’t met me have a good job sir thanks, welcome You were supposed to call did you bring my equipment? Yes, I brought it here, but the rest belongs to you very retro style meter? meter Oh, also a sign, thank you, you are very kind Yes, I do you’re welcome In that case, I’m going home for the rest of the team Yes, please bring it, I will post an announcement on the spot We will make a spare key I really thank you for the problem, so let’s go to work, huh? See you See you, doctor, have a nice day Let’s see if it’s comfortable I’m going to break like this It’s even cool, like a chair on a bus What, Husnu, have you seen the wedding hall? I saw you osman You could dance a little, there is good music there Don’t laugh, he can’t dance, at most he’ll dance halay How is this town gossiping? Sultan’s granddaughter made the decision and made it At last they are his cows and his barn She is the boss there, she will do it as she wants bright clear I’ll believe it Believe it or not believe it Cemal works with Gul and does not complain about anything Do not play with that What’s going on here? I handed the office to the dentist and I will take the last matter to him. In the end, we have a lot in common

well give me that letter and I’m leaving wait sit down a second Sit down sit down And why did you order me to sit here? Nurten, I want to ask you something But for the sake of our past, you will answer honestly Question What did Bunyamin drink yesterday? The juice you gave Cemal And what do you care? Of course, I’m not interested in that, I ask it out of curiosity they both fell asleep so suddenly well … we add sleeping pills to Cemal well done .. girl you did it tell me again So, before the arm wrestling, you made juice with Cemal sleeping pills, right? yes And then you gave that juice to Cemal, right? What is my sister saying? … act like me And that’s why the boy fell asleep and lost, right? Yes Was that your plan and Kamuran’s? So what, you don’t think we can do it? They can, they can Hey niyazi Why do our voices have an echo? No Nurten, this is the letter that came to you Sorry the whole town knows everything What are you saying? .. I don’t understand anything Understand, Nurten, you will understand you have a politician in front of you, and politics does not enter such games note, note, announcement from the village chief of Guzel Koy Yesterday’s incident during the duel between Cemal and the dentist Kaan was explained to the entire town See what they did? Quiet! I’m going to kill her! crazy He’s a crazy good you can sleep peacefully Do you want a glass of cold water? girl idiot Father! Yusuf, it’s not good, we are in a state building Listen to me friend In this case, there is no chance that we ask for Kamuran’s hand It’s a finished thing we had good intentions, and you have such things I didn’t expect it from you During the wedding, we were to blame, but now you have us in your shoes This match ended with the result 1-1 Back off! Come here father You guys, too, go now. What do they do standing up? Kamuran! I’ll give you … soon! Father! Güzel Köylü, love between the country and the city! Maybe we can ride a water bike, do you feel like it? too. I have not swum since my youth So the last time you swam was this year Thanks, you’re very kind thanks i am like that Excuse me, how much for the water bike? wait a minute, I’m supposed to be inviting you No matter how much it costs, I pay everything give us something better I give it to you brother give us something dear You want to sit in the front, right? You have Michael Jackson-style socks Ahead can you hold They are white They don’t serve me if they get dirty Wait, I’ll take them soon Should I hold both of them? Nothing will happen, they are very clean socks I will take them Please go ahead I want to take off my shoes Will you help me? And what do you think? Yes, it is good that we have decided to swim I am very happy to OMG!

What happen dear? I have a panic attack What’s wrong? panic attack let’s swim quickly to the shore we gave a lot of money, nothing Come on, what are you doing? wait, we’d swim together What am I going to do here alone in the middle of the sea? wait … I’ll swim there take it easy Lord Mayor, I heard the announcement well? and I’m waiting for an explanation I explained everything Yusuf’s daughters mocked Cemal but for what reason? Why do you need a reason, we are in the field, these things happen aa, they happen but I’m always a suspect What suspect? … After all, I announced it wasn’t your fault Listens Now it seems that if Cemal had not been inactive, he would win it’s not in your hands I do not like it very much In that case, we will do a rematch and fight again for the profits Please tell your friend that if he’s already woken up, I’m ready all the time you have a good day very good finally my honor was saved everyone already understood why I lost Normally I wouldn’t lose to that dentist I’m glad to see that you’re relieved and happy really? yes That fight means nothing to me, lose or win like that? … Why doesn’t it mean anything? Yeah I believe that It is not important to win the arm fight just win with the heart I mean … your heart must be strong And how do you know what the dentist’s heart is like? maybe i don’t know what kind of heart you have but I know what your heart is like cold Yes Thank you Hey, son, what will happen to this girl? And what should happen to her? and what the hell should she be, after all this, no one in town will want to marry her do you think so? Oh yeah Do you have any other relatives in Konya? Isn’t there a good guy like you for her? we will send it there in Konya you won’t find one like me, there was only one and he married your daughter don’t laugh, I’m serious If we don’t marry her, they’ll talk about us the girl will stay home think no more I will go to Konya for my cousin’s wedding, I will look for a boyfriend like me, don’t worry well she said she knew my heart Dear brother Did you talk about all this in the barn? Yes, we talked about it in the barn on the hay Is a barn a good place for such things? and don’t forget these words: if two hearts are together, then the stable becomes a palace Well bravo, you are learning I understood that Gul loves me when I behave naturally truly? in that case, call Ms. Gul, invite her along with her sister, we will go to Akyaki and we put it in the air What is it? flying balloon a flying balloon? Last year, the students came to camp, remember? memory You probably remember? You rascal We found you with your hands on a girl, she liked it too much when you were natural

ok i say i remember why you talk so much? Well, those students left those balloons And don’t forget these words: hide things, because they don’t know when you will need them Call Gul, they are not only girls from the town, we also take some boys from the city You’re right call Hi Cemal Hi Gul .. how are you? I’m fine and you? Me too, what are you doing? Nothing, looking at the sky, very beautiful If you won’t do anything tonight, maybe we’ll go to Akyaki, that’s why I’m calling you tonight? Yes this night I have a surprise for you The mayor, Niyazi, will also go And if your sister is not busy, invite her too Let her see the surprise and she won’t be bored it’s okay I will also ask my sister, but I think we will go in that case, see you Good, see you later They come with us! Oh my ears rang in my ears! what happened? Grandma I locked her in a cage, I took her because I’m going to sleep with her tonight Look how sweet Girls, my eyes are already closing, I’m going to bed I take it with me I wake up from time to time at night By the way, I am going to lose the cows and the sheep, they will be less in the morning, right? Don’t wake up, sleep and don’t forget to pray before going to sleep Pray well, ask for good things, live well Goodnight Good night grand mother sleep well you too I don’t believe what my eyes see, Sude You returned to nature and grandma now lives in the virtual world I do not get it it happened so Sister, I’m going to sleep now, because I’m going to get tired here Come here they all went to sleep, what am I going to do here? I’ll also go to bed Gul must have gone to bed early sweet Dreams for you too my dear and for you sister Dear What is this? We are going Where are we going? Cemal and the chief of the municipality invited us to Akyaka Fine and what? and I said we would go Why did you say so? You know, I don’t want to sleep, come on uh, i just broke the branch Bünyamin Yes Dad this dentist beat him with Cemal Probably because of that protein powder, are you still taking it .. ?? safe do not say that do you know what’s in it You know, protein powder … enlarges men’s muscles add strength And the girls take it? If they took it they would be hairy like monkeys, then even waxing would not help them and that’s just causes hair? yes literally If a girl uses it, she becomes a boy Will it be the most masculine dentist? well I think I had enough for today

I’m going to bed good dad I would finish it, but it doesn’t matter don’t stay too long I just finish drinking and go to sleep Okay My eyes are closing be careful What are you doing? I turned around Do you want to commit suicide? and you already have a broken hand get up and don’t drink anymore I really don’t drink anymore Well, good night Be careful while climbing the stairs that Father Very good here, right sister? yes, super than? I do not understand We sit? well Why are we here? Let them walk, it blows a lot on the pier, I’ve cooled down recently I just recovered Okay, honey, you just recovered, let’s sit here very calm here they sat there They sat brother what are you doing there We get a little tired, but you stay there It’s not okay to divide … Come on, we’ll be together There is no separation, walk calmly It does not matter. Calm down I just didn’t want your sister to be bored it won’t happen, it won’t happen ok i wrote everything Send I hope you’re not upset because of my water bike panic attack today If you are not busy tomorrow, I invite you to the same beach, let’s swim Okay, honey, tomorrow we will go to the beach, if you feel well I don’t think so, I have a girlfriend Where are my 50 grams of pores Even if I burn a candle, I will look for a Konya resident Bünyamin! Nurten What are you doing here? come What did you talk about with my father now that you dance like that? Don’t make me scream, he waved his hand a little, I’m happy, what’s up? Let’s come here I’m very happy let’s Dance Together where is my If you don’t dance, I’m going to start screaming! well well no longer Where are my 50 grams of sugar You get drunk and I’ll take care of you go … my Nurten come on baby You spoke of a surprise, but where is she? Will it come out of the sea? The surprise … will not come from the sea but from our boss It’s time for surprise, brother in that case come here they are ready? girls but I’m curious Cemal, I’m opening it Go ahead one two Three! oo, a balloon of desire Where did you get it from? A year ago, the students came to camp, a friend of Cemal’s came Brother .. it’s not interesting. I can’t say that a friend, I don’t even remember her name ok, it’s not important now, let’s turn it on do you have a lighter? I have a lighter light. To smoke, okay?

but wait a minute Before we let it go, let’s think about wishes So Already? already Now that everyone says what they want, we will find out I will not say, I do not want I won’t say either it’s okay Mr. Niyazi you can tell us your wish, we will find out ok i will say I am not lying, in the end I am a politician, I would like God to listen to my wishes and fulfill them oh you’re really a politician you speak exactly like politicians No, I speak from the heart, the truth one two Three! Hello cemal You give the cows music … so nothing happens to them What can happen? We tried … by trial and error What is that? a method method? Is the name of this method bad, proof of error? really try and learn but you know everything, this … that Maybe we don’t know, we are investigating Gul wanted after all they are your animals The animals are Mrs. Gul’s, but then we earn our milk When the cows stop giving milk, will Gul give us money? Dad is right. Is she supposed to know this in town? Don’t listen to her, only to the people the village girls are good Why do you start that topic again? Don’t laugh like that Well, just don’t laugh! Dudu, my börku honey Do not constantly talk about what has already happened Don’t get involved in these matters I will go to the barn I will see if the quantity of milk per liter has increased Dad, I’m going to the dentist too … My tooth hurts a lot Don’t go, sit where you sit, how do you go to the dentist again? but dad … it hurts a lot Does it hurt for the first time? put on a cologne soaked cotton swab and then you’ll be fine I did, but it doesn’t do anything to me do not insist Do you want me to end up like Kamuran? as it comes from ok go go go but with your brother go together I’ll take her … well My baby are you going there alone? yes, why grandma ?

oh sister beach outfit Gulsum, go with your sister, you will submerge your feet in the sea In no way, we started a very important project with Cemal, and today I have to see its effects oh, talking about wolf I’m going have fun thanks sweetie Where are you going? I saw on the internet that there is an “ash lake” in the area, I’m going there now Will you go too it already has a name I called her Pato, she goes with me Look, you can’t go alone Why? it’s only 4-5 km from here, it’s not that far It doesn’t matter, don’t go alone you will go with your sister And today you will dip your feet in the lake, nothing will happen That is a lake of ashes, you do not enter Granny, take it easy, let her go alone. You want to go somewhere for the first time And bring a phone, don’t worry It’s a development for her, let her go Besides, she is not alone, there is also Lady Duck I will not be at all calm Take care of yourself, okay? Don’t worry, grandma, see you! I’m leaving too See you … Grandma bye Bye everywhere they go alone I’m not calm at all Güzel Köylü, love between the country and the city! Dad let me go, I told him I was going to the dentist. Let’s meet at the beginning of the streets it’s time to go where? I made an appointment with a friend Ok go girl Listen, does your tooth hurt? no dad .. it doesn’t hurt today Why don’t you eat anything? yes i just have depression it can’t be like that open the mouth Open it, eat it What happens? Father What happened daughter? it’s an olive seed look The olive had two seeds had two seeds? look, I have it, two seeds It can’t be like that, now I’m going to the dentist, I’ll bring him here go dad see you Celal! If you want to go, meet Ayten, I’ll go to the dentist myself really? of course go see your beloved Okay, what if dad sees us? and how will you see? if you are sitting at home OK see you What’s up, free street girl? How did daddy let you go? He heard it was about my health so he allowed me to leave Let’s not stay here, someone else will see it, follow me a few steps well If someone sees us, we will say that we have met accidentally And finally tell me how you begged Husnu for permission to leave Daddy won’t let me go out at home, right? says: why do you have to go out, sit at home ….. then I remember Kamuran your tooth hurt, right? I said to myself: if my tooth hurts, won’t my dad take me to the dentist? Of course it will I used it And how did I come up with it? Hey, I’m talking to you! Kemal? What is it, why are you smiling?

I do not know I never thought I would enjoy seeing a cow being milked But look, it’s really a lot of milk the machines work well it accumulates good morning good to see you in our town my name is kemal I thought about introducing myself Good morning, I sweat, Sultan Ana’s granddaughter Oh, it’s you we had no chance to meet A pleasure, I wish you a good day you have a good day OMG … she’s beautiful don’t worry she’s fine it’s okay Have you kissed the duck Yes because? If you want, I can kiss him again she is so pretty You have to kiss her too Be well … see you Hilal! where were you? I was looking for you and it got a little hot for me, my head hurt .. and I got lost It also surprises me, I just shut up I was about to say to make an announcement maybe we could go to that dentist I am very afraid, I will enter and you will wait for me outside If you’re close, I’m not afraid of anything Ok, let’s go ok you go in the back Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! where is this boy Doctor Yusuf! Why are you screaming here? The dentist is in the office, he is dealing with patients have you already done it? I went with the same great, see you The dentist is not at home Right I have time Hello? well well surely as you wish Who was? Who is calling you? I am talking to you What’s going on? Hello? I’m terribly sick no i can’t go today since yesterday something is wrong with me I have no strength to move I think you can hear my voice My voice is really wrong See you thanks Thank you or there is a towel with the Konya team, I’ll buy it

sir, this is a muğla team Muğla? After all, it has green and white colors, it’s the same. Let me give you Shows How many people reach in this towel? one person sir For single? … is bigger than me How long have you been here? it’s dusty give me one good, pretty father stay quiet close the door Come here come pack everything in the bag What is it? Now don’t ask, I’ll explain to you along the way save, save Quick! put it we go Please, that music really worked … we have 25% more milk than usual 25% … well? well well I’ll explain it to you: it’s like having 25% more cows truly? in that case great thanks to you great Don’t say that, we’ve been successful together Mrs. Nihal? good morning There are many people, I had a hard time finding you how are you? I’m fine and you? well well Dammit What is it supposed to be, a lounger? give me peace fix some more powerful lounger chill chill no problem But you’re sitting in the sun, you’ll burn Come on, I’m from Konya, the sun doesn’t burn so easily, I have special skin ok, but it’s better to rub it, it has a high factor – 50 Is this a cream? yes cream Blood and bone guys don’t use it, really What you want, but it really works let me sleep Today is good weather, the wind blows it’s very sunny the label very funny Very nice glasses, I hope they serve you Thank you You look like they are like mirrored glasses That I not only look at myself, that others see me in my glasses ah yes .. look at me in that case I look at you anyway I want Ayran .. maybe we could drink? let’s drink Hello son, bring us two ayran, add a lot of ice foreigners everywhere .. hello! Hi! I know English very well Yes, it is obvious, hawarju and so you are practicing the language I only know this language And you’ve been here a long time? yes a long time ago What is this? There is classical music, they did not say that it is now a café well it doesn’t matter Hey listen Now we will put these proteins in the cows, we will add them to the feed but what is it? is something Listen, this is for boys The dentist takes it, we give it to the cows, and they will become bulls and will not give milk give to me good dad Save a little, we can use it later Open me, because I only have one efficient hand

don’t be afraid come on come on ok open the next What is this? What is it that makes such great pills? Father Or maybe these are suppositories? It is impossible to make such large suppositories …? Maybe they break in half first? it doesn’t matter give them I think someone is coming, running quickly, collect all this Boys! Uncle Yusuf What are you doing here? who me? What am I doing here? that’s what you should know Uncle Yusuf What are you doing here? who? Me? What am I doing here? 1571 01: 39: 50,040 -> 00: 00: 00,000 that’s what you should know