Ehd e Wafa Episode 24 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 1 March 2020

What is the update Naveed? Sir Chaudry Waqar is denying it at the moment I think we will have to take a judicial remand from the magistrate, only then it will work Ok I will consult with others Has the medical report arrived? Sir it arrived yesterday evening Ok, try one more time, he might agree And if not then get the remand papers ready I will talk to the magistrate Ok sir Ok Good morning Such a late good morning I slept in the morning I was thinking about what you had said The matter is over when the night is over Trust me and talk to Masooma I can talk to her if you say so and I will fix everything My dear, our friend is in the hospital and we are fixing our love story Shall we handle this issue later? Love is not handled but kept up Stop giving me philosophical lectures Get ready, the car is going to pick Ramsha and then it will pick us Go! Here you go Hello! We are about to reach Trust me, my Father in law was weeping in front of me He was also apologizing Tell me what should I do? Should I carry on this issue or should I end it right here? Both of you know that Rani is emotional She pressurized you and got Waqar arrested for no reason I have not done anything under sister in law’s pressure It was my responsibility And it is my responsibility that I am standing by your side Try to understand Shahzain Waqar has tried to kill you He only tried to kill me…he has not killed me Rani! Now you try to understand my point If I don’t end this issue here then it will keep going through generations We will die but the rivalry between the Maliks and the Chaudrys will stay alive I don’t want to keep it alive Am I wrong? No, no, you are absolutely right But Waqar should be punished What other punishment would be greater than forgiving him? Listen please convince your sister in law so that this issue ends right here I want to focus on the next elections instead of going to the courts and police stations against my own family How could you be so sure that you will win the elections? Uncle Meher Deen is not letting Waqar stand in the elections as a compensation for this issue He will support me He has promised me and I trust his promise Focus on your recovery rather than the elections I will talk to the DPO and arrange a guard Please focus on getting better, alright

What have you done Father? You accepted Shahzain’s condition without even consulting me How could I take your advice…you were arrested? I tried to meet you but did not get the permission They would have got the remand in 24 hours and would have made you accept everything How would they have made me accept everything when I have done nothing? Shahzain is powerful right now…he can do everything When he can make me accept it then you are nothing You would have started talking when they would have beaten you up I know how capable you are…don’t make me say anything further Forget about this politics Save your honor and mine too Let him win the elections Welcome Congratulations Mr. Sheikh Who is doing this firing Mulazim Hussain? Junior Mr. Malik…Malik Shahzain is doing this Malik Shahzain was firing last night to celebrate his victory in the elections These are the empty bullet shells from his gun The way our channel was covering the elections this time, I was sure that we will win this time Your hard work did not let anyone come near JTV in the rating charts and all the credit for this success goes to our beloved Shariq Habib I just want to say that the credit of this success goes to everyone along with the tea boy It was not possible without you and your hard work I am very thankful to all of you for that Sir, a simple thank you is not enough I had thought of a ten days bonus for you people but now looking at your innocent faces I want to announce a two months bonus Wait, wait, there is another announcement too Rasmsha Zafar is going to be Ramsha Shariq in the coming days and this channel is going to bare all the wedding expenses Greetings Gulzar brother, I am sorry I was in the ward…just saw your missed calls Is everything ok? Yes, everything is ok, I just wanted to know about your well being Did you talk to Saad? Yes, I talked to Saad last night and he is absolutely fine Thank God I could not talk to him since two days The line does not get connected Tell him to call me if you talk to him Ok I will trace him and if you there is any issue or you need anything then let me know I am right here Yes brother, I will tell you for sure…thank you Is Mother ok? Yes, Mother is fine Ok then take care of yourself and go home I am leaving in a while Ok, may God protect you Mother I am home Bashir brother, Bashir brother Yes madam Was someone here? Yes madam, Mr. Gulzar was here Why? Mr. Saad had sent something for your birthday, he came to drop that Ok…did he meet Mother? No, she was sleeping then Did he go into my room?

Yes, to put the stuff If anyone comes here in my absence, whether he is Mr. Saad’s friend or my relative, tell them clearly that madam has not allowed and they can come when I am here…ok? Ok madam You may leave What kind of a joke is this? How can someone go into someone’s bed room like this? Happy birthday! I have just got one day leave It is up to you…do you want to waste time crying or shall we cut the cake? Greetings sir Greetings, come in Mr. Naveed Sir, the bullets that we found from the crime scene and the bullet shells collected from Malik Shahzain’s camp which he fired to celebrate, they have been fired from the same weapon, and it is Malik Shahzain’s weapon Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dua, happy birthday to you The cake looks good By the way you and Gulzar brother have made a pretty good fool out of me I will do the same with you if I am alive I would have been caught if I would have called you I asked Gulzar to do this to track you and tell me And what about Bashir brother? You have made him lie too Tell me how is your job going? What is the routine? I am more interested in your routine at the moment Tell me what is the situation there? Did you miss me? A lot Why don’t you come back then? I have come You have done so well coming back Is a single day enough? Listen to me carefully…I will not let you go before tomorrow evening What are you talking about…I have to go back by ten tonight What do you mean? Will you not stay for the night? No, I have to go back today Dua! I was just saying good bye to Mother…I don’t want her to come to the gate I will be there in ten to fifteen minutes No problem, take your time, I am free Ok bye I shall leave now Gulzar is waiting, I will meet him and then leave I have left your gift on the table What is the gift? A few letters, I used to write something for you when I had time and used to miss you It is not much, just a few You will get all the replies to your letters on your birthday I am not in a hurry

But I am I will read all the letters today No, one letter daily…and listen to my instructions again Don’t go for grocery alone Daily walk with Zoro…these seven months are very crucial for you and who is your doctor? You are forgetting while giving all these advices that your wife is also a doctor and I know more than you at least I know that you know but you don’t act upon it But I am sure that you will do it because I have said so Can I go? When will you come back? One more thing…take care of your diet very much and… When will you come back? Forget about it Are you getting what I am saying? Take care of yourself I know that you will ask me when I am leaving that when will I come back? I don’t have an answer to this question Take care of the one who is about to come even if I don’t come Do you remember what I told you? There is nothing forever in this world, especially for an Army Officer So I cannot give false hopes to myself or to anyone else I just want to say that you will stay here till I am alive, take care of yourself for yourself, for me and for the one who is coming It is very difficult for me to stay away from you and my house but me and millions of Saads like me stay on the borders so that Duas like you can sleep peacefully in their houses Now wipe your tears, open the envelope and see your gift and smile, come on Sheheryar! Is everything ok?

Why did you call me here? What happened? Why are you looking at me like that buddy, tell me what happened? I was being used, what else? Friendship, love, trust; all of it was used, what else? You could have won the elections through any other means Shahzain What was the need of doing all this? I do not understand what are you saying? I am just trying to understand why are you lecturing me? Tell me what have I done? You have done this The shells that were found here and the shells that were found at your camp, were from the same pistol From your pistol This is a big allegation This is not an allegation, this is the truth What are you trying to say? I found gathered all the evidence What has happened to you? You were a good man You were blunt but a clean hearted man You were stubborn but not a hypocrite You were naughty but you were not a devil I do not understand from where did you get this evilness from? Where have you buried our Shahzain from Lawrence College? Which grave of lies have you made him sleep in? And the sad part is that you have made your friends put the dirt on your grave Me, Shariq, you have used all your close friends Do you even realize what a big blunder you have made? You have exposed yourself because of your over smartness I thought all this is the truth but when you mentioned forgiving Waqar and he announced that he is stepping back from elections in your favor; I had a doubt that all this is a drama I have always considered Shahzain as my brother more than my friend And I think my brother is going wrong and I need your help Naveed to fix this I will do as you say sir It is out of my jurisdiction to give you any orders so I am asking you for a favor I am always there for your sir Thank you I think Shahzain was not attacked Sir you think, I am sure about it that he was not attacked A person who has survived a gunshot remains in a trauma for a week sir and your friend was reporting and patching up within 24 hours What can we do now? we can do nothing if the parties patch up on their own Who will challenge the case when the case has not even reached the court? I just want to know, how did he plan all this? You have to wait for that sir Mr. Shahzain will make a mistake which will disclose the whole story I thought of telling about all this to you instead of keeping it in my heart The purpose of telling you all this, is not to embarrass you; but to make you realize the mistake you have made You might try to look for Shahzain, whom you have lost somewhere I am sure you will find him Neither did I tell Shariq or Saad about all this, nor will I ever tell them

I do not want to disclose your secrets and get ashamed of myself nor do I want to embarrass you in front of everyone else Sheheryar Forgive you? I forgive you Once you said that there is no bigger punishment then forgiving someone What is the matter son? Nothing Nothing You will tell me eventually, so quickly tell me now…then both of us can peacefully watch Saima’s film together What kind of a man I am Grand Father? Good or bad? Am I a human or a devil? Son should I tell the truth or lie? Absolute truth Son my experience says that a man is neither good nor bad All of us have a human and a devil inside us and we tend to be like the one who we get closer to It does not mean that I am an angel but I always kept the devil inside me within his limits You have become good friends with the devil since the past few days… And he forced you to do things which we did not expect from you What kind of things? Recall them yourself son He is not a human, to whom others have to remind him about his bad deeds A person is himself the judge of good or bad I was sitting here and watching Saima’s film and you came here and led me to preach And I am giving you a lecture on the philosophy of good and bad as if I have spent my youth listening to the preachings of Pir Mustaqeem Shah Let me tell you something dear… I have also played a role in your bad deeds I have spoiled you a lot, I have spoiled you a lot Grandfather I was not attacked

I wanted to pressurize Waqar that is why I took his name I have betrayed all of you You, Rani, my family, even my friends I won this election because I cheated You shameless! You cheated your own people Nobody does this even to their enemies How will I face everyone? How will I face everyone? How will I face Chaudry Meherdeen? Grand Father I want to step back from my seat The quota for my lies has reached its limit I am left with nothing other than the truth I do not want to feed the devil inside me anymore I want to quit politics before all my loved ones leave me Waqar can deal with this election Waqar can deal with this election As if he is a pilgrim He is the champion of shameless people It is better that you stay on to your seat Ask for forgiveness from God And work for the people who have voted for you with love and shown sympathy for you … Do not break their trust The left over trust that the people have on the politicians will break up Think once more, if you can work for the people of God than stay on your seat Ask for forgiveness from God and fulfill the promises that you made with the public My friends, elders, brothers I have called you here today because I want to confess something First of all I am thankful to you because you made me win the elections one more time whereas, whereas neither I had the courage to win the election campaign nor I could face all of you

I just want to say that I know I have disappointed you all The dreams that I portrayed in the previous elections, the promises that I did with you all, I did not fulfill those But from today I will try my level best that I will not think about myself Rather I will think about you all I will focus on the problems of this area I promise you all today that if I felt that I am not of any use for you, I will resign and I will leave this seat And today I am announcing that from now on I will be in Islamabad for 3 days and I will be among you people for 4 days