How To Paint A Ceiling – How to paint a ceiling using a roller.

now how to roll or ceiling speed of a demo hey do a ceiling normally if you’re doing final coats etc actually have it all cut in first but this is just a sealer coat we’re putting on and I’ll go through and cutting our frog do the sealer so when you’re starting a ceiling always start just away from the edge say half the bottle width go back but don’t go all the way back then work the paint out slowly then go back in and then slowly walk the plank back in towards the wall this way you won’t get any thick bits against the wall any thick edges of paint it’s hard to spread the paint out once you’ve got a thick section there see it roll back over it and lay it out so now next dip we sort of do the same start just away from where you finished off spit it out a bit come back and go up and then spit it back into where you’ve just done if you’re still got paint on there just spread it out a bit further don’t try to force too much playing heavier roll and then go back and write it off again maybe salvation rolled back into what I’ve just done with all painting you should always go back into whatever you’ve just finished okay mix tips of sign I’ll start aside what I hear a bit now once again I’ll fly it off okay give a roll mark so get a little better now for your next hip start back where I first started this will be starting to dry off so you want to try to keep get back to this before actually dries so do not go on where you come back to here and if you do you have a light fitting you can go around on slide and do it before you get all back over a big noticed we’ve gotta roll back into order you’ve just done so it’s the basics of it so you just keep on work along the ceiling that way until you’ve completed it