How To Replace Threaded On Bathtub Spouts

Gator placed in a tub spout today get idea to wrap some tape around the jaws to protect the finish of your new one read it in tubs up slightly trick because there’s not much room that the NFL one don’t care about too much you can turn it out you can see big ol giant hole in it don’t get the extension with it it’s good take that out okay I was able to get the old boss the deal off there so just going to be wrapping some teflon tape around this buddy going to be going with the threads here so it turns in is tighten it in that way the teflon tape doesn’t come come off as we tighten it on and just skip in the first one or two threads and same on the other side I’m going to go with the threads started here there we go beautiful now reach inside there and just kind of pull any little bit of debris out of there and then I insert insert I can’t really see in here much but that’s okay they’re nice and tight take it down here with my channel locks okay and before I get too far there I’ll go ahead and prove it just turn the water I’m just going to turn it on gently and then feel inside there won’t really be able to see much but will be able to feel it if it’s anything funky squirt out of there there we go open the water line just a little bit we’re looking looking dry there everything’s good go ahead and put the toast about on now for the tub spout most of it we’re just going to be turning on by hand the last little bit if we need to we’ll use our channel locks for the very last turn we probably really wanted to need to one more turn around okay okay we would so just going to kind of protect the the head and wrap our jaw with jaws with tape here but yeah a little bit more there we go look selecting you to come back the other way just tiny bit and I’ll prove it out

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