Prime Minister’s XI v England match from Canberra, Australia

Prime Minister XI This how he drives throw the covers But that’s a boundary and that is 34 runs from Australia’s number one spinner And the world’s number one off spinner at the moment Magnificent batting boy Willie he’s raced to 60 what a delight to play here looking down to the English dugout And they are applauding they are smiling, and they can’t believe it Well none for 83 after six hours in the power plays finally over and these peers are living to be saying Thank God for that man It’s unbelievable hitting but if you just hear the crowd after That last delivery when or Willie all he managed to do was lace it through the covers before they thought that something special was on as you called a Gary Sobers, but gee How does that might give us some insight into um? You know I guess at the top level lion is a short-form ball and I don’t want to suggest that a 34 run over is something that’s going to happen every day, but Clearly probably playing against international cricket has bit different to the big bash, and maybe this sort of sort of warm cricket They like to get after him. He’s mixed reps in these Lakes minutes Yes, he didn’t get to bat And he did have that tour of India, which surprised a few People I remember doing you need interviewed on another radio So still worked out last year Matt with the great Ashley mallet. He would have picked mitts whips and well before going to Indy yet Still very young as it’s cut past coverage DeSanto who? Made a bit of a meal of that and then Bates Shawn evident. Deep cover another boundary that runs just keep coming They’re bleeding the PM’s 11 none 487 and vets who I thought was battered as well as Well, he’s been left in his wake. He’s on 26 as one extra will he’s made 60 after that 34 run blitzkrieg off the previous Nathan Lyon over yeah and just a quick comment on the field as well I think they’ve got it right now They had five on the leg side and strips and bowling outside off stop spinning in a way, so they’ve made an adjustment And he’s gotta waking up a second bowl Vince on the backfoot gets fouled a quicker one Let’s get it on a little bit and maybe There’s some hope for the PM’s or live in Vince’s attractive innings. He didn’t get always attractive as we say met that often two shorties out for twenty six he does get out in the 20s a bit doesn’t he but Don’t think we can knock him too much. There’s been some fine. Hitting shrimpson to wrong and as well Fired in Not sure enough to cut not the right line to cut and he’s clean him up top a leg stump It’s a good reward for the legs videos show. It’s a good 20 24 in recent times He’s gonna have his work cut out now because he’s going to be bowling – to left-handers towered Milan in at number three Does that sly them down a bit Doesn’t need a slow Willie down does it well. I don’t think it’ll Curtail the intent whether or not the execution is there’s another thing But certainly the England short form man trope is to keep going and why not They need 50 of 82 balls. Oh They might just scrape there if their bat the innings just by the overs maybe was impressed with Milan That hundred and Perth was an excellent innings He probably would have got some runs in Melbourne Turkey Adams Crs detail boy where he clearly hit not carefully didn’t view that Going back to that unique because he was also on the wrong end of a few of the old umpires call as well So he was see if you run into DRS. He did not many in his favor a good series, though And this is short by Schweppes n’ pulled along the ground to avert by milan And he’s off the mark. He can just play the shooting Corral He can settle in knowing that the man on strike now. It’s just taken 34 off, Nathan line It’s coming off a year where we took more than 50 Test wickets for each country And is on the verge of 300 test wickets Will he pulls in the air for a long time, that’s safe and to have it It’s good first over from successful one Did well he’s seen as a future Australian player taking on the Indian tour as a speculative Picard a lot of ways, but and Didn’t get a lot of action

wasn’t expected to get a lot of action, but I Think he’s time will come Just have a look at some of these sixes Milan over Willie I should say over the offside Oh, that is a big hit that’s bigger than we thought isn’t that? Even that’s almost a Miss yet in terms of the timing, but he’s just so strong And then we see Schweppes in Roman top of leg something Vince departs couldn’t match the fates of his partner Both well into the grandstand To have David Willie’s sixes First one just cleared didn’t at the right down the ground was beautiful. He died and Then he just found all parts of the ground Even the boundary it was a beautiful shot as well So Faulkner back on will be seeing a lot of the slow vaults will be driving through the covers that might have been in the air for a little bit by the cries from the Australians Nathan line was there in close I think if he had have caught that might have taken his hand with him might have been in the air for Just a little bit Patel was hit hard again 65 – David Willie he’s a good fielder, Nathan Lyon, but gee that would have been some catch It sees well He’s fielding in close not trying to save runs looking for wickets nearly came off one finale one in the ice full toss Angled on leg stuffing will he whips behind square? He’s seeing them. I said earlier like a basketball like a medicine ball down that sure is been an amazing innings Of 28 230 2.14 is the strike rate What’s the career strike rate for David willing he’s at the top of the order as a pinch hitter his name. He’s he’s not letting anyone down Well it needs t20 internationals 142 point one seven short by fork nap picking it gathers Millar, and it’ll be touch and go and It’s go for the Australians. Good piece of feeling in the day Almost got away from Hughes, but he managed to dive across a couple of meters inside on the onside Millian just doing his job He’s got three It looks like I might be in Italy nice this beautiful Canberra night And this Straley can get a whole lot of wickets in a short space of time thought There’s a man able to do that the slow one but Milan reads it well behind square for one and they’ll get to G There was wonderful soft hands. I thought that the way. He just took what pace was on the ball Which wasn’t a lot just dropped the by and square knew there were gaps everywhere and Santo it was about 13 meters away On that on side he had to go by 1 square and fetch that and there was always two so well play David Malan Yeah, he’s just sitting on the back foot at the moment – Faulkner. He knows what’s coming mid offs up in the ring There’s too many on the hook shot, so he knows that thought was just digging them in He gets a short one and That’s top ball, but good bowling but Milano’s it he can let that go so much time left Nice bit of short ball there was bending its back So good second over I Didn’t think it quite got that high, but I’ll bury your better eyesight and younger age Matt Taylor Well, I’m just used to looking over to log on to see the balls Can 10 picking, but yeah that one’s I’ve gone out of the ground Milan Willie again, it’s the same My apologies see the replay here. That’s right into the arc. You’re right that is gone

Yeah, that’s No, no, no not quite. It’s into the grandstand, but yeah still a big hit modeling the biggest of a lot being signed on and With the grandstand covering is here We weren’t sure how far those two on the on side when is he just misses this one And it’s not taking clearly either by Neville Again, we’re looking to swing that that’s called a wide Well there were those two that he whacks Through the cover region when he was batting at the other end and out massive hits to work over I think that might have been the biggest of a lot also over to cover at the southern end So one for 105 now Milan’s on strike after they got a run the by just the second each guy And doing the right thing just flicking it around it’s all yours Dive at he say well certainly is it’s a Selfless plate from the light getting Willy back on strike the crowds loving his striking you already know the man of the match He took three wickets. I thought thoughts involved fearfully, but this innings and it was a shorter flatter one and he got tangled up then For one of the very few times in his innings See that look on his face he had that one lined up as well got inside it to see the replay Schweppes and don’t miss short. He was already standing outside off stump And now he swings long and high again he might be caught now And it got through the filter in the date and goes to the boundary for four Funny snap not long off while the ball was being retrieved at laughs the original ball, which was lost from Willie’s 6 was actually thrown onto the field but This is short and Again, he swings, but only connects with the bottom part of the bat He’s having a go at everything here is he getting a bit too excited You see me going to win comfortably 1 412 and the 9th You never know who’s left early day 25 to win and in each 23:3 century, it’s sort of an exhibition match I’m wonder if Tell you that theory it is second, that’s a good place of fielding by Nathan line that’s my line flicked it on the on so I thought it was past the P.m.. 11:00 Well, maybe like its part, and he just stuck a hand out and said not so fast David stay where you are Well fantastic fielding, but maybe he just wanted to have it really on strike next over as well is enjoying the spectacle maybe is Well Sanders going to come back in for each third over And the 10th over the innings Powerful hitting is that what is, but there’s a lot of bowling into the areas that? Willie wants it he’s really looking to Club in that sort of mid off to cow corner region and he’s getting a lot of length deliveries that he can freeze arms through so I wonder if Might see a bit of off pace stuff perhaps from standard Why do they off start And another extract Well he’s a certainty Willy is need of eat You’d probably have to plant at the top of the order wouldn t particularly for the first match Well a tough call to justify dropping him down after what he’s shown here And he swings the next one he took the pace off it a bit played with a shot and Again rolled the wrists well to make sure that he didn’t hit it too hard and be caught in a date, which he wasn’t Unbelievable timing he’s sitting there waiting on a slow ball and just middling it It’s a man of deep midwicket It’s been an impressive display from David really 78 not out from 34 deliveries And the line now gets a short one from sander and he advanced and he again it allows at the pass he’s told That’s your one short one by the Empire as it whistles past him

Well Bob I see a new though, it’s against Orem coming It’s been impressive tonight Sandu perhaps overall the Pick of the pm’s 11 plays Square drive find the line for a couple again just a bit short Yes, it doesn’t mean a great performance by the Pima levenshtein I mean a lot of them applied together because there’s a lot of New South Wales went in the time, but they haven’t really gelled ever I Know it’s I Suppose. It’s when you hit with an onslaught like this Doesn’t matter Who you are or who your teammates our and applies in the mood the David will is in can just be hard to contain? This time is swinging a mess by Milan it was a good piece of bowling a quicker delivery by Sando Falling to Willie now who is trying to have a crack at everything And that miss The blade not many have missed the blade tonight He had the head in the air, and he was down on one knee then as we look at the replay Thinking all I don’t think it was far away from hitting that Tony it felt like meeting the stumps That’s a short one, and that’s the second one for the either so that’s a wide Well said it was told he bowled ease one to the over And as it turns out because that was overhead height. It was the second over Shoulder height ball of the ova. It’s actually no ball, so we’re gonna see a free hit We are for Darwin Milan is on strike is my get him going. He’s looking a little bit rusty We haven’t seen him since the Test series if something to say David Malan not Willy before will he’s 15 Milan? 29 have a pretty wide that so considering that summer he’s that They’ve got Milan and This time in the air through the infield to the boundary for for Short and wide from sand oak and the lion. Helps it on its way He’s in pretty good form to David Malan he’s 12 Yeah, well that’s it’s the lucky break he needed Standing probably the right idea knowing that Milan was gonna look to hit to the leg but in the end, it’s just a Probably not quite as well executed as you’d hoped one for one to one sander to Milan it flicks Behind square, and there are plenty of gaps there for just one So for they needed now 10 overs left, so it’s just over one and over It’s a doddle. He’s not going to get he century but I’d only think the crowd will ever forget that Nathan Lyon over the 6th over the innings 20 at 34 6 6 6 6 bigger 6 and for the crowd weren’t happy Was a big statement against the bowl who dominated them throughout the test series Willie’s That’s Willie’s first crack at line for the summer. I really don’t think they played against each other in the Big Bash League I don’t think Nathan mind No, he wasn’t playing for the Sixers when they fight against the scorches That’s cutaway again Find my learner’s of the lion’s share the strife is just doing his job as neat The occasional boundary if the pause there that hit you can’t help it either boundary But he’s trying to give will leave the strike as much as possible For de needed now from fifty nine balls so Schweppes. N’t hasn’t done too badly got the only wicket at Vince 426 and This is dragged away by Willie didn’t connect Superbly then but another run on the border yeah, where this situation as exciting as it is to watch isn’t really beneficial for England is for player like Sam Billings who’s Not had a competitive hit yet for England this summer and now he’s probably not going to get the chance to stake his claim for t20 selection in the Tri series a Lion on the back foot Good footwork, so I’ve noticed that was an area having watched the test series Against the West Indies and against South Africa that That led him down if it didn’t revert a ball an absolute pitch to him got him lb or bowled him Chiefly in his first Test match what you do about that but footwork seems to be a lot better

Maybe that we gets out here sooty more bit like they meant to suit bits Squeezes this one away And this has been a nice little busy innings by David Millar not Doing any harm to his prospects of being considered for the try series England’s first match on Wednesday in Hobart The first taste of international cricket now will he goes along with hi, but he should be caught ever takes the And the cat’s just inside the boundary three meters inside the boundary deep midwicket just didn’t quite have enough on it, but an Outstanding innings by David Willy comes to an end he’s made 79 of thirty five deliveries maybe not getting the strike in the last couple of hours or so he got a bit impatient, but he’ll ever forget the 34 from the 6th over the innings off Nathan line and The crowd will rise as wine and congratulate a great earnings a fuel so it took three wickets with the bat Yes superb innings from David really even threatened to have a big breakout knock like this during the big bash Didn’t get too much of a go in the one day try series But certainly tonight Staked his claim for a position at the top of the order for England. He bats. He bowls he fields well, although he did drop a catch, but will forgive him that because 79 tonight Six fours and six sixes in that and he’s made the task pretty easy for his captain Alan Morgan Who’s come to the crease at number four? with just ten runs required for victory So Schweppes in to Morgan And he manages to get a little bit bad on that very reverse swipe straightaways a very very Constructive player as neat Innovative player very imaginative when it comes to this form of the game played a few test matches Were English and Irish international? Yeah, I was just gonna say with that hockey background that Morgan’s got or hockey’s Right-handed no left-handed hockey place now. Why not the reverse sweep such a natural shop for him sort of that I suppose that natural hockey strike a Lot of cricketers that applied hockey and vice-versa heavenly out of these We might even get a reverse sweep away, but there’s eight thousand seven hundred and seventy eight people in the ground Tonight at moniker over which is a fantastic effort great turnout by the locals Few imports as well such as you and ident here to enjoy the action. Yeah, what are you an import? 21 minute flight or something Mama’s 40 from Melbourne Right almost in a little bit closer to Sydney of course Canberra. This is flicked off the hip dug that in didn’t eat It he does generate some pace You mentioned the flights qf 1515 took off 40 minutes behind schedule and landed 20 minutes behind schedule so amazing you can do the maths there that was It’s called at our window Shaw never might need a tailwind here He’s 2 for 129 And the line on strike on 17 looks to swing a short one which was down the leg side But probably not down the leg side enough Maybe the umpires deeming that he had a chance to get connection on that let’s look at the replay here now It’s down the offside. Well. We saw it on there that looked down the leg side for mine. Yeah It was a bit of it. It’s it. It’s an awkward angle here. Just the line of something like a pool shot Play the pull from everywhere from side on Pushing to the offside And I thought thought Just knowing just delaying the inevitable here Yomel and love sake he needs the he doubted see he’s not Playing too many false strokes, but certainly perhaps hasn’t quite fine found the fluency in the time It is had a few weeks to sit and think about it while Some of the others have been doing the work in the one-day series It’s a good shot against straying on leg Stalin that’s been an issue that is affected the PM 11 spoilers for mine tonight

That they’ve straight on leaks dumped a little bit of an iron the English That’s men have managed to find a way if they haven’t been swinging through the ball life David Willie but Vince got a lot of balls on Lake stun at the start of his innings to get him going In he’s busy 26 and the Lance down the side in making nineteen Evert again falls to it, and he attempts to pull the next one which lands in for 23 fielders and They’re eight meters Past the stamps That was a ball that got onto him as we look at the replay a bit quicker Then he thought and he top edged it Luckily fear and mez has been the case for England tonight They’re picking gaps three field was converging, but there are fair way away from it in the end They didn’t run and it seeks to win. He goes down the wicket and punches the next one into the deep to Sando He’s getting most of the strike at the moment oh That’s just about sums up this bowling innings for the PM’s 11, Abbott Completely deceives mile and with a shorter ball, but somehow it just drops between three fielders And he survives there’s another day nineteen not out now No coverage on the Cricket Australia website or the PM’s eleven against England on Tom au and Facebook Great pleasure to be here Dan Lonnie gonna met Tyler Five needed Schweppes and has been good got both wickets slipped away by Milan To 425 and he’s four or five, Oh he’d be happy with that Deliveries to David Willie when he was in full flight just four required though from 47 to win Yes this the 13th over two short flat one that Morgan didn’t put away In an even slower one if possible from the league spinner but Morgan saw it coming, but again wasn’t able to pierce the field Now he drives the next one is he going to plate the field not quite. It’s an excellent piece of fielding outlet take It’s a substitute it is It’s Blake McDonald from the acct is the substitute the local boy That’s a great piece of fielding by McDonald sprinting around It was driven hard through the outside at the corner And he had to make a bit of movement from long on and he dived hard Kept the ball in play didn’t hit the right did everything right? – for 135 Milan 21 Everyone’s up to Dean Morgan for the horses pulp that I think they met Swift since in full toss Morgan guys over the top and down the ground end of the boundary for four and entertaining PM’s 11 for 2018 Finishes England get an excellent victory, and that is a nice tune up for the Tri nation series Which starts tomorrow in Sydney between Australia and New Zealand England get their first crack at it down at Belle Reve Hobart’s first international match of the summer when they take on Australia on Wednesday, and then they’ve got another match at the MCG on Saturday so well played by England Comfortable when they do it in the 13th over – for once 3:9 the highlight of course the Magnificent innings by David Willy 1779 of 35 and a highlight in the final over the power play Nathan Lyon bowling he’s second over a six down the ground a Six which went over kau corner and then two sixes which went over one? Right into the grandstand. Let’s leave the grandstand and then another six through midwicket, which hit the picket fence on the fall And then we were hoping for a Gary sabers and the crowd boudin because all we could do was slide a boundary But that was the highlight of an outstanding innings by david willie of 79 and let’s look at the scorecard well Vince may 26 But pretty good before Schweppes and bowled him and of course Matt was spoken about Willie 79 off

35 and a strike Raiders 219 point 44 yeah unbelievable Really clean striking all around the ground He loved that are sorta from law for deep cover around to midweek and he really was just in full flight Six sixes six fours and that not Milan 21 from 22 it was good bet Luke to enjoy his time with the crease and Alan Morgan came in and finished it off with a boundary so England a comprehensive victory by 8 wickets with 45 balls to spare 44 should say absolutely no trouble in chasing down what we said might have been a below par score But we couldn’t have imagined. They would get there as quickly And it’s looking at the bowlers, and it’s a sorry sight for the CA 11 Marina sander was probably better than none 427 suggests, Nathan Lyon It’s almost bad to be nuts too hard to beat number 43 from too bad, but that’s what his biggest suggested change sport but not for 20 Shawn Abbott number six and a Miss webson It was the highlight with the ball to 433 take a look at some of the big moments that happened throughout The innings because there were plenty of them and even in Just twelve point four overs James Vince hit the first six just ingor InnoCentive blastboard But first over over backwards square. Thank you very much Sydney thunder teammates bragging rights there David really is when he got going hit down the ground in the second over his first boundary And then he really started to take the larger physical piece of building in the field by Shawn Abbott who drugs the cats well But he was just Hades momentum taking him over the boundary +5 to the fielding team you could say But it was about the only area David really missed out Dan because here’s when he went to be outstanding That was a massive massive hit over the scoreboard and then he just used the fight the first of two sixes over to cover into the grandstand and We thought that was big and This was bigger He really stepped the wire just clobbered that and Then Vince got fouled by a quicker one from Schweppes in there as we said both very tired Lille, dude There’s that wicked again another 20 yard by Giants Vince Got 26 and Then cut away for more boundaries. They took the gaps well England Press they would swept sit Willie its high and long but straight down the throat of Abbott took the catch at deep midwicket after an outstanding innings of 79 of 35 and Took three wickets as well And then a four toss and Morgan puts it away to the boundary for four so good win by England Great evenings entertainment that enjoyed every single minute of it Yeah wonderful occasion the Prime Minister’s 11 fixture each year 2020 this year and we’re ready to go down to the boundary We’ve got Pete laser down there. Who is with our man of the match and with the captains for the presentation Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the official presentation from our prime ministers 11 t20 game first off We’ll speak to the captain of the prime minister’s 11, Nathan Lyon Know that it’s probably fair to say didn’t quite go according to plan No, and I definitely didn’t but I’m very thankful that Dave really didn’t find the ashes That’s for sure, but now I create to England. They’re a class Island yeah, they’re Couple of positives I suppose Pete Hanscom with the bat was good Mitch strips, and I thought ball quite well But it’s hard to take too many positive out the game. We’re completely dominated with both threatened ball Was good doing a lot of good from an Australian point of view looking at the English dynamic of a t20 And how they go about it, what going forward? We’ll be there the keys for Australian success over the next week or so So it’s gonna be hard for the Australian side, but my supports right behind those boys so yeah Are we watching with interest couple of overs are side and the result of side? Did you still enjoy the experience of playing with the boys and playing here for the prime ministers on? My new arrival is fantastic, but yeah and credit go has to go to England. Thanks, man. Thanks for joining Nathan Lyon ladies and gentlemen the captain of the prime minister’s 11, we move now to our presentation and in our presentation party it’s my pleasure to welcome the Honorable Angus Mateo MP Minister for law enforcement and Cyber security to present the gift of play of the match on behalf of the Prime Minister joining Honorable Angus Taylor is the deputy chairman of the mentees foundation dr.?

John Stoker to present the play of the match Which is the mentees Foundation medallion probably, not a huge surprise to our player of the matches today for 3 for 32 and 79 from 36 delivery’s ladies and gentlemen David Willy So congratulations, that’s is some sort of heating yeah So with a couple of guys More than just the old couple we had five sixes in a row and the boys are up off the bench I know you’re flying to Hobart soon. I didn’t know you having to fly tonight. That was an amazing Yeah, it was one of them things you know spinner came on I just thought I’d have a dip I came to the powerplay and cold of a couple So I thought why not you know as I say it was just an opportunity for me It’s off the order and I had nothing to lose really it’s not often you get booed for heating a boundary off the last ball of the But that’s exactly whatever with the crowd and the teammates as well They couldn’t quite believe that we had five sixes, and we were looking for that magical six from six Yeah, it’d have been nice I thought we might have tossed one up actually – so give me a chance, but I’m not a probably run past there anyway So I know it makes a change to be able to hit boundary in England only I’m scratching around at the end, so The betting aside which was a wonderful innings from a couple of you of course, but with the ball Those are really good all-around effort to restrict the promises living a talented 11 to a score of a hundred and thirty six Yeah, definitely a thing that I’d sprayed well We talked about coming out in these games and hitting the ground running And you know gets tests starting off on the right foot so I think tonight’s been a great start for us And hopefully we can take some good form into the try series look forward to seeing you in Hobart and great batting tonight Yes, thank you. David really ladies and gentlemen big round of applause and amazing innings From the opener and of course that’s in addition to the three wickets as well We now call on the victorious captain to say a few words oh and Morgan When we chatted at the start of the toss of the coin you elected to bowl first I thought you did everything right with the ball the fielding was fantastic and then that was just an awesome performance of the bat Yeah, nice turnout I thought all of our bowlers did a really good job today, and the weight of the load was spread quite well and everybody put a hand up so again a nice total to chase and what was a Magnificent wicked as all the grounds went again did a great job Like to say thanks again to Nathan Islands team and obviously to Prime Minister for inviting us to play this game I hope we raised as much money as everybody’s hoped and you know it all goes to a good cause we always talk about momentum in cricket and Seems that the momentum seems to be with you at the moment with bat with ball in the field and and that’s something that you Can take forward over the next week or two in a really important process? Yeah, it’s not something that we take for granted Confidence isn’t something that comes quite easily It comes a lot with along with a lot of hard work, and we’ve put in a lot of hard work So it’s a joy enjoy as much quickly as we can We’ve said one of those games where we spoke about about having a bit of fun as well as coming up a really good cause And more importantly making sure you’ve got that going forward with the T 20s and the smiles on the faces Everywhere on the England bitch. Yeah, I think everybody’s delighted with the turnout I hope we entertain as well as much as we could have and again. We’re proud of our performance today Well there was almost 9,000 people here today And I’ll now ask John stop it to present you with the Sir Robert Menzies trophy for the winner of the prime minister lemon game here ladies and gentlemen Tara Morgan and the English cricket side a big round of applause congratulations And thank you for being part of our wonderful game here the Prime Minister lemon game here at Monaco Thanks to Pete laser and do these trophies that they find that they’re great out there It’s a great trophy unit sir terrific cause of the dog Morgan spoke, beautifully David Willy bit understated wasn’t er well Just got hold of a few and a few came out of the middle, and I had nothing to lose nothing to lose and he was there to entertain the crowd, and they can’t possibly leave him out of the match in Hobart now, but Obviously England have got some headache some good hit eggs if you can have a good headache in regard to the selection of their side for the first of these T20 matches at which they play on Wednesdays trying to play their first against, New Zealand tomorrow and Sydney Well if you look down the list of the players that didn’t even make the side tonight Liam Plunkett Chris, Jordan Alex How’s Jason Roy? They’d all have to be willing to play? Yeah, Jake ball as well as a late inclusion into the squatters injury covenant Yeah, you’d have to be going close as well to playing so certainly some decisions for England But that’s definitely a good position for them to be in their short form sides are firing And I think once again probably in shorter form cricket when the Heat’s on an Australian side probably not quite having the answers But certainly a good experience for the prime minister’s 11 nonetheless I mean there’s still plenty of time the form of the worldcat in regard to one day cricket to get a ride in Regard to t20 cricket. There’s a World Cup coming up to On I’ve never been a great fan of international t20 cricket, but we’ll see how the Tri Series goes this is something It’s a bit different, and this is an opportunity for

the Australian players it’s not the number one team, but the players that are applying to get their teeth into playing a reasonably lengthy tournament in t20 cricket But they just don’t have a great record out to do that and it’s a major concern Considering a lot of players play it in the Indian Premier League And of course play the big batch every year now And you can only hope that players like Darcy short who have been picked on C 2020 specific players and go out and Almost justify those selections and ensure that Australia No continues to pick the best players that are specific to the format and not just have a general best eleven So good win by England They get ready of course to go to Hobart and as Peter laser said they’re going to Hobart a night direct flight from Canberra So good luck to them and the tri-series good luck to Australia and New Zealand Plenty more cricket still to come of course on the cricket network on Cricket Australia cricket contiune you and Facebook good to have you He’s an art mate great working with you how to get that opportunity again, my name’s, Stan, Lonnegan We’ve really enjoyed bringing the PM’s eleven to you enjoy the rest of your evening You You You you