Qiyam PART 2

what is it with Muslims of microphones man can’t you forget the microphone right soo Lee Haru Hara he’ll hamdulillah he Robillard I mean hamden catherine parr even a moroccan fee well there are a masala wati wati wati Shalini Alan Davey Sharif or other Eddie he was happy edge marine allahumma solli was under Mubarak I Sydney Mohammed wada ed Mohammed camera son later becoming a bad actor alle alle ibrahim whaddaya mean in navy new majeed assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh so welcome to the late night show so inshallah i’m here just to briefly give a short talk i guess the topic has been upon the importance of prayer of Salah and i was reading this evening actually from one of my favorite brother map is Mohamed Atta’s re who just knows out of oz Ali one of the great thinkers in our religion probably actually one of the most intelligent human beings that ever lived and despite having only lived about 50 years produced an incredible legacy of work mammoth azadi he’s probably most famous desire his probably most famous work is the yeah aluma Dean but was actually for many years a i ii and fulla T and actually his work al mustafa is still one of the major major enduring works of Awesome thick I know that’s probably boring and it doesn’t really interest anybody but myself but I thought I would just put that out there but America’s Ally in his area I luma Dean in one of his cut up one of his books that he talks about heatable Salah in the book of Salah in the book of prayer he outlines for notable qualities of Prayer to think and to consider and he said for in the salata amended my semolina well so do karate well vote Russell diet and we’ll talk about what those mean so the first he says for in the salata that verily Salah or truthfully saw is are you mad at Dean & are you mad anybody speak a little bit of Arabic here what’s in there a med f1 a base ok base a pillar a foundation it can mean those things well I’m a visual thinker so I have a background and you know photography and a few other things so I like to think visually so the Arabs used to also use the word he mad because you know the Bedu lifestyle that atoms would travel around in the desert and they would pitch a tent and when they would pitch a tent the pole that they would used to erect the tent wasn’t any med it was a pole right and the important thing about the tent right the tent is just essentially a big piece of cloth it doesn’t have any form and it doesn’t have any function until you arise it up off of the ground once you get the the tent to unfold and you place the middle very mad in the middle the middle pole in the middle suddenly this simple piece of cloth becomes a bait it becomes like a little house a little home it becomes a place of habitation so it is that support but it is something that makes something that is uninhabitable habitable what I mean so Salah is that which it makes a little jagodunya mccann the lil hey right it makes a place able to live in so when we establish the salaah que acabo de ti la voix de ville sera fee FEMA Connecticut Fairfield Quran Allah says what I clean will start up many times in the quran

establish prayer I want you to visualize with me that in the establishment of prayer you are not only obeying one of the allama one of the commands of Allah Ta’ala in the Quran but you are actually going to make your life livable in this place it is the means of making al-hayat at dunya humane of making it dignified of making it doable with all of the ups and downs if you erect the pole you make the uninhabitable aspect of the world and all of its distractions all of its hardships all of its troubles you make it a habitation and if anybody has spent any time with DES bed do right there tent is like it’s a really lovely place to hang out any you know should with a shy you drink some tea you know they have something they have you know the beautiful thing I have like a minimalistic lifestyle that’s you know in some ways very attractive protect Lee for those of us that lives today in this you know modern complicated in a society but they they live then they stop there you know it’s a means of stopping your wandering putting down a tent pole making your life habitable and it’s it’s a way of routing yourself in the world so then the bed to travel around all the time and when they want to have roots for a moment they put their tent down they put their a mad to pull up right and that’s what makes that’s what gives you life so it’s amazing from the Isha riot or some of the insights that Imam al-ghazali removal law you know may allah have mercy on him that left us to consider is one saw is a means of making the world a place of habitation well I seminole Athene right so I saw em what is a nice long Yanni arently song it’s kind of like a healthy sum but I some what’s a nice LOM I’m sod a deef meme I thought some people spoke Arabic here it’s a it’s an unusual word so and I some not unlike a healthy psalm write the word is also used the earth exam is using the Quran and in fact the book I’ll LT some is one of the most famous works by mmm as shall TV again if anybody is trying to win Islamic jeopardy write these things down a mamash Anthony one of the great thinkers also in the religion who wrote a work on bitte and we all know what the B word is bidar innovation and it’s amazing work and he called it I’ll LT some the means you know what I’ll tossing move be happy today he what I you know what at sephora cool germany and well at afara cool grab onto the Rope of Allah altogether wallet afara cool and don’t deviate this is you know an awesome and I’m sorry I some and then I saw ms like essentially a leather strap that you used to tie something down but America’s Ally says here it is a Samuel ya pain what’s your pain anybody certainty certitude soul Salah is the means of tying you to certitude many of us flap around 11 months of the year not sure what we believe in not sure what state our hearts are in not sure what state our minds are in not completely sure whether we believe this is bitter or this is not a bit there are but you know I heard it from shape youtube that this might be a bit right I’m not really a hundred percent what I sure but in this one month of Ramadan i’m gonna i’m going to iron out all the wrinkles until we realize we have a lot of laundry so in this idea that again salah is that which is going to tie you to certainty what’s being emphasized here because salah is what what again visualized with me what is salah put on your visual thinking cap what is salah it’s praising allah i mean we do seven hamdulillah here I’ve been ottoman but again think with your visual cap what is Salah you guys are never going to make it on Islamic jeopardy it’s a connection it’s action it’s a collection of sayings and movements done in a certain order it’s an action what I’m trying to get at here even though we’re all pontificating and if nobody

knows what that word is you can look it up I like to pontificate a lot i’m a pontificating kind of guy right to or right thinking right you are not going to think your way to gender thinking is important of allah says a variety to the Quran of Allah ever effort atefeh coral FL attitude avec Arun we not remember where you not reflect we not think but Allah says what were a team sada when you think when I loss has established prayer do you think he’s saying establish some very complicated postulates about the celestial realm no it’s saying do do action so Salah is action it is faith in action it is belief in action it is taking everything that you hold to be firmly true in the depths of your soul and putting it into action on a rug it is acting upon what you know to be right it is acting upon what you know to be what is do it is a right of what is do because it is a laws Huck that we worship Him Hawk tecate he in the way that he decides to be worshiped this is why nobody can think of any way to worship Allah other than the way that he has prescribed through the rosanna through the message of the messenger sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wasallam nobody can come and make up some other alternative way to worship God we would call that a all right you made it to the first round of Islamic jeopardy bidar right it would be an innovation none of us can make this stuff up right so we have to follow you know as I said in the football today Allah says what pull in kuntum to harbin Aloha fat Debbie Roni Allah says o Muhammad say to them if you love God follow me meaning the messenger you biblical law and if you do that God will love you if you want the love of God in your life don’t attempt to make it up on your own follow what is prescribed to the life of muhammad sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wasallam so in a mare I mean a trace on it is a strap it’s what’s going to tie you to certainty meaning certainty is rooted in action certainty about that there is no nothing to worship except for Allah certainty of the phrase la illaha illallah certainty of muhammad rasulullah alayhi salatu salam certainty of that is not an intellectual endeavor the mind is used but it’s used as an apparatus it’s not the final destination right so Allah Allah is essentially telling us through all these things that Imam al-ghazali is pointing out that yakeen is being tied to Salah which is in itself as an act we got too much of this you know if we feel that we can think our way to gender and we love to do all this thinking and trust me I I do a lot of thinking I think some too much sometimes and sometimes you got to put your brain like put your brain down for a minute and act with your heart because the heart is what Allah will judge right Allah ask you to use your mind in the Quran but in those I ad where Allah talks about podaa and how come about the judgments he’s going to make he doesn’t tend to talk about judging people’s minds he judges their hearts so put your heart into action and tie it to certainty if you want to have a greater level of certitude about what you believe you’re not going to arrive there through any single intellectual endeavor it will only be achieved through divine action meaning action that the divine that allah al hi i’ll pay you i’ll put those has prescribed so we have that salah is the tent pole that makes life livable inhabitable and we have also that salah is the means of tying is to secure belief in Allah Imam al-ghazali continues by saying the third point is what corabeth it is now what is r s double jeopardy what is Rex head yeah it can mean right it can mean head but it can mean something else in Arabic what welcome again a top but can mean

something else so our Jewish cousins have a holiday that an Arabic we call what right so Sena right in the Jewish calendar they have rosh hashanah because hebrew and arabic both Semitic languages we call this what versus sena it is the beginning of the year so rats doesn’t only mean head or top it means the beginning so in this America’s Ally points out that Salah is also some corabeth what is corabeth so car a means to us draw close right try to get close to God what are bad are the actions that we do to try to draw closer to Allah and America’s Alice’s for in no salata so the karate that in that idea prayer is the beginning of the acts of which you draw closer to Allah not the middle not the end rapson portability so Salah is elemental elemental to the psychology into the lifestyle of the moon of the people that claim land in a hair in the law why there Salah is is central to this so if you want to draw closer to God again you don’t have to go and concoct up some theory you can simply do the Salah as was prescribed upon the NB a– and the casual india is muhammad sallallahu i seldom so salah is the tent pole which makes life worth living that makes life able to be lived with dignity that makes this world from a I mean it’s still a sittin right it’s still a prison but you know anybody that’s been inside a prison you know you can you can make it livable you know it doesn’t all have to be just iron bars and concrete you could make it look we’ve all seen orange is the new black we’ve all seen oz right you can make it livable it is also the thing that ties us to having certitude about the hawk about the truth of la la hey la la and Salah is the beginning to obedience and the beginning to drawing close to Allah super Hanukkah matala the fourth point and then we’ll do Q&A he says that Salah is gujrat with our ads now this word bara i want to i love this word i love the Arabic language it’s amazing language agoura anybody anybody probably more Furman familiar with Gaara but a gora with Bumba what’s a gora rayne la muchacha de tomar botta boom bara ryan mob reinmuth boom rah yeah but what is that it’s not just the star but so I’m going to hand out some call mooses some dictionaries when we’re done here so the word Bora and so here’s the thing Imam al-ghazali it’s funny because actually does anybody know his nationality does anybody here know America’s Ali’s nationality Persian Persian but he was a master master of the Arabic language matter of fact the ridge el of the great Giants of the Arabic language ironically tend to be Persians rights Ebola is considered the greatest grammarian of the Arabic language he’s Persian so anyway email at Azadi is very flowery in his language but to in effect so he says that salah prayer is at and it sounds like somebody upstairs is having a really fascinating conversation I’m just curious if it’s you if you want to share it with us or are you trying to decide what gora means we’re having like a committee meeting

the Gloria mezmur telephone so I won’t leave you hanging on a cliff any longer Laura so the Adams had a word that they would describe certain types of horses some camels but mostly horses that had remarkable beauty because the Arabs had like this really sophisticated standard and when i say i Tubbs I’m not talking about most Adam I hope I don’t offend anybody but sorry but I the Sham right I’m talking about the ad nanny and kéthani Arabs right the atoms in the desert the better right they had this very sophisticated classification system for animals that were in the desert I horses camels and so on and the word Bora is one word that used to describe a horse that had remarkable beauty because it had a white hatch on its face again the Arabs the Bedouin would describe a horse that had remarkable beauty because it had a white patch on its face and they called this white patch a gora sign Laura they called this white patch now how does Allah talk about people who obey his command wotty masala that established prayer how will they come to him on the day of judgment say it again loud what is that their foreheads will be what shining white shining white right would you really must fear although he got almost a mashiro on that day those that come their faces will be shining and they will laugh and be joyous in surah adesso right performing the prayer doing the will do we know what will you make will do its work on your body nor light so those the people that do will do will come on the day of judgment how shining so Salah is Bora tooth or at it is the shininess of the earth of obedience Salah is the means of which you achieve a shining a illuminating aspect of yourself through the obedience to Allah because Salah is one of the primary means of demonstrating obedience to allah and allah loves obedience and a law requires obedience right Allah loves obedience and a law requires obedience I get a meaning you can’t make it up on your own so if you want to have that beauty i’m not talking about like so this little thing right sometimes an arabic we call this a message a dick right this is musjid and then with fetch a message added meaning the result of prostration but what he’s saying here is something even more right agoura is like a mark of excellence when you say that that horse has a hora it means it’s a it’s a superior breed its beauty as of a superior mark so when you are performing the Salah you are in the mode of superior obedience to Allah these things connected together right saw is what making life a habitable location by erecting a pillar that makes the rest of it livable it is the means of tying as to having certitude to belief in Allah it is the beginning of drawing close to Allah and then the fourth point rahim allah allah Posada says is that it is the beautification mark of obedience to Allah if anybody is curious to take a look at these again you know please see me I’ll happily you know email or text you I have the notes here in a little list or maybe in the morning I can put them up on the website if you want to review them again but my final ending point is don’t make this an intellectual endeavor if you read all of this so you listen to all of this if it

has any benefit you will pray more that is the rubric to judge right if you go to a kam if you go into a talk and the guys up there running and he’s dry in the mouth about whatever the topic is if the topic of Salah if you don’t leave doing Salah better with either more focus more often more heartfelt than something there’s some kind of disconnect and and it’s not always the speaker right the onus is on the student to do the homework and to get the most out of the lesson sometimes we have this weird thing and the community now since we have these celebrity moms and you know one of them is a very dear and near friend of mine so I’m not making any attack on anybody and actually he and I have these conversations because we’re concerned about the state of the community that people are looking to to to move from epiphany to epiphany from from you know convention to convention can’t live like this it’s not a slam is not going to sustain your amen that’s why you will not that’s not tying you down to certainty right the second step email out of Azalea is talking about here and as I said in the hood but today instead of looking to the sky always looking for some great epiphany just look to the sky itself because it is one of the most repeated signs of a laws existence and signs that he gave for us to believe in him so instead of always looking for fireworks in the sky just look at the sky itself that is one of the greatest reminders of la illaha illa llah and because of that then Muhammad well sort of them some la la I seldom so inshallah remember these four points if you have questions inshallah I can put them up for your review but again do your homework and hold yourself accountable this stephanie headed back as the Prophet sudden loss of them said right ask your heart so whatever lecture you attend hold yourself accountable you know a week later and say you know did that have any benefit did that increase me in anything if it didn’t then not only yes it’s possible maybe the person speaking didn’t have something but if somebody is talking about the messenger and they’re talking about the book of allah there’s got to be some benefit in there you need to probably just sharpen your study skills so do your due diligence inshallah i don’t know who’s going to conduct this Q&A format here we’re didn’t a deem run off to so how does this we passing around a microphone or we just whatever so just are there any questions we’ll start with the side over here yes you so this is the this is the part that’s the favor no no I’m just trying to get to the the Kyle the root of the you you inshallah a show al mana sahabas love 47

you know actually if you try that it might work I don’t that was pretty good I would probably be quiet just see if you can remember that particular form you know it’s like Tai Chi the the form is very important so I have a couple of things that was very long hamdullah for that gotta in nevada cara right so keep reminding because in sha allah there is a benefit in the reminder and i say that i’ve said this before that there’s two groups of people that come to the masjid they’re the people that that come here because they want to be close to a law and then there’s the people that come here that don’t perhaps realize how close they need to be to Allah the first group they’re mujahid ah their struggle is to hold their tongues against those people and let them grow in there a man in their Islam that’s your challenge is to not make them feel unwelcome the challenge on the second group is not to drive the first group crazy but we are all metal masaba right we’re all one middle group so we want to hopefully educate these people to respect the sanctity of the masjid but we also recognize that some of the hot some of the sahabi were like abu bakr and some of the sahabi got whipped for drinking wine but they all love the law and his messenger so hopefully nobody is upstairs drinking wine so I figure it’s not that bad right you know we could be a lot worse so the you know the struggle is and I will inshallah you know make my reminder I’ve been making it ironically somebody the other day complained that my heart that I was about reminding people to be quiet so you can’t win in this town was a little joke was for me but we you know again you are masha’Allah in the first group you get it I get it the fact that they’re here they get some of it and that’s good because I don’t want them to ever go away if it takes them I’m 42 years old if I live another 42 years ain’t gonna be pretty like the first 42 if I live another 42 years on my last day one of them learns to shut up through the whole football and I’m mood sorry then I’ll die a happy man what’s up we’ll talk about Allah home in Nigeria sha allah may allah accept from all of us any other questions question yes just raise your voice really good the four points so email Monica’s ali says for in the salata i met a Dean it is the the tent pole that iraq’s the tent for the Dean and now incidentally right it’s the it’s the tent pole that supports the tent but the tent here a lot you know that amount of those allottees talking about is the Dean now what is Dean what do we call Dean in this room well ok now you’re really trying to win Islamic jeopardy right yes way of life right we call it religion way of life but you know the word Dean is related to the word dying dying which means debt so Salah is the pillar that supports the tent that you make life livable through prayer that supports you to give back the debt that you owed the moment that a law said couldn’t for your koon be and you were as soon as you materialized you owed everything to

allah what supports you in giving back that debt is sulla that’s the first one the second one is because I Somaly I pain or it’s the the strap or the the tether that ties you to certainty the third is corabeth the beginning of the acts that draw you closer to Allah and the fourth one was that I had a look at my nose it was a door at the bar at right is the beautification right that the beautification aspect of being obedient to Allah gaining a gaining beautification through obedience to Allah those are the four points now it probably would help if you like came forward because there’s no way we’re going to hear you all the way back oh yeah it’s true I mean I only reason why I’m doing this is because Imam al-ghazali is purposely using this word knowing how the better ones used it so ya know it can be it’s just it can also mean the beginning of something too so what he’s emphasizing here because this is a book of terrible of devotion that he’s trying to essentially teach people how to draw a closer it is on it is undoubtedly Salah is one of the chief Lee kingly means of it’s like one of the the crown of a bad but it’s also the beginning because as soon as a person becomes Muslim what is farther upon them prayer salat so it’s also the beginning so it’s for these reasons he’s emphasizing it as a beginning undoubtedly it has that aspect as well but because this is a book of devotion that he’s talking about and because of the Ford nature of the Salah that it is a beginning so he’s just you’re right he’s just emphasizing it from a different point of view for us to to consider any other questions any here over anywhere I’m done going once going twice so they are so make dua for this ummah of muhammad sallallahu wasallam for the selfie f of this ummah for the success of this ummah for the Muslims to turn back to islam make dodd that the muslims will desire islam again that the muslims will have love for this dean and they will have my brother have true love for their messenger sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wasallam and may allah put this love for the messenger of allah in our hearts and in our actions and may there be no difference between what we love in our hearts and what we act upon may Allah make us the people of action I mean which is a Camilla who Faden assalam walaikum what I was a la he’d say auto what I get you