Shower Repair and Cleaning

I just got done replacing the cartridge there’s a plastic cartridge insert that goes in here this is a price pfister avante that centerpiece the cartridge was stuck in there and getting it out was difficult okay so what you do and there’s other videos that show you how to do this and are probably much better at that but this is the bezel old bezel this is the knob this cover plate goes on top of the knob so you take a small screwdriver or something and lift pry that off the cover comes off and then you can see this screw in there I’m calling a bezel some color to cover plate and it had this sticking out now I’ve collapsed this because I had to use it to get the cartridge out more about that later some videos I’ve seen this this unscrews on mine it was just a sleeve that went over it so you take that off you undo the two screws this comes off this was behind there these are the two screws save the two screws you’re going to need them if the cartridge is stuck in there okay replacement I got to because I have two bathrooms but I’m only going to do the one here because the other bathroom is not leaking and I don’t want to take a chance on messing it up so all I did was went and got a new knob for the other bathroom the knob was at lowes it’s you probably can’t see it in the video but it’s up here in the upper left sh 7430 it says for single handle faucet Tower tub shower handle for price pfister old style of on tape and it’s a bushcraft bushcraft and it was like twelve bucks they make a polar the only one that home depot and lowes had was this they had a 1 by Moen that looks the same or this cheaper one made by Danko but it says core polar form Owen this does not work on this shower cartridge it’s totally different you’re going to need some tools you need this is a probably a 12-inch Crescent this is the 12 inch Crescent a 10-inch might work I had an eight inch and it isn’t quite big enough get a pair of pliers need something small to to get off this end cap on the knob so you can get access to the knob you’re going to need a Phillips screwdriver and I use these channel locks as part of the gear puller thing that I used okay the trim kit this is a home depot it says for price pfister avante chrome it’s a parts master probe says that far seven in the bottom here I don’t know what that means but the part number for home depot is five eight four six eight five eight four six eight this was a thirty-three dollars i think it has the knob it has a new bezel has the screws and it has the cartridge on the back and lows had one of these but it didn’t include the cartridge so this is a pretty good deal for 33 bucks that 1 i’m going to take back so i’m not going to try to do mess with the other bathroom i’m just going to replace the knob so you don’t need this polar you might be able to get the old one out by just keen on it here’s the old one it these pieces fit on there on the side and they flew off when I yanked it out this is where the handle goes this is the part that sticks in into the wall this is the part that gets stuck these o-rings whatever it gets you know I don’t know when this was last changed but it was definitely stuck in there so i tried screen the handle back on the end and

using the handle the pole on this try to pull it out it wouldn’t come once you get the bezel off then you’re looking at this and this is a collar this silver metal piece on if you can tell it’s silver but that much of it is a collar and it threads into this piece into the valve itself and that’s what holds this cartridge in place so you use a crescent wrench or you could use like channel locks but you’re liable to mess her ten ething but you’re you probably chew this up some because like I did it’s trying to use pliers first but a crescent wrench would work adjustable wrench and it screws counterclockwise take it off and change hands on the camera you would unscrew it this way this way like this counterclockwise and once this is off yeah of course you turn off the water before you do any of this once this bezel is off there was nothing else holding the cartridge in place I don’t think I’ve seen any videos it showed any other clips or anything in there so all you do once you get the bezel off you unscrew this thing in might be corroded you screw this thing and then you get a pull on that on the cartridge and get it out of there so mine wouldn’t come I put quite a bit of force on it and it’s plastic so I didn’t want to you know really break it so what I devised was to take the old bezel piece which is this and it used to be round used to go right there this would be a round thing that size and the old screw from the bezel the longer screw and these channel locks and I put this system in it won’t have enough hands I put the screw in the channel locks like that and I took the old a piece of metal here that was on the bezel and collapsed it like that and the screws inside there and that’s what I used as a gear puller so if you have a big socket about that size maybe like this is a inch and an eighth if maybe like an inch and a half it might be big enough to go around that but you need something that can work as a gear color if that sucker ain’t coming out of there now and trying to figure out what to do next once I got it backed out some also other videos people have used penetrating oil some type of wd-40 maybe but there’s like three and one oil i think is a penetrating oil but anyway something in there and let it sit for a while and then because it’s the o-rings and any corrosion from the water being there forever that sticks it in there and other I read on another website where they just yank it out as best they can and pull the pieces 11 plumbers forum a fellow suggested what you do is you take the original screw this little short screw the original screw you put it no knob just the screw into the end so your pliers have something to grab on to and remember this this would be sticking out further it’d be out about that far and you put this screw in there grab it with pliers grab it with pliers on the end and give it a couple of Yanks push in a little bit yank out push in a little bit yank out on the second yank that work this morning so if you’ve got one of these things that doesn’t come out easily good luck because it’s tough but that’s what I did and now I went I like they suggested in some of the

videos I got some silicon faucet grease this was at home depot i think it was like 370 just a little container of greece stuff and I put it on all the threads I put it on the old one I mean I on the new one I put it on o rings this is over in there and o-ring there and then I put the new cartridge in now one thing to note this cartridge has a notch or a tip that sticks up a little plastic piece that sticks up I don’t know if you can see that maybe it sticks up and online it was up on the top on the 01 so when I put in the new and i put it up on top if you reverse that then it’s going to go probably work the other way for hot and cold from what you’re used to so this notch when you put the new one in put the notch like the old one was originally now when I yanked that sucker out of there these two pieces flew off but you want to if they if everything doesn’t come out when you take the old one out you want to take a flashlight and maybe stick your finger in there and or stick your finger in there and make sure that no pieces of it are still in there of the olin then you put the grease on the new one you line up the knocks there’s a notch in the top of this I don’t know if you can see that right there there’s a notch and that’s where that it sticks in you know the piece of plastic that sticks up because that Orient’s this valve this cartridge other NAT you just put it back in then you put some of that grease on the threads both on the inside of the valve piece and on the outside of this metal I guess you’d call it a bezel that fit that screws on you screw it on clockwise and with your crescent wrench tighten it up that’s what holds the cartridge in and then you’re it should work and turn your water on I would suggest turn your water on before you put all the bezel stuff back on make sure there’s no leaks okay so here we are two days later this is still leaking out the head the head would normally be up here so the cartridge this is actually a second cartridge that i got from lowes just the cartridge but the cartridge that came with this bezel assembly from Home Depot did not work it really leaked out of here the second cartridge is better but it’s still leaking so what I did was I looked online and I ended up buying and I’m going to install in a few minutes a cartridge from price pfister themselves OEM original equipment manufacturer part it’s a 97 for 292 yes 974 292 if you can’t see it I can’t see it the two point and the part from lowes just the cartridge part number was SL 1450 and it says for price pfister up there but this one was looked identical the same marking as the one that came with the bezel from home depot in a kit so neither of those two works they both leak out the shower head this is the equipment original part from the manufacturer so I’m hoping that it will work better it’s a little different on the end you can see maybe in the video the ends a little bigger maybe different material but they they look very similar the o-rings look to be the same size so we’re going to try it out and i’ll let you know how it works i wanted to say where i got this at i live in santa clara and there just happened to be a plumbing supply place one of this camera is going to pick it up it’s a con left plumbing supply 2301 lafayette street santa clara california zip is 9 50 50

telephone number 40 89 88 8005 on their website is the 3 w’s con left co n l e FF calm and the part came to 19 dot 9 this part at low as I think was 13 so there’s not a big difference between the one that doesn’t work and hopefully the one that does work okay so it’s about 10 minutes later and ever replace the cartridge with the one from price pfister and it’s not leaking up here anymore so that’s good I’m going to turn it on for the first time I feel no leaks here that was the original problem total water now comes a test ah you let it set for a little bit I’m hoping that that’s just water in the pipe that’s dripping out so I’ll come back after about another 10 minutes check it okay about an hour has gone by and I’m going to declare this fixed there is no drip it dripped a little bit once I’ve turned it off and i only have used it once or twice so maybe when you use it a few times it will work out better but no drip do it a little bit I you know hit the pipe knock the water out kind of stuck my finger up there got the extra water that was kind of hanging around and it’s been like that for an hour so I’m declaring this repaired a lesson learned get the original manufacturers part a little more money but this is the third time I’ve taken that sucker out of there although it pops right out now not a big deal at like ten minutes to take it apart and put it back together again so I’m going to put it back together and unless there’s a problem if there’s a problem i’ll put it in the notes below this video otherwise this is fixed and best of luck to anyone that has to do this themselves another tip that I’d like to say this is called bar keeper’s friend it’s this size 15 ounce was a dollar fifty at home depot it comes in a can kind of like comic cleanser does this back bathroom especially the cleaning people had hit this floor three times with a bleach cleaner and I did it twice with the white vinegar and baking soda and it really did not take off the stains generally is the white fiberglass shower floor and it’s still a little dirty it still shows a little bit of dirt I’m going to hit it another couple of times with this stuff but there were stains now this here is from hard water that probably is not going to come out but i will try again but i had stains coming you know towards the drain along here you can kind of see a faint thing so what you do is you sprinkle this stuff on and then you get it wet some of the videos clean video that I watched they put it on a sponge first and then use the sponge to put it on I just sprinkle it on here and then used a stiff brush to kind of lather it up I let it sit a little while and then I rinsed it off this is two applications of this stuff now this is very caustic so I’d use gloves I wasn’t using gloves so my hands tingled the rest of the night and I would not leave this on for very long in the beginning maybe a minute ish and if it doesn’t work and leave it on a little longer the second application here I left it on about three minutes or so but it really cleaned it I mean this is a big difference from the way it was it looked really ugly so if you’re having trouble cleaning your bathtub shower actually this works for all kinds of

stuff I’m going to try it on my back patio on the cement I’ve got some rust stains on there from a previous owner that had a planner outside so this is just kind of a general cleaner I’ve seen a video where they showed cleaning pots and pans really clean with this so Barkeeper’s Friend very inexpensive and really works just be careful at least in the beginning try a little bit don’t leave it on very long and then go from there