TG Tub Faucet Handle Installation

today I’m working on the shower faucet it’s a three handle style faucet this one on the Left I’ve already removed was leaking we turn on the water it would drip a little bit and then we turn on the center one that runs up to the shower head it would leak up quite a bit I would lose a lot of hot water and just didn’t didn’t want that happen anymore so here’s that handle removed it’s got this little cap that covers it and then behind that is a screw that holds this handle on just pull that handle right off and beneath the handle you’ve got these grooves you can see the threads right there for the screwdriver thrown to threaten to and then wall this little spacer little spacer threads in on to these these threads right here and then at first the first thing I am screwed was this first one which comes out and there’s a little rubber gasket behind there and apparently I need to uh I’m do this bigger one so that was a seven eighths inch socket that I used on that and pulled this whole unit out and it’s a pretty old you can see it all the rubbers destroyed so I decided to buy a complete new handle kit it was $45 for all three handles this is my first time tearing one of these on there the one I got you know that hot cold exactly like this and then the sentiment looks like this so we’ll put new ones in you so I drove back to the store the there’s a defect in the manufacturing where the socket touches it was a little bit bigger for some reason I couldn’t get a socket on right so when swap this out for this new one and back in business

okay we will turn the water on and see if we’ve got any leaks oops well this brings us on to part two who I were working on the top of the day um they’ve upgraded this but this is the Python drain tool I just originally intended to buy one of these these have worked pretty well to pull hair out of the drain so now they now they include a little baggie you stick on the drain and you can pull up your hair see this picture you pull the hair in the tube no mess I don’t really care about the tube what I care about is getting the dream claims or wait-listed rain might as well get this over with you yeah that’s awesome i drained lockwood gir there’s a lot of hair okay well other than the unexpected shower when I got up here I think everything is looking pretty good little gaskets came with us I hope that these are just supposed to be kind of inside I’ll see you leaks in there so we’re good we go check on the back so make sure there’s no leaks on the back side before I stick all this back to

when I thing about doing all deal might cost a little more profound kind of a headache in the future you know this one this hot side went out who knows when the cold side is going to go out could be a week could be here but regardless why not just get all done at once I could have kind of just under play some stems but you know it is an older house this is obviously not the original faucet but it is definitely not very recently replaced so this will make it look nicer you know what help with resell it will help just make our lives nicer while we all live here so why not have nice things if we’re we’re going to fix things fix them right and also make it easier for me on the install you know it’s a lot easier to install new parts that is dead that was putting in old Kremlin’s if you notice i plug the drain while i was working here just case i dropped in these screws i can easily just pick them out of that instead of having to take them out of the drainer or even losing it all together so that should be a wrap on that project looks a lot nicer now and we’re club better two knobs should be also a lot easier to use for our kids and us as well won’t be so hard to shut them off all the way tools used on this project we’re pretty minimal you got my Leatherman here use the knife and then also a screwdriver end on here the knife to pry off the little covers and the screwdriver obviously for the screws I got these channel locks which I used to remove the sleeves the little fake chrome sleeves and then I also have this bigger socket this one is really nice has a little slot built into that made it easier this is a power bill 78 inch with a half inch in but the nice thing this one has the ability to get on the outside there with how long those stems are they poke out so you can’t use a normal socket and then for the smaller bolts use this Mac 19 millimeter so just use the tools I had around didn’t go buy any new tools for this project work pretty well though give me two thumbs up if you think that was good video you